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2017年11月21日 06:38:29 | 作者:管热点 | 来源:新华社
Over 18,500 participants in 1,202 teams joined the 26th annual mass swim across Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County in central Taiwan.来自1,202个队的超过18,500名游泳者参加了在台湾中部南投县举行的第26届大众游泳横渡日月潭的活动。The swimmers also included 246 people from Australia, Great Britain, China, Hong Kong, Holland, Japan, Singapore and the ed States, and 297 physically challenged participants, the organizers said.主办单位说,其中包括246名来自澳大利亚、英国、中国、香港、荷兰、日本、新加坡和美国的游泳者,另外还有297名残障人士。The event kicked off at 7 a.m., and it took most of the participants 90 to 120 minutes to complete the approximately 3,000-meter swim. The Nantou County Government said that in view of the two deaths that occurred last year, they took special precautions this year. Measures included deploying 20 top-notch diving professionals and equipping them with propulsion equipment and underwater GPS systems for the first 100 meters, known to be the most dangerous stretch.活动在上午7时拉开序幕。大多数游泳者花了90至120分钟才完成了大约3000米的泳程。南投县政府表示,鉴于去年发生的两人死亡事件,他们今年采取了特别的预防措施。措施包括:部署了20个顶尖的潜水专业人员,这些人员装备了推进设备;前100米还安装了水下GPS系统——因为前100米往往是最危险的阶段。The event was also moved up to the end of August, instead of in mid-September or later when it was usually held, in consideration of colder water temperatures later in the year. This year, an electronic board was erected at the starting point to show the temperature of the water for the reference of the swimmers.考虑到水温会逐渐变冷,活动将持续到八月底,而不是以往的9月中旬。今年,在出发点竖立了一个电子模板以显示水的温度。The organizers also introduced a color-coded system this year so that the lifeguards could easily identify different groups of people. Physically challenged swimmers and those over 65 years of age were required to wear pink swimming caps, while other participants were asked to wear red ones.主办单位还推出了色编码系统,这可以使今年的救生员很容易地识别不同的人群。残障人士和超过65岁的人都必须戴上粉红色的泳帽,而其他游泳者则被要求带上红色泳帽。注:本文译文属原创,,。201204/179592Science and Technology LSD Acid tests科技 麦角酸二乙基酰胺 迷幻药之考验Research into hallucinogenic drugs begins to shake off decades of taboo迷幻药物的研究开始摆脱几十年来的禁忌THE psychedelic era of the 1960s is remembered for its music, its art and, of course, its drugs.20世纪60年代是一个让人产生迷幻的年代,这个时代因它的音乐,它的艺术,当然还有它的毒品而被人记得。Its science is somewhat further down the list.而那个时候的科学在某种程度上则不太被人们熟知。But before the rise of the counterculture, researchers had been studying LSD as a treatment for everything from alcoholism to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), with promising results.不过在反传统文化兴趣之前,随着有价值的研究成果的出现,研究者们则正在研究LSD作为一种治疗从酗酒到强迫症(OCD)的方法。Timothy Leary, a psychologist at Harvard University, was one of the best-known workers in the field, but it was also he who was widely blamed for discrediting it, by his unconventional research methods and his lax handling of drugs.哈佛大学的心理学家蒂莫西?利瑞(Timothy Leary)就是该领域最为知名的人士之一,不过他也因为其非传统的研究方法和他对对药物不严格的处理而让这个药物声名狼藉,进而广受诟病。Now, the details of Learys research will be made public, with the recent purchase of his papers by the New York Public Library.现在,随着纽约公共图书馆购买他的论文,利瑞研究的细节部分将公之于众。These papers will be interesting not only culturally, but also scientifically, as they reflect what happened between the early medical promise of hallucinogens and their subsequent blacklisting by authorities around the world.这些论文不仅在文化方面将会很有引人注意,在科学上也同样如此,它们反应了从早期迷幻剂的医疗承诺到它们随后进入全球各地政府黑名单的之间的所发生的事情。American researchers began experimenting with LSD in 1949, at first using it to simulate mental illness.美国的研究人员研究LSD始于1949年,那时他们第一次用这个化合物来模拟精神病。Once its psychedelic effects were realised, they then tried it in psychotherapy and as a treatment for alcoholism, for which it became known at the time as a miracle cure.迷幻效果一被发现,他们接着就在心理治疗方面尝试用它,它也同样作为一个酗酒的治疗方法,因为在当时这个化合物以作为一个奇迹的治愈而得名。By 1965 over 1,000 papers had been published describing positive results for LSD therapy. It, and its close chemical relative psilocybin, isolated from hallucinogenic mushrooms, were reported as having potential for treating anxiety disorders, OCD, depression, bereavement and even sexual dysfunction.到1965年时,已经有一千多篇关于LSD治疗的积极结果的论文发表。LSD以及与它相关的化合物裸盖菇素,后者是从迷幻蘑菇中分离出来的一种物质,这二者都被报道有治疗焦虑症,强迫症,抑郁症,丧亲之痛甚至是性功能障碍的潜质。Unfortunately, most of the studies that came to these conclusions were flawed: many results were anecdotal, and control groups were not established to take account of the placebo effect.不幸的是,这些结论大多数都是有缺陷的:许多的结果都是道听途说的,并没有设立相应的对照组以用来考虑安慰剂的影响。Still, the field was ripe for further study.尽管如此,但这个领域进一步研究的时机已经成熟了。But alongside growing public fear of LSD, Learys leadership had become a liability.不过与之相关的公众对于LSD的恐惧也在与日俱增,不过利瑞的领军地位已经成了坏事。He was seen less and less as a disinterested researcher, and more and more as a propagandist.他被视为一个越来越缺少公正的研究员,而越多地被人视作是一个宣传员。In 1962, amid wide publicity, the Harvard Psilocybin Project was shut down.1962年,就在其大肆宣扬过程中,哈佛的裸盖菇素项目被撤销了。Leary took his research to an estate in upstate New York, where he also hosted a stream of drug parties.利瑞带着他的研究去了纽约北部的一个庄园,在那里他还组织了一系列的毒品聚会。Eventually both LSD and psilocybin were proscribed.最终LSD和裸盖菇素都被禁止了。Which was a pity because, like many other drugs the authorities have taken against as a result of their recreational uses, hallucinogens have medical applications as well.这就是一个遗憾,因为与其他官方反对药物的用途一样,迷幻剂也有同样的医疗应用。But time heals all wounds and now, cautiously, study of the medical use of hallucinogens is returning.不过时间已经抚平了所有的创伤,现在对于迷幻剂的医疗研究应还是谨慎地归来了。Psilocybin has shown promise in treating forms of OCD that are resistant to other therapies, in relieving cluster headaches (a common form of chronic headache) and in alleviating the anxiety experienced by terminally ill cancer patients.在对其他治疗方案都有抵触的强迫症形式,缓解头痛(一种常见的慢性头痛花形式)以及减轻晚期癌症病人所历经的焦虑方面,裸盖菇素显示出了希望的苗头。The first clinical study of LSD in over 35 years, also on terminally ill patients, is expected to finish this summer.LSD的第一个临床研究和在身患绝症的病人方面的研究超过了35年了,预计会在这个夏季结束。Peter Gasser, the Swiss doctor leading the experiment, says that a combination of LSD and psychotherapy reduced anxiety levels of all 12 participants in the study, though the statistical significance of the data has yet to be analysed.领导这个实验的瑞士医生彼得?加塞(Peter Gasser)说LSD和心理治疗的结合缓解了12名参与者的焦虑程度,虽然该实验的统计意义还有待于分析。Research into LSD is not confined to medicine.对于LSD的研究并不局限于药物方面。Franz Vollenweider, of the Heffter Research Institute in Zurich, for example, is scanning peoples brains to try to understand how hallucinogenic drugs cause changes in consciousness.例如,海弗特研究学会(Heffter Research Institute)的弗朗茨?沃尔温德(Franz Vollenweider)正在扫描人的大脑,试图搞清楚迷幻药如何引起意识的变化。And biotechnology may lead to a new generation of hallucinogenic drugs.生物技术也可能会导致新一代迷幻药物的出现。Edwin Wintermute and his colleagues at Harvard have engineered yeast cells to carry out two of six steps in the pathway needed to make lysergic acid, the precursor of LSD.埃德温?温特姆特(Edwin Wintermute)和他在哈佛的同事已经通过基因工程改造了酵母细胞,在产生麦角酸——LSD的前体——的六步反应路径中已经实现了其中的两步。They hope to add the other four shortly.他们希望通过在短期内加入其他的四步反应。Once the pathway has been created, it can be tweaked.一旦这个路径打通,酵母就可以得到改良。That might result in LSD-like drugs that are better than the original.这或许就会产生类似于LSD药物并且比原来更好迷幻剂。Even if that does not happen, making lysergic acid in yeast is still a good idea.即便这种情况没有出现,不过在酵母中合成麦角酸依然是一个不错的构想。The chemical is used as the starting point for other drugs, including nicergoline, a treatment for senile dementia.这种化合物可以用于包括麦角溴烟酯(用于治疗老年性痴呆的治疗药物)在内其他药物的起点。The current process for manufacturing it is a rather messy one involving ergot, a parasite of rye.目前制造麦角溴烟酯的工艺仍然相当复杂,它要用到麦角菌——一种寄生在黑麦中细菌。It may, of course, be that LSD has no clinical uses.当然,LSD或许没有临床用途。Even when no stigma attaches to the drugs involved, most clinical trials end in failure.即使这种药物没有任何不光的地陷,那么大多数的临床实验还将会以失败告终。But it is worth seeing whether LSD might fulfil its early promise.此外,对于LSD能否履行其早期的承诺还值得一看。And if the publication of Learys archive speeds that process up by exorcising a ghost that still haunts LSD research, then the New York Public Library will have done the world a service.如果利瑞的档案能够加速驱除困扰着LSD研究的鬼魂,那么纽约公共图书馆将是务了整个世界。 /201211/211146This, Jakobshavn Isbrae, is the fastest flowing glacier on our planet, moving as much as 14 meters a day. As it advances, it destroys everything in its pass, even cutting its way through Greenlands great mountain ranges on its drive downwards towards the sea. When speeded up, these solid rivers of ice seem to flow, just like liquid rivers. This is the Titanic force that cuts down mountains and levels the surface of continents. The ice is now entering the last stage of its descent. As it gains speed, huge crevasses open that extend out its very core. It reaches the ocean and millions of tons of ice have lost the support of their rocky bed. Something must give. This ice falls are an ominous sign of what is about to happen, a rupture deep within the glacier.Jakobshavn Isbrae是在我们星球上流动最快的冰川,移动速度一天可以达到14米。因为它的提前,它摧毁经过的一切,甚至在朝向大海时也切断了流经格陵兰伟大的山脉。当加速时,这些固体冰川看起来似乎流动,就像液体的河流一样。这是泰坦尼克号的力量,切割山脉及减少大陆的表面。冰现在正进入最后阶段。因为它获得速度,巨大的自身打开并延伸至中心。它到达海洋,数百万吨的冰已经失去了岩床的持上。一定要献出某些东西方才罢休。这个冰瀑布是一种即将发生不祥的暗号,破裂正在冰川深处开始。201201/167856

So Long, Sun再见了,太阳Wow! What a beautiful sunset.哇!多么美丽的夕阳啊!Enjoy it while it lasts, the sun wont be around forever, you know.尽情欣赏吧,太阳不会永远存在的。You mean, one day the sun will disappear?你的意思是,有朝一日太阳会消失?Not exactly disappear, but the sun will eventually burn out and die.不是完全消失,太阳的能量最后会耗尽并枯竭。Wont that make things really cold down here?那样的话,地球就会变得很冷了。Actually, there wont be any here, here. When the sun dies,the earth will be destroy too.实际上,那时地球就不存在了。没有了太阳,地球也将毁灭。Wow, hold on, start from the beginning.等一下,你从头开始说。Okay. Like all stars, the sun is basically a giant nuclear reactor that burns hydrogen to create energy. But like any reactor, the sun needs fuel to keep going. Its been going strong for around four-point-five billion years, and will probably keep burning for about five billion more.好的。像所有的行星一样,太阳从根本上说,是一个巨型核反应堆,通过燃烧氢气产生能量。但是,就像任一反应堆,太阳需要燃料来保持运作。它已经良好运作大约45亿年了,并且将会持续燃烧50亿年左右。But then, the fuel will run out?到那时,燃料就会耗尽。Exactly. When it does, gravity will cause the suns core to contract. When it contracts the core will get hotter, which will heat up the suns upper layers and make them expand. The sun will then become what’s called a red giant, and its radius will reach just past the orbit of Venus.是的。当太阳能量耗尽,地心引力会使得太阳核心缩小。缩小地同时温度变得更得高,这样就加剧了太阳外层的燃烧并使其膨胀。太阳就变成了所谓哦红巨星,它的半径将会达到以前金星的运行轨道。Which is bad for us.那样会对我们有害。We’ll be burned to a crisp.我们会被烧成土豆片的。Thats sounds painful.听起来很痛苦。After a few billion years the core will begin to cool and expand. The suns upper layers will expand and lose material, and eventually the core will cool enough to become a white dwarf star, and finally a black dwarf.数十亿年后太阳中心开始冷却并扩大。太阳的上层也将扩大,失去物质重量,最后中心冷却到一定程度就成了白矮星,最终成黑矮星。So, we’re pretty much doomed.那时,我们就注定要完蛋了。Yes, but not for billions of years. Who knows? By then, humans might been living on another planet.是的。但那是几十亿年以后的事了。谁知道呢?到那时,人类也许已经生活在另一个星球上了。 /201302/224277

;While Im trying to pull out the texting here, its gonna tell me were moving too fast to use this application.;“当我试图点击书写短信的时候,这款手机应用就会提示我,我的移动速度太快。”If you want to keep soemone from texting while driving ,well, now there is an app for that — wireless zone and a national cell phone retailer, says it would place textcution on all compatibal phones.如果你想防止某人开车时发送短信,那么这款应用软件正是你所需要的——一名经营无线网络和手机的零售商表示这款程序将被应用到各种兼容手机中。;When you are in the car, say youre traveling more than ten miles per hour and you try to pull out the Internet features or the texting feature and SMS messaging features on your phone, its going to say that the application was denied because youre moving too fast, in which case youll then be able to, either hit the down button if youre driving or you can request permission. When you request permission, it sends a text message to the parents phone whoever we set up as that, that line, um, saying that they are traveling at more than ten miles per hours, textcution has blocked and you can request permission to allow it.;“当你一边在车上以高于每小时十英里的速度行驶,一边想应用手机的上网功能,打字或短信功能时,这款应用程序将会拒绝你,因为你移动的速度太快。如果你处在能够使用手机的情况下,要么按下按钮,要么请求程序的许可。请求许可时手机会向你之前设定的父母联系方式发短信:我正在以超过每小时10英里的速度在路上行驶,打字功能被屏蔽,希望你能解锁。The app runs on android phones and uses an onboard GPS to tell how fast the phone is moving. If it detects the phones traveling at ten miles per hour or more, textcution disable texting, email and web browsing functions.这款软件应用于安卓系统,运用在线GPS定位并测量其移动速度。如果手机定义移动速度为每小时10英里,甚至更快,手机就会关闭短信功能,上网功能。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201205/184201

We all shop for groceries, but we don’t always think about how the stores we shop in influence our buying decisions.Many consumers shop on autopilot and stores, they take advantage of that.我们都去杂货店购物,但我们不一定知道我们光顾的商店是怎样影响顾客的购买决定。许多消费者都去商店自主选购,商店则利用这一点。Researchers found that shoppers who started on the right-hand side of the store and shopped in a counterclockwise direction spent more on average than shoppers who started on the left. Consumer report says stores use displays that stick out (to) make products look more tempting, manufacturers pay stores to place their products in certain areas. So be sure to check shelves below eye level and those items at the end of the aisle.They may not actually be on sale.研究人员发现,从商店右边开始逛以及以逆时针方向逛商店的购物者比从左边开始逛的购物者平均花费更多。消费者报告说道,商店利用伸出式排列使商品看起来更加诱人。厂家付钱给商店,以把商品摆在特定的位置。所以一定要检查低于眼镜位置的货架和那些摆在过道尾巴上的商品。他们可能不打折。Now according to consumer reports, Americans make an average of 88 trips to the store each year and spend an average of 60, but you can save hundreds of dollars a year by shopping smart.根据消费者报告,美国人平均每年去商店光顾88次,平均花费5060美元,但是如果多花点心思,你就可能每年节省数百美元。Begin by taking a flyer. Consumer Reports says that stores will often sell items for less than they paid for them to draw you into the store and get you to buy more expensive items, but just because an item is in a flyer, doesn’t mean it’s on sale.首先从传单开始。消费者报告说,商店通常会以低于批发价的价格出售产品,吸引消费者进入商店,从而让你买更贵的商品。但是传单上的低价商品在商店并一定有售。Coupons are also a great way to save. Newspaper inserts are still the main source for coupons, but you can also find coupons online at store online sites, and manufacturer websites as well.优惠券也是一种省钱的好方法。优惠券仍主要来源于报纸插页,但你也可以在商店的官网上找到电子优惠券。Loyalty that pays as well, consumer Reports says stores are increasingly saving the best deals for customers who have loyalty cards, but be sure to check the store’s privacy policy before giving up your personal information.忠诚度也能帮您省钱。消费者报告称,商店倾向于为持有会员卡的顾客保留最好的优惠。但是在提供个人信息之前,一定要考察一下商店的隐私保护策略。Finally don’t keep your age a secret.Some stores offer extra savings to older shoppers on certain days.If you have two products that look the same, don’t compare the item price, check the unit price instead. That’s the cost per ounce or cost per pound, and Consumer Reports recommends trying the store brand. Almost 3 quarters of respondents to a consumer report survey said they bought store brand products, and 89% of those respondents reported that the store brands were as good or better than the national brand.最后,不要对年龄保密。有些商店在特定的日子,会为年老的顾客提供额外的优惠。如果有两件看起来一样的商品,不要去比较总体价格,而是要比较单价。看它是以盎司还是英镑为单位计价,消费者报告还建议试试商店自己的品牌。在消费者报告调查中,几乎3/4的受访者说他们购买过商店的品牌产品,89%的受访者说商店品牌跟全国的品牌一样好,或者比全国的品牌更好。For top tips, I’m Alison Kosik.贴心提示,我是埃里森·柯西卡。201205/184385

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