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南昌市中西医结合医院男性专科上饶男科咨询南昌哪里可以做精子检测 Bush Defends Presidency in Farewell Remarks布什在告别记者会上为其政绩辩护  U.S. President George Bush defended his record in office and wished his successor well as he went before reporters for a farewell news conference. 美国总统布什在白宫举行告别记者会时为他执政期间的政绩进行辩护,并祝福他的继任者。At times nostalgic, at times defensive, Mr. Bush talked about the issues he faced as president and the challenges that lie before Barack Obama saying, "I genuinely mean what I say - I wish him all the very best." 布什总统谈到他作为总统曾面临的一些问题,以及奥巴马面前要应对的各种挑战,话语之间有时流露出怀旧之感,有时又为自己辩护。布什说:“我祝愿他一切顺利,这是发自我内心的祝愿”。He said preventing another terrorist attack will be the biggest challenge facing the new chief executive. 布什说,新总统面临的最大挑战就是防止再次发生恐怖袭击。"The most urgent threat that he will have to deal with, and other presidents after him will have to deal with, is an attack on our homeland," Mr. Bush said. “他和继任他的各届总统要应付的最紧迫的威胁就是对我们国土发动的攻击。”The president was asked about his 2002 State of the Union address, when he first referred to an Axis of Evil - Iran, North Korea and Iraq.He said Iran remains dangerous and North Korea is still a problem. But he pointed to progress in Iraq, noting that his decision to send in extra U.S. forces helped turn the tide of the war. He acknowledged the young Iraqi democracy is still fragile. 他说,伊朗仍然很危险,北韩仍然是个问题。但是他强调伊拉克已经取得进展。他指出,他向伊拉克增兵的决定帮助伊拉克扭转了战争的局势。不过,他承认伊拉克新建立的民主仍然很脆弱。"The question is, in the long run, will this democracy survive and that is going to be the challenge for future presidents," Mr. Bush said. “问题是,从长远来看,这个民主是否能够生存,这将是未来总统要面对的挑战。”Mr. Bush also defended his policy in the Middle East. He was asked if he thought the Israeli assault on Gaza might end by Inauguration Day. He did not answer directly, but he said Hamas militants must stop rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel. 布什还为他的中东政策进行辩护。有记者问,他是否认为以色列对加沙地带的攻击能在1月20日就职典礼日之前结束。布什并没有直接回答,不过他说,哈马斯激进分子必须停止从加沙向以色列发射火箭。"There will not be a sustainable cease-fire if they continue firing rockets," Mr. Bush said. "I happen to believe the choice is Hamas's to make." “如果哈马斯继续发射火箭,就不可能有持久的停火。我认为哈马斯必须在这个问题上做出选择。”Mr. Bush said he is not bothered by criticism of his policies, and he strongly denied the notion that America's credibility around the world has been damaged under his watch. 布什说,他并不因为人们批评他的政策而感到困扰,他还坚决否认美国在世界上的信誉在他的执政期间受到损害。He also disputed accusations that he has been a poor steward of the nation's economy. 他还反驳有关他管理国家经济不当的指责。"Look, I inherited a recession and I am ending on a recession," said Mr. Bush. "In the meantime, there were 52 months of uninterrupted job growth." “我上任时继承的是经济衰退,卸任时也处于经济衰退。但是在此期间,美国曾经有52个月就业持续不断增加。”President Bush said he has been discussing the economic situation with the president-elect. He said he is looking forward to Inauguration Day, noting he will have a front row seat for history as the nation's first African-American president takes the oath of office. 布什总统说,他同当选总统奥巴马讨论过目前的经济局势。他说,他期待着就职典礼那一天。他指出,在美国第一位非洲裔总统宣誓就职之际,他将坐在第一排目睹这历史时刻。"He will get sworn in, and they will have the lunch and all the deal up there on Capitol Hill, and then he will come back and go through the inauguration (the inaugural parade), and then he will walk into the Oval Office, and there will be a moment when the responsibilities of the president land squarely on his shoulders," said Mr. Bush. “他将宣誓就职,他们将在国会山共进午宴,经历所有的程序。然后他将回来参加就职典礼,然后他将走进椭圆形办公室,在那个时刻,总统的重任将完全落在他的肩上。”In keeping with tradition, President Bush will leave the Capitol immediately after the swearing-in ceremony. He will board a helicopter to the side of the inaugural platform and begin his journey back home to the state of Texas. 根据传统,布什总统将在宣誓仪式结束后立即离开国会山。他将登上停在就职典礼台一侧的直升机,返回他的家乡德克萨斯州。01/60975New Exercise:diet tips for 2010 -This morning we’ve got kicking off a new series, New Year, New You. Every January, millions of Americans resolve to stick with diet and get healthy. But research shows more than 80% never follow through. How to beat the odds? Today nutritionist and author of “your inner skinny” Joy Bauer is here, along with today contributing psychologist Gail Saltz. Happy New Year, to both you ladies.-Happy New Year. -Nice to be here.-And I’ll tell you as a guide and health coach. This is my absolute favorite time of the year, because people have ambitious health intentions they believe in their capabilities and believe in that you can do something is the key ingredient to success.-So then Gail what happens?-What happens is we feel overwhelmed at the task. No one likes to feel overwhelmed, so they are kind of going to state of denial. I don’t really need it and what is a big factor is a lot of dieting is emotional and if you don’t understand the unconscious motivation for eating for you, what for not exercising for that matter for being generally healthy and it’s very hard to move forward.-So, what’s the first step?-You really need to deal with the issue of do I need this or don’t I need this to not go into denial. It’s to say, it’s not just that I like this, I want this, but I really need to this for me and take a look at what the unconscious motivations might be for eating and try to address those as well not just what you diet will be, but you know, am I said, am I angry, am I having difficulty in some arena that propel me to eat.-In a sense, what’s the motivation for the eating.-Exactly, and address that.-As you know that sometimes it's gonna be uncomfortable to sit with those feelings without numbing with food.-So we want to get started, Joy you say one of the first thing you do should be is a copycat?-Right, because you want to copy the characteristics of successful losers so to speak, so this is what we know, thanks to the National Weight Control Registry, 78% of successful dieters eat healthy breakfast every single day. They also weigh themselves at least once a week as a sort of reality check they watch less than…-Or like me once a day?-They watch less than ten hours of TV per week and on average they excise about an hour a day. And I realize that 60 minutes seems daunting to a lot people, but remember that 30 minutes of exercise is more than zero minutes of exercise and that doesn’t have to be continuous. It can be bite size pieces, ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes in the afternoon and ten minutes in the evening.-So, but Gail, a lot of people I think when they look at this, they start to panic, like I can’t handle it.-Correct. Correct.-How do you deal with it?-You know, what you need to do is break it into bite size pieces. So, yes, you have your long term goal.-No pun intended?-No pun intended, exactly. I’m so glad you have said that, because I would’ve kept going, but you have your long term goal, but you also want to have sort of weekly goal, or maybe even a daily goal and a really useful thing is to write it down, because it’s very easy to fudge with yourself later, say, it’s too scary, no, never mind, forget it. Oh, I didn’t really say that, did I? If you write it down, yes, you really said it. This is my weekly goal and you don’t have to look so far out and it’s less scary.-And I love the idea of making both. Short-term weekly goals and the long-term goals, the long-term goal might be I wanna lose 60 pounds. But the weekly goal could be, you know what, I’m not gonna eat after a dinner every night this week.-I think that for a lot of people look at 60 pounds is such a big number, but if you average it out, that’s a little bit more than a pound a week, maybe.-Right, and that can be another short-term goal. I wana lose one pound this week.-That would be a weekly goal, I gonna lose one pound exactly.-And Joy you also say, become a fidgety person?-Right, you just wanna move more in general, we are talking about form of exercise, so in another words, walk when you talk, pace around the kitchen when you on the phone. Instead of having your kids, be the errand boys, so to speak, fetch the phone, the mail, the remote control yourself. And don’t…-Apart a little from the mall parking.-Yes, and don’t be so efficient with your groceries. Instead of bundling five or six, you know, big bags in your arms, take one or two into the house from the drive way at a time. You know, it’s gonna make you walk a little more so it’s gonna extend the time getting the grocery into the house. But you gonna burn calories and also while you flop on the couch watching TV during those commercial breaks, get up and move, marching place, do some jumping jacks, we’ve got this TV workout for free on our website that people can download.-Well, some good advice for people who want more information, they can also go on our website todayshow.com, and get that information. Joy Bauer, Gail Saltz, thanks so much.201001/94275抚州市第一医院泌尿科咨询

南昌割包皮总共多少钱The Valeri Mausoleum, the largest and most luxurious of 22 pagan tombs buried under St. Peter's Basilica[1] in Vatican City, was reopened on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press. The mausoleum lies a few hundred feet away from the burial place of the Apostle Peter, revered by Catholics as the founder of the Catholic Church and first Pope. The reopening was announced during a news conference at the offices of the Fabbrica di San Pietro, which has been in charge of the running and upkeep of St. Peter's Basilica for over 500 years. We've had two important restoration campaigns, an important one between 1998 and 1999 in the western part of the necropolis. That is the area corresponding to St. Peter's tomb, which contains some of the most ancient and beautiful mausoleums restored, as you will see. And then, between 1999 and 2000, another campaign of restoration in the central area of the excavation, and it is in the area of the Valeri Mausoleum, which was restored only during the past year, 2007. The mausoleum consisting of several rooms is noted for the stucco detail work on its walls, a popular art form at the time of its construction in the second century AD. And for the bas-relief sculptures which adorn the tombs. The tomb tells the history of the Valeri family, especially through the bas-relief sculptures of patriarch Caius Valerius Herma's two children, a boy and a girl who died during childhood. Emperor Constantine, a convert to Christianity, had the pagan burial grounds covered up in the fourth century, so the basilica could be built above St. Peter's tomb. Notes: [1] The Basilica of Saint Peter (Latin: Basilica Sancti Petri), officially known in Italian as the Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano and commonly known as St. Peter's Basilica, is located within the Vatican City in Rome. It occupies a "unique position" as one of the holiest sites and as "the greatest of all churches of Christendom". In Catholic tradition, it is the burial site of its namesake Saint Peter, who was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus and, according to tradition, was the first Bishop of Antioch, and later first Bishop of Rome and therefore first in the line of the papal succession. While St. Peter's is the most famous of Rome's many churches, it is not the first in rank, an honour held by the Pope's cathedral church, the Basilica of St. John Lateran.Vocabulary Mix:apostle: any of the twelve men sent out by Christ to sp his teaching necropolis: cemetery, esp a large ancient onestucco: plaster or cement used for covering or decorating walls or ceilings bas-relief: form of sculpture or carving in which a figure or design projects only slightly from its background patriarch: male head of a family 200811/55826南昌那家男科好 Y: What would you say your attitude towards celebrities, Don? D: Do you mean whether I like them? Y: I mean are you obsessed? Do you spend hours on the Internet trying to find out what their favorite nail polish color is and whether they believe in hypnosis? D: I'm fond of The BeeGees, but I don't think they wear nail polish and I could care less what they think about hypnosis. Y: Okay, do you believe in a just world, that life is fair? D: I can't pick up a newspaper without ing evidence that life is not only unfair, but often cruel. Y: Good. What I mean is that psychologists have found that people who believe in a just world are more likely to worship celebrities, whereas people more critical of society are less likely to obsess over a celebrity. People who strongly believe in a just world believe that life is fair, that good things happen to good people and bad things to bad people. People who believe in a just world are expressing acceptance of society and its institutions. Since the celebrity system is one of these institutions researchers suggest that it makes sense that those believing in a just world would be satisfied with how celebrities are made and thus more likely to admire and even obsess over them. Vice versa, people who do not believe in a fair world might resist worshipping celebrities, and in fact question or criticize the system that produces them and decides who gets to be a celebrity. D: Don't get me started. 【生词注释】celebrity n. 名声; 名人obsessed adj. 心神不宁的nail polish 指甲油hypnosis n. 催眠a just world 世界是公平的evidence n. 据psychologist n. 心理学者worship v. 崇拜, 尊敬institution n. 制度vice versa a. 反过来的(也是一样的)201110/157836南昌早泄的手术费用

南昌市博爱门诊怎么走Bacon price hike to save industry A national pig petition is set to back UK pig farmers whose livelihoods are threatened by high feed prices and cheap foreign meat.Now a national pig petition is being launched today to support British pig farmers who say their livelihoods are threatened by soaring feed prices and competition from cheap imports.The campaign is backed by celebrity chefs from Gordon Ramsey to Rick Stein, and launched by Waitrose. But in a global market should consumers be expected to pay more for products just because they're British? Here is Jane Dodge.Most of us have a soft spot for pigs, not enough though to stop us eating them. Bacon is the nation's favorite meat. But the butties we know and love could become a luxury in the future according to pig farmers. They say they're struggling to survive, a big rise in the cost of feed means they're no longer making a profit. Some are quitting. Others like Martin Martindale in Hampshire have scaled down production.Solely, we've seen our overdraft rise, uh, some 3 times, uh, triple in size over the last 6 months, um, if the, if the situation continues, um, then we will find it increasingly difficult to stay in businesses, we will have to charge more for our product.To make that palatable to consumers, a campaign has been launched today called "Save Our Bacon".According to the industry the cost of rearing a pig is around 106 pounds. But farmers only get 80 pounds when it's sold, so that's a loss of 26 pounds. Farmers now want consumers to pay more for their pork.Aren't you just at the end of the day asking us to buy British?That's part of what we're trying to do, but the problems behind the British product, the freshness, the welfare standards that we've produced to are all far better than there is available from imported product.Standards may well be high here. But competitors argue their product is just as good and cheaper.There are occasions I would say where individual governments, uh, go ahead of the basic EU legislation which is, uh, to which we must alter it here, uh, that has happened in this country we would accept, with certain aspects of uh, pig welfare, but Danish farmers would also point to areas, in the area of welfare where their government has gone further than the government here.Ultimately this is a fight for hearts and minds - British pig farmers have to persuade consumers that quality is worth paying more for.200810/54099 Sepsis is a severe infection that can often be fatal, particularly in obese patients. Now, a new study suggests why obese patients are at greater risk and suggests a possible new approach to treatment.败血病是一种非常严重的感染,很多时候,败血病是会致命的,肥胖症患者的风险尤其高。一项新的研究揭示了为何败血病对肥胖症患者来说风险更大,该研究还提出了一个可能有效的治疗新方案。Sepsis is seven times more likely to kill patients who are obese, and one possible reason is that the typical Western diet over-stimulates the body's immune response to the sepsis infection.败血病导致肥胖症患者死亡的机率是普通患者的7倍。一个可能的原因是西方国家的典型饮食习惯过度刺激了身体对败血症感染的免疫反应。To test the theory, Louisiana State University professor Chantal Rivera fed a Western style diet to laboratory mice.为了印这个理论,路易斯安娜州立大学的尚塔尔·里韦拉对实验室里的老鼠按照西方饮食习惯进行喂养。"It was high in saturated fat, high in cholesterol, high in sugar," she said in a telephone interview. "And then [we] exposed them to a model of sepsis and tried to figure out why the inflammatory response in these septic mice that had been fed long-term with this high-fat, high-calorie diet, whether or not the inflammation would be worse — and it was — and then we tried to go after what would make the inflammatory response worse."她说:“老鼠摄入的是高脂肪、高胆固醇和高糖的食品。我们让这些老鼠感染上中度败血症,然后再去研究这些长期采用高脂肪高热量饮食方式的老鼠为什么会发炎,炎症会不会恶化。我们发现,炎症确实会恶化。我们还试图找出使炎症反应恶化的原因。”In her study, Rivera found a clue in a particular protein that flourished in the mice that got the Western diet.在研究中,他们发现按照西方饮食习惯喂养的老鼠身上有一种特有的蛋白质,从而找到一条线索。"And what we found is that, you get this increase in proteins on the cell surface called receptors, and in particular the receptor called toll-like receptor four was enhanced, compared to mice that were fed a normal rodent chow."里韦拉说:“我们发现,和按照正常饮食喂养的老鼠相比,以西方饮食喂养的老鼠的细胞表面有一种叫做‘受体’的蛋白质增加了,特别是一种叫做TLR4的受体大大增加了。”And with more receptors in mice — and, presumably, people — on the Western diet, there are more places for the sepsis bacteria to infect. That's a simplification, but Rivera says identifying that receptor could give drug researchers a target for medicines that would reduce the threat of sepsis.以西方饮食喂养的老鼠一旦受体增加,败血症的细菌也就更有缝可钻。这个推想可以运用到人类身上。这种理论虽然把败血症简单化了,但是里韦拉指出,确认受体的存在就能够让药品研究人员有的放矢地去研制能够降低败血症威胁的药物。"Sepsis is responsible for more than 100,000 deaths annually in the U.S. alone," Rivera said. "And so, clearly, if we had a target for a drug therapy, it would greatly enhance our capabilities for the medical management of sepsis in these obese patients."她说:“仅仅在美国,败血症一年就夺去超过10万人的生命。很显然,如果我们能够研发出一种药物,就能够提高对那些感染上败血症的肥胖症患者进行治疗的能力。”Chantal Rivera's study is published in the BioMed Central journal BMC Physiology.201010/116707南昌市博爱门诊包皮环切江西省儿童医院泌尿外科



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