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福州/人流的过程福州/治疗不孕不育哪家好福州/打胎需要的价格是多少钱 While her fellow students prepare for the new semester, Chen Yanmei is on her way to Tibet.当同学们正准备迎接新学期的到来时,陈艳梅(音译)已踏上了前往西藏的旅程。The 19-year-old management major at Shanghai University has no plans to return to campus anytime soon as she#39;s taken a gap year to travel.19岁的陈艳梅就读于上海大学管理专业,自从她实施自己的间隔年旅行计划后,就打消了近期返校的念头。;College life is not much different from high school,; said sophomore Chen. ;I feel burnout and study wears me out. So I think I#39;ll take a year off and come back with renewed enthusiasm.;正在读大二的她说:;大学生活同高中生活并没有太大的区别。我感到精疲力竭了,学业令我心力交瘁。所以我打算休学一年,重拾热情,再度归来。;Taking a gap year in college has become more appealing to students. While experts say that taking time off could be beneficial, there are several hurdles.大学间隔年越来越受到学生们的青睐。尽管专家们表示休息一段时间会大有益处,但我们仍面临着一些障碍。According to Xinmin Evening News, an online survey conducted by Sina.com indicated that 73.3 percent of Chinese students say that they long to experience a gap year.据《新民晚报》报道,由新浪网发起的一份在线调查显示,有73.3%的中国学生渴望能体验一次间隔年。Geng Bin, of the students affairs office at Wenzhou University, supports this finding. Geng said: ;We have received more students#39; applications for suspension in the last two to three summers. Many of them are trying to launch startups or to travel and put aside study temporarily.;对于该调查结果,来自温州大学学生处的耿斌(音译)表示持。他说:;在过去两三年的暑假期间,我们收到越来越多学生提交的休学申请。多数人把学业暂时放到一边,尝试去创业或旅行。Yang Jia, a history sophomore at Beijing Normal University, took a year off to tour Australia on a working holiday.就读于北京师范大学历史系大二年级的杨嘉(音译),就选择休学一年前往澳大利亚,一边旅游一边打工。The gap year turned out to be a boost to his study on his return to campus.事实明,在他重返校园的时候,间隔年确实为他的学业注入了新动力。;I found myself more confident and self-sufficient,; said Yang. ;And more importantly, during the year, I thought a lot and now I know what I really want. All my grades are higher.;杨嘉说:;我发现自己变得更加自信自立了。更重要的是,在间隔年期间,我思考了很多,现在我知道自己真正想要的是什么了。各科的成绩也都有所提高。;Gappers also have an edge in the job market. In a survey in 2011 done by YouGov, a UK-based market research agency, reported gapyear.com, 63 percent of HR professionals in the UK said that a constructive gap year spent volunteering or gaining work experience overseas made a job application stand out.间隔年的行者们在求职时也颇具优势。2011年时,由英国市场调研机构YouGov所做的一项调查,调查表明63%的英国人力资源工作者表示一次自愿的空档年规划或者是海外的工作经验都能使求职申请出,该调查结果被发布在间隔年旅游网站gapyear.com上。However, Xiong Bingqi, deputy-director of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, said that there is a different attitude to gap years in China.而21世纪教育研究院副院长熊丙奇则表示,在中国对间隔年存在着另一种声音。;In the West, as long as you earn enough credits you get the diploma,; said Xiong. ;So students can suspend their study and take leave.;他说:;在西方,你只要修够学分便能拿到学位,因此学生们可以搁置学业休假。;But in China, a suspension comes usually with a serious injury, sickness or other special reasons. Traveling is not one of them, according to Xiong.熊丙奇副院长表示,但在中国,一般只有在遭遇严重伤病或其他特殊原因时才可以休学。而旅行并不在其中。But Nanjing Daily reported early this year that some schools such as Nanjing University of Information Engineering and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics are experimenting with students#39; ;startups trading for credits;. According to the plan, students can earn college credits by setting up businesses off campus. With a detailed plan and school approval, students can obtain time out.但今年年初《南京日报》的一篇报道称,包括南京信息工程大学和南京航空航天大学在内的多所高校正在试行学生的;创业换学分;制。按照计划,学生们可以通过在学校外创业挣学分。只要具备详细计划并获得学校批准,学生们便可以休学一段时间。But the newspaper also said that the specifics of such policy have yet to be worked out.但改片报道同时也表示目前这一政策的细节还未制定好。Geng Bin suggests an alternative for students. With more universities connected to their counterparts in the West, exchange programs can be a very good platform for students to travel and experience foreign culture while retaining their active status on campus.耿斌建议学生们可以选择其他的一些替代方式。随着越来越多的国内外高校互建友好关系,各种交流项目为学生们提供了一个在保持校园活力的同时,还可以一边旅行一边体验异国的绝佳平台。;At least for now when gap year is not very doable for most students, exchange programs seem to be the best choice,; said Geng.耿斌说:;至少对于目前大多数学生无缘间隔年的状况来说,交流项目似乎是最佳之选。; /201208/196632福州/医院药流哪家好

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福州/哪家医院治疗妇科比较好Christmas Eve, which is annually on December 24, is the day before Christmas Day.平安夜是在每年的12月24日,也是圣诞节的前一天。Since Christmas Eve is not an official holiday, most people have to work. However, many workplaces hold celebrations, so there is a celebratory air to the day.圣诞节不是官方节日,大部分人必须要工作。然而,许多工作场所举行庆祝活动,因此整天都有节日氛围。Many people decorate their homes with decorations. The centerpiece of the decorations is often a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments. Outdoor light sculptures are also becoming increasingly popular.许多人用装饰品装饰他们的屋子。中心装饰品往往是一棵装饰着饰品的圣诞树。室外光雕塑也变得越来越流行。In the evening, many families, particularly those with children, will hang up stockings on the fireplace or the end of their bed. Children hope that Santa Claus will enter their home via the chimney and fill their stocking with gifts.在晚上,许多家庭,尤其是那些有小孩的,会把长袜挂在壁炉边或床尾。孩子们希望圣诞老人通过烟囱进入他们家并在袜子里装满礼物。 /201212/216264 When the British say ;I hear what you say. ; They mean ;I disagree and do not want to discuss it further.; But what others understand is ;He accepts my point of view.;当英国人说“我听到你所说的了”时,他们的意思是“我不同意也不想就其做进一步讨论”,而其他人却理解成了“他接受了我的观点”。When the British say ;With the greatest respect... ; They mean ;I think you are an idiot.; But what others understand is ;He is listening to me.;当英国人说“出于最大的尊重…”时,他们的意思是“我觉得你太二了”,而其他人却理解成了“他正听我说话呢”。When the British say ;That#39;s not bad. ; They mean ;That#39;s good.; But what others understand is ;That#39;s poor.;当英国人说“不算太糟”时,他们的意思是“太好了”,而其他人却理解成了“太差了”。When the British say ;That is a very brave proposal. ; They mean ;You are insane.; But what others understand is ;He thinks I have courage.;当英国人说“那真是一个非常有勇气的提议”时,他们的意思是“你真是疯了”,而其他人却理解成了“他觉得我很有胆识”。When the British say ;Quite good. ; They mean ;A bit disappointing.; But what others understand is ;Quite good.;当英国人说“很不错哦”时,他们的意思是“有点小失望”,而其他人却理解成了“真心不错”。When the British say ;I would suggest... ; They mean ;Do it or be prepared to justify yourself.; But what others understand is ;Think about the idea, but do what you like.;当英国人说“我想建议的是……”时,他们的意思是“去实践或者做好准备明你自己”,而其他人却理解成了“考虑一下他的点子,但还是做我想做的”。When the British say ;Oh, incidentally / by the way... ; They mean ;The primary purpose of our discussion is...; But what others understand is ;That is not very important.;当英国人说“顺便说一句……”时,他们的意思是“我们讨论的最根本目的是……”,而其他人却理解成了“接下来的话不是非常重要”。When the British say ;I was a bit disappointed that... ; They mean ;I am annoyed that...; But what others understand is ;It doesn#39;t really matter.;当英国人说“我对……有点小失望”时,他们的意思是“我对……很恼火”,而其他人却理解成了“无伤大雅”。When the British say ;Very interesting. ; They mean ;That is clearly nonsense.; But what others understand is ;They are impressed.;当英国人说“非常有意思啊”时,他们的意思是“那明显是瞎扯淡”,而其他人却理解成了“那真是让人印象深刻”。When the British say ;I#39;ll bear it in mind. ; They mean ;I#39;ve forgotten it aly.; But what others understand is ;They will probably do it.;当英国人说“我刻在脑子里了”时,他们的意思是“我已经不记得了”,而其他人却理解成了“他们大概会去做的吧”。When the British say ;I#39;m sure it#39;s my fault. ; They mean ;It#39;s your fault.; But what others understand is ;Why do they think it was their fault?;当英国人说“我确定是我错了”时,他们的意思是“那其实是你的错”,而其他人却理解成了“为什么他们会觉得是他们的错呢?”When the British say ;You must come for dinner. ; They mean ;It#39;s not an invitation, I#39;m just being polite.; But what others understand is ;I will get an invitation soon.;当英国人说“你一定要来赴宴”时,他们的意思是“那绝不是什么邀请,我只不过想礼貌一些”,而其他人却理解成了“马上我就会收到一个邀请了”。When the British say ;I almost agree. ; They mean ;I don#39;t agree at all.; But what others understand is ;He#39;s not far from agreement.;当英国人说“我基本同意”时,他们的意思是“我一点儿都不同意”,而其他人却理解成了“他真的是非常非常同意啊”。When the British say ;I only have a few minor comments. ; They mean ;Please re-write completely.; But what others understand is ;He has found a few typos.;当英国人说“我只是有一点儿建议”时,他们的意思是“请从头到尾地重写一份吧”,而其他人却理解成了“他只不过发现了一些言语错误”。When the British say ;Could we consider some other options?; They mean ;I don#39;t like your idea.; But what others understand is ;They have not yet decided.;当英国人说“我们可以再考虑一些其他的选择吗?”时,他们的意思是“我着实不喜欢你的点子”,而其他人却理解成了“他们还没有决定下来吧”。 /201303/228075福州/治疗妇科最权威的医院福州/妇科医院咨询



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