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台江区b超哪家医院最好的福建省福州做人流多少钱They should be left where they are.Leave them where they are.它们应该待在原地 让它们待在原地But the trainer did promise me by July I would look like Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man.但是训练师向我承诺 到了七月 我看起来会像《钢铁侠》的小罗伯特·唐尼I assume he met not in the suit.我觉得他的意思是不穿战衣Because I would feel kind of silly walking around in the red tin thing.因为我觉得穿着红铁皮到处走挺傻的But by July.By July.yeah.Youre going to be ripped.Im going to be ripped.Im going to be,you know.到七月时 到七月时 是的 你会成为筋肉人 我会成为筋肉人 你知道What is he having you doing?because everyone has different techniques.他让你做了什么 因为每个人的技巧都不一样Is it just weights?Is it also.Its cross training is what it is and I had to do something called a Burpee.只有哑铃吗 还是说 是交叉训练 我必须做波比操Are you familiar with that?I am familiar with the Burpee.你听说过吗 我听说过波比操Yeah,I had to do a Burpee,which I thought involved him just patting me on the back.我必须做波比操 我以为只是他拍拍我的后背But apparently,you have to do a push-up and get into crouch position但是 显然你得做俯卧撑 然后蹲着and clap your hands over the top of your head.You look like an idiot.在头顶拍手 你看起来像个傻子Yes,no,anyone who,I mean,you feel stupid.It has an embarrassing name,the Burpee.是的 任何人 你感觉很傻 名字也很囧 波比操They should have called it something,the should called the Hi,Hey!Just some cool noise.他们应该取别的名字 应该叫“嗨耶” 某种很酷的声响And,yeah,you got to jump up and then your legs burn.Everything burns out.你跳起来 燃烧腿上的脂肪 燃烧全身的脂肪Thats the idea of the new exercise technique,burn out everything at once.这是这种新锻炼技巧的理念 一次燃烧全身脂肪I cant move.I cant believe I was able to walk out here.我动不了 我都不敢相信我能走出来I know,you had the exercise,I mean the massage chair.Massage chair.我知道 但是你躺了椅 椅Please,please,can I have a free one of those?拜托了 能免费送我一把吗You have to name the company.I dont know,whats that.你必须提到那家公司叫什么 我不知道 什么Brookstone,Brookstone,its Brookstone,Brookstone.布鲁克斯东 布鲁克斯东 是布鲁克斯东 布鲁克斯东201607/457453福州现代妇科医院流产多少钱 福州子宫肌瘤做手术多少钱

福州无痛人流医院价格In 1957, Chinas Peoples Liberation Army visited Tsaparang, giving us the first ever motion pictures of the abandoned city.1957年人民解放军来到札布让带来这座古城有史以来的第一动画影片。Amongst the roaded ruins they discovered intricate religious objects, icons and murals, tale-tell signs of grandeur and opulence.在受到严重侵蚀的遗址中,他们发现精致的宗教宝物图腾及壁画,述说着繁华及财富。But it was inside the caves deep within the city that the soldiers found the most intriguing revelations: armour, shields and hundreds of arrows.但更进入古城,他们发现最令人费解的洞窟,存放着兵器,盾牌及数以百计的箭。And in one particular cave, the cave of the dead, they found the most grizzly ever evidence: the remains of hundreds of headless corpses.他们还发现干尸洞,洞中堆着令人毛骨悚然的,几百具无头尸体。Whose macabre remains of these and how did they get here?这些尸骸是谁?他们为什么在这里?Perhaps answers to these questions would shed some light on the mysterious disappearance of Guge.这些问题的解答或许可以稍稍解开古格王朝神秘消失的谜团。But we would have to wait another 20 years for that illumination.但我们却又等了二十年才见到曙光。In 1985, a team from Xian Archaeological Institute stumbled upon an intriguing clue:1985年,一西安考古队偶然发现一个令人困惑的线索:an ancient paper mask probably used in the religious ceremony.他们发现用于宗教仪式的一只古老纸糊面具。It seemed quite ordinary first, but when they turned it over, they found traces of an unrecognizable western script.乍看平常,但他们发现背面印着西方字体。Months of research would reveal this to be a section of pages from a Bible written in an ancient former Portuguese used by early Jesuits. 经过了几个月后的研究显示面具背后的文字是用早期葡萄牙文写成的圣经,天主教圣经。But how could the pages of an old Catholic Bible come to be part of a Tibetan shamans mask in the far reaches of Guge?如何飘洋过海来到古格王朝而被糊成西藏僧人的面具? 译文属201604/438718罗源县顺产哪家医院好 Ethnic minorities in France法国少数民族An edgy inquiry一项前卫调查A taboo on studying immigrant families performance is fraying打破调查移民家庭表现的禁忌BY LAW, French authorities cannot collect ethnic statistics. All citizens are considered equal. Differentiating them is felt to imply stigmatisation, or even worse to echo the singling out of Jews that took place under the collaborationist Vichy regime in the 1940s.根据法律规定,法国官方部门不可以收集少数民族的统计资料。所有公民一律平等,对其进行区分可认为是有意歧视,严重者,可唤起20世纪40年代维希卖国政府对犹太人迫害的记忆。Yet however strong the historical reasons, this approach makes it difficult to tell whether French people of different backgrounds really do fare as well as each other. A new study suggests they do not.然而,无论历史的作用多么强大,禁止的方法让人难以发现法国不同背景的人们是否真的个个表现良好。一项新的研究表明,并非全然良好。It comes, surprisingly, from an official source: France Strategie, the governments economic-strategy unit, which is run by Jean Pisani-Ferry, an economist. The authors get round the ethnicity taboo by using census data on national origin. Several decades after mass immigration began, enough long-term data exist to see how the generation raised in France by parents from other countries has done.出人意外的是,该项研究竟出自官方之手:由经济学家Jean Pisani-Ferry经营的政府经济战略研究单位France Strategie。研究作者使用原籍人口普查资料,以避免触犯民族禁忌。人口大规模迁入的几十年来,存取了大量的长期数据,足以用来研究第二代移民的表现。In a word, badly. Youth unemployment of 32% for French-born citizens whose parents arrived from Africa, including sub-Saharan countries and those of the Maghreb, is twice as high as for those with no immigrant background. Fully 30% leave high school without any diploma or qualification, against 16% of those without immigrant parents. French people with parents from Africa have less stable working lives, and are more likely to live in poor neighbourhoods, than those with non-African immigrant backgrounds, the report finds.一言以蔽之,糟糕透顶。对于来自撒哈拉以南以及马格里布等非洲地区的第二代法国移民,其青年失业率为32%,是无移民背景人群的两倍。高中毕业时未获得任何学位或文凭的人数比率高达30%,而无移民背景人群所占的比率为16%。研究报告发现,与无移民背景的法国人相比,第二代非裔法国移民的工作生活不稳定,在贫穷社区生活的可能性更大。Other studies use the data to reveal further differences by national origin. French-born citizens with parents from Morocco orTunisia, for example, seem to do better at school than those with parents from Algeria or the African Sahel. Only 10% of French men aged 25-35 with Algerian-born parents, and just 9% of those with parents from the Sahel, have a degree, against 19% of those with Moroccan or Tunisian parents and 23% of the non-immigrant population. (Among those with south-east Asian roots, the figure tops 30%.)其他几项研究通过这些数据进一步揭示了来自不同国家的移民之间的差异。第二代洛哥裔或突尼斯裔法国移民在学校的表现似乎优于第二代阿尔及利亚裔或非洲萨赫勒裔法国移民。25岁至32岁的第二代阿尔及利亚裔法国移民中,只有10%的人拥有大学学位,第二代萨赫勒裔法国移民的比率为9%,而第二代洛哥裔或突尼斯裔法国移民的比率为19%,无移民背景的人口比率为23%。(第二代东南亚裔法国移民的比率为30%,数量最多。)Girls also seem to do better than boys. Just 49% of French-born men aged 20-35 with Algerian parents have passed the baccalaureat, the national school-leaving exam, compared with 58% of women (and 68% of the non-immigrant population). Those with parents from the Sahel do little better: 63% of young French-born women have the bac, and 51% of men. Interestingly, when the sexes are combined, young French citizens born to Moroccan or Tunisian parents do better at school not only than those from Algeria or the Sahel but also those born to parents from Portugal.女孩儿的表现亦似乎优于男孩儿。20岁至35岁的第二代阿尔及利亚裔法国男士在全国学校毕业考试—高中毕业会考中的通过率为49%,而女性的通过率为58%(非移民人口的通过率为68%)。第二代萨赫勒裔法国移民的表现稍好一些:年轻女性的通过率为63%,男性的通过率为51%。有趣的是,如果不分性别,洛哥裔或突尼斯裔法国移民在学校的表现不仅要优于阿尔及利亚裔或萨赫勒裔法国移民,而且优于葡萄牙裔法国移民。Such divergent patterns mirror those found in other European countries. British-born Bangladeshis have pulled away from British-born Pakistanis in terms of school results, for instance, and now perform better than white British children.这些大相径庭的结果映射出欧洲其他国家少数民族的发展趋势。第二代孟加拉国裔英国移民的学校成绩远不同于第二代巴基斯坦裔英国移民,如今超过了英国白人儿童。What explains the French pattern? History may play a part. The bloody war forAlgerias independence may have created feelings of hostility to the French system, and general alienation, which are slow to disappear. Poverty and discrimination clearly play a role. Many French immigrants came from countries with very low living standards, like Mali, Mauritania and Niger. And coming from a poor family background, notes the France Strategie study, seems to have a stronger impact on school performance in France than it does in other comparable countries.何以解释这种法国模式?也许有历史的原因。因阿尔及利亚独立引发的血腥战争产生了对法国体制的敌视情绪,以及普遍的疏离感,这些皆不易消失。贫穷和种族歧视也具有明显的作用。法国很多移民来自生活水平极低的国家,如马里、毛里塔尼亚、尼日尔。据France Strategie的研究显示,在法国,出身贫困对学生在学校表现的影响似乎大于其他类似国家。 翻译:石海霞 校对:胡雅琳译文属译生译世 /201504/370141福建协和医院四维彩超预约

福州那个妇科医院做人流好In terms of evolution, there has to be a reason for barking, or it probably wouldnt be there.从进化的角度而言,汪汪叫肯定是有理由的,要不这叫声肯定在漫长的进化过程中给淘汰掉了。Is it to warn of predators?那么这叫声是为了警告捕食者么?But dogs bark when there are no predators around.但是周围没有捕食者的时候也会汪汪叫。Is it play?那么它只是在玩耍吗?Some dogs play without barking.有些玩的时候也没有发出叫声。In fact, people who study canine behavior find there isnt much of a pattern to barking-it seems to be an all-purpose noise.事实上,研究类行为的专家告诉我们,的叫声并没有固定的形式。它只是是一种多用途的响声。Now heres another fascinating thing: adult wolves dont bark.另一件让人着迷的事情是:成年的狼并不会吠叫。They growl, and they whine, but no barking.它们只是嚎叫、哀鸣,但并不吠叫。And dogs evolved from wolves.但是是从狼进化而来的。So where did the bark come in?那么,的这种吠叫声是从何而来的呢?Mark Feinstein and Ray Coppinger of Hampshire College in Massachusetts have a theory.对此,来自马萨诸塞州罕布什尔学院的马克?范斯坦和雷?科平杰提出了一种理论。These biologists have noted that while adult wolves dont bark, adolescents do.这两位生物学家注意到,虽然成年的狼不会吠叫,但是狼崽会。Wolf pup barking seems to be an intermediate noise you grow out of.狼崽的吠声就好比是在它成长发声过程中的一个中间产物。 201503/363823 福州妇科炎症医院哪家好南平市第二医院剖腹产怎么样



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