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/200703/11241福州治疗3度宫颈糜烂医院068 the internet and email Words Computer message inbox compose email account attachment Link website web page (double)click connect image text print toolbar document modem wireless connection internet café net bar chat room blog(ger) online hacker virus wikipedia phrases click on a link open a web page access a website surf on the internet download an attachment compose a message open an email account click on an icon add to favourites send an instant message attach a file have a good/poor connection beginner a: how often do you use the internet? B; I use it almost every day, but I usually only use it to check my email. I don’t often surf the net. You use the internet a lot, don’t you? A: yes. I use it to find products and components at the lowest price for my computer. It can be frustrating when the connection is poor. B: so , you’re online eight hours a day. A: yes, I like the job though. Sometimes, I help other people in the office if they’re having trouble online. B; how useful do you think the internet is as a source of information? A; I think it’s fairly useful, but there are two big problems. First, a lot of the information you find online is false. Second, when you buy something online, you don’t see it until you actually get it. B; how do you solve the website problems when you’re buying something online? A: what I do is find the website of shops. Then someone from our company visits the shop and buys when they’re seen that the products are genuine and suitable. Intermediate A; hi! I see you are having fun with your new computer and internet connection. B: there’s so much I want to do. I’ve just finished sending lots of emails to friends and family all over the world. I just ran a search for music to download. A; I can give you the name of a few useful website to visit. B: thanks. That would be very helpful. I’ve discovered that it can take a long time to find exactly what you want. There’s too much information on the net. A; when you sent your emails, did you attach any files to them? B; yes, I did. There’s an anti-virus programme with my email account that scans all attachments, so I’m sure I haven’t sent anything nasty to anyone. A; when you use the internet, be careful not to give out your email address very often. If you do, you might get a lot of spam-unwanted email form companies trying to sell you things. B: that’s good advice. I should also be careful about giving out confidential information about myself, such as my password and credit car number. A: that’s right. Another thing to remember when you are surfing is that you can add a web page to your list of favourites. Your computer will remember the page and you can return there quickly next time you want to visit. B: how do I do that? A; take this web page for example. Press the keys “control” and “d” together. Click on “favourites” at the top of the screen. There you are. It has been added to you favourites list. If you click it, you will automatically go to that web page again. B: that’s useful to know. Thanks. I’ll just log off and shout down my computer and we can go for a coffee. /200705/13736福州无痛人流在哪个医院好【中文这样说】昨晚他的房子被雷击了。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style——His house was struck by thunder last night.American Style— His house was struck by lightning last night. /200604/6393VOA流行美语 137: workaholic/nuttyLesson 137 - workaholic / nuttyLarry陪李华带着她新领养的猫咪-小雪球-去看兽医。两人聊起了一位共同的朋友。今天李华会学到两个常用语:workaholic和nutty.LL: I'm really worried about Bob. He seems as though he has turned into a real workaholic.LH: 你很担心Bob,因为他成了workaholic. Workaholic, 那是什么意思?是不是Bob生病了?LL: No, Bob doesn't have a disease. He's a workaholic. A workaholic is someone who works all of the time and never takes time for anything else.LH: 啊,我懂你的意思了。Workaholic是指一个人工作过度,从来不休息。就是“工作狂”的意思嘛!Bob天天加班,怪不得他看起来总是那么累。这样对身体很不好呢!LL: No, it's not. Workaholics often get stress-related problems such as high blood pressure or ulcers.LH: 就是,高血压和溃疡都是一些工作过度的人常有的毛病。我爸爸就是个工作狂。我小的时候很少见到他,因为他总是在办公室里加班。结果在我10岁的时候,他得了溃疡,医生要他立刻减少工作量。LL: That's a shame, but it's actually pretty common. I've known a few workaholics, too.LH: 现代人工作忙碌,变成工作狂是很常见的。哎,Larry也许我们应该和Bob谈谈,让他知道我们很担心他。LL: I don't know how he'll respond to that. Maybe it would be better if we just pressured him to hang out with us and relax more.LH: 这倒是个好主意,让他和我们一起出去玩,一定可以放松心情的! 要不这样吧!我们可以邀请Bob下星期到我家玩,顺便看看我的小雪球!LL: I don't know if meeting your crazy cat is going to help prevent Bob from becoming a workaholic, but at least it will get him out of the office for a while.LH: 嘿!我的小雪球才不疯呢!她只不过是只小猫咪,爱玩而已嘛!******LL: Well, did the vet officially diagnose your cat as being totally nutty?LH: Nutty? 那是什么意思。你该不是在说我的小雪球有什么行为方面的问题吧?LL: You could say that. Nutty means crazy.LH: 所以nutty就是疯疯颠颠的意思。哎,我跟你说过了,小雪球不疯。她只是比较好动。LL: Did the vet agree with you?LH: 当然喽!兽医还说,小雪球既不疯,也没有心理问题。她只是一只小猫,所以特别需要别人注意她。兽医还说我应该经常陪小雪球玩。LL: Oh, I see, she's so nutty because she has too much extra energy. If we play with her and tire her out, she'll be calmer.LH: 没错,只要我们多陪陪她,消耗她的体力,她就不会精力旺盛地动来动去。所以我打算用绳子做一些小玩具,每天至少陪她玩15分钟。LL: Hey, that actually sounds fun. Can I help?LH: 当然喽!但是你得先答应我,不可以再叫她是个小疯子,或是nutty了。这样我才让你和她玩。可以吗?LL: All right, I won't make fun of your nutty cat anymore.LH: Larry! 你怎么又这么说她啊!LL: I'm just kidding. I think it's funny that you get so offended when I call Snowball nutty.LH: 我当然要生气咯!小雪球是只很乖的小猫。我真的很喜欢她。所以你不可以这样嘲笑她。LL: Okay, I won't. Let's take her home and play with her now. I'm sure she doesn't want to stay here any longer.今天李华学到两个常用语,一个是workaholic,指的是一个人工作过度,不休息,也就是我们常说的:工作狂。另一个常用语是nutty,是指行为疯疯颠颠的,不太正常。 /200602/3357永泰县妇产办理建卡的医院

仓山区妇产科检查多少钱闽清县医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗People always laugh when I say Strom Thurmond. You remember Strom Thurmond. Strom Thurmond was the senator from South Carolina.我一提到斯特罗姆·舍尔蒙德这名字观众们就开始笑,你们还记得斯特罗姆这人吧?斯特罗姆·舍尔蒙德是个来自南卡罗来纳州的参议员。He had been a segregationist many years ago, then he ended up being in the Senate, and he was there until he was like 116 years old or something.他多年以前是个种族隔离主义者,后来进了参议院,一直待到两三百岁高龄才离开。Theyre like dust him off and wheel him out.旁人都得先给他擦擦灰然后用轮椅推他出去。Its kind of like Weekend at Bernies at the Capitol.有点象电影《老板度假去》里的情节。;Senator Thurmond, how do you feel about gay marriage?;;舍尔蒙德参议员先生,您对同性婚姻怎么看?;(假装木偶状)。You could actually see the wires on C-SPAN; Im not kidding.不开玩笑,你从电视上都能看见拴在他脑袋后面的绳子。So. But, theres this great story about Strom Thurmond.斯特罗姆·舍尔蒙德这人有个很逗的故事。They were talking about sodomy laws.当时他们正在讨论不当性行为法案。Now, many of you dont realize that before the Supreme Court struck down sodomy laws in 2003.你们多半没有意识到,在2003年最高法院裁定不当性行为法案无效之前。In Lawrence vs. Texas that is laws against sodomy.即劳伦斯诉德克萨斯州那个案子之前。The dozen-odd states that had such laws generally applied them to both anal sex and oral sex.很多州甚至将和口交同时归为违法不当性行为。Now people didnt realize they applied to oral sex.而大家多半也不知道口交也属于违法行为。And about half of those states made the laws apply both to homosexual sodomy and heterosexual sodomy.这些州里有一半都立法同时禁止同性恋之间的;不当性行为;,和异性恋之间的;不当性行为;。So there are these laws on the books against heterosexual oral sex, as well as heterosexual anal sex and things like this, and this got brought up in this congressional debate.所以实际上确实有写在纸上的法条来禁止同性恋之间的;不当性行为;,而同时也同样吧异性恋之间的视为;不当性行为;加以禁止。这事情闹到了参议院引起辩论。Its like ;You know, these laws I mean, heterosexual people do these things, too.;很明显异性恋也会去做这些行为。And Strom Thurmond actually stood up which was no small feat, he stood up and said, ;No, they dont!;这时候斯特罗姆·舍尔蒙德居然站起来了,这可不是件容易事。他说到:;不,异性恋不做这些!;Suddenly, I understood why that man was so cranky.瞬间我就明白了为什么他老人家是个暴躁的老顽固了。I dont want you to lose the serious point embedded in all of this, which is the following:我不想因为我讲了些笑话就让你们忽视我演讲观点里严肃的部分。When were talking about homosexual activity, we are talking about a wide range of experiences, often the very same kind of experiences that heterosexual people have, sexually.当我们谈到同性恋性行为的时候,我们探讨的实际上是一种广泛的体验。在性的方面,这些体验和异性恋的体验毫无分别。And to try to define people in terms of one particular sexual act is such a reductionistic picture of peoples experience, and it really gives us a false view.而试图用某种特定的性行为方式来定义某一类人,用这种粗暴的武断的简化分类方式来区分情感体验,会给人们造成错误的印象。Ive been talking about arguments that suggest that homosexuality is wrong because its harmful to the people who engage in gay and lesbian relationships, but sometimes people say that homosexuality is wrong not because of what it does to gay and lesbian people, but because of what it does to the larger society.我探讨过这种论调,指责同性恋是错的,原因是同性恋对于同性恋关系中的人有害处。不过常常有人说同性恋是错的,并不是错在同性恋本身对男女同性恋者做了什么,而是错在同性恋对整个社会的影响。And we hear lots of claims about this, ;Homosexuality is a threat to the moral fabric of our country. Its a threat to the nations infrastructure.;我们耳边总是有这样的指责:同性恋是我们国家伦理建筑基础的威胁!它动摇了国家的基础!;201605/445225英语日常口语 34:Helen Saves the Day 本单元是关于 Helen 扭转败局的对话Michal: I told you so!Tim: Hurry up, I'm getting soaked!Helen: What's going on here? What a mess! Dad'll kill me.Michal: It's the water. Tim didn't turn off it before trying to fix the tap.Helen: Honestly Tim! You're as thick as two short planks sometimes. Michal, turn the water off. Tim, give me the spanner. I'll soon have this sorted. Tim: What shall I do?Helen: Get the mop, of course! I want this floor as dry as a bone now! Dad's coming round later to check the flat. Tim: Is he? Tim and Michal: Oh no!Helen: No, I'm just winding you up!Vocabulary: 词汇to get soaked:to get very wet, often in heavy rain使弄湿,被倾盆大雨淋湿as thick as two short planks:not clever不聪明as right as rain:in normal condition正常状态a mop:similar to a broom but for cleaning a floor with water拖把to wind someone up (informal):to tell someone something that's not true, as a joke捉弄某人,和某人开玩笑本单元语言点是 as...as 表明喻的短语,英语里面有许多使用'as ... as ...' 的习惯用法,例如:as dry as a bone - This piece of b is as dry as a bone. I can't eat it. 在这个句子里,As dry as a bone 的意思是非常干。这种习惯法用非常相似,而且通常带有强调的语气。Comparative idiomsThere are lots of idioms which use 'as ... as ...' as a key structure. For example, as dry as a bone - This piece of b is as dry as a bone. I can't eat it. As dry as a bone means something is very dry.These idioms function as similes and they often carry an emphatic meaning. Idioms describing personality and behaviour:描述个性和行为的惯用语As thick as two short planks - very stupid, not at all clever (an informal idiom). Planks are flat pieces of wood, often used in house building As stubborn as a mule - very stubborn, obstinate. A mule is an animal similar to a donkeyAs good as gold - very well behaved, often used to describe childrenAs timid as a mouse - very shy and quietIdioms describing physical characteristics:描述生理特征的惯用语As strong as a horse - very strongAs strong as an ox - very strong. An ox is a strong animal similar to a cowAs pretty as a picture - very pretty, very attractiveAs blind as a bat - very poor eyesight, unable to see. A bat is an animal that flies at night and does not use its eyes, it uses soundAs white as a sheet - very pale or white face, because you are unwell or very scared. Sheets on beds are often whiteAs light as a feather - not heavy, very light in weight. Birds are covered in feathersIdioms describing the state of things:描述事物的状态的惯用语As right as rain - in good and normal conditionAs good as new - in very good conditionAs safe as houses - very safe, very secure and certainAs sound as a bell - in very good physical condition, e.g. an engine. A bell has to be in good condition in order to make a good ringing sound /200707/16036南平妇科疾病多少钱罗源县治疗女性疾病哪家医院最好的

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