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成都华伦铂尚微整形医学美容诊所韩式半永久化妆绣眉成都大美东方韩式半永久化妆绣眉These are challenging times for world leaders seeking to stimulate the global economy. The G-20 wants to see trillion of global GDP and tens of millions of jobs added by 2018 through what officials described in Sydney in February as #39;ambitious but realistic policies.#39; Multilateral talks are aly underway to drive growth by further liberalizing trade, which are important initiatives but which have yet to bear fruit. So businesses will be particularly encouraged to see dialogue restarting that aims to give cross-border investment a boost, especially since the talks involve the world#39;s two largest economies.对于寻求刺激全球经济增长的世界各国领导人而言,这是一个颇具挑战性的时代。二十国集团(Group of 20,简称G20) 2月份在悉尼召开会议时,官员们希望通过“宏大但务实的政策”,在2018年前将全球经济总量提高2万亿美元,同时增加数千万个工作岗位。通过进一步推动贸易自由化来促进经济增长的多边谈判正在进行之中,这样的谈判是非常重要的举措,但目前尚未取得成果。因此,企业尤其希望看到重启意在扩大跨境投资的对话,特别是在全球最大两个经济体也展开对话的情况下。The talks concern the U.S.-China Bilateral Investment Treaty, or BIT. Such an agreement would clarify the rules for investment between the two countries while removing many barriers that remain to such investments--rather like a free-trade agreement for capital flows instead of goods and services. A high-standard BIT will help remove ambiguities that detract from greater investment and broader economic activity, and give the U.S. and China increased stakes in each other#39;s success. In the interest of stability and predictability, the BIT should be a strategic imperative for both countries.这样的对话关乎美中双边投资协定(Bilateral Investment Treaty,简称BIT)的命运。该协定将阐明两国之间的投资规则,同时打破这些投资领域仍然存在的诸多壁垒,这更像是一个允许资本流动的自由贸易协议,商品和务贸易则不包括在内。达成高标准的BIT有助于消除妨碍扩大投资和经济活动的歧义条款,美国和中国在彼此经济成就中的利益会更大。从保持稳定行和可预见性的角度看,BIT对中美两国都应该是一种战略需要。A comprehensive investment treaty would be good business for both sides. In general, investment treaties prohibit favoritism for local investors; protect foreign investors from arbitrary treatment (by requiring fair compensation for any expropriation or nationalization of assets); provide for dispute resolution in international arbitration; and protect foreign-invested enterprises from local content requirements and export as.达成全面的投资协定可令两国实现共赢。总的来说有以下几个益处:投资协定能够防止对本地投资者的偏袒行为;能够保护外国投资者免受不公平待遇(因为投资协定会要求资产被征收或国有化时获得合理补偿);能够解决国际仲裁纠纷;还能够保护外资企业不受当地成分要求和出口配额的影响。For the U.S., the case for attracting more inbound Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) is compelling. Out of the 5 billion in FDI into the U.S. in 2012, China, as the world#39;s second-largest economy, accounted for a mere billion of that amount. A BIT would help bring greater transparency and clarity to investment approval processes.对美国来说,获得更多来自中国的外商直接投资(FDI)的前景非常吸引人。2012年美国的FDI总额为1,750亿美元,来自中国的投资仅为40亿美元。BIT将提升投资审批程序的透明度。Recent research suggests that Chinese-owned companies provided more than 70,000 full-time jobs in the U.S. in 2013, a more than eight-fold increase compared to 2007. More two-way investment under a successful BIT means many more American jobs.近期调查显示,2013年中国控股的公司在美国提供的全职岗位超过了70,000个,较2007年水平增加了八倍多。若BIT成功签署,将增加双边投资额,这意味着美国将增加更多就业岗位。The BIT also would increase the global reach of American businesses, allowing them to invest in Chinese markets in industries that are largely restricted today, such as financial services, transportation and telecommunications. This treaty would allow American manufacturing and agricultural exporters to establish critical distribution platforms in China to facilitate their sales of American products into that market. As a condition of restarting the talks, Beijing has agreed to put almost all industries on the table, dropping its earlier desire to shelter a large number from American investment.BIT还能帮助美国企业在全球的扩张,让美国企业投资于如今在中国基本不对外开放的一些行业,比如金融业、运输业和电信业。该协定还将允许美国制造业和农业出口商在中国建立起至关重要的分销平台,这样一来,向中国市场出售美国产品就会变得更容易。作为重启相关谈判的一个条件,北京已经同意把几乎所有行业都摆到桌面上,放弃了此前希望保护多个行业不受美国投资冲击的立场。The protections of a BIT are especially important in markets where Chinese state-owned enterprises dominate, because it will require that those companies act based on commercial and not political principles. For example, state firms#39; access to non-commercial financing would be challenged. The BIT would also end the occasional Chinese practice of requiring American firms that manufacture in China to transfer their technology to Chinese businesses or use local technology in their manufacturing processes. This would help to address the concerns about intellectual-property theft that often discourage American investment.在那些国有企占主导地位的中国国内市场中,BIT尤其具有重要性,因为这将要求那些企业按照商业原则而非政治原则行事。举例来说,国企利用非商业融资的做法就会受到挑战。BIT还将结束中国偶尔会采取的某种做法:要求在中国生产商品的美国制造企业将技术转移给中国企业,或在生产过程中使用中国的技术。这将有助于缓解有关知识产权方面的忧虑。这种担忧常令美国投资者望而却步。For China, the BIT will help advance the economic reform goals reiterated by its leaders at last month#39;s National People#39;s Congress. It can help China achieve these goals by increasing capital available to private firms (especially small- and medium-sized businesses), which often rely on informal lending. The foreign capital, and the management expertise that so often comes with it, would promote innovation and entrepreneurship, which are critical to any economy#39;s long-term success. Deploying private capital also helps foster healthy competition, making state-owned enterprises more efficient and better suited to compete in the global marketplace.对中国来说,BIT有助于推进上个月两会时重申的经济改革目标。它能让民营企业(特别是中小型的企业)可获得的资本越来越多,从而帮助中国实现这些目标。在中国,民营企业通常依靠非官方渠道获得融资。外国的资本以及随同带来的管理方面的专长会推动创新和创业,而对任何一个经济体来讲,创新和创业都是长期成功不可或缺的要素。动用民营部门的资本还有助于实现良性竞争,让国企变得更有效率,更能适应在全球市场的竞争。Nor are business benefits the only advantage to a U.S.-China investment treaty. There would also be considerable political advantages to concluding a deal. The difficulties faced by each country#39;s investors in the other#39;s economy have created significant friction between Washington and Beijing over the years. This is the case both when Chinese investments in the U.S. generate political controversy, and when American companies discover they aren#39;t allowed to invest in booming Chinese industries. An investment treaty would help ratchet down such tensions by improving market access and ensuring greater predictability.而且,企业受益也不是美中投资协定能带来的唯一利益。达成这样一项协议也会带来相当大的政治利益。多年来,这两个国家的投资者在对方国家遇到的困难已经让华盛顿和北京产生了重大擦。不管是中国投资在美国引发政治争议,还是美国企业发现自己不被允许在中国欣欣向荣的行业投资,这些都是擦的来源。投资协定将改善市场准入,提高可预测程度,从而有助于缓解此类紧张局面。Leaders of the two largest economies in the world should focus on policies and initiatives big enough to result in meaningful economic growth but modest enough to be achieved. The U.S.-China investment treaty is one such initiative. Both sides have a great opportunity to advance their countries#39; interests and the global economy. The business communities on both sides of the Pacific have much to gain and should come together to play a constructive role supporting the negotiations and seizing the opportunity to do our BIT for global growth.两个全球最大经济体的领导人应该把注意力集中在规模足以令经济出现明显增长的政策和倡议上,同时,这样的政策和倡议又要避免因太过宏大而无法实现。美中投资协定就是这样一个倡议。双方有一个绝佳的机会推动实现两国的利益,也让全球经济受益。太平洋两岸的企业都将获益良多,因此,两岸企业界人士应该协力扮演一种建设性的角色,持相关谈判,抓住这个机会,为全球经济增长尽一份力。 /201404/284540简阳市做韩式雾眉多少钱 In his short life Jack Robinson#39;s fight against an inoperable brain tumour inspired his heroes Gary Barlow and Matt Smith to help him complete his bucket list.杰克·罗宾逊患了一种无法通过手术医治的脑瘤癌症。虽然生命短暂,但他与癌症抗争的精神感动了他的偶像盖瑞·巴洛和马特·史密斯,这两位明星都来帮助他完成自己的愿望清单。But the four-year-old#39;s final #39;unique#39; wish could only be fulfilled yesterday, when his family and friends said goodbye to him at his Star Wars themed funeral.昨天,这个4岁男孩的最后一个愿望实现了,众多亲朋好友都前来参加他的“星球大战”主题葬礼。His parents Terence and Marie Robinson were determined to celebrate their son#39;s life and passions, having his body carried in a Star Wars coffin on a white horse-drawn carriage surrounded by stormtroopers.他的父母特伦斯和玛丽决定为儿子庆祝生命和,他们把儿子的遗体放在星球大战主题的棺椁里,白马拉车,“克隆人士兵” 护卫。His carriage was covered floral tributes, including one ing #39;Jedi#39; and wreaths in the shape of a light saber, Yoda and R2-D2.杰克的棺椁周围用贡花装饰,贡花拼成了“绝地武士”的字样,还围成了光剑、尤达大师和机器人R2-D2的形状。His father Terence said afterwards: #39;Jack was a special boy, he was unique and brought everyone together.他的爸爸特伦斯后来说道:“杰克是个特别的男孩,他独一无二、把大家都汇聚在一起。”#39;We needed to give him a unique send off. I will always love you son.’“我们需要为他举办一次独特的送别仪式,儿子我们永远爱你。”Inside the church a brass band played the film#39;s The Binary Sunset music - known as Luke Skywalker#39;s theme.在教堂里,乐队演奏了《星球大战》中天行者卢克的主题音乐The Binary Sunset。Before his death last week Jack had several days he would never forget, especially when Take That singer Gary Barlow visited him in hospital.上周在和这个世界告别之前,杰克度过了永生难忘的时光,尤其是偶像明星帮助他实现心愿清单的时候。歌手盖瑞·巴洛去医院看望他;Star Matt Smith also sent him personal from the ed States, and sang the Doctor Who theme tune for the boy he called the show#39;s #39;biggest fan in the world#39;.影星马特·史密斯还从美国给他寄了一段私人视频作为礼物,视频中马特为他演唱了英剧《神秘士》的主题曲,他称杰克是这部长寿英剧“世界上最大的粉丝”。He also got to ride in a fire engine and had an early birthday party.他还乘坐了一次消防车,并提前过了生日。Yesterday scores of people, including his identical twin brother Liam and three older sisters, walked behind his coffin. Others lined the streets of Denmead, Hampshire, as he was carried to his funeral at All Saints#39; church.昨天许多人出席了他的主题葬礼,他的双胞胎兄弟利亚姆和3个走在棺椁后面,其他人随行走在汉普郡的戴米德大街上,护送着杰克的身体前往在圣公会诸圣堂举行的葬礼。 /201404/289206美博仕美容医院韩式半永久纹眉多少钱

南充做纹眼多少钱The house that breaks up when you do分手的时候房子也能拆分了As the old song has it, breaking up is hard to do.正如一首老歌唱的一样,分手太难。Not only is there the emotional angst, but in many cases one partner has to pack up and move out.这困难之处不仅在于情感上的忧虑,在许多情况下情侣中的一方在分手后还需要打包自己的物品搬出共同居住的房子。How much easier would it be if you could just break up your home into two separate units, and move them away from each other?如果在分手之后可以把你们的家分成两个独立的部分并且移走,这问题是不是就好办多了?This is just one of the possibilities offered by ;micro housing,; an architectural concept that is gaining momentum around the world.这就是微型住宅提供的一种可能性,这个建筑概念正在全球范围迅猛传播。;Urban density and housing cost are both rising rapidly,; says Jinhee Park, principal architect at the Single Speed Design (SsD) design firm.;城市密度和房价都在攀升,;单速设计公司首席建筑师朴真熙(音译)说。  ;The idea is to take a small area and make it into a comfortable living environment that can be adapted according to changing needs.;;这个创意是将小空间改造成舒适的居住环境,而且这个空间可以随着不断变化的需求进行改装。;Park has recently put this into practice in Seoul, South Korea, where a complex of 14 units can be combined and rearranged to match changes in lifestyle.朴真熙最近在韩国首尔将这个概念变成了现实。她设计了由14个单元组成的房屋,这些小单元可以合并或者重新组合以适应生活方式的变化。Residents can either claim a single space or recombine the blocks for larger configurations to suit couples, families or groups of friends.住在这里的人可以要一个单间,也可以把几个独立小空间重新合并成空间比较大的房屋让情侣、一家人或者一帮朋友住在一起。;It means that people will live there for longer, and in a more environmentally-friendly way,; says Park, ;since they aren#39;t forced to move out when their circumstances change.;朴真熙说,;这就意味着人们可以住得更久,更环保。因为他们不会因为境况的变化而被迫搬出去。;At the heart of the concept is the notion that you don#39;t need as much personal space as you think.这个概念的核心就是你需要的个人空间并没有你想的那么多。The private units are small, but they are complemented by various shared living areas, semi-public balconies, an exhibition space and a cafe.这些私人单元都很小,但是有各种共享空间做补充,包括半公共阳台、展区和咖啡厅。All of this releases the pressure on the private units, making for a surprising degree of comfort in a confined space.这些都在给私人空间解压,使有限的空间也能有超乎想象的舒适。;I believe that you don#39;t need lots of space to create spaciousness,; says Park. ;We designed the units to feel big even though they are small.朴真熙说,;我认为并不需要太多的空间来制造宽敞的感觉,我们设计的单元房间虽然小但是会让你感觉很大。;The windows match up so that you always have a view of the outside world, and deep skylights allow lots of natural light whatever level you live on.单元房的窗户也有帮助,这样你就能看到外面的景色。我们还给房间安上了内凹式天窗,无论你住在哪一层,自然光都会照射进房间。;The thickness of the housing shell is reduced as much as possible, maximizing the available space.;同时,房子外壳的厚度需要尽可能的薄,使可用空间最大化。;But it is the notion of expanding and adapting your living space that is the real key to success.;The idea is that people don#39;t identify their living boundaries with the walls of their personal units,; she says.她说,;这个创意是让人们不以墙来划分私人居住区域。;They can go outside and extend their boundaries by using the intersection between public and private, as well as interior and exterior spaces.;他们可以走到外面,用公共空间和私人空间交汇的地方来扩展他们的区域,室内和室外的空间也是如此。;The complex was built last fall, and the reaction has been positive. But, Park acknowledges, none of the residents have yet altered the configuration of the units.去年秋天这种组合式的住宅已经完工,并且得到了积极的反馈。但朴真熙坦承,现在还没有居民改变他们的居住结构。;I don#39;t know if any of them have broken up yet,; she says.;我不知道是否有人分手,;她说。;Hopefully they haven#39;t. But when that time comes, it will be very interesting to see what happens.;;希望没有人分手。但是如果真有人分手,那么就有好看的了。 /201506/379923甘孜藏族自治州做绣眉毛多少钱 Stepping down from his aircraft in Belgium last November, Volvo’s Chinese chairman Li Shufu was appalled with his chauffeured car.去年11月,沃尔沃(Volvo)董事长李书福在比利时一下飞机,等待他的那辆配备了司机的轿车就让他大吃了一惊。Despite reassurances that the small, prosperous country was one of the world’s safest, he ordered that the next time he set foot in the country, he would be provided with a bulletproof car, three people briefed on the incident told the Financial Times.3位知晓事件大概情况的人士告诉英国《金融时报》,尽管别人向李书福保,这个富裕小国的治安非常好,但他仍然要求下次他来比利时时,有一辆防弹轿车在等待他。Culture clashes are not uncommon in cross-border business deals, and there are few partners more disparate than Volvo, the 87-year-old Swedish carmaker famed for its understated Scandinavian design and production quality, and Geely, its Chinese owner whose flagship product sells for roughly #163;10,000.文化冲突在跨境商业交易中并不罕见,而合作双方像沃尔沃和吉利(Geely)这样差异巨大的却是寥寥无几。沃尔沃是一家有着87年历史的瑞典汽车制造商,以低调的北欧设计风格和值得信赖的产品质量闻名于世;而沃尔沃的中国东家吉利,旗下旗舰产品的售价仅为1万英镑左右。After stumbling through its first couple of years under Geely’s ownership, a period marked by falling sales and friction between Swedish executives and Chinese owners, Volvo is back on track, officials told the Financial Times, because of compromises between Gothenburg and Hangzhou, and a strategy signed off in China that has been accepted in Sweden.在被吉利收购之后,沃尔沃头几年经营不太顺利,销量不断下降,瑞典方面高管与中国东家之间也擦不断。不过有官员对英国《金融时报》表示,如今沃尔沃已回到正轨,原因在于哥特堡方面和杭州方面做出了妥协,一份在中国签署的战略协议也得到了瑞典方面的接受。“As long as we are inside the strategy, we have full freedom,” says chief executive H#229;kan Samuelsson. “There are restrictions of course financially and of course strategically#8202;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;there is a defined strategy we must follow. But otherwise there is no interference on an operational level.”沃尔沃首席执行官霍坎#8226;萨穆埃尔松(H#229;kan Samuelsson)表示:“在不违反战略协议的前提下,我们有充分自主权。当然,我们在财务和战略方面受到一些限制……我们有必须遵循的明确战略。不过,除此以外,我们在运营层面不会受到任何干涉。”Mr Samuelsson, an automotive veteran, was parachuted into the top job in October 2012 from the board of directors after the ousting of Stefan Jacoby, with whom Geely executives had disagreed over strategy.萨穆埃尔松是汽车业的老将,2012年10月,斯特凡#8226;雅各比(Stefan Jacoby)被免职后,他被董事会空降至沃尔沃掌门人的位置。之前雅各比与吉利高层在战略上存在分歧。“Chairman Li has been very clear. We have a strategy making sure the traditional brand that holds in Europe and the US needs to be maintained, while at the same time leveraging its opportunity in developing markets like China,” says Xiaolin Yuan, head of Mr Li’s office and his representative in Sweden. “I do not think there is any ambiguity in this strategy or how Volvo will work together with Geely. I’m not saying there are no continued discussions on strategy and products#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;but there is absolutely no misalignment about whether we go this way or that,” Mr Yuan says.沃尔沃汽车董事长办公室主任、李书福在瑞典的代言人袁小林表示:“李书福董事长非常明确地表示过,我们的策略是一方面确保在欧美地位稳固的这个传统品牌地位依然不变,同时还要利用在中国等新兴市场的机遇。关于这一战略、以及沃尔沃与吉利的合作方式,我认为没有任何含混之处。我的意思不是说今后在战略和产品方面双方不会继续讨论……而是说在战略方向上绝不存在任何分歧。”Geely executives want flashy, eye-catching cars for the Chinese market, while Volvo stress their understated roots. Tensions simmered to the surface just months into Mr Samuelsson’s tenure when he emphasised the importance of Volvo’s roots, only for Mr Li to retort days later that he found the brand “too Scandinavian”.对于中国市场,吉利方面的高管想要的是华丽而吸引眼球的车型,而沃尔沃则强调该品牌低调的传统。在萨穆埃尔松上任仅几个月时,双方的紧张气氛就到了一触即发的地步,当时萨穆埃尔松强调沃尔沃保持传统的重要性,而李书福则在几天后反驳说,他觉得该品牌“太过北欧化”。Volvo is almost halfway through a five-year, bn investment plan that it – and Geely – hope will turn it into a leaner, more global carmaker that has retained its Scandinavian charm while leveraging low-cost Chinese sourcing and manufacturing skills.沃尔沃有一项规模为110亿美元、为期五年的投资计划,该计划目前差不多已进行到一半。该公司和吉利集团都希望这项计划能让沃尔沃变得更精干、更全球化,在保持该品牌北欧魅力的同时,能够利用中国的低成本采购和制造技术。The company will announce a “substantial” operating profit for 2013 later this month, according to Mr Samuelsson, as close to 0m of savings help the carmaker improve on a break-even position in 2012.萨穆埃尔松表示,由于节省了近2.5亿美元开,2013年,这家汽车制造商在2012年实现收平衡的基础上更进一步,实现了“可观的”营业利润。该公司将于本月晚些时候公布具体情况。Key to its future is a new vehicle family, designed with Geely, that will allow it to build smaller, lower-end models that share parts and designs with high-end Geely products, bridging the gap in brand power between owner and asset.沃尔沃将与吉利共同设计一个新的汽车系列,主要是体积偏小、档次偏低的车型,能够与吉利的高端产品共享零配件和设计,这对沃尔沃的未来将是至关重要的一步。这一新系列也将填补吉利和沃尔沃之间品牌档次差距的鸿沟。“Volvo cannot afford to be dragged [downwards],” says Mr Samuelsson. “Geely will move more than us#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;it has an ambition to move upwards towards us#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;There is a limit how big this band [of shared products] can be.”萨穆埃尔松表示:“档次被拉低对沃尔沃而言将是致命的。缩小差距主要靠吉利提升品牌档次……吉利有追赶沃尔沃的雄心壮志……(共享产品的)规模将是有限的。”“There is no danger of a customer paying for a Volvo brand car that is essentially a Geely. That is stupid,” says Mr Yuan.袁小林表示:“我们肯定不会让顾客花沃尔沃的价钱,买来一辆吉利。这样做是非常愚蠢的。”Much of Volvo’s future will depend on its fortunes in China and the US. The US was once by far its biggest market but was almost overtaken by China last year, as the group struggled with unsuitable products.沃尔沃的未来在很大程度上要看它在中国和美国的经营情况。美国一度是沃尔沃的第一大市场,但由于沃尔沃缺乏适合该国市场的产品,去年美国的地位几乎被中国超过。Increasing sales in the US and Europe will be tackled mainly by products designed to be exclusive to Volvo, while a sales push in China will be fuelled by products shared between it and Geely, according to two people with knowledge of the strategy.两位知悉该集团战略的人士表示,在欧美,沃尔沃将主要通过独家设计的产品取得销量增长,而其在华销量的增长则将由沃尔沃和吉利共同生产的产品推动。Mr Li, described as “very entrepreneurial and willing to take risks,” by one member of the Volvo board, shot Geely into global prominence when he bought Volvo from Ford in 2010. Two years later he swallowed up the London Taxi Company, maker of the iconic black Hackney cab.李书福曾被沃尔沃董事会一名董事誉为“极具企业家精神,愿意承担风险”。2010年他从福特(Ford)手中收购了沃尔沃,这一举动让全世界都知道了吉利。两年后,他又收购了伦敦出租车公司(London Taxi Company),该公司是伦敦标志性黑色哈克尼(Hackney)出租车的生产商。His first influences on the Volvo brand will be seen this year with the XC90 SUV launch, the first model developed under Chinese ownership. The shared models will arrive around 2017.今年,随着XC90运动型多用途车(SUV)的推出,人们将首次见识李书福对沃尔沃品牌的影响。该款产品是沃尔沃被中国收购后开发的第一款车型。至于沃尔沃与吉利共同开发的车型,大约会在2017年推出。“If you start talking very early before the design is set, you can save 25 to 30 per cent on the cost of key components,” says Mr Samuelsson, who compares Volvo and Geely to Audi and Skoda, which share designs under Volkswagen Group ownership. “This is a way for us to create a very competitive car.”萨穆埃尔松把沃尔沃与吉利之间的这种关系,与大众汽车集团(Volkswagen Group)旗下奥迪(Audi)与斯柯达(Skoda)分享设计的情况相提并论。他说:“如果你在设计成型前很早就开展相关讨论,你就能在关键部件上节省25%到30%的成本。对我们而言,这是设计出一款极具竞争力车型的好办法。”In two years Volvo expects to increase the usage of Chinese parts to 75 per cent in some models, and will explore using China as a production base for Southeast Asia.沃尔沃预计,它将在两年内将某些车型的中国零配件使用率提升至75%,并将探索把中国作为东南亚市场生产基地的可能性。 /201403/279751四川省眉毛怎么变浓

什邡市做眉毛多少钱The existence of a People#39;s Liberation Army(PLA) communications installation atop Hong Kong#39;s tallest mountain - the 957 m-high peak of Tai Mo Shan - recentlycame to light.解放军在香港最高山——957米的大帽山——上建立通信设备,最近得到曝光。Construction began around 2010, with ageodesic dome first appearing in satellite imagery in 2011. The facility hasbeen operational for approximately three years.建设大约始于2010年,2011年的卫星图像显示了一个网格状球顶。这款设施运作将近三年了。The installation sits inside a fencedcompound that also includes a Civil Aviation Department terminal area radar andHong Kong Observatory weather radar. The Hong Kong government has admittedgiving the PLA a plot of land measuring 9,300 m#178; on which the army has constructed a geodesicdome, antenna mast, two large buildings, and a basketball court for use by theresident garrison.这座设施就坐落于一处围墙综合体旁边,该综合体内设有民航部门的一个航站区雷达以及香港天文台的气象雷达。香港政府已经承认赋予解放军一大片土地,大约9300平方,用以建造网格状球顶,天线杆,两栋大型建筑,一个驻军使用的篮球场。The PLA has installed security cameras andalso tinted building windows to reduce observation. On two occasions IHS Jane#39;shas observed PLA vehicles ascending Tai Mo Shan to deliver supplies orreplacement staff. Personnel wearing PLA Navy-style uniforms have been observedinside the compound.解放军已经在上面安装了监视摄像机并给建筑窗户着色以避免遭人观察。本站记者两次看到解放军车辆往山上运输补给物资或者替换人员。还可以看到综合体内穿解放军海军制的工作人员。The PLA has refused to explain thefacility#39;s purpose, claiming that ;military secrecy; means it is;not appropriate for disclosure;, although it is extremely likelythat it is an electronic and signals intelligence (ELINT/SIGINT) facility. Ifso, the facility will be similar in purpose to a British radar station based onTai Mo Shan and used to monitor mainland China until the colony was returned toChinese rule in 1997.解放军拒绝对该设施的目的做出解释,称这是“军事机密”,所以“不便透露”,但很可能是一处通信情报站。如果真是这样的,其作用就相当于97年回归前英国在大帽山所设立的用于监视中国大陆的雷达站。The PLA occupies 18 military sites in HongKong covering 2,700 hectares that were transferred from the British Army asMilitary Installations Closed Areas (MICA) in 1997. The Tai Mo Shan radar sitedoes not appear on official lists of PLA installations.解放军在香港有18处军事用地,总面积达2700公顷,这些都是1997年时从英国军队的军事设施禁闭区转交给解放军的。而这处大帽山雷达站并没有出现在解放军官方公布的设施名单上。A 19th site is a controversial new militaryberth set aside for PLA warships on prime Hong Kong Island waterfront.而第19处军事设施就是要在香港岛主要的海滨地区给解放军设立一个军舰泊位,非常具有争议性。A Hong Kong government spokesman said:;The Garrison Law provides that the government of the HKSAR [Hong LongSpecial Administrative Region] shall support the Hong Kong Garrison in itsperformance of defence functions. It is inappropriate to disclose the detailsof any defence operations.; He also refused to say whether other secretmilitary sites existed in the territory.一名香港政府发言人说:“《驻军部队法》要求香港政府在驻守部队履行防御功能时提供帮助。不便透露有关防卫行动的任何信息。”他还拒绝透露香港是否还存在其他秘密的军事基地。Meanwhile, the Development Bureau declinedto comment on whether the Tai Mo Shan site was a short-term tenancy or privatetreaty grant.与此同时,香港运输及房屋局拒绝就这处大帽山基地是短期租用亦或私人合约方式批租发表看法。The installation has attracted controversyin Hong Kong because its existence has not been publicly confirmed, and due toconcerns that a loophole in government land allocation could allow the PLA tobuild yet more secret facilities without governmental approval or a need toinform the public.这处设施在香港引发了争议,因为这处设施的存在没有得到公开的批准,也因为人们担心香港政府拨地政策存在漏洞从而有利于解放军以后在没有得到政府批准或者告知公众的情况下建立更多的秘密设施。 /201407/316132 泸州水光针美白嫩肤哪家哪里医院好四川省韩式半永久眉



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