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本文选自Kyle XY 《神奇凯尔,欢迎大家共同欣赏Declan: Trager!Lori: Hey.Declan: What are you doing here?Hillary: Yes, what are you?Lori: Brought Kyle to practice. Declan: Kyle? What ?Lori: Charlie wants him on the team.Declan: What the hell is he thinking?Lori: So, are we doing the ignoring thing now or just, shooting nasty looks? I just want to be clear. Hillary: Don’t flatter yourself. I don’t waste my time worrying about you. Lori: You don’t waste any time at all, do you?Hillary: You and Declan crashed and burned. He’s fair game. Lori: Oh, yeah? I’m so sure you’re concerned with the fairness of it all.Hillary: I see what I want and I go to get it. I don’t hold out my whole life and finally go through with it, and completely mess up. 53Marks exactly two weeks until one of the hottest new cruise ships of the year, Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas, begins sailing year-round out of the New York area -- a deployment that has had the line fans in the Northeast buzzing months.标志着本年度最受追捧的游轮之一—皇家加勒比,两周后将要从纽约海岸开始它的全年航行,成群的船迷已经在海岸西北部躁动了数月Unveiled in April, Royal Caribbean latest mega-resort at sea has spent its first few months cruising around Europe, but Royal Caribbean has been saying more than a year that it eventually would make its permanent home at the New York area Cape Liberty Cruise Port, located seven miles south of Manhattan in Bayonne, N.J. The ship will sail five- to -night voyages to Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and New England.四月时,皇家加勒比曾花了几个月的时间在欧洲周游,但是它一直声称最终会在纽约自由角游轮港口安定下来,在曼哈顿以南七英里的巴约纳停泊据悉,游轮将会用5到天的时候航行到百慕大群岛,巴哈马,加勒比地区和新英格兰The ,180-passenger vessel is a sister to the -month-old Quantum of the Seas, which sailed a brief season out of the New York area over the winter only to be redeployed earlier this year to China.这艘可以搭载180名乘客的游轮是已出产个月的海洋量子号的姊号,海洋量子冬天从纽约地区出发,短暂航行了一季度,今年初被调整航行到中国As can be seen in the photo tour in the carousel above, Anthem is packed full of such gee-whiz features as a deck-top ride into the sky and a bar with robot bartenders, both concepts that first debuted on Quantum. Other first--the-industry features from Quantum making a comeback include a skydiving simulator and a deck-top fun zone called the SeaPlex with bumper cars and roller skating.就像能在旋转木马上看到旅游照片一样,Anthem号上全是这类高端的设施比如甲板上有机器人调酒师的酒吧,这些观念都是第一次在量子号上引起广泛热议的其他在量子号上第一次面世的包括工业产品还有一款跳伞模拟器在SeaPlex顶层甲板区上还有碰碰车和轮滑Royal Caribbean executives say the ship is perfect year-round sailings out of the New York area, as it has a wide variety of indoor fun zones and experiences that will appeal to passengers on off-season sailings when it not quite bikini weather.皇家加勒比号的高级管理人员称,对于全年在纽约地区出航来说,这艘船太完美了,因为它有各种各样的室内区和体验区,在正常天气下可以吸引乘客搭乘游玩One of the ship pools has a glass-covered macrodome that can be closed during inclement weather, and there also an adult-only Solarium sunning area at the front of the vessel that is enclosed in glass while still offering an outdoor feel.船上还有一个建有玻璃坡面游泳池,它可以在极端天气的时候被关闭,在船的前部还有一个成人沐浴区,虽然它是封闭在玻璃里,但是仍然能让你觉得在户外 01

第一句:May I have a look at your passport, please?可以看看您的护照吗?A:May I have a look at your passport, please?可以看看你的护照吗?B:Sure.当然A:You have a tourist visa. Where will you be staying?您持有旅游签,准备待在哪儿?B:Mainly in Texas.主要在德克萨斯州第二句:May I see your customers declaration m?可以看看您的报关表吗?A:You may go to the baggage claim area and get your luggage, then proceed through the Customs.您可以到行李提取处拿您的行李,然后进行海关检查B:Thank you.谢谢A:May I see your customs declaration m.可以看看您的报关表吗?B:Yes. Nothing illegal.好的,没有什么违法的 185977

第一句:The whole trip takes about three hours.整个行程将花费近三个小时的时间A:How long will the trip take?整个行程会花费多长时间?B:The whole trip takes about three hours.整个行程将花费近三个小时的时间第二句:How far is it from here?离这儿有多远?A:How far is it from here?离这儿有多远?B:It about minutes on foot.步行大约分钟A:Oh, that not far. I think Id like to walk there.哦,那不远,我想走着去B:Yeah. Walking is good health.是啊!走路还有助于健康呢相关的句型还有:How long does it take to get there and back?到哪儿往返需要多长时间?Is it within walking distance from here?从这儿步行去远吗? 196798

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