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It is, yeah.就是这样 耶What do you think, J? Ready?你觉得怎么样 J? 准备好了吗?Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Steve Jobs.女士们 先生们 我是史蒂夫·乔布斯When I founded this company,当我创立Apple的时候I had one goal in mind.我心中只有一个目标And that was to do what nobody else considered possible.而且没有人觉得这个目标可以实现To put the power and the beauty将世界最尖端科技的力量和艺术of the world#39;s most advanced technology完美结合做成产品in the hands and homes of people just like you and me.并将它带到老百姓的生活中去And I can promise you that after today,我保 从今天开始you will never look at computers the same way again.你们看待电脑的眼光将彻底改变So I am proud to introduce to you, and the world,因此 我自豪地想你们和泉世界宣布the future of personal computing.这就是个人电脑的未来The revolutionary Apple ll.革命性的Apple II -苹果二代电脑 /201406/307110I believe the ed States has and hopefully will continue to have some of the great thinkers in terms of entrepreneurship.美国一直就不乏具有创业精神的伟大思想家相信将来还会不断出现We are a nation of open-mindedness.我们是一个思想开放的国家I think we love new things.我觉得我们喜爱新鲜事物I think we love to try new things.我们喜欢尝试新鲜事物We#39;ve sacrificed our blood and treasure for just about every great thing in America美国的每一次巨大变革 我们都为之牺牲过生命和财富whether it#39;s been on an overseas battlefield不管是在海外战场or something as seemingly mundane as the Hoover Dam.还是像胡佛水坝这样看似平凡的事情Over the centuries there has been a lot of adversity,过去的几个世纪里 艰难险阻不断and we have usually triumphed.我们总能凯旋而归We#39;re a country that is always prepared to fight back.我们是一个随时准备迎难而上的国家It#39;s just part of the American character.这就是美国精神的一部分This country reacts very well under pressure.这个国家越是承受压力 越是表现出色It goes through these pressurized times她经历过那些重压下的日子and then comes out stronger than before.并且变得比从前更强大So I suppose you could say the most defining characteristic is our dynamism,你可以说我们最突出的特点是我们的活力and equally important we are an optimistic people.我们还是个乐观的民族 这一点同等重要We are a people who believe the future is our friend.我们是一群相信未来的人Everybody was created equal.人人生而平等It#39;s in the Declaration of Independence.这是《独立宣言》里说的All men are created equal.所有人都是生而平等的That really gives voice to the whole American experience.美国的整个历史正说明了这点We still have racial difficulties,我们仍然有种族问题we still have disadvantaged people,仍然有贫困人口but the unique thing about America and its diversity and its people,但美国的多样性及其人民的独特之处就在于is that we are always moving forward.我们总是在不断前进And we#39;re always dealing with problems,not ignoring them.我们总是在解决问题而不是忽视问题Questioning your country and constantly going back and examining the beauty of it and the flaws,质疑你的国家并不时地回顾她的美好与不足I think that makes a patriotic American.我觉得这才是一个爱国的美国人That#39;s real American character in my mind.在我看来 这才是真正的美国精神I mean, the frontiers that we#39;ve conquered is kind of amazing.我们所征的疆域可以称得上令人瞠目In a relatively short period of time在一段相对较短的时间里America#39;s helped to transform the world.美国在帮助世界变革From few fragile footholds, in just 400 years短短400年间 美国从几个脆弱的小据点America has grown into the most powerful nation on earth.已经成长为全世界最强大的国家Born from the enterprising experiment,and piety of the first settlers,脱胎于伟大的尝试和第一批移民的虔诚forged by revolutionary passion and high ideals,成型于革命的与远大的理想driven by a thirst for innovation and technological change,在渴求创新和科技进步的驱使下a nation drawn from across the world.整个国家采世界精华本节目到这期就全部结束了,谢谢各位的持... /201305/238343The best leaders are a special breed because they know themselves, their role, their direction, and their purpose. Review the various ways to build your strengths and raise your profile.最好的领导是一种特别的存在,因为他们了解自己,他们的角色,他们的方向和他们的目标。了解增强自己的优势,改善自己的形象的不同方法。You Will Need你需要Courage勇气Priorities优先Humor幽默Vision前景Team团队Flexibility灵活Delegation skills授权技巧Steps步骤STEP 1 Show courage1.展示勇气Pursue a constructive course of action in spite of criticism. Demonstrate moral courage in your business. The buck stops at your desk, so you have to be strong.尽管受到批评,也要追求有建设性的行为模式。在企业中表现出道德上的勇气。责任止于你的办公桌,所以你必须强势。STEP 2 Exercise judgment2.锻炼判断力Exercise good judgment through your willingness to think deeply about life#39;s reversals and peoples#39; needs, and to incorporate this sensitivity when formulating plans.通过你的意愿来锻炼自己的判断力,认真思考生活的挫折和人们的需要,制定计划的时候把这些因素考虑在内。Intelligence isn#39;t nearly as critical as humility for making wise decisions.在制定明智的决策方面,智慧并不像人性化那么关键。STEP 3 Prioritize3.优先Prioritize issues and plot a course. Carefully allocate your time so that your mind is clear and your energies are focused.确定优先事宜,制定出路线图。谨慎分配时间,这样你的思路就比较清晰,精力也比较集中。STEP 4 Keep humor4.保持幽默Maintain a sense of humor, a key element for the best leaders. Everyone needs to be cool under pressure -- the troops will trust your example and follow suit.保持幽默感,这是成为最好的领袖的关键因素。每个人在压力下都需要保持冷静,下属们会以你为榜样,跟风而行。STEP 5 Create the vision5.打造前景Create and communicate a vision for your team. Paint a picture with words so that your vision becomes clear to everyone. Your job is to see over the mountain and beyond tomorrow.与你的团队一起打造可以预见的前景。用语言描述一幅图画,这样你们的前景对每个人来说都非常清晰。你的工作就是具有前瞻性。STEP 6 Build a team6.创建团队Build a management team that exhibits a desire to succeed, which is a fire you must light through your inspiring focus.创建一表现出成功的渴望的管理团队,你必须通过激励他们来点燃他们心中的火焰。The best leaders choose the right people to make them look good. Be strong enough to take criticism and suggestions.最好的领导人可以通过选择正确的人来让整个团队更好。强势一点,能够接纳人们的批评和建议。STEP 7 Move and adjust7.调整Decide and move on objectives without rigidity, flexing when the market or unforeseen circumstances demand an adjustment. Be thoughtful, not obsessive or egotistic.灵活地做决定或者更改目标,当市场或者不可预见的环境因素要求作出改变时,要灵活一点。深思熟虑,而不是强迫或者任性。Utilize a 360-degree system to get feedback from peers and employees.使用360度全方位的系统来获得同事或雇员的反馈。STEP 8 Sp the load8.放权Delegate authority to others -- to involve the team and to sp the load.向其他人放权,将整个团队包括在内,分担责任。STEP 9 Count on character9.依赖性格Accept your limitations. Be a judicious leader. Be aware of your power -- and the best leader because you don#39;t abuse it.接受自己的局限性。做一位贤明的领导人。正视自己的权利,最好的领导人在于自己不滥用权力。Argentina became the first nation to have a female president in 1974, when Isabel Peron took control.1974年,阿根廷成为首个拥有女总统的国家,当时掌权的是依莎贝儿裴隆(Isabel Peron)。视频听力译文由。 Article/201405/297917

Many did just that.Going on to become champions in their own field.许多人都这样做了,成为了他们各自的领域里的佼佼者。Sugar Ray Leonard is widely regarded as one of the best fighter of his generation,earning an impressive 6 world championship titles in 5 weight classes.;糖果;Ray Leonard是公认的同时代最棒的拳手,在5项量级中取得过6次世界冠军的骄人战绩。I#39;ve told people all over the world that Bruce Lee was one of my idols.Mainly because of his... of his mental stability, because of his fighting spirit because it was more... it was more mental than just physical.我对全世界的人都说过 李小龙是我崇拜的偶像之一,主要是因为他的... 他的意志 他的斗志,因为这更是... 更是意志力 而非体力。What#39;s more interesting is to meet people whom you would not imagine like Carlos Santana whom you would not think was a Bruce Lee#39;s fanatic.更有意思的是 像Carlos Santana那样的人,你根本就想象不到他会是龙迷。And he came to Hong Kong, the first thing he said was ;where is the Bruce Lee Memorial?I want to go and pay respect to the spirit of Bruce Lee;.他到香港后 说的第一句话竟然是;李小龙纪念馆在哪儿?我要去祭奠他的英灵;So it#39;s all pervasive and I have been counting it again and again during my world.Athletes, actors, artists and musicians all said Bruce Lee is an influence.他的影响无处不在 在我生活中也层出不穷了,运动员、演员、艺术家和音乐家们,都说李小龙是很有影响力的人物。So how did a skinny kid called Li Xiao Long rise from a backstreet of Hong Kong to become the global icon known as Bruce Lee?究竟李小龙是如何从一个香港小巷中的瘦小孩童成长为一个国际偶像?And why, 35 years after his death,is his popularity and influence stronger than ever?而且为什么在他去世35年后,他的影响力和知名度仍日趋渐长? Article/201401/272360

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