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TED演讲视频:社会进步指数可以告诉我们什么GDP这个词经常挂在人们口中,好像他们是上帝掷给我们的石子一样。但是这个概念却是由一位经济学家在1920年代提出来的。我们需要的是更加有效的衡量工具,来应对21世纪的需求,迈克尔·格林说道。他用充满魅力和智慧的方式,给我们展示了如何通过三个真正有用的维度来衡量社会。还揭示,当我们使用它的时候,国家的排序会发生戏剧性的变化。201705/507484Remember the weekend before last when Trump tweeted that President Obama wiretapped him?还记得在上上周末 特朗普发推文说奥巴马总统窃听他嘛?Well, today was the deadline the House Intelligence Committee gave the Department of Justice or maybe vice verse今天是众议院情报委员会给司法部或副部长的最后期限to share evidence of this.交出关于窃听的据Needless to say, the evidence did not come,不用说据并没有出现which meant White House Stress Secretary Sean Spicer had to go into hyperspin mode这意味着白宫的“压力”秘书肖恩·斯派塞进入了周旋模式Today he said when Trump claimed Obama was wiretapping him,今天他说 特朗普声称奥巴马正在窃听他he didnt really mean he was wiretapping him.他想说的并不是指奥巴马监听特朗普For real, he said Trump used the word wiretap in es to mean surveilance and other activity.实际上 他说特朗普用了加双引号的“窃听” 是暗指监控之类的行为Sean Spicer backpedals so fast the Cowboys should sign him to play free safety.肖恩斯派塞出尔反尔如此之快 牛仔队应该签了他 让他去当游卫This is... this is the tweet for the record.这...这就是被记录的推文Trump tweeted: Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower特朗普推文写道: “真可怕!我发现奥巴马已经侵入了特朗普大厦里的“电话线;(指窃听)just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!就在胜利之前 却没有任何发现 这是麦卡锡主义And the other one: How low has President Obama gone to tap my phones另一条推文写道:奥巴马总统在非常神圣的选举过程中during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!窃听我电话的手段真是够低劣的 这是尼克松/水门事件 坏(或恶心的)人!He said Obama is either a bad or sick guy.他说 奥巴马要么是一个坏人 要么是个恶心的人Maybe he means them as compliments, like yeah man, hes bad. Hes a bad guy. This is sick, you know.也许他的意思是说: 伙计 他很屌 真的很屌 “够拽的”Ill tell you one thing, if Obama is sick,我可以告诉你们一件事 如果奥巴马病了hes definitely not getting health insurance, because thats gone.他确实没有得到健康保险 因为那是过去式了Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway who... yesterday, Kellyanne Conway yesterday与此同时 康韦....她昨天added her part to the wiretap dancing加入了为川普这一言论辩解的群魔乱舞中She went on to Sunday Morning Talk Shows to defend the president,她参加了周日早间的脱口秀节目 为总统辩护and she wasnt just spinning, she was她不仅仅是在周旋pirouetting, she was pivoting, she was... I think she did a triple axel at one point旋转跳跃她闭着眼…我觉得她还来了个三圈半跳跃She got a perfect score from the Russian judge.俄罗斯评委给了她满分Do you know whether Trump Tower was wiretapped?你知道特朗普大楼被监听嘛?What I can say is that there are many ways to surveil each other now, unfortunately.我想说的是 现在有很多方法可以互相监视 真的很不幸Uh there was a... Do you believe it was...呃 这里有...你相信...There was an article this week that talked about how you can surveil someone through their phones本周有一篇文章讨论了如何通过手机来监视某人through their... certainly through their television sets, any number of different ways,以及通过他们的...通过他们的电视机 有很多不同的方法(监视其他人)and microwaves that turn into cameras, etc.,以及在微波炉里放入摄像机 等等...so we know that that is just a fact of a modern life.所以我们知道 这就是现代生活的一个事实Microwaves that turn in... yeah, you can buy those at the Sharper Image, I think, in the Catalog.能变成相机的微波炉...是的 你可以从尖端印象商店里买到这样的微波炉 或者是《目录》里If Obama did put a camera in a microwave如果奥巴马在微波炉里放了一台摄像机all hed find out is that Donald Trump doesnt know how to work a microwave,他就会发现唐纳德特朗普不知道如何使用微波炉because... heres the thing. If our microwaves were watching us,因为...事实是 如果我们的微波炉真的在观察我的一举一动this is about all they would see.它们大概只能拍到这些You dont close the door?你没有关上微波炉的门?You should close the door. I forgot.你应该关上门的 我忘了Its customary to close the door when youre finished with the microwave.当你用完微波炉应习惯关门Thanks for watching. If you liked that, subscribe to our Youtube channel for all the latest s,感谢收看 如果你喜欢 请订阅Youtube频道来收看我们最新视频and if you didnt, subscribe anyway. Its free. Who cares?如果你不喜欢 还是订阅吧 反正不要钱 不订白不订201706/512137Im in the middle of a jungle in southern China.我现在身处于中国南部的丛林之中Mountain rivers like this lead to the coast,which could provide you with an escape route.这样的山间激流一直流向海岸 提供了一条撤退路线These rivers are just like the highways through the jungle.这些激流就像是 丛林中的交通干道Really, the best thing I can do is keep following it.而我最好的选择 就是沿着它走Im gonna to move fast on these dry rocks.And with proper technique and balance,我选择在岸边的干岩石上迅速前进 掌握好技巧和平衡you can cover much more ground than fighting through the jungle.这样走会比在丛林中摸索要快很多But following the river has its dangers.但沿着河走也会有危险Steady here. Its a long, long way down.Quite slippery, all this stuff.这里小心 是一个很长的陡坡 这些东西很滑I reckon out of all the places I go,of all the different terrains,我觉得在我去过的所有地方 所有地形中the biggest surprises are often in the jungle.丛林常常最让人出乎意料Thats why even though I move quickly,I actually move quite cautiously.This is exactly why.所以尽管我跑得很快 还是会非常小心 就是因为这样的情况The way down now is blocked by this sheer rock face.我们眼前的峭壁阻断了下山的路The best plan for me is to go back into the jungle.我的最佳方案 还是回到森林中Its a chinese cobra.Steady, steady, steady, steady.这是条中华眼镜蛇 小心 小心点I got him, I got him there.Pretty deadly snake, this.Dont get any close than that.让我来 把它弄远点 这条蛇毒性很大 千万别再靠近了Thats his hood right out as a sign to stay clear.它那头巾状的颈部是在警告你不要靠近Dont go into its killing zone.千万别走进它的地盘中201607/455799

Hi, my name is Rebecca, and in todays lesson, Ill show you how to express your opinion in English.大家好,我是Rebecca。今天我们将学习如何用英语表达观点。Now, this is important whether youre participating in a conversation, a debate, or a discussion,不论是在交谈中、辩论中、讨论时,or whether youre writing a report, or an evaluation, or proposal.还是在写报告、写评估报告或建议书时,正确地表达你的观点非常重要。Youre still going to need various types of phrases and expressions to express your view. So lets look at what some of these expressions are. Okay?这一课我们将学习多种表达观点的短语和句型。让我们首先看看下列短语。So, here are some of the most common ones. Now, the one at the top is probably the strongest, and the one down here is the weakest. So lets go through them.这是些常用表达。最上边的短语可能是其中语气最强硬的,下边这一个是语气最弱的。让我们来看看。You could say: I think the government should keep university free, for example, or I believe...;你可以说:我认为政府应该实行免费大学教育,或者我相信...next one: I feel or I suppose the government should keep university free. Now, you see with my body language, here, its a little bit weaker.下一个:我感觉或者我觉得政府应该实行免费大学教育。可以看到,根据我的肢体语言,这句的语气稍弱。So you say: I suppose the government should keep university free.你可以说:我觉得政府应该实行免费大学教育。But this kind of body language kind of suggests that youre not very sure, but you think so. All right?但是这种肢体语言有种暗示:“你并不确信但是你确实是这么想的”。Last one is very weak, but you could use it if you have, if you believe it a little bit. Okay? In that position.最后一个短语的语气非常弱,但是如果你对你说的话有那么一丢丢的确信,你就可以使用这个短语。I guess the government should keep university free. Right? Its weak, but its acceptable. All right? Again, these are the stronger options.我猜政府应该实行免费大学教育。这个语气虽弱,但是也可以接受。这些是较强语气的短语。Here are some other expressions: In my opinion, we should accept their offer.还有一些其他表达:在我看来,我们应该接受他们的出价。Or In my view, we should accept their offer. Okay? So you could also use any of these,in my opinion.或者我认为,我们应该接受他们的出价。因此,这两种表达都可用。Now, remember here, we dont need any kind of punctuation after: I think. It just goes directly: I think the government should keep university free.要记住,在I think的后边不需要加任何标点。只用直接写I think the government should keep university free。即可。But here, we do have a comma. Okay? So, In my opinion, - comma - or In my view, - comma - thats important when youre writing. Okay?但是在这里我们需要加上逗号。在我看来——逗号——,或者我认为——逗号——。这一点在书写时尤为重要。Next one, From my viewpoint, or From my point of view, or From my perspective, its time to make a decision. Okay?下一个,从我的角度来看,是时候做决定了。Again, with each of these, remember there is a comma after that expression. Okay?再次强调,这里需要加上逗号。明白了么?Next one: According to me, the Prime Minister should resign. Okay? Or It seems to me that you should take the job. All right?下一个:照我看,首相应该辞职。或者在我看来,你应该接受这份工作。So these are some other expressions. Now, thats a lot of expressions, so what you want to do is to choose the expressions that you like.相关表达有很多,而你只需要挑几个你喜欢的就行。Perhaps these could be this... The sort of translation of the expressions that you use in your own language, because you probably like those expressions.随便哪个都可以。这有点像是中英短语翻译,只用选你喜欢的。So learn a few of them correctly, rather than trying to learn all of them and getting them mixed up. Okay?你只需正确掌握其中几个表达,而不是学习所有短语,这样会弄混淆。好么?So you dont want to say: From my opinion or something like that. So its better to learn a few of them and use them correctly. All right?你不会说:在我看来或是一些什么...学习并掌握好其中几个就够了。If youd like some more practice with this, you can go to our website: www.engvid.com如果你想做一些相关练习,请登入我们的网站www.engvid.comand there you can do a quiz on this subject and also watch English learning s on lots of other topics in English. Okay?你可以在网站上做些相关小测试并观看其他英语学习视频。Thanks very much for watching, and good luck with your English.谢谢观看。下期见。201707/516447

Yersinia pestis, the germ of plague,came to Britain in the guts of infected fleas.耶尔森氏菌 这场瘟疫的病原菌 潜藏在受感染跳蚤肠道中来到英国They were hidden away in cargoes of grain,bales of cloth and in the fur of black rats.跳蚤们蛰伏在运送粮食的货船上 成捆的布料及黑鼠的毛发里The most probable point of entry was Melcombe Regis, near Weymouth.瘟疫最可能的入侵地点 是墨尔库姆雷吉斯 近威茅斯By the time it got to the great ports of Southampton and Bristol,待疫情蔓延至重要港口 南安普敦和布里斯托尔时there were aly stories from traumatised cities of Italy as to how and where it had begun在饱受创伤的意大利各地 各种传说早已盛嚣尘上 诉说着瘟疫的起因和地点in the East, on the plains of central Asia,another of the horrors carried on the backs of the Mongol hordes.在东方 亚洲中心的平原 另一种恐怖 随着蒙古部落的铁蹄纷至沓来The plague cut a swathe of destruction eastwards to China and India and westwards into Crimea and Turkey.他们携瘟疫而来 所过之处哀嚎遍野 向东侵入中国和印度 向西进犯克里米亚半岛和土耳其At Caffa, the Tartars had thrown infected bodies over the city walls to hasten the surrender of the defending Genoese,在卡法 鞑靼人把病死者的尸体 抛进城墙里 以迫使守城的热那亚人投降a first in the annals of biological warfare.这是史上第一次细菌战Once it arrived by sea in Italy,it sp quickly into mainland Europe.瘟疫经海路抵达意大利后 迅速挺进欧陆腹地There had been devastating calamities before visited on Britain英国在过去就已经历过 无数毁灭性的灾难countless numbers died in the apocalyptic famine of 13151315年末日般的饥荒饿死无数but it was the merciless,indiscriminate swiftness of the plagues progress然而瘟疫冷酷无情 不加选择地肆虐which so unhinged the cities and villages caught in its onslaught.No one, rich or poor, could escape.所过之处 城市村庄几乎分崩离析 任何人 无论贫富 皆难逃其魔爪 /201611/477314Then, when darkness falls, we fire up the spots.天黑之后 我们会开灯照明One of the biggest reasons that people die in blizzards人们死于暴风雪的最大原因之一is that they push on, try and battle the elements,when actually they should just stop.是继续前进 试图抵抗风雪 而正确的是应该原地不动If youve got high winds, difficult terrain,and zero visibility,如果遇见暴风 地形不利 并且能见度很差if you push on, its futile.Its like being on a tmill.继续前进就是死路一条 就像原地踏车一样Its gonna beat you, and youre gonna die.它会打败你 你的下场就是死Your number-one priority is protection,and in this case,its protection from the wind and from the cold.头号大事就是注意保护 在这种情况下 可以抵抗大风和寒冷Okay, fire it up, guys.Okay, lets go.好了 朋友们 启动吧 我们出发Got to try and cover up, best you can, any exposed skin.Okay, get into this.尽力盖住所有裸露在外的皮肤 迎难而上吧As the wind chill kicks in, the temperature dives.当风寒开始起作用 温度开始下跌In winds this high, frostbite can set in in minutes,and theres no natural shelter here.如此强力的风速 片刻之内就会生冻疮 这儿也没有任何天然屏障My only option is to dig.唯一的选择就是挖洞And this is gonna be a good place to dig a snow hole.这儿是挖洞的好地方 You want a lee slope with a big buildup of powdered snow from the wind.你需要一个有大量干末雪的背风斜坡 用于抵挡狂风Also, if you dig into the slope, when youre shoveling,并且如果你要在斜坡挖洞 那铲雪时gravity is gonna take the snow down away from you.Let gravity do the work.地心引力会带走一部分雪 让地心引力帮你的忙Its best to dig horizontally into the snow face.最好与雪地表面平行挖掘Dig downwards, and youll create a well,向下挖 你就可以挖出一口槽and all the cold air will sink on top of you.所有冷风就只会从你头顶上方吹过Okay, were y.好的 我都准备好了201702/494752Please welcome back Violet Spataro. And look what it says.欢迎维奥莱特· 斯巴托的再次到来 看他说了些什么Yes, it says, what does it say? You tell me what it says.嗯 它说 它说了什么?你告诉我它说了什么?I speak whale. It does. Yeah. Do you speak whale? I dont know.我说鲸鱼 它确实是 是 你说鲸鱼么?我 不 知 道Well, it sounds like you do. Yes, I do. Yes, you do.哦 听起来你知道啊 是 我知道 是 你知道Okay, so I heard youre doing a lot of learning about animals?好的 听说你学习了很多关于动物的东西Yes. I sure did. Yeah. Yeah. Which animal do you like the best? Sloths.是的 我确实是学了很多对 好 你最喜欢什么动物 树 懒What made you like sloths? How did you learn about sloths? Mom teach me in school.是什么让你喜欢树懒的 你怎么了解树懒的呢 妈妈在学校教我的Wow. So tell me about the sloth, Id like to learn about the sloth.哇 那么 告诉我一些关于树懒的事情 我想学习一些关于它的事情Okay. You want to tell you some facts about them?好的 你想要我告诉你一些关于他们的真相么Okay. They can turn their neck all the way around.好的 他们可以把它们的脖子转一圈They turn their necks all the way around?他们可以让他们的脖子转一圈?Yeah, other than the owl theyre the only animals in the world,是啊 他们是这个世界上除了猫头鹰以外 唯一可以这么做的动物other than the owl, that can turn it all the way around. Did not know that.除了猫头鹰 他们也可以把脖子转一圈 我都不知道这些I just thought it was the owl that did that. Yeah. But the sloth, too.我只知道猫头鹰可以这么做啊 是的 但是树懒也可以Look, theres a sloth. Yeah, there it is. Yeah. Sloths live in a sanctuary, right? Yes.看 那有一只树懒 是的 是有一只 是啊 树懒住在避难所里 是吧?是 的And I know theres one named Violet there, right? Yeah. Tell me about that.我知道其中有一只叫做 维奥莱特 是么?是的 跟我说说这个Well, her name is Violet.嗯 她的名字叫做维奥莱特When you sit down, did you know that she cant see out of one eye just like me.当你坐下来 你知道吗 她像我一样不能用一只眼看She has one eye just like you?她有一只眼睛像你么?Yeah. Thats why they named her Violet or is that a coincidence?是的 这是它叫维奥莱特的原因吗? 还是说只是个巧合?I dont really know about that.我并不太清楚Yeah, I dont either.哦 我也不知道But thats really amazing, and thats so但是这真的很神奇good that someone has a sanctuary to take care of those little sloths. Yeah.有人用避难所来照顾小树懒们 这样真的很好啊 是啊Theyre funny looking arent they? Yeah. They have a lot of hair on them and stuff.他们看起来很有趣 不是么?是啊 他们有很多头发之类的I didnt tell you all the facts yet, so just onto the next one.我还没有告诉你所有的真相呢 那么就到下一个Tell me the next one then.那就告诉我下一个真相吧Well did you know that sloths eat hibiscus flowers, because it tastes like chocolate to them?那么你知道么 树懒吃芙蓉花 是因为它尝起来像巧克力I did not know that, they eat the hibiscus flowers,我不知道这个 他们吃芙蓉花because it tastes like chocolate. Would it taste like chocolate to me if I ate it?是因为尝起来像巧克力 如果我吃的话是不是尝起来也像巧克力?I dont know about that. Okay. Yeah. Then I wont try it.我也不知道啊 好吧 是的 我不会去尝试的I dont think so. Okay. I think it just tastes like flowers to you. Yeah.我不这么认为 好吧 我觉得 对你来说它尝起来就像是花 是的Yeah. Probably so. Are there any more facts? Yes. Okay.是啊 可能吧 还有关于他们更多的真相么?有啊 好的Do you know that Bugs who live in there fur like moths and beetles.你知道么 住在那里的臭虫像 飞蛾和甲壳虫一样用毛皮覆盖自己Its like a sloth hotel. Its a sloth hotel. Yeah, for the little bugs that come there. Right.它就像一个树懒酒店 它是一个树懒酒店 是的 对于去那里的小臭虫而言 好吧Have you been to the sloth sanctuary?你去过树懒避难所么?No, theyre all like in Costa Rica and I never went to Costa Rica, and so I never went there.没有 他们好像都在哥斯达黎加 我没有去过哥斯达黎加 所以我没有去过树懒避难所Well, okay. Yeah. Maybe youll go to Costa Rica someday, right? Yeah.哦 好吧 嗯 啊 可能有一天你就会去哥斯达黎加 对么?是的Yeah. Maybe your mom will take you to Costa Rica. Yeah.嗯 可能你妈妈会带你去哥斯达黎加 是的Maybe she can send me on a flight there. Yeah.可能她会让我坐飞机去那里 是啊Not by yourself though, youd go with somebody, right? Yeah.即使不是你自己去 有一天你也会和别人一起去 是吧 是的Is that okay, mom? Yeah. Youre adorable. Do you know that? Thank you. Youre adorable.这样好么 妈妈? 嗯 你真可爱 你知道么 谢谢 你真可爱And I know that you love Dory, and youre looking forward to Finding Dory coming out this summer.我知道你喜欢多里 我知道你想去看将在今年夏天上映的Finding DoryYes. Yes. I sure am. Yeah, well I think youre gonna like it a whole lot. Its a really funny movie.是的 嗯 好 我确实是 好的 那么我认为你会很喜欢它 这是一个很有趣的电影Its really good, and I want you go to go so它很棒 所以我想要你去Im gonna give you tickets to go see Finding Dory okay?我会给你一张票去看Finding Dory 好么?Thank you! Youre welcome. I will see you at the premiere!谢谢你 不用谢 首映上再见201707/516957

It was now being used for whistle-blowing in the West,在西方国家它还用来揭秘内幕through WikiLeaks,通过由朱利安·阿桑奇创建的founded by Julian Assange.维基解密Assange has spent the last two years under过去的两年中 阿桑奇一直处在the protection of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.厄瓜多尔驻伦敦使馆的保护之下He is fighting extradition to Sweden on sexual assault charges,瑞典以性侵犯罪试图引渡阿桑奇charges he denies.但他否认这项指控Id been involved in cryptography and anonymous communications自九十年代初我就涉猎密码学和匿名通讯了for almost 20 years, since the early 1990s.到现在已经过去将近二十年了Cryptographic anonymity didnt come from nowhere.加密匿名并不是凭空出现的It was a long-standing quest which had a Holy Grail,而是像一个长期以来寻求的圣杯which is to be able to communicate它可以让人与人之间individual-to-individual freely and anonymously.进行自由且匿名的交流Tor was the first protocol,洋葱网络是首个实验方案first anonymous protocol,首个能实现这种平衡的that got the balance right.匿名实验方案From its early years, people who wanted to submit documents网站初期 人们可以通过洋葱网络anonymously to WikiLeaks could use Tor.匿名地向维基解密提交文件重点解释:1.involved in 包含在 ... 中例句:I dont want to get involved in the matter.我不想卷入此事。2.be able to 会; 能例句:A good lawyer might be able to get you off.请位好律师有可能使你免受追究。3.be used for 用于例句:Cretonne can be used for furniture covers and curtains.印花棉布能被用来做家具套和窗帘。201702/494701栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/457296There are hundreds of islands out here.The vast majority are deserted.这里有上百座岛屿 大多数都荒无人烟Im heading for one of these unpopulated islands,and from a distance, its an awesome sight.我将前往其中的一座无人岛 从远处看 这的景色棒极了But appearances can be deceptive.但请不要被表面假象蒙蔽People often think of desert islands as some sort of paradise,人们往往把荒岛 想象成人间天堂but the reality is they can be the ultimate prison.但事实上 这里往往是终极地狱For shipwrecked sailors through the ages,古往今来 诸多的船只失事早已明islands like this have proved the supreme challenge,此类的岛屿神秘面纱之下隐藏着无尽杀机and Im gonna show you how the smart few survived.我将向您展示 千古智者如何脱离险境100 feet now.My first task is to get ashore.高度 100英尺 我的首个任务是 上岸With nowhere to land, Im gonna jump.50 feet now.苍茫大海无处着陆 我必须跳入水中 现在 50英尺Its too shallow inside the reef,so Im gonna drop into the deep-blue waters outside.近岸处暗礁太多 水位太浅 所以 我将跳进深蓝色的水域Okay, Bear, off you go.Need to swim in through the surf now.好的 贝尔 出发 看来我得从海浪里游出去了I want to get out of this dangerous deep water,我想尽快离开这危险的深海域but that means braving the waves that break over the shallow reef.但这意味着 我将必须破浪前行Theres only a few feet of water between me and the sharp coral reef beneath.我和尖锐的珊瑚礁 相隔仅仅几英尺Coral cuts are a real danger,and blood in the water can attract sharks.若不幸被划伤 情况将十分凶险 因为水中的血腥味能把鲨鱼引来But Im through the breakers and into the lagoon.但很快 我突破重重困难 进入浅滩What Im concerned about is that sharks are gonna love this sort of area.我一直在担心 鲨鱼应该很喜欢这样的海域They can shoal fish in here and come to feed.它们能够将鱼群赶到此处 围猎进食You just need to be vigilant, keep a good eye out here.你需要非常的警惕 眼观六路201703/498705

Hosting my own show, its given me a lot of opportunities.谢谢大家给我机会举办我的舞台秀Recently, i was contacted by the people who make ;Game of thrones.;最近 有人联系我 说他是权利游戏的创作者Do you watch ;Game of thrones,; Anybody?你们大家看过“权利游戏”吗All right, its a very popular show, and i dont know that im even supposed to talk about this,好的 那是一部很受欢迎的剧 我也不知道我干嘛要说这个But i got a part on an episode, and im definitely not supposed to show you,但是我竟分派到了一个片段!并且我本不应该展示给你们看的But this is a sneak peek. My lords... My ladies... I give you Ellen degeneres.但是我忍不住想让你们看 就一小段 尊敬的贵族们…… 尊敬的女士们 我要展示给你艾伦的演绎Thank you. Thank you. So great to be here. Thank you.谢谢 谢谢 很高兴能站在这 谢谢你们Especially since ive been in that lions head for about six hours.尤其因为我在狮子的脑袋里待了大约六个小时Ahh, a big thank you to the lannister family for having me here.非常感谢兰尼斯特家族让我来到这Hey, when did names get so fancy? The lannisters. Lannisters. Funny name.嘿 什么时候名字能让人充满想象力 兰尼斯特 兰尼斯特 有趣的名字Sounds like something that youd have in your house.听起来好像你家里藏着什么东西Hey, id love to have some brunch, but im getting new lannisters installed.嘿 我想吃早午餐 但是我要让兰尼斯特重新就职Look at the king and queen there. Lovely couple. Lovely couple.看看国王和王后 多么恩爱的夫妇 多么恩爱的夫妇Hey, why does the queen always carry a scepter? cause every one works, cept her.嘿 为什么王后总是带着权杖 因为每个人都发挥作用 除了她Thank you. Thats my time. Thank you very much. Be kind to one another.谢谢 到此结束了 非常感谢 要友好待人201706/513097TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480353The grandest of these tombs had openings cut in the wall,最豪华墓穴的墙壁上开凿了凹槽to create side chambers where the most important bodies以便让最重要的尸体could be laid out in aristocratic spaciousness like family vaults in a country church.能够安息在奢华宽敞的空间内 就像教堂中的家族墓穴Unlike medieval knights though,与中世纪的骑士们不同these grandees were buried with eagles and dogs, or even treasure.这些贵族将 鹰 甚至珍宝作为陪葬品The kind of thing the Vikings who broke into these tombs thousands of years later were quick to filch.这些陪葬品让数千年后维京海盗的盗取 易如探囊取物In return, though,these early tomb raiders left their own legacy.然而作为回馈 这些早期盗墓者也留下了他们的遗产These wonderful graffiti.These runes were carved by the most skilled rune carver in the western ocean.这些珍贵的涂鸦 这些如尼文 由大西洋最娴熟的雕刻师 书刻在墙上I bedded thorny here.Ingegirth is one horny bitch.我在此如卧针毡 茵妮格斯是个浪荡的贱人As for the Orcadian hoi polloi,they ranked space in a common chamber,而作为奥克尼的平民 只能葬于一间公共墓穴之内on a floor carpeted with the bones of hundreds of their predecessors.葬于由无数祖先的尸骨铺就的地板之上A crowded waiting room to their afterworld.一个熙熙攘攘 通向来世的等候室For centuries,life at Skara Brae must have continued in much the same way.几个世纪以来 斯卡拉布雷人的生活几乎毫无变化But around 2,500 ,the island climate seems to have got colder and wetter.然而在公元前2500年前后 岛上气候开始变得寒冷潮湿The red bream disappeared and so did the stable environment the Orcadians had enjoyed for countless generations.红鲷鱼灭绝了 让奥克尼人世代安居乐业的气候 也不再规律与稳定Fields were abandoned, the farmers and fishers migrated,土地变得贫瘠 农民与渔夫开始迁徙leaving their stone buildings and tombs to be covered by layers of peat, drifting sand and finally grass.留下了他们的石室 墓穴 任由其被层层泥炭 流沙 与最后的茵茵绿草所覆盖 /201606/451012

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