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superfluous ———— 没必要的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Unnecessary; exceeding what is needed or desirable; serving no important purpose.例句 The airplane we will take for our journey over the mountains is filled with cargo and passengers, so we cannot take any superfluous baggage.我们将要乘坐的、飞越这些山脉的飞机载满了货物和乘客,所以我们无法带多余的行李了。 /201606/450533深圳宝安医院激光祛痣多少钱US Lawmakers Working on Financial Bailout美议员继续讨论挽救金融业计划  U.S. lawmakers are continuing talks on a massive rescue plan for America's struggle financial services industry. U.S. President George Bush is facing opposition from members of his own party who object to the cost of the plan.美国国会议员们继续讨论一个庞大的拯救计划来挽救困难重重的金融务业。美国总统布什面临本党成员的抵制,他们不满意该计划巨大的耗资。President Bush says the entire U.S. economy is endangered by uncertainty over billions of dollars worth of mortgage-backed securities that have lost value and threatened the U.S. economy.美国总统布什说,人们对价值数十亿美元已经贬值并且威胁到美国经济的抵押贷款债券的前途不确定,使美国整体经济处于危险之中。Banks holding these assets are restricting credit, making it harder for businesses and consumers to get loans. So President Bush wants Congress to spend as much as 0 billion to buy up these bad loans and securities, giving more banks more money to lend.持有这些资产的正在限制信用,使商家和消费者更难获得贷款。所以布什希望国会付多达7000亿美元收购这些不良贷款和债券,让更多可以贷出更多的资金。In his weekly radio address, the president says he knows many Americans are frustrated with the situation and feel it is unfair to pay for mistakes by Wall Street investors when many taxpayers are struggling to meet mortgage payments.布什在每周广播讲话中说,他知道许多美国人对现在的情况很困扰,而且许多人觉得在许多纳税人艰难地偿还抵押贷款的时候,还要为华尔街投资人的错误买单,这很不公平。Mr. Bush says the cost of letting so many banks fail will ultimately be far higher for consumers than the financial rescue package he is trying to get through Congress.布什说,让这么多倒闭给消费者带来的损失最终会远高于他正在争取在国会通过的这项金融拯救计划的费用。"The failure of the financial system would cause banks to stop lending money to one another and to businesses and consumers," he said. "That would make it harder for you to take out a loan or borrow money to expand a business. The result would be less economic growth and more American jobs lost. And that would put our economy on the path toward a deep and painful recession."布什说:“金融系统的倒闭将导致停止互相贷款,停止向商家和消费者贷款。那将让你们更难借出贷款或者借钱来扩大生意。结果是经济增长减少,更多美国人失去工作。那将让我们的经济走上严重和痛苦的经济衰退之路。”Public opinion polls show as many as 40 percent of Americans oppose the government plan to spend taxpayer money to buy up bad investments.民意调查显示,多达40%的美国人反对政府计划花费纳税人的钱来收购不良投资。Most Democrats and Republicans in the Senate agree to the broad principles of the president's bailout, but Republicans in the House of Representatives object to the cost. They want an expanded insurance system to cover failing mortgage-backed securities.参议院中多数民主党和共和党人同意总统拯救计划的大原则,但是众议院的共和党人反对该计划的巨大耗资。他们希望扩大保险系统来保护抵押贷款债券。In the Democratic radio address, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says "The money spent must be accounted for". 众议院多数党领袖霍耶在民主党广播讲话中说:“花这些钱必须要解释清楚。”"This Congress does not write 0 billion blank checks" he said. "There will be strong oversight of where and how that money is spent. Taxpayer money can not fund lavish bonuses or golden parachutes for CEO's whose irresponsibility helped bring on this meltdown."霍耶说:“国会不会只写一张可以随便花的7000亿美元票。这笔钱用在哪里,如何使用,必须具备有力的监督。纳税人不能为企业主管们奢侈的红利或者金色保护伞买单。这些企业主管不负责任的表现也加重了这次大崩盘。”Though not included in his original plan, President Bush has agreed to limits on executive compensation and a bipartisan board to oversee the purchase of failing securities.尽管布什原来的计划里没有限制企业主管报酬和成立一个跨党派委员会监督收购不良债券工作,他还是同意这样做了。Lawmakers continued to work on the plan Saturday. Two top Democrats, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee Barney Frank, say they believe a deal can be in place by Sunday. Lawmakers hope to announce an agreement before Asian markets open Monday.国会议员们星期六继续商讨这项计划。两位高层民主党人--参议院多数党领袖雷德和众议院金融委员会主席弗兰克说,他们相信星期天之前会达成协议。国会议员们希望在亚洲股市星期一开盘之前宣布达成协议。200809/50858深圳北大医院治疗狐臭多少钱China Leaves Footprints in Space中国宇航员成功完成首次太空行走 A Chinese astronaut has made the historic first step in outer space for his country. With the successful spacewalk, China has become the third country, after the ed States and Russia, to do so.一名中国宇航员为中国向外太空迈出历史性的一步。翟志刚成功进行太空行走以后,中国成为继美国和俄罗斯之后的第三个进行太空行走的国家。Cheering erupted in the control room when Chinese astronaut Zhai Zhigang opened the hatch of the Shenzhou 7 spacecraft and went outside.中国宇航员翟志刚走出神舟7号轨道仓,进入太空的时候,地面的控制室里爆发出一片欢呼声。His emergence from the module was captured by cameras mounted on the outside of the space ship and broadcast live to millions of Chinese viewers.安装在航天器外部的录像机把翟志刚进入太空的场面记录下来,然后实况播放给地面上数以百万计的中国观众。Zhai, who became China's first-ever spacewalker, waved to the camera at this historic moment.刚刚成为中国太空行走第一人的翟志刚挥舞著中国国旗,他说,这是一个历史时刻。Zhai says he sends greetings to the Chinese people and all the people in the world. Shortly afterwards, his teammate handed him a Chinese national flag, which he also waved for the camera.Outside the craft, Zhai recovered a scientific experiment that official Chinese media said were solid lubricant samples. The ship also will release a satellite that will circle the orbiter and send back images to mission command.在航天器外面,翟志刚从太空中取回一个科学试验,中国官方媒体说,那是一些固体润滑材料。航天器将向太空投放一枚卫星,这枚卫星将环绕航天器飞行,向使命指挥中心发送图像。For his 20 minute spacewalk, Zhai wore a Chinese-made Feitian suit, which is being highlighted as the first indigenous space suit.翟志刚进行了20分钟太空行走,他身穿中国制造的飞天宇航,中国强调说,这是第一套中国自制的宇航。It cost nearly .5 million, has 10 layers and weighs about 120 kilograms. 成本高达近450万美元。这套宇航有10层,重量大约是120公斤。The Feitian is like a mini space ship. It provides pressurized atmosphere, oxygen and temperature control to keep astronauts alive in outer space, while still allowing them to carry out their tasks. The suit also protects wearers from radiation and small flying meteoroids.飞天宇航就象一个微型宇航器。它提供加压大气,氧气,还配有温度调节,能保持宇航员在太空中生存,同时完成他们的任务。宇航还保护宇航员免受幅射和微小的宇宙微粒的打击。One of the Shenzhou 7 astronauts, who did not actually exit the craft, wore a Russian-made Orlan space suit. Chinese authorities say Russian experts have been on hand to support the entire mission.神舟7号的另一名没有离开航天器的宇航员穿着俄罗斯制造的太空。中国当局说,俄罗斯专家在指挥中心准备随时协助持整个使命。Shenzhou 7 launched Thursday night from the western province of Gansu, and is due to land in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia Sunday. 神舟7号在星期四晚间从甘肃省发射升空,按计划将在星期天在内蒙古地区着陆。Official Chinese media report the country's ultimate goal is to build a permanent space laboratory and a larger-scale space engineering system. The chief designer of the Shenzhou spacecraft system, Zhang Bainan, is ed as saying China is planning to begin mass production of the spacecraft starting from the Shenzhou 8 mission.中国官方媒体报告说,中国的最终目标是建造一个永久的空间实验室,和一个大型太空工程系统。神舟飞船系列的主要设计师被引述说,中国计划从神舟8号开始批量制造太空飞行器。200809/50860深圳激光去皱

罗湖区中心人民医院绣眉多少钱盐田区提眉手术多少钱South Korean Officials Try to Keep Lid on Kim Jong Il Health Rumors韩官员为有关金正日健康传闻降温 North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is still nowhere to be seen, more than a week after South Korean intelligence officials revealed the belief he is recovering from a stroke. South Korean officials are trying to cool down a sizzling media demand for rumors and speculation about the North Korean leader's condition. 韩国情报官员相信北韩领导人金正日中风并正在康复已经一个多星期了,但金正日仍旧没有露面。韩国官员试图为媒体对有关金正日健康状况的传闻和揣测的热情降温。South Korea's main Cabinet minister in charge of North Korean affairs warned lawmakers Thursday to keep matters related to the health of the North's leader, Kim Jong Il, discrete. 韩国统一部长官金夏中星期四警告韩国议员们说,不要把有关北韩领导人金正日健康状况的消息对外泄漏。Unification Minister Kim Ha-joong says sping reports could lead to confrontation. 金夏中说,传播这个消息会引发对抗。He says it is inappropriate to pass on reports, even credible ones, that have not been officially confirmed by North Korea. He says Pyongyang could eventually view such behavior as slanderous and antagonistic. “没有被北韩正式确认的消息,即使是可信的,也不应该到处传播。北韩方面可能最终会认为这是诽谤和对抗行为。”Kim Jong Il has not been seen in public since last month, and was most notably absent from a military parade this month marking the country's 60th anniversary. South Korean intelligence officials told lawmakers last week they believe the North Korean leader is recovering from a stroke. 金正日从上个月起就没有公开露面,而且引人注目地缺席本月纪念北韩建国六十周年的阅兵式。韩国情报官员上星期对韩国议员们说,他们相信金正日中了风,目前正在康复。North Korea has officially denied all reports of their leader's ailing health, calling them a worthless international conspiracy. South Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo told Cabinet ministers this week to avoid provoking Korea by discussing intelligence. He reminded them that nobody knows how the situation with the North Korean leader will progress at this point. 北韩官员正式反驳了所有有关金正日健康的报导,称这些报导是无用的国际阴谋。韩国总理韩德洙本星期要求内阁部长们避免因为讨论情报而挑衅北韩。他提醒部长们说,现在没有人知道金正日的健康状况会怎样发展。South Korean media reports have included details from unnamed sources ranging from alleged convulsions being suffered by the North's leader, to speculation about whether or not he is able to brush his teeth by himself. 韩国媒体的报导包括没有透露姓名的消息人士提供的细节,从金正日患了痉挛到他是否还能自己刷牙等揣测,不一而足。For South Koreans, Kim Jong Il's health is no matter of petty gossip, but a national security issue of the first order. He has absolute personal control of North Korea's secretive government, and he has never publicly named a successor. Any compromise of his health is viewed as potentially destabilizing to the North Korean system - and even to peace on the Korean peninsula. 对于韩国人来说,金正日的健康状况可不仅仅是闲言碎语,而是首要的国家安全问题。金正日对北韩政府实行绝对的个人控制,也从来没有公开指定一名接班人。金正日的健康如果出现任何问题,都会被认为可能影响到北韩体制、甚至朝鲜半岛的稳定。Unification Minister Kim called reports of a possible post Kim Jong Il collapse of North Korea unhelpful Thursday, and warned they could further aggravate the aly sensitive North-South relationship. 统一部长官金夏中星期四称有关金正日身后北韩可能会垮台的报导于事无补,并警告说,这些报导可能进一步加剧北韩与韩国之间已经很紧张的关系。200809/49278深圳龙华区人民医院激光除皱手术多少钱Penguins have their own waterproof down survival suits. They replace their feathers each year in one short burst. Indeed, Kings completely replace every single feather. New feathers grow through underneath to push out the old and there is lots of them. Penguin feathers are three to four times more densely packed than those of the average flying bird. As spring takes the chill from the air, members of the colony display different stages. Some are changing feathers before they can go fishing; others are aly in their new suits and start a court. Their brassy coats advertise their availability and interest. Hungry chicks are only thinking about food, they follow any adult returning from the sea with a belly full of fish. They will soon gain the strength for their first voyage to sea. We can safely leave the Kings to meet our second penguin stars. Over the picturesque Cobblers cove, warm winds are blowing ashore. And new arrivals are pop-singing from short trips to catch fish just offshore. Gentoo penguins, there is a high-speed approach. They snatch a breath every time they are out of the water. Our second penguin personality spots triangular white patch behind the eye, a bright orange bill and a spatter of white on the back of the head. Gentoo actually means a pagan in Hindustan. It's a mystery why this word applies to a bird. Gentoos have a long climb ahead to their nesting colony. A penguin walkway stretches off into the distance. In fact, these birds make their way a whole 500 yards uphill to reach their sheltered spots.Pygoscelis is their Latin family name. It means brush-tailed. Gentoos sweep the ground with one of the longest tails of any of the 17 species of penguin. Their living nest is as far as a mile from the coast. Of the three penguins on our safari, Gentoos construct the biggest nests. They can be almost 8 inches above the ground and 18 inches across. In gentoo's society, there seems to be an awful lot of rivalry. They try to build their nests as big as possible. The hard-working birds go up into the tussock grass to bring back nesting materials. The lazy ones simply steal construction materials from their neighbors. This little thief is so house-proud, he's erected the biggest residence in this suburb. When the neighbors return, the perpetrator looks like he is pretending nothing suspicious is going on.brassy: Cheap and showy; flashy. 浮华的价廉而炫耀的picturesque: of, suggesting, or suitable for a picture 如画的pagan: One who is not a Christian, Moslem, or Jew; a heathen. 异教徒Hindustan: 印度safari: An overland expedition, especially one for hunting or exploring in eastern Africa. 探险200709/17490深圳市中医院做隆胸手术多少钱

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