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Talking Bad About Friends/Family说朋友或家人的坏话Whether it#39;s parents, a brother or sister, or a close friend, family and friends serve as a relationship-board-of-directors for most women and, unless extreme, you#39;ve been together for a tremendously long time you should steer clear of saying negative things about any of them, Dia Hicks, relationship expert and founder and CEO of SwaggerScan says. No matter how many times he or she delivers negative depictions of them, still they are family and were in their life long before you, he adds.不管是父母、兄弟、还是知己,对于大多数女性而言,家人和朋友就是恋情的咨询员,除非特殊情况下,比如你们已经谈了很长时间,否则你就不能说女友家人和朋友的坏话,SwaggerScan的创建人兼首席执行官蒂亚#8226;希克斯说道,同时他也是情感专家。不管你说了多少次有关她家人或朋友的坏话,他们仍然是一家人,而且比你更为重要,他补充说。Hygiene卫生Hygiene is one of those important things within a relationship, it tends to go unappreciated until its missing, Hicks says. This is because you’re supposed to keep yourself cleaned up, washed up, combed up and smelling nice most of the time at least. “Lack of hygiene can also make for frigidity during intimate moments. This may appear as her being frigid to you but to her it’s your fault for being a stinky-poo,” he adds.恋情中最重要的事情之一就是卫生,直到意识到干净的重要性,人们才会对其加以重视,希克斯说道。这是因为至少你要看上去干干净净的,大多数的时候要梳洗干净,还要闻起来香喷喷的。“亲密时刻不干净的话也会导致冷场。对你而言,可能是她冷漠寡淡,但对她而言,一切都是你的错,谁让你臭哄哄的呢,”他补充道。Money金钱“While it is never ok to lean on your girlfriend financially, it may also be a bad idea to lavish her with gifts too fast,” Hicks says. “It won#39;t be her fault for indulging, the blame will rest solely on your own money clip because sometimes even the most honest women will find it hard to say #39;no#39; to being showered with expensive gifts.”“在金钱方面一直依赖自己的女朋友是不行的,而且总是用贵重的礼物逗她开心也不是一个好主意,”希克斯说道。“恃宠而骄并不是她的错,要怪只能怪你的钱包太鼓了,因为有时候,即使是最诚实的女人也很难在昂贵的礼物面前说‘不’。”Broken Promises未能兑现的承诺When you make a promise to your significant other, they expect you to follow through. “You should make a rule to never make too many promises but the times and moments when you do, make sure you deliver in spades,” Hicks says. “In fact, there#39;s aly a saying for this - #39;under promise and over deliver#39;! There ya go!”当你对人生中重要的一半做出承诺时,她们是希望你能兑现的。“你应该给自己定条规则,不要许下太多的承诺,但轮到自己许下承诺的时刻,一定要确保自己圆满兑现,”希克斯说道。“事实上,有一句老话已经充分表达——‘言必信,行必果’!加油!”Jealousy嫉妒“Guys, women love a little jealousy so it#39;s alright if you show just a little,” Hicks says. “Some guys are so intent on showing savvy when they#39;re out with their drop dead gorgeous girlfriend that they miss the opportunity to show her she#39;s cherished.”“男生们,当你们表现出一点点的嫉妒时,女生们是很喜欢的,”希克斯说道。“有些男孩子和女神级女友出去时,总表现得淡定自若,因此就错失了表现嫉妒的机会。”译文属 /201612/484498First, the good news: the cost of raising kids rose at a slower rate between 2014 and 2015 than any typical year since 1960, says government data released this month. The bad news? Well, you make want to take a seat. If you#39;re planning to have any more kids, it#39;s going to cost you—and maybe a lot more than you thought it would. Even though the cost rose only 3 percent, it#39;s still above the rate of inflation and the total price tag is quite hefty when you think about it.首先,有则好消息:本月政府发布的数据显示:自1960年以来,2014年到2015年间,养育孩子的费用涨幅最低。那坏消息呢?你最好还是坐下来听我慢慢宣布。如果你还想再生孩子,那么其成本可能会比你以为的要多得多。虽然养育孩子的费用只涨了3%,但仍然超过了通货膨胀率,当你认真思考时,你会发现总价格还是相当高的。The average cost for a middle-income married couple to raise a child from birth to age 18 for kids born in 2015 was a whopping 3,610, according to a report from the Department of Agriculture. The cost for low-income families ranged as low as 4,690 and as high as 2,210 for wealthy families.据农业部门的一份报告显示:2015年,中等收入家庭的结婚夫妇将宝宝从出生抚养到18岁需平均投入233,610美元,数目不小吧?而低收入家庭最低也要投入174,690美元;富裕家庭最高会投入372,210美元。But how much you end up paying overall depends a lot on where you live. Families living in Northeast urban areas (think New York City and Boston, for example) pay the highest cost for raising kids, followed by families living in West Coast urban areas (think Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle) and urban areas in Southern states (think Dallas, Atlanta and Miami). Parents raising kids in rural areas pay the least, but then, they also lack access to some things urban and suburban parents have at their disposal.但是最终投入的金额在很大程度上与你的居住地相关。生活在东北城区(比如纽约城和波士顿)的家庭,他们在养育孩子方面出最多;生活在西海岸城区(比如洛杉矶、旧金山和西雅图)和南部各州(比如达拉斯、亚特兰大和迈阿密)的家庭则紧随其后。生活在乡村的父母在养育孩子方面出最少,但他们也缺少城区或次城区父母所能接触到的东西。Average costs for families in urban Midwest and rural areas are the lowest.中西部城区和乡村地区的家庭,他们的平均成本是最低的。So what does the breakdown look like?所以细分下来是怎么样呢?From birth until age 18, you#39;ll shell out that cost divided somewhat like this:从出生到成年,你的出成本细则可能是这样的:29 percent on housing29%用于供房18 percent on food18%用于食物16 percent on child care and education16%用于儿童看护和教育15 percent on transportation15%用于交通9 percent on health care9%用于医疗7 percent on miscellaneous costs (this includes things such as personal care items, entertainment, devices such as portable media players and computers, sports equipment, and non-school ing materials)7%用于各杂项出(包括个人洗护用品、、可携带媒体播放器和电脑等设备、运动器材、校外的阅读材料)6 percent on clothing6%用于买衣None of these figures take into account the costs of private schooling or college if those are in the cards. Ouch.如果你有考虑私立学校或大学,那么让我告诉你,上述那些数据可没有包含这些费用哦!心疼三秒!译文属 /201701/489197

If one more gets killed off in the show, we#39;ll come after you! Understood, freaky writer nerd?如果再有一个人在剧中被杀,我们就要对你下手了!懂吗,你这个屌丝作家?George R.R. Martin gets a private visit from some of his charactersGeorge R.R. Martin作品中的一些角色是这样拜访他的(是他书里面的情节太残酷了,还是这些演员或导演太“认真”了?) /201612/485151

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