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安康有哪些正规治疗淋病的医院安康治好早泄需要多少钱unit 575买药膏dialogue 英语情景对话A:How do I use this adhesive?A:这膏药该怎么用阿?B:This is a special adhesive for easing the pain. Apply it to the painful area and change it in every 2 days.B:这膏药是专门镇痛的,贴在疼痛部位。每隔两天更换一次。A:How do I use the lotion?A:那这种洗液呢?B:Apply some of the ointment, and rub it into the skin.B:取一些药膏,揉搓使皮肤吸收。A:Well, thanks very much.A:哦,谢谢了。B:Not a all.B:不客气。 /201610/464710安康专业治疗性功能障碍的医院 Erina: So Mike, I heard that you box?惠里奈:迈克,我听说你打拳击?Mike: Well I dont box any more but I was boxing, mostly kick boxing for a while.迈克:我现在已经不玩拳击了,不过我以前的确打拳击,主要是练习踢拳。Erina: Wow, that sounds crazy. How did you get into it?惠里奈:哇哦,听起来很疯狂。你是怎么喜欢上这种运动的?Mike: Well, from a young age, from about the age of twelve, I started doing karate in Vancouver and I was training in karate for about seven or eight years and then once I graduated from high school I moved and I moved to Japan and there I continued and didnt have much time to do training but I got involved in the kick boxing circle with some friends that did a lot of kick boxing and different types of martial arts.迈克:我从小在温哥华练习空手道,大概是从12岁开始练的,我练了七八年的空手道,高中毕业以后我就搬去了日本,我在日本有继续练空手道,不过没有太多的时间训练,后来因为认识了一些练习踢拳和其他武术的朋友,我开始接触踢拳、Erina: Wow, kick boxing, so I assume the training is pretty hard too, right?惠里奈:哇哦,踢拳,我想练习这种运动一定很辛苦,对吧?Mike: Yeah, the training was brutal.迈克:对,训练非常残酷。Erina: What kind of training do you do?惠里奈:你要做哪些训练?Mike: Well, I was never professional but I had a couple of amateur fights and I dont think people quite understand how much goes into one fight because leading up to the fight, a couple of months before the fight, a friend of mine and I would be training at least five times a week.迈克:我并不是职业选手,不过我打过几场业余比赛,我想人们并不清楚一场比赛要付出多少,在比赛前的几个月,我和朋友至少一周要训练五次。Erina: Wow.惠里奈:哇哦。Mike: And we would do really brutal sprints up a hill over and over again and wed do interval training on the sand and in addition, of course, we were doing lots of sparring and lots of conditioning and stuff that would just really push your body to the limit and really test you.迈克:我们要在山上反复进行残酷的冲刺训练,在沙子上进行间歇训练,另外还要做大量的对打练习和训练,要让自己的身体达到极限,这是真正的考验。Erina: Wow, that must have been very tough. So were you ever worried about head injuries?惠里奈:哇哦,那一定非常辛苦。你没有担心过头部会受伤?Mike: Well, especially with boxing, you get a lot of head injuries and more so over time because unlike other martial arts, boxing is designed to keep you standing and taking hits and thats why you see a lot of professional boxers as they get older and near the end of their career or even after their career, a lot of them have severe brain damage. Their speech is impeded and you can tell that theyve really done some damage to their head over the years.迈克:像拳击这种特别的运动,经常会造成头部受伤,随着时间的推移,头部的伤势会更多,因为与其他武术运动不同,拳击这种运动在保持站立的情况下承受对手的攻击,所以你会看到很多职业拳击手在年龄逐渐增大以后,在职业生涯快结束时或是在退役之后,他们会有严重的脑损伤。他们的语言能力会受员,你可以看到,随着时间的流逝,他们的头部的确会受到一些损害。 译文属 /201611/475441安康市医院泌尿外科

安康早泄治疗哪个医院最好本期内容:A clear fast is better than a dirty breakfast.宁为清贫,不为浊富这里,我们要注意一个单词 fast 我们都知道fast做形容词和副词是快速的意思,但做名词,它还有禁食,斋戒的意思。A clear fast is better than a dirty breakfast.宁守清斋,不取浊食.宁为清贫,不为浊富.关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201701/489369白河县医院看男科好吗 My stomach is very upset. 我的胃不舒。例句:A:Hello,doctor.I dont feel very well.I have been sick for two days and I have no appetite.您好,医生。我感觉不太好。我不舒已经有两天了,我也没胃口。B:Please describe your symptoms.Are you nauseated?请描述一下您的症状,您恶心想吐吗?A:Yes,I feel like throwing up all the time and I am very dizzy.是的。我一直想吐,还非常头晕。B:When was the last time you had something to eat.您上次吃东西是什么时候?A:A few days ago.I had a seafood meal and I dont think it agreed with me.几天前,我吃了一顿海鲜,我觉得它不合我的胃。B:Let me take your temperature.Yes,you have a slightly high fever.Do you have a sore throat?让我给你量体温,是的,您稍微有点发烧。您喉咙痛吗?A:Yes,it hurts when I swallow.是的,我吞咽时会疼。B:Are you allergic to anything?对什么过敏吗?A:I sneeze a lot when I am around pollen,but thats all.当我周围有花粉时,我会打很多喷嚏。但是也就是这些了。B:How is your stomach?你的胃怎么样?A:My stomach is very upset.I feel sick and drowsy,like I want to sleep all the time.我的胃不舒。我感觉不舒,还昏昏欲睡。似乎我想一直睡觉。B:You may be suffering from the food poisoning from the seafood you ate.可能是您吃的海鲜让您食物中毒了。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201703/497140安康哪家医院有检查不孕不育

汉滨治疗早泄多少钱7. Describing People (1) 7.描述人物(1)A: Dude, I forgot to tell you Im going out with Sarah.A:老兄,我忘了告诉你——我和莎拉要出去吃。B: Which one is Sarah? You date so many girls that I get confused.B:哪一个是莎拉?你约会这么多女孩,我都分不清了。A: First off, I dont date that many girls, and secondly youre always confused.A:首先,我没有约会那么多女孩,其次你一直分不清。B: True. So, which one is she? Is she in your class?B:是的。那么,她是谁?是你们班里的吗?A: Nope. Shes the girl from the restaurant we go to in downtown.A:不是。她是我们去市中心的餐厅里的人。B: From Green Bamboo? Which girl?B:绿竹餐厅吗?哪个女孩?A: The cute one. You know the one with the tattoo up her thigh?A:可爱的那个。你知道的那个大腿上有纹身的。B: I think I would have noticed that.B:我想我注意到了。A: Shes the only one with blonde hair.A:她是唯一一个有金黄色头发的女孩。B: Well, why didnt you just say that? Thats Sarah?B:好吧,你刚刚为什么不这样说?那个莎拉?A: Well, I know you check her out. I assumed you saw the tattoo.A:嗯,我知道你注意过她。我猜想你看到了她的纹身。B: Im not that big of a pervert.B:我不是那样的白眼狼。 /201510/406540 今天我们要讲的美国习惯用语是:bag of tricks. Bag是口袋,袋子;trick是诀窍、手法。Bag of tricks顾名思义就是指各种诀窍,种种手法。一个好的作家为了吸引读者会充分使用他的各种写作技巧,巧妙地安排故事情节。也就是:A writer would make full use of his bag of tricks。其实各行各业都有会想办法的人,包括父母在内。下面是一个男孩在说他的母亲。例句-1:My mom was so clever. When my sisters and I were on a long car ride or stuck indoors because of bad weather, shed always find ways to keep us entertained. No matter what the situation, we could always count on her bag of tricks.这个男孩子说:我妈妈很聪明。每当我们长途乘车或是因为天气不好而无法出门的时候,她总能想法让我和我有好玩的事做。不管在什么情况下,我们肯定她会有办法的。作家长的都知道,长途开车的时候小孩子很容易不耐烦,他们总是问,;Are we there?; “到了没有呀?”家长总是要想办法让他们有些消遣的事干,比如放音乐,猜谜语或是玩游戏等。******在日常生活中,我们常常会遇到一些很有办法的人,those who have a bag of tricks。就拿老师来说吧,有的老师很会讲故事,有的老师很善于课堂提问,激发学生的兴趣。不过有些人作坏事也很有手法。They also have a bag of tricks。举例来说,现在网上的诈骗案不断增多,有位专家提醒大家要提高警惕。例句-2:The next time you get an e-mail asking for confidential information, make sure you know the source. It might be a scam. On-line thieves have developed a variety of crafty methods to try to deceive you. Beware of their bag of tricks!这位专家说:下次你收到电子邮件,有人要你提供保密信息的时候,你一定要弄清楚信件的来源。这可能是个骗局。网上窃贼想出了各种狡猾的办法来骗人,要警惕他们的各种手法。网上诈骗有各种手段,有人以的名义发电子邮件,要求收信人提供账号或其他保密信息,然后利用这些信息上网作案。美国每年有不少人上当受骗,所以美国的消费者保护协会等组织要求政府对这种欺骗行为严加打击。 /201502/359985安康包皮多少钱安康哪家医院治疗前列腺囊肿好




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