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Now, Uh, if you are a parent, yoursquo;ve heard a lot about drinking juice in kids.现在,呃,如果你是家长,你肯定听说过许多关于小孩喝果汁的事情Well, that juice may help kids pack on the pounds. 嗯,果汁可以帮助孩子们增加体重But a new study now at the Bello University shows that though it may not be true, and in some cases it may even help kids maintain a healthy weight. 但贝洛大学一项新的研究目前表明,尽这可能不是真的,但在某些情况下,它可以帮助孩子保持体重So Dr, now you, juice even all the sugar and everything, could it help?所以士,现在的果汁一般都含有糖分,但它真的能有这种效果吗?I am gonna tell you. 我马上告诉你This really surprised me.这真的很让我吃惊Because parents are very now focused on weight control in children. 因为父母非常现在非常关注控制孩子的体重And we know there is tremendous epidemic of diabetes because of obesity in the young. 我们知道年轻一代有很多人患上肥胖症及糖尿病,And one would think that fruit juice might contribute to that.而人们会认为果汁可能有助于促成上述疾病的发生While it turns out from this Bello study that 0% pure fruit juice, if taken on a regular basis, does not result in weight gain in these kids. 在贝洛的研究中发现如果定期饮用0%的纯果汁,不会导致这些孩子体重增加Now maybe that the kids who take this fruit juice have other things in their diet that might compensate it. 也许现在,孩子们把这种果汁加入了他们的日常饮食中以补充身体所需They may have a sense.他们可能有一种感觉But the point is if your kids likes fruit juice,0% fruit juice without adding the added stuff with them, is not weigh-gaining. 但是最关键的是如果你的孩子喜欢喝果汁,没有任何添加的0%果汁是不会增加体重的 Dick, then I guess the key is real fruit juice, not, not the stuff that with % or just 5%. 迪克,那么我想关键的是真正的果汁,不,不是那种含量仅为%或者5%的饮料Thatrsquo;s exactly right.完全正确Real fruit juice the kids. 真正的果汁为只为小孩打造注:听力文本来源于普特 5Front Desk Manners前台举止It was a big apartment building. The building was in a big city. Delivery people left packages at the front desk. The front desk held the packages apartment tenants. Mr. Smith was expecting a package. He stopped at the front desk. Had his package arrived yet? Nora said, ;Yes, sir.; But only Simon could hand out the packages. ;Where Simon?; Mr. Smith asked. Simon was on break. ;Hell be back in 5 minutes, Mr. Smith,; said Nora. Twenty minutes later, Simon arrived. Mr. Smith told Simon that he had a package. ;Apartment number,; said Simon. ;3A,; said Mr. Smith. Simon went into the package room. He came back about five minutes later. ;Sign here,; he said. Mr. Smith asked, ;Where?; Simon pointed at a blank space in the notebook. Mr. Smith signed in the blank space. Simon gave him the package. Mr. Smith said, ;Thank you.; Simon said nothing.这是一栋规模宏大的公寓大楼大楼矗立在大城市快递人员将包裹放在前台前台为公寓住户保存包裹史密斯先生正在等待着他的包裹他停留在了前台包裹来了吗?诺拉称:“是的,先生但是只有西蒙能够分发这些包裹”史密斯先生问:“西蒙在哪?”诺拉说:“西蒙正在休息他将会在五分钟之内回来”二十分钟之后,西蒙回来了史密斯先生告诉西蒙说他有一个包裹西蒙说:“公寓号”史密斯先生说:“3A”西蒙进入了包裹室大约五分钟之后,他回来了他说:“在这儿签字”史密斯先生问:“在哪?”西蒙指着笔记本上的空白处史密斯先生在空白处签了字西蒙给了他包裹西蒙先生说:“谢谢”西蒙说不用谢译文属原创,,不得转载 397America Modern Immigrants Problems美国现代的移民问题The percentage of immigrants (including those unlawfully present) in the ed States has been creeping upward years. At .6 percent, it is now higher than at any point since the mid 19s.美国移民的比例(包括目前非法的)已持续数年猛增达到了.6%,是世纪年代以来最高的比例We are not about to go back to the days when Congress openly worried about interior races polluting America bloodstream. But once again we are wondering whether we have too many of the wrong sort of newcomers. Their loudest critics argue that the new wave of immigrants cannot, and indeed do not want to, fit in as previous generations did.我们并非要回到国会公开地表示忧虑劣等民族会影响美国的血统的年代但是,我们再次担忧,我们对待这些新来者犯了很多错误他们最响亮的家指出,新一代移民不能,事实上也不想,像他们的前辈那样适应美国We now know that these racist views were wrong. In time, Italians, Romanians and members of other so-called inferior races became exemplary Amerians and contributed greatly, in ways too numerous to detail, to the building of this magnificent nation. There is no reason why these new immigrants should not have the same success.我们现在知道这些种族分子的观点是错误的在过去,意大利人、罗马尼亚人和其他被成为劣等名族的成员构成了美国人,他们在难以计数的方面为这个伟大国家的建立做出了巨大贡献没有理由认为这些新移民不应该取得相同的成功Although children of Mexican immigrants do better, in terms of educational and professional attainment, than their parents, UCLA sociologist Edward Telles has found that the gains dont continue. Indeed, the fourth generation is marginally worse off than the third. James Jackson, of the University of Michigan, has found a similar tend among black Caribbean immigrants.尽管墨西哥移民的后代在教育、职业上比他们父母亲做得更好,加州大学洛杉矶分校社会学家爱德华·特列斯发现优势没有继续事实上,第四代移民被遍及化了,比第三代移民更糟密歇根大学詹姆斯·杰克逊发现加勒比黑人移民也有相似的趋势Tells fears that Mexican-Americans may be fated to follow in the footsteps of American blacks that large parts of the commy may become mired in a seemingly state of poverty and underachievement. Like African-Americans, Mexican-Americans are increasingly relegated to segregated, substandard schools, and their dropout rate is the highest any ethnic group in the country.特列斯担心墨西哥裔美国人命中注定要跟随美国黑人的脚步,他们大部分人陷入了似乎贫穷和无所成就的境地像非洲裔美国人一样,墨西哥裔美国人日益增多地陷入了分离的、低等的学校,他们的辍学率是美国所有族裔中最高的We have learned much about the foolish idea of excluding people on the presumption of ethnic racial inferiority. But what we have not yet learned is how to make the process of Americanization work all.我们已经了解基于民族或种族的劣等而将某些人排除在外是多么愚蠢的想法但是我们还没有学会的是怎样实现美国化的进程I am not talking about requiring people to learn English or to adopt American ways; those things happen pretty much on their own. But as arguments about immigration hear up the campaign trail, we also ought to ask some broader question about assimilation, about how to ensure that people, once outsiders, dont ever remain marginalized within these shores.我并不是要求人们去学英语或采取美国人的的方式;这样的事只要是靠他们自己但是随着移民的争论在竞选活动中讨论得越来越热烈,我们也应该问些关于融入社会更宽泛的问题,如何确保曾经的门外汉不会永远在美国被边缘化That is a much larger question than what should happen with undocumented workers, or how best to secure the border, and it is one that affects not only newcomers but groups that have been here generations. It will have more impact on our future than where we decide to set the admissions bar the latest ware of would-be Americans. And it would be nice if we finally got the answer right.这个问题比如何对待非法移民用工,或如何更好地保卫海岸等问题更宽广,这个问题不仅影响了新移民,也包括上几代的移民这个问题对我们未来的影响比我们决定为将来的美国移民潮设置准入门槛的影响更大如果我们找到正确就好办了 00

Step by Step 3000. Book Four. 7. Why the problem?Part 1. Warming up.A. Keywordshome, caresupport, better society, litterfine, a -letter word, equal opporties, food hygiene.Vocabularyimprisonment, harmony, discrimination, preventive, cholera, hepatitis A, diarrheal disease, cleanse, hygiene.Youre going to hear seven public welfare advertisements. Supply the missing words while listening.1. Help the old.The elderly at home and in the neighborhood, especially those living alone need your care and support.Show your concern and attend to their needs wherever possible.Your support warms their hearts and brings them hope.If you find any elderly people in need of help, call the Social Welfare Department hot line on 355 or contact the nearby Family Services Center.. keep Hong Kong clean.Hong Kong not only is one of the world greatest cities. It also our home.So let all start taking more pride in its appearance. Let keep Hong Kong clean.3. a better society.At different stages of life, we have different roles to play.As good citizens, we are willing to do our part a better society.. Dont litter.You can try walking away from litter, but you cant walk away from a fine.Use the bin or risk a 5,000 dollars fine and 6 months imprisonment.5. AIDS hot line.We are about to use a -letter word. This word can clear a room. This word makes some people sick. This word leaves others in disgust.Some people pretend it doesnt exist. Others wish it would go away.You wont hear it in mixed company. You wont hear it used at home. And you certainly wont hear it in schools.The fact is if more people use this word, less people would be affected by it.6. Equal opporties.True harmony can only exist when men and women have equal opporties.Sex discrimination destroys this harmony and is unlawful.Stand up equal opporties. The equal opporties commission hot line: 58.7. your health.When travelling abroad, you should take preventive measures against cholera, hepatitis A and other diarrheal diseases.Drink only boiled water or bottled and canned drinks.Avoid eating cut fruits or fruits that are not cleansed.When you take shellfish, make sure they are throughly cooked.Always keep an eye on food hygiene. Please stay healthy. 55

Xf1kA#ibvOZ6P)EpW9fFqzr]bLFNm1|6uy0YKpI+Larry has the flu. His nose is running. He coughs a lot. He sneezes a lot. When he coughs, he covers his mouth. When he sneezes, he covers his mouth. When his nose is running, he wipes his nose with a tissue. Larry’s mother is taking care of him. She makes hot soup him. She gives him fresh orange juice. She makes him comtable in his bed. She turns on the TV so he can watch TV in his bed. She turns out the light so he can sleep in his bed. She gives him medicine so he will get better. Larry will get better soon.(KIxUegTb##b1UnqW|6Xn(gihyDW-HBPz5(PT9N|u.;B!lb3LTCcujJ(QrdAf9# 38

Mom is taking Lily temperatureLily:Mom!?Mom:I know, sweetie. Just open wide. Dont talk. [takes temperature]Lily:[Mumbling] Mmm...Mom:[Takes thermometer out] Oh, youve got a fever. One-oh-one...time to break out the children Tylenol.Lily:I have the chills. Can you turn on the heater?Mom:Were not turning on the heater in May! You need to take a bath. Well heat you up and see if you can sweat this thing out.参考译文:妈妈在帮莉莉量体温莉莉:妈!???妈妈:亲爱的,我知道嘴张大别说话(量体温)莉莉:(嘟哝)嗯……妈妈:(取出温度计)喔,你发烧了1度……该把儿童感冒药找出来了莉莉:我好冷你可以把暖气打开吗?妈妈:五月没人在开暖气!你需要泡个澡我们来让你觉得热一点,看你能不能流流汗就好了重点词汇:take someone temperature量某人的体温thermometer 则是「温度计」Can you take my temperature, please?能麻烦你帮我量体温吗?mumble (v.)口齿不清地说话对话中因为Lily含着温度计,所以说话不清楚Dont mumble, I cant hear you!别含含糊糊的,我听不见你在说啥!break out把(需要用到的东西)拿出来Let break out the booze and have a party!咱们把酒拿出来,开个舞会吧!heater (n.)暖气机My heater is broken, so wear lots of clothes.我的暖气坏了,多穿点衣吧sweat something out藉由排汗(把体内毒素)排出You have a fever? You better get in bed and sweat it out.你发烧了?你最好上床去发一发汗 359691

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