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深圳人民医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱深圳伊斯佑整形医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱So they rigged up an extension cord that ran 200 feet人们只能临时拉了一根200英尺长的延长线from the center to the diesel generator outside.让社区中心能够接上外面的柴油发电机Looking at this setup, I knew the minute the reporters left,看到这种情形 我知道一旦记者离开the generator would get to a more urgent task.发电机就会被用到更紧急的任务And the people at the community center would go back to worry about challenges而社区中心的人们也需要重新去面对that couldnt be solved by a personal computer.那些不是个人计算机就能解决的问题When I gave my prepared remarks to the press, I said Soweto is a milestone.我按照事先准备的讲稿 对媒体说索韦托是一个里程碑Theres major decisions ahead about whether technology在未来 为了不让发展中国家在技术上落后will leave the developing world behind.显然还有很多重大决定要做This is to close the gap.我们将像这样 努力缩小技术上的鸿沟But as I those words, I knew they werent super relevant.但在我阅读这份讲稿时 我深知情况远远没有这么简单What I didnt say was, by the way,讲稿上有一段我没有读 也就是were not focused on the fact that half a million people on this continent are我们还没开始关注这块大陆上 每年有大约dying every year from malaria.五十万人死于疟疾这一事实But we are sure as hell going to bring you computers.但我们至少能够给大家带来计算机Before I went to Soweto, I thought I understood the worlds problems在我去索韦托之前 我以为我了解世界的问题but I was blind to many of the most important ones.事实上 我对很多重要问题都一无所知201411/342710深圳去除胎记要多少钱 Over the next five minutes,在接下来的5分钟里my intention is to transform your relationship with sound.我想把你们与声音的关系作个转变Let me start with the observation that most of the sound around us is accidental,首先,请允许我以这样的观察开始,我发现大多数围绕我们的声音是偶然性的。and much of it is unpleasant.并且许多声音也是不愉悦的。We stand on street corners, shouting over noise like this,我们站在街巷的角落,像这样盖过噪音来说话,and pretending that it doesnt exist.就当那噪音不存在一样。Well, this habit of suppressing sound has meant that our好,这样一种压制其他声音的习惯意味着我们relationship with sound has become largely unconscious.与声音的关系变得更无意识了There are four major ways sound is affecting you all the time,声音通过这样4种主要的方式一直影响着你们and Id like to raise them in your consciousness today.而今天我想唤起你们对于声音的知觉。First is physiological.首先声音是生理的。Sorry about that. Ive just given you a shot of cortisol, your fight/flight hormone.抱歉。我刚给了你们一记皮质醇(荷尔蒙)你们的的冲击,Sounds are affecting your hormone secretions all the time,这样的声音一直影响着你们的荷尔蒙分泌物,but also your breathing, your heart rate -- which I just also did --但同时你们的呼吸,你们的心跳频率,就像我刚才那样and your brainwaves.还有你们的脑电波Its not just unpleasant sounds like that that do it.对它们而言这声音不仅仅是不愉悦。This is surf.这是拍岸浪花的声音It has the frequency of roughly 12 cycles per minute.它有着大约每分钟12转的频率Most people find that very soothing,许多人觉得那声音非常抚慰人心的,and, interestingly, 12 cycles per minute而,有趣的是,12转每分钟的频率is roughly the frequency of the breathing of a sleeping human.恰巧是一个沉睡着的人的呼吸频率,There is a deep resonance with being at rest.从而形成了这样一种与人类休息时的共鸣。We also associate it with being stress-free我们也将此与其他的状态联系起来:比如没有压力的时候,and on holiday.又如放假之时。The second way in which sound affects you is psychological.第二种声音影响你们方式是心理上的。Music is the most powerful form of sound that we know音乐是我们所知道的最能that affects our emotional state.影响着我们情绪的一种声音表现形式。This is guaranteed to make most of you feel pretty sad这样的声音一定会让你们都感到有些伤感if I leave it on.如果我一直放下去。Music is not the only kind of sound, however, which affects your emotions.然而,音乐并不是唯一的一种影响着你们情绪的声音形式。Natural sound can do that too.自然之音亦有此效。Birdsong, for example, is a sound which most people比如鸟鸣,这种声音对于大多数人而言find reassuring. 都是一种安慰。There is a reason for that. Over hundreds of thousands of years这正是在经历了成百上千年weve learned that when the birds are singing, things are safe.我们认识到鸟的歌声是安全的表现的原因。Its when they stop you need to be worried.而当它们停下也就是你们需要担心的时候了。The third way in which sound affects you is cognitively.第三种声音影响着你们的方式是认知性的。You cant understand two people talking at once 你不会同时理解两个人在同时说话or in this case one person talking twice.或者在这种情况下一个人说话两次。Try and listen to the other one.尝试听另一个人We have a very small amount of bandwidth for processing auditory input,我们大脑只有很小一部分可以带宽可以用来处理声像的输入which is why noise like this --这正是为什么如这样的闹声is extremely damaging for productivity.对于生产力有着如此巨大的破坏力If you have to work in an open-plan office like this,如果你要在这样一个公开的办公室里工作,your productivity is greatly reduced.你的效率就大打折扣了。And whatever number youre thinking of, it probably isnt as bad as this.并且无论你在想着怎样的数字,也许并不会像这样糟糕。You are one third as productive in open-plan offices as in quiet rooms.你在一个开放式的办公室里面的效率是安静的房间内的三分之一。And I have a tip for you. If you have to work in spaces like that,那让我给你个小建议吧。如果你需要在那样的开放环境下工作,carry headphones with you, with a soothing sound like birdsong.带上你的耳机,和如鸟鸣般和谐的音乐。Put them on and your productivity goes back up to triple what it would be.在你工作的时候带上耳机,你的效率变会恢复三倍变为它本来的样子。The fourth way in which sound affects us is behaviorally.第四种声音影响你的方式是通过行为的With all that other stuff going on, it would be amazing当周围有声音的时候,如果我们的行为完全不变,if our behavior didnt change.那将会是一件令人惊讶的事情了。So, ask yourself: Is this person ever going to drive所以,问问你自己吧:这人是不是准备就at a steady 28 miles per hour? I dont think so.一直用28英里每小时的速度开下去?我不这么认为。At the simplest, you move away from unpleasant sound用最简单的方式说,你会离开不舒的声音and towards pleasant sounds.并前往和谐的声音。So if I were to play this所以如果我们播放这个声音for more than a few seconds, youd feel uncomfortable;过不了几秒,你们觉得不舒了吧;for more than a few minutes, youd be leaving the room in droves.过不了几分钟,你们会成群结队离开这里。For people who cant get away from noise like that,因为人们不能摆脱这样的噪声,its extremely damaging for their health.对于他们的身体也是极大的伤害。And thats not the only thing that bad sound damages.而且那并不是噪音唯一破坏的Most retail sound is inappropriate and accidental, and even hostile,大多数零售商发出的声音是不正确的,随意性的,甚至是带有敌意的。and it has a dramatic effect on sales.并且对于销量也有着巨大的影响作用。For those of you who are retailers, you may want to look away对于你们其中这些零售商,在我展示这些画面前,before I show this slide.你们或许不想再看。They are losing up to 30 percent of their business这些声音使得生意少去了百分之三十with people leaving shops faster, or just turning around on the door.人们加快步伐离开商店,或者只是在门口望一望。We all have done it, leaving the area我们都做过这样的事情,离开那片地域because the sound in there is so dful.只因为那里的声音太令人不快乐。201504/367552深圳市北大医院割双眼皮多少钱

深圳宝安区人民医院 激光去胎记多少钱18 minutes is an absolutely brutal time limit,十八分钟是一个非常紧的时间限制,so Im going to dive straight in, right at the point因此我直入主题,讲重点的,where I get this thing to work.我将马上开始。Here we go. Im going to talk about five different things.好,我要谈五个不同的事情。Im going to talk about why defeating aging is desirable.一,我要谈谈为什么抗老化是可行的。Im going to talk about why we have to get our shit together,二,我要谈谈为什么我们必须打起精神,and actually talk about this a bit more than we do.多讨论这个课题,并且发觉我们应该指望战胜老化。Im going to talk about feasibility as well, of course.当然,三,我也会谈谈战胜老化的可行性。Im going to talk about why we are so fatalistic四,我要谈谈为什么我们在人类抗老化上采取的行动这么的认命,about doing anything about aging.以为都是注定的。And then Im going spend perhaps the second half of the talk然后,第五,我也许在这个节目的下半段的时间谈谈talking about, you know, how we might actually be able to prove that fatalism is wrong,我们如何明这个对战胜老化漠不关心以及以为是注定的心态是错误的,namely, by actually doing something about it.并且实际上做点什么事来纠正这个错误。Im going to do that in two steps.这第五点,我会用两个步骤来谈论。The first one Im going to talk about is第一个步骤是how to get from a relatively modest amount of life extension --如何从一个相对适中的延长寿命治疗科技 -which Im going to define as 30 years, applied to people我这就把它定义为可延长三十年寿命,who are aly in middle-age when you start --并且在已经是中年年龄的人开始应用 –to a point which can genuinely be called defeating aging.直到一个能真正被称为战胜老化问题的程度。Namely, essentially an elimination of the relationship between也就是说,实质上消除了你多大年纪,how old you are and how likely you are to die in the next year --以及你在下一年死去或or indeed, to get sick in the first place.生病的可能性之间的关系。And of course, the last thing Im going to talk about最后一件事第五件事情,is how to reach that intermediate step,第二个步骤我要谈的是如何实现过度步骤,that point of maybe 30 years life extension.那个能给我们每一个人延长三十年寿命的治疗科技。So Im going to start with why we should.好,我就从为什么要延长人类的寿命开始。Now, I want to ask a question.现在,我想问一个问题。Hands up: anyone in the audience who is in favor of malaria?观众席里有谁赞成疟疾是有利的?请举手。That was easy. OK.好,这很简单。OK. Hands up: anyone in the audience行。行。请不知道疟疾whos not sure whether malaria is a good thing or a bad thing?是好事还是坏事的人举手?OK. So we all think malaria is a bad thing.好。所以,我们都认为,疟疾是一件坏事。Thats very good news, because I thought that was what the answer would be.这是一个非常好的消息,因为我原以为这就是。Now the thing is, I would like to put it to you现在我希望你们想一想that the main reason why we think that malaria is a bad thing我们认为疟疾是一件坏事主要的原因,is because of a characteristic of malaria that it shares with aging.是因为疟疾和老化有着共同的特征。And here is that characteristic.那个特征就是两者都杀死人。The only real difference is that aging kills considerably more people than malaria does.唯一真正的区别是,老龄化杀死的人数比疟疾杀死的多许多。Now, I like in an audience, in Britain especially,现在,我喜欢观众,尤其是在英国的观众,to talk about the comparison with foxhunting,比较一下老化和打猎狐狸。which is something that was banned after a long struggle,打猎狐狸是是经过长期斗争by the government not very many months ago.不久前被政府禁止的活动。I mean, I know Im with a sympathetic audience here,我的意思是,虽然我知道富有同情心的观众应该大多数都反对打猎狐狸,but, as we know, a lot of people are not entirely persuaded by this logic.但我们知道,很多人并不是完全被这个逻辑说。And this is actually a rather good comparison, it seems to me.在我看来,这其实和老化是一个不错的比较。You know, a lot of people said, ;Well, you know,你知道,很多郊外的人说:“你们这些city boys have no business telling us rural types what to do with our time.住在城市的人没有权利告诉我们什么活动可以做什么东西不能做。Its a traditional part of the way of life,这是我们住在郊外的人的传统生活方式的一部分,and we should be allowed to carry on doing it.我们应该有权力继续做它。Its ecologically sound; it stops the population explosion of foxes.;这是促进生态健全的,它控制了狐狸数量爆涨。”But ultimately, the government prevailed in the end,但是,政府最终占了上风,because the majority of the British public,因为大多数的英国公众,and certainly the majority of members of Parliament,还有国会多数成员,came to the conclusion that it was really something得出的结论,就是这打猎狐狸that should not be tolerated in a civilized society.是一个文明社会所不能容忍的活动。And I think that human aging shares我认为,人类衰老也有这些特点,all of these characteristics in spades.它是一个不能容忍的活动。What part of this do people not understand?这有什么难明白的?Its not just about life, of course --这当然不只是生命,its about healthy life, you know --这也是有关可以健康的生活下去。getting frail and miserable and dependent is no fun,因为无论人们觉得死亡是否好玩是否应该容忍,whether or not dying may be fun.身体越来越衰弱,悲惨地依赖别人一点都不好玩。So really, this is how I would like to describe it.因此,其实这就是我想要对它的人类衰老描述。Its a global trance.这是一个全球性恍惚。These are the sorts of unbelievable excuses这是人们对老龄化作出了that people give for aging.种种令人难以置信的借口。And, I mean, OK, Im not actually saying而且,我的意思是,好吧,我不是在说that these excuses are completely valueless.这些借口是完全没有价值。There are some good points to be made here,这些借口也有一些好的积极方面。things that we ought to be thinking about, forward planning比如说我们应该思考的种种问题,有规划些,so that nothing goes too -- well, so that we minimize来尽量减少我们在战胜老化路途上the turbulence when we actually figure out how to fix aging.的不必要的动荡。But these are completely crazy, when you actually但只要如果你真正衡量它们,remember your sense of proportion.这些借口都是完全疯了!You know, these are arguments; these are things that你知道,这些借口的论点would be legitimate to be concerned about.是合理的,值得去关注。But the question is, are they so dangerous --但问题是,这些论点有没有那么危险?these risks of doing something about aging --战胜老化的风险that they outweigh the downside of doing the opposite,有没有高过namely, leaving aging as it is?不理会人类老化的代价?Are these so bad that they outweigh难道这些修复老化的风险如此糟糕,condemning 100,000 people a day to an unnecessarily early death?比每天超过十万人面对早死的命运还糟糕?201508/391651深圳市福田医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱 In our lives -- in our joys andin our sorrows -- we’ve learned that there is “a time for every matter underheaven.” We laugh and we weep. We celebrate and we mourn. We serve in war and we pray for peace. But Scripture also teaches that, alongsidethe temporal, one thing is eternal. “Love bears all things, believes allthings, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.Deputy Secretary Fox; GeneralDempsey; Secretary McHugh; Generals Odierno and Milley; and most of all, thefamilies of the soldiers who have been taken from us; the wounded -- those whohave returned to duty and those still recovering; and the entire community ofFort Hood, this “Great Place”: It islove, tested by tragedy, that brings us together again.It was love for country thatinspired these three Americans to put on the uniform and join the greatest Armythat the world has ever known. SergeantFirst Class Daniel Ferguson. StaffSergeant Carlos Lazaney-Rodriguez. Sergeant Timothy Owens. And Danny and Carlos joined twodecades ago, in a time of peace, and stayed as the nation went to war. Timothy joined after 9/11, knowing he couldbe sent into harm’s way. Between them,they deployed nine times. Each served inIraq. Danny came home from Afghanistanjust last year. They lived those shiningvalues -- loyalty, duty, honor -- that keep us strong and free.It was love for the Army thatmade them the soldiers they were. ForDanny, said his fiancée, being in the Army “was his life.” Carlos, said a friend, was “the epitome ofwhat you would want a leader to be in the Army.” Timothy helped counsel his fellowsoldiers. Said a friend, “He was alwaysthe person you could go talk to.”And it was love for theircomrades, for all of you, that defined their last moments. As we’ve heard, when the gunman tried to pushhis way into that room, Danny held the door shut, saving the lives of otherswhile sacrificing his own. And it’s saidthat Timothy -- the counselor, even then -- gave his life, walking toward thegunman, trying to calm him down. For you, their families, no wordsare equal to your loss. We are here onbehalf of the American people to honor your loved ones and to offer whatevercomfort we can. But know this: We also draw strength from you. For even in your grief, even as your heartbreaks, we see in you that eternal truth: “Love never ends.”To the parents of these men -- asa father, I cannot begin to fathom your anguish. But I know that you poured your love and yourhopes into your sons. I know that themen and soldiers they became -- their sense of service and their patriotism --so much of that came from you. You gaveyour sons to America, and just as you will honor them always, so, too, will thenation that they served.To the loves of their lives --Timothy’s wife Billy and Danny’s fiancée Kristen -- these soldiers cherishedthe Army, but their hearts belonged to you. And that’s a bond that no earthly power can ever break. They have slipped from your embrace, but knowthat you will never be alone. Becausethis Army and this nation stands with you for all the days to come.To their children -- we live in adangerous world, and your fathers served to keep you safe and us safe. They knew you have so much to give ourcountry; that you’d make them proud. Timothy’s daughter Lori aly has. Last Wednesday night, she posted this message online: “I just wanteveryone to think for a moment.” Loveyour family, she said, “because you never know when [they’re] gonna be takenfrom you. I love you, daddy.”And to the men and women of FortHood -- as has aly been mentioned, part of what makes this so painful isthat we have been here before. Thistragedy tears at wounds still raw from five years ago. Once more, soldiers who survived foreignwarzones were struck down here at home, where they’re supposed to be safe. We still do not yet know exactly why, but wedo know this: We must honor their lives,not “in word or talk, but in deed and in truth.”We must honor these men with arenewed commitment to keep our troops safe, not just in battle but on the homefront, as well. In our open society, andat vast bases like this, we can never eliminate every risk. But as a nation, we can do more to helpcounsel those with mental health issues, to keep firearms out of the hands ofthose who are having such deep difficulties. As a military, we must continue to do everything in our power to secureour facilities and spare others this pain.We must honor these men by doingmore to care for our fellow Americans living with mental illness, civilian andmilitary. Today, four American soldiersare gone. Four Army families aredevastated. As Commander-in-Chief, I’mdetermined that we will continue to step up our efforts -- to reach our troopsand veterans who are hurting, to deliver to them the care that they need, andto make sure we never stigmatize those who have the courage to seek help.And finally, we must honor thesemen by recognizing that they were members of a generation that has borne theburden of our security in more than a decade of war. Now our troops are coming home, and by theend of this year our war in Afghanistan will finally be over.In an era when fewer Americansknow someone in uniform, every American must see these men and these women --our 9/11 Generation -- as the extraordinary citizens that they are. They love their families. They excel at their jobs. They serve their communities. They are leaders. And when we truly welcome our veterans home,when we show them that we need them -- not just to fight in other countries,but to build up our own -- then our schools and our businesses, our communitiesand our nation will be more successful, and America will be stronger and moreunited for decades to come. Sergeant First Class DanielFerguson. Staff Sergeant CarlosLazaney-Rodriguez. Sergeant TimothyOwens. Like the 576 Fort Hood soldierswho have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, they were taken from usmuch too soon. Like the 13 Americans welost five years ago, their passing shakes our soul. And in moments such as this, we summon oncemore what we’ve learned in these hard years of war. We reach within our wounded hearts. We lean on each other. We hold each other up. We carry on. And with God’s amazing grace, we somehow bear what seems unbearable. “Love bears all things, believesall things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.” May God watch over these American soldiers,may He keep strong their families whose love endures, and may God continue tobless the ed States of America with patriots such as these. 201502/359846深圳伊斯佑打瘦腿针多少钱

北京大学深圳医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱Well, thank you very much, President. First of all, I want to thank President Gu for having me here, and I want to thank Mr. Qizhi for your kind introduction. Thank you very much.非常感谢。首先,我要感谢胡校长邀我至此,我还要感谢奇志先生对我的热心引荐。谢谢你们。It is wonderful to be here at this university. What a special place. I just looked around a little bit here, its a gorgeous, gorgeous place. I want to congratulate you for going to this magnificent university here.能来到清华大学让我感到万分荣幸。这个地方真的很特别!仅稍作环顾,我就发现,这里绚丽多。祝贺你们能来到这所宏伟壮观的大学学习。Now, the last time I was here in China was five years ago, and then I was promoting my movies. They had a movie festival here, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Festival. I remember they showed all my movies for a week--which was a rarity, may I remind you--and they also showed the movies on television. But we also were here to promote special Olympics, which is an organization that helps people with mental disabilities, so I was here for both reasons.上次我来中国是五年前的事了,当时是为了宣传我的电影。他们在这里举办了一个电影节,阿诺德·施瓦辛格电影节。我还记得他们整整一个星期都在放映我主演的电影,这并不常见。此外,他们还在电视上放映这些电影。当时我们来这里的另一个目的是,宣传帮助智障人士的特殊奥林匹克运动会。因此,当时我来这里有双重目的。But this time Im here as the governor of the great state of California. Im here representing the people of California, and were here on a trade mission to see how we can do more business with China and to help each other, because both California is a very fast growing state, and China is a very fast growing country, and there are a lot of things that we can do for one another.但是,这一次我作为加利福尼亚州州长,谨代表加利福尼亚州的人民来到中国,肩负如何能与中国建立更多贸易往来并互利合作的重要使命。因为加利福尼亚是一个高速发展的州,而中国也是一个高速发展的国家,我们的合作是双赢的。But I didnt want to miss the opportunity to come here today and to talk with the young people; as a matter of fact, to the brightest young people of China. And this is why it is so great to be here at the Tsinghua University, and Im honored that I was invited here.但我也不想错失今天来这里与你们这些年轻人交谈的机会。事实上,你们是中国最杰出的年轻人。这就是我为能来到清华而感到无比高兴的原因,也是我为能被贵校邀请而感到无比荣幸的原因。Now, I a little bit about the history of Tsinghua, and I learned that actually this school originally prepared students to attend universities in America.现在,我对清华的历史略有了解,我还了解到,这所学校最初实际上是为那些准备前往美国上大学的学生创立的院校。Now, I also know that since the attack on our World Trade Centers it has become more and more difficult to go to the universities in America because you need to fill out all kinds of paperwork now and you have to get visas, and its very complicated, and you have to wait a much longer period of time to go over there. But let me tell you, things are improving aly.同时,我也知道,自从我们的世贸大厦遭遇空袭以来,去美国的大学深造越来越难了,因为你们现在需要填写各种各样的书面材料,还必须获得签。这个过程非常复杂,你们得等很长的时间才能去美国。但让我告诉你们,情况已在不断改善。201403/281349 Technology is empowering civil society in ways that no iron fist can control科技让公民社会变得更加强大这是任何;铁拳;都无法掌控的New breakthroughs are lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty新的突破正让数以亿计的人摆脱贫困And even the upheaval of the Arab World reflects the rejection of an authoritarian order that was anything but stable甚至阿拉伯世界的动荡都反映出了专制制度无法稳定持久and now offers the long-term prospect of more responsive and effective governance反映出了人们对更加有效的政府的憧憬In countries like Egypt we acknowledge that our relationship is anchored in security interests from peace treaties with Israel, to shared efforts against violent extremism在埃及这样的国家我们承认关系是建立在安全利益之上的包括同以色列签订和平条约 共同打击暴力极端主义So we have not cut off cooperation with the new government but we can and will persistently press for reforms that the Egyptian people have demanded我们从未终止过同新政府的合作与此同时 我们能够 也愿意持续向埃及政府施压让其推进埃及人民所要求的改革And meanwhile, look at a country like Burma which only a few years ago was an intractable dictatorship and hostile to the ed States 40 million people另外 看看缅甸这样的国家 就在几年前 它还是一个棘手的独裁国家 对美国充满敌意缅甸有四千万人口Thanks to the enormous courage of the people in that country and because we took the diplomatic initiative, American leadership得益于缅甸人民巨大的勇气还有我们美国的外交尝试和领导作用we have seen political reforms opening a once closed society a movement by Burmese leadership away from partnership with North Korea in favor of engagement with America and our allies政治革命让一个原本封闭的社会变得开放缅甸领导者不再亲朝鲜而是加强同美国及盟国的合作Were now supporting reform and badly needed national reconciliation through assistance and investment through coaxing and, at times, public criticism我们持这种改革并亟需通过援助和投资来实现国内和解我们需要劝诱 有时还需要公开批评And progress there could be reversed but if Burma succeeds we will have gained a new partner without having fired a shot缅甸的进程可能会逆转但如果缅甸改革能够成功我们将不费一一炮赢得一个新的合作伙伴201506/380963深圳市眼科医院减肥手术多少钱深圳市人民医院激光去红血丝多少钱



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