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A: Ok... I’ll talk to you later. Bye B: Carrie, are you ok? You seem a bit down. A: I just got off the phone with my boyfriend. He is always getting upset and losing his temper over nothing. It’s so hard to talk to him at times. B: Maybe it’s just that he is stressed out from work or something. He does have a pretty nerve wracking job you know. A:Yeah but, he is always in a really foul mood. I try to find out what’s bothering him or get him to talk about his day but, he always shuts down and brushes me off. B: Men are like that you know.They can feel nervous, anxious or on edge and the only way they can express it is by trying to hide it through aggressiveness. A:I guess you are right. What do you think I should do? He wasn’t always this grouchy you know... B: Talk to him, try to cheer him up when he is down and if that doesn’t work, I say get rid of him and get a new one! A: You are something else you know that?【文章大意】Carrie和她的男朋友吵架了,因为她的男朋友总是易怒,容易发脾气。另一个人劝她说:可能是她男友因为工作而心情不好,劝Carrie想办法让男友振作起来。 /201010/115184

81 Talking About Weather谈论天气(It#39;s) a lovely day,isn#39;t it?天不错,啊?A:(It#39;s) a lovely day,isn#39;t it?A:天儿真不错!B:Sure.It#39;s quite clear.B:可不是,真晴朗。A:I think it will continue to be fine.A:我觉得天气变不了。I hope so.B:但愿吧。Fairly warm this morning,isn#39;t it?今天上午真暖和,是吗?A:Fairly warm this morning,isn#39;t it?A:今天上午真暖和,是吗?You#39;re right.The air is so warm and everything looks so fresh and green.是啊,天气暖洋洋的.一切看起来都那么清新,那么翠绿Say,how about a walk along the river?A:去河边散散步怎么样?Marvelous idea?B:太妙了!I like this kind of weather.我喜欢这种天气。A:I like this kind of weather.A:我喜欢这种天气。B:Yes,a little breeze and a lovely moon.B:是啊,微风徐徐,皓月当空。A:And it#39;s calm.I like the peace.A:还静静的,我很喜欢这种宁静。B:Me,too.B:我也是。It seems a glorious day today.看来今天是晴天。A:It seems a glorious day today.A:看来今天是晴天啊。B:I agree....B:我也这么想。;;A:It#39;s beginning to spot.A:开始下零星小雨了。B:Just now we both thought it would be fine.刚才我们俩还都认为天会不错呢。The autumn#39;s marvelous here.这儿的秋天真美。A:It#39;s nice and bright today,isn#39;t it?今天真是阳光明媚,天气宜人。B:Yes,the autumn is marvelous here.是啊,这儿的秋天美极了。A:Tomorrow will be fine too,I think.A:明天天气肯定错不了。B:I hope so.B:但愿吧。The sun is shining.阳光灿烂。A:The sun is shining.A:阳光灿烂。B:But there#39;re some mare#39;s tails.B:但是有些马尾云。A:That#39;s the sign of wind.A:那是有风的征兆。B:Oh,really,I thought it was a sign of rain.哦,是吗,我还以为是要下雨呢。It#39;s clearing up.A:Look!It#39;s clearing up.天晴了。A:瞧,天晴了。B:I can see the sun now.B:太阳出来了。A:I like summer as long as it#39;s bright like this.只要天气像这样晴.我还是喜欢夏天的.B:Anyway,I dislike summer here.There#39;s too much rainfall.我可是不喜欢这儿的夏天,雨水太多.It#39;s better than yesterday.今天的天气比昨天好。A:It#39;s getting warm today.A:今儿天转暖了。B:Yes,it#39;s much better than yesterday.But I still feel chilly.对,比昨天强多了,可我还是感觉有点凉.A:It#39;s fairly warm for this time of the year.对这个节气来说已经是够暖和的了.What lovely weather! A:What lovely weather!天真好!A:天儿真好!B:It#39;s so pleasant after the bad weather we#39;ve been having.B:这么长时间没有好天气,今天可真痛快。A:Let#39;s go out and enjoy the fresh air.A:出去呼吸一下新鲜空气吧。B:All right.Let#39;s go.B:好啊,走吧。The rain is letting up.雨小了。A:What a heavy thunder storm just now!A:刚才的暴风雨真大啊!But it#39;s let up.... A:Look!What a beautiful rainbow!B:现在小了。;;B:Yes,it#39;s sunny again.A:瞧,多漂亮的虹!I think it#39;s going to rain.B:是啊,天又放晴了。A:Look at the thick clouds,I think it#39;s going to rain.我觉得要下雨了。B:That is what#39;s technically called cumulonimbus.看!那去层厚厚的,我想是快要下雨了吧What#39;s that? B:The clouds that produce thunder-storm.B:它的学名是积雨云。It doesn#39;t look promising today.A:什么是积雨云?A:It doesn#39;t look promising today.今天的天儿看起来不太好。B:What does the forecast say?B:天气预报怎么说的?A:They say today will be fine.A:说今天是晴天。B:But there#39;re aly snow flakes falling.B:可是已经飘起雪花来了。It#39;s too cloudy,isn#39;t it?天阴得很沉啊。A:It#39;s too cloudy,isn#39;t it?A:天阴得很沉啊。B:Yes,it#39;s getting dark.B:是啊,天儿越来越暗了。A:I feel suffocated.A:我感到很闷。B:It#39;s going to be a heavy rain.B:可能会有场大雨。The rain is so heavy.雨太大了。A:Gosh,the rain is so heavy!:天哪,雨太大了!B:So heavy?It rains cats and dogs!B:太大了?科简直是大雨倾盆!A:Everything grows hazy,I can#39;t drive.一切都模模糊糊的,车开不了了。B:How about a rest?:休息一下吧。I#39;m freezing.我快冻僵了。A:The cold was simply awful,I#39;m freezing.A:冷得要命,我快冻僵了。B:We#39;re going to have cold spell,I hear.B:听说寒流要来了。A:You mean it#39;ll get even colder?A:你是说开儿还要更冷吗?Yeah. There#39;s too much sun outside.B:不错。外面太晒了。A:There#39;s too much sun outside.A:外面太晒了。I#39;d better stay in.Good boy.那我还是呆在屋里吧.好孩子.It#39;s been like this for....这样都;;了。A:Look!It#39;s raining again.A:看,又下雨了。B:It#39;s been like this for a fortnight.B:这样都两周了。A:I wonder when it#39;ll clear up.A:不知道什么时候能放晴。B:The weatherman says it#39;ll still last for four more days at least.预报说这种天气至少还要持续四天.The weather forecast says there#39;s a hail tonight.天气预报说今晚有冰雹。A:I#39;m freezing.It#39;s terribly cold these days.A:我快冻僵了,这些天太冷了啊!B:The weather forecast says there#39;s a hail tonight.B:预报今晚有冰雹。A:I wonder when the cold spell will pass.A:不知到寒流什么时候过去。B:It says the spell will last another 6 days.B:据说还要持续六天。I can#39;t stand the cold here.这儿太冷,我受不了。A:I can#39;t stand the cold here.A:这儿太冷,我可受不了。B:Neither can I,especially the wind.我也受不了了,这风尤其难熬.A:The north wind is biting and I#39;m frozen to the bone.A北风刺骨,我都快冷冻透了.The snow is setting in.开始下雪了。A:Look,the snow is setting in!A:瞧,开始下雪了。B:What beautiful snow flakes!B:多美的雪花啊!A:Let#39;s go out and play with the snow.A:我们出去玩儿雪吧。B:Great!I enjoyed playing with snow when I was a child.太好了!我小时候就爱玩儿雪。 /200912/91480

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