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  • 电影学口语 Lesson 22:[风中奇缘]Is that your village?【精片断】剪辑自 《Pocahontas》 风中奇缘Pocahontas: Is that your village?John Smith: Yes. It is a very big village.Pocahontas: What is it like?John Smith: Well, it’s got streets filled with carriages, bridges over the rivers and buildings as tall as trees.Pocahontas: I’d like to see those things.John Smith: You will.Pocahontas: How?John Smith: We’re going to build them here. We’ll show you people how to use this land properly, how to make the most of it.Pocahontas: Make the most of it?John Smith: Yes. We’ll build roads and decent houses and---Pocahontas: Our houses are fine.John Smith: You think that only because you don’t know any better.-W-Wait a minute. Don’t take it tha—Hey! Wait! There’s so much we can teach you. We’ve improved the lives of savages all over the world.Pocahontas: Savages?John Smith: Uh, not that you’re a savage.Pocahontas: Just my people.John Smith: No.Listen.That’s not what I meant. Let me explain.Pocahontas: Let go!John Smith: No.I’m not letting you leave. Look, don’t do this. Savage is just a word, you know.A term for people who are uncivilized(不文明的).Pocahontas: Like me.【口语财富】1) Make the most of it? 充分利用这块土地?2) Don’t take it seriously!别当真!3) There’s so much we can teach you. 你有好多东西要学。4) Not that you’re a savage. 我没说你是野人。5) Let go! 放开我! /200604/6498
  • to get one's back up to scratch one's back 当一只猫生气的时候,它往往把它的背拱起来,嘴里还发出呼呼的声音,显得它随时准备施展它那爪子的威力。美国一个常用语就出自猫的这种形像。 这个常用语就是:to get one's back up。To get one's back up就是生气的意思。下面这句话是一个妻子在说他的丈夫: 例句-1: "One thing really gets my back up -- the way my husband leaves his clothes on the bed or on the floor so I have to pick them up all the time." 她说:“我的丈夫总是把衣往床上、地上乱扔,我老得把它们拣起来,真叫我生气。” 可是,妻子的批评使做丈夫的很生气。他对朋友说: 例句-2: "And there's one thing that really gets my back up: my wife nagging at me to hang my clothes up as soon as I walk in the house at night after a hard day at the office." 他说:“每天在办公室辛苦地工作了一天,可是晚上一走家门,我老婆就开始唠叨,要我把衣挂好。这实在让我生气。” 要是你觉得背上某一个地方痒痒,而你自己又抓不到。这是很难受的。在这种情况下,最好有人替你抓一下。美国人有一个普遍的说法,那就是:to scratch one's back。To scratch one's back从字面上来看就是“抓某人的背”。它的真正含义是:某人帮了你一下忙,而这个帮你忙的人也期望你下回帮他的忙。因此,to scratch one's back实际上就是:这回你帮我忙,下回我就帮你的忙。例如,一个参议员对他的高级助手说: 例句-3: "This senator from the 11th district scratched my back when he voted for my bill to cut state income taxes, so it's my turn to do him a favor and vote for that bill for more money for roads in his district." 这位参议员说:“上回在投票通过我提出的有关裁减州所得税的提案时,第十一选区的参议员投了我一票,帮了我的忙。所以,现在是该我帮他忙的时候了,我得投票赞成为他的选区修建公路增加拨款的提案。” 这种现象在政客当中很普遍,但是做买卖的也要相互给好处,请听这位推销员说的话: 例句-4: "In my business it's important to scratch each other's back. Say a customer does me a favor by giving me an extra big order. The next time he's in town I might take him out to dinner and a broadway show." 这位推销员说:“干我们这行,相互帮忙是很重要的。要是一位顾客订了特别大的一批货,帮了我的忙。下次他再到这个城市来的时候,我可能得请他吃晚饭和到百老汇去看演出。” 今天我们讲了两个习惯用语:"to get one's back up"和"to scratch one's back"。 To get one's back up是生气的意思;to scratch one's back是指某人帮了一下忙,帮忙的人也期待对方下回帮他的忙。 「美国习惯用语」第一百零一课就讲到这里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/3056
  • VOA流行美语 84: STICK AROUND / GUILT TRIP今天Michael和李华去一个夜总会听音乐,因为他们的朋友Jack要带他的乐队来演出。李华会学到 "to stick around" 和 "guilt trip" 。(noisy rock music playing, people talking, etc.)L: (Talking loudly over crowd) Michael! (coughs) 这个地方真让人难受,声音这么大,还有那么多人抽烟。这些乐队也真是够呛的!M: I know Li Hua, the show isn't very good. But Jack's band is going to be playing soon. Let's stick around until their performance is over, OK?L: Jack的乐队什么时候来啊?哎,你说什么"stick around"? 你的意思就是先不要走,是不是?M: That's right. I said "let's stick around." That means to stay or remain in a place.L: 噢,to stick around就是在一个地方再呆一会儿。懂了,你的意思就是要我们等Jack的乐队来了,表演完了以后再走。Michael, 那乘我们等他的时候,你再给我举几个例子,好不好?M: Hmmm... Well, you remember Angie Summers, right? She finished her Ph.D. last spring, but has decided to stick around and do some post-doctoral work before she starts looking for a job.L: 我当然记得Angie Summers啦。她今年春天拿到了士学位,可是决定在开始找工作前先不离开学校,做一些士后的工作。所以,在这里,to stick around就是她继续呆下去,不离开学校。噢,Michael,我们还要等Jack等多久嘛?M: I don't know. Let's just stick around for another half hour or so. If Jack doesn't show up, we can leave.L: 好,那再等他半小时,否则我可真要受不了了!******L: (sighs) 噢,谢天谢地,总算完了,我要再在里面呆下去,就要聋了。M: Yeah, I'm sorry about that, Li Hua. But if we hadn't waited for Jack to perform, he would have given us a huge guilt trip about it on Monday.L: 要是我们不等Jack的话,他会给我们什么?A guilt trip? Guilt不是感到有罪,感到内疚吗?那Trip是旅行。你是说Jack会觉得非常抱歉啊?M: No, I meant he'd make us feel guilty.L: 噢,他让我们感到内疚?M: That's right. A "guilt trip" means guilty feelings one has about doing something wrong. To "give someone a guilt trip" means to try and make him feel guilty.L: 等等等等,这我得弄清楚了。A guilt trip就是一个人做错了什么事而觉得内疚,好象他犯了错误。To give someone a guilt trip就是让别人感到内疚。嘿,Jack的乐队水平那么差,让我们来听这种音乐,他应该觉得内疚才对呀!M: I agree! So when was the last time you had a guilt trip about something?L: 我最后一次觉得内疚是什么时候啊?那就是我要跟我男朋友分手的时候啊,是我要跟他分手的,我到现在心里还感到有点抱歉。M: Don't let him put a guilt trip on you! So why did you break up with him anyway?L: 因为我和你老在一块儿学习,他老是让我觉得好象我做错了什么是的。He tried to put a guilt trip on me.M: What? That's insane. I'm glad you broke up with him. Anyway, you'd better not try to make me feel guilty about him.L: 对,他呀,是有毛病,所以我才和他分手的嘛。我告诉你可是没有要让你感到内疚的意思啊!M: That's better!今天李华学到了to stick around,意思是"在一个地方呆下去,先别走".李华还学到了a guilt trip,这是指"感到内疚"。 /200602/3159
  • It didnt work very well on the schizophrenics,在治疗精神分裂症上,电击疗法效果不是很好,but it was pretty clear in the 30s and by the middle of the 40s但是在30年代和40年代中期,很明显that electroconvulsive therapy was very, very effective in the treatment of depression.电击治疗对于治疗忧郁症非常非常有效。And of course, in those days, there were no antidepressant drugs, and it became very, very popular.当然,在那个时候,没有抗抑郁的药,电击疗法就非常普遍。They would anesthetize people,医生会麻醉患者,convulse them, but the real difficulty was that there was no way to paralyze muscles.电击使他们抽搐,但是真正的困难是,没办法抑制肌肉抽搐So people would have a real grand mal seizure.结果患者会有癫痫大发作。Bones were broken. Especially in old, fragile people, you couldnt use it.骨头断裂-特别是老年人,骨质脆弱的人,不能使用这个疗法。And then in the 1950s, late 1950s, the so-called muscle relaxants were developed by pharmacologists,后来,到了50年代后期,有了肌肉弛缓药,药理学家发明的,and it got so that you could induce a complete convulsion,这样就可以施予完整的电击诱发抽搐过程,an electroencephalographic convulsion -- you could see it on the brain waves脑电图癫痫—你可以从脑波看出来without causing any convulsion in the body except a little bit of twitching of the toes.不会引发身体的抽搐,除了一点点的脚趾抽动。So again, it was very, very popular and very, very useful.所以电击疗法变得非常非常普遍和有效。Well, you know, in the middle 60s, the first antidepressants came out. Tofranil was the first.到了60年代中期,第一代抗抑郁药盐酸丙咪嗪产生了。In the late 70s, early 80s, there were others, and they were very effective.至70年代末,80年代初期,又有了其他一些药,这些药都很有效。And patients rights groups seemed to get very upset about the kinds of things that they would witness.当时电击治疗患者的权益团体非常不满,抗议他们目睹的一些电击治疗方式。And so the whole idea of electroconvulsive, electroshock therapy disappeared,所以电休克和电击疗法消失了but has had a renaissance in the last 10 years.但是过去的10年里,又复苏了。And the reason that it has had a renaissance它复兴的原因是,is that probably about 10 percent of the people, severe depressives,大约10%的人,重度抑郁症患者,do not respond, regardless of what is done for them.对什么治疗都没有反应。Now, why am I telling you this story at this meeting?我为什么要给你们讲这些?Im telling you this story, because actually ever since我讲这个故事,是因为Richard called me and asked me to talk about as he asked all of his speakers理查给我打电话让我谈这个,就像他对其他演讲者一样to talk about something that would be new to this audience,谈一些对观众来说是很新鲜的话题,that we had never talked about, never written about,一个从未谈过和写过的话题。Ive been planning this moment.我一直在期待这个时刻。This reason really is that I am a man who, almost 30 years ago,真正的原因是大约30年前had his life saved by two long courses of electroshock therapy.2个长疗程的电击疗法挽救了我的生命。And let me tell you this story.让我给你们讲讲这个故事。201604/435210
  • SCENE① B 钢琴学校里 赫伯特与柔丝见面之后隔天 【他大概是想找话题】 Rose: I didn't say I liked it. A man bought it for me.柔丝: 我没说我喜欢喝啊。是一个男人请的。 Sue: You met a man! What is his name?苏: 你还碰到一个男人!他叫什么名字? Rose: His name is Herbert and he was just being 1) polite.柔丝: 他叫赫伯特,他只是客气罢了。 Sue: When a man buys a drink for you, he isn't just being polite.苏: 当一个男人请你喝饮料,就绝对不只是客气而已。 Rose: This man was.柔丝: 这个人就是。 Sue: But he wanted to talk to you, right?苏: 但他想跟你聊聊,对吧? Rose: Yes. But all he wanted to talk about was computers, baseball, and 2) heavy metal.柔丝: 是啦。但他只想谈谈电脑、棒球和重金属。 Sue: He was probably trying to 3) make conversation.苏: 他大概是想找话题。 语言详解 A: Will you accept my humble apology? 你会接受我诚挚的道歉吗? B: Stop being so silly! You don't have to be polite with me! 别傻了!你不用跟我客套! 【make conversation 找话题聊天】 “找话题聊天”make conversation,有助于减少你与他人彼此相处时的尴尬,至于要如何“破冰”break the ice,避免僵局以及冷场的情况出现,这里提供一些小小的技巧。建议你可以从询问吃喝玩乐的去处开始,让他人提供你建议,也顺便满足一下他们小小的成就感。以下的问句用法一旦娴熟于心,包你吃香喝辣,玩到腿软。 A: Can you recommend a place to eat/go? 你可以推荐我吃东西/好玩的地方吗?B: There is a great spot just around the corner. If you don't mind, I'd like to join you. 转角就有很棒的地方。若你不介意,我可以跟你一道去。 1) polite (a.) 客气的2) heavy metal 重金属摇滚音乐3) make conversation 找话头,想办法聊天。 /200708/16644
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