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Airlines, trucking companies and other big energy consumers are betting on further oil price falls, with many reluctant to lock in at current levels amid fears prices could plunge if the global economy weakens further. 航空公司、货车运输公司及其他能源消费大户目前预测石油价格会进一步下降。鉴于市场担忧如果全球经济进一步放缓,油价可能会剧降,因而很多能源消费者都不愿意在目前的油价水平买进。 Consumers are largely on the sidelines of the oil market in spite of a 30 per cent drop in price, from 5 in March to now, commodities bankers said. The price of Brent crude hit an 18-month low last week. 大宗商品家指出,尽管油价已经从3月份的每桶125美元下降到了现在的90美元,降幅达到30%,但石油市场大部分消费者仍然持观望态度。上周,布伦特原油价格已经降到了18个月以来的最低点。 Oil consumers fear the current slide in prices–largely due to slower economic growth in China, the main engine of oil demand, and the eurozone sovereign debt crisis–is only the beginning of a major sell-off. Saudi Arabia has this year boosted production to a 30-year high, further subduing prices. 石油消费者担心,目前主要由于石油消费大国中国经济增速放缓、欧元区主权债务危机导致的油价下跌只是一次油价大幅;跳水;的开端。今年沙特的石油产量已经增加到了30年来的新高,进一步压低了油价。 ;If the global economy continues to deteriorate, I will not be surprised if we see more downward pressure on oil prices,; Fatih Birol, chief economist at the International Energy Agency, the oil watchdog, told the Financial Times. 国际能源署(IEA)首席经济学家比罗尔#8226;毕洛(Fatih Birol)告诉英国《金融时报》:;如果全球经济继续恶化,那么油价下行的压力增大也是意料之中的事。; This wait-and-see approach mimics the behaviour of big consumers in 2008 at the start of the financial crisis, as prices plunged from a record high of nearly 0 to a low of . It could yet backfire if oil prices rise on the back of US and EU sanctions on Iran or if Saudi cuts production. ;So far we have seen light hedging activity,; said a New York-based commodities banker. ;We expect some consumer buying if we [oil prices] go down another .; 目前的观望态度与2008年金融危机伊始主要石油消费主体的表现如出一辙,当时油价从每桶接近150美元的历史高位下跌到45美元的低点。然而,一旦美国和欧盟对伊朗的制裁或者沙特减产导致油价上涨,就会事与愿违。纽约一位大宗商品家表示,;目前为止,对冲活动还不明显,如果油价再降10美元,我们预计消费者就会适当买入。; Companies keep hedging plans close to their chests, but anecdotal evidence confirms bankers#39; views. Southwest Airlines, the US#39;s largest low-cost carrier, told investors this year that its hedge protection for the second quarter was ;minimal;. 企业纷纷制定了对冲计划,但坊间据实了家们的观点。美国最大的低成本航空公司西南航空公司(Southwest Airlines)告诉投资者,其第二季度的套期保值操作;极少;。 Brent crude fell .03 to .93 in afternoon trading yesterday. 昨日下午交易中,布伦特原油价格下跌1.03美元,跌至每桶89.93美元。 /201206/188109

It is no secret that it is no longer that cheap to make things in China. But now, it is becoming expensive to sell there, too.中国的制造业成本已经不再那么低廉,这并非什么秘密。但现在,中国市场的销售成本也变得越来越高。Neiman Marcus, the US multi-brand luxury retailer, plans to enter China via e-commerce rather than traditional bricks-and-mortar. And it is not the only one. A report due to be published on Friday shows that the spiraling cost of doing business in the country is driving other foreign companies with new products away from traditional retailers and into the arms of e-commerce firms.销售多个品牌奢侈品的零售企业奈曼-马库斯(Neiman Marcus),计划以电子商务方式进军中国,而不打算在那里建立传统的实体店。奈曼-马库斯并不是唯一一家这样做的企业。上周五发布的一份报告显示,受中国营商成本飞涨的影响,一些手中拥有新产品的外国企业正在远离传统零售商,转而投入电子商务企业的怀抱。The problem for retailers looking to get into China may be two-fold. Listing costs are high ; but brand recognition may not travel online. The Neiman Marcus news was greeted with scepticism by local retail analysts. Shaun Rein of China Market Research in Shanghai said: ;nobody knows who Neiman Marcus is in China.;希望进入中国市场的零售商面临两重问题。一方面,开店的成本很高;另一方面,若只在网上销售,恐怕难以树立品牌知名度。中国当地的零售业分析师对奈曼-马库斯的做法持怀疑态度。位于上海的中国市场研究集团(China Market Research)的雷小山(Shaun Rein)表示:;在中国,没人知道奈曼-马库斯是谁。;Rumours have been swirling for years about Neiman trying to get retail space on the Shanghai Bund for a large new store. Most analysts see it as essential for foreign brands ; especially luxury brands ; to have bricks and mortar shops to bolster their credibility in a country where seeing is still believing.数年来一直有传言称,奈曼-马库斯试图在上海外滩搞块零售店面,开一家新的大型门店。多数分析师认为,对外国品牌、尤其是奢侈品品牌来说,开设实体店是至关重要的,这样做可以提升可信度,毕竟这仍是个讲究;眼见为实;的国家。;Customers really need to be able to see and touch the product and feel the brand heritage in a physical environment,; said Rein. ;Luxury sales are booming online but people still tend to equate e-commerce with cheap,; he said, adding ;I don#39;t think it#39;s possible for a foreign brand to come in and sell at high prices just online;.;顾客们真的需要能够看到、摸到产品,在现实环境里感受品牌的底蕴。;雷小山说,;奢侈品的在线销量增长很快,但人们仍倾向于认为电子商务等同于廉价。我认为,若只靠网上销售,外国品牌是不可能进入中国市场并卖出高价的。;But the costs of physical retail space may force a rethink. According to the report by Data Driven Marketing Asia, the marketing consultancy, the cost of listing one new product ;with an established supermarket chain can be as high as ,000;.但实体零售店的成本可能会迫使外国品牌重新做出考虑。营销咨询公司数达企业管理咨询(Data Driven Marketing Asia,简称DDMA)发布的报告显示,一种新产品在;成熟连锁超市;上架的成本或;高达2.7万美元;。This adds to steep rises in labour, rental, logistics and marketing costs. Distribution costs increased 200 per cent over the past five years. Warehousing cost was up 23 per cent last year, while the cost for advertising on CCTV, the national broadcaster, has risen almost 50 per cent since 2007. And retail rents in China#39;s largest cities are forecast to increase by an average 12 per cent this year, according CB Richard Ellis. The cost of employing more experienced white-collar staff in the more affluent parts of China has risen almost 60 per cent over the past three years.此外,劳动力、场租、物流和营销成本也在急剧上涨。过去五年间,分销成本上升了200%。仓储成本去年提高了23%。而在中国中央电视台(CCTV)做广告的成本自2007年以来已提高了近50%。世邦魏理仕(CB Richard Ellis)称,预计中国最大型城市的零售店铺租金今年将平均上涨12%。过去三年里,在中国较富裕地区雇佣较有经验白领的成本提高了近60%。Sam Mulligan, China Director at DDMA, said: ;Over the past three years, these costs have started to become prohibitive. When we work with customers on a new market entry, once we get to formulating a retail strategy, the metrics fall out of the window.;DDMA中国总经理萨姆?穆里根(Sam Mulligan)说:;过去三年里,这些成本已开始变得令人望而却步了。我们在与客户讨论进入市场的新尝试时,一到制定零售战略这一步,就感慨各项成本高得离谱。;As a result, companies are shying away from traditional retailers. Yihaodian, the online grocer in which Walmart recently raised its stake to 51 per cent, is trying to grab that business by offering a one-stop-shop service for new market entrants. It helps them register their brands, deals with import formalities, transport, logistics and advertising.因此,企业开始避开传统零售商。在线零售商;一号店;正在努力抓住这个商业机遇,手段是为新进入市场的企业提供一站式店铺务。一号店会帮助它们注册品牌、处理进口手续、运输、物流和广告等事宜。沃尔玛(Walmart)最近刚把在一号店的持股比例提高到51%。Yihaodian has aly seen a steep increase over the past six months in requests from foreign companies that want to bring new products into the Chinese market. The online retailer saw the number of products available in its store jump to 180,000 in the fourth quarter of 2011 from just 50,000 a year earlier.想将自己的新产品引入中国市场的外国企业,纷纷请求进驻一号店。最近六个月,这类请求的数量大幅增长。2011年第四季度,这家在线零售商的网店中出售的产品已激增至18万种,而一年之前只有区区5万种。译者:王柯伦 /201203/175389

Police in Bangladesh have arrested the engineer who warned of cracks in an eight-story factory complex that collapsed last week(April 24), killing more than 500 people.孟加拉国警方逮捕了曾经警告一栋8层楼厂房出现裂痕的工程师。 上个星期(4月24日)大楼坍塌造成的死亡人数已经上升到500多人。Abdur Razzak Khan last week warned of cracks in the building a day before it collapsed. Police say they arrested him because of his role in the original construction of the building. This brings to nine the number of people arrested since the factory collapsed April 24. Among the detainees were the owner of the building, the owners of several factories housed inside, and engineers responsible for its construction.阿卜杜尔·拉扎克·汗上个星期在大楼坍塌的前一天警告说,大楼出现裂痕。警方说,他们逮捕这名工程师,是因为他参与了这座大楼原来的施工。自从4月24日大楼坍塌以来警方已经逮捕了总共9名与坍塌有关的涉案人员。被逮捕的其中包括楼房的主人,几家制衣厂的老板以及负责大楼施工的工程师。Police said Friday the death toll has risen to 501, as new bodies were discovered in the ruins overnight.警方星期五说,死亡人数已经上升到501人。在此之前,救援人员昨天晚上从废墟中又找到更多的尸体。On Thursday, the nation#39;s textile industry reopened, a week after a work shutdown prompted by the building collapse near Dhaka.由于在达卡附近外这栋大楼坍塌,而被停工一个星期后的孟加拉国纺织业星期四又重新开工。The mayor of Savar, the site of the collapse, was suspended from office Thursday as garment workers returned to their jobs. Local officials say charges will be brought against Mohammad Refat Ullah in connection with the country#39;s largest industrial disaster.在制衣厂工人返回工作的同时,大楼坍塌的这个萨瓦市的市长星期四被停职。当地官员说,穆罕默德.里法特.乌拉因涉案孟加拉国最大的工业灾难将受到起诉。Meanwhile, rescue workers are continuing to use heavy equipment to clear the site. Officials expect the number of victims to rise as 150 people remain unaccounted for. More than 3,000 people were in the building when it collapsed.与此同时,救援人员继续使用重型设备清理坍塌现场。官员预计,由于仍有150人下落不明,死亡人数还会上升。这座制衣厂大楼坍塌时,当时里边有3000多人。 /201305/238123

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