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约翰尼·德普再陷离婚风波 --7 19:: 来源: 德普参演的《爱丽丝镜中漫游记将于近日上映,可他却遇上了一系列烦心事:母亲去世,宠物入境澳大利亚引发风波而最近新婚刚刚一年多的妻子又向法院起诉离婚,可谓祸不单行 Johnny Depp’s wife has filed divorce, citing irreconcilable differences after just over a year of marriage.约翰尼·德普新婚一年的妻子已正式向法院起诉离婚,直言两人间存在不可调和的分歧Court records show that Amber Heard filed divorce on Monday and is seeking spousal support from the Oscar-nominated actor. The split also comes hard on the heels of the death on May of Depp’s mother, Betty Sue Palmer, after a long illness.法院记录显示,艾梅柏·希尔德于周一提出离婚,正在寻求德普的认可自5月日德普长期患病的母亲去世后,两人的嫌隙变得越来越大Depp and Heard recently hit the headlines a bizarre spat with Australian deputy prime minister and minister agriculture Barnaby Joyce, after Heard fell foul of biosecurity rules unlawfully bringing the pair’s dogs into the country. Joyce threatened to have the dogs euthanised unless they “buggered off” back to the ed States.希尔德曾于几日前携带两只宠物进入澳大利亚,违反了当地的生物安全管理条例,夫妇二人事与澳大利亚副总理兼农业部长乔伊斯打起了口水仗,登上了新闻头条乔伊斯威胁夫妇二人如不尽快将运回美国,它们将被处以安乐死Heard admitted making a false customs declaration, in exchange which an Australian magistrate dropped charges against her of illegally importing animals, which carries a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.希尔德公开承认自己的海关报关单填写有误,换得一家澳大利亚地方法院撤消了对其非法进口动物的指控若这项罪名成立,最高可判处年监禁As part of the case, Depp and Heard were awkward participants in an extraordinary , in which they offered an apology of staggering insincerity, and Depp mutters that people should “declare everything when you go to Australia”.为了结此事,夫妇二人反常地在一段视频中尴尬出镜,十分勉强地进行道歉德普还向观众抱怨说:“当你进入澳大利亚时,一定要记得把带的东西一件不落地向海关申报”Bernadette Callaghan, the magistrate, said at the time that the was “of far more benefit to this country” as a warning to others than a any conviction of Heard.法院的法官伯纳黛特·卡拉翰表示,这段视频给“国家带来的好处”远比判希尔德的罪来得大得多Heard listed their date of separation as Sunday. The pair have no children together.希尔德表示两人自上周日起开始分居,这对夫妇没有生育后代Depp and Heard met when they co-starred in the film The Rum Diary, and while Depp was still in a long relationship with the French actor, Vanessa Paradis.两人于年共同出演《莱姆酒日记时结缘,当时德普已经和法国女演员凡妮莎·帕拉迪丝谈了多年恋爱Depp’s latest film, Alice Through the Looking Glass, is due to be released on Friday.德普的新片《爱丽丝镜中漫游记将于周五上映The divorce was first reported on Wednesday by celebrity website TMZ, who also reported that the couple do not have a pre-nuptial agreement.八卦网站TMZ率先爆出二人离婚的消息,称二人并未签署婚前财产协议安妮斯顿发长文怒斥媒体:“受够了”怀传闻 -- :00:3 来源:chinadaily Jennifer Aniston has published a lengthy essay in which she lambasts the media the recent pregnancy rumours about her.詹妮弗·安妮斯顿日前发布了一篇长文,怒斥最近媒体上有关她的怀传闻The star writes: " the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up."她写道:“在此声明,我没有怀我也受够了这种传闻”"I'm fed up with the sport-like scrutiny and body shaming that occurs daily under the guise of 'journalism,' the 'First Amendment' and 'celebrity news,'" she writes in Huffington Post's The Record.“我受够了媒体总是打着‘新闻’、‘第一修正案’、‘名人八卦’的旗号窥探明星的私生活,对明星的身材评头论足” 她在赫芬顿邮报的声明板块中这样写道(注:第一修正案即美国宪法中保护新闻自由的一项法案)In June, Aniston's representative had to deny reports in the US that the 7-year-old actress was pregnant.今年六月时,安妮斯顿的发言人曾在美国出面否认了这位7岁女星的怀传闻An unnamed "friend" of Aniston and husband Justin Theroux was ed as stating she was pregnant.一位声称是安妮斯顿及其丈夫贾斯汀·塞洛克斯的匿名“朋友”透露她已有在身InTouch magazine published pictures that it claimed showed Aniston had a "baby bump".后来InTouch杂志发布了安妮斯顿最近的照片,称她已“肚凸起”Aniston said in the essay that constant paparazzi coverage contributes to a "dehumanising view of females, focused solely on one's physical appearance".安妮斯顿在长文中怒斥仔队总是“以不人道的视角看待女性,只关注她们的外貌或身材”She said the further speculation over whether she looks as though she is pregnant or may have eaten too much "reflects the warped way we calculate a woman's worth".她认为,那些对于她究竟是怀了还是吃得太多的推测反映出了“一种对女性价值的扭曲认识”"Yes, I may become a mother some day, and since I’m laying it all out there, if I ever do, I will be the first to let you know. But I’m not in pursuit of motherhood because I feel incomplete in some way, as our celebrity news culture would lead us all to believe," she states.“是的,或许某一天我会成为母亲,而且我早就说过,如果我怀了一定第一时间告诉大家但是我打算要小孩并不是像新闻引导大家去认为的那样,因为没孩子感到不完整才去生”"I resent being made to feel 'less than' because my body is changing andor I had a burger lunch and was photographed from a weird angle and theree deemed one of two things: 'pregnant' or 'fat.' Not to mention the painful awkwardness that comes with being congratulated by friends, coworkers and strangers alike on one’s fictional pregnancy (often a dozen times in a single day)."她还写道:“我厌恶媒体带给我的这种‘不足感’,仅仅是因为我的体型变了,或是因为我午餐吃了个汉堡,然后从奇怪角度拍到了照片,结果就只能得出两个结论:要么是怀了要么是胖了更不要说之后会有许多朋友和同事甚至陌生人来祝贺我怀了(一天十几次),但这根本是假新闻,面对这种祝福我往往很尴尬”In January , Aniston confirmed that she wanted to be a mother and hit back at claims she had put her career first.年1月,安妮斯顿实她想做母亲,并回击了那些说她以事业为先的"That's a topic that's so exhausted. I get nervous around that, just because it's very personal. Who knows if it's going to happen? It's been a want. We're doing our best," she told The Hollywood Reporter.她对好莱坞记者报说: “这个话题实在令我精疲力竭,我对此十分紧张小心,因为这个话题非常私人谁知道我会何时怀呢,我只是期待着,我们一直在尽力尝试”Aniston and Theroux got married in August in front of some 70 family members and friends at their million Bel-Air home.安妮斯顿和塞洛克斯于去年八月在70位家人好友的见下完婚,婚礼就在他们价值万美元的贝莱尔区豪宅中举行Aniston, whose first marriage to actor Brad Pitt ended in divorce in , met actor and "Tropic Thunder" screenwriter Theroux, , in and the couple announced their engagement in .安妮斯顿与第一任丈夫布拉德·皮特在年离婚,年她结识现年岁的演员贾斯汀·塞洛克斯,塞洛克斯同时也是电影《热带惊雷的编剧,他们在年宣布订婚英文来源:每日电讯报翻译:赵雪莹(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)审校#38;编辑:丹妮

项逐渐被遗忘的传统技能 -- :38:31 来源: 项逐渐被遗忘的传统技能Study reveals traditional skills that are dying out in a world of technology and convenienceA study has revealed the top traditional skills that are dying out in a world of convenience and technology. Using a compass, tying specific knots and even having clear handwriting also made the list. A lack of interest from younger generations is another factor behind the decline of life skills once deemed vital. The study of ,000 Britons, by map makers Ordnance Survey, found other skills which could soon be a thing of the past include knitting and being able to change a tyre.一项研究列举了现代社会里最为没落的项传统技能,其中包括使用指南针、如何系结、字迹清晰由于现代社会高科技带来各种便捷,以及年轻一代对这些生活技能缺乏兴趣,曾经至关重要的技能逐渐被人遗忘英国制图机构——英国地形测量局发起了一项针对00名英国人的调查,结果显示,一些生活技能可能很快就会消失,比如针织活、如何修换轮胎Instead, knowing how to use a Wi-Fi internet connection, navigate cyberspace and follow a sat-nav are now seen as essential abilities modern life.与之相对的是,如何使用 Wi-Fi联网、如何上网、使用卫星导航被视为现代社会的必备技能The study found almost eight in ten blame the decline of these skills on technology, while another 5 per cent think it"s due to children no longer learning them at school. Another 81 per cent think technology is leaving people less skilled than in the past. And a staggering 93 per cent think teaching these skills should be brought back into school so younger generations are taught them from a young age.研究发现,近80%的人将这些技能的衰落归咎于技术的发展,而5%的人认为,这是因为孩子在学校学不到这些技能还有81%的人认为,与从前相比,现代科技让人们变得越来越低能多达93%的受访者认为,学校应该重新教授这些技能,这样年轻一代才能从小学起A spokesman Ordnance Survey said: "Map ing, whether on a paper map or digital device, is an essential skill which could save your life. In recent years the sales of paper maps and the number of downloads of mapping apps have increased and it is vitally important that people can use these correctly.'英国地形测量局一名发言人表示,“无论是看纸质地图还是电子地图,看地图都是一项重要技能,说不定还能挽救你的生命近年来,纸质地图的销量和地图应用的下载量均有所增加,如何正确使用这些工具非常重要”The skills falling by the wayside:那些没落的技能:1. Reading a map看地图. Using a compass用指南针3. Tying a specific knot系结. Darning socks补袜子5. Looking something up in a book using an index rather than 'Googling it'利用索引在书中查找,而不是用谷歌搜素6. Writing a letter correctly写信措辞得当7. Understanding pounds and ounces了解磅、盎司8. Spelling and grammar拼写和语法9. Converting pounds and ounces to grams and kilograms将磅、盎司换算成克、千克. Starting a fire生火. Handwriting手写. Understanding feet and inches了解英尺、英寸. Knitting编织. Remembering a friend or relative's phone number记住亲朋好友的电话号码. Remembering a partner's phone number记住伴侣的电话号码. Indentifying trees, insects and flowers识别树木、昆虫、花卉. Touch typing盲打18. Baking b面包烘焙19. Taking up trousers把裤腿改短. Wiring a plug接插头Skills considered essential in modern day life:现代社会不可或缺的技能:1. Searching the Internet上网搜索. Using connecting to WiFi使用、连接WiFi3. Using a smart phone使用智能手机. Online banking网银5. Knowing about privacy setting online掌握网络隐私设置6. Searching and applying jobs online上网搜招聘信息、投简历7. Being able to turn water off at the mains关水闸8. Using and following a sat-nav使用导航找路9. Updating, installing computer programs更新、安装电脑软件. Working a tablet玩转平板电脑英文来源:每日邮报译者编辑:许晶晶

《傲骨贤妻剧终:一个美剧时代的完结 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:七年前,政客皮特在发布会上承认了出轨,妻子艾丽西亚站在他旁边,内心五味杂陈七年中,《傲骨贤妻为我们塑造了一个见所未见的女主人公, 她独树一帜,开创了美剧女主角的新类别Whether you credit Mad Men (-) or Breaking Bad (-), TV’s recent renaissance began with a literal interpretation of moral relativism: Man is the measure of all things.无论你是否对《广告狂人(-)或《绝命毒师(-)赞誉有加,(你都不能否认)近期电视荧屏的复兴始于对道德相对论的文学解读:男性是衡量万物的唯一准则And then there was The Good Wife, a TV series revolving around a woman.这时一部围绕女人的电视剧——《傲骨贤妻横空出世Created by Michelle and Robert King in , The Good Wife centers on betrayed political spouse Alicia Florrick, played by Julianna Margulies.《傲骨贤妻由米歇尔和罗伯特?金夫妇于年打造,该剧围绕着遭遇政客丈夫背叛的妻子艾丽西亚?福洛瑞克(朱丽安娜?玛格丽丝饰演)展开It came to an end on May 8, and it may be the show with the largest and most lasting influence, having produced a new kind of heroine, one no longer hamstrung by the traditional expectations of easy emotion or instant “likability”.5月8日,《傲骨贤妻完结,这部剧最大和最深远的影响或许就在于创造了一种新式女主人公,她不再被感情简单的和一眼就能“招人喜欢”的传统期望拖累Shows like House of Cards (-), How to Get Away With Murder (-), Jessica Jones (-) and even Penny Dful (-) owe as much, if not more, to The Good Wife than any of their cable peers or even the expanding digital universe. Their female leads continue to stretch boundaries that Alicia Florrick refused to acknowledge.《傲骨贤妻对很多剧集的影响远超其他同期剧,像《纸牌屋(-)、《逍遥法外(-)、《杰西卡?琼斯(-)、甚至《低俗怪谈(-),它们的流行也有《傲骨贤妻的功劳这些剧集中女性主人公也像艾丽西亚?福洛瑞克一样突破传统With her careful smile and watchful demeanor, Alicia kept her own counsel and refused to be categorized.艾丽西亚谨慎的微笑和警惕的举止让人猜不透她的心思,她独树一帜,拒绝被划归为某一类人Her enigmatic mien was even more surprising given the familiarity of the character. The Good Wife was a fictionalized look at what happens to a political wife after she’s ced to “assume the position”, between podium and flag, as her erring spouse confesses his sins to the cameras.在熟悉了这个人物之后,我们会被她的高深莫测惊呆《傲骨贤妻虚构了一个政客的妻子在丈夫出轨之后继续扮演好一个妻子的角色的故事,当她犯了错的丈夫在镜头前忏悔自己的恶行时,她被迫站在演讲台和国旗之间(接受这种屈辱)But miraculously, neither Margulies nor the Kings followed the usual script. Alicia wasn’t spunky, plucky or feisty, and she wasn’t visibly wounded, emotionally damaged, fatally self-effacing or popping Valium in the bathroom.不过,出乎意料的是玛格丽丝和金氏夫妇都没有常规剧本的套路走艾丽西亚的表现既不怒气冲冲也不勇敢、好强,你甚至在她身上看不到伤痕、情感创伤、谦卑,她更不会在浴室里放安眠药With a restraint that bordered on the heroic yet never played as such, Margulies created a whole new type of character. Neither devoid of emotion nor hostage to it, Alicia was a woman who had learned to control what she could: this moment of her life. Then the next moment of her life. And so on.受限于从未有人扮演过类似的女主人公,玛格丽丝只能自己创造了一个全新的角色艾丽西亚并非全无感情,但又不受制于感情,她懂得如何控制自己能够掌控的一切:自己当下的生活之后再考虑以后的生活等She stood alone many years, both as a character and a presence. Homeland’s (-) Carrie Mathison appeared, powerful but, with her grimacing tears and brilliant madness, Alicia’s polar opposite.多年来她孤独地独自承担着这个现象级的角色然后《国土安全(-)的女主凯莉?马蒂松出现了,不过伴随着她强悍外表的是痛苦的眼泪和绝顶的疯狂,而艾丽西亚恰恰相反Claire Underwood on House of Cards (-) shared Alicia’s use of silence and noncommittal stares, but Claire came from a place of near comic-book ruthlessness. She was no everywoman facing the rubble of betrayal, the demands of work and family, the treachery of office politics.《纸牌屋(-)中的克莱尔?安德伍德和艾丽西亚一样擅用沉默和态度暧昧的眼神,但克莱尔却有着近似漫画书中人物般的冷酷无情面对爱人出轨的狼藉、工作和家庭的重压、办公室政治的背叛时,她的表现根本不像普通女人Though the Kings chose to end The Good Wife, and end where it began– with Alicia’s husband facing jail and she once again asked to define the terms of the show’s title, it really doesn’t matter. The show has aly left its mark: We will see Alicia’s deceptively tranquil gaze and enigmatic power reflected in the faces of increasingly diverse female characters years to come.尽管金氏夫妇选择用开篇一样的情节完结《傲骨贤妻——艾丽西亚的丈夫面临牢狱之灾,而她又一次被要求当一个和剧名一样的“傲骨贤妻”,但这已无所谓剧集早已(在整个行业)留下了自己的印记:艾丽西亚带有迷惑性的波澜不惊的眼神和高深莫测的能量,我们将在未来在越来越多的各类女性角色身上看到

  抖森等明星昵称的由来及英文表达~ -- 18::30 来源:chinadaily ;Fruit Sister,; or ;shui guo jie,; is what people in China call Katy Perry -- referring to her tendency to wear fruit costumes and bring giant fruit with her on stage. 中国人称凯蒂;佩里;Fruit Sister,; 或 ;shui guo jie,;——她经常穿水果装,还拿着巨大的水果上台 In the past, the pop star has permed in sparkly watermelon-cup bras, sung while holding a large inflatable strawberry and even burst out of a giant banana. 以前,这位明星穿着耀眼的西瓜胸衣,一边唱歌一边拿着巨大的充气草莓,甚至从一个大香蕉里一跃而出 She's also talked about growing and eating her own fruit, so it's a pretty fair nickname. 她还谈论过自己吃自己种的水果,所以这个外号起的相当贴切! 现在的明星们啊,帅(美)人一脸血的同时,卖萌卖腐卖节操也样样行,于是也就赢得了粉丝们的一片真爱除了水果,我们智慧的广大群众们也给其他欧美明星起了萌萌的昵称~一美、法鲨、抖森、大表、小李子,还有吧唧猕猴桃付兰兰……你知道这些外号吗,你又知道它们的来源吗? 如今这事儿给老外知道了,他们甚至还把这些我们给男神女神取的外号翻成了英文!OMG! 1. Pikachu皮卡丘Xiao Li Zi小李子——李奥纳多;迪卡普里奥 莱昂纳多;迪卡普里奥(Leonardo DiCaprio),大家戏称他为“小李子”这个主要源于他名字的香港翻译叫做李奥纳多,而“李”是中国的姓氏,故昵称其小李子 而台湾网民称他为“皮卡丘”这是因为年一名台湾电视播音员说不清迪卡普里奥这个名字,把他叫成了“李奥纳多;皮卡丘”,从此这个名字就传播了开来即便到了现在,充满搞笑精神的台湾媒体以及一些香港媒体依然用口袋妖怪里面这个名字称呼这名演员 . Dou Sen抖森——汤姆-希德勒斯顿 汤姆-希德勒斯顿(Tom Hiddleston),英文的姓读快点音译过来就是“抖森”,如果不怕咬到舌头的话可以试试读一下,这个称号他本人也知道了《复仇者联盟真正的赢家是反派洛基,“抖森”从此红遍全球!最近人家可是抱得美人归,与霉霉天天撒粮~ 3. Curly Blessing卷福——迪克特;康伯巴奇 本尼迪克特;康伯巴奇(Benedict Cumberbatch)被称为“卷福”卷卷的祝福是什么鬼?!在汉语中,“卷”意思是“卷曲(curly)”,指代康伯巴奇在《神探夏洛克中的一头卷发“福”意指“幸福”、“财富”或者“祝福”——这也是福尔斯的第一个发音将两者结合起来,其实就构成了“卷毛的夏洛克”…… . Cousin大表——詹妮弗;劳伦斯 在年奥斯卡(the Oscars)金像奖被揭晓前夕,数百名中国网友开玩笑式地提前“揭晓”了结果,他们都宣称自己从一位“评审团中的表”(cousin in the Academy)那里知道了结果这本来是中国民众对一些人乐于炫耀自己拥有有权势的亲戚的打趣式的嘲弄其中一名网友更甚,宣称詹妮弗;劳伦斯是她表,赢得了最佳女主角额,她最后没有拿到最佳女主角,但是这个诨名(nickname)就此流传了下来 5. Boss贾老板——贾斯汀;汀布莱克 贾斯汀;汀布莱克(Justin Timberlake)在中国就被称为“老板”这位界大佬因为投资装、高尔夫球场、科技初创公司、唱片公司等多项产业,所以就获得了这样的尊称 6. Lord of Butt洛霸——詹妮弗;洛佩兹 歌手詹妮弗;洛佩兹(Jennifer Lopez)在中国不少地区被尊为“臀王”,这些地方的人称她为“洛霸(luo ba)”,翻译过来就是“臀王(Lord of Butt)”这实际上是一语双关(a pun),“洛霸”实际上与汉语直译“洛佩兹”(;Luo pei zi;)听起来十分相近 7. Fa Sha法鲨——迈克尔;法斯宾德 这个最简单,形容法斯宾德笑容的狰狞程度可以媲美鲨鱼,嘴角开裂的大笑看着好不过瘾作为欧美圈里为数不多的直男,他没被掰弯是因为某个器官异于常人的大吧(什么?英语君说的是鼻子呀?你说的是什么……望天ing)…… 8. 吧唧Chubby Dumpling包子—塞巴斯蒂安;斯坦 《美国队长:冬日战士里,塞巴斯蒂安;斯坦饰演的冬兵真名叫做Bucky,有一种译名叫“巴基”,而他本人又喜欢以嘟嘴加可怜巴巴的小眼神卖萌,粉丝就昵称“吧唧”,更有亲吻的深层含义而把塞巴斯蒂安本人叫做“38”,则是从他名字的谐音来的而且,他的脸鼓鼓的,很像一个“包子” While doing press Captain America: Civil War in China, Evans learned that Stan is known to Chinese fans as…”Chubby Dumpling,” a delightful nickname. 在中国做《美国队长:内战的采访时,CE了解到斯坦被中国粉丝叫做“圆圆的包子”,真是一个可爱的昵称 My favorite part is that Stan is aly well aware of this delightful om-nom-nomenclature whereas Evans is caught completely off-guard. It may seem like a weird nickname to you given that Stan has pretty well-defined, sharp features — something that doesn’t necessarily evoke images of delicious meat treats. However, the sake of comparison, let’s take a look at some particularly plump Xiao Long Bao pork dumplings. 我最喜欢的那部分是斯坦已经知道他的昵称,而埃文斯完全措手不及给斯坦的这个昵称似乎很奇怪,其实这个定义非常贴切,鲜明的特征——你不一定联想到美味的肉食但是,为了比较,让我们看看那些肉汁丰满的小笼包猪肉馅包子 9. PeachKiwifruitHoney Peach桃子猕猴桃水蜜桃——克里斯;埃文斯 我们的美国队长,被中国网民称为桃子(当然叫桃总也是可以的,看看这气场);有胡子的时候是猕猴桃,没胡子的时候是水蜜桃 . Always Wet汤老湿——汤姆;哈迪 这个源于《盗梦空间里面他的角色叫Eames,中文谐音“一摸湿”,也就是一摸就湿,因为总是湿,简称“老湿”,更有重度脑残粉直接称其“湿湿”而后人们还发现他的头发也总是湿漉漉的,不信自己去翻他的图,反正英语君是没找着干的……还有这翻译也是神了…… . Ben Miao本喵——本;威士肖 因为他本人喜欢猫,曾经一度在家里养过十三只猫,而且外形可爱、声音细腻像小猫,所以叫本喵非常贴切~ . Cow Sister牛——玛利亚;凯莉 玛利亚;凯莉(Mariah Carey)在中国被称为“牛(Cow Sister)”中国有一个有些粗俗但是很流行的俚语“牛逼”(;cow's vagina; or ;niubi;),意思是“TMD的真棒”(;f***ing awesome”)由此,虽然“牛”听此来不太雅,但确实对玛丽亚;凯莉不可思议的唱功(despite the sound of it)的由衷赞美另一个解释则是199年一部叫“芝麻街”( ;Sesame Street;)的儿童教育片中,有一集讲了一只叫玛利亚;考威(Mariah Cowey)的爱唱歌的小牛 . Little Cow小牛——爱莉安娜;格兰德 生活在“牛”阴影下的自然是“小牛”( ;little cow; or ;xiao niu; ),也就是我们所熟悉的爱莉安娜;格兰德(Ariana Grande)中国民众把格兰德称为“小牛”,因为她的声线让人想起玛利亚;凯莉(牛),就像一名中国网友说的,听听格兰德对玛利亚;凯莉“Emotions”这首歌的翻唱,你就会同意这一看法(you'll be tempted to agree.) . Numbing-Spicy Chicken麻辣鸡——妮琪;米娜 妮琪;米娜(Nicki Minaj)在中国被称为麻辣鸡很多中国菜肴(Chinese dishes)的味道不仅仅是辣(spicy),因为叫“花椒”的特殊佐料,川菜(Sichuan cuisine)除了辣还有一种能让你舌头麻痹的滋味这也是为啥很多中国粉丝会称妮琪;米娜为麻辣鸡:她实在太惹火了(She's spicy hot),震碎你的感官…… . Flirty Adam骚当——亚当;莱文 不仅仅是美国人为这位Maroon 5的主唱而疯狂,中国人也把他称为“骚当(;Flirty Adam; or ;sao dang;)”“他的声音非常独特而挑逗,而且Adam的粉丝总是喜欢讨论他那些半裸照,所以就给取了他这个名字 . Lanlan Fu付兰兰(腐兰兰)——詹姆斯;弗兰科 詹姆斯;弗兰科阴柔的风格和做派让人认为他是“宇宙第一深柜”,故美其名曰:“付(腐)兰兰”既像中国名字,又符合其兰花指男人的本性 当然本文来不及提到的还有Yeast(酵母)、Unlucky(霉霉)、Thunder Sister(打雷)、Money Woman(钱婆)……你们都知道她们是谁吗?外号这事儿真是大精深啊……

  专家告诉你:如何正确地涂防晒霜 --01 ::30 来源:chinadaily Millions of us could be putting our lives at risk by not applying sunscreen properly, experts have warned.专家警告说,数百万英国人因为涂抹防晒霜的方法不当而对自己的生命构成了威胁An online poll from the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) revealed eight out of Brits don't apply sunscreen bee going out in the sun. What's more, 70% of us aren't reapplying the protection every two hours.英国皮肤科医学会开展的一项在线调查揭示,80%的英国人在艳阳天出门前不会涂抹防晒霜而且,70%的人不会每隔两小时补涂一次防晒霜The findings follow last weekend's heatwave and skin experts say we should be more careful to check we're protected bee sunning ourselves.这项调查结果发布前,上周末英国刚经历了一场热浪天气皮肤专家说,我们在日晒之前应该更谨慎地确认自己是否做好了防晒工作“Applying liberally half an hour bee going out into the sun, and then again shortly after going outside, is vital to ensure that you are fully covered and that the sunscreen has had time to be absorbed into the skin," said BAD's Johnathon Major.英国皮肤科医学会的乔纳森bull;马杰说:“在日晒之前半小时大量地涂抹防晒霜,然后在出门后不久再涂一次防晒霜,这可以确保你被防晒霜全面覆盖,而且皮肤也有时间去吸收防晒霜"It should then be reapplied at least every two hours, as the protective filters can break down over time.“然后至少每隔两小时就要补涂一次防晒霜因为防晒霜在皮肤上形成的保护层随着时间流逝会逐渐被分解掉"It should also be reapplied after any activity where it might be accidentally removed, such as swimming. Water-resistant sunscreens are not friction-resistant, and theree they can be accidentally removed if you towel dry after swimming or sweating."“在有可能将防晒霜不小心擦掉的活动之后也应该进行补涂,比如游泳防水防晒霜并不抗擦,所以在你游完泳或流汗后用毛巾擦身子的时候防晒霜可能在无意间被擦掉As well as bringing us a scorcher of a weekend, this week is also Sun Awareness Week - and the reason the online poll that questioned people.本周不但会有一个炎热的周末,本周还是“阳光关注周”,这也是该机构为何要开展这项涵盖了人的在线调查的原因Other potentially bad habits also came to light as 35 percent of people surveyed would only seek shade if they were hot, rather than to avoid burning.调查还暴露了其他一些潜在的坏习惯,比如35%的受访者在天热的时候只会去寻找遮阳处,而不会采取措施防止晒伤Although getting a tan looks great, prolonged exposure can increase the risk of developing melanoma - the deadliest m of skin cancer.尽管古铜色的皮肤看起来很棒,但是长时间暴露在日光下会增加患黑色素瘤的风险,这是最致命的一种皮肤癌Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and rates have been climbing since the 1960s.皮肤癌是英国常见的一种癌症,自上世纪60年代以来皮肤癌的发病率就一直在上升Every year over 50,000 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancer – the most common type – are diagnosed, in addition to over ,000 new cases of melanoma, resulting in around ,8 deaths annually.在英国,每年新增超1.3万黑色素瘤病例,导致约人死亡,此外每年还有超5万例非黑色素瘤皮肤癌(最常见的皮肤癌)新增病例被确诊"While we have succeeded in making people aware of the link between sunburn and skin cancer, we have more work to do in teaching people how to use sunscreen properly," said Mr. Major.马杰先生说:“尽管我们成功地让人们意识到了晒伤和皮肤癌之间的关联,但是在教会人们如何正确地使用防晒霜方面,我们依然任重而道远”Vocabularyliberally: 大量地,充足地melanoma: 黑色素瘤英文来源:镜报翻译#38;编辑:丹妮。

  学渣福音——数学APP只要拍照就出 -- ::55 来源:   Microblink公司推出了一款新型智能手机应用PhotoMath,只要将题目照下来就可得到   Say it with us: Kids today have it sooooo easy.  A new smartphone app will do their math homework them, provided it's not too complicated. PhotoMath by microblink uses a phone's camera to solve equations and then teaches you the step-by-step method solving it yourself.  The app can do arithmetic: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. It can handle fractions. It knows what 3 is and can calculate the root of 6. It can even do simple linear equations, provided the x you're solving is italicized so the app doesn't confuse it with the x multiplication symbol.  The only catch is that the equation you're trying to solve must be printed text, rather than handwritten. So get trying to calculate that tip by scribbling it on a restaurant napkin. (Don't worry, there's aly a million apps that.)  The app may pose a problem schools are aly dealing with smartphone overload. Math teachers will have to be extra vigilant during tests to prevent students from cheating.  The PhotoMath app is available iPhones and Windows phones and is coming to Android phones in .  跟着我们一起说:今天的孩子们过得太舒了  据CNN月日报道,Microblink公司推出了一款新型智能手机应用PhotoMath, 能轻松帮助学生解决数学题——只要不是太复杂只需要将手机的摄像头对准要计算的方程式,PhotoMath便会给出清晰的解题步骤  PhotoMath目前可以解决基本运算加减乘除,还能处理分数例如,它可以计算出6的根以及3的值它甚至还能解决简单的线性方程不过,在使用时,用户需保x是斜体的,否则PhotoMath不能区分出x和乘号  不过,PhotoMath目前只能识别打印字体的方程,手写的还无法识别,不要去尝试用PhotoMath去解决写在餐巾纸上的问题(别担心,其它很多应用都能识别手写体)  这款应用可能会造成问题,因为学校已经在处理智能手机的很多问题为了防止学生在考试时用PhotoMath作弊,数学老师在监考时需十分警惕  目前,这款应用持iPhone和Windows phone用户,而Android用户则要等到年

  九大饮食坏习惯,你却天天在做!(双语) -- ::7 来源:sohu 近日起草的《中国膳食指南中,水果被首次列入一顿正餐之中,而不单单作为饭后甜点该指南建议每人每天应摄入0-300 克水果,同时也提出了日常我们应尽量避免的一些饮食误区 The Chinese dietary guidelines were issued recently, in which fruit has the first time been included in a meal, not only as an after meal dessert. According to the guideline, eating 0 -300 grams of fruit is recommended, and there are also some traps to avoid. 在这儿,小编列出九个影响你健康的饮食坏习惯为了我们的健康,快来围观吧! Here, we list nine habits that ruin your attempts to eat healthy. You might as well try to avoid them a healthier life. 1. 经常在外用餐 Eating out often 餐厅的食物都很美味,但这同时也要付出健康代价一般来说,美味的奥秘就在于它添加了丰富的调味料,经常在外用餐就相当于摄取了大量的油、盐和糖——这可能会影响你的健康 Restaurant foods are often tasty, but this comes at a price. Usually, it is the seasoning that works the magic. Eating them too often, theree, equals taking too much oil, salt and sugar – which may adversely affect your health. . 晚餐过于丰盛 Big dinner 最好的晚餐是简餐事实上,指南建议一顿晚餐所摄入的卡路里最好维持在一天总量的30%以内否则,长期下来你增加的不仅是体重,还有器官的额外负担 It is best to have a light dinner. In fact, the guideline suggests that the amount of calories provided by an evening meal is best kept within 30 percent of the day's total. Otherwise, you not only gain weight but also burden your organs in the long term. 3. 用含糖饮料代替水 Sugary drinks instead of water 大多数的软饮都有很高的含糖量事实上,一瓶500 毫升饮料的含糖量就等同于50 克的甘蔗糖(相当于一杯咖啡放进袋糖包的量!)除饮料以外,白酒也会增加你的健康风险,一斤白酒就包含相当于八个馒头的卡路里! Most soft drinks are filled with sugar. In fact, the sugar contained in a 500ml bottle drink equals that of 50 grams of cane sugar. Other than beverages, alcohol also poses risks your health, as half a kilo of alcohol contains the same amount of calories as eight steamed buns. . 不吃碳水化合物 No grains 谷物是健康饮食必不可少的的确,不吃碳水化合物可能会有助于你减肥,因为你的身体消耗了存储的蛋白质,但这同时意味着你的肌肉组织正在萎缩,代谢也在降低必须认识到谷物是维生素和矿物质的一大来源 Grains are essential to a healthy diet. Indeed, avoiding carbohydrates might help you lose weight, as your body consumes stored protein, but this means your muscle tissues are shrinking, and you're becoming less sustainable. You should be aware that grains are a big source of vitamins and minerals. 5. 嗜甜如命 Sweet tooth 花式咖啡、冰饮和甜点——为了健康,你也许会想要减少食用这些指南建议每天摄入的糖分不要超过50克 Fancy coffee, icy drinks and desserts – you might want to cut down on these to remain healthy. The guideline suggests taking no more than 50 grams of sugar at most. 6. 嗜饮靓汤 Soup addict 与许多人的想法不同,汤并不是最有营养的食物通常情况下,肉汤中大部分的蛋白质还在肉中,只有百分之一、二溶解到了汤中所以,下次开始不要仅仅喝汤,也开始大口嚼肉吧! Unlike what many people think, soup is not the most nutritious type of food. Generally speaking, most of the protein in meat soup is still in the meat, while only one to two percent will be dissolved in the soup. So, maybe you should avoid drinking the soup only and startchewing on the meat next time.、 7. 只食用蛋白 Egg white only 有些人不喜欢蛋黄只吃蛋白——他们认为大部分蛋白质都来自蛋白然而在一定程度上,不吃蛋黄同样意味着你错过了维生素、矿物质和胆固醇,而这些都是生产荷尔蒙所必需的 Some people do not like yolk, and only eat egg whites – they think most of the protein comes from the egg white. While this is true to some extent, avoiding the yolk also means you miss out on the vitamins, minerals and cholesterol, which is necessary in producing certain hormones. 8. 吃饭过快 Eating fast 吃饭过快可能会使你的胃不适如果不放慢节奏,最后你很有可能吃过量 Eating quickly might strain your stomach. And if you don't slow down your pace, you might end up eating too much. 9. 只吃蔬菜 Veggie only 近些年,吃蔬菜已成为一种时尚但如果没有适当的指导,进行均衡饮食,为身体提供所必需的营养那么,你可能会走向另一个极端——营养不良 Eating vegetables has become a fad in recent years. But without proper guidelines to have a balanced diet that provides you all the nutrients necessary, you could go to the other extreme, which leads to malnutrition.、 写到这,小编的肚子已经咕咕叫了祝大家都能拥有均衡的饮食和健康的身体! 你的健康饮食秘诀是什么呢,留言给我吧! English Source: China Daily《欢乐合唱团演员马克·塞林被控持有儿童色情影片 --30 ::35 来源: 曾在大热美剧《欢乐合唱团中扮演角色的马克·塞林最近陷入了儿童色情丑闻,警方在其居所查获了数起儿童色情图像和影片 mer Glee actor Mark Salling has been mally charged with two counts of receiving and possessing images of child sexual abuse.近日,马克·塞林被正式起诉,罪名是两次接收和持有儿童性虐待图片此前,马克·塞林曾在美剧《欢乐合唱团中扮演角色Authorities said the 33-year-old agreed to surrender himself on 3 June, when he is expected to appear in a federal court in Los Angeles.据官方透露,马克·塞林同意在6月3日的时候认罪,预计届时他将出现在洛杉矶一处联邦法庭上The actor was arrested in December after police seized computer equipment they say contained thousands of images.马克·塞林于去年月的时候被警方逮捕当时警方查获了他的电脑设备,据说里面含有数千张图片If convicted, the charges each carry a maximum -year prison sentence.如果罪名成立,两起指控都将给马克·塞林带来最长年的监禁Police arrested Salling after investigators received a tip he was in possession of images of children being sexually abused. He was released on $,000 (bound 18,000) bail and was initially expected to be charged in Los Angeles County court.当时调查员收到消息,称马克·塞林持有儿童被性虐的图片,随后警方便逮捕了他在缴纳了万美元(约合1万8千英镑)后,马克·塞林被予以保释,警方最初预定在洛杉矶县法庭上对其提起诉讼But after authorities realised the "scope of the collection", the case was handed over to federal prosecutors, the US Attorney’s Office said.但是据美国检察官办公室透露,当局意识到这起案件“影响很大”,于是便将这起案件移交给了联邦公诉人A laptop, a hard drive and a mobile flash drive were seized from Salling’s home. The actor was charged with one count of using the internet to obtain a pornographic still image and of young girls, and a second count of possessing two child pornography s that also feature young girls.在马克·塞林的家里,警方查获了一台笔记本电脑、一个硬盘和一个移动闪存驱动器马克·塞林面临两起指控,第一起指控指出马克·塞林利用网络获取未成年女性色情图像和影片,第二起指控指出马克·塞林持有两部未成年女性色情电影Prosecutors said investigators are continuing to review the material seized.据公诉人透露,目前调查员还在继续审查查获的材料"The traditional stereotype about the kinds of people who commit child sexual exploitation crimes simply doesn’t dovetail with reality," Joseph Macias, a special agent in charge the Department of Homeland Security, said in a statement announcing the charges.约瑟夫·马西亚斯是一位效力于美国国土安全局的特工,在宣布针对马克·塞林的指控声明中,他说道:“(人们对)儿童性剥削犯罪者的传统印象和事实并不(完全)相符”He added that suspects can be of "all ages and from all walks of life."他补充说道,犯罪嫌疑人可以是“各个年龄、不同职业”Salling played bad-boy football player Noah "Puck" Puckerman on the hit US show Glee from to .在年到年的热门美剧《欢乐合唱团中,马克·塞林扮演了剧中的坏心眼足球运动员Noah PuckermanHis representatives have yet to make a statement on the charges.马克·塞林的律师还未就此项指控做出任何声明宝宝都是颜控!长得丑小孩都不理你 --3 :: 来源: A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology found that children, like adults, inherently trust good-looking people more than unattractive ones.一份发表于《心理学前沿杂志的研究发现,孩子和成年人一样会本能地更信任长相好看的人而非缺少魅力的人 the study, a team of Chinese researchers recruited groups of 8-, -, and -year-olds, with 33 to kids in each group (a similarly sized group of college students served as a control). These pint-size volunteers viewed a series of 0 unfamiliar faces, categorizing each one as trustworthy, untrustworthy, or neither; a month later, they came back to view the same faces, this time rating them on attractiveness.为了开展本项研究,中国研究团队招募了一群8岁、岁和岁大的孩子,每组33至人(数量相当的大学生组成控制组)小志愿者们观看了一系列0个不熟悉的面孔,将它们分为;值得信任的;、;不值得信任的;和;无法判断的;;一个月之后,他们又回来看了同样的面孔,这次根据魅力值为它们划分等级Across age groups, the two judgments were closely linked ; the more attractive faces, in general, were also considered more trustworthy. It's one more in a pile of similar findings about how kids make appearance-based judgments: Past research has shown, example, that preschool-age children seek out more attractive peers as playmates, and that they prefer to rely on better-looking people as sources of inmation. Even kids as young as 3 can a person's face to make assumptions about their character.不论在哪个年龄组,这两项判断都是密切相关的;;更有魅力的面孔一般会被评定为更值得信任在此之前,已有大量类似实验,研究小孩子如何依据外表作出判断:比如,过去的研究明,学龄前儿童会寻找更有魅力的同龄人作玩伴,而且他们更喜欢依赖长相更好看的人作为信息来源;甚至连3岁小孩都能通过看人脸来猜测别人的性格;The 'beauty is good' impression may gradually develop through children's daily experiences in witnessing the association between attractive individuals and trustworthy behaviors,; the authors wrote.研究人员写道:;在孩子的日常经验中,他们会目睹有魅力的个人与值得信任的行为之间的联系,而lsquo;美是好的rsquo;这种印象也就逐渐形成了;As we have previously noted, beautiful people have it easier in many ways: They tend to be better paid, more confident, and better liked ; even by the tiniest of humans.正如我们此前提到过的,漂亮的人在许多方面都会过得更容易一些:他们往往薪资更高,更有信心,更讨人喜欢;;甚至连最小的孩子都更喜欢他们

  英伦style:句地道英式表达 -- :: 来源:chinadaily 相信大家常常能够在美剧里听到美国俚语,但是英式俚语你熟悉吗?今天我们就来介绍一些地道的、有英国特色的表达,通常用于口语和非正式场合 1. Au fait– this is an example of a French expression that has become part of the English Language. It means to have good detailed knowledge of something. (This is not slang but a very British English expression.) Au fait是英语从法语中借用的表达之一它的意思是对某事物有非常细致的了解(它不是俚语却是非常地道的英式表达) 例句: She is au fait with the company’s rules and regulations. 她对公司的规章制度了然于心 . Blinding – if something is blinding, it means that it’s excellent. 如果某事物是亮瞎眼的,意思就是这个事物非常棒、非常出色 例句: She makes a blinding roast dinner. 她做了一顿美味无比的烧烤晚餐 3. Bugger all – if you’ve got bugger all dinner, it means you have nothing. (This is an impolite expression so use it with caution) 如果你说晚餐吃个屁,那就是说你什么也没有吃(这种表达十分不礼貌,需慎用) 例句: I worked 7 hours on that job and I got bugger all thanks my efts. 我花了七个小时处理那项工作,但我的努力却连个谢谢都没捞到 . Cock up – This can be used as a verb or a noun and it means to make a serious mistake or a mistake. (It has nothing to do with male parts!) 这个短语既可用作动词也可用作名词,它的意思是犯了很严重的错误(动词)或错误(名词)(这个表达跟男性器官毫无关系) 例句: You really cocked up this time. What are you going to do? 这次真是搞得一团糟,你打算怎么办? 5. Donkeys’ years –a long time or ages 很久很久,好多年 例句: It was so great to see Sally again. I hadn’t seen her in donkey’s years. 能再次见到萨利真是太棒了,我好多年没有见到她了 6. Gobsmacked- “Gob” is mouth in British English and if you smack it, you probably would do it because you are amazed or shocked. Gob在英式英语里是嘴巴的意思,如果你咂嘴,可能是因为你感到惊讶或震惊 例句: I was gobsmacked by how much weight Pete had lost. 皮特瘦了这么多,太让我吃惊了! 7. Gormless– another way to say vacant or clueless. 表示茫然或无知愚蠢的另一种方式 例句: She always has a gormless look in meetings. 开会时她总是一脸茫然 8. Gutted– really upset. 非常失望的 例句: I was gutted when I didn’t get the job. 没得到这份工作,我很失望 9. Hunky-dory – fine, going well 很好,进展顺利 例句: -How are things with you? 最近怎么样? -Everything is hunky-dory, thanks. 一切都挺好的,谢谢 . Knackered– very tired, exhausted 非常累,精疲力竭 例句: I’ve been working hours on this report. I’m knackered 我花了好几个小时做这个报告,已经累趴下了 . Lurgy– if you’ve got the lurgy, it means you are ill with the flu or other mild disease. 如果你身体小恙,也就是得了流感或其他小病 例句: -Where’s Sarah today? 萨拉今天去哪里了? -She’s off sick. She’s got the lurgy. 她生病了,请了病假 . Nice one! – If someone is impressed by what you’ve done, they could use this expression. It’s similar to “good job” in American English. It can also be used sarcastically. 如果一个人对你所做的事情印象深刻,就可以使用这个表达它跟美式英语里的good job差不多,也可以用于带有讽刺意味的夸奖 例句: -I managed to get two tickets the One Direction concert at the O arena. 我设法弄到了两张One Direction在伦敦O体育馆的演唱会门票 -Nice one, mate! 干得漂亮,伙计!首家全自动快餐厅在旧金山开业 -- :36: 来源: 首家全自动快餐厅在旧金山开业Place your order on an iPad and pick it up from a giant vending machine: First fully automated restaurant opensA San Francisco fast food restaurant has opened with no waiting staff or cashiers and instead dispenses its meals using a giant vending machine.旧金山一家快餐店开张了,不过店里没有务生和收银员,只有一台巨大的自动贩卖机分发食物Customers of eatsa, in the middle of the city"s financial district, order their dishes on iPads, which are prepared by staff in a hidden kitchen and delivered to the fully automated 'cubbies'. The only staff that can be seen are in store to help customers with problems they may have with the software. The restaurant offers a range of Quinoa-based salads.这家店名叫 Eatsa,位于旧金山金融中心区,顾客在ipad上点餐,顾客看不到后厨,员工做好后会把食物放进全自动贩卖机中店里唯一可见的务人员的职责是帮助顾客解决他们遇到的软件问题店里供应各式藜麦沙拉According to Tim Young, eatsa"s co-founder the company 'is reinventing fast food by combining the speed and afdability of fast food with the delicious flavors and nutritious ingredients of premium fast casual. 'By developing new technology to automate every aspect of the food experience, we are able to deliver a product with the best qualities of premium fast casual at a price point that is accessible to everyone.'Eatsa的合资人蒂姆?杨(Tim Young)表示,“快餐食品快速便捷,优质便餐美味营养,通过两者的结合,公司正在彻底改造快餐通过发展新技术,将用餐体验的每一环节自动化,我们有能力提供价格亲民、质量最好的快餐”The customers order their food using a virtual cashier, who retains details of previous purchases allowing tailored suggestions. When the food is y, the dish is delivered to an individual glass door "cubby' which shows personalized graphics allowing the customer to quickly identify their own lunch.店内虚拟收银员负责点餐,虚拟收银员还保留顾客的点餐记录,由此提供量身定做的就餐建议食物备好后会被送到独立的玻璃门“小隔间”,上面会显示个性化的图像,以便顾客快速识别自己的食物Vocabularyfast casual: 快速休闲餐英文来演:每日邮报译者:Garfield猫

  英国将迎来第二位女首相 -- :50:5 来源: 在第二轮保守党议员投票结束后,只剩下两名女性候选人,这意味着英国将于今年9月迎来历史上第二位女首相 Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom will battle it out to become the next leader of the Conservative Party after Michael Gove was eliminated from the contest.Michael Gove已被淘汰,Theresa May和Andrea Leadsom将争夺下一届保守党领导人的位置After the second MPs’ ballot, Home Secretary Mrs May finished with 199 votes, Energy Minister Mrs Leadsom 8 and Mr Gove, the justice secretary, 6.在第二轮议员投票,内政大臣May女士获得199票,能源部长Leadsom女士获得8票,而司法部长Gove先生获得6票Conservative members will now decide the winning candidate, with the result due on 9 September.保守党成员将推选最终的候选人,结果将于9月9号公布The winner will become the UK’s second female prime minister.决胜者将成为英国第二位女首相Mr Cameron resigned after finishing on the losing side in the UK’s EU referendum, in which there was a vote the UK to leave.英国脱欧公投结果是英国要离开欧盟,卡梅隆的立场位于失败方因而辞职The results were announced at Westminster by Conservative MP Graham Brady, the chairman of the backbench 19 Committee.该结果在威斯敏斯特由保守党议员Graham Brady公布,他是后座议员委员会19的主席There had originally been five contenders to succeed Mr Cameron, with MPs voting in two rounds to get that number down to two.此前有5名候选人想要接替卡梅隆,经过议员们两轮的投票,人数缩减为个The contest now moves to its final stage with the Conservative Party’s 0,000-strong membership deciding between Mrs May, a Remain campaigner with a long track record in government, and Mrs Leadsom, a leading light of the Brexit campaign who has stressed her City and business background.竞争进入最后阶段,保守党万强大的成员将从May女士(长期在政府务的活跃竞争人)和Leadsom女士(英国脱欧的引路灯,她强调的是个人城市和商业背景)之间做出选择Speaking after the results were announced, Mrs May said she had secured support from all wings of the Conservative Party and pledged to bring the Tories together.在结果宣布之后,May女士发表讲话说他在保守党内部得到广泛持,并承诺将保守党成员聚合起来She promised "strong, proven leadership" to negotiate the UK’s departure from the EU, and to "make Britain a country that works not a privileged few but every one of us".她承诺将以“强大、成熟的领导力”谈判英国脱欧问题,并“使英国成为务每个人而不是少数有特权的人的国家”Conservative MP Tim Loughton, Mrs Leadsom’s campaign manager, said she would bring a "huge and fresh skills base" to Downing Street if elected.Leadsom女士竞选团队的负责人——保守党议员Tim Loughton说如果Leadsom女士当选,她将为唐宁街带来“巨大、新鲜的技能背景”He played down her lack of cabinet experience, saying she would have "no problem stepping up to the job" having had a long career outside politics, adding: "She has done things outside of this place on so many different levels."他淡化了Leadsom女士缺乏内阁经验这一点,说她在政界之外多年的职业背景将使她“胜任这个工作”,还说:“她在其它地方做过很多层次的工作”Mr Gove said he was "naturally disappointed" not to have made it to the final two, describing the remaining contenders as "midable politicians".Gove先生说没有进入最后一轮“自然失望”,但其他两位都是“强大的政治家”He welcomed the fact that the UK would be getting a second female prime minister - after Margaret Thatcher - and called a "civilised, inclusive, positive and optimistic debate".他接受了英国将迎来撒切尔·玛格丽特之后第二位女首相的事实,并呼吁“文明、包容、积极、乐观的辩论”Mr Gove did not announce backing either candidate, but several of his key backers, including Education Secretary Nicky Morgan and Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, switched their support to Mrs May.Gove先生没有公布持哪一位候选人,但他的几位关键持人,包括教育部长Nicky Morgan和文化部长Ed Vaizey都将持转向了May女士Anyone wanting to vote has to have been a member of the Conservative Party by 9 June.任何想要投票的人都要在9月9号之前成为保守党的一员Polling expert Professor John Curtice, of Strathclyde University, said the electorate the contest represented a "very distinctive slice of Britain".斯特拉斯克莱德大学教授John Curtice,一位民意调查专家,说这次竞选的选民代表“英国很特殊的一面”They would be mostly over 50, disproportionately male, and "overwhelmingly middle class", he said.他说大部分的选民年龄超过50,男性居多,而且“中产阶级占绝大多数”He predicted the Brexit debate would "play a role" in the contest, but not a defining one. About two thirds of Tory members voted to leave, but a higher proportion saw a candidate’s leadership credentials and vision Britain as the most important factor, he added.他预计英国脱欧将在竞选中“扮演重要角色”,但不是决定性的三分之二的保守党议员都投给脱欧,但大多数人都更看重候选人的领导资历和对英国未来的视野,他补充道Mrs Leadsom’s departmental boss, Energy Secretary Amber Rudd, is backing Mrs May and took aim at her junior ministerial colleague’s lack of government experience.Leadsom女士的部门领导,能源部长Amber Rudd持的是May女士,并指出她这位助理部长同事缺乏政府经验She said: "The fact that she hasn’t had experience at the Cabinet table, hasn’t had much experience even as a junior minister - let’s face it she’s had just two years - I do think is a problem at this stage."她说“事实上她在内阁没有经验,甚至作为助理部长也没有多少经验——让我们承认她只有年经验——这在目前来看是个问题”But one of Mrs Leadsom’s high-profile backers, mer worker and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith, said she would "develop" over the coming weeks and get "better and better and better".但Leadsom女士高知名度的持人之一,曾是一位工人的养老金大臣Iain Duncan Smith说她将在接下来的几周“不断成熟”,并变得“越来越好,越来越好”Mrs Leadsom is also supported by mer London mayor and one-time leadership favourite Boris Johnson, who said she would replace the "absurd gloom in some quarters with a positive confident and optimistic approach".Leadsom女士的持人还有前伦敦市长,一度受人喜爱的Boris Johnson说她将以“积极自信和乐观的方式”在某种程度上代替“荒谬的阴郁”

  云南发现百年难遇巨型蘑菇(双语) -- :: 来源:sohu 近日,中国云南省的一位村民在他的村庄附近发现了三个巨型的野生蘑菇这三个蘑菇来自同一个根,总重量达到了.8 公斤最大的一个是高达67 厘米,周长61 厘米 A villager in southwest China's Yunnan Province has discovered three giant wild mushrooms near his village recently. The three mushrooms came from the same root and the total weight is .8 kilograms. The largest one is as high as 67 centimeters and its circumference is 61 centimeters. 因无法确定蘑菇是否有毒,村民已交给当地警方进行检验检验结果实,该蘑菇并没有毒如此巨型的可食用的野生蘑菇十分罕见 Uncertain about whether the mushrooms are poisonous, the villager submitted the mushrooms to local police a test. The test shows that the mushrooms are edible and such kind of mushroom is quite rare. 目前村民已经把蘑菇带回了家,准备做一顿可口的蘑菇宴 The villager has brought the mushroom home his own use. 据小编了解,年云南省玉溪市也曾发现一朵直径1.38米、高0.97米、重8.8公斤的巨型口蘑,该蘑菇已成功申请世界最大口蘑世界纪录这么大的蘑菇不知道味道如何呢?。

  从绿巨人到惊天魔盗团:一直是好人 -- 18:7:36 来源:chinadaily 你当然不会拥有这样的肤色、这样的肌肉,但是有没有想过你身上也拥有同样的力量? 演完“绿巨人”之后,马克;鲁弗洛(Mark Ruffalo)说:我和绿巨人其实很像啊,因为我们生活中都是“老好人”!而且,每个人身上都隐藏着一个浩克,那是一种让人害怕,让人想要隐藏的力量所以,你会如何应用这力量?你会选择成为什么样的人? 他因主演大卫;芬奇导演的电影《十二宫,而与小罗伯特;唐尼成为好友; 如果他俩没有成为好基友,“钢铁侠”就不会力荐马克在《复联1中扮演“绿巨人”;如果他没有出演这个角色,他就不会被公认为是最成功的一版“绿巨人” 当有记者提问:绿巨人的角色教会他什么的时候,马克回答说: ;Well, it's a very interesting relationship between, I think, the Hulk and Bruce Banner. I think it captures people's imagination because I think we all have a Hulk inside of ussomewhere or another that we're pressing down or afraid of.; 重点是,你将如何面对自己,如何面对社会,如何应用自己的力量和愤怒 关于这个问题,马克哥给我们做了最好的诠释——“老好人”并不是毫无原则、没有立场、随波逐流的“烂好人”;正相反,他们勇敢为弱势群体发生,他们一直在呼吁、在行动 ,马克给自己的定义是—— “I'm a husband, father, actor, director, and a climate change advocate with an eye on a better, brighter, cleaner, more hopeful future all of us. ” 他关注气候变化、环境保护、性别平等等重大问题,并且不遗余力为之发声、行动似乎只要一涉及这些,平时温和善良的马克就会和绿巨人一样,瞬间变身,拥有惊人的力量 近日,马克;鲁弗洛随电影《惊天魔盗团再次来华宣传,全方位立体展示了什么样的人才够资格配得上“老好人”三个字: 爱岗敬业 拍戏过程中又学魔术,又苦练动作戏就不说了;单说在《惊天魔盗团宣传活动上,他全力配合,穿上中国饰,大打太极(此处可以有掌声);不仅大方现场换装,还在红毯上与粉丝亲切合影,全程耐心微笑,暖化人心 友善亲民 在北京,马克展现出超级英雄“接地气“的一面:不仅亲自坐地铁去买茶叶,还专门在社交媒体上发图大赞北京地铁,干净整洁还便宜 乐于尝试 讲真,乐于尝试当地美食是一件可以好感的事,还能迅速拉近人与人之间的距离谁不喜欢乐观积极、心态开放、敢于尝试的家伙呢? 重视家庭 对,好男人不能光忙工作,还要同时照顾家人看看,马克跑宣传行程也不忘带上全家一起旅行,全家人不仅一起游览了故宫、长城,还一同品尝了北京烤鸭和火锅,好感度满点有木有!(加分项:大叔的儿子也很帅呢) 赞扬肯定 马克对一同出演这部电影的小伙伴们不吝溢美之词: 说到杰伦小公举,他说:;Jay Chou is so easy and cool, and so naturally giftedas an actor and a natural musician.; 说到新加入的丽兹;卡潘,他说:;She is deliciousto watch... She is funny, she is beautiful, and she is talented.; 这种花式夸人的技巧,小编给你99分,扣一分因为怕你骄傲

  在线教学被火热追捧的同时又备受争议 -- :: 来源: 物理、英语等科目的网络授课教师获得天价工资的现象受到了广泛关注同时也在全国范围内引起了有关网络教学的力量、中国教育现状、以及企业家创业精神的激烈讨论Zheng Anke, who earns up to 3.6 million yuan (,000) annually through her English classes on WeChat, Chinarsquo;s most popular instant messaging app, provides a case in point.郑安科(音)通过在微信上的英语教学,年收入达到了360万人民币(约合55000美元)她的事例给我们提供了一个了解网络教学的机会Zheng, in her early 30s, organized WeChat groups with 0 students each and charges each student 3,000 yuan () a year. She once worked New Oriental Education, Chinarsquo;s biggest English-training school, but now runs her own business.三十出头的郑安科在微信上组织了个网络教学班级,每个班0名学生她向每个学生收费,每年3000元人民币(约合60美元)她以前在中国最大的英语培训学校--新东方教育工作过,而现在她经营着自己的业务;I compile my own English learning materials, which I send to the students every week,; said Zheng, who has two assistants to help her keep in touch with all of the students as they also receive weekly feedback on their pronunciation.郑安科说道:;我自己编写英语学习资料,每周都把它们发给学生们学习;每周她都可以通过微信语音收到学生们发来的教学反馈,而且她还雇佣了两名助理来协助她保持和学生们的联系The proliferation of Internet instruction has raised questions among Chinese netizens. First, the whopping sums some teachers make has led to criticism about compensation and fair salaries. Second, some online teachers are having to hide their identities, as they work in government schools and are barred from outside instruction.然而,网络教学的泛滥已经引起了中国网民的质疑第一,他们认为一些教师丰厚的收入引起了有关公平薪酬和补偿的批评第二,一些线上教师不得不隐瞒自己的身份,因为他们在公立学校任职,并且规定禁止在外教学After-school instruction has long been popular among parents with big hopes their childrenrsquo;s academic achievements, so the growing popularity of online teaching is not surprising.中国的父母们都期望他们的孩子能够取得好成绩,而且补习班一直以来都很受家长们的欢迎,所以网络教学受到追捧也就不那么令人意外了High earnings have caught the publicrsquo;s attention. One screenshot, which went viral on WeChat, drawing netizen criticism, showed a physics teacher who charged each of his ,6 students 9 yuan a single class. He earned 18,8 yuan an hourrsquo;s instruction after sharing percent of the tuition with an online educational agency.网络教师的高收入已经引起了公众了广泛关注在微信上被疯狂转发的一张截图引起了网民的批评,图片上的信息显示一名物理老师把他的一节课以9元人民币的价格出售给了6名在线学生除去在线教育平台%的提成后,他一小时的网络教学净赚188元Yang Jie, a government worker in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, said distance learning has many advantages compared with traditional educational agencies, including cheaper fees, repeated opporties to review the teachersrsquo; instruction and the ability to attend classes when itrsquo;s convenient.据江苏无锡的一名政府工作人员杨洁(音)指出,和传统教育形式相比,远程在线教学有很多优势在线教育的收费更加低廉,学生可以重复观看学习老师的教学视频,而且学生可以自己选择合适的时间来上课学习Yang also appreciates the ability to choose instructors.杨洁对远程教育能够让学生自己选择老师的做法也赞誉有加;I can choose the teachers I like freely on the Internet,; Yang said. ;Irsquo;ll continue to attend their classes if they turn out to be humorous and their classes are prepared well.;杨洁说道:;在网上,我能够自由地选择我喜欢的老师如果他很幽默、备课也很好的话,我就会继续上他的课;Those who work in government elementary and high schools have been barred from teaching online educational agencies since . Those teachers are only allowed to teach free online platms established by the schools to help the students with their studies, but some moonlight anyway, said Yang.规定,从年开始公立中小学的老师禁止从事网络教育平台的工作杨洁指出,这些学校的老师只允许在学校自己的网络平台上免费为学生辅导学习,但是还是有部分人在其他网络平台兼职教学Zheng is undeterred by the netizen criticism and intends to continue to build her business.郑安科并没有被网民们的批评吓住,她打算继续经营她的网络教学业务;Irsquo;m going to further my study of English teaching skills in Britain this year,; Zheng said. ;I believe I can recruit more students if I better my skills.;她说道:;今年我会去英国深造我的英语教学技能我相信如果我的教学能力更好的话,我可以招到更多的学生;

  “微信图书馆”----妈妈再也不用担心我座位被占了 -- :: 来源: 考试临近,你是否总是在图书馆找不到座?即使好不容易起个大早,占了个座,中途你去了个厕所,却发现座位早已易主而最近,南京大学推出的;微信图书馆;受到了大家的欢迎,不少同学感叹:妈妈再也不用担心我的座位被占了Students in Nanjing University will no longer have to worry about their seats in the library being taken up by someone else when they temporarily leave their seats.如今,南京大学的同学们再也不用担心,自己离开一会后,图书馆的座位被占了;WeChat library;, a mobile-based online platm managing the use of library seats, started a trial operation at Nanjing University on Thursday to keep good order in some libraries, triggering a heated debate on campus.为了保图书馆的良好秩序,南大推出了一个移动在线座位管理系统平台;;;微信图书馆;该平台上周四开始试行,在校园中引发热议The platm runs on the universityrsquo;s official ;Going to the library; on WeChat, a popular instant-messaging and social-networking platm. Students can book seats, register their presence, report when they leave and reserve seats on the platm.具体可关注;我去图书馆;微信公众号,注册绑定后可使用该平台学生可以使用以下功能:签到、直接入座、暂时离开、暂离回位以及离开According to the rules, those who book the seat have the priority to use the seat, but they also have to observe a time limit. They must take the seat and scan the QR code on the seat within minutes of the library opening. If not, they will get a violation record.根据规定,用微信在线预约选座的人有优先使用所选座位的权利,但是必须要遵守时间限定早上开馆预约后,必须在分钟内到馆验就座,否则将记违规1次They also have to be back at the seat and report on the platm in minutes if leaving the toilet, 30 minutes book searching, and 90 minutes lunch or supper.该规则还指出,读者离开座位选择保留有相应的时间规定,如去卫生间分钟、查资料30分钟,用餐时间为90分钟Any violation will be recorded, and when three violations are registered, the system will automatically put the violator onto a blacklist.任何违规都会被记录下来,且累计达到3次,系统将自动列入黑名单Students reacted differently to the new rules.对此,同学们看法不一A university student, surnamed Ye, argued that the time limit was too strict as everyone has different habits. ;I think there must be someone who will break the time limit. Not everyone can be so self-disciplined,; he said.叶同学称时间限定太严格了,因为每个人的习惯不同;我想,肯定有人会打破时间限定的每个人不可能都约束得那么好;Another student, surnamed Shen, believes the new tool manages order well as it effectively prevents seats from being occupied when students leave temporarily.另一个沈同学认为这一工具可以管理秩序,也能有效防止同学们短时间离开后座位被占现象的发生Many students support the platm, as snatching seats has long been a issue. It is a positive change, they said, and at least it is better to use the platm and obey rules than not.很多学生持这一平台,因为占座对于大学生来说一直是一大问题他们说,这是一个积极的转变,有总比没有好

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