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Lacquerware漆器Chinese ancestors began to make lacquerware about 7,000 years ago.中国人早在7000年前就开始制作漆器。In 1978, red lacquer bowls and tubes of the Hemudu Cutture were found in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province. According to scientific analysis, the coatings are natural lacquers.1978年在距今7000年前的浙江余姚河姆渡文化遗址中发现了朱漆碗和朱漆筒,经过科学分析,其涂料为天然漆。After the Xia Dynasty, the variety of lacquerware increased, and the craft flou-rished for five centuries starting in the Warring States Period from 475 B. C.to 221 B. C.The scale of lacquerware production had aly become very large in the Warring States Period. Lacquerware was one of the main economic resources of the time, and there were specific offcials in charge of its production.夏代之后,漆器品种渐多,在战国时期,漆器业独领风骚,形成长达5个世纪的空前繁荣。战国时漆器生产规模已经很大,被国家列入重要的经济收入来源,并设专人管理。According to historical records, the ancient Chinese sage of Zhuang Zi used to be an officer in charge of lacquerware production.Lacquerware was very expen-sive. The production process was verlt complicated, necessitating a strong work force and long working hours. It came in many varied forms and was widely used for furniture, utensils, stationan,r, art works, musical instruments, funeral goods and weapons. The nobles moved their attention from bronzeware to lacquerware because the latter was bright, light, easy to clean, had heat insulation and corro-sion resistant qualities and could be inlaid and painted with many colors.据记载,庄子年轻时曾经做过管理漆业的小官。漆器生产工序复杂,耗工耗时,漆器品种又特别繁多,不仅用于装饰家具、器皿、文具和艺术品,而且还应用于乐器、丧葬用具、兵器等。这时的漆器很昂贵,新兴的诸侯不再热衷于青铜器,而把兴趣转向光亮、洁净、易洗、体轻、隔热、耐腐、嵌饰绘五光十色的漆器。Lacquerware was, however, usually coated blcrck and decorated with red de-signs or coated red and decorated with black designs. About 220 lacquerware ob-jects were unearthed in Zeng Houyi’s Tomb in Hubei Province. They are the earliestand most superb lacquerware of the Chu Kingdom of the Warring States Period.Lacquerware items, including clothing storage boxes, which were unearthed in the tomb are richly varied, of large size and simple style; they reflect the charm of the culture of the Chu Kingdom.The designs on some of the boxes make them very valuable. In the center of one is a zhuan calligraphy character, meaning a star,surrounded by the names, also in zhuan characters, of the phases of the moon in a arcle.On the lwo ends are designs of a blue dragon and a white tiger.This box is a rare relic of great value for research into anaent Chinese astronomy as it is the earliest written record of the moon phases yet found in China.漆器一般髹朱饰黑,或髹黑饰朱,以优美的图案在器物表面构成一个绮丽的色世界。在湖北曾侯乙墓出土的漆器有220多件。这些漆器是楚墓中年代最早也是最为精的,而且品类全,器型大,风格古朴,这些精美的漆器体现了楚文化的神韵。其中有几件衣箱盖上所绘的图案非常有价值。一个箱盖的中心有一个篆文“斗”字,用粗笔写成。围绕“斗”字,是一圈二十八宿的古代名称,也是篆文,字迹清晰。箱盖两端绘有首尾对置的青龙、白虎的图像。这是研究我国古代天文学史的一件珍贵文物。Some lacquerware was painted with fairy tales.For example, the ancient Chi-nese tale ofHou Yi Shootin,g the Sun,WOS painted on a black coated and red design clothing box.Mushroom-shaped and colored clouds and lwo twisting double head-ed snakes with human faces form the background.On the lwo sides are two trees,the tall one with ii branches and the short one with nine.On the tip of each branch is a circle radiating brilliant light, symbolizing the sun. Belween the two trees, a man shoots an arrow at a bird on the tall tree. The story demonstrates mankind’s successful battle against nature.一些漆器上绘有一些有趣的神话故事。在一件刻有紫锦纹衣箱的箱盖上,绘有“后羿射日”的故事,黑地朱纹,有蘑菇状的云和两条双头人面蛇互相缠绕,两侧有一高一低的树,高树上有1 1个枝权,矮树有9个枝权,每个枝权梢头都绘有一个放射光芒的圆圈,两树之间一人正用箭射下高树上的一只鸟。原来这是“后羿射日”的故事,是人与自进行斗争,以人最后胜利告终的美丽神话。Han Dynasty lacquerware mainly used black and red colors.In the painted de-sign of one piece, there are 90 immortals, and birds and beasts with different pos-tures and expressions.The immortals are dancing with their long sleeves waving in the air, sitting quietly with their chins in their hands, or shooting arrows with con-centrcrted expressions. The animals being hunted are tuming their heads in panic and running swiftly away. Beautiful pattems of dragons, phoenixes, leaves,grass, cloud and various other things were drawn on the lacquerware objects to add to their elegance. Lacquerware reached its heyday in the Han Dynasty and more lacquerware products emerged. These included boxes, plates, earrings,bowls, baskets, trunks, rulers, kettles, chessboards and stools. Meanwhile,many new craffing techniques and decorative methods were also developed.汉代漆器也是以黑红为主色。有一幅画面上出现90个形态各异、生动活泼的仙人和鸟兽。仙人之中,有的挥动着长袖翩翩起舞,有的托腮静坐,若有所思,有的拉弓射箭,千钧一发,猎物惊恐回首,匆忙飞奔。龙纹和风纹都是装饰性的,并加以陶索纹、菱格纹、花瓣纹、草叶纹、云纹等。造型优美,图案华丽。汉代是漆器的鼎盛时期。漆器的品种又增加了盒、盘、耳环、碟、碗、筐、箱、尺、唾壶、棋盘、凳子。同时,还开创了多种新的工艺技法和装饰手法。The patterns on the lacquerware are simple lines or complicated pictures, de-pending on the items different functions. The contrast belween the black and red colors creates a speaal artistic effect. The black and red pictures on the lacquer-ware present a mysterious and ever-changing fairy world inhabited by human be-ings and immortals.漆器图案根据不同的器物,以粗率简练的线条或繁褥复杂的构图表现,增强人或动物的动感与为度。黑红互置的色产生光亮、优美的特殊效果。在红与黑交织的画面上,形成富有音乐感的瑰丽多的艺术风格,展现了一个人神共在,奇伟谲诡、流动飞扬、变幻神奇的神话般的世界。 /201512/410742


  Credit Suisse says its Asia Tech Team has confirmed that Apple#39;s has recently lowered its orders from suppliers, and that Apple now plans to build 70 million to 75 million iPhones in December and 45 million to 50 million iPhones in March..瑞士信贷表示,苹果的亚洲科技团队已确认,最近苹果已经削减了供应商的订单,并计划在12月生产7000万到7500万部手机,在明年3月生产4500万到5000万部手机。But a potential miniature iPhone, rumored to be released early next year, could help boost iPhones sales, Credit Suisse says in the report.瑞士信贷的报告中表示,传闻可能会在明年初发布的迷你手机,将有助于提升iPhone的销量。In a previous report, Credit Suisse blamed the softer demand for the iPhone 6S on the lack of apps that really take advantage of the phone#39;s new ;3D Touch; feature.在之前的报告里,瑞士信贷曾谴责6S需求减弱是由于缺乏能充分发挥它新的“3D触控”特色的应用。But not all is lost, Credit Suisse says: People who have iPhones tend to keep them, and Apple#39;s new iPhone installment plan program will put it into the hands of more people than ever before.但苹果6S也并非输的一塌糊涂,瑞士信贷称,那些拥有iPhone的人还是倾向于持有一台6S,并且苹果最新推出的分期付款计划,将会把它送到比以往任何时候都都要多的人群手中。Plus, if Apple follows through with the rumors and releases a smaller, lower-cost four-inch-screen iPhone in the first half of next year, Credit Suisse says, it could open up the market and make the device appealing to a larger audience.并且,如果恰如传闻那样,苹果公司能在2016年上半年发布一款更小巧,更低成本的4英寸手机,那么它将进一步打开市场,吸引更多的用户群体。And unlike what happened with Apple#39;s iPhone 5C flop, a smaller iPhone would be enough unlike the current flagship 6S that it wouldn#39;t confuse the market, according to the analysts.据分析专家称,新的迷你iPhone和曾经遭遇的失败的iPhone 5C不同,更完全有别于当前的旗舰6S,它不会引起苹果手机市场的混乱。 /201512/413654。

  What may soon be streaming at the Chinese site Youku Tudou are tears of relief.可能很快,中国视频网站优酷土豆便会流下如释重负的泪水。Alibaba, China’s biggest e-commerce company, has offered to buy the 82 percent of Youku that it doesn’t aly own, at a 30 percent premium to the market price. A deal would end Youku’s unprofitable run as a public company and help Alibaba realize its multiscreen strategy. The move should also create value. Though that bit is most likely an afterthought.中国最大的电子商务企业阿里巴巴提出购买优酷余下的82%股份,其出价高于市价30%。这宗交易将终止优酷作为上市公司的亏损营运,并有助阿里巴巴实现多屏战略。此举应该也能带来收入,但这应该不是主要目的。Youku is the dominant force in Chinese online — effectively the YouTube of the People’s Republic. Like YouTube, it has never reported a profit. Aside from advertising fees, Youku is now charging users to watch its best content, but that means giving them something worth watching.优酷在中国网络视频中举足轻重,实际上如同中国的YouTube。跟YouTube一样,优酷从未报告过盈利。除广告费外,优酷目前还向用户收费,收费用户能观看最精的内容,但这意味着优酷需要为用户提供有观看价值的视频。The fees Youku paid for content increased 78 percent over the last year to 744 million renminbi, or about 7 million, in the latest quarter. Larger rivals like Baidu, a search engine that also owns an online site, can swallow those costs with ease. That’s not the case for tiny Youku.在最近一个季度,优酷在内容方面的出较一年前增加了78%,达到了7.44亿元人民币(约1.17亿美元)。搜索引擎百度也拥有网络视频网站。像百度这种大型竞争对手,能轻松地承担这笔成本,但弱小的优酷就不能了。It may seem petty to consider whether the deal creates value for Alibaba shareholders, but, as it happens, it probably does. The 30 percent premium is worth around .2 billion. Yet Youku’s bandwidth costs alone — what it pays for telecoms and data storage — are an annualized 3 million. If the data colossus Alibaba can eliminate those, the savings, taxed at Youku’s 15 percent rate and capitalized, are worth more than .8 billion.这宗交易能否为阿里巴巴的股东创造价值?或许考虑这个问题会显得很小气,但这还真有可能发生。阿里巴巴给出的30%溢价大约相当于12亿美元。然而,单单是花在电信企业和数据存储上的带宽成本,优酷每年的出便达到2.13亿美元。如果数据巨头阿里巴巴能消除这方面的出并注入资本(优酷需缴纳15%的税款),便能节省超过18亿美元。Beyond that, the benefits of the deal are fairly abstract. Perhaps Alibaba will create a Chinese answer to Netflix. Perhaps it will sell more advertising spots to its online merchants. Alibaba and Youku may even be able to use data about shoppers’ online habits to create programming relevant to their activities.除此之外,这宗交易带来的收益相当抽象。或许阿里巴巴会创造一个中国版的Netflix。或许阿里巴巴会向网上店铺推销更多视频广告位。阿里巴巴和优酷甚至还可以利用购物者上网习惯的数据,制作与用户活动有关的节目。But really, who cares? Youku is less than 3 percent of the combined companies’ market value. And approval is more than likely a given, since almost 60 percent of the shares are held by Alibaba and its supporters, such as Victor Koo, a Youku founder, who will also receive an undisclosed package for staying on as chairman.不过说真的,谁在乎呢?优酷占合并后公司市值不足3%。而且阿里巴巴及其持者持有优酷近60%的股份,批准合并已如探囊取物。持者就包括优酷创始人古永锵,他将会收到条款未对外公布的补偿,以换取其留任董事长。 /201510/404663

  From medical problems to travel plans, your Google searches can reveal a intimate snapshot of your life.从健康问题到旅行计划,谷歌搜索记录就是你私人生活的简介。While it can be easy to forget these searches, if you were logged into a Google account, all these queries have been saved.尽管这些内容很容易就被人们忘记,不过,如果你登录了谷歌账号,所有这些浏览记录都会被储存。Now Google is offering users the option of downloading their entire search archive, as well as deleting part, or all, of the record.目前,谷歌为用户提供了储存他们全部浏览记录的技术持,用户也可以选择部分删除或者全部删除他们的浏览记录。The feature exports your searches to Google Drive in a ZIP archive, with files divided by year and quarter.所有数据都会被存储到谷歌云端硬盘压缩包,文件夹的内容则按年份和季度分类存储。#39;You can download all of your saved search history to see a list of the terms you#39;ve searched for,#39; a Google support page says.谷歌在其持页面上称,“你可以下载你的所有谷歌搜索记录,看你曾经搜过什么。”#39;This gives you access to your data when and where you want.#39;“这样你就可以随时随地查看这些数据。”To download your history visit history.google.com and log in with your Google account.登陆谷歌账户,进入history.google.com页面,即可下载你的搜索历史。Then click onto a calendar view to take a look at what you searched for on any given date.然后就可以通过点击日历视图,查看任何一天你的浏览记录了。For those who want to keep a record of their Google searches, clicking the settings button on the top right corner can download the database.想要保存个人全部谷歌搜索数据的话,只要点击右上角的设置键进行下载即可。Items in search can be deleted by checking the box next to them and clicking the #39;remove items#39; option.删除浏览内容可以查看旁边的选框,然后点“删除内容”选项。To delete your entire search history, click settings, remove items and pick a time frame, such #39;from the beginning of time#39;.想要删除个人全部搜索历史的话,点击设置、删除内容,然后选择开始及截止日期(例如从最早的记录开始)。Google stresses that only account holders can see their data.谷歌公司强调,只有注册用户才能查看自己的这些数据。The company has also warned user not download the search archive on a public computer to maintain privacy.谷歌也提醒用户不要在公用电脑上备份个人搜索数据以避免泄露隐私。According to the unofficial Google Operating System Blog, the California-based began testing its download feature last year.一个名为“谷歌操作系统”的非官方客称,总部位于加州的谷歌公司于去年开始测试这项下载技术。It follows similar moves by groups such as Facebook who have made it easier for users to access their archived content following privacy concerns.这与“脸书”等网站出于隐私考虑实现用户个人资料备份是类似的性质,而且脸书的下载还更容易些。 /201505/372853

  The Clepsydra漏壶The clepsydra is an instrument for time calculation in anaent China.The ancient people, upon finding that water in a pottery often leaked out drop by drop, made a pottery kettle with a small hole. Water filling the kettle would leak out through the hole, and another kettle was used to collect the leaking water. A marked arrow, like the dial of todays watch, was placed inside the second kettle through the hole of the kettle lid, floating on top of the water with the support from a bamboo flake or a wooden plate. The keftle was known as an “arrow kettle”.As the water level increased, the arrow also moved upwards,and people could know the exact time through looking at the marks on the arrow.漏壶是中国古代的一种计时工具。最初,人们发现陶器中的水会从裂缝中一滴一滴地漏出来,于是专门制造出一种留有小孔的漏壶,把水注入漏壶内,水便从壶孔中流出来,另外再用一个容器收集漏下来的水。在这个容器内有一根刻有标记的箭杆,相当于现代钟表上显示时刻的钟面,用一个竹片或木块托着箭杆浮在水面上,容器盖的中心开一个小孔,箭杆从盖孔中穿出,这个容器叫做“箭壶”。随着箭壶内收集的水逐渐增多,箭杆也慢慢地往上浮,古人从盖孔处看箭杆上的标记,就能知道具体的时刻。As the clepsydra was passed on from generation to generation, it gradual-ly evolved into a set of four pots. These are placed in order on a four-level wood-en stand, the one on the highest level called the Sun Pot, and below.the Moon Pot, Sfar Pot and Water-receiving Pot, respectively. The Sun Pot, Moon Pot and Star Pot all have an opening at the bottom for water to drop, and the Water-receiving Pot has a gauge inside. The water drops from the Sun Pot into the Moon Pot and then into the Star Pot and at last into the Water-receiving Pot. As more and more water drops into the Wa-ter-receiving Pot, the gauge gradually in-creases with the buoyancy of water. And thus people could tell the time through the scale above the water. The more levels the clepsydra has, the more accurate it is to measure time. Now, the four-level clepsydras of the Yuan and Qing dynasties are preserved respectively in the Muse-um of Chinese History and the Palace Museum in Beijing.漏壶历代相传,由单只逐渐发展成为后来四只一套的漏壶。人们把四只漏壶依次放在一个四级木架上,上面的一只叫日壶,下面的三只分别叫月壶、星壶、授水壶。日壶j月壶、星壶的下面各有一个滴水的铜嘴,授水壶内有一个标尺。水从日壶滴人月壶,再到星壶,最后滴入授水壶。授水壶内的水越来越多,标尺受到水的浮力作用逐渐上升,人们通过标尺浮出水面的刻度,就可以知道时间了。漏壶的级数越多,计时就越准确。现在,在北京的中国历史物馆和故宫物院里还分别保存着元代和清代的四级漏壶,供人们参观。The copper clepsydra is the crystallization of ancient Chinese wisdom and cre-ativeness. It not only tells us how ancient Chinese measured time, but also pro-vides precious materials on the development of science and technology in ancient China.漏壶是中国古人聪明才智的结晶,它不仅告诉了我们古人计时的方法,也留下了中国古代科学技术发晨的宝贵资料。 /201512/410730

  No matter how sharp you are, a new computer program will always win at this type of poker.在纸牌游戏中不管你是个多么厉害的角色,新电脑程序总是会赢过你。The best poker player in the world doesn#39;t have a poker face. In fact - it has no face at all.世界上最好的纸牌玩家没有扑克脸(面无表情),甚至连有没有脸都谈不上。The new poker expert is an algorithm (AL-go-RITH-em), or problem-solving program. Called Cepheus, it has solved one form of this card game. ;Solved,; in this case, means the program knows the game well enough to win against any human.最新纸牌专家是一种演算法,一种叫做Cepheus能解决问题的程序,它已经solved(搞定)了这种纸牌游戏中一种玩法。;solved;在这里指该程序对这个游戏了如指掌,无论和谁比,它都会赢。And this new algorithm may be useful beyond the card table. It can win at poker even without knowing what cards the other players are hiding. That skill may be useful elsewhere. For instance, it might help guide business decisions or predict terrorist attacks. In those circumstances, a decision-maker will seldom have all of the information he or she feels are needed.这种新的改进算法可用于牌桌上。使用这种方法无需知道其他玩家手里的藏牌你就能轻而易举夺冠。此外这项技能也会在应用到其他方面。比如说引导商业决策,预测恐怖袭击等。在这些情况下,一个决策者几乎没有他或她感觉应该所需要的信息。The algorithm is ;a big step toward understanding games that are closer to real-world problems,; says Murray Campbell. This computer scientist works at IBM#39;s Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. Campbell did not work on the new study. He did, however, help develop a computer called Deep Blue. In 1997, it defeated world champion Garry Kasparov at chess.就职于美国约克敦海茨国际商用机器公司托马斯·沃森研究中心的计算机科学家Murray Campbell称能够透彻的了解一个如此接近现实世界问题的游戏,algorithm可谓是个很大的进步。N.Y. Campbell没有参与此次新研究,但他助力开发了一款叫做深蓝的计算机,并于1997年战胜了国际象棋冠军Garry Kasparov。For decades, scientists have been designing computers that can win games. There#39;s even a branch of mathematics - game theory - that focuses on finding the best strategies in competitive situations. And using such strategies, some computers have performed quite well.几十年来,科学家一直致力于开发一款能在游戏方面所向披靡的电脑,甚至还涉及到一大堆数学公式,即弈论,这是一种专注于在竞争情况下找到最好对策的方法,并且很多电脑对于这一策略的运行已经相当出色。But poker is a harder game. Unlike in checkers, poker players cannot see everyone#39;s pieces (or here, cards). Another difference: In checkers, every turn has a best move. But for poker, champs don#39;t always play the same way. To win, a good player might choose to fool his or her opponents, known as bluffing.但纸牌属于更难的游戏。它不像跳棋那么明显,纸牌玩家看不到任何人的牌。另一个不同之处在于:在西洋跳棋中,每一步都会有最好的选择。但对于纸牌玩家来说,厉害角色不总是按套路出牌。如果你想赢,那么你就要学会怎样迷惑对手,学会怎样去唬人。译文属 /201506/383382


  The Gan,shi Classic of the Con,stellation《甘石星经》The Chinese people have paid great attention to astronomical phenome-na since very early times. Meteor showers and solar eclipses which oc-curred as far back as in the Xia Dynasty(2070~1600) are recorded in ancient books, and are thought to be the earliest astronomical accounts in the world. By the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods, astronomy had reached quite a high level of sophistication. Astronomers of the State of Lu obseNed 37 solar eclipl ses, among which 33 have been proved accurate. The earliest record of an ap-pearance by Halley#39;s Comet (613 ) is contained in the chronicle of Lu known as The Spring and Autumn, Annals .中国人很早就注意观察天象。古书上关于夏朝(前2070年~前1600年)时流星雨和日食的记载,是世界天文史上最早的记录。春秋战国时期,天文学已取得了相当高的成就。鲁国的天文学家在对天象的观测中,观测到37次日食,其中33次被明是可靠的。哈雷彗星早在公元前613年鲁国的史书《春秋》就有记载,这是世界上关于哈雷彗星的最早的记录。During this period there appeared specialized works on astronomy.Based on their long-time observa-tion of the celestial phenomena, Gon De of the State of Chu wrote a work titled Astron,omy an,d Astrology in eight volumes, and Shi Shen of the State of Wei wrote his As-tronomy, also in eight volumes. The two works were combined later generations as The Gan,shi Classic of the Con,stellation,s.The earliest astronomical work extant in the world.这一时期还出现了天文学专著。在长期观测天象的基础上,楚国人甘德著《天文星占》八卷,魏国人石申撰写《天文》八卷,后人将它们合为一部,称《甘石星经》,这是世界上现存最早的天文学著作。It recorded the motions of Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn,and the rules dictating their appearances.It also recorded the names of 800 stars,of which the positions of 121 have been pinpointed.Gon De discovered Jupiter s moon with the naked eye, 2,000 years earlier than the Italian astronomer Galileo,who discovered it with an astronomical telescope in 1609. Shi Shen discovered the reason for solar and lunar eclipses. A crater on the moon has been named after Shi Shen.书中记录了水、木、金、火、土五大行星的运行情况以及它们的出没规律。书中还记录了800个恒星的名字,有121个的位置现在已经被测定。甘德还用肉眼发现了木星的卫星,比意大利天文学家伽利略在1609年用天文望远镜发现该星早2000多年。为了纪念石申,月球上有一座环形山就是用他的名字命名的。 /201511/409355

  Xiaomi Inc launched its latest flagship smartphone, the Mi 5, on Wednesday at a press conference in Beijing, with founder Lei Jun saying the company plans to focus this year on making ;exciting; products and winning consumers#39; hearts and wallets.在上周三北京的发布会上,小米公司正式推出了其最新旗舰智能手机小米5。创始人雷军表示,公司计划在今年集中打造“令人兴奋”的产品,以赢得消费者的青睐。Analysts warned, though, that the new device wasn#39;t distinctive enough to help the Beijing-based company regain sales momentum in a hotly competitive market.尽管如此,分析家们却警告称,这款新机器并不能直接帮助这家总部位于北京的公司赢回在竞争激烈的市场上的热销势头。In 2015, Xiaomi shipped nearly 70 million smartphones domestically, up about 14.5 percent from the previous year, retaining the No.1 position in China#39;s smartphone market with a 15 percent share, according to a report issued by US-based market consultancy Strategy Analytics in late January.根据美国市场研究公司策略分析1月下旬发布的报告显示,2015年小米智能手机国内出货量近7000万,较上年同期增长约14.5%,并以15%的市场份额的优势稳居中国智能手机市场销量第一名。However, Xiaomi#39;s shipments in 2015 fell significantly short of its target and raised doubts over the prospects of the Chinese tech start-up in a cut-throat battleground. The company had aimed to ship 80 million to 100 million handsets last year.然而,2015年小米的出货量在还未达到制定的目标时就出现大幅度下跌,这不免引起了人们对中国科技初创企业在激烈的市场中前景的质疑。去年该公司的目标是销售8000万至1亿部手机。By contrast, domestic rival Huawei Technologies Co, which woos consumers around the world with both high-end and low-cost models, disclosed in early January that it had shipped 108 million smartphones globally in 2015, up 44 percent from 2014.相比之下,该公司的国内竞争对手华为技术有限公司,面向世界各地出售高端低成本智能机,赢得了消费者的广泛持。2015年1月初该公司已向全球出货1亿800万部智能手机,同比2014年增长了44%。Liu Dingding, an industry analyst with Beijing-based market research firm Sootoo, wasn#39;t very optimistic about the prospects of the Mi 5. ;The new smartphone is ?well-spec#39;d but shows no distinctive differences from its domestic comparatives,; Liu told the Global Times on Wednesday.北京市场研究公司速途网的行业分析师刘丁丁表示,他并不看好小米5的发展前景。刘先生于周三接受环球时报采访时表示:“尽管新的智能手机配置很好,但它与国内同类商品相比较并无明显差异”。Xiaomi will confront a tough year in 2016 in the face of increasingly strong Chinese competitors with respect to specifications and prices, Liu noted.刘丁丁指出,2016年将是小米最艰难的一年,它将面对因技术和价格优势而日益强大的中国竞争对手。Wang Yanhui, head of the Shanghai-based Mobile China Alliance, told the Global Times on Wednesday that the Mi 5#39;s product positioning is almost the same as that of the Mi 4, so the new model is unlikely to fare much better than the Mi 4 in the market.总部位于上海的手机中国联盟负责人王艳辉周三对环球时报表示,小米5的产品定位几乎与小米4一样,所以这一新的设备不可能比小米4销售得更好。The 5.2-inch Mi 5 model is priced at 1,999 yuan to 2,699 yuan, available both on its own online marketplace and at more than 1,000 brick-and-mortar stores of domestic home appliance retailer Suning Commerce Group Co in March.5.2英寸的小米5售价为1999至2699元,3月份将在自己的网上市场和1000多家国内家电零售商--苏宁商务集团有限公司的实体店出售。 /201603/428850


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