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深圳盐田区人民医院隆胸多少钱宝安区做处女膜修复多少钱7.Chess Therapy7.国际象棋疗法Sometimes healing is best done in the company of kings and queens. Patients get clear about their feelings in chess therapy, a technique used to reach patients who have trouble communicating verbally. The idea of using board games to help patients learn problem-solving skills was first used by Persian scholar Rhazes (AD 852–932) during his tenure as chief physician at a Baghdad hospital. Since then, the game of chess has been used to represent real-life problems, allowing patients to explore skills like conflict resolution and decision making.有时国王和王后的陪伴能实现最佳治疗效果。患者很清楚自己在国际象棋疗法中获得的感受,该疗法用于影响那些口头沟通有障碍的患者。利用棋牌游戏帮助患者学习解决问题的技巧,最初是波斯学者拉齐(公元852–932)在巴格达一家医院担任主任医师期间使用过。此后,国际象棋的游戏被用来代表现实问题,从而使患者有机会探索解决冲突和做出决策的技能。One case study reports that chess was an excellent outlet for a 16-year-old boy with schizoid personality disorder who felt emotionally isolated from other people. While he struggled to form relationships, playing chess helped him see his therapist as a partner and confidant. As therapy went on, he felt safe sharing his feelings, all during the banter of discussing his next move.一个案例研究报告显示,对于一个患有分裂性人格障碍并在感情上与他人隔绝的16岁男孩而言,国际象棋是绝佳的发泄渠道。虽然他努力建立关系,下棋让他把治疗师视为合作伙伴和知己。随着治疗的推移,他分享感受时感到很安全,一切都融入了讨论他下一步棋的轻松氛围。Rooks and pawns allow patients to act out fantasies and explore impulses. Simply questioning why the patient has decided to move a piece in a certain way might give way to conversation about a bigger issue.车和卒让患者表现出幻想并且探索冲动。只关心为什么患者决定以某种方式移动一枚棋子的问题,应该让位于讨论更重大的内容。6.Wilderness Therapy6.荒野疗法When the campsite is set up and the fire is lit, the doctor is in. Wilderness therapy is a successful, and sometimes controversial, way to help troubled youth by teaching life and social skills on the hiking trail. Intensive group therapy and one-on-one sessions are coupled with outdoor activities like mountain climbing and fly-fishing to teach self-reliance and responsibility. Programs promise to reform even the most wayward of offenders, including juvenile delinquents and teens with depression, anger management issues, or eating disorders.当露营地搭建完毕,篝火已经点燃时,医生的作用就开始显现了。荒野疗法是一种通过在远足途中传授生活经验和社交技巧来帮助内心有困扰的年轻人的方法,这种方法很成功但有时候也具争议。密集的集体治疗和一对一治疗总是与室外活动一起进行,比如爬山和假蝇钓鱼(译者注:指用假苍蝇钓鱼的技巧或运动,流行于欧美)可以教会人们自立和负责任。这些活动甚至可以改变异常任性而不守规矩的人,包括青少年罪犯和患有抑郁症、情绪管理有问题或者饮食失调的青年。While wilderness therapy can be effective, certain methods have come under fire for using unethical, and sometimes downright abusive, techniques to help struggling youth. Wilderness programs are loosely regulated, so not all programs are staffed by qualified professionals. Upon closer examination, some ;therapy; groups seemed to be just military-style boot camps with little mental health benefit.虽然荒野疗法可以达到预期效果,但是运用不道德的方法,有时甚至是残忍的方法来帮助苦苦挣扎的年轻人,这遭到了强烈指责。由于荒野治疗项目监管不严,导致并不是所有的项目活动都是由专业人员来开展。最近的项目检查结果表明,一些治疗小组似乎就是军事化训练营地,实际上对心理健康几乎毫无益处。Most famous for his controversial wilderness therapy programs is Steve Cartisano, founder of the Challenger Foundation and several other programs throughout the US and South America. Cartisano faced negligent homicide charges when two teens died during excursions that he was supervising. Although he has been acquitted of that charge, a string of abuse allegations have followed him wherever he sets up shop. He maintains his innocence and his dedication to helping youth, but his whereabouts are currently unknown.史蒂夫·卡迪萨诺(Steve Cartisano)因颇具争议的荒野治疗项目而出名,他创立了;挑战者基金会;(Challenger Foundation)和美国、南美地区其他一些项目。卡迪萨诺被指控因疏忽而杀人,因为在他监管下的两个少年死于远程旅行。尽管最后他被宣判无罪释放,但是无论他到哪里去开店,一系列的辩解都会笼罩他的左右。他继续保持清白并努力帮助青少年,但是他的行踪目前无人知晓。Even legitimate wilderness therapy groups have been criticized for partnering with teen escort companies to forcibly remove unwilling participants from their homes to attend the program. While controversy and risk exist, wilderness therapy might be a creative way to teach life skills when other methods have failed.即便是合法的荒野理疗小组也受到过批评,因为他们与一些少年托运公司合作,强制那些不愿参加他们项目的人离开家去参加他们的项目。尽管存在争议和风险,当其他方法不管用时,荒野疗法可能是一种即可以传授生活技巧而又颇具创意的方法了。5.Hypnotherapy5.催眠疗法Hypnotism might seem like a magic trick, but it actually has the power to help people break into their subconscious to get to the cause of their problems, like smoking or overeating. Hypnotherapy helps patients change unwanted behaviors with suggestions of new behavior patterns during guided meditation sessions.催眠理疗法就像具有魔法的花招一样,但是它确实可以帮助人们进入潜意识并且找到问题的原因,像抽烟和过度饮食这一类问题那样。在冥想过程中,催眠疗法帮助患者改变他们讨厌的行为,并给予他们不同行为方式的建议。The feeling of ;zoning out,; such as while driving long distance or lying on the beach, is what a hypnotic state feels like. While hypnotized, the patient is not asleep, but rather extremely relaxed and sensitive to suggestion. Psychotherapists who use this method believe that while hypnotized, a patient can uncover subconscious negativity and replace it with new ways of thinking or feeling.;走出来;的感觉——长时间开车或者躺在沙滩上的感觉与催眠状态下的感觉一样。被催眠后,患者并没有睡着,他们对一些建议表现得极度放松和敏感。使用这种理疗方法的理疗师认为,当实施催眠术时,病人会暴露自己潜意识里的消极之处,并且会用新的想法或者感觉取代它。Skilled hypnotherapists begin the process with a relaxation exercise to clear the mind and to release tension. (Think of the classic line, ;You#39;re getting very sleepy.;) From there, the hypnotist expertly guides the patient through suggestions to solve the problem, like choosing healthier snacks or eating smaller portions to lose weight. The brain, much like a sponge in this moment, will supposedly start to incorporate those recommendations into new patterns of thought.经验丰富的催眠师刚开始都会让患者做些放松的活动来清醒大脑,释放压力。(想想经典的台词,你会变得睡意朦胧)之后,催眠师会给病人一些建议来指导他们解决一些问题,比如选择更健康的小吃或者吃少一点来减肥。大脑在此刻就像一块海绵,它开始吸收这些建议然后转变成新的思维模式。Hypnotherapy is meant to be used alongside regular talk therapy and not just on its own. Patients can even learn to hypnotize themselves to find stress relief on their own.催眠疗法意味着,长时间有规律的说话治疗并不是单单靠催眠。病人甚至可以学着自己对自己实施催眠术来解压。4.Sandplay Therapy4.箱庭疗法Building sand castles is fun in the summertime and may have therapeutic value, too. Much like chess therapy, sandplay therapy offers those with trouble communicating the chance to share their feelings by designing scenarios with figurines in sand trays. Children, and sometimes adults, relay their feelings through expressive creations without ever having to speak a word.夏日堆沙堡,既有趣又有治疗作用。箱庭疗法和象棋疗法相似:有交流障碍的人可以用沙盘里的小模型设计不同场景,这为他们提供了分享情感的机会。不光是孩子,成人也可以一言不发,通过沙盘设计表达自己的情感。Inspired by the teachings of Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist Dora Kalff developed the sandplay technique to communicate with patients who might have difficulty sharing their feelings as a result of trauma or abuse. Patients are provided with trays of sand and a variety of figurines. They are instructed to create stories about the toys and the patterns of play that emerge can often mirror real problems in the patient#39;s life.箱庭疗法,用于治疗那些因精神创伤或者虐待而有情感表达障碍的患者,是瑞士精神分析学家卡尔夫基于荣格的思想而发展的一项心理疗法。患者会得到一些沙盘和形态各异的小雕塑,在治疗师的指导下给玩具编造一些故事,而这些故事脚本往往都会反应他们在现实生活中遇到的难题。Therapists are trained to pick up on those symbols. When a child makes adult figures act aggressively while child figures behave anxiously, the therapist might ask the child to explain why older people are mean to little kids. A conversation about the toys might give way to sharing details of an abusive parent. While discussing trauma or abuse can be difficult, the playfulness of the sand sets the stage for healing conversation to take place.治疗师经过训练要掌握以下技巧。当孩子的言行惹怒家长,而孩子表现出焦虑时,治疗师可以引导孩子说说;为什么成人会对孩子如此刻薄;。与其谈论玩具,不如聊聊父母虐待的细节。直接聊痛苦或虐待的事可能不会顺利,但有了箱庭疗法,心理治疗就有了谈话治疗的平台。审校:Amy.L 编辑:Freya然 校对:落花生 /201507/385499深圳北大医院整形美容中心 Anthropologists exploring a cave in Israel have uncovered a rare 55,000-year-old skull fossil that they say has a story to tell of a reverberating transition in human evolution, at a point when and where some early humans were moving out of Africa and apparently interbreeding with Neanderthals.古人类学家在以色列探索一座洞穴时发现了一枚5.5万年前的头骨化石,他们认为,这只头骨揭示了人类进化史上一次意义深远的转变。那是在早期人类离开非洲的时候,并且在大迁徙中可能与尼安德特人发生了混血。The story is of when the Levant was a corridor for anatomically modern humans who were expanding out of Africa and then across Eurasia, replacing all other forms of early human-related species. Given the scarcity of human fossils from that time, scholars say, these ancestors of present-day non-African populations had remained largely enigmatic.当时,黎凡特地带是一条迁徙走廊,解剖学意义上的现代人从这里走出非洲,走向亚欧大陆,取代了其他所有的早期类人物种。学者说,那个年代遗留下来的人类化石很少,因此,今天非洲以外人类的祖先的情况仍然是个谜。From the new fossil find, which could be closely related to the first modern humans to colonize Stone Age Europe, it appears that these people aly had physical traits a bit different from the Africans they were leaving behind and many other human inhabitants along the corridor.最近发现的这具化石可能与石器时代移民欧洲的第一批人类关系很近,从化石来看,这群人已经具备了一些特征,与当时留在非洲大陆的人类、以及黎凡特走廊沿线其他人类颇不相同。Could this support recent genetic evidence that modern Homo sapiens and their Neanderthal cousins interbred, perhaps in the Middle East and most likely between 65,000 and 47,000 years ago? The discovery team urged caution on the interbreeding issue, but noted anatomical features of the cranium suggesting that some human-Neanderthal mixture had presumably occurred before any encounters in Europe and Asia.近来有基因据表明,现代智人可能在中东地区与他们的近亲尼安德特人交配,时间大约是6.5万到4.7万年间。这具化石是否持了这种基因据?发掘小组的科学家强调在交配假说的问题上需要慎重,但指出,头盖骨的解剖学特征表明,一些智人与尼安德特人混合的迹象可能在这两种人在欧洲和亚洲相遇前,就已经出现了。The discovery in Manot Cave in western Galilee, made in 2008 and subjected to years of rigorous analysis, was reported on Wednesday in the journal Nature by an international team of researchers led by Israel Hershkovitz of Tel Aviv University. They said this was “the first fossil evidence from the critical period when genetic and archaeological models predict that African modern humans successfully migrated out of Africa and colonized Eurasia.”在加利利西部马诺特洞穴(Manot Cave)发现的化石是2008年出土的,经过了多年严谨的分析。研究结果由一个多国科学家组成的科研小组于周三发表在《自然》杂志上,他们的领队是特拉维夫大学的伊斯拉埃尔·赫什科维茨(Israel Hershkovitz)。他们说,这是“来自一个关键历史时期的第一份化石据,基因和考古模型已经预言,非洲现代人类就是在那个时期成功走出非洲,在欧亚大陆定居的”。The researchers further concluded that the Manot specimen “provides important clues about the morphology of modern humans in close chronological proximity to a probable interbreeding event with Neanderthals.” They also noted that the shape of the cranium established this as a fully modern human at a time when warmer and wetter conditions were favorable for human migration out of Africa.研究者还进一步得出结论,认为马诺特标本“为现代人类在与尼安德特人发生可能的交配活动前后的形态学特征提供了重要线索”。他们又说,这枚头盖骨经明属于一个完全意义上的现代人;当时相对更温暖湿润的气候有利于人类走出非洲。In other words, Dr. Hershkovitz said in an interview, the Manot cranium “is the missing connection between African and European populations.”换言之,马诺特头盖骨“是非洲人类和欧洲人类之间缺失的中间环节”,赫什科维茨接受采访时说。Scientists not involved with the research team praised the “fascinating new fossil” and the cautious interpretation of its broader implications in understanding the early migrations into Eurasia. “This fossil fits previous predictions,” said Eric Delson, a paleoanthropologist at Lehman College of the City University of New York, “which is a nice rarity in our field.”未参与这个研究项目的科学家赞扬了这块“奇妙的新化石”的发现,以及关于它对理解人类进入亚欧大陆过程的意义的谨慎解读。“这块化石与此前的预言吻合,这在我们这个学科领域,是少有的,”纽约市立大学李曼学院的古人类学家埃里克·戴尔森(Eric Delson)说。Dr. Delson, also a researcher at the American Museum of Natural History, added, “As always, we want more fossils to document variations in and details about this presumed fossil population.”戴尔森还是美国自然历史物馆的研究员,他补充说:“我们总是希望获得更多化石样本,以便记录这个可能存在的群体的变异和有关他们的详细情况。”In an email, Dr. Delson praised the journal authors “for hitting the mark with their analyses and interpretations, reaching all the possible conclusions one could think of: The partial skull combines a basically modern human form with a few features also found in Neanderthals.” In addition, he pointed out, the analysis “supports the similarity of its shapes” to those of modern Africans and early modern humans from Europe, such as the Cro-Magnons.戴尔森在电子邮件中赞扬论文作者的“分析和解读十分恰当,得出了我们能想像得到的所有结论:这块头骨既有现代人类的基本特征,也有一些尼安德特人的特征”。此外,他也指出,他们的分析“可以持头骨形状近似”现代非洲人和早期欧洲人——比如克罗马侬人——的事实。The partial skull, designated Manot 1, is of a fairly small adult individual, its sex undetermined. The distinctive bunlike shape at the base of the skull resembles modern African and European skulls but differs from other anatomically modern humans from the Levant, and is thus a strong clue that these were among the first humans to settle Europe, scientists said.这块头盖骨被命名为马诺特1号,属于一个身材较小的成年人,性别待定。颅骨基部明显的髻状突起接近现代非洲人和欧洲人,但有别于其他在黎凡特地带发现的现代人种,因此强有力地暗示着,这可能是早期进入欧洲的人类。Dr. Delson agreed that the evidence “makes it possible that this individual is (or is descended from) a ‘hybrid’ between modern humans and Neanderthals, but as the authors note, such a conclusion cannot be reached from a single fossil, especially as hybrids between species of modern primates usually have some genetically related anatomical oddities.”戴尔森同意,这些据“可能说明这个人是现代人与尼安德特人的混血(或其后代)。但正如论文作者所说的,不能从一块化石就得出这样的结论,特别是考虑到现代灵长类动物的跨物种混血后代往往都存在某些遗传上的解剖学异常”。One concern is that the fossil skull is fairly small, with a somewhat lower braincase capacity than in modern humans. With only one specimen, it is hard to know whether this is normal for the general population, scientists said. And Dr. Delson said it would be interesting to test for DNA in the skull to support its possible hybrid status in a time of overlapping modern human-Neanderthal populations when early humans were making their way, as he phrased it, to “that small zoological backwater of Eurasia known as Europe.”顾虑之一,是这件颅骨化石相对较小,脑容量比现代人小。因为只有一件化石标本,科学家很难判断,这是不是这个群体的普遍特征。戴尔森说,如果能检测头骨的DNA,从而实这的确是现代人与尼安德特人共存时代的一个混血人种,那将是很诱人的。他说,“今天所谓的欧洲,是亚欧大陆物种进化的一个小流”。Excavations at Manot Cave are expected to continue through at least 2020, searching deeper for more fossils and artifacts from the migrating people. Israel, Dr. Hershkovitz said, “is like a Swiss cheese, lots of caves everywhere.”在马诺特洞穴的挖掘预计将至少持续到2020年,更加深入地寻找更多迁徙人类留下来的化石和器物。赫什科维茨说,以色列就像“一块瑞士奶酪,到处都是窟窿”。Several caves in the vicinity of Manot were occupied for long times by Neanderthals between 65,000 and 50,000 years ago. In this respect, Dr. Hershkovitz said, Manot is an excellent place to search for possible hybrids, but they may be difficult to recognize from surface features. “Only DNA study will solve the problem,” he said.马诺特洞穴附近的一些洞穴,在6.5到5万年前,长期被尼安德特人栖居。考虑到这一点,赫什科维茨说,马诺特是寻找混血人种的理想场所,但从表面特征上,可能很难识别。“只有DNA研究能给我们,”他说。 /201502/360790It happened in the blink of an eye. The waters around Manhattan rose more than three feet. Low-lying areas along the Hudson and East Rivers were swamped. It was Hurricane Sandy all over again, but this time, the high water was here to stay, and it would only continue to rise.眨眼间,曼哈顿周围的河水就涨了三英尺多高,淹没了哈德逊河和东河沿岸的低地。这仿佛又是飓风“桑迪”(Hurricane Sandy)的情景,不过这一次猛涨的河水不仅没有退去,还只会继续上涨。Miranda Massie did what anyone sane person would do in this situation. She fled to New Jersey. Her hand manipulated the virtual reality device at the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change in Hong Kong, and the newly inundated New York City was left behind for the relative dryness of Paramus. Or was it Hackensack?米兰达·马西(Miranda Massie)在此时做了一件任何一个理智的人都会做的事情,那就是逃往新泽西。她在香港赛马会气候变化物馆(Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change),用手操作着虚拟现实仪器,刚刚纽约市洪水泛滥的场景瞬间变成了帕拉默斯(Paramus)相对干燥的场景。还是说,那里其实是哈肯萨克(Hackensack)?Ms. Massie was in Hong Kong to visit what she says is the world’s only museum specifically devoted to an issue that many people, including herself, view as the most pressing one facing humankind. She’s the executive director of the Climate Museum Launch Project, a group based in New York that is seeking to build a similar, but far bigger and more ambitious, museum in Manhattan.按照马西的说法,她来香港参观的这座物馆,是唯一一座专门为气候变化议题建立的物馆,而包括她在内的很多人都认为,这个议题是人类所面临的最紧迫的问题。马西是“气候物馆启动项目”(Climate Museum Launch Project)的执行总监,这个总部位于纽约的团体力图在曼哈顿建立一座类似的物馆,不过规模会更大,目标也会更大。In Hong Kong, she sought ideas and inspiration. The museum, financed by a grant from a club that runs horse racing and other betting activities, had some to offer. One was the enormous projector screen that showed the effects of rising sea levels on cities across the globe. She found another in the photo booths at the end of the tour that offered digital pictures of the visitors in a polar setting — the Chinese research vessel Xue Long, or Snow Dragon, in the background, polar bears and penguins in the foreground. To get the photo, visitors have to make a simple carbon-reducing promise. Choices included “travel less by airplane,” “bring your own shopping bag” and “eat vegetables rather than meat.”她到香港去寻找想法和启发,而这座物馆给了她一些灵感。物馆由一家从事赛马和其他活动的俱乐部提供资金持,馆内有一块用来投影的巨大银幕,向参观者展示海平面上升对全球城市所造成的影响。她还发现了另一个可以借鉴的东西,在参观的末尾处有几个自动照相棚,可以为参观者生成极地场景下的数字图像——照片中远处是中国的雪龙号极地考察船,近处则是北极熊和企鹅。如果想要得到照片,参观者必须做出一个简单的减碳承诺,可以选择“出行少坐飞机”、“自带购物袋”,或者“多吃蔬菜少吃肉”。At the end of the tour, a screen showed the effect of the combined commitments of the more than 27,000 people who have made the pledges: 997.8 million grams of carbon removed from the atmosphere.在参观的末尾处,一个屏幕上显示了超过2.7万人的承诺会起到怎样的影响:大气中的减碳量达到了9.978亿克。“It’s very hard to communicate effectively with a 5-year-old and a 45-year-old,” Ms. Massie said. “So you have to build really sophisticated and interactive displays to do that.”“要想同时与5岁的孩子和45岁的大人进行有效沟通是很难的,”马西说道,“所以需要打造一个很先进,并且具有互动性的展览。”It is the focus on what people can do collectively to reduce carbon emissions that will be the main focus of the New York museum, rather than a scary look at what the future may hold — flooded coastal cities, droughts, storms. Those calamities will not be ignored, but the focus will be on ways to mitigate climate change and to adapt to it.纽约的物馆主要是想让人们了解,如何通过集体的努力来减少碳排放,而不是给他们看可怕的未来,例如洪水泛滥的沿海城市,干旱或暴风雨。不是要无视这些灾难,而是要关注如何缓解和适应气候变化。“There’s research currently that shows the more people learn about climate, the more they tend to emotionally shut down and disengage,” Ms. Massie said. “Not everybody, but most people. Because it’s distressing and because it’s very clear that just changing the light bulbs in your own home doesn’t matter. So you have to make it clear that you’re part of a broader set of efforts and those broader efforts can succeed.”“当前的研究显示,对气候了解得越多,人们就越会情感崩溃并且选择回避,”马西说道,“虽然不是每个人都这样,但大多数人会这样。因为这会让人忧虑,大家也很清楚只是更换自己家里的电灯泡也是不管用的。所以讲清楚,你自己是更宏大的努力中的一员,而这些更广泛的努力可以获得成功。”The Hong Kong museum occupies one floor of a high-rise building on a university campus. Since it opened in December 2013, it has brought in just over 56,000 visitors, more than a third of them students. The museum’s goal, according to its program director, Cecilia Lam, is to raise awareness of climate change in Hong Kong, especially among children.香港的气候变化物馆在一所大学校园的一栋高层建筑里占据了一层。自从2013年12月开放以来,它已经吸引了超过5.6万名参观者,其中超过三分之一是学生。据项目主管杨诗诗称,这座物馆的目的是在香港提升民众对气候变化的认识,特别是在儿童中间。“The major difference between our project and Miranda’s — it seems to me that they focus on the whole world,” Ms. Lam said. “Our main group of targets is people in Hong Kong.”“我们的项目和米兰达的项目之间主要区别是,在我看来他们注重于整个世界,”杨诗诗说。“我们的主要目标人群是香港人。”Ms. Massie, 48, who worked for years as a public-interest lawyer, is looking for donors. She hopes to set up an interim museum, bigger than the one in Hong Kong, in an office building or even on a barge in New York in the next two years, with a permanent site in Manhattan (or possibly Brooklyn) by 2020.作为一个多年来致力于公益诉讼的律师,48岁的马西正在寻求捐助者。她希望在接下来的两年里建立一家临时的物馆,要比香港的这座大,可以在纽约的一栋写字楼里甚至大型游船上,直到2020年在曼哈顿(或者在布鲁克林)找到一座永久性的场所。And Ms. Massie’s goal is far more ambitious. The New York museum would aim to attract at least a million visitors a year and seek to influence the world, including political leaders in the ed States. At the end of the tour, visitors would be encouraged to volunteer their time to help groups that are trying to address climate change: doing anything from making calls on behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council to volunteering to help elect a candidate who is determined to reduce carbon emissions.马西的目标还远不止于此。纽约的物馆计划每年吸引至少一百万的游客并企图影响世界,包括美国的政治领袖们。在参观最后,会鼓励游客花一些时间,志愿帮助那些正努力应对气候变化的团体:比如以自然资源保护协会(Natural Resources Defense Council)的名义打电话,再比如志愿帮助选举一个有决心减少碳排放的候选人。“We want to be a hub for the world for climate solutions,” Ms. Massie said. “We want to be a beacon for the world.”“我们想要成为全世界气候问题解决方案的一个中心,”马西说。“我们想要成为世界的一座灯塔。”The goals of the Hong Kong museum are far more modest. Absent from the museum is any prominent mention of the fact that Hong Kong is part of a country, China, that is far and away the world’s leading carbon emitter, putting about twice as much carbon into the atmosphere as the No. 2 polluter, the ed States.香港的物馆目标则要谦逊得多。在这座物馆里,看不到任何关于香港是中国一部分的醒目提示,后者向大气中排放的碳大约是第二排放国美国的两倍,碳排放量遥居世界首位。The many schoolchildren coming to the Hong Kong museum on field trips get a very different message. The first part of the museum replicates a trip on the Xue Long, highlighting its polar research, displaying mock-ups of ice cores taken from the polar regions and discussing the dangers climate change poses to polar bears, penguins and seals.很多来到香港的物馆参观的小学生得到了一个不同寻常的信息。物馆的第一部分复制了雪龙号上的一次旅程,突出了它的极地研究,展示了从极低挖出的冰芯的模型,并讨论了气候变化对北极熊、企鹅和海豹产生的危害。“The use of Xue Long is just one way to get the public interested in what the scientists are doing,” Ms. Lam said. “We tried to use a storytelling approach.”“运用雪龙号的例子,只是让公众对科学家所做的事情感兴趣的一种方法,”杨诗诗说。“我们尝试采取了讲故事的手段。”Back in “New York,” the simulator increases the water level. One meter, two meters, three meters, four. Ms. Massie noted that one possible future for New York is for some parts to surrender to the waters, to become a sort of Venice. Charming as that might sound, rising sea levels, she says, will be especially devastating for people living in coastal regions of poor nations, such as Bangladesh. It was the enormity of the problem that led Ms. Massie to shift her focus away from school desegregation and affirmative action and toward the environment.回到“纽约”,模拟器升高了海平面。一米,两米,三米,四米。马西注意到纽约可能的一个未来就是其中一部分要被水淹没,变得有点像。听起来可能很迷人,但她说,不断上涨的海平面,对于住在贫穷国家沿海地区的人们——比如孟加拉国——毁灭性尤其巨大。正是这个问题的严重性,使马西把她的注意从阻止学校的种族隔离和平权措施(affirmative action)转移到了环境问题。“I came to see climate change specifically is going to determine our fate as a species in a way that none of these other things is capable of doing,” she said.“我看到气候变化将会以一种特别的,其他问题所不能的方式,决定我们作为一个物种的命运,”她说。 /201505/376847深圳福田人民妇幼保健医院激光点痣多少钱

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深圳做塑美极医院哪里好So you want to be a better you this year, and have the life you say you want, the ever elusive dream. The dream that lingers year after year until you know if you don`t do something about it, you will simply fade into oblivion.在这一年里你想超越自己,过上你念念不忘、梦寐以求的生活,实现遥不可及的梦。梦想年复一年地徘徊,直到你明白如果再不做点什么,你将会淡忘它的存在。Now the New Year is here! What will you do? Will you once again set intentions and resolutions only to be disappointed? Or will you set intentions and resolutions, create a plan and move into action.现在新的一年就在眼前!你要做什么?你还要继续纸上谈兵,最后失望而归吗?还是遵循自己的想法,做一个计划并付诸实践呢?Now you may be thinking, create a plan, is she crazy? I don`t have time for that! I`m aly busy enough and she wants me to take time from my busy life and create a plan. Yes, you`re exactly right! I know that life can be very busy and without a plan, your dream will remain a dream.你可能在想:做计划,疯了吗?我哪有时间做那个!我已经够忙了,还想让我从百忙之中抽出时间做计划!是的,完全正确!我知道你的生活很忙碌,但是如果没有计划,梦想将永远只是个梦。Life is about choosing. Claiming and using your right to choose is very important in having the life you say you want, turning your dream into reality. Throughout the year, when you find that you`re wavering, ask, ;is this my dream and how bad do I want it;. If you`re motivated by your answer, you know you`re on the right track.生活充满了选择。大声说出你想要的生活并做出选择至关重要,它让你的梦想成真。在这一年之中,当你发现自己犹豫不决时,就问问自己,;这是不是我的梦想?我有多渴望实现它?;。如果你的能够鼓舞你,那你就站在了正确的轨道上。So that this year will be different and since you`ve waited to get started, here are some tips to help you make meaningful resolutions and set intentions that support you in having the life you say you want. Your dream is awaiting your action.所以这一年将是不同寻常的一年,因为在开始之前你已期盼良久,下面就奉上有效地解决问题的秘诀,让你踏上自己梦想生活的征途。梦想在即,等待你追随的脚步。1. Take an in depth look at your life, who you are and how you show up.1.深刻地反思你的生活,你是谁,在别人面前你又是谁。2. Decide if this is the way you want your life to be 365 days from now.2.从现在开始365天每天都做出判断,这样的生活是不是你想要的。3. Give yourself permission to move in the direction of the life you say you want.3.给自己一张通行,踏上圆梦之路,终点是理想的生活。4. Chart your course; set goals toward achieving your dream life.4.给圆梦之路画好规划图,为理想之巅设立高目标。5. Do something daily that takes you closer to your dream.5.坚持每天所做都让你更靠近自己的梦想。6. Keep a journal of your progress.6.写日记记录进步的点滴。7. Celebrate something daily.7.每天都做小小的庆祝。8. This is about you and for you.8.要做与自己有关而且能让自己进步的有用之事。9. Ask for help when you need to.9.需要帮助时就开口。10. Express gratitude daily.10.每天都表达谢意。Each day is a new opportunity to choose. Just in case you`re wondering where to start, my friend Sallie Felton gives excellent advice with, ;Start where you stand.;每天都会有新的机遇等待你去选择。为了不让你担心该从哪开始,我的朋友莎莉·菲尔顿给出了很好的建议:;就从你的脚下开始。;Saying that you want something different without thinking and acting differently ensures that you continue to have your pipe dream. Are you willing to stop procrastinating and start doing? Imagine the difference you will experience knowing that you took full responsibility and control in creating the life you say you want!你总是在念叨想要不同的生活,却不想也不做不同的事,这会保你永远做的是白日梦。你想要不再耽搁时间并开始做事吗?发挥你的想象力,假设你终于完全负责并主宰自己的圆梦之路,尽情想象到那时的不同感受吧!Wishing you joy, health, prosperity and love in the New Year!愿新的一年中,快乐、健康、成功和爱常伴你左右! /201501/351624 深圳罗湖医院整形深圳红会医院吸脂手术多少钱



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