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福州/什么医院看妇科炎症好How can one classify a true adult? Many people directly attribute age to adulthood. The problem with this methodology becomes evident when you discuss the topic with various people of different cultural backgrounds. If you ask each of them what age they believe constitutes the point at which a person progresses from childhood into adulthood, their answers will always be different. Why? Because every one of the answers are based on subjective opinion. Adulthood is not based age; it’s based strictly on emotional maturity.怎样定义一个真正的成年人?很多人会直接把成年和年龄相挂钩。当你和有着不同文化背景的人来讨论这个话题的时候,你会发现这种分类方式是有明显错误的。当你问其中的每一个人,一个未成年的人到成年人的转折点是几岁,他们的回答总是不同的。为什么?因为他们的回答都是基于自己主观的看法。成年的界定并不是看年龄,而是看心智的成熟。So what constitutes emotional maturity, and thus adulthood? Here are 20 defining characteristics of a true adult:那什么是心智的成熟呢?怎样才能成年呢?下面是20条成年人心智成熟的表现:1. Realizing that maturity is an ongoing process, not a state, and continuously striving for self improvement.1. 意识到成熟是一个不断进行的过程,而不是一种状态,要不断提升自己。2. Able to manage personal jealousy and feelings of envy.2. 有能力处理好个人的猜忌和嫉妒情绪。3. Has the ability to listen to and evaluate the viewpoints of others.3. 能做好倾听和反思他人的看法。4. Maintains patience and flexibility on a daily basis.4. 每天都能保持耐心和灵活处事的能力。5. Accepts the fact that you can’t always win, and learns from mistakes instead of whining about the outcome.5. 接受你并不一直都是赢家的事实,能从错误中吸取教训,而不是发牢骚。6. Does not overanalyze negative points, but instead looks for the positive points in the subject being analyzed.6. 不会钻牛角尖过度悲观,能看到事物积极的一面。7. Is able to differentiate between rational decision making and emotional impulse.7. 能区分理智决定和情感冲动之间的不同。8. Understands that no skill or talent can overshadow the act of preparation.8. 知道机会总是给予那些做好充分准备的人。9. Capable of managing temper and anger.9. 能够处理好自己的脾气和愤怒。10. Keeps other people’s feeling in mind and limits selfishness.10. 能考虑到他人的感受,让自己尽力不要太自私。11. Being able to distinguish between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’.11. 能区分“需要”和“想要”的不同。12. Shows confidence without being overly arrogant.12. 有充足的自信而又不会让人觉得傲慢。13. Handles pressure with self composure.13. 能够沉着地应对压力。14. Takes ownership and responsibility of personal actions.14. 能独立自立,也能对自己的事情负责。15. Manages personal fears.15. 有能力自己的恐惧感。16. Able to see the various shades of grey between the extremes of black and white in every situation.16. 能在绝对的“黑”与“白”之间看到事物的多面性。17. Accepts negative feedback as a tool for self improvement.17. 勇于接受负面的反馈来促进自我提升。18. Aware of personal insecurities and self-esteem.18. 理解个人的不安全感和自尊心。19. Able to separate true love from transitory infatuation.19. 能区分什么是真爱,什么是转瞬即逝的迷恋。20. Understanding that open communication is the key to progression.20. 明白开放式的交流才是取得提升的关键。Above all, true adults do what they have to do when it is required of them, and they do what they want when they can. They are able to distinguish between the two and manage their time and efforts accordingly.综上所述,真正的成年人会在责任到来之时按照要求去做,也知道什么时候才能做他们想做的事。而且他们能区分什么是该做的事,什么是想做的事,也会合理地来安排他们的时间和精力。 /201212/215499福州/药流价格一般花多少钱A Man of Actions一个言出必行的人A crowd of student was gathered on the campus of Oxford University. “You can have no doubt,” shouted a young man excitedly, “that if the Dean does not take back what he said to me this morning, I’ll leave Oxford this very evening!”一群学生聚在牛津的校园里,一个年轻人情绪激动地叫道:“毋庸置疑,如果那个家伙不收回他今早  对我说的话,我今晚就离开牛津。”A buzzing noise followed. “What a man of actions!” one said in admiration. “How should we support him and learn from him!” said another.下面一片喧哗。“真是个言出必行的人。”一个人艳羡地说。另一个说:“我们要持他、学习他。”Suddenly, a girl asked, “What did the Dean say to you, Hob?”突然,一个女孩问道:“那家伙对你说什么了,霍波?”He bent and whispered to her, “Well,er#8226;#8226;#8226;er#8226;#8226;#8226;Miss Rose, er#8226;#8226;#8226;he told me to get clean away from Oxford this very evening!”他弯下腰小声说:“哦,呃…呃…,罗斯,呃…他说要我今晚从牛津滚出去。” /201302/225014建阳市立医院好不好

鼓楼区生孩子哪家好福州/一大妇科挂号While proudly showing off his new apartment to friends, a college student led the way into the den.一个学生带他朋友们参观他的新公寓,甚是得意。What is the big brass gong(锣) and hammer for? one of his friends asked. That is the talking clock, the man replied.那个大铜锣和锤子是干什么用的?他的一个朋友问他。那玩意儿厉害了,那是一个会说话的钟,学生回答。How#39;s it work?Watch, the man said and proceeded to give the gong an ear shattering pound with the hammer.这钟怎么工作的,他的朋友问。看着,别眨眼了,那学生走上前一把操起铜锣和锤子,拼命地敲了一下,声音震耳欲聋。Suddenly, someone screamed from the other side of the wall, Knock it off, you idiot! It#39;s two o#39;clock in the morning!突然,他们听到隔壁墙那边有人狂叫,别敲了,你这白痴!现在是凌晨两点钟了! /201304/235969“I really should more books,” you tell yourself. There’s all this information you want to acquire, all these skills you want to learn.你告诉自己,“我应该多看些书”。书里面有很多你所需要的信息以及想学习技能的相关内容。You’re excited about ing more so that you can become a better parent, friend, employee, boss, writer or entrepreneur. You want to immerse yourself in a captivating story and learn to see the world from a brand new perspective.You know there’s plenty to gain from ing more books.你很想多看一些书,这样你就会成为更称职的父母、朋友、职工、老板、作家或企业家。你想沉浸在一个扣人心弦的故事中,学着从一个崭新的视角来看世界。你知道多看些书会有很大收获。But when you get home after a long day, you give in to temptation. You turn on the TV and lie on the couch. You login to Facebook and start watching YouTube s. Before you know it, it’s bedtime. No time left in the day to .但是当你过完漫长的一天回到家中时,就向各种诱惑妥协了。你打开电视躺在沙发上。你登录到Facebook上,开始看YouTube上的视频。不知不觉,就到了上床睡觉的时间了。没有时间看书了。If this describes you, you’re not alone. This poll reveals that half the adults in America five books or fewer over the past year. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve discovered 10 easy ways to more books, and I’d like to share them with you.如果上面描述的恰巧是你的生活,那表明你和很多人都一样。调查发现,美国有一半的成年人去年一年只看了不到5本或刚好5本书。但是不一定非要这样。我发现了10种简单的方法,能让你看更多的书,我想和你分享一下。These 10 tips have helped me to more than 170 books over the past four years, so I promise that they work.使用下面的这10种方法,我在过去的四年里读了170多本书,所以我可以负责任地告诉你,这些方法很管用。1. Always have a book with you.1. 随身携带图书。When you carry a book around with you all the time, it’s less likely that you’ll play with your phone or daydream whenever you’re caught waiting for something.如果你一直随身携带图书,当你在等待的时候, 就不会老是玩手机或是做白日梦了。If you use your waiting time to , you’ll be able to finish many more books in the long run.如果你把等待的时间用来阅读,从长远来看,你会看完很多书。2. Set aside time to every night before you go to bed.2. 每晚上床睡觉之前,抽出一段时间来阅读。10 or 15 minutes of ing before you go to bed is a good way to unwind.睡觉前看10到15分钟的书,是放松的好方法。3. Get enough sleep.3. 保充足的睡眠。This might sound like a tip that belongs in a different article, so allow me to explain.这个方法看起来好像不应该放在这里,我来解释一下吧。Many people want to on the bus or subway ride to work, but because they’re sleep-deprived, they decide to take a nap instead.很多人都想在上班的路上在公交车或地铁上看书,但是因为很困,所以时间都用来打盹了。If you’re well-rested, you can use your commute to do some valuable ing.如果你休息得很好,你就可以利用坐车的时间去看一些有价值的书。4. Use your finger or a pen as a guide when you’re ing.4. 当你看书的时候,用手指或笔来指引内容。When you do this, you force your eyes not to “jump” around or skip back over the words that you’ve aly , which is the natural tendency of your eyes.我们看书的时候,眼睛会自然地跳过或回看已经看过的内容,如果你用手指或笔来指引内容,就不会出现这个问题。This tip alone will greatly improve your ing efficiency.这个方法会极大地提高你的阅读效率。5. Use an e-er.5. 使用电子书。I was initially hesitant about buying an e-er (I use a Kindle), because I enjoy ing books in their physical form. But I was quickly won over by the convenience of doing all of my ing on the Kindle.刚开始我很犹豫要不要买一个电纸书。(我用的是Kindle),因为我很享受纸书阅读的那种感觉。但是在kindle上阅读实在是太方便了,它很快就把我征了。The font sizes are adjustable; you can share one book with multiple devices; you can highlight text and make notes; you can use one hand to navigate all of the Kindle’s functions (this is especially useful for me when I find myself holding on to the handlebar of a crowded bus with one hand, and using my Kindle with the other).kindle上的字体大小是可以调整的;你可以使用多台设备来看一本书;你可以在书上画重点并做笔记;你可以用一只手浏览Kindle的所有功能(这对我来说尤其有用。这样我在拥挤的公交车上就可以一只手抓着把手,一只手拿着kindle)。6. Buy audio books.6. 购买有声图书。If you prefer to do your “ing” by listening, this option will work well for you.如果你喜欢听书,这种方式会很适合你。7. Read one book at a time.7. 一次只看一本书。It’s tempting to multiple books at once, but when you focus on finishing one book at a time, you’ll get more out of each book that you .同时看很多本书看起来很诱人,但是当你每次只专注于一本书时,你从这本书中得到的收获会比你同时看其他书时从这本书中得到的收获要大。8. Read while sitting on the “throne.”8. 坐在“宝座”上看书。It’s not recommended that you spend too much time sitting on the toilet, but since you’re going to be there for five minutes or so, why not do some ing? Five minutes of extra ing a day does add up.不推荐你花太多的时间坐在马桶上,但是反正你每天都要在那里坐上五分钟,为什么不顺便看点儿书呢?每天五分钟看起来很短,但是坚持下来,加起来时间就不少了。9. Keep a list of books that you’ve .9. 把你读过的书列在一张清单里。It’s exciting to see the list growing as time goes by, which will further encourage you to more.随着时间的推移,这张清单会越来越长,看到它你会感到很兴奋,并且想看更多的书。10. Keep a list of books that you want to .10. 把你想看的书列在一张清单里。This list represents all the knowledge that you’d like to gain in the future. Referring to this list and updating it regularly will help you stay motivated to keep ing!这张清单代表着以后你想获得的知识。 看看这张清单并经常更新它,会帮助你保持继续看书的动力。In closing…最后……Reading a book is like undergoing a chemical reaction. You’ll never be exactly the same when you finish a book, because every book has the power to teach you, encourage you and shape you.看一本书就像经历一次化学反应。当你看完一本书的时候,你会和以前有所不同,因为每本书都能够指导你、鼓励你并塑造你。 /201212/217622南平治疗痛经哪家医院最好的It’s fun playing in the snow. But it’s even more fun when you have something big and warm to snuggle up to.在雪地里玩耍固然有趣,不过有个又大又暖和的东西让你可以依偎时,那就更有趣了。For these two boisterous polar bear cubs, that big warm something came in the form of mum.对这两只贪玩的北极熊幼崽来说,这个又大又暖和的东西是他们的母亲。Not only did she give them a ride on her back but she also let them use her as a blanket as they settled down in the snow.她不仅让它们骑到自己的背上,当北极熊宝宝安坐在雪地里的时候,她还是当它们的地毯。One lucky cub even got to shelter between her forearms as she gazed out across the white wastes of the Waspusk National Park in Canada in temperatures of -20C, captured in these images by photographer Keren Su.在气温零下20摄氏度的加拿大的Waspusk 国家公园里,摄影师克伦·苏有幸拍到了这些有爱的照片,其中有这样一幕:其中一只幼崽躲在妈妈前臂底下,凝视着远方的雪景。But like any mother, she also found that when she fancied a rest herself, the little ones were determined to keep her awake to play.就像其他的母亲一样,这只北极熊母亲也发现每当自己想要休息时,这两只小家伙就是不让她停歇,非要闹着要和她一起玩耍。Mr Su, from Redmond, Washington, endured temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius in a bid to get the delightful shots but admitted sightings of polar bear cubs was never guaranteed.来自华盛顿雷德蒙德市的克伦·苏冒着零下20摄氏度的严寒,目的就是想要拍下一些可爱的场景,但是他从来没想到会拍到这么可爱的北极熊幼崽画面。He said: #39;It is a paradise for the polar bears but not for human beings. We had been taking our chances for days and found nothing.他说:“这样的场景对北极熊来说简直就是美好的天堂,而对人类来说却不是。我们每天都在观察却什么也没发现。”#39;I was there on a very clear mission to get photos of the polar bear cubs. I believe that the beauty of nature is always hidden in the remote areas difficult to access.“我去那里有个明确的任务就是拍摄北极熊幼崽。我相信自然美总是隐藏在遥远的地方,不易察觉。”#39;The young cubs need rest after walking for a certain amount of time, so the mother bear had to find a place safe enough for them to relax.“走了一段时间之后幼崽们需要休息一下,所以熊妈妈不得不找个足够安全的地方好让它们休息。”#39;In one photo, it is as if one cub was telling the other to be quiet because mum needed a bit of sleep.#39;The cubs never left their mum very far. They always wanted to snuggle with her.“在一张图片中,好像一只幼崽在告诉另外一只要安静点,妈妈要睡觉。它们不会离妈妈很远,它们总想着依偎在母亲身边。”#39;This was one of my most enjoyable moments during all of my trips to this area.#39; Mr Su said when the team came across the cubs, they were not afraid of their human companions.“这是我去这个地方的所有旅途中最令我享受的一刻。” 苏先生说当他们的队伍靠近它们时,它们一点也不害怕这些人类。#39;Mothers are very protective of their cubs and taking a picture is totally different from just seeing a bear.“母亲们对她们幼崽的保护意识很强,要想拍照可不像仅仅看到她们那样简单。”#39;When we found them resting, we had to let the bears accept us approaching them. Gradually they would allow us to watch them from a distance.“当看到它们休息的时候,我们要让它们允许我们靠近。一般情况下,它们会让我们从远处看。”#39;When they felt we were not a threat to them, we got the opportunity to photograph them.“当它们感到我们不对它们造成威胁之后,我们就可以趁机给它们拍照了。”#39;I love winter, it’s my favourite season because it’s a very romantic and poetic time to photograph animals. I love to take pictures in the snow just for the thrill of it.#39;“我热爱冬季,这是我最爱的一个季节,因为这个时候给动物拍照是一件很浪漫而又富于诗意的事情。我喜欢在雪地里拍照,因为会有很多惊喜。” /201212/214250福州/经济技术开发区医院官网

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