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My Trip to Japan -- :33:5 来源: My Trip to Japan  Japan was fun. It was very cool and windy. We flew kites in the park. I bought a watch there. I wanted to buy more, but I didn't have money.  The gardens there were beautiful. I liked them the best. The department stores were too big. I couldn't find Mom. The food was delicious.  We ate a lot of fish, and I also liked the vegetables and cake there. I hope I can go to Japan one more time.。

旅游景点英文介绍:泉州之美 -- 18:6:51 来源: 旅游景点英文介绍:泉州之美Get away from the crowds in Xiamen and seek out the quieter pleasures in Quanzhou, a city with a rich maritime history that was once a melting pot of the world's religions.Many travelers visiting East China's Fujian province head straight Xiamen, a seaside city widely regarded as the area's biggest tourist draw. But nearby Quanzhou, packed with culture and history, is just as worthy of your time. One of the country's largest statues of sage Lao Tzu sits at the Qingyuan Mountain. Famous as the start of the Maritime Silk Road and the largest port in Asia during the Song (960-79) and Yuan (71-68) dynasties, Quanzhou was once visited by legendary travelers, such as Marco Polo and Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta, who compared Quanzhou to the Egyptian port of Alexandria.The Quanzhou Maritime Museum is an ideal place to learn about the harbor city's rich history.Designed to resemble a sailing ship, the museum, one of very few maritime-themed museums in the country, offers free entry and a free tour guide.The museum boasts a number of replicas of ancient boats, ranging from brigs and schooners to battleships from different dynasties.Among them is a medium-sized boat featuring a host of cabins, built in the Song Dynasty by local Quanzhou shipbuilders. It is said to be one of the most popular vessels used trade at that time.Documents reveal that these boats, made in Quanzhou, carried Chinese silk, jade and porcelain to eastern Africa and the Mediterranean, and they returned with eigners intent on doing business or preaching religion in China.A hall displaying religious steles carved to pay tribute to the deceased eign merchants and missionaries reflects Quanzhou's status as a "World Museum of Religions", as named by UNESCO.Xiamen's own sweet timeHometown seeks new honor revered general One can find a delicate cultural fusion in the collection, which contains 8 Islamic pieces, 3 Hindu, Christian and one Manichean.While some gravestones mix Chinese, Persian and Arabic language, several Christian tombstones bear interesting images of angels resembling Apsaras - female cloud and water spirits from Buddhist mythology.Not far from the maritime museum is the majestic Qingjing Mosque, another admirable example of Quanzhou's tolerance of the world's religions.Also known as the Ashab Mosque, it was built to resemble a mosque in Damascus, Syria, in , and it is one of the oldest Arab-style mosques in China.The -meter-high arched gate made of green granite looks quite exotic as its domes are carved with lotus and Arabic scriptures.Islamic preachers followed Arabic trade contacts to Quanzhou as early as the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-9), and the Ashab Mosque's worshipping hall later became the center of Islamic worship in the region.Although the hall's large dome collapsed during an earthquake, the open-air, spacious and grassy field dotted with gigantic pillars still evokes an awe-inspiring sense of solemnity under the clear sky.The mosque is only a short drive away from the Kaiyuan Temple, the province's largest Buddhist temple.Xiamen's own sweet timeHometown seeks new honor revered general The temple became the city's iconic landmark thanks to its two five-story pagodas that have survived earthquakes and harsh weather.Both built in the th century, the twin pagodas feature lifelike cameos related to Buddhist mythology.At the base of each pagoda, there are eight sculptures of bare-chested midgets, each demonstrating amazing craftsmanship. All sculptures are rather small, but they are varied in their expressions and gestures. While a midget bares his teeth in agony, another seems to hold his breath and exert all his strength.Each story of the pagoda highlights sculptures of guardians, such as gods and Buddhist warriors.Despite the overall similarity between the two pagodas, the sculpture of a monkey dressed like a monk, which is only found on the western pagoda, is a striking contrast.Tradition has it that the monkey image on the fourth story of the western pagoda inspired Wu Cheng'en to create the Monkey King, the protagonist of his th-century epic fantasy novel Journey to the West.That may or may not be true, but what we do know is that the TV series adapted from the literary classic shot one episode in this temple.Kaiyuan Temple is situated in Xi Jie (West Street) and is close to Dong Jie (East Street); both are home to well-preserved distinctive arcade-buildings, and are perfect leisurely exploration.The two old streets offer a variety of tasty street foods, and last year A Bite of China, the popular show about Chinese cuisine, filmed in this area.Do not hesitate to try paste noodles, a signature local dish that combines th-like noodles, shrimps and clams in soup. The crisp oyster omelet is another must-try.In the city's northern outskirt, Qingyuan Mountain is worth squeezing into your itinerary.Xiamen's own sweet timeHometown seeks new honor revered general In addition to the numerous rocks and caverns, the leafy mountain boasts one of the country's largest statues of sage Lao Tzu, the founder of Chinese Taoism. Built in the Song Dynasty and carved out of a rock, the big-eared statue is 5.6 meters high, 6.85 meters thick and 8 meters wide.The statue sits in a cross - legged position and seems to be smiling. Such craftsmanship has given the statue a serene and carefree charm that makes it a symbol of longevity long respected by local people.Touring Quanzhou is relaxing and eye-opening. Being a less popular destination than Xiamen has a silver lining, as the lack of other tourists makes visiting the city an undoubtedly more enjoyable experience.After a long day of sightseeing, visitors can wind down by enjoying one of the free permances of Nanyin music in several parks in the evening. It is a traditional opera sung in the Minnan - southern Fu - jian - dialect that has existed more than 1,000 years.Quanzhou has recently been designated as an "East Asia City of Culture", and the city has been working on popularizing the city's many traditional art ms, including the ancient music genre, which was listed by UNESCO on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in .A series of Nanyin permance activities that draw participants from all over the world will take place later this year. 旅游景点 泉州。

I love my bedroom -- :50: 来源: I love my bedroom  I have a bedroom .It is not big , but it is nice .There is a bed in my bedroom . A yellow dog is on the bed .Every night,I sleep with it . Next to the bed, there is a desk. A bear lamp is on the desk .I like the bear lamp. It's cute. I like to do homework under the lamp every evening. I have a new computer in my bedroom .It is my best friend . Because I study at it, play at it . There are also several beautiful pictures on the wall.  I like my bedroom. Do you like it?。

旅游景点英文介绍:晚秋的婺源 -- ::31 来源: 旅游景点英文介绍:晚秋的婺源江西婺源因大量种植油菜花而出名,但是事实上,秋天的婺源县更加诗意晚秋时分,婺源县长溪村色鲜明,是个游玩的好去处Wuyuan county in Jiangxi province is famous the large pieces of rape flowers. But in fact, it becomes more poetic when autumn comes. In late autumn, Changxi Village is shore with deep and vivid tints. The maple trees growing in the front and back of the village turn to burning red. The tall trees contrast finely with the Mau Tou Wall (Horse Head Wall). The red maple leaves, white walls and black tiles blend into a y, making a unique sight in this ancient village. 旅游景点 英文介绍 婺源。

My Pencil-box --19 :: 来源: I have a good friend. Her name is Pencil-box. She is a very beautiful girl. Look! There is a picture on her face. It’s a picture of flowers. Her coat is blue and yellow. There are some pencils, a pen, a ruler, a rubber and a tape in her stomach. From Monday to Friday, I go to school with her. When I want to copy or write the new words, I open her mouth and take out the pencil from her stomach. She helps me a lot. And I like her very much.。

超个性口语对话:每周五一丝不挂的工作?-- ::57 蛋蛋:Some said that just being in employment in is in hapiness.有人说年有工作就是幸福的 嘉嘉:Financial crisis made many petty bourgeois become grass roots.是啊,金融危机草菅了许多小资白领 蛋蛋:To live with hard work and meager income is really 'ORZ' (Orz means a person is very depressed).工作辛苦收入又少,太囧了 嘉嘉:So be it. I have no choice but to postpone a couple of consumption plan.可不是吗,我有几个消费计划都延迟了呢! 蛋蛋:Some staff choose white shirt as a symbol of low profile to protect himselfherself in layoff trend.裁员潮流之下有些员工选择低调平凡,用最平凡的白衬衣保护自己(以避免被裁员) 嘉嘉:But i have heard that a design company carrid out a plan in high profile called "Naked Friday", this plan encourages the employee to work nakedly on friday.可我也听说有一家设计公司很高调的推出“礼拜五”计划,鼓励员工每周五一丝不挂的工作 蛋蛋:To be in low profile is the sake of stability, high profile diversity. Adversity leads to diversity and diversity leads to prosperity.低调是为了稳定,高调是为了变通穷则变,变则通 嘉嘉:There's a point in what you said.有道理 蛋蛋:So i am working twice as hard promotion.所以我一定要加倍努力争取升迁啊 嘉嘉:Working twice...So you were late again this morning?加倍努力...所以你今天早上又迟到了?。

海的女儿(Daughter of the Sea )英语话剧 -- :55: 来源: Daughter of the Sea Scene 1 Sea Palace Grandma: Finally, you’re back! How’s the shopping on the ground? Little Mermaid: Well, the supermarket is really fantastic! Let’s see what I’ve got… This is the fried fish, and this is the spicy hamburger from McDonald, and here, (holding the tape-recorder) WOW! Hi-tech product! Grandma: Cool, and we won’t worry about our dinner today. What’s more, did you see anything unusual there? Little Mermaid: Sure! The storm came and a ship was nearly destroyed! Grandma: Well, that’s commonplace. Go and swim with your sisters now! Little Mermaid: Thanks, grandma. Scene Seashore (Narrate: Little mermaid doesn’t tell Grandma more about the ship. She also saw the people who drowned in the sea. Among them there was a handsome young man with big blue eyes and curl hair. Little Mermaid soon fell in love with him, and saved him by sending him to the seashore) Little Mermaid (dragging the prince): He’s sure heavy! (Throwing the prince onto the shore) (A woman comes along, and Little Mermaid hides herself behind a board, which s” You can’t see me”. The prince wakes up) Woman: Oh! You’re alive! Prince: Sure am I! You saved me? Woman: Come on, this way! (Prince goes away, and Little Mermaid puts the board down, sits still, sadly) (Duck Ugly passes by) Duck Ugly: Badibadidibadidibadididido…(knocks into Little Mermaid) Oh! Sorry. Little Mermaid: Why are you so happy, Duck Ugly? Duck Ugly: Because I’m going to the clinic of the Sea Wizard! He’s gonna turn me into a beautiful goose! Little Mermaid: That’s wonderful! How can I contact him? Duck Ugly: You may call 5656 at any time of the day. Also you can visit his private website, and the IP address is www.yOUtheme.cn. Scene 3 At the Wizard’s Little Mermaid: Excuse me, but is this Sea Wizard’s house? (No one answered) (Little Mermaid comes in, only to find that there is a monk saying something rapidly in a low voice, with his right hand holding a bunch of prayer beads) Little Mermaid: Sir! What are you doing? (Music on. Backstreet’s “I want it that way”, the monk dances to the music) Monk: Er-Mi-Tuo-Buddha! I am the wizard of the sea. What do you want, darling? Little Mermaid: You! Why, I’ve never seen you bee! Monk: That’s true. I’m an exchange wizard from China. Anything wrong with you, girl? Little Mermaid: Yeah. I’d like to turn my tail into legs, and can you give me a hand with it? Monk: That’s easy. (Takes out a broad saber) (Light off, and a sharp voice can be heard) Monk: All right! You have them now! Little Mermaid: Thank you, sir! (Leaving) Monk: One more thing. From now on, you owe me something! God bless you, I just can’t remember what it is according to the writer. Well, go as you wish. Er-Mi-Tuo-Buddha! Scene In the Prince’s House (Narrate: Little Mermaid successfully gets into the prince’s house because of her beauty, and soon the prince regards her as his best friend. But the prince is ordered to marry another woman at once in order to be the king of this country. On hearing this Little Mermaid is extremely sad. One day, however, she met with the wizard) Monk: I don’t think you are living a good life here. As I can see, the prince is going to marry another person, not you. And as a result of that, you will have to die if he really does. (Takes out the saber, passes it to Little Mermaid) The only way to solve the problem is to kill him. Understood? Little Mermaid: (nodded slightly)… (In the prince’s bedroom. The prince is sleeping heavily. Little Mermaid goes up to him quietly) Little Mermaid: Oh, love! To kill, or not to kill, that is the question. (Hesitates a while, then begins to attack) Prince: (Suddenly jumps up and protects himself with his own sword) You dare attack me! Speak to my sword! (The two begins to fight. During the fight, they hurt each other badly. Finally, both of them die) (The monk goes up, and put two handkerchiefs on their faces) Monk: Sigh! Er-Mi-Tuo-Buddha!。

我崇拜的人The Man I Adore -- :: 来源: There are so many people around me, among them, I like my father the most. My father is a hero in my heart, when I have questions, he can answer me and tell me something about them. My father also takes me to many places, like Shanghai,Beijingand so on. I am so happy when I am with my father, he is the best father.在我周围有很多人,在他们当中,我最喜欢爸爸我的爸爸在我心中是个英雄,当我有问题的时候,他能回答我并告诉我一些关于它们的事我的爸爸也带我去很多地方像上海,北京等等和爸爸在一起,我很开心,他是最好的爸爸I like to watch movie, when I am small, I watch many action movie, I like Jackie Chen’s movie, I adore Jackie Chen, he is hero in my heart. My friends also like Jackie Chen, sometimes when we watch his movie, we will talk about it and share our opinion. Jackie Chen is so strong and he nevers give up, I learn a lot from him.我喜欢看电影,当我还小的时候,我看了很多动作片,我喜欢成龙的电影,我崇拜成龙,在我心中他是个英雄我的朋友们也喜欢成龙,有时候当我们看了他的电影的时候,我们会讨论,分享彼此的意见成龙是那么的坚强,永不放弃,我从他身上学到了很多My English teacher is Miss Hou, all the students like her so much. I am one of them, Miss Hou is the one I adore, she is so patient and kind to me. When I have question about English, she is pleased to explain the question, even though I still have question, she keeps answer them until I understand. Miss Hou is a great teacher.我的英语老师是候老师,所有的学生都很喜欢她我是其中的一员,侯老师是我崇拜的一个人,她很有耐心,对我很友好当我对英语有问题时,她很乐意去解释,即使我还有问题,她一直在回答,知道我弄懂侯老师是一位好老师。

梦想(A Dream) --01 18:1:1 来源: 梦想(A Dream)梦想(A Dream)梦想(A Dream)梦想(A Dream)   es a blue whale. wow, it’s so big! it’s bigger than my classroom. oh no! there is a shark! help! help!  helen: what’s the matter, mary?  mary: i saw a shark. its teeth are so big!  helen: oh, it must be a dream.  mary: …yes, it’s a dream.梦想(A Dream)作文梦想(A Dream)作文范文梦想(A Dream)小学英语作文。