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One week laterGill: Cheers! To our first night in our new apartment.Beth: It so quiet. Im not really used to it.Gill: All you hear is the crickets and the breeze.Beth: It a little eerie. Im sure the silence will begin to grow on me.Gill: Well, I think it fabulous. And the neighbors dont even seem to exist.Beth: That is a relief. It a good thing we moved.参考译文:一星期后吉尔:干杯!敬我们在新公寓的第一晚贝丝:好安静喔我还真不习惯吉尔:在这里只听得到蟋蟀跟微风的声音贝丝:真是有点诡异我相信我会慢慢喜欢这寂静吧吉尔:我觉得这样很赞啊邻居好象都不存在似的贝丝:真是松了一口气好在我们搬家了重点词汇:cricket (n.)蟋蟀Crickets taste really good with some chili peppers.蟋蟀沾胡椒很好吃breeze (n.)微风A: The weather today is excellent!今天的天气好极了!B: Yes, I love a cool breeze on a sunny day.对啊,我喜欢阳光下的微风eerie (a.)怪异可怕的David Lynch films always have a very eerie sensibility.大卫林区的电影总是很怪诞fabulous (a.)(口)奇妙的,非常美好的A: Your new Mercedes is fabulous!你的新奔驰车真是太棒了!B: Not so fast. I wont finish paying it until 5!别高兴得太早我到二○二五年才会付清车款! 50Jean-Paul: What’s going on? I thought it was a done deal.让-保罗:怎么回事?我以为咱们已经说好了Charlene: I think you misunderstood. The last time we talked, I said I would think about partnering up, but now that I have, I’m going to beg off.沙琳:我想你误会了我们上次谈的时候,我说会考虑合作,但是既然我有合作对象,我打算推辞掉Jean-Paul: What you said was that you were agreeable to the idea and that we would work out the details later. Now you’re backtracking?让-保罗:上次你说的是赞成这一提议,并且之后再讨论细节问题现在你却要食言?Charlene: I would never renege on a promise. If I gave my word, I would follow through. In this case, I didn’t.沙琳:我绝不会违背承诺如果我应允的话,我就一定会坚持到底而这件事,我并没有答应Jean-Paul: I’m really surprised by your denial. I didn’t have you pegged as someone who backs out of deals.让-保罗:你突然变卦真是让我措手不及我真没想到你会打退堂鼓Charlene: All I can say is that we don’t see eye to eye. Let’s agree to disagree and leave it at that.沙琳:我只能告诉你我们的想法不一致咱们各自保留意见,别再争论了Jean-Paul: That’s easy you to say. Your failure to honor your promise is going to put me in a very awkward position.让-保罗:你说的轻巧你的反悔已经置我于极其尴尬的境地Charlene: How’s that? We only spoke yesterday.沙琳:为什么这么说?我们昨天才刚讨论Jean-Paul: I may have made some promises of my own and now I’ll have to get out of them somehow.让-保罗:我已经许下承诺,而现在我却要反悔Charlene: May I make a suggestion?沙琳:我能表达一下我的建议吗?Jean-Paul: What? Deny, deny, deny?让-保罗:什么建议?否认,否认,再否认吗?Charlene: Well, it’s worked me.沙琳:反正,这招对我来说很管用Jean-Paul: Oh, the nerve of some people!让-保罗:哦,有些人真是卑鄙!译文属 98Redshirting; Mesa Verde National Park; to wrap up; to bother versus to interrupt versus to disturb; blind spotWords:to redshirtto count towardkindergartencutoffto hold backpeerprevalencecliffdwellingoutcroppingcaveartifactto wrap upto botherto interruptto disturbblind spot 38687Hip-hop grannies in China 街舞 In China, hip-hop dancing is getting a lot of attention from a group of grannies. This morning on Today’s China Hip-Pop hits the mainland, dancing is all the way these days back home, thanks to the popular TV show. But N’s Mark Marlin discovered it’s big here in China too, a large due to a rather unusual group of dancers. China’s time-honored martial art of Taiji, practice by it’s elders, at least, some of the time. It may seem ludicrous, but this generational mash-up is turn to group of Chinese seniors into a cultural phenomenon. They are called the hip-pop grannies. This bossy of home girls range an age from 5 to 7, it was founded by 70 year-old Wu Ying. Yep, she’s 70, she was inspired after catching a dance competition on TV.I had never seen any thing like that, I like the look of the dancers had in their eyes, the way they move, I thought this could be good exercise. So she learned the moves and started teaching them in a gym class, and the women notice improvements in their health. It brings energy out of the elderly, really. It feels really good. The dancers were encouraged to where both the altitude and the outfits.I was a little conservative bee, but now I wear cool and trendy cloth.Knock down with it, as they say, was Wu's modified daughter. My daughter said, look at the baggy pants in the toppy you have on, is that what a mother should look like?But Wu kept at it, and the idea took off attracting hundreds of one of the old school hip-popers, then China’s media, more than just a novelty this woman developed into good dancers. They even entered hip-pop dance competitions, and won against competitors one quarter their age. The grannies have also worn props, also known as admiration from tens of millions in China now familiar with their regular TV appearances, and even Wu’s daughter now admits dancing mum was worn. Meantime, the founder of the hip-pop grannies says she’s discovered another passion---becoming a rapper. today, Mark Marlin, N News, Beijing.And here they are, live on our very own set Beijing’s very own hip-pop grannies. The hip-pop grannies, everyone, thank you all, we’ve got much more on today from Beijing right after this. 15

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