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福州/做人流价钱What Is The Strongest Muscle In Your Body?身体最强壮的肌肉是哪一块?What is the strongest human muscle?最强壮的肌肉是哪块?Is it your biceps, quadriceps or could it be your gluteus maximus? You might be surprised to learn that it#39;s none of the above. The question can be a tricky one to answer since it depends entirely on what your definition of;strongest”is. Today we’ll explore this little life mystery.是肱二头肌、股四头肌、还是臀大肌?如果告诉你这些都不是,估计你会很吃惊。给“强壮”的定义不同,也不同。今天我们就对此来探秘。Ability To Exert Force发力能力If by strongest you mean;ability to exert a force on an external object”, then a human#39;s strongest muscle is his or her ‘masseter’ muscle. The masseter muscle is a thick muscle in the cheek and is located at the back of the jaw. It#39;s responsible for opening and closing your jaw during chewing.如果按发力大小来判断,人身上最强壮的肌肉应该是咬肌。咬肌是脸上最厚的一块肌肉,长在下巴后方。咬肌主要负责咀嚼时下巴咬合作用。It is the muscle that can generate the largest externally measurable force attributable to the action of a specific, single muscle. Its strength is the result of incredibly densely packed muscle fibers combined with being attached to a short-armed lever. It can close the teeth with a force as great as 55 pounds (25 kilograms) on the incisors or 200 pounds (91 kilograms) on the molars. 咬肌是能发出最大力量的单独肌肉。它的力量主要来源于高密度的肌纤维。咬肌能使门齿咬合时发出55磅的力, 臼齿则能发出200磅的力。Which Muscle Does The Most Work?干活最多的肌肉是哪块?Now if you take ‘strongest’ to mean ‘does the most work’, the heart lies claim to that. The heart does its work continuously over an entire lifetime without pause, and hence ‘outworks‘ every other muscle.如果用“干活最多”的标准来衡量肌肉强壮与否,那么要数心脏了。人体心脏一直不停的做功,直到生命结束,所以心肌是“干活最多”的肌肉。What#39;s The Largest Muscle?最大的肌肉是哪块?The largest muscle in the human body is the gluteus maximus. The gluteus maximus is located in your buttocks and its size directly corresponds to the important role it has in your everyday life. It#39;s main function is to keep your body erect and straight. Its function is to provide balance and a center of gravity while walking or running.人体最大的一块肌肉是臀大肌。臀大肌长在臀部,所以它的尺寸与人体日常活动息息相关。它的主要作用是持人体直立。让身体保持平衡。同时,在你行走或跑步时,它也能平衡重力。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201607/454233福州/做无痛人流多少钱Cumberbitches, rejoice!Die-hard fans of Benedict Cumberbatch can now have a cheeky nibble of the actor#39;s face after he was immortalised in chocolate.  缺粉们,欢腾吧!演员本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇被塑成巧克力了,死忠粉们而今可以尽情大胆啃上一口他的脸蛋了。  The 400g #39;Cumberbunny#39; features the 39-year-old Sherlock star#39;s handsome face, complete with two huge bunny ears, placed on a rabbit torso. But the quirky sweet treat - created by Brighton-based chocolatier Jen Lindsey-Clark, 37 - will set admirers back £50.  重400克的“康伯兔”的亮点在于39岁的大明星神夏的英俊的脸庞往兔子身上一安,配上一双大大的兔耳,完美收官。巧克力匠人简·琳德塞-克拉克今年37岁,现居布莱顿,这一奇趣的甜点便出自其手,粉丝价50英镑。  Available in white, milk and dark chocolate each #39;Cumberbunny#39; comes complete with an edible 22 carat gold bow-tie and lustre dust.  现有白巧克力、牛奶巧克力还有黑巧克力口味,每个“康伯兔”都配有22克拉的黄金小领结和闪粉。  Jen incorporated Cumberbatch into the figure due to his enduring popularity with fans.  由于一直以来康伯巴奇颇受粉丝欢迎,简因此把他融入巧克力塑形。  Jen enjoys working with the material because of its versatility. #39;I love the challenges it can bring,#39; she said. #39;I also love the fact that if it goes wrong I can melt it down and start again.#39;  巧克力这一原料变化多端、可塑性强,简热衷与巧克力打交道。“我喜欢巧克力带来的挑战”,她说道,”我喜欢还因为要是做错了,还可以熔化了重新来过。“  But Jen won#39;t be sending one to Benedict. She said: #39;I#39;m planning to send one over to his mum but not him. He might think it#39;s weird eating his own face!#39;  但简不会送上一个给本尼迪克特本人。她说,”我想着要给他妈妈送一个去,但不会送给他本人。吃自己的脸他应该也会觉得很诡异吧!“ /201604/434643Scientists studying the human-animal bond have discovered there are health benefits of owning a cat. Yes, even that belittled “black cat” can be good for you!研究人与动物关系的科学家们发现养一只猫会有一些健康益处。是的,甚至是被贬低的“黑猫”也会对你有好处!1. Help your cardiovascular system有助于你的心血管系统Studies at the University of Minnesota determined those who did not own cats were 30-40% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than cat owners were. (Sorry, dog owners, you don’t see the same benefit.) The chance of death from sudden heart attack is reduced, too, for cat owners. A study funded by the NIH determined that pet owners were more likely than non-owners to survive a heart attack, regardless of the severity of that attack.明尼苏达大学的研究确定了那些没有养猫的人比那些养猫的人有多30-40%的可能死于心血管疾病。(抱歉,主人们,你看不到相同的好处。)对养猫的人来说,从突发心脏病发作的死亡几率也降低了。由美国国立卫生研究院资助的一项研究认为养宠物的人比不养宠物的人更可能从心脏病发作中活下来,无论其严重程度如何。Other research suggests that owning a cat compares favorably with going on a low-salt diet for reducing heart disease risk.其他研究表明,养一只猫毫不逊色于低盐饮食降低心脏病风险的功效。2. Help your immune system有助于你的免疫系统The immune system gets a boost from the feeling you get just by owning a cat. Owning a cat may lead to improved social support, reduced depression, and more laughter, play and exercise – all of these help your immune system function better.免疫系统会从你养猫的感受中有所提升。养一只猫可能会改善社会持、减少抑郁、笑的更多,玩耍和锻炼——这些都有助于你的免疫系统功能更好。And cats can tell when you’re not feeling well. They help you get better by coming to comfort you.猫可以辨别出你感觉不好的时候。它们通过让你舒帮助你感觉更好。3. Avoid allergies and respiratory problems避免过敏和呼吸问题Children who are raised around cats (and dogs) develop immunity to allergens at an early age. The incidence of respiratory problems, including asthma, is reduced in children exposed to cats early in their lives.那些成长身边有猫()的孩子会在幼年时对过敏原产生免疫力。在那些早期成长中接触到猫的孩子身上,包括哮喘等呼吸问题的发生率会降低。As a bonus, children raised with pets appear to develop greater empathy for the feelings of others and relate better to other people.作为奖励,和宠物一起长大的孩子们会发展出对他人感受更大的共鸣,并与其他人更好地建立联系。4. Lower your blood pressure降低你的血压Petting your cat is calming and reduces your blood pressure. Studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo found lower blood pressure in the study subjects who owned pets compared with those who did not.抚摸你的猫能镇定和降低你的血压。纽约州立大学水牛城分校的研究发现,与那些没有养宠物的人相比,他们的血压下降了。5. Lower your cholesterol and triglycerides降低你的胆固醇和甘油三酯Diet and exercise go a long way toward reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels, but owning a cat helps, too. A 2006 Canadian study found owning a cat lowered cholesterol better than even some medications.饮食和运动对降低胆固醇和甘油三酯水平很有帮助,但是养一只猫也有帮助。一项2006年加拿大的研究发现,养一只猫比一些药物能更能降低胆固醇。6. Reduce your stroke risk减少你的中风风险A University of Minnesota study determined cat ownership can reduce your stroke risk by up to one-third!明尼苏达大学的一项研究认为养猫可以减少你高达三分之一的中风风险!7. Heal your bones and muscles治愈你的骨骼和肌肉Cats purr at a frequency between 20-140 Hz, which is known to have therapeutic effects. Bones heal best at 25 Hz and 50 Hz frequencies (and 100 Hz and 200 Hz are also helpful). Soft tissues like muscles, tendons and ligaments heal faster at these frequencies. And infections and swelling are also healed in this frequency range.猫发出呼噜声的频率在20-140赫兹之间,众所周知这有治疗作用。骨骼愈合最好在25赫兹和50赫兹的频率(100赫兹和200赫兹也有帮助)。像肌肉、肌腱和韧带这样的软组织愈合快于这些频率。在这个频率范围内,感染和肿胀也能愈合。8. Reduce anxiety and stress减少焦虑和紧张In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, with more work and less socializing, interacting with a pet brings play-time and creativity back into your life. Caring for your cat and cuddling with your cat take your mind off your own worries and reduce your levels of anxiety and stress.在今天的快节奏生活方式中,人们有着更多的工作和更少的社交,与宠物的互动会将玩耍时间和创造力重新带回到你的生活中。照顾你的猫、拥抱着你的猫会让你忘记自己的烦恼,减轻你的焦虑和压力水平。9. Improve your mood, relieve depression改善你的情绪,缓解抑郁Cats may have the reputation of being solitary, unsocial animals but cat owners know this is not the case. The love and companionship of a cat helps you feel better about life in general and can lift your mood and lessen feelings of depression.猫可能有是孤立、不合群的动物的名声,而猫主人知道不是这样。猫的爱和友谊能帮助你更好地了解生活,能提升你的情绪,减轻抑郁情绪。10. Reduce loneliness减少孤独感Having a person-cat connection is a form of social interaction. If your group of friends is small, or far away, your cat can help relieve your feelings of loneliness. If you come home to an empty house at the end of the day, spending time with your cat can uplift your mood.人和猫的联系是一种社会互动形式。如果你的朋友很少,或是离得很远,你的猫可以帮助缓解你的孤独感。如果你在一天结束的时候回到一个空房子里,花时间与你的猫可以提升你的情绪。Families today are smaller and often far apart. Empty-nesters fulfill the need to nurture and find a reason to get up in the morning by owning a cat. The social support provided by your pet may encourage you to interact more with other people.现在的家庭人员更少,往往相距甚远。空巢老子通过养猫来满足养孩子的需求以及找到早晨起床的理由。你的宠物提供的社会持可能会鼓励你与其他人进行互动。11. Therapy pets reduce medical expenses治疗性宠物会减少医疗费用People who own cats make fewer doctor and hospital visits. When they do visit the hospital, they are discharged earlier. Overall, their medical expenses are reduced.养猫的人更少去看医生和医院就诊。当他们去医院的时候,他们也能更早出院。总体而言,他们的医疗费用会减少。Therapy dogs are fairly common in nursing homes and special-needs schools, but there are therapy cats, too. Cats know who needs a good purring!治疗犬在护理院和特殊需要学校里相当普遍,但也有治疗猫。猫知道谁需要一个好的呼噜声!12. Exercise锻炼Cats don’t need as much exercise as dogs, but they still love to play. Make your cat your exercise buddy and help him bat a toy mouse around! Watch your cat and learn how to stretch! Observe how many times your cat stretches – and when he does it – and join in!猫不需要像一样锻炼那么多,但它们仍然喜欢玩耍。让你的猫成为你的锻炼伙伴,并帮助他抓玩具老鼠!看着你的猫,学习如何伸展!观察你的猫伸展了多少次——当它这样做的时候——加入它! /201605/442959福州/现代妇科医院生宝宝怎么样好不好

南平四维彩超价格南平市延平区医院怎么样Contents目 录Introduction引 言I. Nanhai Zhudao are China’s Inherent Territory一、南海诸岛是中国固有领土i. China’s sovereignty over Nanhai Zhudao is established in the course of history(一)中国对南海诸岛的主权是历史上确立的ii. China has always been resolute in upholding its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea(二)中国始终坚定维护在南海的领土主权和海洋权益iii. China’s sovereignty over Nanhai Zhudao is widely acknowledged in the international community(三)中国对南海诸岛的主权得到国际社会广泛承认II. Origin of the Relevant Disputes Between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea二、中菲南海有关争议的由来i. The Philippines’ invasion and illegal occupation caused disputes with China over some islands and reefs of Nansha Qundao(一)菲律宾非法侵占行为制造了中菲南沙岛礁争议ii. The Philippines’ illegal claim has no historical or legal basis(二)菲律宾的非法主张毫无历史和法理依据iii. The development of the international law of the sea gave rise to the dispute between China and the Philippines over maritime delimitation(三)国际海洋法制度的发展导致中菲出现海洋划界争议III. China and the Philippines Have Reached Consensus on Settling Their Relevant Disputes in the South China Sea三、中菲已就解决南海有关争议达成共识i. It is the consensus and commitment of China and the Philippines to settle through negotiation their relevant disputes in the South China Sea(一)通过谈判解决南海有关争议是中菲共识和承诺ii. It is the consensus of China and the Philippines to properly manage relevant disputes in the South China Sea(二)妥善管控南海有关争议是中菲之间的共识IV. The Philippines Has Repeatedly Taken Moves that Complicate the Relevant Disputes四、菲律宾一再采取导致争议复杂化的行动i. The Philippines attempts to entrench its illegal occupation of some islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Qundao(一)菲律宾企图扩大对中国南沙群岛部分岛礁的侵占ii. The Philippines has increasingly intensified its infringement of China’s maritime rights and interests(二)菲律宾一再扩大海上侵权iii. The Philippines also has territorial pretensions on China’s Huangyan Dao(三)菲律宾企图染指中国黄岩岛iv. The Philippines’ unilateral initiation of arbitration is an act of bad faith(四)菲律宾单方面提起仲裁是恶意行为V. China’s Policy on the South China Sea Issue五、中国处理南海问题的政策i. On the territorial issues concerning Nansha Qundao(一)关于南沙群岛领土问题ii. On maritime delimitation in the South China Sea(二)关于南海海洋划界问题iii. On the ways and means of dispute settlement(三)关于争端解决方式iv. On managing differences and engaging in practical maritime cooperation in the South China Sea(四)关于在南海管控分歧和开展海上务实合作v. On freedom and safety of navigation in the South China Sea(五)关于南海航行自由和安全vi. On jointly upholding peace and stability in the South China Sea(六)关于共同维护南海和平稳定Introduction引 言1. Situated to the south of China’s mainland, and connected by narrow straits and waterways with the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Indian Ocean to the west, the South China Sea is a semi-closed sea extending from northeast to southwest. To its north are the mainland and Taiwan Dao of China, to its south Kalimantan Island and Sumatra Island, to its east the Philippine Islands, and to its west the Indo-China Peninsula and the Malay Peninsula.1. 南海位于中国大陆的南面,通过狭窄的海峡或水道,东与太平洋相连,西与印度洋相通,是一个东北-西南走向的半闭海。南海北靠中国大陆和台湾岛,南接加里曼丹岛和苏门答腊岛,东临菲律宾群岛,西接中南半岛和马来半岛。2. China’s Nanhai Zhudao (the South China Sea Islands) consist of Dongsha Qundao (the Dongsha Islands), Xisha Qundao (the Xisha Islands), Zhongsha Qundao (the Zhongsha Islands) and Nansha Qundao (the Nansha Islands). These Islands include, among others, islands, reefs, shoals and cays of various numbers and sizes. Nansha Qundao is the largest in terms of both the number of islands and reefs and the geographical area.2. 中国南海诸岛包括东沙群岛、西沙群岛、中沙群岛和南沙群岛。这些群岛分别由数量不等、大小不一的岛、礁、滩、沙等组成。其中,南沙群岛的岛礁最多,范围最广。3. The activities of the Chinese people in the South China Sea date back to over 2,000 years ago. China is the first to have discovered, named, and explored and exploited Nanhai Zhudao and relevant waters, and the first to have continuously, peacefully and effectively exercised sovereignty and jurisdiction over them. China’s sovereignty over Nanhai Zhudao and relevant rights and interests in the South China Sea have been established in the long course of history, and are solidly grounded in history and law.3. 中国人民在南海的活动已有2000多年历史。中国最早发现、命名和开发利用南海诸岛及相关海域,最早并持续、和平、有效地对南海诸岛及相关海域行使主权和管辖。中国对南海诸岛的主权和在南海的相关权益,是在漫长的历史过程中确立的,具有充分的历史和法理依据。4. As neighbors facing each other across the sea, China and the Philippines have closely engaged in exchanges, and the two peoples have enjoyed friendship over generations. There had been no territorial or maritime delimitation disputes between the two states until the 1970s when the Philippines started to invade and illegally occupy some islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Qundao, creating a territorial issue with China over these islands and reefs. In addition, with the development of the international law of the sea, a maritime delimitation dispute also arose between the two states regarding certain maritime areas of the South China Sea.4. 中国和菲律宾隔海相望,交往密切,人民世代友好,原本不存在领土和海洋划界争议。然而,自20世纪70年代起,菲律宾开始非法侵占南沙群岛部分岛礁,由此制造了中菲南沙群岛部分岛礁领土问题。此外,随着国际海洋法的发展,两国在南海部分海域还出现了海洋划界争议。5. China and the Philippines have not yet had any negotiation designed to settle their relevant disputes in the South China Sea. However, the two countries did hold multiple rounds of consultations on the proper management of disputes at sea and reached consensus on resolving through negotiation and consultation the relevant disputes, which has been repeatedly reaffirmed in a number of bilateral documents. The two countries have also made solemn commitment to settling relevant disputes through negotiation and consultation in the 2002 Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) that China and the ASEAN Member States jointly signed.5. 中菲两国尚未举行旨在解决南海有关争议的任何谈判,但确曾就妥善处理海上争议进行多次磋商,就通过谈判协商解决有关争议达成共识,并在双边文件中多次予以确认。双方还在中国和东盟国家2002年共同签署的《南海各方行为宣言》(以下简称《宣言》)中就通过谈判协商解决有关争议作出郑重承诺。6. In January 2013, the then government of the Republic of the Philippines turned its back on the above-mentioned consensus and commitment, and unilaterally initiated the South China Sea arbitration. The Philippines deliberately mischaracterized and packaged the territorial issue which is not subject to the ed Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and the maritime delimitation dispute which has been excluded from the UNCLOS dispute settlement procedures by China’s 2006 optional exceptions declaration pursuant to Article 298 of UNCLOS. This act is a wanton abuse of the UNCLOS dispute settlement procedures. In doing so, the Philippines attempts to deny China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea.6. 2013年1月,菲律宾共和国时任政府违背上述共识和承诺,单方面提起南海仲裁案。菲律宾把原本不属于《联合国海洋法公约》(以下简称《公约》)调整的领土问题,以及被中国2006年依据《公约》第298条作出的排除性声明排除的海洋划界等争议加以曲解和包装,构成对《公约》争端解决机制的滥用。菲律宾妄图借此否定中国在南海的领土主权和海洋权益。7. This paper aims to clarify the facts and tell the truth behind the relevant disputes between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea, and to reaffirm China’s consistent position and policy on the South China Sea issue, in order to get to the root of the issue and set the record straight.7. 本文件旨在还原中菲南海有关争议的事实真相,重申中国在南海问题上的一贯立场和政策,溯本清源,以正视听。 /201607/454511连江县治疗内分泌多少钱福州/现代妇产医院网上预约挂号

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