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2017年10月23日 16:10:49 | 作者:预约大全 | 来源:新华社

Over the weekend, 30 Japanese universities took part in the International Education Expo in Beijing. ROK, meanwhile, expects an influx of Chinese students, thanks to new exchanges between the two countries.上周末,有30所日本大学参加了北京国际教育展。同时,由于中韩两国的进一步交流,预计韩国也将迎来大批的中国留学生。Official figures show that in 2008 Chinese accounted for more than 60 percent of the foreign students in ROK and over 70 percent of those in Japan.官方数据显示,2008年在韩留学生中,中国留学生所占的比例已经超过60%;在日本,这一比例高于70%。While Chinese have many things in common with students in these two countries, they still encounter surprises every now and then. We explored some of these differences in interviews with people from all three countries:尽管中国学生与日韩学生有着许多共同之处,但还是不时有意外状况发生。通过采访,我们发现三个国家间确有一些不同之处:Dorm life寝室生活Life in the dormitory will vary, depending on the country. Japanese residence halls often have common rooms that students use to host parties. Liu Jianquan, a 26-year-old student at the University of Tsukuba (an hour`s drive from Tokyo), said he sometimes has to call the police to get his Japanese dorm mates to quiet down.因为国家不同,寝室生活也截然不同。通常,日本学生宿舍会有一些活动室,学生们会在那举办派对。26岁的刘建全就读于筑波大学 (距东京一小时的路程),他说有时候他不得不向警察求助,才能让他的那些日本室友安静下来。Koreans, meanwhile, are famous in Asia for their emotional behavior. Despite this, the dorms are more sedate than their Japanese versions. This can be attributed to the rules that govern the campuses in ROK.相比之下,在亚洲,韩国人因其情绪化的行为方式而著称。尽管如此,寝室的氛围要远比他们日式的装扮安静稳重得多。这要归功于韩国校园里的各种规矩。It also helps that ROK is such a small country. ;Young people tend to choose local universities, so lots of students go home every day,; said Kim`s classmate, Pan Xiaoyu, 20.还有一个原因:韩国是个很小的国家。金尚英的同班同学,20岁的潘晓宇说:“年轻人倾向于就读本地的大学,所以很多学生每天住在家里。”Seniors get respect学长受尊敬Remember young people nodding at their elders and giving way to them on campuses in Japanese and Korean TV dramas? Well, that`s no exaggeration.还记得出现在日韩电视剧中这一幕吗?校园里,低年级的学生向高年级的学长们点头问好并主动给他们让路。好吧,这都不是虚构的情节。;We always respect elders for both their age and experience,; said Hirotake Kobayashi, a 22-year-old student at Kyushu University in Japan.来自日本九州大学,22岁的小林裕武说:“作为我们的长辈并且拥有丰富的阅历,我们理应尊敬他们。”This still surprises Chinese newcomers. Liu described one time when Japanese undergrads invited him, a grad student, to dinner: ;They stood to the side although I asked them to sit down. They kept bowing when speaking to me.;这仍使那些刚刚步入校园中国新生感到惊奇。小刘说起他有一次应几个日本在校生的邀请去吃晚饭,他回忆到“尽管我让他们不必站起来,但是他们仍坚持站在一边。在和我说话的时候,他们不停地鞠躬。”Pan sees the same thing in ROK. ;My local classmates remind me to bow to elders we meet on campus,; said Pan. ;If we meet freshmen, we can sit and talk casually.;在韩国的小潘也经历了同样的事情,她说:“我的韩国同学提醒我,在校园里遇到学长们要鞠躬,而面对低年级的新生,我们就自己随意地坐下聊天。”These campus actions are a microcosm of the two countries` respect for tradition. ;From childhood, people are taught to be polite to people around them,; said Gao. ;They consider it an easy way to live – not a burden.;从这些校园行为中,我们可以看出这两个国家对于传统的敬重。“在日韩,人们从小就被告知要礼貌对待周围的人,”小高说。“人们认为这是一种轻松的生活方式而并非一种负担。” /201212/213966

A woman who became Britain#39;s youngest mother after a one night stand at the age of 12 says she had no regrets about becoming a teen mum.英国最年轻妈妈一夜情后,于12岁怀产子。如今她仍旧表示身为少女妈妈无怨无悔。In fact, Amy Crowhurst advocates having children early as she admits that at the age of 22 she now has ;the freedom to meet mates and go clubbing when my mum babysits.;事实上,Amy Crowhurst一直宣称越早怀越好。时年22的她表示目前可以自由交友,毫无障碍,而孩子则由她母亲照看。Amy, who is on benefits and lives in a council house, told this week#39;s Closer magazine: ;Having kids young was the smartest thing I ever did.;Amy目前住在简易住宅之中,生活自如。她向Closer杂志表示,做少女妈妈是她经历最聪明的事。She added: ;When I see girls I went to school with having babies now, I#39;m so glad I got it out of the way. They#39;ll be at home and up in the night for the next 10 years. Plus they#39;re fat and I#39;m a size 6! I missed school, but I can catch up – and I#39;ll appreciate it more.;她说:;以前的学校同学很多现在都有了孩子,而我却对自己怀生子的人生之路很满意。那些女同学今后10年都要居家操持,起早贪黑,并且她们现在都很胖,而我身材苗条。我的确错过了不少学校课程,但是我能赶上她们——并且我比她们更珍惜学校的一切。;Amy fell pregnant in 2002 when she was just 12-years-old after having sex with a 15-year-old boy she barely knew. She gave birth to son, Alfie, when she was 13 and dropped out of school to care for him. She said at the time: ;I know I was stupid but I#39;m not that bothered. Of course I wish it had never happened but it#39;s too late now.;Amy在2002年就与一不相熟的15岁少年发生了关系,以12岁之龄产下一子Alfie。13岁辍学回家照看孩子的她当时表示,自己的确做了蠢事,但是并不为之烦恼。尽管期待一切从未发生,可事实已成定局。At the age of 16, she moved out of the home she shared with her mum and eight siblings in Crawley, West Sussex, to a council flat of her own.16岁时,她搬出了和母亲及8个姊同住的旧屋,从西苏塞克斯的克劳雷搬到了属于她自己的简易公寓。Although she hadn#39;t been in a relationship with Alfie#39;s father since her son was born, they then had a ;one-off; reconciliation in 2005 - which led to her falling pregnant again. At the age of 16 she gave birth to daughter Destiny.尽管自儿子Alfie出生后,Amy就和儿子的父亲再无其他关系,但是2005年双方的;一次性;和解后,Amy再度怀并于16岁生下女儿Destiny.She didn#39;t remain in contact with her children#39;s father and admits for a period she struggled to cope as a single mum.其后她与孩子的父亲断绝了联系,坚持表示她要努力做个单身母亲。This led to her getting in trouble with the law as she was found in possession of cannabis in 2009 - for which she was sentenced to a community order - and then evicted from her council home in 2010 for throwing ;wild drug-fuelled parties;.但是2009年,她却因用大麻锒铛入狱;而2010年,她又因加入野性药党被驱逐出她的简易公寓。When she pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis, she told the court she had taken it to get away from the stress of parenthood and forget about everyday life.当她为自己用大麻的罪名进行辩护时,她告诉法官她会这么做是为了摆脱自己的母亲身份以及每日的生活需求带来的压力。Despite this, Amy tells Closer she wouldn#39;t mind if her own daughter became a teen mother. She said: ;Having sex at 12 is fine if you feel y and aren#39;t pressured. I wouldn#39;t encourage Destiny to plan pregnancy at 12, but if she did have a baby I#39;d be happy – it#39;d be fun being a gran at 27!;此外,Amy还告诉Closer杂志她并不介意自己的女儿也成为少女妈妈。她表示,如果做好了一切准备,没有思想包袱,那么12岁就发生性关系也没有什么不好。她不会鼓励女儿Destiny像她一样12岁生子,但是要是真的有了孩子,她会很高兴。;27岁做祖母也很有趣,;她这么说。Amy told the magazine she now has her life back on track. She and her children, now aged nine and seven, are living in a three bedroom council house and she is returning to college to get her GCSEs with ambitions of becoming a healthcare worker.Amy还说目前她的生活正在回归正轨。她和9岁的儿子、7岁的女儿目前居住在三室型的简易住宅之中,而她也雄心勃勃地回归校园,考取普通中等教育书,期待今后能成为保健工作者。She believes she#39;s a better mum for having had children early as she has lots of energy and can relate to her off-spring because they are closer in age.她相信孩子生得早让她成为了一个更好的母亲。正因如此,她有更多的精力和孩子们相处,而且她们年龄相仿,关系更近。 /201207/189761

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