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福建省人民医院咨询电话福州哪里无痛人流做的好TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201511/404735福州无痛人流贵吗 And so we#39;ve got a common guy on the street因此一个在街上的普通人who#39;s now involved in this pivotal moment in history.卷入了历史上这一关键的时刻It can take three days to die on a cross.Blood-loss, shock,Dehydration, suffocation.被钉在十字架上要三天才会死 失血 休克 脱水 窒息死亡Crucifixions are so common,The Romans barely register Jesus#39; death.十字架上的苦刑是如此普遍 以至于罗马人几乎没有记录耶稣的死亡This non-event,this thing that nobody noticed except his friends and family,除了耶稣的朋友和家人 几乎没人注意到这件普通的小事turned out to have the power to transform the entire Roman Empire and the course of human history然而这件事却有力量改变整个罗马帝国 在过去的两千年more profoundly than any other single event over the past 2,000 years.比其他任何事件都更深刻地改变了 人类历史的进程The followers of Jesus will retell his story耶稣的追随者将会重述他的故事And use the power of the empire to sp his message.利用罗马帝国的力量传播耶稣的教诲1400 miles from Jerusalem,The imperial capital, Rome.耶路撒冷1400英里外 是帝国的首都 罗马The largest city on earth.Population: one million.这是世界上最大的城市 人口为一百万It#39;s two and half times more densely populated Than modern Manhattan.罗马的人口密度 是如今曼哈顿人口密度的2.5倍But 18 years after the crucifixion,在耶稣被钉死在十字架上十八年以后A series of droughts creates a food shortage.连续的干旱导致了食物短缺Rome needs 200,000 tons of grain each year,罗马每年需要二十万吨的粮食Or its people will starve.否则人们就会挨饿 Article/201510/402161南平治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱

福州治不孕不育哪家好Perhaps their capabilities would only be limited也许他们的能力只会by how much power they could harness and control.受到所掌控能源多少的限制And that could be far more than we might first imagine.那有可能远远超出我们的预料For example, it might be possible to collect the energy from an entire star.比如,也不无可能从一整颗恒星上收集能量To do that, they could deploy millions of mirrors in space,为此,他们可以在太空中安置无数面镜子encircling the whole sun and feeding the power to one single collection point.环绕整座太阳,并将其能量汇集到一处Such power might make it possible如此惊人的能量也许能够to walk the very fabric of space改变时空结构and create a portal called a wormhole.并形成一个虫洞时空隧道This portal would act like a shortcut,这条通道会成为一条捷径allowing them to travel huge distances in the blink of an eye.让外星人能在瞬间穿越漫长的距离Like us, they would probably have evolved from像我们一样,他们也许也是从a species used to exploiting whatever it can.开采周围一切能源的物种进化而来So, if aliens ever visit us, I think如果外星人有朝一日前来拜访我们the outcome would be much as when我认为结局会非常类似Christopher Columbus first landed in America,克里斯多弗·哥伦布初次登陆美洲which didn#39;t turn out very well for the native americans.众所周知,那对美洲原住民是一次灾难So the journey that started with the search for water始于寻找外天外水源的外太空之旅has led us to far off worlds which I think could exist.我们已经进入了一个可能存在的遥远世界Worlds where the conditions and chemistry allow life to begin,那些世界的环境和化学条件可以育生命and then change into many different forms.并演变出丰富多的形态Even so, little green men are probably pretty rare.即便如此,外星人依然很罕见But in such a massive place as the cosmos,而在如此浩瀚的宇宙中we only have to look at ourselves for proof that我们只要看看自己就足以明extremely unlikely things can and do happen all the time.最不可能发生的事情随时都能发生Let#39;s just hope that if aliens do find us,让我们祈祷,如若外星人找到我们they#39;ll come in peace.他们是为和平共处而来 Article/201506/382788福州妇保医院剖腹产需多少钱 南平市第二医院网上预约

福州治白带异常的医院TED演讲视频:援助思考的第三极显然我们处在一个满是危机的时刻。现时的金融市场可以说是使我们失望的,同时这个援助体系也使我们失望。但是我坚决地站在乐观者的一边,因为乐观者们都坚信这可能是我们生命中最令人兴奋的时刻。 Article/201703/498847 Our company has a new strategic initiative to increase market penetration, maximize brand loyalty, and enhance intangible assets. In pursuit of these objectives, we#39;ve started a new project for which we require seven red lines. I understand your company can help us in this matter.为了增加市场渗透率、最大化品牌忠诚度、加强无形资产,敝公司有个新的策略性创举。为了追求这些目标,我们已开始一项新企划,为了那像企划我们需要七条红线。我了解贵公司能够在这方面帮助我们。Of course! Walter here will be the Project Manager. Walter, we can do this, can#39;t we?当然!这里的Walter是专案经理。Walter,我们可以做这个,可以吗?Yes, of course. Anderson here is our expert in all matters related to drawing red lines. We#39;ve brought him along today to share his professional opinion.是的,当然。这里的Anderson是我们所有与画红线相关事务的专家。我们今天也带他一起过来分享他专业的看法。Nice to meet you! Well, you all know me. This is Justine, our company#39;s design specialist.很高兴见到你!嗯,你们全都认识我。这是Justine,敝公司的设计专员。Hello!哈喽!We need you to draw seven red lines, all of them strictly perpendicular, some with green ink and some with transparent. Can you do that?我们需要你画七条红线,它们全部都要完全垂直,有些用绿色墨水、有些用透明墨水画。你可以做到吗?No, I#39;m afraid...不,我怕...Let#39;s not rush into any hasty answers, Anderson! The task has been set and needs to be carried out. At the end of the day, you are an expert.先别妄下任何急促的,Anderson!任务已经设定,且需要被执行。到头来,你是一名专家。The term ;red line; implies the color of the line to be red. To draw a red line with green ink is, well if it#39;s not exactly impossible, it#39;s pretty close to being impossible.“红线”这词意指线条的颜色是红的。要用绿色墨水画出红线是,这么说吧,如果不是完全不可能的,也是满接近不可能的任务。What does that even mean? Impossible?那到底是什么意思?不可能?I mean, it is possible that there are some people, say, suffering from color blindness, for whom the color of the lines doesn#39;t really make a difference. But I#39;m quite sure that the target audience of your project doesn#39;t consist solely of such people.我是说,有可能有些人,比如说,罹患色盲症,对他们来说线条的颜色并不会有什么差异。但我满确定你们企划的目标群众并非完全由这种人组成的。So in principle this is possible.所以原则上来说是有可能的。I#39;ll simplify. A line as such can be drawn with absolutely any ink, but if you want to get a red line, you need to use red ink.我会简化。一条像这样的线可以当然用任何一种墨水画出来,但如果你想要一条红线,你需要用红墨水。What if we draw them with blue ink?如果我们用蓝墨水画呢?It still won#39;t work. If you use blue ink, you will get blue lines. And what exactly did you mean when you talked about the transparent ink?它还是行不通。如果你用蓝墨水,你就会得到蓝线。那当你提到透明墨水时,你确切的意思是什么?How to better explain?怎么样才能更清楚解释呢?I#39;m sure you know what ;transparent; means?我相信你知道“透明”是什么意思?Yes, I do.是的,我知道。And what a ;red line; means, I hope I don#39;t need to explain to you?还有“红线”是什么意思,我希望我不需要解释给你听吧?Of course not.当然不用。Well, you need to draw red lines with transparent ink.嗯,你需要用透明墨水来画红线。Could you describe what you imagine the end result would look like?你可以形容一下你想像中的最后结果看起来是什么样子吗?Come on, Anderson! What have we got here, kindergarten?拜托,Anderson!我们这里是什么,幼稚园吗?No, I#39;m trying to get the...不是,我是试着要...Let#39;s not waste our time with these unproductive quarrels. The task has been set; the task is plain and clear. Now, if you have any specific questions, then go ahead!我们别浪费时间在这些没生产力的争论上了。任务已经设定,任务很直接又明白。现在,如果你还有任何具体的问题,就问吧!You#39;re the expert here!你是这里的专家!Alright, let#39;s leave aside the color for the moment. You had something there also relating to perpendicularity?好的,我们把颜色先稍稍搁到一边。你这里也有一些关于垂直的问题吧?Seven lines, all strictly perpendicular.七条线,全都完全垂直。To what?垂直在哪?To everything, amongst themselves. I assumed you know what perpendicular lines are like!到处都垂直,在它们七条线之间。我想你知道垂直线长怎样吧!Of course he does. He#39;s an expert!当然他知道。他是位专家!Two lines can be perpendicular. All seven can#39;t be simultaneously perpendicular to each other.两条线可以垂直。所有七条线不能同时彼此垂直。I#39;ll show you. This is a line, right?我画给你看。这是条线,对吧?Yes.是的。And another one. Is it perpendicular to the first line?另外一条。它有没有和第一条垂直呢?Well...这个嘛...Yes, it is perpendicular.是的,是垂直的。Exactly!没错!Wait, wait, I#39;m not done. And a third one, is it perpendicular to the first line? Yes, it is! But it doesn#39;t cross the second line. They#39;re both parallel. Not perpendicular!等等,我还没画完。第三条,它和第一条有垂直吗?是的,它是的!但它并没有穿过第二条线。它们是平行的。没有垂直!I suppose so.我想是吧?There it is. Two lines can be perpendicular...就是这样。两条线可以是垂直的...Can I have the pen? How about this?我可以借个笔吗?这样如何?This is a triangle. It#39;s definitely not perpendicular lines, and there are three, not seven.这是个三角形。它绝对不是垂直线,且是三条,不是七条。Why are they blue?为什么它们是蓝色的?Indeed, wanted to ask that myself.确实,我自己也想问。I have a blue pen with me. This was just a demonstration...我带了一蓝笔。这只是示范一下...That#39;s the problem. Your lines are blue. Draw them with red ink!那就是问题所在。你的线条是蓝色的。用红墨水画它们!It won#39;t solve the problem.那不会解决问题啊。But how do you know before you#39;ve tried? Let#39;s draw them with red ink and then let#39;s see.但你还没试怎么知道?用红色墨水画它们然后来看看结果。I don#39;t have a red pen with me, but I#39;m completely certain that with red ink the result will still be the same.我身上没有红笔,但我完全肯定用红墨水结果还是一样的。Didn#39;t you tell us earlier that you can only draw red lines with red ink? In fact, yes, I#39;ve written that down here! And now you want to draw them with blue ink. Do you want us to call these red lines?你稍早不是才跟我们说你只能用红墨水画出红线吗?事实上,是的,我在这里写下来了!现在你想要用蓝色墨水画出它们。你想要我们叫这些红线吗?I think I understand. You#39;re not talking about the color now, right? You#39;re talking about that, what do you call it? Per-pern-dick...我想我了解了。你现在不是在讲颜色,对吧?你在讲那个,你怎么叫它?垂、垂、直...Perpendicularity, yes!垂直线,是的!That#39;s it! Now you#39;ve confused everyone. So what exactly is stopping us from doing this?够了!现在你把大家都搞混淆了。所以到底是什么阻碍我们做这件事?Geometry.几何学。Just ignore it!就忽略它!We have a task. Seven red lines. It#39;s not twenty; it#39;s just seven. Anderson, I understand you#39;re a specialist of a narrow field. You don#39;t see the overall picture. But surely it#39;s not a difficult task to draw some seven lines!我们有个任务。七条红线。不是二十条、只是七条。Anderson,我了解你是一个小领域的专家。你并没有看到整体状况。但当然画出某七条线不是一项困难的工作!Exactly. Suggest a solution that any fool can criticize, no offence. But you#39;re an expert. You should know better!没错。提出一个任何笨蛋都能的解决方式,没有冒犯的意思。但你是个专家。你应该更清楚!OK. Let me draw you two perfectly perpendicular red lines, and I will draw the rest with transparent ink. They#39;ll be invisible, but I#39;ll draw them.好的。让我画给你们两条完美垂直的红线,然后我会用透明墨水画出剩下的线。它们会是隐形的,但我会画它们。Would this suit us? Yes, this will suit us.这合我们的意吗?是的,这合我们的意。Yes, but at least a couple with green ink. Oh, and I have another question, if I may. Can you draw one of the lines in the form of a kitten?是的,但至少有些用绿墨水。喔,我还有另一个问题,如果我可以问的话。你可以把其中一条线化成小猫的形状吗?A what?什么的形状?In the form of a kitten. Market research tells our users like cute animals. It#39;d be really great if...小猫的形状。市场调查告诉我们我们的使用者喜欢可爱的动物。那会很棒如果...No...不行...But... but why?但...但为何?Look, I can of course draw you a cat. I#39;m no artist, but I can give it a try, but it won#39;t be a line any more. It will be a cat. A line and a cat—these are two different things!是这样的,我当然可以画只猫给你。我不是艺术家,但我可以试一试,但那就不再是一条线了。它会是一只猫。一条线和一猫--这些是两个不同的东西!A kitten. Not a cat, but a kitten. The little, cute, cuddly. Cats, on the other hand...小猫。不是猫,而是小猫。小小只的、可爱的、让人想抱抱的。猫咪呢,另一方面...It won#39;t make a difference.那没有差。Anderson, at least hear her out! She hasn#39;t even finished speaking, and you#39;re aly saying, ;No!;Anderson,至少听她说完!她甚至还没说完,你就已经在说“不”了!I got the idea, but it is impossible to draw a line in the form of a cat...ten.我懂她的意思,但不可能画出一条形状是小...猫的线。What about a bird?那一只鸟呢?So, where did we stop? What are we doing?所以,我们刚讲到哪?我们在说什么?Seven red lines, two with red ink, two with green ink and the rest with transparent. Did I understand correctly?七条红线,两条用红墨水,两条用绿墨水,剩下用透明墨水。我理解正确吗?Yes.是的。Excellent! In which case that#39;s everything, right?很好!也就是说那是全部的细节了,对吧?I almost forgot, we also have a red balloon. Do you know if you could inflate it?我差点忘了,我们也有一颗红气球。你知道是否可以帮它充气吗?What do I have to do with balloons?我要拿气球做啥?It#39;s red.那是红色的。Anderson, can you or can you not do this? It#39;s a simple question.Anderson,你可不可以做这件事?这是个很简单的问题。As such, I can of course.这样的话,我当然可以。Excellent. Organize a business trip. We#39;ll cover the expenses, go over to their location, inflate the balloon. Well, this is very productive, thank you all!太好了。安排出差。我们会负担出,到它们的地点,帮气球充气。嗯,这非常有生产力,感谢你们大家!Can I ask one more question, please? When you inflate the balloon, could you do it in the form of a kitten?请问我可以再问一个问题吗?当你帮气球充气时,你可以用小猫的形状充气吗?Of course I can! I can do anything, I can do absolutely anything. I#39;m an expert!当然我可以!我可以做任何事,我绝对可以做任何事。我是个专家! Article/201501/353284福州人流手术南平市顺产哪家医院好



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