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And then I did that thing where you call your phone and you are listening for it.然后我就打给我的手机 听它在哪里And, um, you know,so I had my ear all over on the sofa cushions,and by the drawers,and then I had my ear on the ground.你知道 然后我把我的耳朵贴在沙发垫上听了个遍 也趴在抽屉边听 然后还趴在地上听It was like Tonto waiting for hurt a buffalo or something.这就像游侠唐托在伺机伤害只水牛之类的一样And after that you know you still havent found it.就算如此 你还是没找到你的手机And you really really start to panic.And then you remember there is like,你就真心开始恐慌了 然后你记起来a picture on your phone that you took last weekend in Vegas你手机里有一张上周在维加斯拍的照片that you probably should have erased.Cause remember what happens in Vegas only saves in Vegas if you hit delete.本来应该删掉的 因为要是你删了 那么在维加斯发生的一切都只是在记忆里而已So at this point you are losing hope.And you start to wonder about your iPhone.所以这时候 你觉得肯定找不到了 你就会开始想你的手机And how many calls have I missed?Do I getting messages?Is it losing its charge?有多少未接来电 新短信吗 是不是快没电了Is it getting cold?Is it thinking about me?手机是不是降温了 它考虑过我的感受吗And after finally all all that you realize it was in your front pocket.在最后的最后 你突然想起来它就在你的上衣口袋里All along.Is that?UhIts the worst thing.If your phones in your pocket right now,Hold on tight.Cause we are about to dance.它一直都在 是这样吗 哦 这是最糟糕的事了 如果你的手机现在就在你口袋里 你得紧紧抓住它 因为我们要跳舞了 /201511/410365。

Polands government波兰政府Flashes of competence能力的体现Polands new prime minister is matter-of-fact to a fault波兰新总理坦然面对困难Ewa Kopacz埃娃·科帕奇AS A chain-smoking doctor, Ewa Kopacz clearly has a certain appetite for personal risk. In her case, it also seems to exhaust any appetite for risk. But as she prepares to take over as prime minister of Poland, following Donald Tusks elevation to the presidency of the European Council, her central message is one of safety. Her main promise to voters is that she will not make any radical changes before next years parliamentary elections.作为一个嗜烟的医生,埃娃·科帕奇对个人风险有某种嗜好。对她来说,风险似乎会让她筋疲力竭。在唐纳德·图斯克接任了在欧盟委员会的主席之后,科帕奇准备接任波兰总理,其思想核心之一是安全。她对持者的主要承诺是,在明年议会大选到来之前不做任何根本性的改变。In foreign policy that means dropping the confrontational approach to Russia favoured by Mr Tusk and Radek Sikorski, his foreign minister. In domestic policy Ms Kopacz promises more nursery schools, more old-peoples homes, help for students wanting to study abroad and measures to reduce youth unemployment.波兰外交政策上,图斯克和前外交部长拉德克·斯考斯基更赞成减少与俄罗斯的对抗。在国内政策上,科帕奇允诺建立更多的幼儿学校,更多的养老院,帮助那些想要出国学习的孩子并且调控降低青年失业率。“I dont suspect she has any vision,” says Jacek Zakowski, a Polish journalist. Ms Kopacz is a pragmatic centrist, he says, with perhaps a bit more of a natural sensitivity than Mr Tusk.“我从不怀疑她是个有眼力的人”,波兰记者亚瑟·扎克沃斯基说,“科帕奇是一个很实际的中立派议员,同时还比图斯克多了一些天然的敏感性。”Although she sets out to present a motherly public persona, Ms Kopacz occasionally displays flashes of Thatcherite steel. When she was health minister in , she refused to be browbeaten into mandating an untested swine-flu vaccine, despite fears of a global epidemic. After the crash of a government plane in 2010 in Russia, which killed 96 people, including Polands president, Ms Kopacz went to Moscow to take part in the stomach-churning work of identifying the dead.即使她展现出一种慈母般的公众形象,科帕奇偶尔会展示出撒切尔光环一般的闪光点。当她在年担任卫生部大臣的时候,尽管当时是全球恐慌状态,她也拒绝被迫批准未经检疫的流感疫苗。2010年政府飞机在俄罗斯坠毁,包括当时的波兰总统在内共有96人丧生,科帕奇前往莫斯科去参加那令人反胃的辨认尸体工作。Ms Kopacz has promised similar toughness during this weeks European Union talks on the reduction of carbon emissions, resisted by Poland, which relies heavily on coal for its power. She has promised her public cheap electricity prices and even threatened to veto the climate negotiations if they do not go her way.在这周关于减少二氧化碳排放量的欧盟会议上,科帕奇表现出了相同的韧性,因为波兰的传统用煤来获取能量。她也承诺了廉价的公共电力价格,如果不按照她的思路,她甚至威胁否决能源谈判。The new prime minister has done a good job of seizing control of the ruling Civic Platform party (PO). Some feared the party was about to destroy itself. But Ms Kopacz has carried along her biggest rivals, including Grzegorz Schetyna, who is now foreign minister, and Cezary Grabarczyk, who took the justice portfolio. As a result, PO is firmly under her control.新总理在掌握对公民纲领党的规划控制方面已经做得很好了。一些人依然担心这个党派会自毁前程。但科帕奇已经说了她最大的对手,新的外交大臣格热戈日·谢蒂纳,以及公平券投资的赛扎里·格拉巴尔奇克。因此,公民纲领当最终落入她的掌控之中。Jacek Rostowski, the former finance minister, on the other hand, has been sidelined by Ms Kopacz, who refused to make him chief of her team of economic advisers. Mr Sikorski was kicked upstairs to be speaker of parliament, but he is aly in trouble with the new prime minister. She berated him this week after he was forced to make a humiliating retreat, first telling an American political-news website that Vladimir Putin had suggested to Mr Tusk that Poland and Russia carve up Ukraine between them. He later admitted that Mr Tusk had not met one-on-one with Mr Putin during his trip in February 2008 to Moscow. “My memory failed me,” he said.另一方面,前任财长亚瑟·罗斯托斯基一直被科帕奇边缘化,科帕奇拒绝让他担任她的经纪团队顾问。斯考斯基被“踢”上了议会发言人的位置,但他也与新总统产生了隔阂。这周,在斯考斯基被迫做出的羞耻的退避,并首次向一家美国政治新闻网站透露,普京曾建议图斯克,让波兰与俄罗斯一起瓜分乌克兰位于他们中间的部分之后,遭到了科帕奇的严厉指责。他晚些时候承认,在2008年2月访问莫斯科市没有与普京进行单独会面,“我的记忆害了我”,他说。Poles seem to be taking to Ms Kopacz. They had grown tired of Mr Tusk who came to power in 2007. Ms Kopaczs early flashes of competence have easily surpassed the low bar set for her. A new poll shows PO at 34% compared with 30% for its main rival, the right-wing Law and Justice party (PiS). (PO was trailing PiS in polls in the last year of the Tusk government.)波兰人似乎接受了科帕奇,自2007年图斯克执政以来他们已经渐感疲惫。科帕奇早期能力的体现已经远远超过了对她设立的最低标准。一项新的民意调查显示,公民纲领党拥有34%的持率,而它的主要对手右翼法律公正党只有30%。(在去年图斯克政府的民调中公民纲领党的持率位居法律公正党之后)Ms Kopacz will lead her party into local elections in November before the national elections next year. Party activists have become more optimistic about POs chances of winning both. If Ms Kopacz is still prime minister in 2016, she will need to define some form of a vision for Poland. “Will it be a deregulation agenda or a lightly social one? I dont know,” says Ryszard Petru, president of the Association of Polish Economists; “there are a lot of questions and not many answers.”科帕奇将会在明年的国家大选之前的11月份当地选举中领导她的政党。入党积极分子更加看好公民纲领党这个双赢的机会。如果科帕奇在2016年继任总理,她将要为波兰确定未来发展形势。“这将会变成违规议程还是轻松地社会问题,我不得而知。”波兰经济学家联合会的理夏德·彼特鲁说,“这里有许多问题,但是却没有许多。”翻译:崔梦雪 校对:周晓婷 译文属译生译世 /201410/339495。

Art艺术Imitable是可以模仿的A master forgers works are auctioned伪造大师的作品竟然被拍卖THE sale of more than 200 drawings on October 22nd by a small auction house near Salisbury in south-west England has threatened to open old wounds in the art world. The works were by Eric Hebborn, a master forger.10月22日,英格兰西南部的索尔兹伯里市的一家小拍卖行售出了200多幅画,再次揭开了艺术界尘封多年的伤口—这些作品都出自赝品画大师赫伯恩之手。Few have heard of Hebborn, but many museum-goers may have seen his handiwork, masquerading as old masters at major galleries around the world. He claimed his forgeries found homes in the worlds most famous museums, though some friends, and enemies, disputed this. Some in the art world fear that the newly auctioned sketches, collected by his sister after he was murdered in Rome in 1996, could prove to be preliminary drawings which would reveal other major fakes. “This auction is going to open a very large can of worms,” says Simon Wingett, who auctioned Hebborns works at Webbs of Wilton this week.听说过赫伯恩的人并不多,但是常去物馆的人可能在各地的大型画廊见过他的赝品。他表示世界最有名的物馆也收藏着自己的赝品,尽管他的某些朋友或死敌对此表示不满。赫伯恩于1996年在罗马遭到谋杀身亡,之后其收集了他的素描。有人担心最近拍卖的这些素描可能会扯出其他重要的赝品。这周在威尔顿的韦伯拍卖赫伯恩作品的西蒙·温格特“这次拍卖将打开潘多拉之盒”Born into a working-class London family in 1934, Hebborn won prizes as a student at the Royal Academy, but his own art brought him little acclaim, leading to suggestions that forgery was his means of revenge on a snooty art elite. Hebborn maintained that dealers were interested in money not art, claiming one paid him £750 for a forgery that he sold on for £90,000. As for art historians, “they just want to get a knighthood for knowing a lot about Rembrandt”. Art itself was neglected, he believed. He dismissed claims he was a crook, saying he, like many before him, simply made imitations.赫伯恩于1934年出生于伦敦的工人家庭,在皇家艺术学院学习的时候他就曾多次获奖,但是他自己的艺术作品却未带来多大的声誉。因而人们猜测他做赝品是为了报复那些目中无人的艺术精英。赫伯恩认为那些商人不过只关注金钱而并非艺术,曾有人给他750欧元画的作品转手就卖了90,000欧元。在艺术历史学家看来,“他们深入了解伦勃朗只为其所谓侠义之气。”而艺术本身则被忽略了,赫伯恩认为。他反驳那些将自己看做是骗子的言论,而称自己跟那些前人一样,不过是做模仿而已。He is thought to have produced about 1,000 forgeries over the course of his life, sold on by bamboozled dealers as the work of Rubens, Van Dyck, Brueghel and others. In 1978, a curator at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, noticed that two drawings purchased from Colnaghi, a reputable dealer in London, were on the same kind of paper. The dealer admitted to having been duped, and prices on the London market for master drawings fell. In 1984 Hebborn confessed to having forged them and others. But he was never charged; the dealers and experts were too worried about rocking the market and exposing their own ignorance.人们认为赫伯恩一生大约仿造了1,000幅画,大多数是鲁宾斯(姓氏,特指荷兰著名画家)、范戴克、布鲁盖尔(1525-1569,著名风景画家)以及其他著名画家的作品。1978年,华盛顿国家艺术馆的馆长发现两幅购于伦敦著名的交易商——科尔纳吉画廊——的画作使用的纸张是一样的。该交易商承认被骗了,而且伦敦市面上原作的作品价格开始下降。1984年,赫伯恩承认他仿造了这些作品和其他的作品。但他从未因此吃官司,因为交易商和油画专家非常担心会因此震动市场,暴露自己的愚昧。Though few people could tell the difference between his forgeries and the originals, there remains a difference in price. At Sothebys in New York earlier this year, a painting by Brueghel fetched .2m. Hebborns most expensive sketch this week went for £2,600.尽管几乎没人能分辨出他的赝品和原作之间的区别,价格上还是有所不同的。今年早期在纽约索斯比拍卖行的一场拍卖上,布鲁盖尔的一幅画达到了5200万美元,而这周赫伯恩最贵的一幅画仅为2500欧元。译者:毛慧 校对:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201411/341269。

French local government法国地方政府Slimming down瘦身中France tells local governments to cut the fat法国当局下令地方政府“减肥”WHEN Claude Monet lived near the Seine at Argenteuil, he painted white canvas sails and river banks. Today, Argenteuil is part of the suburban sprawl west of Paris, and is more famous for being the most indebted large town in France. A recent report from the Cour des Comptes, the national audit body, told the town hall to take urgent measures to curb the deficit “in line with the gravity of the situation”.克劳德·莫奈在阿让特伊的塞纳河附近时,画过白色帆船和塞纳河畔。如今,阿让特伊只是巴黎西郊无计划扩展地区中的一部分,并且更是因负债累累而臭名远扬。法国审计法院Cour des Comptes已经命令当地市府大厅采取紧急措施,抑制财政赤字,要和“地球引力”方向保持一致。Across the country, town halls are facing a budget squeeze. As part of its effort to control the national deficit, which this year is yet again set to bust the euro zones 3% rule, President Franois Hollandes Socialist government has promised 50 billion of budget savings from 2015 to 2017. Of this, it says 11 billion will come from reduced transfers to local government. But persuading town halls to apply such cuts may prove the most difficult piece of the French deficit puzzle.当前全国上下、各地市府大厅均面临财政紧缩的困境。为了有效控制国家财政赤字局面,实现欧元区规定的不超过3%的赤字目标,法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德所在的社会主义政府已经承诺2015年至2017年削减财政出500亿英镑。而这500亿英镑中,110亿为中央政府对地方政府的拨款项削减额。但是,要说当地政府接受这样的财政紧缩政策恐怕是实施财政紧缩政策项目过程中最棘手的部分吧。Argenteuil is poorer than the average French town, and its unemployment rate is nearly 17%. The share of residents living in subsidised public housing, in the concrete towers that ring the town, is twice the national average. And like many French towns, Argenteuils aspirations to first-class public services exceed its ability to finance them.和法国其它小镇相比,阿让特伊的经济发展较落后,且它的失业率几乎高达17%。住政府补助房和混凝土塔的人数是全国平均值的两倍。和法国很多小镇一样,阿让特伊也想提供一流的社会公共务,但这笔出却不是它现在的财政所能承受的。Overlooking the river, a vast new plate-glass building house the Argenteuil-Bezons Agglomeration, a new layer of local government created several years ago to run joint services with its neighbouring town. In the old town centre, near the freshly scrubbed medieval chapel, six gardeners in fluorescent-yellow jackets are planting out municipal flower beds. Up the road sits a smart glass-fronted cultural centre, complete with 500-seat theatre and two cinema screens. Outside, a line of toddlers, grasping each others hands tight, totters along the pavement. Argenteuil has 20 crèches, catering to babies from the age of ten weeks. Older pre-school children are served a daily three-course lunch, graced by such dishes as poached fish and quinoa followed by a slice of Camembert.俯瞰塞纳河,可以看到一幢雄伟的玻璃建筑—阿让特伊的巴黎式建筑群,该建筑为几年前新建,用于和邻居小镇合作办公。在这座古老的小镇中心,靠近刚翻新的中世纪教堂的地方,只见6名穿荧光黄外套的园丁在忙着整理市镇府花园。沿着这条街道,还可以看见一座精美前面透明的文化中心楼,内设有500张坐席和2副电影屏幕。楼外,只见一列小孩儿,手拉手,正在蹒跚学步呢。阿让特伊设有20家托儿所,专门务于10周岁大的婴儿。大些的学前小孩儿每天可享受一顿三菜的午餐,搭配丰盛有营养,如水煮鱼配藜麦,再加一片乳酪。Locals consider such things to be the basic job of local government. But Argenteuils debt aly amounts to some 300m. Last year alone, the public-sector wage bill jumped by 8.5%, to 79m, according to the Cour des Comptes, and the deficit reached 17m. “It was insane,” declares Georges Mothron, the Gaullist mayor, who defeated his Socialist predecessor in elections in March. In 2013, he says, the town hall hired 377 new staff. This included 40 new workers to staff 150 extra crèche places. The old team disputes the figures, and Philippe Doucet, the previous mayor, describes the spending as “investments in the future”.当地居民都把这样的务视为政府的基本职责。然而,阿让特伊的债务已高达3亿英镑。法国审计法院称,仅去年一年,公共部门的工资开销就上涨至790英镑,涨幅为8.5%,赤字额为1700万英镑。曾于三月大选击败前任社会主义的戴高乐式市长Georges Mothron说,“这简直是疯了。”。2013年,他报道该地新雇佣员工377名,而这370名也包括40名被分配在新添的150处托儿工作的。前任政府人员对这些数字加以反驳,如前市长Philippe Doucet发言说,“这是对未来的投资”。Applying similar logic, many French towns have given themselves a facelift over the past decade. Dijon has built a blackcurrant-coloured tram, which wends its way on tracks laid over fresh grass, as well as a new Olympic swimming pool. In the north, Tourcoing and Roubaix and its neighbouring cities of Tourcoing and Roubaix have constructed a new 50,000-seat stadium, a competition-class velodrome, and the biggest aquatic centre north of Paris, due to open next year. New layers of inter-town local government have proliferated. Between 2000 and 2011, the French town-hall headcount increased by 26%.同样地,法国很多小镇在近10年都给自己做了次“整容手术”。第戎修建了有轨电车,轨道下方有新铺的草坪,还有新建的奥林匹克游泳池。法国北部的里尔和它附近的图尔昆和鲁贝分别建造了设有50000坐席的体育场、竞技类的赛车场和巴黎以北最大的水上运动中心,预计明年开放。同时,地方政府的机构也在不断地快速扩张。2000—2001年,法国各镇的市府大厅职工人数增长达26%。The new budget squeeze, and the fact that most civil-service jobs are protected, will force towns to put such projects on hold. Franois Rebsamen, president of Greater Dijon as well as the French labour minister, has called it the “end of a cycle” for big investment projects in his town. In Argenteuil Mr Mothron says he has cancelled a renovation of the swimming pool. Central-government transfers to Argenteuil will be cut by 3.5m next year and by 8.5m in 2016.由于新出台的预算紧缩政策,加上多数公务员都是受保护的,因此镇政府不得不暂停类似上述提及的工程。第戎市长兼法国劳工部部长的弗朗索瓦?雷布扎门Franois REBSAMEN,把这称之为当地大型投资工程的“循环终止”。在阿让特伊,Georges Mothron称已经取消了游泳池的翻新工程。中央政府给阿让特伊的财政补助明年将减少350万英镑,后年减少850万英镑。Such decisions will not be popular, given Frances stagnant economy and high unemployment. Some town halls may think it would be better to raise local taxes rather than cut popular services. And the party barons who run many towns will seize on the chance to attack the central government. Indeed, this week Martine Aubry, the Socialist mayor of Lille, denounced the economic policies of her fellow Socialist, Mr Hollande. France is relying heavily on the local-government effort to help secure budget savings. But, despite the pressure from central government, town halls may yet refuse to do their bit.鉴于法国停滞的经济状况和居高不下的失业率,此类决定并不怎么受欢迎。一些政府大厅认为,更应该提高征税,而非中止颇受喜爱的公用务。同时,那些管理多地的政党巨头将会趁机攻击中央政府。实际上,本周里尔社会主义市长玛蒂娜·奥布里Martine Aubry就公开谴责了同党伙伴Hollande所采取的经济政策。法国的预算紧缩能否有效开展,最重要的还是得看地方政府的财政举措。尽管中央政府所施压力不小,但很多小镇可能还是会拒绝,不会尽力为之。翻译:徐珍 校对:毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201411/339733。