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听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Mike says it is important to have _______ to sell music in the U.S.a) licenceb) rights2) Mike says there are _______ famous musicians from Canada.a) hugeb) a few3) Mike is _______ that Celine Dion is from Canada.a) proudb) ashamed本期话题Topic:What are some popular musicians from your country?Hi, my name is Mike, from Canada, and this is for elllo.org. My question today is: ;What are some popular musicians from your country?;. Well, from Canada, there are very limited amount of popular musicians, because it is very hard to become big in Canada. Unless you have rights to sell your music in the ed States, it has a very tough system where musicians struggle to become famous. But there are a few famous musicians that came out of Canada. To name a few, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, and I#39;m sure most people have heard of Avril Lavigne. These are some of America#39;s people that America just wishes they were American because they#39;re so famous and so popular, and I can definitely say that I#39;m proud that these amazing singers come from my country.听力b b a /201306/244011日本关于国有化钓鱼岛,使中日危机加深,为此美防长帕内塔来华进行协调,国家副主席习近平在会晤中表达了自己的看法。【新闻】我们来看看Chinadaily的最新消息:Vice President Xi Jinping on Wednesday said Japan#39;s ;purchase; of the Diaoyu Islands was a farce and urged Japan to stop any behavior that infringes upon China#39;s sovereignty.;Japan should rein in its behavior and stop any words and acts that undermine China#39;s sovereignty and territorial integrity,; Xi said in a meeting with visiting U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. 副主席习近平周三表示,日本的购岛行为是一出“闹剧”,并要求日本停止任何侵犯中国领土主权的行为。在于到访的美防长帕内塔的一次会晤中,习近平说:“日本应该及时收手,放弃任何口头或者实际侵犯中国领土主权的行为。”【解读】1.新闻中的 farce就是我们所说的“闹剧,滑稽戏”。I think Japan should stop any continuous part of this farce. It#39;s fire-playing.我觉得日本应该停止这出闹剧,这是在玩火。2.urgevt.催促 vi.强烈要求The UN security council should urge the conflict in Syria to an earlier end.联合国安理会应该催促利比亚国内的冲突及早结束。 /201209/200648

台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:You consume fewer calories each day if you chew gum when you feel hungry. And go for fruit flavored gum because mint flavor makes some healthy food taste strange.饿的时候嚼口香糖能使你吃进更少卡路里。而且要吃水果口味的口香糖,因为薄荷口味的会使一些健康的食物吃起来有怪味。 /201502/359379

听力文本如下:How should i do it?.我该怎么做呢? /201501/357335

  资料来源于EnglishPod,内容覆盖生活、学习、工作、等各个方面的小专题,纯正地道的美音,内容非常的实用,希望对大家喜欢。Daily Life - Opening a Bank Account (C0032)A: Next, please. May I help you, sir?B: Hello, yes, I’d like to open a bank account.A: Certainly, I can can help you with that. What type of account would you like to open? A chequing or a savings account?B: What What features do they offer?A: Well, if you just take a look here, see, with our chequing account, you can have unlimited daily transactions for a small monthly fee, and our savings account has a higher interest rate, but you must carry a minimum balance of $ 10,000 dollars.B: I see, well, I think I’m more interested in a chequing account; I like to have easy access to my money.A: Alright, then, with this chequing account you’ll be issued a debit card and a cheque book. Will you require overdraft protection? There is an extra fee for that.B: No, that won’t be necessary.A: In that case, I’ll get you to fill out this paperwork; I’ll need your social insurance number, and two pieces of government ID. If you could just sign here, and here, and here; we’ll be all set. Would you like to make a deposit today?B: Yes, I’d like to deposit one billion dollars. /200912/92537

  第一步:原句放送I turned out liking you a lot more than I originally planned.turn out 结果是 more than 多于,超出第二步:译海拾贝我变得比我原本打算的更加喜欢你。第三步:天衣无缝I liking you a lot more than I planned.第四步:举一反三... turned out ... a lot more than ... originally planned.第五步:背诵达人可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园 Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201208/193854。


  针对媒体报道陕西神木“房”龚爱爱违法违规落户问题,北京市公安局今日在其官方微发布通报称,经调查,龚爱爱的北京户口系非法办理,已于今日予以注销,对当事民警采取停止执行职务和禁闭措施。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道BEIJING - China#39;s Ministry of Public Security on Thursday vowed efficient investigation of the case of the ;house sister,; a woman found to have illegally amassed 20 homes using multiple identities.北京消息,周四,中国的公安部门表示,将对“房”一案展开有效调查,该案系一女子用多重身份非法拥有20余套房产。【讲解】;house sister;就是“房”。公安部已成立特别小组,对龚爱爱为何会有两个身份(identities)及户口(中国的户籍登记,household registration)展开了调查,据悉,其拥有20余套房产,总价值约10亿元(约1.59亿美元)。中国的房地产市场(property market)对个人购买多套房屋控制严格,但是“幽灵”身份(;ghost; identities)却可以帮助户主(householders)避开限制。龚爱爱的双重身份也使公众怀疑其腐败(corruption)的可能性,比如政府补贴(government-subsidized)适用房(affordable housing)不公平分配(unfair distribution),以及官员逃避个人房产监管等。龚爱爱的巨额财富(huge wealth)首先由微爆出,很快便引发了公众新一轮的愤怒,公众不满管理权力的滥用(power abuses)与疏忽(oversight)。据公安部发表的声明表示,龚爱爱最早是在中国西北部陕西省神木县注册(register)的户口,之后于2004年至2008年间,又分别在山西省的两个县及北京市注册了三个户口。其中一个伪造身份(fake identities)已于2012年1月注销(revoke)。公安部表示,将对牵连(implicated )其中的违法者(law violators)进行深入调查(thorough probe)及严厉惩罚(serious punishment),并简化(streamlining)户口登记及身份发放制度,以避免以后再发生类似的违法行为(offences)。 /201301/222522Jon: A toast: to the new year!(clink)Jon: This does not bode well...Garfield: It's not a very good sign either. /201102/125958跟我学英语视频教程发音纯正,简单易懂,入门级适合英语初学者。

  听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Is cleaning Diego#39;s top priority?a) Yesb) No2) To avoid studying Diego tends to _____ .a) watch TVb) do some cleaning3) Elena wants to be _____ .a) clean and tidyb) a clean freak本期话题Topic:Are you a clean freak?Diego: Hello, this is Diego from Mexico.Elena: And Elena from Bulgaria.Diego: For elllo.org. Today we#39;re going to talk about being a clean freak.Elena: Are you a clean freak?Diego: Maybe. I guess it really depends. I would like to consider myself a clean freak but it means that I know when I#39;m really busy, cleaning is my last priority.Elena: Yeah, that#39;s true.Diego: But it#39;s actually really funny because sometimes when I am really busy, I tend to clean so I don#39;t do what I really have to do. So when I have a lot of homework and I don#39;t know where to begin, I just go around the house doing the dishes, sweeping the floor and just cleaning to avoid study, so I guess it really depends.Elena: Yes, I think we all do that when we have to study.Diego: Yeah.Elena: I don#39;t consider myself a clean freak. I like to be neat and tidy but I don#39;t want to be a clean freak.听力b b a /201401/272378

  看Flash学口语 第39课:Leaving message 电话留言 /200909/84577

  Welcome to English in a Minute, where we teach you about idioms in American English.欢迎来到《一分钟英语》,在这里我们教您一些美式英语中的惯用语。If you have heard American English, you have probably heard this:It#39;s a dime a dozen. 如果你听过美式英语,你可能会听过这个“It#39;s a dime a dozen”(一毛钱一打)?What does this phrase mean? Let#39;s find out.这是什么意思呢?让我们一起来看看吧。There#39;s no need for you to pay for that hair brush, it#39;s too expensive.没有必要花20刀买那把毛刷。太贵啦。Why not? I really need it.为什么呢?我真的需要它。The store down the street has them at a dime a dozen! Come on, I#39;ll show you.街边的那个商店也有,便宜到一毛钱一打(a dime a dozen)。快来,我带你去。When you say something is ;a dime a dozen,; it means that there#39;s a lot of it, it doesn#39;t cost much, or that it isn#39;t special.当你说某物是“一毛钱一打”(a dime a dozen)时,意思是有很多这种东西,不会花很多钱,或者是这种东西没什么特别的。It#39;s a dime a dozen. This is a common way of saying that something is so easy to get that it doesn#39;t have much value.这一毛钱一打。(It#39;s a dime a dozen)这是一种很常见的表达方式,说明某物很容易获得没有太多价值。And that#39;s English in a Minute.以上就是本期的《一分钟英语》。 /201409/331358。


  英语口语900句视频精讲音频版详见口语900句 /201402/277565

  Rug up.穿暖和点。Rug名词 (铺于室内部分地面上的)小地毯;毛皮地毯A thick, woolen rug covers the floor behind the desk.一块厚羊毛小地毯铺在写字台后面的地板上。

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