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协商(2):价格Jerry:I love your little Lulu dolls.How much for a batch of 6,000?我喜欢你的小露露娃娃.一批6,000个多少钱?Catherine:For a batch of 6,000 we would charge two dollars a doll .your total cost would be ,000.一批6000个,我们算两美元一个.总共12000美元.Jerry:That’s a little steep for our company.Do you offer any discounts ?对我们公司,这个价太贵了.能有折扣吗?Catherine:Well,we’d like to work with you .If you ordered a larger quantity we could drop the price a little .Can you increase your order to 15,000?我们愿意和你合作.如果你能大批量订购,我们就能把价格降低一些.你能把数量加到15000吗?Jerry:Hmmm.It wouldn’t be easy ,but if the discount makes it worthwhile ,we can consider it .How much of a discount would that give us?嗯.不太容易,但如果折扣很划算,我们可以考虑.你能给我们打多少折扣?Catherine:For order of 12,000 or more we charge only .5 a doll. your total cost would be ,000.订购12000个以上,我们只算1.5美元一个.总共18000美元Jerry :So, for an additional 6,000 dollars,we get twice as many dolls ?That still might be a little hard.Couldn’t you discount it further?We’ve been pricing other suppliers,and this discount might not be competitive enough for us.就是说要再加6000美元,我们可以拿到两倍数量的娃娃?这还是有些困难.难道就不能再打些折吗?我们向其他商家问过价钱,你们的折扣对我们而言不太有竞争力.Catherine:We do value your business.I think I can offer a further discount –say 5%?我们重视你的生意.可以再打些折,5%怎么样?Jerry:I think we can handle that .Let me confirm with my boss and touch base with you again tomorrow.我觉得这个价格我们也许可以接受.让我先和我老板确认一下,明天我们再联系. /05/70169。

Inspection Problems检验问题A: Shall we get down to the point of inspection?A: 我们来讨论一下检验问题吧。B: OK, what do you have in mind?B: 好的,您有什么想法?A: The reinspection should be made within 5 days upon the arrival, and if any discrepancy is found, claim must be raised within 10 days. However, if the claims fall within the responsibility of shipping company, the underwriter shall not be entertained.A: 复检应该在货物抵达后5天内进行,如果发现任何差异,索赔必须在10天提出。但是,如果索赔内容是轮船公司应该承担的,保险公司是不会接受的。B: I see. But when reinspection is made, can we appoint any authentic surveyor without your approval?B: 我明白了。但是进行复检时,我们可以不经你方同意自己指派公认可靠的检验员吗?A: Its better to choose the inspection agency with both sides approval in the contract.A: 最好选择合同中我们双方都同意的检验代理机构。B: OK. Would you tell me how the inspection is conducted before shipment and by which agency?B: 好的,您能告诉我装运前的检验是如何执行的,以及负责代理检验的是哪家机构吗?A: Inspection is to be done by the Commodity Inspection and Testing Bureau. Usually the inspection is conducted within 5 days before each shipment.A: 检验是由商品检验和检测局执行的。通常是在装运前5天内进行检验。B: How do they make testing and analysis of this term?B: 他们如何检测和分析这种商品呢?A: They always use the standard and method laid down in the contract.A: 他们总是使用合同中规定的标准和方法。B: What if the results from the two inspections do not coincide with each other?B: 如果两次检验的结果不一致怎么办呢?A: Then a seminar of technical specialists including the surveyors from both sides will be held to clarity which result is correct.A: 包括双方检验员在内的技术专家将在一起研讨来弄清哪个结果是错误的。B: After the conference, I suppose we can resolve the difference through friendly consultations.B: 我想通过这次商讨我们可以通过友好协商来解决我们之间的分歧。A: Yes, in case no settlement is reached, either party can submit the case for arbitration.A: 是的,一旦无法解决。任何一方都可以将案子提交仲裁。 /201601/424270。

部门经理Fay找手下Steve来,讨论他的年度中期工作表现。Fay: Hi there, Steve... grab a seat.Steve: Hi, Fay. How are you this morning?F: Very well, thanks. Great weather weve been having.S: I know! Makes me want to sneak away from work and go hiking!F: Yeah... hiking would be great right about now! Ok... lets get down to the task at hand... your bi-annual performance evaluation.Steve的上司Fay让他随便坐,grab a seat,是非常口语的说法,意思就是请坐。寒暄过后,谈正事吧。S: So how did I do?F: Well, in many areas you get high marks. You have a lot of creative thoughts and your enthusiasm regarding work projects is very much appreciated.S: Thats good to hear. I enjoy being creative and Im glad to see you appreciate that. Now whats the bad news?F: (Chuckle) Well, we all have areas in which we could do better.S: And what are my areas?Fay首先表扬Steve,说他很多方面都做得很好,get high marks, 得高分,尤其是他点子多 ,工作热情高。Steve问,So whats the bad news? 坏消息呢?意思是缺点呢?Fay婉转地说,we all have areas in which we could do better,大家都有可以改进的地方。F: For starters, there is an issue of punctuality. Youve been clocking in roughly 20 to 30 minutes late almost every day.S: But I moved last month and the office is almost 40 miles away from my home now! Sometimes the traffic is really terrible.F: Yeah, I know. I also live out in the suburbs. Sometimes Im stuck in traffic for 45 minutes! But, as you know, the company requires all employees to be at work by nine A.M. sharp.首先是准点上班的问题,the issue of punctuality. Steve几乎每天迟到二、三十分钟,to clock in,指进办公室的时间,to clock out,则是指离开办公室的时间。Steve解释说,这是因为他最近搬家,路上堵车。Fay表示理解,说自己有时也会stuck in traffic for 45 minutes,有时路上会堵45分钟,可是公司要求员工九点准时到办公室。S: Yeah... I know... but its really been tough for me lately! Can you possibly make an exception?F: If it were up to me, Id love for everyone to come in at noon. But I cant make exceptions; otherwise everyone else will be unhappy. Were a team and we all have to follow the rules.S: All right. I guess Im just going to have to wake up an hour earlier.F: Sounds like a good plan.Steve问Fay能不能make an exception,破例,让他稍微晚点到。Fay说,如果依她,if it were up to me,大家中午到都行,但是公司的规定,每个人都要遵守。除了上班迟到,Steve还有哪些缺点,我们下次继续听。 /201202/170399。

职场社交英语 Lesson 34:这在我的控制之下SCENE③ A 吉娜到了自己的隔间 【这在我的控制之下】Dave: Hi, Zina. Lots of people are looking for you.戴夫: 嗨,吉娜。很多人在找你。Zina: Like who?吉娜: 好比是谁?Dave: Like Elvin. He isn't too happy about what you promised Stars.com.戴夫: 好比艾文。他对于你给Stars.com的承诺不太满意。Zina: I've got it under control.吉娜: 这在我的控制之下。Dave: You do 1) realize that it isn't 2) humanly possible for us to finish by next week?戴夫: 你知道要我们在下星期前就绪,这非人所能及吧?Zina: What if you had three more 3) top-notch programmers to help you?吉娜: 要是多了三名顶尖的程序设计师帮你们呢?Dave: That would definitely make a difference. But Vince aly said "no".戴夫: 那当然就大大的不同了。不过文斯已经说“不”了。 语言详解A: Do you realize how beautiful you are? 你知道你自己有多美吗? B: Stop. You're embarrassing me. 别说了。你让我好尴尬。 【I've got it under control. 这在我的控制之下。】有时候,当情况看似已失去控制,若你仍有信心能够控制全局,就可以呛出这句话 I've got it under control.“这在我的控制之下。” A:The ship is sinking! What are you going to do about it? 这艘船要沉了!你打算怎么做?B:Relax, I've got it under control. We won't sink. 放轻松,这在我的控制之下。船不会沉的。【make a difference 造成差别】 make a difference是指会对现有的情况造成差别,跟以往不同。A: I know you need some financial help. If I give you a raise, will it help? 我知道你需要一些经济援。若我给你加薪会有帮助吗?B: Well, it will certainly make a difference. 呃,这将会大有帮助。1) realize (v.) 认识到,体会2) humanly (adv.) 符合人性地3) top-notch (a.) 顶尖的,一流的 /200602/4250。

A:At today's teambuilding workshop,you'll have lots of opportunities to get to konw your co-workers better.We hope you can learn to build on every one's strengths and weaknesses,and jell together to create a seamless and efficient team.But first,we're going to have an icebreaker to get everyone warmed up.Now,first,take a look at who is at your table with you.Do you see anymore you don't konw?Maybe one or two people you've nver met?This is your chance,We'll give you two minutes to mingle and find at least three new faces.Talk until you find something in common with each other,then move on.We'll see who can find the most new friends in the least amount of time.Ready?GO! /11/90178。

What is your biggest weakness as a manager?作为管理者,你认为自己最大的缺点是什么?Im the kind of manager who lets the subordinates think and act on their own.我是那种让属下自己思考,自己行动的管理者。I highly value self-motivation,initiative and creativity.我特别重视下属的自我激励能力,主动性和创造性。Those who are self-motivated and creative thrive under my supervision.能自我激励且有创造力的人在我的管理下,可以充分发挥他们的潜能。However,there are people who need more supervision or hand-holding,so to speak.但是,也有一些人需要更多的督促,也可以说,必须拉他们一把。They sometimes feel lost with my laissez-faire management style.这类员工在我这种自由放任的管理风格下工作,有时候会不知所措。I recognize that tendency and learned how to be more flexible.我意识到这种趋势,于是我学会了如果更灵活地对待下属。I give more attention and guidance to those employees until they learn to act on their initiative.现在,我对这样的员工会特别注意并加以指导,直到他们学会自己主动工作为止。 /201311/263468。

William:Were you in a leadership position when you were a college student?Lin Qing:Yes. I was president of the Student Council of our university.William:Did you get any honors or awards at your university?Lin Qing:Yes. I was elected Excellent Party Member for four academic years.William:Were you involved in any club activities at your university?Lin Qing:Yes. I was a member of the StudentPoetrySociety. I like writingpoemsin my spare time.William:What extracurricular activities did you usually take part in at your college?Lin Qing:I sometimes played table tennis and sometimes played basketball.重点讲解:poetry:诗歌,诗集例句:He has a strong prejudice against modern poetry. 他对现代诗存有强烈的偏见。poem:诗, 韵文例句:He translated the poem into English. 他把这首诗翻译成了英语。相关词汇:知道诗人怎么说吗?Yes, poet. 例句:He was, moreover, a poet of promise. 此外,他还是一个有前途的诗人。 /201107/146028。