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The answer may have reviewed itself after heavy rains, soily erosion uncovered the entrance to a dark tunnel with a passage way that seemed to head down towards the valley below.磅礴大雨后,解答似乎自己显现,土壤侵蚀暴露出一条暗道直通下面山谷。This secret tunnel would eventually proved to be useful, not just as transport, but for the survival of the entire kingdom, but perhaps the greatest revelations on Guge were found here, within this nearly inaccessible structure are clues that hint what life in Guge must have been like.王族依靠这条暗道从下方运送物资时,这条通道提供了安全与掩护,这条暗道不仅用在运输上,也是整个王朝存活的关键,但古格王朝最重要的发现或许就在这里,燥的山风保护着在这个几乎无法进出的建筑中埋藏着可窥探古格王朝生活样貌的线索。This is the red temple, behind these ancient doors, some of Buddisms finest murals tell a story of one of the greatest civilizations in Asia, one that in its heyday was unsurpassed across the Himalayas.这是红殿,在这些古老的门后面精致的佛教壁画述说亚洲最伟大的文明之一,在全盛时期整个喜马拉雅山区无人可比。These murals document life in Guge and present pictorial history of this once great kingdom.这些壁画记载古格王朝的生活述说这个繁华一世的王朝盛衰。The murals of Guge are simply stunning, not only as great artwork, but they encapsulate the experience of the kingdom, its culture, its people, its society, the ways in which they did business, the ways in which they moved about and traded, these are all represented in the mural, this is not merely artwork, this is history in visual form.古格王朝的壁画相当惊人,它们不只是伟大的艺术品,同时也浓缩了整座王朝的经验它的文化 它的人民,它的社会,他们做生意的方式以及过去是如何迁移和交易一切全都呈现在这壁画上头,这些不单是艺术品,这些是以视觉形式呈现的历史。Over the centuries Tibet and its people have seen great upheavals, it began as a unified empire, then around the year 850, the empire fell apart after a series of brutal civil wars.过去几世纪西藏及西藏人民见了大动乱开始时是统一的王国。 译文属201602/424967

Banca Popolare di Vicenza set the price range for its capital-raising exercise at between 0.10 and 3 a share (0.11 to .40) following a lack of interest among big institutions.意大利维琴察Popolare在市场对大型机构的兴趣减弱之后,将其资本筹集项目的价格设定在每股0.1欧元至3欧元之间(0.11美元至3.4美元)。The troubled Italian lender was forced into the offering after the European Central Bank required it to pad its capital buffers.这家陷入困境的意大利贷款机构被迫进入市场融资,因为之前欧洲中央要求其补足资本缓冲。Capping a poor quarter for Americas biggest banks, Goldman Sachs reported net profit of .2 billion for the first three months of the year, which was down by 56% compared with the same period last year.高盛报告今年前3个月实现净利润12亿美元,与去年同期相比下降了56%,晒出美国大型在此悲催季节的最差状况。Morgan Stanleys net income dropped by 53%, to .1 billion.根士丹利的净收入下降了53%,至11亿美元。And Citigroup registered a profit of .5 billion, a fall of 27%. Given the volatile start to the year in markets, the results were not that surprising.花旗集团实现利润35亿美元,下降了27%。鉴于市场今年开局不稳,这样的结果并不令人惊讶。Chinas GDP expanded at an annual rate of 6.7% in the first three months of the year.中国的GDP今年前3个月同比增长6.7%。Although that was the slowest pace since the start of , it was in line with most forecasts and the governments new growth target of 6.5-7%.尽管这是年初以来的最慢增速,倒还是符合绝大多数的预测以及政府设定的新的增长目标,即6.5-7%。There were also signs that the economy had performed better in March than in January, with fixed-asset investment growing at its fastest rate since August.还有迹象表明,中国经济3月份的表现好于1月,固定资产投资出现去年8月以来的最快增速。But there may be trouble ahead: new bank loans and other forms of debt have also risen sharply.但是前面仍可能有麻烦:新增信贷和其他形式的债务也已在快速上升。Mitsubishi Motors, Japans sixth-largest carmaker, admitted that its employees had altered data in fuel-consumption tests for some of its models so that they would record better mileage.日本第六大小轿车制造商三菱汽车承认,其雇员已在某些车型的燃油消耗测试中篡改数据,使之能虚报里程数。Mitsubishis boss apologised, though that didnt stop a suspension of trading in the companys shares, whose price plunged by 15% after the news broke.三菱汽车的老板出面道歉,但未能阻止该公司的股票交易被暂时停牌。之前的消息爆出后,三菱汽车的股价已经跳水15%。Meanwhile, Volkswagens share price soared in anticipation of an agreement with American regulators over an emissions-cheating scandal.同时,大众汽车的股价飙升,因为市场预期该公司应可与美国监管机构就排放作弊丑闻达成和解。An aeroplane approaching Heathrow airport was struck by a drone.一架飞机在接近希斯罗机场时遭到无人机撞击。This came after a fuss about a drone flight that filmed stunning views over London, but broke many rules in the process.此事发生在一架无人机在伦敦上空航拍了美丽绝伦的照片但在过程中违反了多项规定,造成很大争议之后。Drone-flyers are breaching both no-fly zones and restricted airspace around airports with increasing frequency.无人机驾驶员们既违反禁飞区规定,也违反机场附近的限制飞行规定,而且违规事件越来越频繁。There have been calls for mandatory geo-fencing software, which would stop these incursions automatically, and for the rules to be applied more stringently.已经有人呼吁开发强制性的区域限定软件,以自动阻止这些侵入行为,也可使得相关规定能得到严格执行。A total ban on drones over LondonandWindsor was announced ahead of Barack Obamas visit this week.在巴拉克·奥巴马本周访英之前,英方已宣布禁令,完全禁止在伦敦和温莎上空进行无人机飞行。201605/441340

Weve all been hearing a lot of anti-immigrant rhetoric recently. Everything from banning all Muslims from the country to halting the flow of Syrian refugees.This week, Karen Korematsu has been in Michigan sharing her fathers story from a similar time of fear and confusion.During World War II, Fred Korematsu refused to comply with the order that put about 120,000 Japanese-Americans in internment camps. He has become a symbol of resistance to what is now seen as a shameful time in America.Karen Korematsu wants Michigan to be among the states to officially commemorate January 30 as Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution.According to Korematsu, her father thought of himself first as an American citizen. ;He couldnt believe that American citizens would be ordered to be imprisoned without any due process of law,; she says.;He just wanted to get on with his life. He had done nothing wrong, so why should he be incarcerated just because he looked like the enemy?;Korematsus father was eventually arrested in the San Francisco Bay area. She tells us that his case was taken up by executive director of the ACLU of Northern California Ernest Besig, who had been looking for a test case ;because he thought it was unconstitutional since everyones due process had been violated.;The process took several years before eventually being heard by the Supreme Court on December 18, 1944.Korematsu tells us her father ;truly believed; that by the time his case got to the high court, they would see that the internment of Japanese-Americans was unconstitutional. He was ;disheartened; and ;disgusted; when the court ruled six to three against him.;But it wasnt unanimous,; Korematsu says, ;and thats the important point. In fact, Justice Murphy of Michigan was one of the dissenting positions.;Her father went on to challenge his conviction and that ruling in the 1980s. Though she wasnt fully aware of it growing up, her fathers federal prison record had worked against him when finding employment and housing. ;My father had never given up hope that someday he could reopen his Supreme Court case because he clearly felt that the government was wrong and that he was right in what he had done.;Korematsus father was eventually able to challenge the ruling in the 80s thanks to a piece of evidence turned up by University of California, San Diego professor Peter Irons while researching the World War II Supreme Court cases.;He was looking through some files and found, actually in the Immigration and Alien Department, a box that hadnt been opened in 40 years. And right on the top of this box, that was dusty, was this file … about the Department of Justice, that proved there was no military necessity for the Japanese-Americans to be forcibly removed from their homes; that at the time of my fathers Supreme Court case, the Department of Justice had withheld evidence, had destroyed evidence and had altered evidence. So on that basis, they were able to reopen my fathers Supreme Court case.;In 1998, President Bill Clinton awarded Fred Korematsu the Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor. Korematsu died in 2005.Several states have agreed to commemorate January 30 as Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution or are on their way to doing so in some capacity.California was the first, Korematsu tells us, beginning in 2011, followed by Hawaii and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Georgia and Pennsylvania have submitted resolutions honoring the day, while Florida and South Carolina have submitted bills to their respective legislatures.Korematsu visited with legislators this week in an effort to persuade Michigan to officially commemorate Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution each year on January 30. She tells us they were ;very receptive; to the idea. 201602/424883Every year, the American Lung Association looks at the state of air pollution in U.S. cities. This years State of the Air report is out.The group analyzes data from air quality monitors on two kinds of air pollution: ground-level ozone pollution (aka smog) and particle pollution—tiny particles from power plants and our cars and trucks.Lyndsay Moseley Alexander directs the American Lung Associations Healthy Air Campaign. She says both kinds of air pollution pose health risks.;Particularly ozone pollution, when inhaled, can cause coughing, it can trigger asthma attacks and also much more serious symptoms leading to premature death. And particle pollution is similarly ominous. When we inhale tiny particles into our lungs, they can lodge deep there and cause asthma attacks. They can also cause lung cancer, heart attacks, strokes and also premature death,; she says.But she says many parts of Michigan are making progress in reducing both ozone and particle pollution.;Only Grand Rapids remains ranked among the most polluted for ozone pollution. In fact, (its) ranked 18th in the nation among most polluted cities for ozone pollution.;The Detroit-Ann Arbor metropolitan area is ranked 44th most polluted for ozone. She says thats an improvement over previous years.;What were seeing is the average number of days when air is unhealthy to breathe have gone down.;But its not all good news.;The Detroit area is also in the top 25 most-polluted cities for year-round particle levels. Most cities in the nation improved. This area suffered worse levels.;She says the Detroit area did still meet federal standards for year-round particle pollution.From the report:The ;State of the Air 2016; found continued improvement in air quality in 2012-2014, showing lower levels of year-round particle pollution and ozone. Still, more than half of all Americans—166 million people—live in counties where they are exposed to unhealthful levels of these pollutants.Thanks to stronger standards for pollutants and for the sources of pollution, the ed States has seen continued reduction in ozone and particle pollution as well as other pollutants for decades.Overall, the best progress came in the continued reduction of ozone and year-round particle pollution, thanks to cleaner power plants and increased use of cleaner vehicles and engines. Continued progress to cleaner air remains crucial to reduce the risk of premature death, asthma attacks and lung cancer. However, a changing climate is making it harder to protect human health.Moseley Alexander notes there are a number of counties in Michigan (and around the country) that lack air quality monitors—which means there are gaps in the data they have to work with.201604/438777

Russia and the rouble俄罗斯和卢布As ye sow, so shall ye reap自己种下的恶果,自己承受The collapse in the rouble is caused by Vladimir Putins belligerence, greed and paranoia由于弗拉基米尔普京的挑衅、贪婪以及偏执,导致卢布崩溃VLADIMIR PUTIN has successfully suppressed dissent, squeezed out opposition and clamped down on the media, but he has not been able to control global financial markets. In recent days the rouble has collapsed; it has lost almost 40% of its value over three weeks. This is the biggest crisis of Mr Putins reign—and it is entirely his fault.弗拉基米尔普京成功压制了异议,挤出了反对者,严厉打击了媒体,但是他还是没能控制国际金融市场。近期卢布崩盘,过去三周,卢布价值暴跌40%。这是普京当政期间遭遇的最大的危机—而且这完全就是普京的错。Mr Putin will no doubt blame all the usual suspects—Western speculators who bet against his currency, Western imperialists who imposed sanctions on his economy, Western economists who failed to forecast that the oil price (down by half over six months) would fall as far as it has and, of course, Western newspapers that told him that his policies would lead to disaster. But the crisis is the inevitable consequence of Putinism—of aggression abroad and a corrupt-and-control economy at home.毫无疑问,普京将会把责任归咎于所有的嫌疑人身上—下赌注反对卢布的西方投机商,对俄罗斯经济采取制裁的西方帝国主义者,没能预测油价将会下跌到当前水平(过去六个月下跌了一半)的西方经济学家们;当然还有告诉他他的政策将会带来灾难的西方报纸。但是这场危机是普京主义不可避免的结果——国外挑衅加上国内受贿控制经济。Kleptocracy and its consequences腐朽政府及其后果The sanctions were imposed by the West because of his conduct in the Ukraine, where he has, among many things, seized territory, engineered a war and refused to investigate the shooting down of a civilian airliner. Meanwhile, he has failed to reform Russias economy, leaving it dependent on the energy industry that he has carved up among his friends. Had he chosen to build an economy based on the rule of law and competition rather than patronage and corruption, things would have looked very different.西方采取制裁是因为他在乌克兰的行为,他控制了该领土,密谋策划了一场战争,拒绝调查一架民航飞机被击落的事件。同时,俄罗斯经济改革失败,使得俄罗斯依赖于他从朋友那里瓜分来的能源工业上。如果他选择建立一个基于法制和竞争而不是互利互惠和受贿的经济体系,那么现在就会是另一番景象。In the short term, there is not a great deal that Mr Putin can do to get his country out of the mess that he has made. A huge interest-rate rise this week, following previous large increases, has not worked. Capital controls are not the answer. They can sometimes be effectively employed against short-term speculation, but in this case investors are rightly worried about an economy that is so reliant on one sector. Anyway, in such a lawless place, capital controls would be porous and could trigger runs on the banks which the country could ill afford. Russia still has reserves of 0 billion, but it also has foreign-currency debts of more than 0 billion.短期来看,普京不能让俄罗斯摆脱掉他制造的这个困境。紧接着前期的大幅上涨,本周利率大幅上升,但并没有起作用。资本控制不是解决问题的。资本控制有时在对抗短期投机买卖方面能起到有效作用,但是在这个问题中,投资者有理由担心一个这么依赖于某一方面的经济是否可靠。不管怎样,在这样一个目无法纪的地方,资本控制将会有很多漏洞,而且会引发挤兑,这点国家将很难承担。俄罗斯还有3700亿美元储备金,但是他还有超过6千亿美金的外债。To improve the long-term prospects of an economy that is heading into a deep recession, two bigger changes are needed. The first is that Russia should pull back from eastern Ukraine and seek some accommodation with the government in Kiev and the West that could lead to the lifting of sanctions. The second is a change to the countrys economic model. Mr Putin needs to take advantage of the fall in the value of the currency to diversify away from excess dependence on oil and gas, which make up two-thirds of exports; to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing and high-tech industry; to strengthen the rule of law; and to clean up corruption. To implement all this he should replace his pliant prime minister (and previous president), Dmitry Medvedev, with a credible economist such as Alexei Kudrin, who was a respected finance minister for 11 years. His oligarch chums might not like this, but Russians would be better off.为了提高陷入深度衰退的经济长期繁荣,需要两大方面的改变。第一个是俄罗斯从乌克兰东边撤兵,而且还要寻求和基辅政府以及可以解除制裁的西方国家之间的调解。第二个方面是改变国家的经济模式。普京需要利用货币价值的下跌,脱离对油和天然气的过度依赖,进行多元化发展,提高制造业和高科技产业的竞争力,加强法律,清理腐败。要实现上面这些,他要替换掉他容易摆布的首相(他也是前总统),德米特里梅德韦杰夫,换成可靠的经济学家如受尊敬的财政部长亚力克西库德林,他已任该职11年。他的寡头政治家朋友们可能不喜欢这个,但是俄罗斯人可能会更富裕。Sadly, none of this is likely to happen. Mr Putin will probably double down, railing against Western iniquity, stifling all dissent at home, destabilising Ukraine still more and interfering further in other neighbouring countries. And he will pursue a course of growing autarky, severing as many of Russias economic and financial links to the West as he can.遗憾的是,两者都不可能发生。普京可能会进行双重打击,怒斥西方的不公正,压制国内所有异议,使得乌克兰的政局更加动荡,更深入地干预其他邻国。他会追求自给自足,切断尽可能多的俄罗斯和西方的经济金融联系。A brazenly nationalist course will impoverish Russia further, making it impossible for Mr Putin to keep delivering rising living standards. He will gamble that the Russian people are foolish enough to trade prosperity for nationalistic fervour. This newspaper hopes he is wrong.一个厚颜无耻的民族主义进程会让俄罗斯更加贫穷,也会让普京更加不可能提高人民的生活质量。他在赌俄罗斯人民足够愚蠢,愿意用富裕来换取民族主义热情。本报希望他是错误的。译者:王呆呆 译文属译生译世 /201412/351289So I decide to watch this movie and I put it in the DVD.and I want to take my time with it,you know.我决定看这部电影 我把DVD放了进去 我想好好放松一下 你懂的Its been a big morning.I want to take my time with it.早上很累 我想好好放松一下So Im watching this thing for about a half an hour.所以我看了半个小时Congratulations.Must have had a really good story.恭喜 剧情一定很赞Parts of it was really interesting.oh,really?有一部分真的挺有趣 真的吗So Im watching this film and then on comes the scene with like 20 women doing unspeakable things to each other,on the TV.我看着这部电影 然后在一个场景中 二十个女人互相做着难以启齿的事 在电视上Right? and everything ends and I wrap up everything and its all finished.对吧 然后一切都结束了 我搞定了一切 全都结束了And I dont know about you.Mission accomplished.Mission accomplished.我不知道你怎么样 任务达成 任务达成I dont know about you,but once youre done,youre done.我不知道你是怎么样 但是一旦搞完了 就没兴趣了Right.You need that movie to come right off.That movie has to be off.对的 你需要立刻关掉那部电影 那部电影必须关掉Its perplexing to me how something so wonderful can be so terrible just two seconds later.我感到很费解 前一秒那么舒的东西 两秒之后就变得那么糟糕It reminds me of the hot towels you get on airplanes.这让我想到了飞机上的热毛巾Theyre so great for like three seconds and then theres these disgusting rags.它们一开始感觉很舒 三秒之后就变成了恶心的抹布That have to be retrieved by salad gongues.yeah,youre right.Terrible.它们必须用沙拉钳夹走 是的 你说的对 太糟了So you had the sub light moment.Its fantastic.right.and want it off the air.所以你获得了很棒的瞬间 爽呆了 结束了 然后你想关掉I want turn it off,I grab the remote control and I press power and it doesnt shut off and it wont go off.我想关掉 我拿着遥控器 点了电源 但是关不掉 画面还在And I dont want to stand up and go across the room because I want to go to sleep.Yes.我不想站起来 走过房间 因为我想睡觉 是的Pretty much.I just want to sleep.So,but It wont go off.差不多就这样 我只想睡觉 但是关不掉Im still hearing it and seeing it and I want no part of it anymore.我还能听和看到 但是我不想再参与了Im done.Im finished.Its growing me out.Its grossing me out now,yeah.我够了 我完了 现在令我很恶心 我也听得很恶心201607/457412John U. Bacon joins us for this weeks sports roundup.Wolverines moving forwardBacon tells us that despite the 24-17 loss to the Utah Utes last week, the Wolverines played ;far better football on both sides of the ball than Ive seen in a long time.;He tells us he didnt anticipate a win for Michigan, but he did expect to see 60 minutes of honest, fundamental football, and it looks like thats what we got.;Theyve got a lot of work to do … but man, you can see the foundation, you can see the building blocks, and this team is going to improve pretty quickly,; he says.Bacon says that the Jim Harbaughs postgame press conference was the best hes seen.;Calm, the eyes are still on fire, the jaw is still set … but he was not about to throw his team under the bus by saying we didnt execute, which was one of Brady Hokes singsong phrases,; he says.He cites it as an early example of Harbaughs ;very good coaching.;The Wolverines kick off their home schedule Saturday afternoon against Oregon State, and Bacon expects Michigan to pull out a win.Marquee game for SpartansMichigan State will keep the Oregon Ducks busy Saturday night, and Bacon tells us the Spartans are favored by four points.He says that MSUs loss to the Ducks last year may have actually played to their advantage, as it kept them ;under the radar; all the way through to the end of the Big Ten season.Bacon applauds the work Mark Dantonio has done coaching in East Lansing, and calls Saturdays matchup a ;marquee game.;;They win this one, theyll be a top five team for a while,; he says.Lions to have good seasonThe Detroit Lions will play their season opener Sunday at San Diego.;The big problem theyve got is how to replace Ndamukong Suh,; Bacon says.He describes Suh as the type of player whose value lies in his ability to really disrupt the offense of the other team.;The guys theyve got down there are competent, theyre good, but theyre not game changers,; he says.Bacon tells us that the Lions are expected to have a good season and may make the playoffs by the end of it.Tigers shut out againThe Tigers lost to Tampa Bay last night 8-0, their eighth shutout.Bacon says that it all started at the end of the trade deadline.;We said, if you dont trade youre playing to win, and if you do trade youve bagged it for the season. And look, once the front office has given up on the season, dont expect the players or the fans to care any more than they do. So once theyve bailed on it, the season is done,; he says.201509/398303

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