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深圳市中心医院做祛疤手术多少钱深圳市人民医院纹眉毛多少钱When we learn verbs, tenses and voices are very important.当我们学习动词时,时态和语态很重要Why do we need to learn this? Like, seriously?为什么我们非要学这些,开什么玩笑We can aly speak English.我们本来就会说英语了Grammar is something British students will have to get used to.语法学习是英国学生必须适应的It will be making a comeback in 2016, forming a greater part of English GCSE.语法在2016年会东山再起,在英语普通中学教育测试中会占很大比重We talked about the verb tenses, right?我们来学习动词的时态,好OK. Lets just go over them, one by one.让我们重温一遍,一个一个来I hate grammar so much.我讨厌死语法了I just dont care about predicates and verbs and I cant even remember some of them.我一点都不在乎谓语跟动词,我甚至有些都记不住Also, we have learned... I learnt this before, in primary.我们还学到了... 我以前学过这个,小学的时候But what about the irregular ones?但不规则动词怎么办You need to learn them by heart. For example, see, saw, seen.你们需要用心记住,举个例子,看,看了,看过Swim, swam, swum.游泳,游了泳,游过泳Who says ;Swum;?谁在说;Swum;Some people didnt know ;Swum; was a word.有人不知道;Swum;是一个单词Swum? Yeah.Swum。对啊;He swum;. Swum.;他swum;。SwumSwum isnt a word. Swum is a word.Swum不是一个单词。是个单词Swum is not a word. Swum is a word.Swum不是一个单词。是个单词Im going to check my dictionary.我要去查下词典Swum isnt a word. Swum is a word.Swum不是一个单词。是个单词Swum isnt a word. S-W-U-M.Swum不是单词。S-W-U-MSwum is a word. Can we have a minute break, just really quick?Swum是单词,我们能休息一分钟吗,很快就好Are you going to check your dictionary on your phone? Yes.你要去查手机上的词典吗。是的;Swum; Isnt a word. Its ;Swam;.;Swum;不是一个单词 ;Swam;才是This is a verb.这是一个动词Swum...Swum...Oh, its a word. Its a word! I told you it was a word.哦这是个单词。这居然是个单词,我说过这是单词201604/436110南方医科大学深圳医院韩式三点多少钱 ;So Faith, Hope and Love abide, these three.信仰 希望与爱三者相伴;But the greatest of these is Love.;;但最重要的是爱;The story of early Christianity really speaks to the power of ideas,早期基督教的故事明了思想的力量that is what creates history,thats what changes people,thats what makes civilization.是思想创造了历史 改变了人民 造就了文明Its ideas, it always starts with ideas.这一切都始于思想150 years later, on the outskirts of Carthage,150年后 在罗马帝国的一个重要港口One of the largest ports in the Roman Empire,迦太基的城郊外A group of Christians meet in secret.常有一群基督教徒们偷偷地会面Private houses double up as churches.私人民房当做教堂Early Christianity was a religious movement早期的基督教只是for the extremely poor,for the slaves,and for many women.穷困潦倒之人 奴隶们 还有女人们参与的宗教运动Basically anyone who didnt have a voice in Roman society基本上 任何在罗马社会没有发言权的人could find a voice in the Christian movement.都能在基督教的运动中畅所欲言Across the empire, 8 million people are slaves With no rights in Roman Law.在罗马法律上 全国有八百万奴隶 不享有任何权利30 million are women who cant vote or hold public office.三千万妇女无投票权和担任公职的权利Among them, Perpetua.在她们当中有个女孩叫佩尔培图阿201510/405459深圳市中医院去痣多少钱

深圳市人民妇幼保健医院切眼袋多少钱For most writers, the act of writing is a form of therapy.对大部分作家来说,写作是一种治愈方法。A way of making sense of the world and their place within it.是一种寻找这个世界意义所在的方式,并为自己找到其中的位置。Now, Jo Rowling is writing again.现在,乔·罗琳再次提笔了。So Jo, what are you writing now?乔,那么你现在在写什么?A story that I describe as a political fairy tale.一个我称之为政治童话的故事。And its for, I think, slightly younger children.而且我觉得对象是比较年轻的群体。So that will probably be the next thing that I finish.那么这大概是我写的下一本书了。Im not in a mad hurry to publish. I would like to take my time.我不急着发表,我想慢慢来。Why? Because Ive lived with deadlines for 10 years and Im currently able to luxuriate in the fact that no ones really expecting it.为什么? 因为10年来我一直生活在截止日期里,而我现在有了空闲时间,其实人们不会太期待这部作品。No one knows anything about it, so I feel as though Ive gone back to the beginning of where I was on Philosophers Stone when it was my private world.人们不知道它会讲些什么,所以我就觉得我好像回到了我最初写《魔法石》的那个私密世界。And Id really like to enjoy that sole possession for a while.我真的想享受一会儿独自拥有它的时光。Political fairy tale. Well, thats all youre prepared to say?政治童话,这就是你准备说的全部吗?I think thats quite a lot, James.詹姆士,我想已经透露得很多了。Its the end of a year of filming.这是一年来拍摄的结尾。There are just a few more questions I want to ask.我还想问她一些问题。When were you happiest?你什么时候最幸福?Hospital for the birth of each of my children and Venice last year with Neil.我每一个孩子在医院出生的那一刻,还有去年和尼尔去了。Whats your biggest regret?你最大的遗憾是什么?That I didnt keep my mother on the phone longer the last time I spoke to her.我最后一次和母亲通话的时候,没有和她多说两句。What do you still want to achieve?你还想实现什么目标?I want to get better.我希望一切会更好。Do you ever feel that you just got lucky?你可曾觉得自己只是运气好?Having the idea was lucky.有灵感就是运气好。Do you ever a feel a fraud?可曾有过被欺骗的感觉?Less as I get older, but I have done.年纪渐长就少了,但我有想过。What keeps you going?什么是你前行的动力?Im a born trier.我生来就是不懈的尝试者。Why do you still write?为什么你还在写作?Because I love it and I need it.因为我热爱,我也需要写作。How would you like to be remembered?你想如何被铭记?As someone who did the best she could with the talent she had.一个拥有天赋并能将之发挥到最好的人。201512/416221深圳伊斯佑医院整形美容 Reinventing the classic French pastry重塑法式传统奶油夹心甜点The classic eclair pastry is making a comeback in Paris.这种经典的小饼糕点在巴黎再次重现。Now top French chefs are reinventing the traditional treat with a variety of modern flavours.现在法国顶级厨师们正用各种现代口味重新打造这道传统甜点。Its more than 150 years old and the eclair still looks as good as ever.它已经有150多年的历史,而且看起来仍然一如既往的美味。Now the light sweet treat is making a comeback with top Parisian pastry chefs specialising in the eclair-in all the colours of the rainbow and in many flavours.经过巴黎专门从事甜点的糕点师重塑这种香甜可口的小甜点卷土重来—现在披上了虹般所有颜色的外衣而且有很多口味可供选择。201501/355566深圳激光去斑多少钱

深圳市港大医院去胎记多少钱Mongol warriors have four horses each.每个蒙古兵都有四匹马They can eat and sleep on horseback.他们可以在马背上吃饭睡觉No army will travel so far and so fast until World War II.第二次世界大战前 还没有哪军队可以如此快的速度行军这么远They would travel faster than the news of their arrival.军队到来的讯息还未到 他们已策马而至Climate change is one of the keys to the human story气候的变化是人类历史的一个关键And drives the Mongols to change the world.它也推动了蒙古人改变世界的进程93 million miles from earth A surge in solar activity.在地球九千三百万英里之外 爆发了一场太阳风暴Blasts of radiation scorch the planet.辐射冲击波灼烧着地球Its the beginning of three centuries of global warming.那是持续三个世纪的全球变暖的开始Climatic changes in the ancient world,in the pre-modern world,远古时期气候的变化 在近代世界directly affected historical events.直接影响着历史事件In mongolia, drought turns pasture into desert.在蒙古 干旱让草地变成沙漠To survive, the Mongols sweep south,Towards China, the great power in Asia,为了生存 蒙古人向南迁徙 到达中国 亚洲的霸主Home to the biggest cities in the world.同时也是世界上最大城市的所在地201512/413023 The upcoming climate talks in Paris have generated a lot of buzz lately. This is largely because different organizations love to publish reports to update us on where we stand on saving the Earth. Hint: Its not looking good.即将在巴黎举行的气候会谈引起大众广泛讨论。很大程度上因为不同的组织喜欢发布报告,提供我们拯救地球立场的消息。情况不太好。And a new report by Climate Central is sharing its global warming message in the form of edited images.气候中心最新的一个报告以编辑图像的形式分享了全球变暖信息。Take a look at these photos of London. This first image is edited to show what the city would look like after the Earth warms 2 degrees Celsius, or about 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The second image ... youre looking at the sea level rise after the Earth is warmed 4 degrees Celsius, or 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit.看看伦敦的这些图片。第一张图片显示地球变暖2摄氏度或大约3.6华氏度时伦敦的样子。第二张图片是地球变暖4摄氏度或华氏7.2度后海平面上升的状况。Here are the same projections for New York City ... after the Earth warms 2 degrees Celsius, we can still see that bull on Wall Street. Not the case after warming 4 degrees Celsius.同样这里是对纽约的预测,地球变暖2摄氏度后我们仍然可以看到华尔街的公牛,但变暖4摄氏度就看不见了。This is what Hong Kong would look like if global warming reaches 2 degrees Celsius. Lots of streets are underwater.这是地球变暖2摄氏度时香港的样子,许多街道被浸在水里。According to Climate Central, those images could soon be the reality. A different report released Monday by the U.K. Met Office agrees. It says 2015 is on track to be 1 degree Celsius hotter than ever before.根据气候中心报道,这些图像可能很快会成为现实。周一英国气象局发布的另一份报告表示赞同,报告上称2015年正比以往要热1摄氏度。And warmer temperatures mean higher sea levels. Climate Central says global warming has caused global sea levels to rise 8 inches since 1880, and the rate is accelerating.日益升高的温度意味着更高的海平面。气候中心说,自1880年以来全球变暖已导致全球海平面上升8英寸,而且速度正在加快。The study projects that a 2-degree Celsius increase in temperatures would put about 280 million people underwater. Yikes.该研究项目预计,增加2摄氏温度将使2亿8千万人浸于水中。呀!So what do we do to keep all of us on dry land? Yeah, thats what world leaders will be discussing in Paris next month.那么,我们要做些什么使我们都在干燥的陆地上呢?这是下个月世界领导人在巴黎需要讨论的。译文属。201511/411188深圳宝安做狐臭手术多少钱盐田区中心人民医院激光除皱多少钱



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