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校训------School motto大家好,欢迎来到小强英语!近日,央视搞起了校训连展,从南开,复旦,清华,南京,中大,每个学校都以各自的校训展示着其独特的精神面貌。今天,我们就来学习一下“校训”用英语怎么说:school motto, a motto is a short sentence or phrase that expresses a rule for sensible behaviour, especially a way of behaving in a particular situation, 即格言,箴言。我们来看一下例句:A motto is the spirit of a school and reflects the ideals of school. 校训是一所大学独立思想和传统精神的集中体现,是一种深刻的历史文化沉淀。The school motto of Sun Yat-sen University is to study extensively, inquire accurately, reflect carefully, discriminate clearly, and practice earnestly.中山大学的校训是:学,审问,慎思,明辨,笃行。校训是学校的灵魂,它激励和劝勉了莘莘学子们努力学习,不断进取,我们都应该将我们的school motto铭记于心,努力去实践它,必定能受益无穷。好了,本期的节目就是这样,我们下期再见!与小强互动,请上新浪微@小强英语。本栏目由原创,。 /201408/321809。

1. What do you think of this apartment?你觉得这个公寓怎么样?还能这样说:How do you feel about this apartment?What do you say about this apartment?谚语:What is done cannot be undone.木已成舟。2. We are moving next month.我们下个月搬家。还能这样说:We will be moving the following month.Well make a move next month.谚语:One false move may lose the game.一步走错,全盘皆输。3. Would you mind helping me to move my house?你介意帮我搬家吗?还能这样说:Can you help me move?Would you do us a favor of moving out of the apartment?谚语:Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it.世上无难事,只怕有心人。4. Moving house is a troublesome business.搬家是件麻烦的事情。还能这样说:Moving is never much fun though.Moving house is a matter of nuisance.应用:a hash house 小饭馆;a rogue house 监牢;thin house 观众稀少;the White House 白宫;the upper house 上议院;the lower house 下议院。

今天我们要讲的几个习惯用语里都是以night这个词为主的。Night就是夜晚。现在我们来讲第一个以night这个词为主的习惯用语。 As different as night and day. As different as night and day是指两样完全不同的东西,就象黑暗的夜晚和明亮的白天一样的不同。下面我们来举一个例子。例句里说话的人在讲他的哥哥。例句-1:Its hard to believe my brother and sister have the same mother and dad. Theyre as different as night and day. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. He has brown eyes and black hair. And me - I dont look much like either one of them.这个人说:我的哥哥和长得完全不一样,很难相信他们是同一个父母生的。我的头发是金黄色的,眼睛是蓝的。而我哥哥的眼睛是棕黄色,头发是黑的。我呢,既不象我爸,也不象我妈。现在我们来讲第二个以night这个词为主的习惯用语, dead of night. Dead在中文里的意思就是死。Dead of night这个习惯用语的意思是:夜深人静的时候,整个世界都似乎死气沉沉,寒气入骨。这个习惯用语已经有很长的历史,大概五百年前就出现了。我们来举个例子吧。下面说话的人住在一栋古老的房子里。他很喜欢住在那里,觉得很舒,就是夜深人静的时候有点麻烦。他说:例句-2:Sometimes it feels scary when I wake up in the dead of night and hear strange noises downstairs, creaks and groans. Im pretty sure its nothing but the old house getting older around me so I tell myself I dont really believe in ghosts.这个人说: 我有时半夜里醒回来听到楼下嘎嘎的声音,又好象有人在哼哼,我可真有点害怕。但是我肯定这没什么事,只是房子越来越老而已。所以我总对自己说我不信鬼。******和dead of night相似的一个习惯用语就是我们今天要讲的第三个习惯用语。那就是:dead of winter. 大家可能都知道winter这个词,winter就是冬天。那么,dead of winter是什么意思呢?实际上,dead of winter和dead, 死这个词没有关系。Dead of winter的意思很简单,就是指寒冷的冬季里最冷的时候。我们来举一个例子。这样更能体会dead of winter这个说法的意思。例句里说话的人有一个小小的院子。他在院子里种点蔬菜,供一家人吃。可是,华盛顿的冬天很冷,从十一月开始就开始会结冰,一直要持续到二月份。在这期间,这个人的院子就看起来死气沉沉。可是, 这个人找了一个消磨时间的方法。他说:例句-3:In January, in the DEAD OF WINTER, when it often gets below freezing and maybe theres snow, I stay warm by looking at the pictures of vegetables in seed catalogs and thinking about spring when it will be warm enough to plant fresh food to eat.这句话的意思是:一月份,冬天最冷的时候,温度经常会下降到零度以下,还可能会下雪。那个时候,我就呆在屋里,看那些推销蔬菜种子的广告,那上面有各种蔬菜的照片。看着照片我心里想,到春天天气暖了就可以种新鲜蔬菜吃了。******现在我们来讲今天最后一个习惯用语, night owl. Owl就是猫头鹰。猫头鹰晚上很活跃,它还发出一种特殊的叫声。Night owl就是形容一个人象猫头鹰一样,晚上不想睡觉,很清醒,很活跃,也就是我们经常说的夜猫子。也许你认识某个人喜欢白天睡觉,到了晚上他就开始忙了,等大家睡了,他就开始工作了。下面说话的人似乎就是一个。例句-4:Yes, Im a regular night owl. So if you want to talk business with me, the best time to phone is from 10 at night until two in the morning. Thats really the time when Im wide awake and y to work. Yes sir, Im a real night owl.这个人说:对,我经常是一个夜猫子。 所以,要是要跟我谈生意,最好在晚上十点到清早两点之间打电话给我。这是我最清醒,真正工作的时间。没错,我确实是一个夜猫子。 /201412/345090。

1.昙花一现 a flash in the pan那个歌星也只是昙花一现,出了几张唱片就销声匿迹了。That singer was only a flash in the pan. He disappeared into the air after having made one or two records.。

悲观与绝望1. 词组句型放弃abandon, give up, give insentence patterns:He abandoned all hope.I gave up smoking 2 years ago.We shoudnt give up easily.Those rebels were forced to give in.2. 多种表达I give up.I fold.I give in.I never have my luck.Its bad luck.I cant help it.I can do nothing more about it.It cant be helped.It cant be done.Theres nothing I can do about it.I am rather pessimistic.I am not optimistic at all.Our plan is doomed to fail.Our plan must fail in the end.No chance at all.Theres not even a dogs chance.Fat chance!No way!We are hopeless about it.Thats the way it goes.I am doubtful about their plan.I am skeptical about their plan.I am dubious about their plan.It was fate.It was doom.It was meant to be.It was my destiny.I have no clue.I dont have any idea.I havent a clue.I am throwing in the towel.I am giving up.Its time I resigned myself to defeat.Its hopeless.No dice.Its impossible.Better than nothing.It wont get you anywhere.Its history.Its too late.Its happened.Its all over.Its in the past.It beats me.I have no idea.I dont know.I have no other choice but to do.Theres no way to avoid that.Its my only choice.I have to.I no longer feel devoted to this place.I no longer feel attached to this place.I dont feel loyal to this place any more.Its bound to happen.That makes sense.That figures.It isnt the same as I imagined.It isnt like I dreamed.It isnt exactly the way I thought it would be.I feel empty.I feel incomplete.I feel meaningless.I came alone in this world.I am depressed.I feel blue.I feel down in the dumps.I feel low.Its depressing.Its sad.It makes me feel depressed.I dont feel like doing anything.I dont have any enthusiasm for life. /201209/199392。

1. Could I borrow a pen and three pieces of paper?能借我一笔和3张纸吗?还能这样说:Can you give me a pen and three pieces of paper?Would you lend me a pen and three pieces of paper?应用:a piece of cake 轻松愉快的事情;break into pieces 使成为碎片;by the piece 按件计算come to piece 破碎,碎裂;身体(精神)垮下来;崩溃2. I want to write a letter to my pen friend.我想给我的笔友写封信。还能这样说:I want to write to my pen friend.I would like to write a letter to my pen friend.谚语:Never write what you dare not sign.不要写你不敢署名的文章。3. My dear mother. I am missing you very much.亲爱的妈妈,我非常想念你。还能这样说:Dear mom, I miss you so much.To my great mom, I miss you terribly.谚语:Poverty is the mother of all arts.穷后而工乃是艺术之道。4. She writes to her friend once a week.她一星期给她的朋友写一封信。还能这样说:Every week, she writes to her friend.She writes a letter to her friend once a week.应用:all at once 突然;同时;at once 立刻,马上;同时;every once in a while 偶尔;once too often 又一次 /201306/244940。