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深圳市第六人民医院祛痣多少钱深圳开眼角需要哪家医院好How many iPhones will Apple sell in China?It's tempting to multiply China's 700 million mobile phone users by a percentage pulled out of a hat, and now that China Unicom has announced its deal with Apple (AAPL), everybody seems to be doing it. Result: Published estimates of how many iPhones Apple will sell in China next year that range from a low of 1 million to a high of 14 million. Here are the numbers we've seen: #8226; UBS analyst Maynard Um: 1 million in fiscal 2010 #8226; Sanford Bernstein's Toni Sacconaghi: 2.9 million by end of 2011 #8226; Standard amp; Poor’s Clyde Montevirgen: 4 million in calendar 2010 #8226; Susquehana Financial's Jeffrey Fidicaro: 2 million to 5 million #8226; Broadpoint AmTech's Brian Marshall: 5 million to 7 million in 2010 #8226; iPhonAsia's Dan Butterfield: 14 million in the first year of sales Everybody's guessing, of course, since China Unicom hasn't even announced its pricing or its terms. Meanwhile, Susquehana's Fidicaro offers investors this handy formula: For every additional 1 million phones Apple sells next year, you can add 18 to 20 cents to the company's earnings per share. The Street currently expects Apple to earn .84 a share in fiscal 2009 and .79 a share in 2010, according to Thomson Financial. /200909/83053深圳龙华垫高颧骨鼻翼减薄整形颧骨降低价格 如何成立一个新公司?来源:The New York Times 编辑:Vicki在詹姆斯邦德的电影中,Ursula Andress和Halle Berry在大海中游泳,并穿着比基尼向岸边走去。每个人都可以这样么?不是这么简单的,她们戴着防水的染眉毛油,这些细微之处语言无法表达。很多情况下,跟一部电影学习不是一件坏事,这个理念也使谷歌和YOu Tube联合打造了Howcast网站,并投入到了一个繁忙的快速发展的网站群体中。How to Start a Company (and Kiss Like Angelina) J. Emilio Flores for The New York TimesIN their star turns in James Bond movies, Ursula Andress and Halle Berry perfected the art of emerging from an ocean swim and walking onto the beach in a dripping-wet bikini. For everyone else? Not so easy. But there are some tricks for aspiring(有志气的,有抱负的) Bond girls, and they involve, among other things, waterproof mascara(防水的染眉毛油), Vaseline(凡士林) and double-sided tape. There are some finer points, too, to pull off such a feat, and words can’t quite convey their subtleties(细微处). Sometimes — and this is a difficult sentence for a newspaper to print — it’s easier to learn from a .That notion led a handful of Google and YouTube veterans(老兵) to start Howcast.com, and jump into the bustling and fast-growing crowd of Web sites offering how-to content.Given the competition, from sites like Howdini and even YouTube, Howcast Media is betting that its particular blend of information and entertainment, presented in short and snappy(时髦的) , will draw plenty of traffic and, most important, deliver a profit.Certainly the demand is there. People like to watch s, and, in a bad economy, the ranks of do-it-yourselfers and would-be MacGyvers are swelling. Aly, Howcast has 100,000 s in its library, some that it has produced itself and many more from others like Playboy, Popular Science, Home Depot and the Ford modeling agency that share in the ad revenue. The site offers instruction on a range of topics, from everyday issues — fixing a leaky faucet(维修一个漏水的水龙头), creating a living will — to the more obscure, like how to survive a bear attack or how to have sex in a car. (Nothing on Howcast is particularly graphic(形象的,生动的). Plenty of other sites, of course, aly offer that sort of stuff.) Given the ease of posting on sites like YouTube, where 20 hours of are uploaded each minute, it takes more than a bunch of short clips to succeed. Part of the trick to winning on the Web is having a distinct personality.Some industry executives give Howcast credit for finding a way to stand out. “They understand that is an incredible medium to share and instruct,” says David Eun, a Google executive who oversees strategic partnerships. “But they also realize that they can use to provide instruction in an environment that is entertaining, not dry.”One of the biggest challenges for a site like Howcast, though, is the same one that has vexed(使焦虑) old-school media giants and survivors of the dot-com boom: How can content creators turn a profit on the Web?Howcast’s solution is to partner with advertisers and create instructional s for their specific products or services. Blurring the lines between editorial and advertising is a tricky endeavor, of course. Companies that try to be too stealthy(悄悄的,鬼鬼祟祟的) or clever risk seeing their brand roasted on Facebook, Twitter and beyond.“Users are sensitive to brands trying to muscle into what appears to be an organic social media environment,” says Nick Thomas, an analyst at Forrester Research. “Yes, I want to learn how to cook something, but do I necessarily want to be taught by someone who makes the ingredients?”Howcast’s team of young executives argue that they can tap-dance along that fine line by making sure that any branding effort is in a supporting role, rather than a starring one, in its instructional s.They are even forging(锻炼,伪造) relationships with the State Department as it looks for ways to use social networks and other media to communicate directly with people around the world. Among the s they’ve produced for it are “How to Protest Without Violence” and “How to Launch a Human Rights Blog.”Howcast executives are also quickly signing deals with the likes of Google, Facebook and Hulu to sp their s across the Internet. “Being a media company today means you can’t exist inside a walled garden, just driving traffic to your own site,” says Jason Liebman, 33, Howcast’s chief executive. “You have to produce the content, distribute it all over the Web, develop the technology — all of which is hard to do. But you need to do everything in order to be successful today.”SITTING in a stifling office loft in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, with a couple of air-conditioners chugging away in vain, Jeffrey Kaufman runs through the topics that are particularly popular on search engines these days. The list includes werewolves. And manboobs.Mr. Kaufman is the head of programming at Howcast, and is supposed to have his fingertips on the nation’s pulse through proprietary data-mining tools and information gathered from search engines. Mr. Kaufman chalks up(记录) the werewolf (狼人)craze to the coming movie “New Moon,” the second installment of the popular “Twilight” vampire(吸血鬼) series, based on the books by Stephenie Meyer. Why manboobs? Everyone in the small room shrugs.Then they have to figure out a how-to spin on the topics (How to make a werewolf costume? How to get rid of manboobs?). The final consideration is whether the subject will attract advertisers or, better yet, a corporation would pay to have its product or service appear in the . The how-to category is big and growing, but extremely fragmented(片段的). And while Howcast, whose Web site is just 17 months old, is watching its traffic soar, it lags far behind eHow and About.com (owned by The New York Times Company), according to Hitwise, a research firm. Keke View:由谷歌公司的前雇员创建的howcast,自从诞生以后,流量稳步上升,六个月后,被美国时代杂志评为2008度最佳网站50强,位列第11。随后提供iphone应用程序允许下载内容,使它一跃成为美国继黄页后的最受欢迎的生活务类网站。网站提供的就是生活务功能:教用户如何做怎么做。 /200907/77412深圳市龙岗区中医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱

深圳额头窄丰额头哪家医院好The mobile computing war officially moved from phones to “smart” watches on Tuesday, as Google formally launched entered battle with Apple to get its technology on to people’s wrists.谷歌(Google)周二发布了可在智能手表上运行的安卓移动软件新版本,与苹果公司(Apple)展开了对用户的“手腕之争”。这也意味着移动计算的战场正式从手机转移至智能手表。The internet search giant released a version of its Android mobile software designed to work on watches made by other companies – replicating the strategy it used to make its technology the dominant software platform for smartphones.这家互联网巨头发布了名为Android Wear的安卓移动软件。按照其一贯策略,这个软件可以用于其他公司制造的智能手表。凭借这类策略,谷歌技术也主导了智能手机软件平台。The release of Android Wear came a day after information was leaked to a technology blog showing Apple’s plans for a service allowing people to track personal health and fitness data.就在Android Wear发布一天前,一家技术客曾透露,苹果计划推出跟踪个人健康及健身数据的务。Rather than focusing on making their own “wearable” devices, the moves showed the rival companies were aiming to create broader platforms, capable of supporting devices from other companies, as they seek to dominate the next big personal tech opportunity.这对竞争对手的一系列举措表明,为寻求对下一次个人技术巨大机遇的主导权,两家公司并未将主要精力放在制作自己的“可穿戴”设备上,而是将目标放在了影响更为广泛的技术平台上,这类技术平台为其他公司生产的设备提供持。This platform approach also reflects the more fragmented nature of the emerging wearables market, which is aly starting to spawn a wide range of different gadgets – many of them designed as fashion accessories. Many different apps are also starting to appear, adding to the need for platforms that can draw personal data together or present it in an easy way.就在本周,谷歌表示,会将Android Wear开放给应用开发商,后者可以用它来修改现有安卓应用,使其可以在新一代智能手表上运行。LG已发布一张新款智能手表照片,这款智能手表将于今年年中前推出,运行的正是新的Android Wear系统。Google said it would give app developers access to its software this week, to let them start adapting their existing Android apps to work on the new generation of smartwatches. In one of the first hints of when the devices will start to become available, LG released an image of a smartwatch due sometime before the middle of the year and running the new Android Wear software.苹果公司也在开发智能手表,去年年中该公司加大了对智能手表的开发力度。不过目前还不清楚这款被广泛称为iWatch的可穿戴设备将于何时推出。Apple has also been working on a smartwatch, stepping up its development effort in the middle of last year, though it is unclear when the device, which has aly been widely nicknamed the iWatch, will appear.就在本周早些时候,客网站9to5mac上披露了一项名为Healthbook的苹果公司未公开务。该爆料显示,苹果希望通过收集和存储所有个人健身和健康的数据,令其产品成为用户个人生活的中心。Meanwhile, details of an unannounced Apple service, called Healthbook, were leaked earlier in the week to the blog site 9to5mac. These suggested that Apple hopes to put itself at the centre of users’ lives by giving them a place to collect and store all their personal fitness and health data, from their exercise patterns to the results of medical tests like blood analyses.这一爆料信息表明,苹果打算采取一种平台战略,通过从不同应用和监控设备收集数据来保自己的核心地位。The broad nature of the information pointed to a platform approach that would see Apple acting as the central point in collected data from different apps and monitoring devices.谷歌周二在网上推出的概念视频显示,安卓智能手表在极大程度上依赖谷歌的务及智能手机上已经存在的其他应用。 /201403/280867深圳那个医院美白针效果好 深圳市北大医院祛疤手术多少钱

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