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ZTE, the Chinese handset maker that has been among the early developers of a smartwatch, has yet to decide when to launch the device commercially given low sales in the much hyped “wearables” sector.中国手机生产商中兴通讯(ZTE)是较早开始开发智能手表的企业之一。鉴于受到热炒的“可穿戴设备”市场销量低迷,该公司尚未决定何时将智能手表产品投入市场。In a sign that such technology has not reached mainstream acceptance, a senior ZTE executive admitted that sales in the market were still “not good”.中兴的一名高管承认,市场上可穿戴设备的销量仍然“不尽乐观”。这一迹象表明,此类技术尚未被主流群体接受。The ZTE smartwatch has aly been shown off at trade shows such as CES and Mobile World Congress.中兴开发的智能手表已在国际消费类电子产品展览会(CES)以及世界移动通信大会(Mobile World Congress)等商贸展会上亮过相了。“The retailer feedback is still not good on sales – even Samsung is not selling [that well]”, said Kan Yulun, chief executive of ZTE’s devices business outside Asia and the US.中兴亚洲与美国以外地区终端业务首席执行官阚玉伦表示:“零售商关于销量的反馈仍不尽如人意——就连三星(Samsung)也卖得不太好。”Analysts at CCS Insight estimate that global sales of smartwatches will rise from 1.6m units in 2013 to 3.1m in 2014.CCS Insight分析师估计,智能手表在全球范围内的销量将从2013年的160万只升至2014年的310万只。ZTE is still in the “market exploration stage” of smartwatch production, including developing the hardware and software, which could mean a launch at a later stage.中兴仍处于智能手表生产的“市场摸索阶段”,包括硬件和软件开发,这可能意味着该公司在进入到后期阶段时才会正式推出产品。“Batteries [life] is still a major problem,” Mr Kan said.阚玉伦称:“电池(续航时间)仍是一个主要问题。”The wearables market has become the hottest area for smartphone makers seeing slowing sales in developed markets as innovation in handsets has stalled.可穿戴设备市场现已成为智能手机生产商最热衷的领域;随着手机领域的创新陷入停滞,发达市场的智能手机销量增速已开始放缓。Apple is developing its own smartwatch, which is expected to be launched this year, while Google focused on wearables in its most recent developer event.苹果(Apple)正在开发自己的智能手表产品,预计将于今年投放市场;谷歌(Google)在最近一次开发者大会上,将关注重点放在了可穿戴设备上。ZTE has a number of 4G smartphones lined up to launch this year as the Chinese group seeks to reverse a group net loss of Rmb2.84bn (8m) in 2012.中兴今年有多款4G智能手机排队等待投放市场,这家中国企业试图扭转2012年集团整体净亏损28.4亿元人民币(合4.58亿美元)的局面。The company has separated its handset operations from its networks business to provide a clearer structure for each side to grow.中兴将手机业务与网络设备业务分隔开来,以便给两方面的业务提供更加清晰的发展框架。The company wants to increase its devices business by 50 per cent this year in volume sales – taking global shipments to 60m globally – with a revamped strategy focused on building a stronger consumer brand.中兴改进后的商业策略致力于打造一个更加强大的消费品牌,该公司希望今年能够实现终端业务部门的销量增长50%——这将使其全球出货量达到6000万台。Mr Kan added that the group would also focus on making phones using Google’s Android software rather than Windows-based devices, after Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia and low sales of the platform in many countries.阚玉伦补充称,鉴于微软(Microsoft)收购了诺基亚(Nokia)手机业务而Windows Phone平台产品在很多国家销量低迷,中兴将重点生产搭载谷歌Android系统的手机,而非搭载Windows Phone系统的手机。ZTE launched its first Windows smartphone in 2012. The company said that it had not ruled out making another Windows phone after this year.中兴2012年推出了其首款Windows Phone系统智能手机。该公司表示,并不排除在今年之后生产又一款Windows Phone系统手机的可能性。The Chinese group has mainly been a provider of devices for other companies to sell as their branded phones, which Mr Kan acknowledged meant that it had been left out of the market in direct retail sales.中兴过去主要是作为其他公司的设备提供商,其他公司将其供应的终端作为自身的品牌手机产品销售。阚玉伦承认,这意味该公司被排除在了直接零售市场之外。ZTE will now invest in creating a consumer brand based on providing affordable 4G-y phones with comparable specifications to the high-end devices sold by companies such as Samsung.中兴将大力投资,依靠提供价格实惠的4G手机产品打造一个消费品牌,在产品技术参数上将向三星等公司销售的高端终端看齐。He added that the company would work on creating a brand image for ZTE around the world. “Even in China people think ZTE is an ‘old country’ provider of low-end phones,” he said, pointing to launches of more premium devices and the creation of a sub-brand called Nubia to correct this impression.阚玉伦补充称,中兴将努力在世界各地为自身打造出一个品牌形象。他说:“即便在中国国内,人们也认为中兴是一个‘老土’的低端手机供应商。”他指出,该公司为了改变人们的这种印象,推出了更多高端手机产品,并树立了名为努比亚(Nubia)的子品牌。“In Europe, no one knows us. We are like a new company.”“在欧洲,没人知道我们。我们和一家新公司没什么两样。” /201407/309854

MARS - that#39;s where more than 450 Chinese people want to live.火星- 有450多中国人想住那。They#39;ve applied for one-way tickets to the red planet offered by Mars One, an organization based in the Netherlands hoping to establish a human colony there in 2023.他们已经申请了前往这颗红色星球的单程票,由Mars One提供,一个总部设在荷兰的组织,希望2023年在那建立一个人类定居地。On its website (www.mars-one.com), it says it hasn#39;t yet begun its astronaut selection program, but had so far received in excess of 37,000 applications, including more than 450 from China.在其网站上(www.mars-one.com),它说还没有开始宇航员的选拔程序,但迄今已经收到了超过37000份申请,包括来自中国的450多个。The non-profit organization announced its private spaceflight project in June last year saying that it would send a communications satellite and pathfinder to Mars by 2016 and land four astronauts in 2023 to establish a permanent settlement.这个非营利组织在去年6月公布了私人航天项目,表示到2016年将发送一个通信卫星以及火星探路者到火星,2023年四个宇航员在那登陆以建立一个永久定居地。After that, a new set of four astronauts would arrive every two years.在那之后,每两年四名宇航员组成新的一批将抵达那里。 Mars One is planning a reality TV show where the audience can select the astronauts and watch as they prepare for the epic journey.Mars One正计划一个电视真人秀节目,观众可以选择宇航员并看着他们准备史诗般的旅程。It said it had developed ;a precise, realistic plan based entirely upon existing technologies.;它表示它已经开发出了“一个精确的、现实的完全建立在现有技术基础上的计划”。It said the primary personal attributes of a successful astronaut would be emotional and psychological stability, supported by personal drive and motivation.它说一个成功宇航员的主要个人特质将是情感和心理的稳定,受个人动力和动机所持。;Once on Mars, there is no means to return to Earth. Mars is home,; its website says. ;A grounded, deep sense of purpose will help each astronaut maintain his or her psychological stability and focus as they work together toward a shared and better future.;“一旦上了火星,意味着不再返回地球。火星就是家,”该组织的网站说。“一个稳定深远的目的将帮助每个宇航员保持其心理的稳定,使他们专注于朝着一个共享和更好的未来而一起工作。”It lists five key requirements for applicants - resiliency, adaptability, curiosity, ability to trust, and creativity/resourcefulness.它对申请者列出了五个关键要求——弹性、适应性、好奇心、信任、创造力/足智多谋。Successful candidates will receive a minimum of eight years of training before they leave Earth behind.成功的候选人在他们离开地球之前将接受至少八年的训练。Ma Qiang, a 39-year-old Sichuan Province native, told Beijing Youth Daily he hoped to be selected to make his life ;worth living.;马强,一个39岁的四川人告诉《北京青年报》他希望被选中以使他的生命“值得活下去。”Ma said he survived the 2008 earthquake in the southwest province but had been deeply affected by what he had seen.马强说他经历了2008年在中国西南省份的地震,一直深受他所看到的东西的影响。After that, Ma wanted to do something to make his life worth living, he told the newspaper, and a journey to Mars could be the answer.在那之后,马强想做些事情来让他的生命有价值,他告诉记者,火星之旅可能会是。Wang Wenming, 30, from Kunming in southwest Yunnan Province, said his dream was to explore a new world.王文明,30岁,来自云南昆明,说他的梦想是去探索一个新世界。 /201302/223915

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