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unit 290 大量购物dialogue 英语情景对话A:We need to buy some beer too. Where is the beer?A:我们还需要买一些啤酒,啤酒在哪里?B:They dont have beer in this supermarket. We have to go to the liquor store.B:超市是不卖啤酒的,我们要到卖酒的店买才行。A:Huh? They dont have beer. How can that be?A:什么?这里不卖啤酒,怎么可能?B:Its a state law. This state doesnt allow supermarkets to sell beer. Only in liquor stores.B:这是州立的法律。这个州不允许超市卖啤酒,只有卖酒的店才有。A:Thats too strict. Its silly.A:这太苛刻了,也很愚蠢。B:I know. I agree with you.B:我知道,我同意你的说法。B:Excuse me. Do you sell organic vegetables here?B:打扰一下,请问你们卖有机蔬菜吗?C:Yes, we do. Theyre right in front of you. The organic vegetables are marked with the blue label. Here. Do you see?C:有的,就在你前方。有机蔬菜都有蓝色的标签。在这里,看到了吗?B:Sure. Thank you. You should have a sign. That way people could identify which are organic and which arent.B:嗯,谢谢。你们应该要有标示的,让顾客知道哪些是有机蔬菜,哪些不是。C:Theyre labeled on the packet, sir.C:它们在包装土有标示的,先生。B:One more question.B:还有一个问题。C:Yes?C:什么问题?B:We need to buy some soy sauce. Which aisle is the soy sauce in?B:我们想买一些酱油,酱油在哪一个走道?C:That would be in aisle 7, with the condiments. It is right next to the ketchup.C:在第7走道,和调味品一起,就在番茄酱的旁边。B:Thank you. Do you wan. paper or plastic bags?B:谢谢。你要纸袋还是塑胶袋?A:Plastic bags.A:塑胶袋。B:And do you want to drive up?B:你需要搬运务吗?A:What do you mean?A:什么意思?B:We can have someone put the bags in our trunk for us. We just drive up to that door over there.B:他们可以帮我们把东西搬到卡车上。我们只要把车子开到那扇门那儿。A:Wow! Thats convenient. But I think we can take the groceries by ourselves.A:哇,好方便!不过我想我们可以自己提这些杂货。B:Yes, our car is not parked far away. Ill tell the cashier we dont want to drive up. It should be about ninety dollars all together.B:好的,我们的车子没有停多远。我会告诉收银员不需要这项务,全部大概要90美元钱。A:Here is one-hundred. I will go look at the magazine rack, okay?A:这里是100美元。我要去杂志架那儿看看,好吗? /201512/41879626. Why to Buy a Pass (1) 26.为什么购买公交卡(1)A: How much does it cost to ride the bus?A: 乘公交的花费是多少?B: The cost is one dollar and fifty cents.B:1美元零50美分。A: Im going to have to spend nearly ten dollars today on just bus fare alone.A:这样仅在公交上我就得花费近10美元。B: Why do you say that?B:为什么这么说?A: I have to take six buses in total today.A:公交得换乘六次。B: Why so many?B:怎么这么多?A: Three buses to get to where Im going and three to get back home.A:去往学校换三趟,返家还是三趟。B: You should just buy a pass for the day.B:你可以买一张日卡。A: A pass? Whats that?A:卡?什么卡?B: Its literally a pass that allows you to ride any bus for free.B:就是免费办理任何公交都可以乘坐的卡啊。A: Wow, that sounds like a good reason to buy one.A:哇。这么好一定得办一个。B: You definitely should. Youd save money in the long run.B:当然,长途的话你就得计划着些。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/438617

1.Is this store a member store of this card?这个商店是这张卡的连锁店吗?2.May I pay it with card?我可以用卡付账吗?3.I can use Diners Card,cant I?我可以用餐点卡,不是吗?4.Its an American Express Card.它是一张美国限时兑现卡。5.I think this card is for international.我想这张卡是世界通用的。6.You cant use it as you see here ;domestic only;.当你看到这里注明有;限定国内用;的字眼时就不能使用了。7.Of course,you can.你当然可以用。8.Where can I sign?我应在哪里签名?9.When can I recieve an exact calculation?我何时可以得到准确的计算?10.There are the receipt and stub.有收据和存根。11.Is it adjusted to todays conversion rate?它符合今天的换算率吗?1.Whats wrong with you?你怎么啦?2.I look like catching cold and have a headache.我好像感冒了而且有点头痛。3.Do you have any good medicines?你有特效药吗?4.Is it bitter?不苦吗?5.How many tablets shall I take at a time?我一次该吃几片?6.I take it after every meal,do I?每餐饭后吃,是吗?7.Does it make me feel sleepy after taking it?吃后会使我想睡觉吗?8.Does it have any side effects?它有副作用吗?9.Do you have a good remedy for fatigued eyes?你有没有好的治疗法可以治我疲劳的眼睛?10.Do I put in a few drops when my eyes tired?当我眼睛疲惫时我要点几滴吗?11.The difference of water makes me feel bellyache.这水质不一样,使我喝了腹痛。12.Give me a disinfectant as I grazed my leg.我的腿擦伤了,请给我消毒药。13.Do you have a bandage?你有绷带吗?14.Give me a bandage for an abrasion.我擦伤了,给我绷带。15.Bitten by a bug,my leg became swollen.被虫咬了,我的腿肿了起来。16.I have a delicate skin.我的皮肤很细嫩。17.Is there any special prescription with it?有没有特别的药方来治疗它?18.Do you have any herb medicine?你有没有草药?19.Will you please fill this prescription?你可以开这个药方吗?20.Which is the best?哪一种最好?21.Well,this one please.请用这个。 /201503/361657

  It is good manners to do... ……是礼貌的表现例句:It is good manners to stop talking when you are eating dinner. 吃饭不说话是有礼貌的表现。 It is good manners to take off your shoes before you enter a house. 进屋前脱下鞋子是有礼貌的表现。 A:Dont you know it is good manners to stare ones eyes when he is speaking? 难道你不知道当别人说话时看着别人的眼睛是一种礼貌吗? B:Sorry, my mother didnt tell me. 对不起,我妈妈没有告诉我。 背景音乐:Mika——stuck in the middle更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM (注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201607/457316

  6. Negotiating a Price with the Owner 6.与车主谈判价格A: The test drive went well. How much are you asking for?A:试驾不错。你要价多少钱?B: I am selling the car for ,000.B:我要10000美金卖掉这辆车。A: Oh, wow. Thats a little steep, dont you think?A:哦,哇。这有点贵,你不这么认为吗?B: What were you thinking? Keep in mind, its in perfect condition.B:你在想什么?记住,它的性能状态完美。A: Well, I would want to take it to my mechanic first.A:好吧,我想先把它带到我的机修工那里。B: From the test drive, what price are you thinking?B:通过试驾,你考虑多少钱买?A: I was thinking ,500.A:我认为是7500美金。B: I cant do that price. Ive put a lot of work into this car.B:这个价格我不能卖。我为这辆车做了不少工作。A: Lets cut to the chase. Whats your minimum price?A:让我们切入正题。你的最低价格是多少?B: I can let it go for an extra grand.B:我可以再加1000美元卖给你。A: So, you would let it go for ,500?A:所以,你可以8500美金卖给我?B: Yes, that would be fine. B:是的,这样还好。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/410317。

  01. He is gay.他是同性恋。02. He is homosexual.他是同性恋。03. She is a lipstick lesbian, I think.我觉得她是女同性恋中的女生。04. You cannot say he is a gay simply because he went to a movie with a guy.你不能只因为他跟一个男生去看电影就说他是同性恋。05. He is too cute to be straight.他太可爱了,肯定不是同性恋。06. He is straight-acting, though he is gay.他虽然是个同性恋,但是生活上却和异性恋没什么差异。07. She has been a tomboy since she was born.她从生下来就很男性化。08. Their drag queen show is very famous around here. Youve got to see it.这里的变装秀非常有名,你一定要看看。09. I didnt know I was bisexual until I was 23.我一直到二十三岁时才知道自己是双性恋。10. lts a place where you can take your closest boyfriend.那个地方适合你带自己的知己男朋友去。11. Finally he decided to come out and announce to his family that he is a gay.他终于决定要向家人公布他是一个同性恋。12. Loving someone of the same sex is just the same as loving a rich one, a wise one and a beautiful one, these are all personal oricntations.爱同性、爱有钱人、爱有学问的人、爱漂亮的人,这些都是一个人的取向问题,本质上都是一样的。13. It is well accepted that homosexuals are equal to heterosexuals, and they are capable of doing all kinds of jobs.如今,人们已经普遍认可同性恋者与异性恋者是平等的,同样有能力胜任不同的工作。14. Love itself has no fault and has nothing to do with rationality. And all forms of love are rational, they deserve our understanding and respect.爱情本身无所谓对错,也无关合理与否。存在即合理,所有的爱都同样值得我们理解和尊重。15. No researcher has found provable biological or genetic differences heterosexuals and homosexuals try to integrate their sexuals.目前还没有任何研究显示,同性恋和异性恋在生物与遗传方面存在差异。16. Homosexuality is a preference of lifestyle, not an inevitability.同性恋是一种人们对生活方式的主动选择,而绝非无可奈何的必然。17. Homosexuals overwhelmingly believed their feelings and behaviors were the result of social or environmental influences.绝大多数同性恋者认为,他们的感情和行为是受社会与环境影响的产物。18. Self-acceptance may become a lifelong process as homosexuals try to integrate their lifestyle into an often hostile heterosexual world.对于同性恋者来说,要想融入这个;自我认同;可能会是一项终身的任务。19. Early homosexual experiences influence adult pattems of behavior.童年时期的同性恋经历可能会影响到他成人后的行为模式。20. All sexual orientations are equal, none are perverted or dangerous.任何性取向都是平等的,既不奇怪,也谈不上危险。 /201508/390342

  unit 76外出唱卡拉OKdialogue英语情景对话A:Do you know that song?A:你知道那首歌吗?B:Which song?B:哪首歌?A:The song you hear now.A:你现在听到的这首。B:No,Ive never heard of this song before. Its beautiful! Who sing it?B:我从来没听说过这首歌。很好听哟!谁唱的?A:Elvis Presley. Dont you recognize his voice?A:猫王埃尔维斯·普雷斯利呀!你听不出他的声音吗?B:No. How about going to karaoke tonight?B:听不出。今晚去唱卡拉OK怎么样?A:Good idea.A:好主意。 /201506/378342栏目简介:很多人都说中国人喜欢说客套话,该客套的时候客套,不该客套的时候,大家都在客套。不光是中文,在英文中客套的词语也是满天飞。今天,Jeremy老师就将为您教授英语中的客套常用语。我们一起来看看吧!本期内容:Thats really something 真了不起(本栏目主播为:Teacher Jeremy,欢迎关注微:Jeremy杨家成) /201503/364664B: Welcome to American English Mosaic, Im Mike Bond!A: And Im Lin Yang.B: Do you know how to shop for the best, the most unique souvenirs? We will offer you some tips in todays business etiquette.A: 在菜单上标上卡路里好不好? 我们在下面的节目中为你介绍。B: And in words and idioms, we will learn what ;to give ones best shot; and ;stop cold; means!A: All coming up on this edition of American English Mosaic!B: Now lets go into our first segment, Learn a word!Learn A Word 1845 in a pinch今天我们要学的词是 in a pinch. Pinch is spelled p-i-n-c-h, in a pinch. In a pinch 意思是在必要的时候可以做为替补之用。感冒是学生缺课的主要原因,新学年开始之际,医生建议孩子们在学校要注意多洗手,如果条件不允许的话,Hand sanitizer works in a pinch. 免水洗手液也可以做为替代品。咖啡提神谁都知道,不过,A cup of coffee should only be used in a pinch, rather than as a substitute for adequate sleep. 必要的时候可以靠咖啡提神,但是咖啡不能取代足够的睡眠。好的,今天我们学习的词是 in a pinch, in a pinch, in a pinch...A: For me, adequate sleep and coffee are both extremely important. Otherwise Im ineffective for the whole day.B: Well, that explains some things.... (A: Ugh...) Kidding, kidding! I do think plenty of shut-eye is very important. People today tend to trade health for money!A: I know! Did you hear about the Accenture analyst who died at his office desk and it took his co-worker 5 days to discover the body? Thats terrifying.B: I know. A lot of young people will give their best shot in hopes of climbing the corporate ladder, but you got to listen to your body at the same time.A: Thats a valid point. 你正好提到了一个用法,give ones best shot. 我们来听听今天的美国习惯用语,学学这个短语的用法!Words and Idioms 877 to give ones best shot美国习惯用语第 877 讲我朋友 Mark 受到我去跑马拉松的鼓舞,最近也报名参加业余铁人三项比赛,包括游泳、骑车和长跑,他知道自己不可能赢,但他告诉我说,He will give it his best shot. 他一定会尽力而为。这也是我们今天要学习的习惯用语。M: To give ones best shot. Give is spelled g-i-v-e. Give. Best is spelled b-e-s-t. Best. To give ones best shot.大家都知道,give 是给;best 是最好的。to give ones best shot 意思是不管会不会成功,都会尽力而为。我朋友 Mark 去参加业余铁人三项比赛,他不太看重结果,但是 He will give it his best shot. 他会努力发挥出自己最好的水平。在下面这个例子里,一位男子正鼓足勇气,准备邀请一个漂亮姑娘出去约会。我们一起来听听他是怎么说的。M: ;She probably has a boyfriend. Or even if she doesnt, she probably likes rich guys or tall guys. Then again, who knows? Ah, what the heck. I might as well GIVE IT MY BEST SHOT. If one things for sure: I have no chance if I dont ask her.;这个人说:她八成已经有男朋友了。就算还没有,可能也会喜欢那种有钱的,或是高个子的男生。不过,也不一定。嗨,不管那么多了,我还是要努力去试试看。起码有一点是肯定的,如果我不去邀请她的话,那就一点机会都没有了。没错。很多女孩子都喜欢自信、有男子汉气概的男生,有时候,这一点比金钱和外表还要重要。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;She probably has a boyfriend. Or even if she doesnt, she probably likes rich guys or tall guys. Then again, who knows? Ah, what the heck. I might as well GIVE IT MY BEST SHOT. If one things for sure: I have no chance if I dont ask her.;To give ones best shot 这个习惯用语是从十九世纪中期开始流行的,因为 shot 有尝试和努力的意思。我前天晚上车突然坏了,到修车铺,修理工告诉我,两天后来取。可我第二天还急等着用,经过百般恳求,他最后才同意,He will give it his best shot. 最后晚上加班到九点多,终于帮我把车修好了。在下面这个例子中,一个参加世界杯足球赛的队员对比赛结果十分痛心,但是他同时又说:M: ;We have no regrets. Of course it hurts to lose but we GAVE IT OUR BEST SHOT and you cant do more than that. This time the other side was just too good.;这个队员说:我们无怨无悔。输了比赛心里当然很难过,但是我们已经尽了自己的全力了。这次实在是对手实力太强了。我同意。其实,不管是什么比赛,输赢都是次要,as long as you gave it your best shot.但是,如果输了比赛,下来后捶胸顿足,因为明知自己本来可以做得更好的话,那才是最让人遗憾的。不久前,女儿要去参加地区性小学组的钢琴大赛。她准备了好几个月,但是比赛前还是紧张得不行。我告诉她说,输赢不要紧。Just give it your best shot. 弹出自己的最高水平就行了。好的,我们再来听一下上面那个例句。M: ;We have no regrets. Of course it hurts to lose but we GAVE IT OUR BEST SHOT and you cant do more than that. This time the other side was just too good.;大家不要忘记,学习英语口语首先要学会张嘴,大胆说出口,不要顾及发音和语法的对错。Just give it your best shot! 好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.B: Thats the best way to learn a foreign language. You got to give it your best shot! Try to speak as much as possible, and dont worry about your accent and grammar too much.A: True! Thats what I did when I was learning English! Well...Im still learning...B: Ha, you are pretty good! My Chinese was way better when I was in China when I had to speak it everyday! I miss China so much...A: Ha, I bet! In todays business etiquette, we will take you to China, and introduce you to all the interesting souvenirs you can get there!B: Lets check it out!礼节美语Souvenir Shopping I公司副总裁 Jason 到上海,由Gina接待。Jason: Hello Gina! Weve spoken so many times on the phone buts its so good to finally meet you in person!G: Hello sir. Good to meet you, too.J: Oh, please dont call me ;sir.; Just call me Jason.G: Ok, Jason. So how was the flight?J: Pretty good. There was a bit of turbulence while we were over the Pacific Ocean but it wasnt too bad. The worst thing was the guy behind me. He snored all through the night!G: Really? But you were in first class! Nobody woke that guy up?Jason和Gina以前只在电话上沟通过,Jason说,its so good to finally meet you in person. 见到你本人很高兴。寒暄过后,Gina问Jason路上是否顺利,Jason说,飞机在太平洋上空遇到气流有些颠簸,turbulence is spelled t-u-r-b-u-l-e-n-c-e, turbulence 是气流的意思。但最糟糕的是,坐在Jason后面的人打了一夜呼噜。J: The stewardess said its not company policy to wake people up for any reason.G:Thats terrible! So you didnt get any sleep?J: Not much...but thats ok...Im a night owl anyway.G: So, aside from visiting our factory and offices, are there any other things you want to accomplish while youre in China?J: Id love to squeeze in a trip to the Great Wall.G: Thats not a problem. We can have a company car take you there. Its only about a two hour drive.空拒绝把打呼噜的人叫醒,因为 its not company policy 不符合公司规定。Jason说,自己反正是 a night owl 夜猫子,所以问题不大。除了视察工作外,Jason 说还想抽时间去爬长城,Id love to squeeze in a trip to the Great Wall. Gina说,长城不远,只要两小时车程,所以没问题。J: Also...Id like to do some shopping while Im here.G: Well, youve come to the right place! China is a shopping paradise. Name it--weve got it.J: To be honest, Im not really sure what Im looking for. But I need gifts for my wife, kids and I should bring something back for the senior partners of my firm as well.G: Hum...Id recommend silk for your wife. Maybe a bathrobe or perhaps a shawl. Silk dresses and shirts are good, too.J: Yeah...that sounds good. But my wife is picky so Ill need your help to choose the right one. It should be classy and not too flashy.G: I think I know just the store to visit. Leave it to me.除了观光,Jason还想购物,给太太、孩子和公司合伙人买礼物。Gina 建议Jason 给太太买丝绸制品。Jason说太太很 picky,picky is spelled p-i-c-k-y, picky,picky 是挑剔的意思,衣要典雅 classy, 不能过于招摇,flashy. Gina说,leave it to me. 包在我身上。A: 老板Jason第一次来中国,除了工作,他想squeeze in a trip to the Great Wall,抽时间去趟长城。他还需要给家人和合伙人买礼物,他说太太很picky,挑剔。Gina说,leave it to me, 包在我身上,建议他买silk dress or silk bathrobe, 丝制裙子或者睡袍。B: There are so many thing you can get in China! When I went to China for the first time, everything seemed so exotic to me!A: For example?B:The hand-carved stone seals! I couldnt believe I could get a hand-made piece of art for so little!A: Alright, lets keep listen and see what Gina is going to suggest!礼节美语Souvenir Shopping II公司副总裁 Jason 到上海出差,由Gina接待。Jason让Gina帮忙选礼物。Jason: Hey! You know what might be good gifts for my business associates? Chinese antiques!G: Well, we certainly have lots of antique art, statues and carvings, but in most cases its not legal to take genuine antiques out of China.J: Oh, I see. That makes sense. You have to preserve your heritage.G: But there are many reproductions of antiques for sale.J: you mean fakes?G: A fake is when the dealer lies and says the piece is ancient. A reproduction is legal and they can be quite beautiful.Jason 想给同事买中国古董 antiques 做礼物,但是Gina告诉他,古董不能带出中国,建议Jason考虑买reproduction复制品。Jason 以为 Gina 是指 fake 假货,Gina 解释说,fake 假货是商人故意欺骗顾客,以假乱真,而复制品则是合法生产和出售的。J: Yeah! That would look cool. Maybe some scrolls or traditional paintings.G: Good idea. Scrolls with Chinese cursive calligraphy look great on an office wall. And...they might even bring you luck!J: You cant beat that! But what about the kids?G: Humm...thats a bit trickier. There are of course, lots of counterfeit goods available like software or music, but buying them isnt recommended.J: No, I dont buy counterfeits. Besides...my sons have loads of computer games and CDs.Gina 建议 Jason 买中国国画或是书法作品,挂在办公室墙上很气派,但是给孩子买什么礼物呢,Gina 说, thats a bit trickier. 这可有些麻烦。Jason 说,他不愿意给儿子买盗版软件或音乐,counterfeit is spelled c-o-u-n-t-e-r-f-e-i-t, counterfeit, counterfeit 是盗版的意思。G: Hey! I know. You could have old-style Chinese suits custom-made for them! They can go around looking like little Chinese emperors! I know a great tailor!J; Ha! Perfect! Theyd like that for sure. Wow Gina.. Youre full of great ideas. I should tell your boss to give you a raise.G: But you are my boss!J: (Chuckle) Right! Then Ill make a note to myself! Really though... I cant thank you enough for all your help.G: Not at all. Just demonstrating some traditional Chinese hospitality.Gina 突然来了灵感,说可以找裁缝给孩子量身定做中国的传统衣,custom-made 是定做的意思,把他们打扮成中国小皇帝的样子。Jason对Gina的建议非常满意,说要告诉Gina的老板,给她涨工资,give someone a raise 是给某人涨工资的意思。Gina笑着提醒Jason说,你就是我的老板啊,我不过是表现一下中国人的传统好客罢了。A: Gina建议说,给生意伙伴可以买reproduction of antiques, 古董复制品,而给孩子们呢,可以买custom made old-style Chinese suits, 也就是定制的中山装。Jason觉得这些建议很好,他说: I cant thank you enough for all your help, 意思是十分感谢。B: Yep! With an informed local to guide you around and give you advice on what to get for souvenirs, its hard to go wrong!A: 没错! 咦,你提到了一个词儿,informed, 我们再来听听learn a word,学学这个词儿要怎么用!Learn A Word 1848 informed今天我们要学的词是 informed. Informed is spelled i-n-f-o-r-m-e-d, informed. Informed 形容词,意思是知情的。More and more restaurants are listing calories next to items on their s to help customers make informed decisions. 越来越多的餐馆开始在菜单上注明每道菜的卡路里热量,帮助顾客在知情的情况下,做出明智的决定。Consumer Reports rated almost 2,500 hospitals for common surgical procedures, giving patients the information they need to make informed choices. “消费者报告”针对近2500家医院做例行手术的治疗效果打分,为消费者提供信息,帮助他们在选择医院时做出明智选择。好的,今天我们学习的词是 informed, informed, informed...A: I hate to look at the calorie index on s. All the dishes I want have high calories!B: Well, its a universal fact that anything that tastes good has a lot of calories.....A: I know! And once you start eating, you end up finishing the whole thing! Nobody can just stop cold when it comes to gourmet food.B: Haha, Im the same way! But you just mentioned a good idiom: stop cold, lets check it out in todays words and idioms!Words and Idioms 878 Stop Cold美国习惯用语第 878 讲我星期二晚上在家烤蛋糕,参加女儿学校的义卖活动,结果材料都准备好了,电动搅拌机没用一分钟,却突然罢了工,没办法,只好改电动为手动,累得我胳膊都快折了。不过,这也让我想起一个习惯用语可以跟大家分享,那就是:M: Stop cold. Cold is spelled c-o-l-d. Stop-cold.Stop cold 意思是突然停止。我烤蛋糕的时候电动搅拌机突然坏了,就可以说 It stopped cold. 再比如,孩子跳舞表演,我兴致勃勃地拿着录像机,打算全程录下来,谁知道,The camcorder stopped cold five minutes into the program. 表演刚开始五分钟,摄像机就不工作了。原来是没电了。在下面这个例子里,一个公司经理被困在了电梯里,我们一起听听他的经历。M: ;Ive rarely thought about the possibility of getting stuck in an elevator. Yet, as I was heading up to my office on the tenth floor, the elevator STOPPED COLD. There I was trapped with no way to get out. Finally, after about half an hour, it started moving again. Maybe it was a sign that I should take the stairs and get some exercise!;这个人说:我几乎从没想到自己会被困在电梯里。可刚才,我上十楼去办公室,电梯中途突然停了。我被困在了电梯里面。差不多半个小时后,电梯才又恢复工作。这是在暗示我,应该去爬楼梯,多锻炼锻炼。我侄子现在正处于青少年开始对异性产生朦胧意识的阶段,跟男同学在一起有说有笑,可是只要一有女孩子加入进来,他立刻就哑巴了。Girls just STOP him COLD. 好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;Ive rarely thought about the possibility of getting stuck in an elevator. Yet, as I was heading up to my office on the tenth floor, the elevator STOPPED COLD. There I was trapped with no way to get out. Finally, after about half an hour, it started moving again. Maybe it was a sign that I should take the stairs and get some exercise!;我这个人虽然不是追星族,但如果真有个大明星突然出现在我眼前呢?有一次,我正在做采访,电影明星乔治·克鲁尼突然走进了演播室,我当时就晕了。His present stopped me cold.下面例子中这只球队整个赛季过关斩将,我们听听队员是怎么说的:M: ;Many of the teams weve faced off against expected to advance to the finals. But they havent been able to beat us. Weve got some excellent players this season. Thats why weve been STOPPING our opponents COLD. If we keep it up, well make it to the finals!;这个队员说:跟我们交手的很多球队都是想进决赛的强队,但谁也打败不了我们。这个赛季我们有很多优秀队员,这就是为什么对手都过不了我们这一关。照这样下去,我们一定能进决赛。Stop Cold 这个习惯用语是十九世纪末出现的,因为 cold 除了寒冷以外,也有突然和彻底的意思。现在,大家知道这个习惯用语的意思了,下次如果有人用到这个词,你一定不会感到陌生和意外。It wont stop you cold next time you hear it. 好,我们再来听一下上面那个例句。M: ;Many of the teams weve faced off against expected to advance to the finals. But they havent been able to beat us. Weve got some excellent players this season. Thats why weve been STOPPING our opponents COLD. If we keep it up, well make it to the finals!;好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。M: Until next time.下次节目再见。M: This has been Words and Idioms.B: So Yang Lin, I heard a rumor....A: Im going to stop you cold right there Mike.B: Ok ok, have it your way!A: 好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。B: Tune in next time for American English Mosaic!A: See you next time! /201502/349747

  unit 420征求建议dialogue 英语情景对话ro:friends收件人:朋友们From:Mark Chen发件人:马克·陈Date:November 23, 2001日期:2001年11月23日Subject:Ive things for sale主题:出售物品Hi, All.嗨,朋友们:As you know, I will begoing to the States for an assignment as of December. Consequently, I need to sell my motorcycle and mountain bike. Do you have any good suggestions as to how I can sp the word?正如你们所知,我将从12月起,去美国工作一段时间。因此,我需要卖掉我的托车和越野自行车。我怎么才能广而告之呢,你们有何好的建议? /201605/444852


  unit 208 浪漫邂逅dialogue 英语情景对话A:How did you first meet Jack each other?A:你和杰克是怎么初次相遇的?B:That is a heavy raining afternoon. I was standing under the eaves of a shop to evade the heavy rain. Its getting dark.B:那是一个雨下得特别大的下午,我躲在一家商店的屋檐下避雨,天都快黑了。A:And then?A:然后呢?B:I was trembling in the wind when he ran to me with an umbrella in his hand and asked, ; Where is your home?;B:我在风中发抖,这时他拿着伞跑过来说,“你家在哪里?”A:Then he sent you to your home?A:接着他就送你回家了?B:Yeah.B:是啊。A:Its a romantic meeting. I can say that a hero saves a beauty.A:真是个浪漫的邂逅,可以说是英雄救美了。B:He joked later that I was so poor that he had a kind of impulse to protect an ant.B:他后来开玩笑说,我当时太可怜了,使他产生一种想保护小蚂蚁的冲动。A:He is so humorous.A:他真幽默。 /201509/401399。

  苏明,这两天可把我累坏了。你做了什么会累成这个样子呀?我正在加紧训练,准备参加下个月的马拉松比赛。就是那每年一次的42公里马拉松?是啊,我以前每个星期跑3次,每次5公里,现在每天都要跑10公里。10公里?我看你有点不自量力,就像一个美国习惯用语说的:bite off more than one can chew。Bite就是咬;chew是嚼,如果一口咬得太多,那就嚼不了了。所以Bite off more than one can chew,也就是不自量力。下面我们来听一个例句。这是一个爸爸在提醒他儿子,要是他参加学校的美式足球队,那会占用很多时间。例句-1:Listen son, you have a lot of responsibilities aly. Are you sure you can manage football and your studies and your job? Be careful you dont bite off more than you can chew.这爸爸说:儿子,听着,你已经有许多事情要做的。现在你要参加学校的美式足球队,你还要学习,再加上打工,你肯定能安排好那么多事吗?你得小心,不要不自量力。******苏明,我肯定你不知道to bite off more than one can chew这个习惯用语的出处。那到是,我真的不知道。美国棒球比赛时,有的运动员嘴里嚼着东西,然后吐到地上。我知道,他们嚼的是一种烟草。这跟bite off more than you can chew有什么关系呀?有关系。这个习惯用语是在19世纪末期出现的。当时的意思就是提醒运动员不要把嘴里塞满了烟草,以免嚼起来不舒。原来如此。有的棒球运动员和有些农民现在还有嚼烟草的习惯,只是不像以前那么常见了。******下面我们再来听一个例句。这是讲一个人在说他学滑雪的经历。他刚刚学会滑雪就从很陡的山坡上往下滑, 结果受了伤。例句-2:Instead of waiting till I was more experienced, I went down the most difficult hill! Instead of being cautious, I bit off more than I could chew. On my way down, I lost control almost immediately and slammed into a tree and got injured.这个人说:我在没有足够经验的情况下就从那最难滑的山坡上滑下来! 我本应小心谨慎,但是我不自量力。下坡的时候,我几乎立即失去控制,结果撞到一棵树上受了伤。******苏明,除了练马拉松练得我腿疼以外, 我的牙也疼得要命。可我就是怕去看牙医。 牙痛不去看医生只会越来越严重的。我看你还是去看牙医。你说的对,看来我真得咬紧牙关去治一下。对,就像一个美国习惯用语说的: to bite the bullet. Bullet就是子弹。Bite the bullet的字面意思就是:咬住子弹。作为习惯用语,bite the bullet就是咬紧牙关忍受痛苦,或是硬着头皮做不愉快的事情。下面让我们来听一个例句。这是一位官员在说,政府知道增加税收是不得人心的,但是不得不这样做。例句-3:I know this is going to make us very unpopular with the voters, but we have no choice. There is no other way to pay for everything except to raise income taxes. Well just have to bite the bullet.这位官员说:我知道选民会因此而对我们不满意,但是我们别无选择。除了增收所得税以外,我们没有别的办法来付所有的开。我们也只能这样做了。******Bite the bullet这个习惯用语和打仗有关。据说过去战时治疗伤员的时候没有麻药,只好让他们咬着子弹,而且这个子弹还必须是铅作的。为什么一定是铅作的呢?铅比较软,伤员的牙齿不会受伤。如果是坚硬的其他金属,伤员的牙齿就可能被咬碎呀。原来是这个原因。让我们再来听一个例句。这是一个想和妻子分手的人在诉说他心里的痛苦。例句-4:Its so difficult to break up with someone you care about, but our relationship is just getting worse. Telling her is going to be painful but Im just going to have to bite the bullet.这个人说:要跟一个你很关怀的人分手是很困难的, 但是我们的关系越来越坏。告诉她我的想法是会非常痛苦的, 但我也只能硬着头皮这么做了。 /201501/353389


  Todd: So, Katia and Fred, were talking about your dance school, and before we were talking about the belly dance, and Katia you do the belly dance, but you also do Salsa.托德:卡蒂亚,弗雷德,我们来聊聊你们的舞蹈学校,之前我们谈过了肚皮舞,卡蒂亚既教肚皮舞也教萨尔萨舞。Fred: Thats right, Todd.弗雷德:没错,托德。Todd: And that takes two?托德:萨尔萨舞是两个人跳的舞?Fred: That takes two. It takes two to salsa.弗雷德:对,是两个人配合的舞蹈。Todd: It takes two to salsa. So you are part of the salsa team?托德:萨尔萨舞需要两个人配合。所以你们在跳萨尔萨舞时是个团队吗?Fred: Yes. If we could call it a team, I mean,弗雷德:对,如果可以称为团队的话。Katia: Yes.卡蒂亚:对。Fred: Its mostly Katia teaching me how to dance and then I try to pass it onto the others.弗雷德:基本上是卡蒂亚先教会我怎么跳,然后我再教给其他人。Katia: Thats not true. Fred... Fred is a very good teacher, I think hes just very humble but where I think we make a very good team: Were both patient and we know what a student is struggling and thats the important part.卡蒂亚:不是这样的。弗雷德是非常优秀的舞蹈老师,他太谦虚了,我认为我们这个团队非常好:我们两人都很耐心,而且我们知道学生的困难,这是最重要的部分。Fred: And its also good to have partners like this to teach other people, whether theyre partners or not, or they just want to learn salsa, like the men would come to me to learn about a special move and then the women would have a tendency of going more towards Katia so were making... striking a perfect balance in teaching, I think.弗雷德:而且在教学生的时候有这样一个搭档非常好,无论学生是不是有舞伴,如果他们想学习萨尔萨舞,男生会找我来学动作,而女生则会去找卡蒂亚学习,所以我想我们在教学上达到了一种完美的平衡。Todd: Now, do you get a fair balance of students, of male to female students, for salsa class?托德:那你们萨尔萨舞课程的男女学生比例平衡吗?Katia: Right now, we have more women than men so hopefully well have a balance in there, but yeah.卡蒂亚:目前女生比男生多,我们希望能做到平衡。Fred: I guess women are more open towards taking dance lessons than men are. Maybe men feel a bit scared. I dont know. How do you feel, Todd? Would you come to the school?弗雷德:我认为在上舞蹈课这个方面,女性比男性更容易接受。可能男性会有害怕的感觉。我也不知道原因。托德,你是什么感觉?你会来舞蹈学校上课吗?Todd: Well, you know what, I will. I will come, but I have to admit my feeling would be that I would be intimidated. That I would look really foolish, so yeah. I think most guys would probably feel the same way.托德:嗯,你知道,我会去的。我会去上课的,不过我也必须承认,我有些胆怯。我看上去可能会有些傻。我想大多数男性都会有这种感觉。Fred: Yeah, thats why we have more girls I think.弗雷德:对,这就是我们的女学生人数更多的原因。Katia: Unfortunately, but the truth is from what Ive heard from the guys, from the men, they do want to learn how to dance.卡蒂亚:这真不幸,不过据我对男性的了解,他们想来学习跳舞。Todd: Yeah, it does sound fun. It does.托德:对,听上去很有趣。Katia: And women also like it. Women like for the men to dance, and especially in Salsa, usually its the man is the leader,so its very important that the man is who leads.卡蒂亚:女性也喜欢。女性也喜欢男性跳舞,尤其是萨尔萨这种舞蹈,男性是主导者,所以重要的是要由男性来主导舞蹈。Todd: That sounds like more pressure.托德:听起来让人更有压力了。Katia: No, no, no. Well, you learn how to be a good leader and how to lead, and the woman how to follow.卡蒂亚:不,不是,不是这样。你会学习如何主导舞蹈,如何带头,而女性则要配合男性。Todd: So, lets say somebody goes to your school, like myself and they have two left feet. They cannot dance. How long does it take to where you can do a salsa reasonably well?托德:如果有人去你们的舞蹈学校,比如像我这种笨种笨脚的人。我们不会跳舞。那要把萨尔萨舞跳好需要多长时间?Katia: We... right from the beginning, at least we can a little bit, where the person is and does it, can they hear the music or not. From the first class, you dance with a partner. Of course not freely. We can tell you what steps to take. And we advance accordingly, so it might take in one step, it might take a long time, so it depends on people that are in the class, and it all depends on the person.卡蒂亚:刚开始时,我们会先了解这个人的水平,看是否能配合音乐。第一节课会和舞伴一起跳。当然不是随便跳。我们会教你舞步。然后循序渐进,所以可能很快就可以跳好,也可能需要很长时间,这取决于学习舞蹈那个人本身的情况。Todd: Right. So some people learn faster than others.托德:好。有些人学的比其他人快。Katia: Yes.卡蒂亚:对。Fred: But definitely after one class, you will have learned a minimum two steps.弗雷德:不过上完一节课以后,你最少能学会两种舞步。Todd: OK. Really.托德:好,真的吗?Fred: Yeah.弗雷德:对。Todd: OK.托德:好。Fred: Guaranteed.弗雷德:我保。Todd: Im sold. Ill definitely come and try it out.托德:我相信。我一定会去上课的,我想试试。Fred: Please do.弗雷德:请一定要来。Katia: Please do.卡蒂亚:请来吧。译文属 /201601/424448

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