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Twenty-Five 仲裁 Part One 721 We should settle the dispute through negotiations without resorting to legal proceeding. 我们应该通过促裁解决争议而非法律途径722.We prefer to resolve disputes by amicable , nonbonding conciliation between two parites. 我们宁愿双方以友好、互相谅解地解决争议723.As a matter of fact most disputes can be settled in a friendly way, with a view to developing a long-term relationship. 事实上大多争议可以友好的方式解决,要着眼于长期发展的关系724.All disputes in connection with this contract shall be settled through friendly negotiation. 所有有关合同的争议应友好商议725.Personally I should say it’s so much better to resolve the dispute through friendly negotiations between ourselves. 就个人而言,我们双方通过友好商议解决争议更佳726.Friendly negotiation is the best way to settle the dispute between us if there is any. 若有争议,友好协议是双方解决争议的最好方式727.Where do you want to have arbitration held? 你想利用促裁?728.As far as the place for arbitration is concerned, the customary practice is to hold arbitration in the country of defendant. 只要是地方促裁,根据惯例仲裁要在被告方国家举行729.If we submit the case for arbitration, the place for arbitration is to be in Japan and if you submit the case for arbitration , the place for arbitration is to be in China. 若我们答应仲裁,仲裁地要在日本;若你方接受仲裁,促裁地要在中国730.If the buyer is the plaintiff , the arbitration shall take place in Beijing. 若买方为原告,促裁应在北京举行731.The members of this arbitration association are professionally competent, and in a position to arbitration that sort of case arising from the quality inspection of the medical equipment. 这个仲裁协会的会员专业能干,并在因医疗设备质量检验引起的各种促裁享有盛誉732.Generally speaking, all the fee for arbitration shall be borne by the losing party unless otherwise awarded by the court. 一般来讲,所有的促裁费用就由败诉方买单,除非法院判决733.the decision made by the arbitration commission shall be accepted as final and binding upon both parties. 仲裁委员会做出的决定应为最终并对双方有约束力734.The losing party shall bear the cost for arbitration according to the contract. 根据合同败诉方应承担仲裁费用735.We require you to compensate us with an amount of losses totaling £748,000 caused by your failure to execute the contract and with all the expenses arising from this arbitration. 我方要求你方赔偿因你方未履行合和所有仲裁费用,共计748,000美金Part Two 736.If any dispute should arise over the inspection, we may submit it for arbitration. 如果因检验引起的任何争议,我们可接受仲裁737.If you are not prepare to compensate our loss, we suggest that case be submitted for arbitration. 若你们不赔偿我方损失,我们建议提交仲裁738.The dispute shall be submitted for arbitration by a mutually nominated arbitrator. 争议应由双方提名的仲裁者来仲裁739.We may discuss to agree upon a temporary arbitral body when needed. 需要时我们讨论同意成立一个临时的仲裁委员会740.If no settlement can be reached between the two parties , the case under dispute shall be submitted to the third party accepted by both parties for arbitration. 如果双方无法达成一致,争议应交与双方接受的第三方仲裁741.In case of any dispute, and no settlement can be reached through friendly negotiations, then we can submit the case to an international arbitration organization for arbitration. 在任何争议不能通过友好协商解决时,我们就将争议交与国际种裁组织742. It’s better to submit the case for arbitration to a temporary arbitration court. 将争议交与临时仲裁法庭更易于接受743.We think that the court consisting of arbitrators from both sides must be fair and able to handle the dispute without bias or partiality. 我们认为双方的仲裁人员必须公平,没有偏见或偏爱来处理争议744. Since this dispute is not negotiable , it is necessary to resort to abitration. 既然争议不能协议,有必要将其诉诸仲裁745. If you don’t accept our propositions, we might submit the matter to arbitration. 若你方不接受我方的建议,我们可能将事端交与仲裁746.We should include an arbitration clause in the contract. 我们应在合同中写明包括仲裁条款747.You needn’t worry about that. There is an arbitration clause in the contract. 你不必为此过虑,合同中有仲裁条款748.Shall we discuss the arbitration clause now? 我们现在可以讨论仲裁条款吗749.It’s the best to attempt to settle disputes without involving arbitration. 我们应尽最大努力解决争议而不含仲裁750.We are now applying formally to the arbitration commission for arbitration of this dispute. 我们现在正式向仲裁委员会就此争议仲裁 /200812/12199

How would you like to have the change?您要换成什么样的零钱?How much money do you want to change?您想换多少钱?Would you like to change it into tens and fives?您要把这钱换成十元和五元的吗?Here are one hundred in tens and two hundred in fives.这是十元面值的共一百元,五元面值的共两百元。Do you mean you want to change these ten-yuan bills into one-hundred-yuan bills?您是说要把这些十元的换成一百元的吗?Do you mean you want to change these fifty-yuan notes into twenty-yuan notes?您是要把这些五十元面值的换成二十元面值的吗?Sorry, we are out of small bills.对不起,我们没有小面值的钞票了。Is it OK if I give you 5 ten-yuan bills?我可以给您五张十块钱的吗?Heres your money in coins.这是给您兑换的硬币。We dont charge for the handling.我们不收手续费。Changing Money for a Customer为客户换零钱Good morning, maam.早上好,太太。Good morning.早上好。What can I do for you?有什么需要帮忙的吗?Id like to change these ten-yuan notes into hundred-yuan notes for my business trip.我想把这些十元的钞票换成百元的钞票,我出差时要用。All right. How much do you want to change?好的。您想换多少钱?Ive got ten thousand renminbi. Here you are. Please count it or me to make sure.我有一万元人民币。给你,请帮我数一下并确认数目。Yes, maam. Please be seated and wait for a little while. Ill handle it right now for you. Ill call you as soon as everything is finished.好的,太太。请坐下稍等一会儿,我马上给您办理。我一办好就会叫您的。Thank you.谢谢。OK. Here is your money in one-hundred-yuan notes. Please check it.好了。这是您的钱,一百元面值的钞票。请数一下。The sum is correct. Thank you very much.数目正确。非常感谢。Its my pleasure.很高兴能为您务。 /201404/285607

  maladroit -------- 拙劣的(形容词,法语)英文释义 (adjective, FRENCH) Clumsy; inappropriate.例句 My belligerent brother seldom gets invited to parties because he always makes quite maladroit comments about the music, the food, and the party hosts.我的咄咄逼人的兄弟很少被邀请参加聚会,因为他总是对音乐、食物和聚会的主办人发表非常拙劣的。 /201504/369505

  I have bigger fish to fry.我有更重要的事情要做。have bigger fish to fry字面意思是:“要油炸更大的鱼”,在英语口语中fish这个词常常喻指人或者东西,这个习语常用在非正式场合中,其引申含义是:“我有更重要的事情要办”。因此,当美国人说;I have bigger fish to fry.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;I have something more important to do.;、;I am tied up with something more important.;情景对白:Terry: Buddy, I have to meet a client this afternoon. Will you come with me?泰瑞:伙计,我今天下午要去见一位客户,你和我一起去怎么样啊?Benjamin: Sorry, I have bigger fish to fry. I have to prepare for tomorrows conference.本杰明:真抱歉。我有更重要的事要做,我得准备明天的会议。搭配句积累:①Why not join us to go out for a picnic?为何不和我们一起去郊游呢?②I wont waste time on your question.我不想把时间浪费在你的问题上。③I cant get away to help you.我走不开,不能给你帮忙了。④I wont sit here and chat with you any longer.我不能再继续坐在这儿和你闲聊了。单词:1. fry vt. 油炸Fry the bcrumbs until golden brown.把面包屑炸成金褐色为止。I always fry potatoes in hot fat with a bit of onion.我总是用热油炸土豆并且加些洋葱。Take her to your bedroom, and let me fry the chicken for you.把她带到你的卧室里去,我来替你炸鸡块。2. tie up (工作等)缠住某人,使不能脱身Hes tied up with his new book. Hes working hard, you know...他正忙他那本新书。他在辛勤工作,您是知道的。More and more old people have capital tied up in a house.越来越多老年人的资金全让房子给套牢了。They were inextricably tied up with feudal forces.他们和封建势力有千丝万缕的联系。 /201301/223128。


  Your application shows you have been with one company a long time without any appreciable increase in rank or salary.Tell me about this.从你的简历来看,你曾经长期待在一家公司,但没有得到多少晋升或加薪,能否请你说明一下情况?I work for a small company and I have gone as far as I possibly can there.我在一家小公司工作。在那里,我已经做到了我能做的最高职位。My employer cannot offer me a higher or pay.老板无法再给我提供更高的职位或薪水。It seemed time for me to join a larger company that can provide me with greater challenges.所以,我想我似乎应该进入一家能够给我提供更大挑战的公司了。 /201310/259392South Korea swung into election mode on Monday, a day after disgraced former leader Park Geun-hye departed from the presidential Blue House in Seoul.韩国周一进入大选模式,一天前,名誉受损的前总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)离开首尔的总统官邸青瓦Blue House)。Her ouster by the country’s top court on Friday set in motion a new presidential election cycle, with polls expected on May 9.韩国最高法院上周五罢免朴槿惠之举,启动了新的总统选举周期,预计大选将日举行。The race looks set to be dominated by Moon Jae-in, a former human rights lawyer from the opposition Democratic party, who has pledged to revisit the deployment of a US missile shield that has triggered growing tensions with China.此次大选看上去将由前人权律师、来自反对党共同民主Democratic party)的文在寅(Moon Jae-in,见上图)主宰,他承诺将重新评估美国导弹防御系统的部署问题,该系统的部署导致韩国与中国的紧张关系加剧。Meanwhile, South Korea’s ruling Liberty Korea party, for years a bulwark of conservatism in the east Asian nation, has found itself leaderless and in disarray.与此同时,韩国执政党自由韩国Liberty Korea party)发现自己失去领袖,处于混乱状态。多年来,该党在这个东亚国家一直是保守主义的壁垒。The election comes at a critical juncture for South Korea, with many citizens believing the impeachment of Ms Park for alleged corruption and influence-peddling will pave the way for reform in the graft-ridden nation.此次大选正值韩国走到一个关键路口,很多公民认为朴槿惠因涉嫌腐败和以权谋私遭到弹劾,将为这个腐败猖獗的国家推行改革铺平道路。As she was departing the presidential residence late on Sunday, Ms Park struck a defiant tone in her first public statement since the impeachment verdict, saying “the truth will be definitely unearthed在上周日晚离开总统官邸时,朴槿惠在弹劾裁决之后首次公开发表言论时表现出不屈,称“真相肯定会水落石出”。Ms Park was ousted after weeks of mass protests prompted a parliamentary impeachment vote, which on Friday was upheld by the constitutional court.在朴槿惠被罢免之前,为期数周的大规模抗议导致议会举行弹劾投票,上周五韩国宪法法院维持了投票结果。From her private home in Seoul’s prosperous Gangnam district, she now awaits likely prosecution for alleged bribery and influence-peddling involving her long-time “shaman adviserChoi Soon-sil.朴槿惠目前住在首尔富人区江南地区的私宅,她现在等待着可能会因涉嫌受贿和以权谋私被提起公诉,这些罪名涉及她长期的“萨满顾问”崔顺实(Choi Soon-sil)。来 /201703/498497第一句:Mr. Brown, we feel greatly regretful that we cant supply the goods you order.布朗先生,很遗憾我们无法提供订单上的货物。A: Mr. Brown, we feel greatly regretful that we cant supply the goods you order.布朗先生,很遗憾我们无法提供订单上的货物。B: Oh, why?噢,为什么呢?A: It is impossible for us to supply 3000 sets for the time being.我们不能在既定的时间内给您发3000台。第二句:We regret that owning to the shortage of stocks are unable to fill your order.很遗憾,由于库存不足我们无法满足您的订单。A: We regret that owning to the shortage of stocks are unable to fill your order.很遗憾,由于库存不足我们无法满足您的订单。B: How about we reduce the quantity?我们减少数量怎么样?A: 1500 is OK.1500台还可以。B: Can you send 1500 now and the other 1500 sets later?那你方可否先发1500台,其余的1500台日后再发?其他表达法:如果卖方无法提供买方所需的货物,可以考虑向买方推荐其他代替品,而不要让客源轻易流走。It is hard for us to supply the amount you need.我们很难提供您要求的数量。 /201211/207856

  crepuscular------黄昏的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing the dim, partial light between day and night; twilight.例句 An ominous wind blew the leafless branches of the graveyards somber trees against the cold, crepuscular sky.寒冷、昏暗的天空下,不祥的风吹动着墓地灰色琥珀树的光秃秃的树枝。 /201410/334655(一):What is it that you want to say?您想说什么?What is it that you want to say?您想说什么?At a word, the cost is too high.简而言之,成本太高。What do you mean by...?Could you explain what you mean by that?(二):If you dorfl nnfnd, well leave questions to the end.如果您不介意,我们将把提问放在最后。If you don’t mind, we’ll leave questions to the end.如果您不介意,我们将把提问放在最后。Theres no problem.没问题。Now it’s time for today’s question.现在是今天的提问时间。There will be a few minutes for questions.将会有几分钟的提问时间。 /201412/347944

  Abrupt appointment未约定的拜访A:Good moming!May I help you?A:早上好!有什么为您效劳的么?B:Good morning! Is Mr. Smith in?Im Cheng Jun from China National Petroleum Corporation. Id like to see him.B:早上好!请问史密斯先生在么?我是中石油的程军,我想见他.A:Do you have an appointment with Mr. Smith?A:您和史密斯先生有预约么?B:Amm.No.I have an urgency to talk with him.B:没有,我有紧急事情要和他谈谈。A:Wait a moment, please. Ill tell his secretary that you are here.A:等一下。我告诉他的秘书你来了 。B:Thank you.B:谢谢!A:Im sorry. He is holding a meeting till ten oclock.A:抱歉,史密斯先生正在开会,得到十点会议才结束。B:Its nine oclock now. And I wait for him.B:现在是九点,我等他好了。 /201509/397713


  We will be up the creek.我们会遇上麻烦的。up the creek字面意思是:“沿着小溪往上走”,早些时候美国人喜欢旅行时沿着河道漫步,由于不容易分清楚主流和流,就常常会走到流尽头的沼泽地,发现时为时已晚。所以这个习语的正确意思就是:“陷入困境,遭遇困难”。因此,当美国人说;We will be up the creek.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;We will get into trouble.;、;We will get into hot water.;、;Things may become unfavorable to us.;。情景对白:Terry: Though there is a little flaw in our design, it may have no impact on the quality of our product.泰瑞:尽管我们的设计还存在一点缺陷,但是这未必会影响我们的产品质量。Benjamin: No, it is anyones guess. We should fix this problem, or we will be up the creek.本杰明:不,这谁也说不准。我们得解决这个问题,不然我们会遇上麻烦的。搭配句积累:①If you do not speed up to solve this problem, things will be worse.如果你还不赶快解决这个问题的话,事情会变得更糟的。②Our biggest cooperative partner will file for bankruptcy.我们最大的合作伙伴要申请破产了。③If I stick to your plan, what happen?如果我坚持你的方案,会怎么样呢?④Because of lacking capital, we are forced to suspend some important projects.由于缺乏资金,我们被迫中止一些重要项目。单词:1. creek n. 小溪Follow Austin Creek for a few miles.沿着奥斯汀河走上几英里。A creek winds through the woods.一条小河从树林里蜿蜒流过。2. unfavorable adj. 不顺利的Through great efforts we have finished the task under conditions, which are very unfavorable to us.通过不懈努力,我们已经在极为不利的条件下完成了此项任务。I am surprised you got an unfavorable impression of him.我很惊讶你对他印象不佳。3. suspend vt. 延缓,使暂停The union suspended strike action this week...这周工会暂停了罢工。A UN official said aid programs will be suspended until theres adequate protection for relief convoys.一名联合国官员说将会暂停援助项目,直到援助车队能够得到充分的保护为止。 /201303/231540

  第一句: Maybe we can try that one day.也许我们某天也可以尝试一下。A:British people are always famous for their conservative nature.英国人因他们的保守而闻名。B:Nevertheless, they also have some interesting ways to enjoy themselves, such as club life.也不尽然,他们也有有趣的方式来放松,比如俱乐部生活。A:Oh, really.哦,真的啊。B:Yes. Maybe we can try that one day.是的。也许我们某天也可以尝试一下。 第二句: Why not have a cup of coffee with me?一起喝咖啡如何?A: Whats Club life?俱乐部生活是什么?B: Club life started with coffee drinking, which began around 1650.大概从1650年开始,人们以喝咖啡开始俱乐部生活。A: Oh, thats nice.哦,那真好。B: Yes. Why not have a cup of coffee with me?是的,一起喝咖啡如何? 其他表达法:Do you feel like something to drink?你想喝点什么?Do you serve anything else besides drinks?除饮料之外,你们还提供什么吗? /201304/233085


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