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UK rain testing patience, finances Rain continues to flood parts of the UK, putting infrastructure and everyone#39;s patience to the test. Jim Boulden reports.If residents around this part of Surrey want to travel, it#39;s by boat or wading boots. These small homes along the River Thames have been flooded for days. Though it#39;s knee-high here. Some say it#39;s double the usual level of flooding.And here you see this man moving his 19-year-old daughter out of their house and his golf clubs as well.Some residents are taking refugee in the local pub. The Flower Pot is seeing a lot of business.I#39;ve lived here in almost my whole life, and I#39;ve not seen any as bad as this.But it#39;s good for business. It#39;s very good for business.Jaslin Serman and her husband are going back and forth using the pub to charge phones and to use the Internet.We were directly on the water front. So we know we are in the flood plain.So you have flood insurance? No. We are self-insured on flood side #39;cause it#39;s just, you know, the premium is too high.The flooding is much worse in the southwest of England. The government has taken a lot of heat for its flood management.Money is no object in this relief effort. Whatever money is needed for it will be spent.January saw more rain than ever recorded in the UK. Cost estimates are one and a half billion dollars and with more rain forecast - it#39;s set to rise.I think the total economic losses will take a while to add up. And what we are talking about in our numbers are the direct damage to property and having that repaired.It#39;s not clear if the Thames has crested. Until then, residents watch the water and the skies for any respite. /201402/276418

Show your pillowcases the same care and tenderness they show you, and you#39;ll both rest easy.像你的枕头套为你提供的务一样,你也应该给它同样的关心和呵护,两者都可以得到舒适的休息。You Will Need你需要A pillowcase in need of folding待折叠的枕头套A clean, flat surface干净平整的表面Steps步骤Step 1 Arrange pillowcase1.将枕头套铺平Arrange the pillowcase lengthwise in front of you on the flat surface with the closed end at the top and the open end at the bottom (nearest to you).将枕头套在你面前的平面上纵向铺平,封闭的一端在上,开口的一端在下(靠你最近)。Step 2 Fold left side2.折叠左边Fold the long left edge of the pillowcase just past the center of the pillowcase, lining up the top edges.将枕头套左边折叠到刚过中心,上下对齐。Step 3 Fold right side3.折叠右边Fold the long right edge of the pillowcase to the left side, covering the left edge. You#39;ve created a long narrow rectangle one-third the width of the original.将枕头套右边缘折叠到左边,把左边缘覆盖。这样就形成了一个狭窄的长方形,宽度是原来的三分之一。Step 4 Fold in half4.对折Fold the long narrow rectangle in half from bottom to top, so the open end of the pillowcase is now at the top.将这个狭窄的长方形上下对折,这样,枕头套原本开口的一端就折叠到了上方。Step 5 Fold in half again5.再次对折Fold the resulting rectangle in half again, this time lifting at the center and sliding the bottom edge underneath, so the open end remains as the topmost layer. Put the pillowcase in your linen closet and wish it sweet dreams.再次对折,这次将枕头套的中心提起,让下边缘滑到底下,这样,开口的一端仍然在最外层。将枕头套悬挂在被室中,希望它有一个甜蜜的美梦。To spend more hours awake, some people practice polyphasic sleeping, which trades in your nighttime slumber for 15-30 minute naps scattered throughout the day.为了拥有更多清醒的时间,一些人尝试多相睡眠,将晚上熟睡的时间改变为白天分散多次进行15至30分钟的小睡。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/230345

Revive dry, dull locks with one quick trip to the kitchen.在厨房中自制发膜,让干枯的头发迅速恢复生机。You Will Need你需要A ripe avocado一个成熟的鳄梨0.5 tsp olive oil0.5茶匙橄榄油1 egg yolk1个蛋黄A plastic wrap or shower cap塑料膜或浴帽A blow dryer电吹风A towel毛巾Vitamin E capsule (optional)维他命E胶囊(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Combine ingredients1.混合各种成分Mash a ripe avocado and mix with the olive oil and egg yolk.将一个成熟的鳄梨捣碎,与橄榄油和蛋黄混合。Squeeze in a vitamin E capsule for a healthy hair boost.加入一粒维他命E胶囊,促进头发健康生长。Step 2 Apply to damp hair2.涂抹在湿润的头发上Apply to damp hair and gently massage into hair from roots to ends.涂抹在湿润的头发上,轻轻从发根到发梢。Step 3 Wrap hair in plastic3.用塑料膜包裹Wrap your hair in plastic wrap or a shower cap. Use a blow dryer to help the mask penetrate the hair cuticle.用塑料膜或浴帽裹住头发。使用电吹风帮助发膜渗入头皮。Step 4 Cover and set4.覆盖,等待Cover the plastic with a towel and leave the mixture on for at least 30 minutes.用毛巾覆盖塑料膜,等待至少30分钟。Leave the mixture on overnight for deeper conditioning.可以让混合物滋养头发一整夜,达到深层保湿的目的。Step 5 Rinse and shampoo5.清洗,涂抹洗发水Rinse hair with warm water. Shampoo and condition as usual. Drench hair in cold water as a final rinse to lock in body and shine.用温水清洗头发。然后像往常一样用洗发护发。用冷水清洗头发,获得更加光泽的效果。Step 6 Air dry6.风干Air dry your newly conditioned strands for best results.自然晾干护理过的头发,以获得最佳效果。Hair grows faster during the summer.头发在夏季生长得更快。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/240707Are you anywhere near Blakelaw?Why?你在布莱克劳附近吗?怎么了?Gavin Harris is stuck on the estate and needs a car,desperate.佳文·哈里斯被困在那里了,他打电话过来叫车,急得不行。I#39;ve aly got a fare.我已经拉了个客人了。He#39;s first team,man.Get there ASAP.他可是首发阵容的,兄弟。以最快速度赶过去。Gotta do a detour,bonny lad.Celebrity in peril.得绕个道了,小伙子,名人有难啊。重点词汇:detour 绕道例句:We made a detour to avoid the heavy traffic.我们绕道走,避开繁忙的交通。 Article/201405/303007S.Korea condemns Japanese minister#39;s visit to war shrine韩国谴责日政客参拜靖国神社South Korea has also voiced criticism of Yoshitaka Shindo#39;s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine. The South Korean foreign ministry denounced the visit as ;glorifying past aggression;, and ;defying international concerns;.韩国对日本总务大臣Yoshitaka Shindo参拜靖国神社行为表示谴责。韩国外交部谴责日方此次参拜是“美化侵略史”和“挑衅国际关系”的行为。In a statement, it said Japanese politicians should make efforts to mend South Korea-Japan ties through ;humble retrospection towards history.;一份声明指出,日本政客应该通过“谦虚回顾历史”来改善日韩关系。 Article/201404/287823

We are so proud of him, #39;cause he#39;s Chinese.It#39;s a weekend dedicated to Lee#39;s teaching as top Jeet Kune Do experts perform demonstrations.。我们为他倍感骄傲 因为他是中国人,这个周末致力于李小龙的教学,截拳道顶级专家一展技艺。It#39;s also a chance for Shannon and Linda to discuss how they are keeping the legacy alive with plans for the first Bruce soil in Seattle known as BLAM.也是李香凝和琳达讨论如何让这些遗产鲜活的机会,她们计划在西雅图开辟第一块李小龙领地 叫作BLAM。That#39;s the Bruce Lee action museum.这是李小龙动作物馆So she wanted it to represent movement and action and taking action and make it also about community, research, philosophy, education, foundation, all of those different things.所以她想让其能代表移动 动作以及行动,也与社群 研究 哲学 教育 基金等方方面面相关。It#39;s July 20th, the day of Bruce Lee#39;s death,and Linda, Shannon, and many of Bruce Lee#39;s family and friends have gathered at his graveside to pay their respects.7月20日 李小龙去世当天,琳达 李香凝和他的家人朋友们齐聚其墓前 缅怀他。This is Bruce#39;s grave stone.In front of that is a book,and on the book, it says, ;your inspiration continues to guide us toward our personal;.这是李小龙的墓碑,前面有本书,书上说 ;你的志向将继续引导我们走向自我解放;。It#39;s the journey that#39;s important.It#39;s not the destination.重要的是过程,而非结果。Bruce Lee is also being remembered in other ways,with statues being erected to him in China and Los Angeles to follow those unveiled in Hong Kong and Bosnia,where he was chosen as a symbol of the fight against ethnic divisions.李小龙还以其他方式被纪念,继香港和波斯尼亚之后他的雕像在中国和洛杉矶揭幕,他被选作抗议种族区分的象征。A spokesman said, ;We will always be Muslims, Serbs, or Croats,but one thing we all have in common is Bruce Lee.;一位发言人说 ;我们是穆斯林 希伯来人或克罗地亚人,但唯一不变的是 我们都热爱李小龙;。It#39;s been more than 35 years since the death of the man universally hailed as the king of martial arts movies;这位全世界一致尊崇的功夫电影之王,逝世已经超过35年。a man who changed the worlds of film, philosophy, physical fitness, music, and the arts;a man who died aged 32 before seeing the impact he created;a man who changed the world forever.His impact was so incredibly powerful.他改变了电影界 哲学 健美 音乐和艺术,他还没见识自己的影响力 便在32岁英年早逝,他永远地改变了世界。他的影响如此深远。I mean, you know, he just really hit popular culture in the Solar Plexus with the biggest right hand a man could throw,and I think we#39;re still reeling from the blow.我是指 他用人类最强有力的右拳,激荡着流行文化,我想我们还在他的重拳中眩晕。 Article/201403/281610Make sure you use the facilities before you put this office bathroom trick into hilarious effect.在办公室浴室制造滑稽可笑的效果。不过首先确保你准备好了所有道具。You Will Need你需要Several pairs of shoes几双鞋子Several pairs of slacks几条宽松的裤子Some newspapers几张报纸Steps步骤Step 1 Get some slacks1.准备好宽松的裤子Get one pair of slacks and one pair of shoes for every stall in your office bathroom.在办公室浴室的每一个小隔间准备一条宽松的裤子和一双鞋子。You can raid your own closet, or stock up on inexpensive slacks and shoes at a local second-hand clothing store.可以搜索自己的衣柜,或者在当地二手衣物商店购买廉价的裤子和鞋子。Step 2 Stuff them2.填充Stuff each pair of slacks, from the knee down, with old newspaper. Don’t overstuff the pants, or they won’t look like ‘believable’ legs.把每一条裤子膝盖以下装满旧报纸。不要填的太多,否则看上去不像逼真的双腿。Step 3 Position them3.放置鞋子Position a pair of shoes in each stall.在每一个隔间放一双鞋子。Step 4 Set up4.摆放Position a pair of stuffed pants atop each pair of shoes. Arrange the top of the pants to fall just right – so it looks like someone is sitting on the toilet with his pants down.在每一双鞋子上方放置一双填充了旧报纸的裤子。让裤子顶部滑落到合适的高度——这样就好像有人正蹲在马桶上。Step 5 Lock5.上锁Lock each stall door from the inside.将每一个隔间在里面锁上。Step 6 Start a rumor6.制造谣言Start a rumor that there’s a stomach bug going around the office that is keeping people on the john.制造一个谣言,宣称胃肠细菌横行,有的人一直跑厕所。Step 7 Enjoy7.欣赏Enjoy the chaos that ensues as increasingly desperate people try to figure out who is hogging the bathroom.随后,许多惊慌失措的人们都将试图查明到底是谁霸占着厕所,你就躲在一边偷着乐吧。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/236139

If you#39;ve dug yourself into a hole with one too many impulse buys, this guide will show you how to crawl back into the black and get debt free.如果多次冲动购物导致你负债累累,这段视频将帮助你了解如何慢慢偿还债务,享受无债一身轻的感觉。You Will Need你需要Debt list债务列表Additional income额外收入Sacrifices牺牲Patience耐心Steps步骤STEP 1 Create a debt list1.制定债务列表Create a comprehensive debt list to plainly see how much you owe in loans, cash advances, credit cards, and anything else you owe money on. Knowing exactly where you stand is the first step to reclaiming control over your finances.创建一个综合的债务列表,贷款,现金垫款,信用卡和其他任何债务一目了然。了解自己的状况是重新控制财务状况的第一步。Display the list in plain sight and cross off each debt paid to track your progress and stay motivated.把债务列表放在显眼的地方,每偿还一笔债务就划掉,及时追踪进展,让你更有动力。STEP 2 Set a budget2.制定预算Set a budget and try every strategy you can think of in order to stick with it. Decide which purchases and expenses are priorities, and which are nonessentials. Then, cut the nonessentials.制定预算,为了坚持这个预算想尽一切办法。确定一下哪些购物和花费优先进行,哪些是不必要的。然后,削减非必需品。Avoid huge sacrifices that will add more stress to the family, but sacrifice luxuries when you can. Eat in rather than going out and learn to have fun for free at home, in the park, or at the beach.避免作出太大的牺牲,否则会对家庭造成更多压力,但是可能的情况下牺牲一些奢侈消费。不要外出就餐,而选择在家吃饭,学习如何在家中,公园和沙滩等免费的地方寻找乐趣。STEP 3 Increase income3.增加收入Increase your income by picking up a part-time job or selling those unused electronics, clothes, or tools you own.做一份兼职或出售不用的电子产品,装或工具,增加收入。STEP 4 Work from highest interest rate4.从利率最高的债务开始偿还Pay down credit cards and loans with the highest interest rates first, and move down the list.从利率最高的信用卡和贷款欠款开始偿还,从高到低。STEP 5 Be patient5.耐心Be patient and consistent, and you#39;ll once again get your head above water.有耐心,坚持一下,你终将偿还所有债务。The U.S. Treasury printed a 0,000 gold certificate for less than a month between 1934 and 1935.1934年至1935年期间,美国财政部发行了100,000美元的金币券,为期不到一个月。视频听力译文由。 Article/201403/281416Durant: #39;Life is bigger than a game NBA star Kevin Durant discusses the impact of the Oklahoma tornado destruction and his new ventures with Jay-Z.杜兰特签约著名歌手Jay-Z的经纪公司,称生活比比赛重要!杜兰特称“Jay-Z跟我未来是否离开雷霆毫无关系,请球迷放心”,杜兰特成为Jay-Z旗下第一人。Breaking news of tornado just touched down a new castle Oklahoma. People and more DVD under photographed now are dead aly. Honestly, this is even very seriously. Here is a heartbreaking development that we were watching right now. The devastation is almost unimaginable.When you watching on TV, the first picture, the first coming in, what did you say to yourself?I couldn’t believe that was a state that I was living. Just twenty minutes late from my house. I couldn’t believe that close. You know, the bray everywhere, I’ve seen the tracks, trees and somebody’s living room. Just roust gone off. There was nothing there, you know. You can tell, you can see that’s where houses supposed to be. You see what on the ground; you see degree that was nothing there. You can tell you have to start form the scratch.You’re 24 years old. How do you experiencing something like that change you as a person?What do you think the perspective for me? The life is bigger than a game of basketball. You know, a lot a people that are professional really know that. People more lost everything. People really lost everything. Some stuff you really care can’t come back again. You know lots we lost there. Little kids at last we lost and so on, you know, life is bigger than a game. There are some celebrities who at the beginning to make donations, hundred dollar’s range. That’s great and very generous. You’re 24 year-old guy. You just plant down a million dollars, and you have Nikkei, who is donating a million dollars and profits from your shoes.Oklahoma is my home. I just want to give back. I want to do some to know as bigger interests. Natural disasters and something you really cannot control at all. But we can control how we come together, how we pass by from.You’re the biggest news of southeast season must pretty plush. You signed with Jay-Z who is getting into the sports agency business and he is the biggest superstar client. What do you think Jay-Z goanna do for you that nobody else can do for you before?Well, you want goanna me and Jay-Z that it makes the changes that dynamo is everything.What did you say to you when it was a pitch?You told me, you know, what could he do for me. How much that we can go? How the partnership can grow? I’m looking for and I used to be excited about the whole thing, you know, that got me all right to do.You got the Jay-Z…Partnership is goanna be something good /201307/246907Cameron Challenges Sri Lanka On Human Rights The Prime Minister vows to put pressure on his Sri Lankan counterpart at a meeting of Commonwealth leaders in Colombo.新闻背景:英国首相卡梅伦表示,拉贾帕克萨必须对其政权据称在内战最后几个月里所犯的战争罪做出解释。斯里兰卡,大赦持者打扮成镰刀死神,英国首相卡梅伦,英国外交大臣黑格和斯里兰卡总统拉贾帕克萨。抗议在举办的英联邦政府首脑会议前,政府对于斯里兰卡的背书。斯里兰卡政府军2009年击败反政府武装泰米尔伊拉姆猛虎解放组织,结束长达30年的内战。但一些西方国家和国际人权组织指责斯政府军在战争最后阶段侵犯人权。斯里兰卡内战后,拉贾帕克萨曾许诺北方泰米尔地区拥有更多自治权。一些国家与人权组织批评他未能实现承诺。You have said that part of your ambition going to the commonwealth heads of government meeting is to shine a light on what’s going on in Sri Lanka, would you explain to the British people, what is the status of the Sri Lankan government, is it some sort of dful regime that needs to be castigated and criticized, or is it a country that’s on the route of a better place that needs a few tricks, but it’s clearly not perfect? Just explain to us.I think the situation is this, that there are some very serious questions that need to be answered, questions about human right violations today in Sri Lanka, the fact that there are so many people who have disappeared, the fact that there aren’t proper rules for a free press, but there are also very big questions to be answered how the long war ended, and the appalling scenes that we’ve seen on television about thousands of innocent civilians being killed at the end of that war, so that is the status, I think, look, I’m going to Sri Lanka because there’s a commonwealth heads of government conference, it’s an important organization, it covers a third of the world’s population, a fifth of the world’s economy, you can’t make clear arguments about the future of the commonwealth, about the importance of human rights, about how we tackle poverty, about how we grow our economies, you can’t make those arguments unless you’re there, but at the same time, we can also shine a light on this particular, on these particular issues in Sri Lanka. That’s your view as to what the Sri Lankan government should do, what if they say to you, well, thanks for the advice, but no, thanks.Well, we are two sovereign governments, this is 2013, and we should have these sorts of frank conversations, but I think that, you know, it’s in, in the end, Sri Lanka’s own interest to sort these things out, they had this appalling, bloody, painful civil war that came to an end, they have an opportunity to build a successful, peaceful, prosperous nation. And part of my message to president Rajapaks is that he should be seizing the opportunity to win the peace now that the war is over, they set up a reconciliation commission themselves, which recommended a series of things, some of which they haven’t yet done, so look, it is a conversation, it is not the first time it’s been had, I’ve met the president before, I’ve met their high commissioner before, we need to go on, putting forward this message. You must have a benchmark though, for what you feel must be accomplished as part of this visit that the Sri Lankans must go ahead with, without which you would view this as a failure. Well, I didn#39;t think there is one single benchmark, if I had to put out one point, it is the appalling scenes, chilling scenes frankly, on our television screens that we’ve seen about what happened in the closing stages of the war when so many Tamil civilians were killed, it’s making sure there is a proper inquiry into what happened in those events, because you know, it’s clear to me, and I spoke to the UN high commissioner for human rights today, it’s clear to me that according to the UN, those scenes have been verified, and so that, I think, makes that issue perhaps one of the most important to raise with the Sri Lankans.Why on earth could you, another critic of the Sri Lankan government, not come up with a concerted approach rather than you attending others choosing not to?Well, I think every leader has to make their own choice and I don#39;t criticize others for the choices they’ve made, but I’m quite clear that Britain with a leading role that we play in the commonwealth, the importance that we attach to this institution that if the prime minister was to stay away from a commonwealth heads of government meeting, what would that say about the commonwealth, what would that say about our ability to actually shape this organization and make sure that we fight poverty, promote human rights, get our economies moving, and back free trade, I couldn’t make these arguments if I wasn’t there. Well, I take that point, I take that point, what would it say, what does it say though about those countries that are critical of the Sri Lankan government if they can’t actually get together and decide what to do together?Well, everyone has their own considerations and their own political situations, But division in the camp only plays into president Rajapaks’ hand. Well, I totally accept it would be better for, if everyone took the same view, but that’s, you know, that’s not the world we live in, the question for me is “Is it right to attend this commonwealth conference? Does the commonwealth matter? Can we tackle poverty? Can we do more to boost trade around the world? Can we to protect British interest in doing so?” That’s the question for me, and I think the idea of staying away when those important issues are being discussed, as I say, in a multi-electoral organization, you don’t achieve anything if you’re not there.Let me just suggest to you the way in which president Rajapaks will probably play this domestically, he will portray you as gallivanting around and some sort of semi self-indulgent humanitarian mission in the north of the country, and him standing up to the colonial power, former colonial power, in a way that plays very well at home, you are actually helping him out, or are you not?I don’t accept that for a moment, but if your argument is, look, these issues are never won in one go or in one day, yes, that’s absolutely right, what Britain needs to have is a consistent, clear record for standing up for the right values, for standing up for human rights, for standing up for democracy, for saying that when appalling things happen, they need to be properly investigated, you need a consistent, clear record, but you don’t get that record by staying away from an important international multilateral gathering. Prime minister, thank you. /201311/265543

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