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Obama Calls for an End to Partisan Politics in Congress奥巴马促挥别陈旧政治使国家前进At his inauguration, U.S. President Barack Obama issued a call to Americans to end what he called "stale politics" so the country can move forward. For decades politics as usual has been the general rule in the U.S. Congress, despite calls by successive presidents for bipartisan cooperation. 奥巴马总统在就职演说里,呼吁美国人民挥别他所说的“陈旧的政治”,以便使这个国家能够迈步向前。尽管历来继任的美国总统都呼吁两党合作,但是几十年来,国会里还是老样子。During his campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama spoke often of the need for a new style of politics, an appeal he expressed again in his inaugural address.  在竞选总统期间,奥巴马经常提到需要新的政治风范,他在就职演说里再度表达这样的诉求。"We come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics," he said. 奥巴马说:“我们来此宣示,那些无用的抱怨和虚伪的承诺已经终结,那些长久以来扭曲我们政治的相互指控和陈旧教条已经终结。”Over the decades, many presidents have begun their administrations with pledges to pursue new levels of bipartisanship. Some have been more successful than others.  几十年来,许多美国总统都以誓言追求两党合作的新精神来开始他们的新政府,其中有些人做得比较成功。The strength of President Obama's victory in last November's election, and initial approaches he made to Republicans before his inauguration, may help smooth the way for his agenda on Capitol Hill. 奥巴马总统去年11月选举的巨大胜利,以及他在就职前对共和党所做出的姿态,也许会使他在国会的日程变得比较顺利。House Republican leader John Boehner appeared to be seeking to lay the groundwork for cooperation, saying in a statement Tuesday that Republicans "look forward to finding common ground with the President on solutions to the U.S. economic crisis among other issues.  众院共和党领袖伯纳尔似乎在寻求为两党合作奠定基础,他在星期二的一份声明里说,共和党议员“希望在解决美国经济危机和其他议题上,寻求和总统共同的立场”。In his address, President Obama also referred to what he called a shifting of the political ground, saying "stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply." 在就职演说里,奥巴马总统也提到政治基础的改变。奥巴马说,“陈旧的政治辩论曾经如此长久地消耗我们,现在不应再继续了。”His task now and in coming months and years will be to reinforce this persuasively and respectfully.As he exchanged toasts with members of Congress at the traditional post-inaugural luncheon in the Capitol, the new president said Americans who spoke with their votes in last November's election expect their president and representatives to work together. 就职典礼后在传统的国会午餐会上,这位新总统在和国会议员互相祝酒时说,美国人民去年11月用选票发出他们的声音,期待总统和国会议员合作。"The American people have come together across races and regions and stations. Now we have to do the same. Now it falls to us, the people's representatives, to give our fullest measure of devotion to the cause of freedom, and liberty, and justice, decency and dignity and our chamber should reflect what we know are in the hearts of the American people," he said.  奥巴马说:“美国人民不分种族、宗教和立场都来到这里。现在我们也必须作同样的事。现在落到我们身上,落到人民代表的身上,我们应作出完全的奉献,为自由、正义和尊严而奉献。我们的国会应该反映美国人民内心的渴望。”Vice President Joseph Biden had this message for those gathered in Statuary Hall in the Capitol. "Just think to yourselves, look around at the table next to you, look at the people you are sitting next to, and remind yourself, remind yourself what this Constitution is about. There [are] three co-equal branches of government and together there is not a single solitary thing we cannot achieve," he said.A much-strengthened Democratic majority in the House and Senate, and pressures on lawmakers to deal effectively with the economic crisis, will no doubt help President Obama get his major domestic and foreign-agenda goals through Congress. 由于民主党在参众两院都是多数,加上民众渴望国会议员有效处理经济危机的压力,这些都毫无疑问地可以协助奥巴马透过国会,实现他在内政和外交上的主要目标。Also helping will be the extensive connections on Capitol Hill of his chief of staff, former Illinois Representative Rahm Emanuel, and the influence of other former congressional staffers serving President Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden.  其他的协助则来自奥巴马的白宫办公厅主任、前伊利诺伊州国会众议员伊麦诺尔在国会的广泛人脉,以及其他曾经务过奥巴马总统和拜登副总统的前国会助理们的影响力。Senior members of President Obama's new administration wasted no time after the inauguration getting to work on the most important piece of legislation Congress will consider in decades - an economic recovery bill. 奥巴马新政府的高级成员在就职大典过后,分秒必争地为国会几十年来所必须考虑的最重要立法 “经济复兴法案”工作。Democrats want that legislation completed by the middle of February. But President Obama has hard work ahead to ease concerns of Republicans about the huge size of the 5 billion measure. 民主党方面希望到2月中旬以前就完成这项立法。奥巴马总统之前已经努力工作,缓解不少共和党议员对这项巨大的8250亿美元法案的顾虑。Also ahead in coming months will be more hard work on issues such as financial regulation reforms. The success President Obama has on these initial hurdles will provide an early test of his ability to navigate the partisan divides in Congress. 未来几个月必须努力解决的议题,还包括金融管理改革法案。奥巴马总统虽然跨越了最初的障碍取得成功,但他是否能够克国会的党派分歧,对他执政初期的能力是一个考验。01/61428FOR the past year or two, the big economies have experienced a “multi-speed” recovery, as the IMF calls it. The recovery has resembled third-world traffic, where juggernauts and rickshaws, cars and cycles ply the same lanes at different speeds, often gettingin each other’s way.在过去的一两年,各大经济体经历了一次被国际货币基金组织称为“倍速”的复苏。此次复苏就像第三世界的交通,货车、人力车、汽车、单车以不同的速度行驶在同一条道路上,经常互相驶入别人的车道。But for the past month or two, this traffic has slowed in unison. The deceleration is evident in the prices of commodities, which have fallen by 8.6% since mid-February, according to The Economist’s commodity-price index. It is also reflected in American manufacturing. New orders for durable goods, such as engines and cars, fell by 3.6% in April (albeit after a strong rise the month before). Factory output is still growing modestly, according to the Philadelphia Fed’s latest survey, but has lost more momentum since March than in any two months since November 2008.但在过去的一两个月,这股复苏车流同时放缓,这减速可从商品价格看出。根据《经济学人》商品价格指数,自从二月中旬,商品价格已跌8.6%。这亦能从美国制造业看出。四月份耐用品(例如发动机与汽车)新订单数跌了3.6%(虽然前一个月才大幅上升)。根据费城联邦的最新调查,工厂输出虽然仍然保持一定程度的增长,但自从三月份便失去持续的动力,这两个月是2008年11月至今最疲弱的两个月。America’s recovery relied for longer than most on fiscal injections. But by early August the federal government will bang up against a debt limit imposed by Congress. Any deal to raise the limit would almost certainly require spending reductions, and failure to strike a deal at all would require drastic cuts as the government stops selling debt. Even if the government is allowed to keep selling debt, the Federal Reserve will soon stop buying it, as it reaches the end of its latest round of “quantitative easing”, a programme to buy longer-dated paper with freshly printed money.美国依赖注资来复苏的时间较其它国家要长,但联邦政府的债务将于八月初冲破国会所准许的顶限。要抬高债务顶限,就要节省开;若不能产生一个各方满意的办法,政府将停止出售债券,使各方面预算剧减。即使政府能继续发售债券,由于这一轮“量化宽松”政策——一个用新印钞票收购旧钞票的项目——临近结束,联邦储备局早晚会停购。The euro zone’s prospects of growing its way out of trouble are receding, according to surveys of purchasing managers by HS and Markit, an information provider. Their “flash” (ie, preliminary) index for the euro-area economy fell sharply from 57.8 in April to 55.4 in May, a drop not seen since late 2008. In services the pessimism expressed about the coming year was reminiscent of mid-, before the recovery had picked up any speed at all.而根据恒生及信息务商Markit所做的采购经理调查,欧元区摆脱泥淖的前景不佳。他们的欧元区经济初步指数从四月的57.8急跌至五月的55.4,是2008年末以来首次。悲观论调认为对于务业,在复苏重获任何一点动力之前,来年会是年中的再版。201106/139447

Pakistan and China巴基斯坦与中国Sweet as can be?真的能甜蜜吗?Even an all-weather friendship has limits 哪怕是永不背弃的友谊都有其极限May 12th 2011 | BEIJING AND ISLAMABAD | fromThe Economist print edition Come rain or shine风雨无阻PAKISTAN’S ambassador to Beijing, Masood Kahn, was this week fully armed with metaphors to describe the robust friendship between the two countries. “We say it is higher than the mountains, deeper than the oceans, stronger than steel, dearer than eyesight, sweeter than honey, and so on.”巴基斯坦的大使Masood Kahn带着形容两国坚固友谊的隐喻于这个星期到达北京。“我们说它比山高,比海深,比金属坚硬,比视野珍贵,比蜂蜜甜蜜,以及其他。”The relationship is indeed a geopolitical keystone for both countries. Pakistan serves as China’s closest friend both in South Asia and among Islamic countries. So close, indeed, that many suspect China has asked Pakistan for the valuable remains of the American stealth helicopter abandoned during the bin Laden raid. Meanwhile, China can help counterbalance Pakistan’s arch-rival, India, including in Afghanistan.这段友谊对于两国而言确实如同地理学上的一块楔石一般。在南亚以及伊斯兰教国家中,巴基斯坦充当着中国最亲密的伙伴。如此的亲密,甚至于许多国家怀疑中国向巴基斯坦索要了在本拉登袭击事件中珍贵的美国秘密遗弃的直升机残骸。同时,中国帮助制约巴基斯坦的主要竞争对手印度,以及阿富汗。Pakistan seems keen to foster the impression that new tensions with America might nudge it even closer towards China. In his blustery speech to parliament on May 9th Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani struck out on an odd tangent to praise China as an “all-weather friend”, providing Pakistan with strength and inspiration. Not to be outdone, President Asif Zardari issued an effusive statement of his own about a friendship “not matched by any other relationship between two sovereign countries”.巴基斯坦看起来热衷于促进新的与美国关系的紧张状态,而这种热衷则可能会让其与中国的关系更进一步。在其总理Yusuf Raza Gilani 于5月9号对国会充满争议的演讲中,他突然提出了一个奇怪的话题——中国是一位永不分离的伙伴,她给巴基斯坦提供力量与灵感。201105/136856

When a quake registers as at least 6.0, it activates a site of monitoring station. When at least two stations are activated, they relay a signal to Mexico city, automatically triggering an alarm. In Mexico city, distance equals time. The city salvation lies in grade school Algebra and its aly worked.当一次地震的震级至少为6.0时,一处监测站就会被激活。当两处监测站被激活时,这就向墨西哥城传递一个信号,那就是自动触发警报。在墨西哥城,距离等于时间。城市的救赎在阿尔奇巴小学已经开始并且已经奏效。September 14th, 1995, 8:04am, from the Pacific, a fierce quake founders a shore. In 13 seconds, it registers on station 11, four seconds later, on station 12. A quake measured 7.3 on the Richter scale and its moving toward Mexico city at 12 times the speed of the worlds fastest commerical jet. But the SAS alert beats the quake to the city by 72 seconds. Not one resident is killed.1995年9月14日早上8:04,来自太平洋的猛烈地震登陆。在13秒内,11号监测站被激活,4秒之后是12号监测站。该地震被测量为里氏7.3级,它朝墨西哥城进发,其速度比世界上最快的商业飞机还快12倍。但SAS地震警报显示地震来到城市72秒,居然没有一个居民死亡。When the alarm sounds, a carefully celerograph movement begins. Buildings empty, subways shut down. To avoid fires, power is cut and gas lines are closed. Rescue workers scramble. But Mexico citys entire civil defence depends on the thin red line of sentinels, the earthquake sensors on the coast. If they fail, a quake would hit with no warning at all.当报警响起,一场精心准备的疏散运动开始。建筑腾空、地铁关闭。为了避免火灾,电力被切断,天然气被关闭。救援人员开始行动。但墨西哥城市的整个民防就取决于这根细细的红线哨兵,即海岸的地震传感器。如果它们失败,一个地震会在城市茫然无知的情况下袭来。To prevent failures, the sensors are routinely inspected. Today, its a sensor at the Saint Peter station near Acapulco. For Rovato Islas, just getting there, is shaky.为了防止失败,传感器经常要接受常规检查。现在,这是位于Acapulco火车站旁的一个传感器。对于刚刚建在那里的Rovato Islas,还有点靠不住。165858

  China abroad 中国的海外投资Welcome, bienvenue, willkommen欢迎,欢迎,热烈欢迎America needs to worry about the contrast between its attitude to China and Europe’s美国需要考虑下他自己和欧洲对待中国的态度有何不同Jun 30th 2011 | from the print editionIN EUROPE, the red carpet. In America, a red mist. This week’s tour of European capitals by Wen Jiabao, China’s prime minister, underlined the stark transatlantic difference in responses to China’s economic clout. European leaders, caught up in the euro area’s crisis, want China to buy more of their debt; American politicians worry that it owns too much of theirs. For European politicians the value of the yuan is one worry among many; it sometimes feels like Americans can think of little else. In Europe, Chinese firms are broadly welcome; in America, they are often viewed with suspicion.在欧洲,是红地毯,在美国,是蒙蒙的红雾。中国国务院总理温家宝在这周的欧洲首都之行上,凸显了大西洋彼岸的国家对中国经济实力增强的不同反应。欧洲各国的领导人,被欧元区危机弄得焦头烂额,迫切希望中国购买他们的债券,美国的政客则担心中国蚕食他们的利益;对于欧洲的政客,人民币的价值只是他们担心的一个方面,而在美国却盯着此不放;在欧洲,中国的公司受到广泛的欢迎,在美国,他们却经常被视作动机不纯。Europe’s receptiveness to China is born partly of weakness. Delegations from peripheral euro-zone countries have been flying into Beijing to seek buyers of their debt. Fixers working for Chinese companies report a steady stream of inquiries from cash-strapped European firms. But even among Europe’s stronger economies, the political bias is to promote investment from China, not deter it.欧洲对中国的接纳部分是因为欧洲经济的疲软。欧元区的小国代表团已经飞往北京去寻找债券购买人了,为中国公司工作的调停者已经从那些现金流不足的欧洲公司那里整理出一份详细的咨询报告。甚至是那些强大的经济体,政治的偏见都没能够抑制从中国来的投资。201107/143055

  Scientists have found that mindfulness meditation, known as “Samatha Meditation,” could be reducing the pain that people experience. Fifteen research subjects given 120 degrees Fahrenheit heat pulses found the pain fifty-seven percent less unpleasant and forty percent less intense after just four twenty minute meditation sessions. Isn’t it hard to measure what people are feeling? The researchers didn’t just asking people how they felt. They used an MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging machine to measure their brain activity. The MRI detects how much oxygen brain cells use. The more oxygen the cells use, the more active they are. As pain goes up, activity changes in certain areas of the brain.【生词注释】meditation n. 沉思; 冥想session n.期间measure v.测量magnetic resonance imaging磁共振成像:go up 上升;增长科学家们发现冥想,也叫作“Samatha Meditation”,能够减轻人们的疼痛感。15个人经受120华氏温度来进行试验,研究发现经过20分钟的冥想后,疼痛感减少了 57%,紧张度较少了40%。测量人们的感觉不是很难吗?研究人们不适直接询问实验人员的感觉。他们使用用磁共振成像机器来测验脑部活动。机器可以侦测到脑细胞使用的氧气,脑细胞使用的氧气越多,它们越活跃。随着疼痛的增加,脑部的局部区域细胞活动发生了变化。201111/159681。

  Indonesia Quake Death Toll Rises, Scores Still Missing印尼地震死亡人数上升并有数十人失踪  The death toll from an earthquake in Indonesia has reached 57 with scores injured and missing. Casualty figures could increase.印度尼西亚地震的死亡人数已经达到了46人,并有数十人受伤和失踪。伤亡人数很可能会上升。Indonesian rescue workers searched by hand through rubble Thursday looking for trapped survivors from Wednesday's earthquake. 星期四,印度尼西亚救援人员用手拨开瓦砾,搜寻星期三地震中被困的幸存者。Authorities say heavy digging equipment is headed to the worst-hit areas of western Java, but time is running out for scores buried under collapsed buildings and landslides. 当局说,深挖设备已经被运往受灾最严重的爪哇西部地区。但是对那些被压在坍塌的建筑和山崩的碎石下面的几十人来说,时间已经不多了。VOA's Jakarta correspondent, Brian Padden, is in the village of Civinong in Java's Cianjur district, the area most damaged by the quake. 美国之音驻雅加达记者帕登在地震受灾最严重的爪哇展玉区的一个村庄进行报导。"The scene here at the bottom of the hill where hundreds of houses have been destroyed by a landslide caused by the earthquake, the scene is one of rescue, it's just pure rescue effort that seems devoid of emotion," Padden said. "I found no family members weeping or crying but people looking, probably hoping, looking for those that are lost." 他说:“在山脚下的受灾现场,有数百间房屋被地震引发的滑坡摧毁。救援工作正在进行,看起来是没有夹杂情绪的纯粹的救援行动。我没有看见家属啜泣或者嚎啕大哭。人们只是在寻找,也许带着希望,寻找失去的亲人。”The earthquake had a magnitude of seven and was felt hundreds of miles away and in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. 此次地震强度是里氏7级。数百公里外的印度尼西亚首都雅加达也可以感到地震。Indonesian foreign affairs spokesman Teuku Faizasyah says the quake flattened an estimated 13,000 buildings, including about 5,000 homes. Thousands more were damaged. 印尼外交部发言人登古.法兹沙说,地震将大约1万3千栋建筑夷为平地,其中包括大约5000户民宅。另有几千座房屋受损。He says casualty figures may increase as rescue workers have not yet reached some remote areas. 他说,因为搜救人员还没有抵达偏远地区,伤亡人数可能还会增加。"In this period we are concentrating on the rescue and providing basic necessities for the victims," Faizasyah said. "We haven't yet received any comprehensive report from the field. But, it looks [like] things [are] still moving on. So, we are not anticipating crisis in the near future. But, it looks we've still managed to handle the situation quite well." 法兹沙说:“在这个时期,我们的重心是救援工作以及为受害者提供基本的必需品。我们还没有从灾区现场收到任何综合性报告。不过目前看来搜救工作有进展。所以,我们认为在近期内不会出现危机。看起来我们能把局面控制的很好。”Indonesian authorities issued a tsunami warning shortly after the quake but it was later canceled. 印尼当局在地震发生后不久发布了海啸警报,但是之后就解除了警报。Indonesia is on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire where several tectonic plates meet and often cause earthquakes. 印尼位于通常所说的环太平洋地震带,是多个板块交界处,经常发生地震。An earthquake off Java in 2006 triggered a tsunami that killed about 600 people on the island's southern coast. And a quake and tsunami off Aceh in 2004 led to more than 200,000 deaths around the Indian Ocean.2006年爪哇地震引发的海啸导致岛上南部海岸约600人死亡。2004年在亚齐发生的海啸和地震导致印度洋周围20多万人死亡。09/83303

  Ride along for a driver's-eye view of this classic Most Admired rivalry.FedEx and UPS are on our most admired list this year because they are both fierce competitors and they are recognized not only within their industry but throughout business at large, as being really amazing in terms of the way that they conduct themselves."FedEx is one of the best companies to work for, you know. It's amazing what FedEx, you know, technology that we have. It's awesome, you know, uh, I'm here in 18 years, and I think the quality professional and service is one of the best. And we always pick, er, quality of tools, for an example, this power pair list, we have, uh, advanced with technology, the new truck we've got, the hybrid truck and everything is based on quality and the best. That's why we have the best service and the best quality of service because we have the right and, uh, transmit, you know, he, he, he does the right thing to get the best for us, to do quality work. You know, you need good personality, otherwise if you don't have good personality, you can't work with this job. ""They called me the mayor around here, I guess, I've been doing this job for a year and a half and it's become personal with the customers. uh, I have their, They have my phone number, I have their phone number, we even text each other, you know, if they are not home, you know, what time you are getting home, you know, I know when they get home, and it's personal, you know, uh, customer service is important to me. I don't want to bring a load back to the building, so, you know, I want to make sure they are home, you know, so I, customer service is very important. The company is very good, uh, we are trying to as far as like right now, everyone is trying to go green, our trucks, you know, we have hydraulic trucks in our, in our center, you know, so as far as, you know, to save, to save on gas, uh, we try to not to make left turns, you know, to save on gas, you know, that's very important to us. Sometimes, like, uh, one customer tells me that when Melitzia take a day off, his dog, because, I, I, I have treats in my truck, for my animals, for my pets, uh, his dog might sit next to my truck, waiting for me, even though I am not at work, so he, he tells me the next day, my dog Merrie was sitting by your truck waiting for a treat, but then we realize you are not there. So, you know, we keep on walking. So I hear that all the time."One would think that if FedEx makes the list UPS would be often vice versa. But it's interesting because in this case, both of these companies are very very well recognized. We are seeing business people really say these companies have been really strong for a very long time and these brands mean something in the currency of business and that's why they are both our most admired.Notes:Vice versa: With the order or meaning reversed; conversely.200812/60006你真的会使用搜索引擎吗?生活在互联网时代,搜索引擎对于每个人来说都并不陌生,百度,google每天都有着庞大的访问量。但是你知道怎样更好的利用搜索引擎吗? The web may seem like a vast ocean when it comes to finding something you need. Thankfully, search engines can help turn oceans of information into small pools that make finding information easier.This is Web Search Strategies In Plain English.Before we dive in, let's talk a bit about how search works on the web. Search engines go out and try to account for every word on every web page. All this information is then organized for easy reference. When you search for a word, the search engine finds all the pages where the word appears and displays them in the search results. Usually, the pages that appear highest in the search results have lots of other web pages linking to them. Each link accesses a vote to say "this may be a good resource."The problem is there are often too many results. You need a way to reduce the number of results, so you can find what you need. Let's look at how this works.Say you're looking for a specific kind of fish and these represent all the web sites on the web. Searching for fish doesn't help much. There are way too many results. You need to be more specific. Try to imagine the exact fish and describe it in the search box. You'll see that each word you use gets you closer to what you need.You can do this for any web site by imagining the web site that has your answer. What's the title of the page? What words appear on it? If you put those words in the search box, you'll get closer to finding answers.But to be a smart searcher, you should know some basic shortcuts. Let's say you are looking for words that appear together, like a phrase or e. An example is a search for information on "sand sharks". If you search for it like this, the search engine looks for pages with "sand" and "sharks". To get better results, put es around the words like this. It limits the results to the exact phrase.Here's another shortcut. Words often have multiple meanings. Consider the word "mullet", which is both a fish and a hair style. A search for "mullet" may give you a number of results about the hair style but fewer about the fish. To remove the results about hair, place a hyphen or minus sign just before the word you want to exclude, which means show me the pages about "mullet", but take away results relating to hair.By being specific and using words and symbols that remove useless information, you can find exactly what you need and keep the web from swallowing you whole.07/76346Have you ever wondered why we swing our arms while walking? Itrsquo;s a curious phenomenon, since arms donrsquo;t play an obvious role in locomotion. You can still walk normally when your arms are full of groceries or with your hands in your pockets, so why do we do it? Isnrsquo;t it a waste of energy? Two independent studies, both published in , may provide some answers to this mystery. The Answer; Using a combination of mechanical models, computer simulations and tests with human walkers and runners, the studies concluded that arm swinging just sort of;happens. In other words, you donrsquo;t need muscles for your arms to start swinging, although you can use muscles to swing your arms higher or more forcefully. If yoursquo;re walking and your arms are hanging relaxed by your sides, they will normally swing in sync with the opposite leg. That is, your right arm swings forward when your left leg steps forward and vice versa.你想过为什么走路时我们要甩胳膊吗?这是很有趣的现象,因为胳膊在走路时并没有明显的作用。当你手上拎着东西或将手口袋里,你仍然可以正常走路。那我们为什么要甩胳膊呢?是在浪费体力?两项发布在年的独立研究也许能为此提供。;;利用机器模型,电脑模拟和对走路的人和跑步的人测验,研究得出:走路时甩胳膊只是一种自然而然的动作。换句话说,你不需要胳膊上的肌肉来甩胳膊,尽管你可以用肌肉来甩胳膊甩得更高些或有力些。走路时如果你的胳膊垂在身体侧面,无事可做,那胳膊就会朝腿运动的相反方向甩动。phenomenon n. 现象locomotion n. 运动independent adj. 独立自主的simulation n. 模拟conclude v.得出结论sync n.同时发生163021

  Film-industry subsidies电影业补贴Unilateral disarmament单边裁军After a decade of escalation, a stupid trend may have peaked 历经十年增长,愚蠢的跟风计划可能巅峰已过Jun 9th 2011 | LOS ANGELES | from the print editionLights, cameras, subsidies, action!LOTS of states would love to be California and have their own little Hollywood. Film crews would then come to town and spend money in hair salons and hotels, and local politicians could pose with film stars. So why not call it “economic development” to justify the huge tax credits that lure film producers? As of last year, more than 40 states had such incentives, costing them a record .4 billion. 灯光,摄像,补贴,开始!许多州都希望像加利福尼亚一样,能拥有一个自己的好莱坞,哪怕很小。摄制组人员到时来到小城,美发厅、宾馆收入倍增,本地政界人士可与电影明星一起合影留念。那么为什么不称之为“经济发展”以明吸引电影制片商的巨额税收减免是值得的?去年开始,40多个州都出台了发展电影业的刺激措施,成本达到了破纪录的14亿美元。Even California itself plays the game, believing that it has to defend itself against the poachers. In 2003, when only a handful of states (principally Louisiana and New Mexico) offered incentives, California made two-thirds of America’s big-studio films. Now it makes far fewer than half. Film LA, an organisation that co-ordinates permits for film shoots in Los Angeles, says that without California’s own tax credit, “2010 would have been the worst year” since the mid-1990s for filming in Hollywood. As its marketing blog gibes: “It is extraordinarily unlikely that the 137 productions that filmed in Michigan since 2007 chose to shoot there for creative reasons, a favourable climate or a deep and talented film-crew base.”加州也参与到这场游戏之中,他们必须要保住自己的优势,以免受到后来者的冲击。2003年,只有很少几个州(主要有路易斯安娜和新墨西哥)出台鼓励政策,当时2/3的主要美国电影由加州生产。现在这个比例远远低于1/2。Film LA是洛杉矶的电影摄制协调授权机构,他们表示,加州如果没有税收优惠政策,2010年的好莱坞影业将成为1990年代中期以来最糟的一年,正如它们营销客的一篇文章所说:“ 2007年以来有137部电影选择在密执根州拍摄,因为那里富有创意、环境宜人、人才辈出,这种说法绝无可能。”201106/140894Researchers at Boston University have identified a kind of genetic signature in people who are likely to live to age 100 or older. The technique may also help doctors predict whether you're likely to get a disease, decades before the symptoms show up.Living a long, healthy life tends to run in families. If your grandparents and parents lived into their 90s and remained relatively healthy until the end, there's a pretty good chance you will, too.So it's pretty clear genetics plays some role in longevity.In this study, the research team developed a new statistical way of analyzing the genetic code of people who had reached age 100 as compared with people who had a more typical lifespan. Tom Perls, who heads the New England Centenarian Study, explains what they found."We discovered 150 or so genetic markers that can highly predict whether or not a person has the genetic propensity to live to extreme old age."Using just that large number of genetic markers, the team was able to predict in almost four out of five cases whether a person would live to be 100.Perls says the key to successfully predicting long life was the sophisticated statistical analysis of many different gene variations that each played some role."And that's what this method does - it captures the complexity of the puzzle and the interaction of all these genes together to produce exceptional longevity."Perls and his colleagues publish their study in the online edition of the journal Science.The Boston University researcher says this kind of analysis could play a role, not just in predicting who will live longest, but in actually helping people live longer and healthier lives.In an interview via Skype, Tom Perls said the same technique used to predict long life may also be used to predict whether a person might eventually develop certain diseases. He gave the example of Alzheimer's Disease as one in which genetics plays a role."And we think that this methodology can very much be used to capture the bunch of genes that are playing an important role in one's susceptibility to that disease," he said. "And the same can be true, perhaps, for looking at adult-onset diabetes, or cardiovascular disease, or stroke. Again, where I think there is at least a moderate impact from genetic variation."As the cost of the needed genetic tests continues to decline, he predicts doctors will be able to screen patients for diseases they may not develop until later in life, and recommend ways to avoid them.  波士顿大学的研究人员在可望活过百岁的人身上分辩出一种基因特征。这种技术也可能有助于医生提前几十年,就预知你会不会患什么疾病。 健康长寿通常和家族有关。如果你的祖父母和父母都活到90岁以上,而且身体一直相当健康,你很可能也会这样。 所以,长寿显然有遗传因素。 波士顿大学“新英格兰百龄老人研究”小组使用一种新的统计方式,将百岁老人的基因密码与寿命一般的人进行比对分析。 研究小组负责人汤姆·珀尔斯说:“我们发现了大约150种基因标记,这些基因标记能够准确预测一个人有没有特别长寿的遗传倾向。” 通过这许多基因标记,研究小组能够预测一个人是否能活到百岁,准确率几乎达到百分之80。 珀尔斯说,成功预测长寿与否的关键,在于精密地统计分析具有不同作用的基因种类。 “我们的方法就是抓住谜团中的复杂部分,分析所有这些基因间的互动如何导致长寿。” 珀尔斯和他的同事们将研究报告发表在科学杂志的网路版上。 波士顿大学的这位专家说,这种方法不仅可以用来预测谁活得最长,还能帮助人们活得更健康,更长寿。 珀尔斯接受采访时说,预测长寿的技术也可以用来预测一个人未来会不会得某种疾病。他举例说,老年痴呆就是一种受到遗传因素影响的疾病。他说:“我们认为这种方法很可以用来发现那些使人们容易患上某种疾病的重要遗传因子。同样地,也可以用来预测成人糖尿病、心血管疾病或中风的风险。” 由于遗传因子试验的成本持续下降,珀尔斯预测,医生们将能够为病人筛检出在生命后期才会患上的疾病,并且建议预防的方法。201007/110262

  Disaster in Japan日本灾难,钚与米奇鼠Plutonium and Mickey Mouse钚与米奇鼠Japan’s nuclear crisis drags on, exposing profound failures both at the company and in national energy policy日本核危机悬而未决,暴露出公司和国家能源政策的深刻失败IT IS daylight, but the darkness inside the headquarters of the world’s biggest privately owned electricity company is sepulchral. Officials, heads bowed, apologise in whispers for the trouble Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) has caused. Their 66-year-old boss, Masataka Shimizu, went into hospital on March 30th, suffering from hypertension; he has been absent for much of the past three weeks. In the gloom TEPCO’s logo on the walls of the building resembles a mutant Mickey Mouse.外面晴空万里,世界上最大的私有电力公司总部里却是阴云密布。管理人员低着头小声为东京电力公司(TEPCO)造成的事故而道歉。东京电力公司66岁的总裁清水正孝由于高血压于3月30日入院,过去的三个多星期里他一直不在公司。而挂在大楼墙上阴沉的东京电力公司商标就像是一只发生突变了的米奇鼠。About 250km away, at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear-power plant, hundreds of TEPCO employees and some subcontractors are trying to prevent further leaks of radioactive material from three damaged nuclear reactors and various sources of spent fuel. Their conditions are close to intolerable. At times, they have been exposed to more radiation in a few hours than they are supposed to endure in a year. Their rations are biscuits and canned food. They have a blanket each, and sleep on the floor. Some have lost homes and families to the tsunami that left 27,690 dead or missing. TEPCO sees them as soldiers. “We don’t think they are heroes. They are doing what they should,” an official says.250公里之外的福岛第一核电站,成百上千的东京电力公司雇员和一些转包商正试图阻止由三个损坏的核反应堆和各种来源的废燃料产生的放射性物质的进一步泄露。他们的工作环境非常的糟糕。有时,他们在暴露的几小时内所承受的辐射量就超过了他们理应一年承受的量,配给的食物是饼干和罐装食品,人手一张毯子,睡觉就打地铺。部分工作人员已经在造成了27,690人死亡或失踪的海啸中失去了房屋和家庭。东京电力公司把他们视作战士:一位高层说:“我们不认为他们是英雄,他们正在做自己该做的事。”TEPCO is getting most of the blame for Japan’s nuclear disaster. For much of the past three weeks, the authorities have held out hopes that they could regain control by reconnecting cooling systems damaged by the tsunami. These are supposed to prevent fuel from melting and rupturing the protective steel case of the reactor vessels.东京电力公司受到了源于日本核灾难的大多数指责。在过去的三个多星期里,当局提出希望通过重新连接在海啸中损坏的冷却系统来重新控制局势。他们要阻止燃料融化和破坏反应堆容器的保护性外铁壳。This week the discovery of large pools of highly radioactive water and raised levels of radiation in seawater near the plant has shown how far the authorities really are from regaining control. Previous releases of radioactive iodine and caesium had shown that material from the core of at least one reactor has been released. The new findings suggest that the systems designed to contain such releases may have been badly compromised. The tanks into which contaminated water is being pumped will eventually fill up. And conditions for workers are getting more dangerous, which means that fixing up the cooling systems and hooking up vital measuring instruments takes longer.本周发现的大量高放射性水以及核电站附近水域中升高的辐射水平都显示了:对于重新控制局势当局还有很长的路要走。过去泄露的放射性碘量和铯量已经说明至少有一个反应堆核心有放射性物质泄露。最新的发现明被设计用于盛放这些泄露物的容器已经严重损坏。抽出的污染水最终将填满这些贮水池。作业环境对于工人来说正在变得越来越危险,这意味着修复冷却系统以及挂接重要的测量仪器将花费更长的时间。201104/131242

  US Jobless Total Rises by 651,000 in February美国2月失业人数增加65万多人  The deep downturn in the US economy gathered strength in February as another 651,000 workers lost their jobs. 美国日益加深的经济衰退导致失业率急剧攀升到了8.1%,这是过去25年来的最高水平。仅仅在2月份,美国就有65万1千人成为不断扩大的失业大军的最新成员。It was the third straight month in which the jobless total rose by more than 600,000. Since the recession began in December 2007 over four million Americans have lost their jobs.  在过去的三个月中,每个月都有六十多万人加入失业的行列。自从2007年12月美国正式进入经济衰退以来,已经有400多万美国人失去了自己的工作。The unemployment rate rose to 8.1 percent in February, the highest rate in over 25 years. Job losses in February were close to expectations, while the unemployment rate was above forecasts of 8 percent.  美国劳工部星期五报告说,全国的平均失业率在2月份达到25年来的最高峰8.1%。2月份新增加的失业人数跟经济学家的预期差不多,可是没有人想到失业率会超过8%。New York Congressman Maurice Hinchey called attention to the revised 688,000 job lost in December 2008. "That [revised] December decline is now the worst we've seen since October 1949," he said. 美国劳工部还把2008年12月的新增失业人数修改为68万1千人。这个数据引起来自纽约州的众议员毛利斯.欣奇的注意。他说:“12月经过修正的失业人数是1949年10月以来最糟糕的。”Hinchey is a member of the Joint Economic Committee. During a discussion of the grim jobs data, members divided along party lines on whether the economic stimulus plan of President Obama will turn the economy around. Elijah Cummings, a democrat from Baltimore, Maryland, is optimistic.  欣奇还是国会联合经济委员会的成员。在这个由参众两院共同组成的委员会就严酷的就业数据展开讨论时,民主共和两党议员面对奥巴马总统提出的经济刺激计划是否能扭转美国经济的问题各持己见。来自马里兰州巴尔的的民主党众议员伊利亚.卡明斯持乐观的态度。"This [economic] situation changes from day-to-day, hour-to-hour, it is indeed a very difficult moving target," said Cummings. "But we will hit the target." 他说:“经济形势每天、每个小时都在变,这的确是一个很难瞄准的移动目标,但是我们一定会击中这个目标。”Kevin Brady, a Republican congressman from east Texas, is convinced that more government spending is not the answer. "Unfortunately, the administration's solution to the problem posed by an excessive debt burden is to propose an avalanche of more deficit spending and higher federal debt," he said. 可是来自德克萨斯州的共和党众议员凯文.布莱迪却认为,像奥巴马总统那样增加政府开并不能解决当前的经济问题。他说:“不幸的是,奥巴马政府解决问题的办法就是过份增加债务负担,这只能导致赤字开暴涨,联邦债务激增。”Analysts expect the jobless rate will continue to rise, perhaps reaching 10 percent of the labor force. The current recession is aly among the deepest of the post-World War II period.  分析人士预期美国的失业率将继续上升,有可能达到10%。美国目前的经济衰退是二次大战以来最严重的。The stock market, a barometer of business confidence, has plummeted 20 percent in the six weeks since President Obama took office. It is down 53 percent from its October 2007 record high, a move that has erased several trillion dollars from America's household wealth. 美国股市作为商业信心的晴雨表,在奥巴马总统宣誓就职以来的六个星期中,下滑了20%。如果从2007年10月的最高峰算起,股市迄今为止已经狂泻了53%,导致美国家庭的数万亿美元财富在一年多的时间里化为乌有。03/64008。

  昨天咱们去了趟实验室,知道了铁元素重要的作用。今天,我们要来设想一下,这么大的落基山脉究竟是如何形成的?你想知道科学家经过实地调查研究,给出了一个什么样的解释?听听吧! It's now at the surface. How did it get here? It's been pushed up by the rise of the Rocky Mountains and in doing so, look what it has done on the Flatiron. Scientists investigating the Rocky Mountains have found two clues about their early history. Ammonites, on the side 8000 feet high, are evidence that the area was once under the sea. Traces of iron in granite is evidence that rock, pushed up from 15 miles below the surface, tilting the Flatirons. And it didn't just happen here, but along approximately a thousand miles of the American Rockies. Geologists now needed to find out what monumental forces were responsible for this massive upheaval. One hundred million years ago, most of North America was covered by a vast inland sea. 70 million years ago, the sea retreated. And the Rocky Mountains began to rise, forming a great mountain range. Scientists trying to piece together their geological past, needed to solve the mystery of what lifted them up. A force capable of that amount of heavy lifting would have to have been on a global scale. Geologists believe this force was caused by plate tectonics. The earth's crust is broken up into a series of interlocking plates. These plates are continuously on the move. Over millions of years, they collide and break apart, forming new continents and geological features around the world. When the Rockies formed, two of these plates smashed into each other at the American west coast. What we know is that at the time of this grand uplift, on the western margin of North America, ocean crust, and Oceanic Plate, was subducting beneath the North American Plate. And it was doing so at a high rate of speed. As such, it was transferring stress into the interior of the continent. As the two plates move towards each other, they squeeze the crust. Over millions of years, it folded and buckled, forming tall mountains. This was the birth of the American Rockies. But a mystery …小编有约:"Geologists believe this force was caused by plate tectonics. " Daisy想知道,地质学家给的这个假设,你觉得怎样?所以Daisy今天的问题就是要问问大家,你了解板块构造论吗?201110/158662

  Girl, 9, drives into cop car A 9-year-old girl took her grandmother's car and led police on a chase at speeds over 90 mph. WKRN's Teresa Weakley reports.This taken at 3:30 a.m. shows the nine-year-old girl that led police on a chase from Bell Road in Antioch down I-24 to Smyrna. You can see her alert and pointing around and awe of what's going on around her. Police say her grandmother called to report her missing and that her car keys were also missing."The girl we found out had actually taken the grandmother's Ford Focus."The grandmother also told the police that her granddaughter has autism."You know it's kind of gut-wrenching, because we want her to stop, and I think if she knows what's right and wrong, we know she would stop."Six minutes after the call came in, the police spotted the young girl on Bell Road. Police chased and then followed the young girl until she finally stopped in the middle of the Interstate."She'd actually stay stopped, the police car had aly been put in park miles she was exiting. She put it, she floored the vehicle and she struck the passenger car, the patrol car."This girl's family says that they had no idea that she even knew how to operate the vehicle, they were taken by complete surprise when all of this happened. She is now back at home safe with her family. And police say she will not be charged with anything.09/83967

  Obama's four-step rehab President Obama announced a plan on Wednesday to help homeowners find relief and reduce the number of foreclosures .So here's on my planned works.First, we will make it possible for an estimated 4 to 5 million currently ineligible homeowners who received their mortgages through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to refinance their mortgages at lower rate.The second thing we are gonna do under this plan is we will create new incentives, so that lenders work with borrowers to modify the terms of sub-prime loans at risk of default and foreclosure.There's a third part of the plan, we will take major steps to keep mortgage rates low for millions of middle-class families looking to secure new mortgages.Fourth, we will pursue a wide range of reforms designed to help families stay in their homes and avoid foreclosures, and my administration will continue to support reforming our bred... bankruptcy rules, so that we allow judges to reduce home mortgages on primary residences to their fair market value as long as borrowers pay their debts under court ordered plans.GLOSSARY1. ineligible adj.不合格的 2. Fannie Mae 范尼梅(美国俚语,指“联邦全国抵押协会FNMA”) 3. Freddie Mac 美国联邦住房贷款有限公司 4. refinance vt.再为...筹钱, 再供...资金 5. sub-prime loans 次级贷款 6. default n.拖欠 不履行 7. foreclosure n.丧失抵押品赎回权, 排斥 8. mortgage rates 抵押贷款率 9. a wide range of adj.各种各样的,大片的 10. bankruptcy rules 破产法 11. primary residences 主要住宅 A person's primary residence is the dwelling where they usually live, typically a house or an apartment. 03/63674

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