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The EU#39;s overall subsidy to the wine industry is around 1.3 billion euros per year. For example, the French government gives 300 euros to every hectare of wineries. Italy and Spain have provided subsidies to their wine exporters, in going to wine exhibitions.欧盟每年对葡萄酒产业的全部补贴近13亿欧元。例如,法国政府为葡萄酒庄每公顷补贴300欧元。The German government subsidises half of the advertising fees if the ads are placed in China. Three out of four major Chinese wine companies listed on A shares have seen sales decrease in 2012 from a year ago. The overall sales revenue has dropped by 14.2 percent.对于在中国市场投放广告的葡萄酒庄,德国政府补贴一半的广告费用。4家大型A股上市的中国葡萄酒公司中有3家从一年前,销售额就开始下降。销售额整体下降14.2%。 Article/201307/246686I think there’s a number of key elements to good running form, and the first is not to overstride. Overstriding is when you stick your leg out in front of you, and you land with your… your foot in front of your knee, and really way in front of your hip. A lot of people think that they’re running hard when they do that. You know why? ‘Cause they are running hard! Because when you stick your leg out in front of you, you actually decelerate, from the time it takes the center of mass of your body to get over your foot. You’re actually losing energy.我认为一个良好的跑步方式有很多关键元素,而首要的就是不要跨太大步。跨太大步是当你将腿伸出到前方时,你是把你的… 把你的脚在膝盖前方着地,真的要在你的臀部前方很多。很多人觉得当他们这么做是在用力地跑步。你知道为什么吗?因为他们就是在用力地跑步!因为当你在将腿伸出到前方时,从你身体重心要赶上双脚所花费的时间来看,你其实是在减慢速度。事实上你正失去能量。The other thing that happens when you overstride is that when you stick your… your foot out in front of you and make your leg stiffer. And you have this… what’s called an impact peak and this shockwave travels up your body. But when you land without an overstride, you don’t have that jolt of force. And you’re much less likely to get injured, uh… It’s just a better way to run.当你跨太大步,另一件会发生的事情是,那时你将…将你的脚伸出到前方,并将腿打直。你会有着这…所谓的冲击峰,而这个冲击波会向上传递到你的身体。但是当你着地时没有跨太大步,你就没有那样猛震的力量。你不太可能会受伤,呃…它就是一个比较好的跑步方式。Another key element to running, is run with a… land with a pretty flat foot. I think most good runners tend to land on the ball of their foot. It just happens naturally. If you don’t stick your leg out in fron… front of you, you will not land hard on your heel. You’ll land on the ball of your foot or your mid-foot strike. But it’s a gentle landing.另外一个跑步的关键元素,是用一个…相当平坦的脚型来着地。我觉得大部份优秀的跑者倾向于用前脚掌着地。它就这么自然地发生了。若你不将腿伸到你的前…前方,你就不会用你的后脚跟用力地着地。你会用你的前脚掌或你的中脚掌着地。但它是个温和平稳的着地。Don’t lean. A lot of runners lean forward at the hips. That’s another… total evil. Be vertical from the hips up. If you can hear your feet, if your feet are landing really hard… If you are thumping as we call it in my lab, then you’re running poorly. That thump is the sound of the collision of your body with the ground. Running should be light and gentle and collision-free. So if you’re making a lot of noise, you’re running poorly.不要倾斜。很多跑者在臀部会向前倾。那是另一件…可怕的事情。从臀部以上要是垂直的。如果你能听到脚步声,如果你的脚很用力地着地…如果你像我们在实验室说的发出砰砰的重击声,那么你正是在笨拙地跑步。那重击声是你的身体与地面碰撞的声音。跑步应该是轻盈的、温和的、没有碰撞的。所以假如你发出很多杂音,你正是在笨拙地跑步。And then finally, the most important thing is if you’re learning to run properly, and if you haven’t been doing this for a long time, listen to pain. Don’t overdo it. Transition really slowly, gradually. Your body is not just designed for this instantly. If you transition to learning to run properly too fast, you are guaranteed to injure yourself. You have to adapt your body, right? You know, I think everybody can… can learn to run this way. Most people can learn to run this way, but you can’t do it overnight.紧接着最后,最重要的事情是,如果你正在学习正确地跑步,而假如你很长一段时间没有持续这样子做,请乖乖听疼痛的话。不要跑过量。非常慢地、一步步地转变。你的身体不是就为了马上做好这个而设计的。如果你太快就转换去学习正确地跑步,保你会弄伤自己。你必须适应你的身体,对吧?你知道,我认为每个人都能够…能够学习这样子跑步。大部份的人都可以学会这样子跑,但你不能一夜之间就做到。 Article/201305/241247

Powerball Fever Sweeps Nation as Jackpot Soars to 0 MillionMillions of Americans chase dream of winning largest prize in Powerball history.That condition’s sweeping the nation, Powerball fever’s sping tonight. Millions of Americans and a dream and now a record Powerball Jackpot. In California tonight, this is their first powerball, helps to explain you the line like this one in Hawthorne in LA. Tonight Jackpot is now estimated 600 million dollars, and the odds of winning, one in 175.2 million. And at this point because so many Americans have bought tickets,80% of all possible combinations have aly been chosen. A#39;s John Schriffen on the finger#39;s cross, in homes across America tonight and right here in the studio, John’s in California.This is the sound heard around the country tonight. Powerball tickets speeding out as fast as possible for the record 600 million dollar Jackpot.What#39; your strategy?I#39;m interested in the quick pick, and I did some birthdays, a few prayers.Here in H,California, bluebird Liquor is considered the luckiest store in the entire state, crowning 6 different millionaires. That#39;s why you can see here behind me, a line for powerball tickets stretches all the way down the block.How long have you been waiting on this line?I will say at least I spent an hour and a half, but it feels like forever.Is it worthy?I,I hope so.With all the excitements comes plenty of security. Here inside the fort in Florida with the number will be drawn tonight, officials are taking no chances, making sure of the lottery scandal of 1980 when the balls were waited with late paints so that they would fall on specific order doesn#39;t happen again. But if no one wins tonight, the next Jackpot will be close to a billion dollars, leaving lottery officials with a minor issue.We know that#39;s really a problem for us because most of the signs out there go to 999.If that does happen, bluebird here says it will happily handwrite a sign for a billion dollars and is that possible? Lottery officials say only 20% of the possible combinations still have not been purchased. /201305/241237

  People will say, ;Hey, tha#39;s not Bruc#39;s philosophy.;;That was this author or that author.;That doesn#39;t matter. These people are missing the point.人们会说,这不是李小龙的哲学,是拿别人的书拼凑来的,其实都无所谓,这些人没有抓住重点。Bruce Lee#39;s writings are very fun to ,but they were notes.You get these es where he may change one word and substitute jeet kune do for tao.So therefore it#39;s not pure naturalness or unnaturalness.李小龙的书很有趣,但只能算是笔记。他直接引用了很多段落,有些只改了一个词,把;道;换成;截拳道;。所以 这不是纯粹的自然 也不是纯粹的不自然The ideal is unnatural naturalness or natural unnaturalness Yin yang. -You#39;re right, man,that#39;s it.最高境界是不自然的自然,或是自然的不自然。阴阳吗? -没错,老兄。Because of Bruce Lee,now I up on Alan Watts JD Krishnamurti,of course Lao Tsu,Tao Te Ching.因为李小龙,我开始仔细研究阿兰·沃茨[英国哲学家]、基督·克里希那穆提[印度灵性导师],当然还有老子,道德经。Bruce Lee dissected those philosophies,making them straight and direct and to the point.That#39;s what real philosophys about,something that you can apply to day-to-day living.That#39;s what Bruce Lee did.This is where he was a genius.李小龙分解了这些哲学,使它们直白易懂,切中要点。这才是真正的哲学,是能应用于生活的东西。这就是李小龙的贡献。这正是他的天才之处It might sound too philosophical,but it#39;s unacting acting or acting unacting if you...可能这话有点太哲学了,但这是真实的表演或者是假装的真实。You#39;ve lost me. - I have, huh?我被搞晕了 -是挺绕吧So Bruce Lee as a philosopher introduces nothing new but introduces a radicalism into martial art.He#39;s speaking the ideology of the counter culture.He speaks the zeitgeist.So you get an interest in Buddhism,in yoga, in all things Eastern.李小龙并没有引入新的哲学思想,但将激进主义注入了武术。他所说的是反主流文化的意识形态,他说的是时代精神。所以你会对佛教、瑜伽和一切东方事物感兴趣Bruce Lee shows you meditation in movement.李小龙向你展示如何在运动中冥想 Article/201311/265538



  80% of plant species on Earth have flowers.世上的植物有百分之八十会开花Flowers have just one role -花朵只有一个功用to enable the plant to produce offspring.协助植物繁衍后代Colour, perfume, nectar and shape色,香气,蜜汁和形状all act to make a flower irresistible.为的是让花朵 拥有难以抗拒的魅力Sunflowers grow to face the rising sun.向日葵向阳生长The warmth of the rays speeds the production of nectar温暖的阳光加速花蜜产生and this lures pollinators.引来传粉的生物One after another, hundreds of individual florets数以百计的小花 接二连三地produce pollen-covered stamens.长出有花粉的雄蕊And, like most flowers,如同大部分的花朵sunflowers establish a close relationship with animals向日葵和动物发展出密切关系in order to ensure their reproduction.以确保物种的延续As these bees busily feed on nectar,忙碌吸食花蜜的蜜蜂they unwittingly brush against the stamens, collecting pollen,无意中收集了雄蕊上的花粉and then carry it from flower to flower.再带到下一朵花去 Article/201311/263097

  我们能够改编记忆吗?这个带有科幻色的问题就是史蒂夫·拉米雷斯和刘旭在麻省理工学院实验室里要求的问题。最后这对搭档向一只活老鼠发射了一道雷射光,从而激活并控制了它的记忆。在这场幽默的演讲中,两位科学家不仅分享了他们是如何做得到的,更重要的是他们为何而做。 Article/201405/294905The relationship between the forest animals and the people who live here was never one of harmony.森林动物与当地人之间的关系几乎就没有和睦的时候。Yet the fact that the Dai and other ethnic groups considered these forests to be sacred, has ensured their survival and now many have been given extra protection as nature reserves.傣族与其他的族群认为森林是神圣不可侵犯的,并且能够为他们的生存提够保障。现在很多森林通过自然保护区的形式被特别地保护起来。Ingenuity and hard work pays off at last. The fattened larvae are considered a delicacy by the Dai.身心的劳累终于获得了回报。傣族人很喜欢食用这种多脂的幼虫。Although these forests have experienced a great deal of change, they are still host to some ancient and incredible relationships.尽管这些森林历尽了沧桑巨变,但它们依旧是一些远古的令人难以置信的关系的主人。Almost 60 centimetres high, this is the immense flower of the elephant yam. Locals call it the ;Witch of the Forest;.这是滇南魔芋的巨大花冠,差不多六十厘米高,当地人称之为丛林女巫。 /201405/296792

  Taharqo was eager to expand Egypt beyond Sinai and its north-east border-an aggressive policy that led to conflict with the Assyrian king, Sennacherib-whose stone reliefs were the subject of the last programme.塔哈尔卡急于扩张西奈半岛及东北边境的领土。这一富有侵略性的政策导致了与亚述王西拿基立的冲突。Around 700 Taharqo allied himself with Hezekiah, King of Judah, and fought alongside him.约公元前七百年,库施与犹大国王希西家结盟,并肩作战。But this challenge to the Assyrian war machine ultimately led to Taharqo#39;s downfall.但对亚述战争机器的挑战导致的最终结局是塔哈尔卡的垮台。Ten years later, the Assyrians came looking for him, seeking the colossal wealth of Egypt, and although he repelled them that time, they soon returned.十年后,亚述入侵埃及,对埃及的巨大财富虎视眈眈。虽然这次塔哈尔卡赢得了胜利,但亚述人很快便卷土重来。In 671 they forced Taharqo to flee south to his native Kush.公元前六七一年,亚述人迫使他逃回了故土库施。He lost his wife and his son to the enemy and, after more attacks from the Assyrians, he was finally expelled.他的妻儿都落入敌手。最终,在亚述的数次进攻后,他遭到了放逐。In the long history of Egypt, Kushite rule was a brief interlude of not even 150 years.在埃及的漫长历史中,库施人的统治不过是一段不超过一百五十年的小插曲。Yet it reminds us that the border between what is now Egypt and Sudan is a constant fault-line, both geographic and political, that has frequently divided the peoples of the Nile Valley, and frequently been fought over.但这段历史提醒我们,埃及与苏丹之间的国界线不仅是一条地理上的断层线,也是政治上的。这条线时常分隔着尼罗河流域的人民,同时也不断引发争夺。We#39;ll see that fault-line again later in these programmes, because both the Roman and the British empires bloodily revisited this contested boundary between Egypt and Kush.之后我们还会再看到它的身影, 因为罗马人与大英帝国都曾再度血洗埃及与库施之间这条纷争不断的分界线。Geography has determined that this will always be a frontier, because it#39;s here that the first cataract breaks up the Nile into small, rocky channels that are very hard to navigate, making contact between north and south highly problematic.地理因素使它成为一条天然的分界线,在此处,第一瀑布把尼罗河分成了数条布满岩石、难以航行的细流。南北方的交流因而困难重重。 Article/201408/321667


  The impetus for the Apollo Space Program came from aviation.阿波罗空间计划的动力 来自航空业的发展Invented by the Wright Brothers accelerated into production by two world wars.莱特兄弟设计制造了飞机,在两次世界大战中飞机投入大量生产Aerial Combat won in the air and built by American technology.空中战争赢于空中离不开美国技术的制造300,000 aircraft made in the U.S.A. from 1941 to 1945.1941至1945年间美国共生产30万架飞机Within a decade, harnessing that technology,不到十年时间 美国掌握了制造飞机的技术America will lead the world into the jet age.带领世界步入喷气式飞机时代and from there into space.继而进入太空探索时代1959, the Boeing 707 flies between New York and Los Angeles.1959年 波音707已经用于纽约至洛杉矶航线The journey that once took four days by road, now takes six hours.曾经要四天才能走完的公路路程,如今仅需六小时Today, over two million make that trip every year.如今 这一航线每年要接待两百多万乘客The push to fly faster and further is unstoppable.人类飞得更快更远的努力 永不停歇Airplanes, rockets, spacecraft.飞机 火箭 宇宙飞船And people on the moon.然后 人类登上月球What a magnificent testimony to the progress of humanity.这是人类进步多好的明啊1961 President John F. Kennedy tells the world that America will put a man on the moon.1961年 约翰·F·肯尼迪总统向世界宣布美国将实施登月计划I still remember when I was a little kid, you know,我至今依然记得 我小的时候John F. Kennedy stand up there and saying ;We are gonna go to the moon by the end of this decade.;约翰·F·肯尼迪总统站在那说道,在这10年内 我们要实现登月计划America had been a land of frontiers from the early 17th Century.美国自17世纪早期开始一直不断开拓And the frontiers had moved gradually across America美国的疆域在不断向外扩张 and now it seemed to make sense that the frontier would expand beyond the boundaries of the earth.而如今 这种开拓已经顺理成章地突破了地球的限制 /201303/230358

  16日晚举办的“关爱特殊儿童ONE NIGHT公益晚会”上,主发起人周迅一袭白色婚纱同丈夫高圣远惊喜亮相,正式公布婚讯。婚礼宣誓全文:高圣远:哈哈,大家,朋友们,非常感谢,非常感谢,Surprise。。。Surprise我本来不要和你们说中文,因为我很怕,如果我说得不对,我的汉语 说得不标准,你们都不明白我说什么,这个故事太不好意思了。我知道这个想法不对,对吗?最重要的事情应该是,我可以表达我的意思。而我要说的是,最重要的 事情,当然,是爱,爱让我们大家都在这儿,也是爱,让我和我的妻子在一起。 我中文说完了。我说一点儿英文,如果你不会英文,不要担心,我放我的翻译在这儿。And I just wanna thank everybody, my dear dear family, friends, everybody that has come from so far to be with us。 There’s the special time。 I know you are wondering how did I get so lucky。 I also don’t know。 But I will honor this privilege every day, and I also wannna make sure to thank the incredible team that has brought us all together。 If you knew what kind of work went into the production like this, it is truly amazing and, truly humbling to be the beneficiary。 It’s such such good thought for One Day, One Night。 We have one life。 Let’s do some good。 Thank you。 Thank you everybody for being part of our special time。 Thank you! (“我就是想感谢所有人,我的家人,我的朋友,所有远道而来的人,在这个特殊的时刻跟我们相聚在一起。你们肯定想知道为何我能够如此有幸娶到周迅,我真的 不知道,但我会珍惜这份殊荣。很开心可以在今晚这个特别的日子里跟大家分享我们的喜悦。One Day,One Night,One Life。”)周迅:是的,我们今天非常开心,可以在这个充满爱的氛围里面,把我和我丈夫的爱融合在一起跟大家一起分享。我呢,演过几部电影,做过几次新娘,在电影里也说过几次誓言,今天晚上终于有个周迅的版本可以说这个誓言。高圣远:I, Gao Shengyuan, take you, Zhou Xun, to be my beloved wife。 In the heaven to hold your, to honor you, to treasure you, to be your side in sorrow and in joy in the good times and in the bad, and to love and to cherish you always。 I promise you this from my heart for all the days of my life。 Would you do me the honor of being my wife?(周迅,你是否愿意嫁给我,高圣远,成为我的合法妻子。不管幸福还是悲伤,不管贫穷还是富有,至死不渝。你愿意吗?)周迅:我,周迅,愿意嫁给高圣远,成为他的妻子。爱他,忠诚于他,无论疾病、健康、贫穷、富有,至死不渝。你,愿意吗?高圣远:I do。我愿意。语言是两人最大的障碍高圣远全名Archie David Kao,美国华裔电影演员,毕业于George Mason大学。高圣远出生在美国首都华盛顿市,他中文不好,而在拍摄《云图》的过程中,周迅坦言所面临的最大的压力就是语言障碍:“参加这部电影的表演是很兴奋的,但确实是语言上有障碍,我语言没那么流畅,所以在拍片现场是会有一定的压力的。英文对白让我在片场经常很紧张。”周迅身边好友透露,周迅和高圣远是在香港认识的。在去年五六月份,两人正式确定恋爱。周迅一开始对恋情不太有信心,因为当时高圣远中文不太好,周迅英文不好,两人沟通还有些困难。不过她还是专门学了英语。有趣的是,周迅和高圣远恋爱期间一起互相学语言,最后高圣远这样跟朋友说,“我自己中文没怎么提高,但是周迅英文提高了很多。”高圣远中英文小档案成长经历:Archie David Kao(December 14, 1969) is an American actor。 Kao was born in Washington, D。C。, and grew up in Alexandria, Virginia。 He attended George Mason University, where he joined the Sigma Chi fraternity and graduated with a degree in Speech Communication。高圣远,全名Archie David Kao,美国华裔电影演员,出生于美国首都华盛顿市,成长于弗吉尼亚州 亚历山大市。他曾就读于乔治梅森大学,期间成为∑Χ兄弟会(Sigma Chi)的成员,毕业后获得言语交际学学士学位。参演电视剧:Kao is best known for his role as Archie Johnson in the hit television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, as well as the role of Kai Chen, the Blue Ranger, in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy as well as Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue。 He has also appeared on TV shows such as Desperate Housewives (as Steve), ER (as Yuri), N#39;s Heroes (as Kane), Once and Again (as Steven) and more。高圣远因出演热播美剧《犯罪现场调查》中阿奇·强森一角被观众熟知,另外,他还曾 在《恐龙战队》第7季《失落的》和第8季《光速救援》中扮演蓝衣战士陈凯。其他他参演的美剧包括《绝望主妇》(饰史蒂夫)、《急诊室的故事》(饰尤 利)、N电视台的《超能英雄》(饰凯恩)、《再续前缘》(饰史蒂芬)等等。In 2013, Kao joined the cast of the N TV series Chicago P。D。 (a spin-off from Chicago Fire) as a series regular, a character named Detective Sheldon Jin who is in charge of surveillance at the Chicago Police Department Intelligence 。2013年,高圣远成为《芝加哥警察局》(《芝加哥火焰》的衍生剧)中的固定演员之一,扮演一位名叫谢尔顿·金的探长,负责监督芝加哥警察局的情报部门。参演电影:Kao appeared as Sebastian in Wayne Wang#39;s Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, and starred as the main romantic lead, Jefferson, in Quentin Lee#39;s The People I#39;ve Slept With。Kao also played Edwin Luke, the brother of Keye Luke in Timothy Tau#39;s short film bio-pic on Keye Luke, which premiered at the 2012 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and which was Closing Night Film of the inaugural 2013 Seattle Asian American Film Festival高圣远还出演过电影《雪花与秘扇》中的塞巴斯蒂安和李盛熙导演的《床伴清单》,扮演主角杰弗逊。在陶哲轩导演的自传电影《陆锡麒》中,高圣远扮演陆锡麒的哥哥陆敏德。这部电影2012年在洛杉矶亚太电影节首映,并成为2013年西雅图亚裔电影节的闭幕电影。获奖经历:He was named one of People#39;s ‘Hottest Bachelors’ in 2006。 Kao currently resides in Los Angeles。2006年,高圣远入选美国《人物周刊》百名最性感男人。 Article/201407/312937

  There are certain qualities that exist in a healthy relationship. Find out if yours is healthy and work on the qualities that are lacking.一段健康的关系有几个特征。看一下你们两人的关系是否健康,哪些方面还有欠缺。You Will Need你需要Support持Communication沟通Respect尊重Honesty诚实Trust信任Dependability可靠性Apologies (optional)道歉(可选)Forgiveness (optional)原谅(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Look for support1.寻求持Look for support in your relationship. If you feel your partner is always there through life#39;s ups and downs, forgives you when you are wrong, and supports all of your goals, you know you are in a healthy relationship.在你们的关系中要寻求持。如果在生活的跌宕起伏中,你的伴侣总是和你在一起,当你犯错的时候原谅你,持你的所有目标,你应该知道,你们的关系是健康的。Say you are sorry when you are wrong and forgive your partner for their mistakes.当你犯错的时候要道歉,原谅伴侣犯的错误。Step 2 Communicate with each other2.互相沟通Realize that communication is essential to a healthy relationship. Keep the communication flowing and give each other time to express both positive and negative feelings.要意识到,沟通对一段健康的关系是必须的。保持沟通顺利,给对方时间来表达积极和消极的感觉。Step 3 Respect one another3.互相尊重Respect one another. Being treated with respect is essential in a healthy relationship. If you are both respectful of each others thoughts and feelings, even though both parties may not be in agreement, the relationship will be healthier.互相尊重。相敬如宾对一段健康的关系来说也是必须的。如果你们两人都尊重对方的想法和感受,尽管两人可能意见并不一致,你们的关系也会更加健康。Step 4 Be honest4.诚实Be honest with each other and your relationship will flourish. No healthy relationship can survive dishonesty.坦诚相见,你们的关系会更加和睦。没有诚实的态度,任何健康的关系都不会长久。Step 5 Trust each other5.互相信任Trust each other. Trust needs to be present in order to have a healthy relationship. If you do not trust each other, you are not in a healthy relationship.相互信任。为了维护一段健康的关系,信任是无处不在的。如果你们相互之间不信任,说明你们的关系不健康。Step 6 Look for dependability6.寻求可靠性Look for dependability. When you and your partner both show up when you say you will and do what you say you will do, your relationship will grow.寻求可靠性。当你和伴侣都能说到做到的时候,你们的恋情一定会茁壮成长。Step 7 Learn7.学习Learn from each others mistakes, appreciate the healthy qualities in your relationship, and work to maintain the health of the relationship.从对方的错误中学习,珍惜你们的关系中健康的品质,努力维护健康的关系。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/229002

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