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深圳什么医院袪痣效果好深圳福田人民妇幼保健医院激光脱毛多少钱The art market艺术市场Fairly popular相当流行The rapid growth of art fairs is changing the way galleries operate艺术品集会的快速发展正在改变画廊的运转方式That wont fit in the living room那并不适合放客厅里SHORTLY after The Economist went to press, about 25,000 people were expected to turn up at the London Art Fair. Your correspondent visited just before, as 128 white booths were being filled with modern paintings and sculptures. Dealers clutched mobile phones to their ears or gathered in small groups. They seemed nervous—as well they might be. “I can earn a years living in one fair,” said one harried dealer while stringing up a set of lights.就在本期《经济学人》付印后不久,预计有两万五千人次参加伦敦艺术览会。笔者之前参观过这个艺术览会,现代画和现代风格的雕塑填满了128个白色展览位。商人们紧紧把手机贴在耳朵旁,或者三五成群。他们看上去神情紧张—也许事实也如此。一位忙碌的经销商一边忙着吊起组灯,一边说“一次览会能让我挣足一年的生计”。Before 1999 London had just one regular contemporary art fair, remembers Will Ramsay, boss of the expanding Affordable Art Fair. This year around 20 will be held in Britain, mostly in the capital. Roughly 90 will take place worldwide. The success of larger events such as Frieze, which started in London, has stimulated the growth of smaller fairs specialising in craft work, ceramics and other things. Art14, which started last year, specialises in less well-known international galleries, showing art from Sub-Saharan Africa, South Korea and Hong Kong.逐步壮大的平价艺术品展览会老板拉姆齐,犹记得1999年之前,伦敦只有一个定期开展的当代艺术览会。今年,英国将开展20余场,大都聚集在首都伦敦。粗略估计,全世界范围内会开展约90个艺术览会。一些大型览会,如开办于伦敦的斐列兹览会刺激了小型专业于艺术品、陶艺品之类览会的成长。去年开办的Art14览会专注于一些不知名的画廊,专门展出一些来自黑非洲、韩国以及香港的艺术品。One explanation for the boom is the overall growth of the modern-art market. Four-fifths of all art sold at auction worldwide last year was from the 20th or 21st century, according to Artprice, a database. In November an auction in New York of modern and contemporary art made 1m (£422m), easily breaking the previous record. As older art becomes harder to buy—much of it is locked up in museums—demand for recent works is rising.艺术览会的快速发展原因之一是全球当代艺术品市场的发展。据调研公司Artprice的数据,去年全球拍卖的艺术品中,有五分之四源于20世纪和21世纪。11月,纽约的一场现当代拍卖会创下了6亿9千1百万美元(约合4亿2千2百万欧元)交易额,轻松打破先前的记录。由于历史悠久些的艺术品变得难以购买(大部分都被锁在了物馆里),所以对于近现代艺术品的需求有所上升。Londons art market in particular has been boosted by an influx of rich immigrants from Russia, China and the Middle East. “When I started 23 years ago I had not a single non-Western foreign buyer,” says Kenny Schachter, an art dealer. “Its a different world now.” And Londons new rich buy art differently. They often spend little time in the capital and do not know it well. Traipsing around individual galleries is inconvenient, particularly as galleries have moved out of central London. The mall-like set-up of a fair is much more suitable.伦敦的艺术品市场还尤其受来自俄罗斯、中国和中东移民浪潮推动。“23年前我刚开始入行的时候,我连一个非西方买主都没有”一名艺术品经销商沙克特说道:“世道变了”。而且伦敦的新富购买艺术品口味各异。他们很少花时间在成本上,对此了解也不多。漫步在个人画廊中很不便,尤其是当画廊都从伦敦市中心搬出去后。而商场式的集会设置就显得更为合适。Commercial galleries used to rely on regular visits from rich Britons seeking to furnish their stately homes. Many were family friends. The new art buyers have no such loyalty. People now visit galleries mainly to go to events and to be seen, says Alan Cristea, a gallery owner on Cork street in Mayfair. Fairs, and the parties that spring up around them, are much better places to be spotted.商业画廊过去一向依靠那些英国富人的定期造访,他们寻求艺术品来装饰他们富丽堂皇的家。还有一些还是亲友。那些新兴艺术品购买者没有这么忠诚。梅菲尔区科克街的画廊主克里斯蒂说,人们现在造访画廊主要是去参加活动。他们的周围充斥着各种集市还有聚会,都是更值得去的地方。Some galleries are feeling squeezed. Bernard Jacobson runs a gallery opposite Mr Cristea. The changing art market reminds him of when his father, a chemist, was eclipsed by Boots, a pharmaceutical chain, in the 1960s. Seven galleries in Cork Street relocated this month to make way for a redevelopment; five more may follow later this year.一些画廊感受到了相当的压力。雅各布森经营的画廊就在克里斯蒂的对面。艺术品市场的变化提醒他,他的化学家父亲因上世纪六十年代的制药锁链而失败。本月,科克街的七家画廊为了再发展决定迁址;还有五家在今年末也会跟随他们的脚步迁址。Yet the rise of the fairs means galleries no longer require prime real estate, thinks Sarah Monk of the London Art Fair. With an international clientele, many can work online or from home. Although some art fairs still require their exhibitors to have a gallery space, increasingly these are small places outside central London or beyond the city altogether. One gallery owner says few rich customers ever visit his shop in south London. He makes all his contacts at the booths he sets up at fairs, which might be twice the size of his store. “Its a little like fishing,” he explains. “You move to where the pike is.”伦敦艺术览会的芒克认为,艺术品集市的兴起意味着画廊再不需要黄金地带。有了国际顾客,许多画廊可以网上交易或者居家办公。即使一些艺术品集市仍然要求参展商拥有展示空间,伦敦市中心外或伦敦之外不断的有小型地皮出现。一名画廊主说,他在在南部伦敦的店很少有有钱顾客光顾。他把所有联系都放在了他集会的展位上,因为展位可能是他店的两倍大。“这有一点像钓鱼”他解释道“鱼上哪,你上哪。”译者:周雨晴 校对:曾擎禹 译文属译生译世 /201511/409489福田区中医院去眼袋多少钱 深圳大学第一附属医院激光去痣多少钱

深圳哪家整形医院好Britain-Women in prison英国 牢房中的女性Breaking worse让女性走出牢房Female prisoners are more badly behaved than male ones女性囚犯比男性囚犯表现更差Bad behaviour behind bars牢房之内,女性更坏?AS A rule, women behave better than men, or are less frequently caught out: they make up just 5% of Britains prison population. Even these troublemakers are gentler than the opposite sex. In 2014 eight in ten women prisoners were jailed for non-violent offences, compared with seven in ten male prisoners.女性比男性行为更规矩,或至少从表面上看如此,这似乎是大家都承认的。英国监狱中只有5%的犯人是女性。就算是这些女性犯罪者也比男性显得温和。2014年,每10名女性犯人中有8人是因为非暴力犯罪被捕,但每10名男性犯人则是7人。Behind bars, however, a different trend emerges. It is women who more frequently run up against prison rules. In 2014 there were 137 punishments doled out per 100 women but only 105 for every 100 men. They are also more violent, committing 52 assaults on staff per 1,000 female prisoners in 2015 whereas the male rate was 45. Why do women behave so badly in prison?然而,牢房之内,情势却大不相同。和监狱纪律对着干的更多的是女性。2014年,平均每100名女性囚犯受到了137项惩罚,而每100名男性,只有105项。女性在监狱里更加暴力。2015年统计表明,平均每1000名女性会对狱警有52次攻击行为,,男性则是45次。为什么女性在监狱中表现得如此暴力呢?Diego Gambetta, a sociologist, says women make rougher inmates because they take longer to establish a hierarchy. Fighting, he says, “is an information-seeking device”, and although the toughest men sport large muscles and scars, the toughest women are harder to spot without a scrap. Another theory is that female prisoners are trickier to manage because they are more likely to suffer from mental illness: in 2015 26% of them (and 16% of male inmates) had had a psychiatric admission before going to prison. A third argument is that female jails are less crowded, so unruly prisoners are easier to spot.社会学家Diego Gambetta说,因为女性囚犯需要更多时间来建立等级关系。Diego Gambetta还说,打架是“一种寻求信息的方式”,你很容易判断出最凶狠的男性,他们通常有着结实的肌肉和伤疤,但最凶狠的女性却没有这些特征,只能通过打架来判断。另一个说法是女性囚犯比男性囚犯更难管理,因为她们更容易患上心理疾病:2015年,26%的女囚犯(和16%的男囚犯)在入狱前就有精神病明。第三种说法是女性监狱相对没有那么拥挤,所以一旦犯事,更容易被(狱警)发现。译文属译生译世 /201604/439864深圳伊斯佑医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱 Alright, we are back with Florida Georgia Line of Tyler and Brian So, the last time we saw you.You were at the CMA, we were on the red carpet actually.好的 欢迎回来 这是Florida Georgia Line的泰勒和布莱恩 上次我们见到你们的时候 当时你们是在全美乡村音乐奖会上 应该说是在红毯上Jeannie and Andy were, um You were, you were so nice to stop and talk to them.吉妮和安迪 你们人真好 还停下来和他们说话There always the Probably the funnest on the red carpet I remember. - yeah总是有 我记得这大概是红毯上最好玩的事了 -是吧Outfits and everything going on with.its a good time. - We try, we try.装还有一些其它的 很开心的 -我们也尽力了And I always try to get a good pair of underwear.我总是想买条好点的内裤And you, did you get the underwear?Now you got some the...那你 你买到了吗 现在你有I got several, I got several. I was excited about it.买了几条 买了一些的 我可兴奋了Oh, good, oh good.But didnt you win?I think you won a gift card to the Olive Garden.喔 不错 不错 不过你们不是获胜了吗 你们好像得了张橄榄园的礼品卡You know what, I, um,I actually saved that gift card, Ellen, um...你知道吗 我 呃 我其实还留着它呢 艾伦You have not, you havent used it yet?Its just. Oh. No, not yet.你还没 你还没用呢 就是 没有 还没We are waiting for the nice L.A. Olive Garden.我们准备在洛杉矶漂亮的橄榄园用呢Alright, good. And you only got one?很好 不错 你只有一张吗He might have one. But I dont know where he put it.他可能有一张 但我不知道他放哪儿I think I lost mine aly.Oh, I thought maybe that happens.我的好像已经丢了 噢 我想到会这样So we give you - Yes.Each of you a Olive Garden gift card所以这个给你们 -太好了 一人一张橄榄园礼品卡 /201512/415071深圳光子脱毛哪家好

中国医学科学院肿瘤医院深圳医院去痘多少钱And so, he said you need to get away from your car immediately.然后他说 ;你得离你的车远点Your car is on fire.And I realized, okay, this is more than just a smoking vehicle.你的车着火了; 这时候我才意识到 好吧 这已经不只是辆冒烟的车了So I started to walk over to him and I busted into tears.于是我朝他走过去然后突然大哭了起来I was hysterical.And he said you have any belongings我那时完全歇斯底里了 然后他说;你有没有什么you know, that you need to get And I said, well, my purse and my medical my sons medical records are by my car.就是 财务需要拿出来; 然后我说 ;我车上有钱包和医疗记录 我儿子的医疗记录;He said we need to get them and as I turned to go get them他说那我们得去拿 我转身准备去拿的时候he kind of held his hand out firmly and said no, you have to stay here.And then he went for them.他坚定地伸出手拦住了我 说;不行 你得待在这; 然后他去拿了He put on the respirator mask to go get them. - Wow.他带了呼吸面罩去拿了 -哇塞His name is Joseph Stanpoly.You have not seen him since this happened.他叫约瑟夫·斯坦利 而你自从那天后就没见过他Joseph!How are you doing?You too.Great.约瑟夫 你好吗 很好 好极了First of all, uh,you did what anybody should have done but they didnt.首先 你做了每个人都应该做却没有做的事And you did.So good for you.And thank goodness you were driving by.Thank you, thank you.And that moment.你做到了 好样的 还好你当时开车路过 谢谢大家 谢谢 在那种千钧一发的时候 /201510/405750 深圳伊斯佑整形美容医院双眼皮怎么样南山区中心人民医院切眼袋多少钱



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