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Ever wonder what would happen if you stopped working out? A new study on identical twins published in thlt; journal Medicine amp; Science in Sports amp; Exercise explores exactly that, and the results are dramatic.想知道停止锻炼后会发生什么吗?一项由《每日医学》,《体育科学》和《运动探秘》共同公布的研究表明,双胞胎们在测试后发生了戏剧性的变化。In the study, Finnish researchers looked at 10 pairs of identical twin men. Each set of twins was in the ir mid-30s, and each had been brought up in the same household. Since they were identical, they also shar ed the same DNA. The only difference was that though they had maintained the same level of physical act ity for most of their lives, one twin had cut way back on exercising in the past few years due to work or family pressure; on average, the active twin worked out at least twice a week, while the less active twi n exercised less than twice a week. The research team put each twin through a host of medical tests to ge t a sense of their overall health.茌研究中,芬兰研究人员选择了10对同卵双胞胎。每对双胞胎都是30多岁,每对双胞胎的日常起居都泪同。当然,因为是同卵,所以他们也拥有完全相同的DNA。仅有的不同是,虽然他们在大多数时候进行相同等级的锻炼 ,但其中一个双胞胎在过去几年里因工作和家庭压力削减了运动;平均来说,常运动的双胞胎每周至少运动两次.同时,少运动的双胞胎每周运动不到两次。研究团队对每名双胞胎都进行了多项药理检查,以获得他们全部的健康状况。The results revealed big differences between each twin. While the more active twins had lower body fat percentage (20.7 versus 24), better endurance levels, and normal insulin sensitivity, the sedentary twins had about seven more pounds of body fat, worse endurance, and insulin sensitivity that showed signs of early metabolic disease. Not only were their bodies different; their brains diverged as well. The athletic twins had more gray matter (the information processing part of the brain), particularly in areas that controlled balance and motor function.结果揭露了每对双胞胎之间巨大的差异。常运动的双胞胎拥有更低的体脂肪率(20.7:24),更好的耐力,和正常的胰岛素敏感度,少运动的双胞胎脂肪多出7磅多,耐力差,胰岛素敏感度更显示出早期代谢病的症状。不仅身体状况不同,他们的大脑也出现差异。运动双胞胎拥有更多脑灰质(大脑中负责信息处理的部分),尤其是负责平衡和运动功能的部分。The study was small, but the takeaway is clear: Quitting your fitness routine can trigger body and brain changes that mess with your cardio fitness and strength and set you up for chronic conditions such as di abetes, says Jordan Metzl, M.D., sports medicine physician and author of The Exercise Cure. (Metzl was no t part of the study.) And considering that the less active twins in the study had only recently become co uch potatoes, these changes can sneak up on you a lot sooner than you#39;d think. ;Muscles begin to atrophgt; after just a few days of being sedentary,; says Metzl. ;Organ damage and changes in overall functioning w ill follow.;运动医学专家和运动治疗机构负责人乔丹吉米麦特奏(他并没有参与这项研究)说,这个研究规模较小,但结论却很淸晰:退出健身计划会触发身体和大脑的改变,弱化心肺的功能,还会导致一些慢性病,比如糖尿病。考虑到少运动双胞胎只在最近才变得懒散,这些改变可能比你想象得更早已发生在你身上。” “缺乏运动只要几天就会导致肌肉萎缩,”吉米麦特奏说,“而器官总体功苜獅员伤与改变随后就会开始。” /201503/365848

Helen was on her deathbed ,海伦躺在她临终的病床上奄奄一息。with her husband Jack at her side.她的丈夫陪在她的身旁。He held her cold hand and tears silently streamed down his face.他握着她冰冷的手,泪水静静地从他的脸上流下来。Her pale lip moved. ;Jack,; she said,;她苍白的嘴唇颤动着。她说:“杰克,”Hush,; he quickly interrupted, ;Don#39;t talk.;他很快就打断说:“嘘,不要说话。”But she insisted,;Jack,;she said in her tired voice.但是她坚持要说。她以疲惫的声音说:;I have to talk.I must confess.”“杰克,我一定要说。我必须向你坦白。”"There is nothing to confess,;said the weeping Jack.满脸泪水的杰克说:“没什么好坦白的。;It#39;s all right.Everything#39;s all right.;没关系。一切都没事。”;No,No!I must die in peace.I must confess,Jake ,that I have been unfaithful to you.;“不,不,我必须死得安心。我一定要坦白我对你不忠;红杏出墙。”Jack stroked her hand .杰克抚摸着她的手。;Now ,Helen,don#39;t be concerned.I know all about it,; he sobbed.他啜泣着说:“海伦 ,现在你不要担心了。我全部都知道了。;Why else would I poison you ?;不然我为什幺要毒死你呀?; /201503/361469

Every profession has a dress code, whether spoken or unspoken. For men on Wall Street, it’s a pretty stringent one. That suit had better be navy blue, that tie had better be in a Windsor knot and if you want to express yourself with your clothes, your exit interview is down the hall to your right.每一种职业都有明确或不言而喻的着装要求。对于华尔街男士来说,这种要求尤为严格。西装最好为海军蓝,领带最好为温莎结,如果你想用着装来彰显自己的个性,距离你的离职谈话恐怕就不远了。But now, you can add to that a touch of Botox.但现在,肉毒杆菌开始在华尔街大行其道。The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said that in 2013 alone, 385,000 men had undergonethis procedure. Last week, the organization said the 2014 numbers also show the number of men having cosmetic surgery continues to rise, though it didn’t yet release the latest Botox numbers. Todd Schlifstein, owner of Fountain Medical Group in New York City, told Men’s Journal that the men coming in for Botox are “middle-aged, health-conscious, white-collar guys” who want to look not just younger, but fresher.美国美容整形外科学会表示,仅在2013年,就有38.5万名男性注射了肉毒杆菌。该学会上周发布的2014年数据也显示,接受整容手术的男士人数在继续上升,但尚未公布男士注射肉毒杆菌的最新数据。纽约喷泉医疗集团的所有人托德o斯克里夫斯滕告诉《男士杂志》,注射肉毒杆菌的男士多为“关注自身健康的中年白领”,他们不仅希望看起来更年轻,也希望自己的外貌更有活力。“Since the 2008 meltdown in the economy and the subsequent repurposing of careers and functions, it has been messy on the Street,” New York-based executive coach Roy Cohen said in an interview. “In the process, fear of job loss, diminished prestige and shrinking income have led men to pay closer attention to image and age.”纽约高管教练罗伊o科恩在接受采访时表示:“自从2008年的经济危机导致许多人开始重新审视职业前景以来,华尔街一直处于混乱之中。在这个过程中,害怕失业、声誉下降和收入减少,促使华尔街的男士们更加关注自身的形象和年龄。”For men who want to reboot their image but can’t change their wardrobes, getting a little “work” done can yield the desired benefits. Dr. Norman Rowe, a New York City plastic surgeon, told A TV that he’s aly seeing men come through his office for Botox, specifically asking for a procedure that will provide what he calls “that Wall Street Wrinkle.”对于那些希望改变形象但却无法改变着装风格的男士们来说,一些小的“工作”便可以取得期待的效果。纽约市一名整形外科医生诺曼o罗士对A电视台(A TV)表示,有许多男性来他的诊所注射肉毒杆菌,并特别提出整容手术的要求,以获得他所称的“华尔街皱纹”。According to Dr. Rowe, this means that these men don’t want their wrinkles eradicated entirely. They just want enough wrinkles removed to give a fresh look to their faces, yet have enough left over to give the impression of a professional who’s been around the block a few times. After all, they don’t want to give the impression that they’re just kids. And besides, theyearned those wrinkles.“They’re battle scars,” he said. “They’re badges of honor, so to speak.”罗士表示,这意味着这些男士并非要求消除所有的皱纹。一方面,他们希望消除足够多的皱纹,让自己的面部容颜焕然一新,同时又要保留足够的皱纹,给人留下经验丰富的资深从业者的印象。毕竟,他们不希望让其他人认为自己还是职场新丁。此外,这些皱纹是他们拼搏的见。他说道:“它们就像战场上留下的伤疤,是值得骄傲的荣誉勋章。”He added that they’re not just getting Botox treatments for the brows that they furrowed on behalf of their clients. They’re also getting them in the palms of their hands, to eradicate that troublesome sweaty handshake, and in their armpits, to prevent them from sweating through their Turnbull amp; Asser shirts.他补充道,为了不给客户留下眉头紧锁的形象,男士们经常要求在眉毛周围注射肉毒杆菌。但不止于此,他们还会在掌心注射肉毒杆菌,以彻底摆脱在握手时令人烦恼的手汗,另外一个位置是腋窝,这是为了避免汗水湿透他们的Turnbull amp; Asser衬衫。In a release last week, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said that cosmetic procedures have been gaining traction among men for some time now. ASPS President Scot Glasberg, MD said that the idea that these procedures are the sole province of women is one that should be left in a less enlightened past.“Male plastic surgery rates have significantly increased since 2000 and the notion that cosmetic procedures are just for women no longer exists,” he said. “Men are seeking to regain a more youthful look, improve their self-image and feel better about their appearance.”在上周发布的报告中,美国美容整形外科学会表示,男士整容手术正变得日益流行。学会主席斯科特o格拉斯伯格士表示,以前人们认为整容手术是女士的专利,但这已经成为历史。他说道:“自2000年以来,男士整容手术的比例大幅增加,整容手术只适合女性的观念已经不复存在。男士希望重新获得更年轻的容颜,改善自我形象,对自身的外表更有信心。”Some men of Wall Street are also choosing other, less painful methods to address that not-so-fresh feeling. Diana Melencio, co-founder of the OkMyOutfit shopping service, spent eight years as a Wall Street analyst. She said her company organizes events for the clientele that used to be her male counterparts. In her experience, they’re not just trying to look younger; they’re trying to feel younger by being pampered, just like their female counterparts.此外,有些华尔街的男士们也在选择其他无痛的方法,来缓解“青春不再”的苦恼。购物务提供商OkMyOutfit的联合创始人戴安娜o梅伦肖曾做过八年华尔街分析师。她说自己现在的公司会为客户组织各种活动。这些客户多是她在华尔街的男同行。根据她的经验,他们不仅想看起来更年轻,也希望像女同事们那样获得悉心照料,从而让自己感觉更年轻。“We have thrown several events for our male clientele, and a ‘beauty’ service that has proven popular with this trend is at-home barbers,” she said. “We’ve hosted events where hot shaves have proven to be quite popular. Among this crowd, other procedures that come to mind include manicures and so-called ‘male’ facials.”她说道:“我们为男性客户组织了许多活动,事实明较受欢迎的一项‘美容’务是上门理发。我们举办的活动中,剃须也非常受欢迎。男性客户会选择的其他务包括美甲和所谓‘男士’美容。”Today’s Wall Street man has good reasons to leave the Gordon Gekko look behind, in favor of something more youthful and vibrant. Thanks to modern cosmetic products and hypodermic needles full of botulinum toxin, he has ways of getting there that will allow him to keep coming to work in his Brooks Brothers suits.如今,华尔街的男士有足够的理由抛弃戈登o盖柯式的外表,选择更年轻、更有活力的形象。拜现代化妆产品和装满肉毒杆菌的皮下注射器所赐,他们现在拥有许多改变形象的方式,以期能够继续身穿Brooks Brothers西装纵横职场。 /201503/364315

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