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福州/无痛保宫人流价格福州/在哪家医院做人流比较好福州/不孕不育哪家好 Cool Ways Advertising Executives You Into Buying Things: Top 10 Advertising Tricks and Techniques十大广告技巧:广告有妙招,引你把钱烧。Advertisers are sneaky tricksters who get you to think, see, and buy things without you ever even knowing you#39;ve been deftly manipulated into making a purchase. For more than a century, the art of product placement, graphic design, and subliminal messages have convinced us to buy more than we ever intended and to spend more than we ever wanted. The popular television show “Mad Men” presented a romanticized view of the advertising world, but the steps advertisers take are often grounded in scientific research.Those advertisers aren#39;t just guessing and making things up when they#39;re convincing you to buy. They#39;re using tried-and-true and proven methods to trick you. They use everything they can from manipulating the visual design of their products to creating special retail environments designed to convince you to buy something when you never even intended to take your wallet out of your pocket. Here are some of the coolest ways advertisers work their magic on you.广告商都极擅花言巧语。他们让受众脑子里惦着、眼睛里看着,直到钱包空了,才反应过来——“哦,被购物了”。一个多世纪以来,广告商在产品要如何摆放、平面要如何设计、潜意识信息要如何传递等方面都费尽心思。如此考究,无非是让顾客掏更多的钱,把更多的东西搬回家。《广告狂人》(Mad Men)是一部备受欢迎的电视剧,它为剧迷们呈现了一个美图秀秀后的广告圈,但片中广告人所采用的那些手段还是有科学依据的。那些广告商绝不仅是依靠猜测或编造故事来说顾客购物的。他们还采用实践明法,试错法等方法来“等君入瓮”。从提升产品视觉效果到营造个性的销售氛围,他们竭尽所能,让顾客心甘情愿掏钱包,将那些原本压根没打算采购的物件搬回家。以下介绍几种超有范儿的广告魔术。10.Advertisers Confuse and Bewilder You Into Buying10.混淆视听:购买之功If you look at the layout of a grocery store with a critical eye, you might think that a team of monkeys decided where to place products. However, it#39;s no accident that you can never find anything in a grocery store. Companies know that if you#39;re focused while you shop, you#39;ll be less likely to make impulse buys or make purchases you didn#39;t intend to make while wandering the aisles of the store. Imagine that you#39;re trying to find a can of beans, and you walk into the canned vegetable aisle to find them.Grocery stores can place certain foods in aisles where you#39;d never expect them, and your search for that special item often comes with an additional purchase you never intended to make. Maybe you noticed the tortillas were on sale while trying to find the canned corn and decided to buy a bag. To further confuse you into buying more than you intended, stores will also create interruptions designed to make you forget about finding a great deal on something.你在商店的陈列柜前驻足,用挑剔的眼光审视着每一件展品,心里默想:这摆放怎能如此杂乱无章。其实,在店里买不到自己心仪的物品很正常。商业公司认识到,若顾客太过于专注购物本身,则会减少因漫步商店走道而产生的“冲动消费”,抑或是“计划外消费”。试想,你正走在罐头蔬菜区,打算采购一罐豆子。商家就会在走道两侧摆放一些食品,这让你吃惊不已,因为你从未想过走道两侧也能用于商品展示,而你在搜寻特定目标的时候,可能不知不觉就往手推车里放了其他东西。在采购玉米罐头时,你一眼瞄到了墨西哥玉米饼,便顺手带了一包。商家为了达到“迷人眼”的效果,还会使出浑身解数来分散你的注意力,“哄”得你不仅将“只买对的,不买贵的”的初衷抛之脑后,还变身“购物狂”,大肆采购。A study conducted at Stanford University found that people who were interrupted when engaged in a task were more likely to engage in “risk-taking” than an individual who was allowed to conduct their business in peace. As far as buying is concerned, this risk-taking comes in the form of buying the product you were considering before you were interrupted even if it was more than you wanted to pay. Rather than remembering to get that calculator out, you forget that you didn#39;t actually check to see whether the large can of corn was a better deal that the small can.斯坦福大学的一项研究显示,工作中受到干扰的人,相较于那些不受干扰的人,更敢于承担风险。就购物而言,“承担风险”体现在,消费者在购物中断前即已买到钟意物品,即便物件价格远超你预想。你正顾着采购,且不亦乐乎,把用计算器核算那点儿事早忘得一干二净;此时的你已经忘了,自己其实并没有比对出,大小两种玉米罐头究竟哪一种更为合算。9.Salespeople Mimic You to Make You Spend More9.投君所好:意在钱包Did you grow up with a younger sibling who used to mimic your every movement just to annoy you? Or, were you the sibling who liked to annoy your brother or sister by mimicking their movements, speech, and tone of voice? Well, apparently those simple gestures and mimicry could get you a job as a salesperson because of how mimicked behavior influences a person#39;s decision to buy something. A study published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services found that forming personal bonds between shoppers and salespeople was an effective way of increasing sales.你是否有小弟或,模仿着你的一举一动,让你不胜其烦?又或是,你从行为、言论甚至是声调都在模仿着你的哥哥?模仿行为将影响顾客是否决定购买产品;通过一些简单的手势以及适度模仿,你就能成为一名销售员。《零售及消费者务》(Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services)杂志发表的一份研究称,在顾客与雇员之间形成人际互动,不失为提高销售量行之有效的方法。The experiment featured four salespeople in a retail store who were told to mimic customers to see if that behavior could influence a person#39;s decision to buy something. Not only did mimicking customers ensure a higher overall sales rate, but the experiment also showed that people became more susceptible to a salesperson#39;s suggestions. Further, the customers were even likely to give the store and its salespeople high marks when evaluating their buying experience. This study built upon previous research that suggested people were more comfortable buying from salespeople who were very like themselves.该实验在一家零售店挑选了四位销售员,让她们模仿顾客的言行,从而了解销售员的行为举止,是否会对顾客的消费决定产生影响。实验的结果显示:模仿顾客的确能提高整体销售率,且销售员所给建议更易为顾客所接受。更有甚者,顾客在对消费体验进行评价时,会给这家店及雇员打出更高的分数。此前一项调查显示,若雇员与自己有着极高的相似度,则顾客购物舒适度将会更高。上述实验就是以该调查为基础而展开的。So, for example, a store selling clothing meant for a female demographic around ages 40 to 60 might hire saleswomen in that age range to improve the likelihood of a personal bond developing between the customer and the employee. Other research has even showed value in physical touch during the sales process, but only from female sales associates. A tap on the shoulder or a gentle nudge on someone#39;s back could lead to higher sales or more money spent. Like mimicry, tactile touch also improved a customer#39;s opinion of the store after making a purchase.因此,我们打个比方,若一家装店的目标群体为40至60岁的女性顾客,那么该店就会雇佣相应年龄的销售员,以提高顾客与雇员之间的人际互动。另一份研究显示,女性销售员在推销过程中与顾客所产生的肢体接触会产生不错的效果。如拍拍肩膀、轻推背部,都会让顾客花更多的钱,买更多的东西。同模仿一样,肢体接触也会提升顾客购物后,对商家的好感。8.Advertisers Prey on Your Feelings with Round Numbers8.偏爱整数:广告商机There#39;s a good chance you know someone who always has to have everything organized and neat, and they probably hate messes and leaving things out of place. Maybe this describes how you feel, and you hate it when things look messy. Overall, it would appear that many of us have these same feelings when it comes to rounded numbers and shopping. It#39;s very common for consumers to look for the lowest price on a product, but the results of a study aspublished by Science Daily revealed that people actually have feelings regarding prices with rounded numbers.你身边一定有这样的人,他们讨厌东西杂乱无章、乱丢一气,总是把每样东西安排得井井有条、整整齐齐。也许这恰恰说得就是你。谈到整数和购物的时候,很多人似乎都深有同感。一般来说,消费者购物时总希望物美价廉,但是《科学日报》(Science Daily)发表的一项研究表明,人们其实更喜欢整数的标价。Originally published in the Journal of Consumer Research, the study showed that consumers were actually drawn to rounded numbers on prices when a purchase was “feeling” based rather than one based on research. For example, buying a birthday present for someone and seeing a price of 0 rather than .78 would make someone more likely to make a purchase. On the other hand, a price with odd numbers in it would encourage a buyer to think about the price more and make a more informed decision as to whether it was a good buy or whether they could find a better deal somewhere else.这项研究最初发表于《消费者研究》杂志(Journal of Consumer Research)。研究显示,如果是凭感觉消费而不是经过一番调查比对的话,消费者实际上更容易被整数价格所吸引。例如,给人买生日礼物的时候,比起96.78美元,人更愿意购买标价为100美元的礼物。相反,如果价格是奇数的话,消费者可能就会考虑价格是否划算、在别处买会不会更便宜,然后做出更明智的决定。This study isn#39;t the only one to find that even the smallest changes in price can have a big impact on the likelihood that someone would make a purchase. In fact, studies have shown that increasing the price on a product can make people think it#39;s worth more even though no actual change was made to the product. From all accounts, humans notice even the smallest changes in price, but it#39;s not always a price in the downward direction that makes someone decide a product is an appropriate purchase.除此之外,还有很多研究发现,即使很细微的价格变动也能对消费者产生很大的影响。事实上,研究表明,尽管产品本身并没有发生实质性改变,但提高价格会让人们觉得产品内在价值有所提升。总的来说,哪怕很小的价格变化,消费者都能注意到,但并不是只有降价产品才会让人觉得值得购买。审校:假微信 校对:落花生 Freya然 /201507/384944福州/治疗宫颈糜烂的专科医院哪家好

福州/做一次人流花多少钱If you feel a pang of guilty pleasure when you celebrity tittle-tattle, don’t be too hard on yourself。  如果你每次看到明星小道消息都会感到一阵自责,不必如此为难自己。  Hearing juicy gossip about famous people apparently fires up the brain’s pleasure centre in the same way as eating the finest food or even winning the lottery。  听到关于明星的劲爆八卦消息会明显刺激人大[微]脑中的愉快中枢,其效果就想吃到最美味的食物或者中了票一样。  And it’s not good news that gives us the biggest buzz. Tales about stars’ troubles are what we crave, with affairs, drink-driving and other misdemeanours stirring up feel-good chemicals in the brain。  最让我们感到兴奋的不是好消息,我们渴求的是关于明星的各种囧事,绯闻、醉驾等各种不断行为都会刺激我们大脑中产生愉悦感的化学成分。  Most of us would never admit that we enjoy such tales but brain scans carried out during a study show that deep down, we find them highly amusing。  大多数人绝不会主动承认我们喜欢那些负面故事,可是通过扫描大脑进行相关研究,结果实,我们对负面故事有着很浓厚的兴趣。  Researchers scanned the brains of a group of students while a person out snippets of gossip about them, their best friends and a host of movie stars. Some of the gossip was designed to put the person in a bad light, such as having an affair or walking out on their family。  研究者们对一组学生进行了脑部扫描,同时让人把一些八卦新闻念给他们听,其中有关于他们密友的,也有关于若干电影明星的。部分消息是可以从负面角度设计的,例如报道当事人的婚外恋请或者抛弃家庭等等。  They may have been the victim of bad luck, such as being in a hit and run accident. Other gossip included heartwarming tales of caring for the sick and helping parents track down missing children。  还有一些新闻是关于当事人罹受不幸的,例如深陷肇事逃逸的案件之中;另一类新闻则是温暖人心的故事,例如当事人看护病人或者帮助失踪儿童的父母寻找孩子等等。  The volunteers were also asked how amusing they found each piece of information。  然后研究者向参与实验的学生提问,问他们觉得每条新闻是否有趣。  The most interesting results related to the negative stories about the celebrities. These stirred up dopamine and other feel-good chemicals in the brain’s ‘reward region’。  结果显示,最有趣的新闻是关于名人的负面报道,这些报道会刺激大脑中“奖励区域”释放多巴胺等产生愉悦感的化学物质。  The scans, carried out at Shenzhen University in China, revealed that the students were particularly tickled by tales of stars’ misfortune, with a celebrity scandal exciting the brain more than news of a friend in trouble。  这项深圳大学主持的研究项目表明,参与研究的学生们对明星的不幸事件尤为感兴趣,大脑对名人八卦的兴奋程度要高于比朋友患难消息的兴奋程度。  Adam Perkins, neurobiologist from King’s College, London, was fascinated by the findings. ‘Celebrities are particularly likely to be envied, and when they fall from grace we therefore are likely to feel particularly happy,’ he said。  伦敦大学国王学院的神经生物学家亚当·帕金斯对这项研究成果非常感兴趣。他说:“人们很容易对名人产生嫉妒心理,因此,当我们听说他们遇到囧事时很可能产生一种特殊的与快感。” /201502/359035福州/上环避孕手术价格 1. For more than 40 years, researchers have been cataloging the non-verbal behaviors women use to let men know they#39;re interested (and vice versa). One important category of flirting includes the oldest trick in the book: hair tossing。1. 相关专家对女性怎样通过动作来告诉男人她们对他其实是有好感的研究已经有40多年历史了。女人要对男人表达有意思的一个动作就是:玩头发。2. Another kinetic gesture that women often unconsciously engage in in order to show their interest is licking their lips. This behavior serves to draw your attention to her lips and indicate that a kiss could be in the cards。2. 女人另一个不知不觉表现出来对某位异性有兴趣的动作就是舔嘴唇。这个动作其实是想让你把注意力放到她的嘴巴上来,她在暗示你继续发展下去,和她深情拥吻是可能的。3. When you were a kid, your number one way of showing a girl that you were smitten with her was likely by stuffing some sand in her mouth. Both men and women use teasing as a way to let another person know they#39;re crushing on them。3. 男生小时候喜欢某个女孩子就喜欢把沙子扔到她嘴里,然后被女生满校园追打。男女其实都喜欢用这种方式来让另一方知道,他们对对方是有感觉的。4. Merely being physically close to another person appears to increase how much we like them. When a woman deliberately moves closer towards you, she may therefore be luring you into liking her more。4. 两个人互相喜欢,之间的距离自然也就靠的更近了。当某个女生故意靠近你,那么她很可能是在让你多喜欢她一点。5. Try taking things to the next level by sharing something about yourself with her. A reciprocal response where she offers up a similar level of information about herself is a hint that she has a favorable view of you, since both women and men tend to disclose personal details to people they like。5. 如果你们互相有感觉,接下来你就可以告诉她一些你的小秘密。你这样做之后,如果她也告诉你一些同等级的小秘密,那就意味着她其实也喜欢你,因为其实不论男性还是女性都愿意向自己喜欢的人透露一些自己的小秘密。6. When it comes to gauging her interest in you, the wittiness of your remarks appears to be much less important than how she responds. A monosyllabic answer, particularly when delivered in a clipped tone, is her way of shutting you down. A smiling, friendly response, however, is a green light to follow up with further conversation。6. 忘了那些你反复练习的台词吧。想要看看她对你有没有好感,看看她怎么回应你就知道了。如果跟她聊天,她只不过很简单的回应你,特别是只用单音节的音回答的话,那她其实是想让你走开。如果她微笑着很友善的回应你的话,那么这就是在暗示你们可以继续愉快地再深一层聊天了。7. Both men and women send important signals to others simply by changing the orientation and postures of their bodies. A woman who has her body turned away from yours, particularly if it#39;s at a 90-degree angle, is non-verbally blocking your attempts at getting to know her. Crossing her armsyare the other stance that indicate that a conversation will be a non-starter. Poses that suggest she#39;s receptive to further communication with you are much more open. For example, she#39;ll turn her body to face yours, her arms will be uncrossed and she#39;ll lean in toward you。7. 男女都会通过改变自己坐着的方向和坐姿来向另一方发出某种暗示信号。如果你身边的某位女士跟你保持90°角的方向,她的意思很明显——别跟我说话。如果她双臂交叉对着你,那么她也是在暗示你不要跟我说话。如果她想和你交流,她的坐姿会相较起来会更加开放一些,比如朝你的方向坐着,手臂不会交叉,甚至会向你坐的这边倾斜。8. It turns out that when a woman digs you, she#39;ll copy your moves. For example, she#39;ll touch her face, reach for her glass a few seconds after you do。8. 如果一个女人想要了解你,她会模仿你的动作。比如在你扶扶眼镜之后不久,她也会做相同的动作。9. Another flirty gesture that#39;s been amply described and investigated by scientists interested in non-verbal behavior is what is referred to as head canting. In women, when this tilt is accompanied by exposing the neck and a small smile, it sometimes means that you#39;ve caught her attention. Paired with eye play, this combination can be devastatingly attractive to men。9. 另外一个被专家认为有挑逗意义的动作就是歪着头。女人歪头,就会露出一小段脖子和一丝女人香气,某种意义上来说就是告诉你,你已经获得了她的注意。如果女人歪头再配上各种小眼神,这无疑就是在努力吸引你的注意。10. Eye contact is a powerful mode of communication among humans, and repeated or prolonged eye contact usually serves two main purposes: to convey interest or hostility. If you notice that she looks at you once but doesn#39;t look back, she#39;s not interested. Research has determined that women will continue to send it to you when you#39;ve piqued their curiosity。10. 眼神交流是人类的一种相当有力的交流方式,而多次、较长时间的眼神交流通常是表达两种目的:有兴趣或有敌意。如果她只是轻轻瞟你一眼,然后就再也不看你的话,那就是说她对你没兴趣。研究人员发现,如果你激起了女性对你的兴趣,她们会看你很多次,通过这样的方式来让你知道她们对你有兴趣。 /201507/387379福州/人流妇科医院

福州/无痛人流那里便宜A:Why in the world would a dog come to see a psychiatrist?A:为什么世界上还会有去看精神病医生呢?B:For one thing, we don’t yell at them for getting up on the couch.B:第一,你没有对他吼过从沙发上醒来。 /201504/371665 Should we say goodbye to chivalry in the age of gender equality?在性别平等的时代,我们是不是要和 “骑士精神”说再见?Chivalry arose as a response to the violence of the Middle Ages, explains an Atlantic article. Pier Massimo Forni, a professor of Italian literature and the founder of the Civility Institute at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, US, says that chivalry “was a form of preferential treatment that men once accorded to women generations ago, inspired by the sense that there was something special about women, that they deserve added respect, and that not doing so was uncouth, cowardly and essentially despicable.”对此,《大西洋月刊》在一篇文章中写到,骑士精神因为中世纪的暴力而兴起。皮耶尔#8226;马西莫#8226;弗尼是美国巴尔的市约翰#8226;霍普金斯大学的一名意大利文学教授,也是该校文明研究所的创始人。他认为骑士精神“是沿袭几代人的一种男性为女性提供的优待。因为他们认为女性的某些特殊性应得到特别的尊重;若不提供这些优待就是粗鲁、怯懦,或者简而言之是备受鄙视的。”Today “chivalry” is often used as a term for “gentlemanly” behavior, manifested through courtesy toward the “fair sex”, honor, courage and loyalty.在今天,“骑士精神”通常指“绅士的”行为,它体现在对女性的彬彬有礼、尊敬、勇敢以及忠诚之上。But we see fewer chivalrous gestures these days with old-fashioned dating rituals being replaced with hook-up culture and with many women demanding to be treated equally in the workplace.随着过时的约会礼仪渐渐被速食的“勾搭文化”所取代,职场中很多女性要求平等对待,绅士行为正变的越来越罕见。According to a 2013 survey carried out by the British Daily Mail, only one in seven men will offer their seat to a woman on a bus or train; over three-quarters of men don’t offer to help carry a heavy bag or suitcase for women.英国《每日邮报》2013年的一份调查显示,在公交车和地铁上,只有七分之一的男性愿意给女性让座。超过四分之三的男性不愿意主动为女性提沉重的箱包。In many cases, it’s not because these men are being insensitive, but on the contrary, they say they are reluctant to help women because they are so worried about offending them and being accused of being patronizing.很多情况下,没有主动提供帮助的男性并非反应迟钝,恰恰相反,他们表示这是因为担心冒犯到女性,让她们觉得是在接受施舍。Men unsure男人们的困惑These men may worry too much. According to the same survey, only seven percent of women view chivalrous acts such as holding open doors as patronizing.男人们多虑了。上述调查同时表明,只有7%的女性会把开门这一类绅士行为当做施舍。“Men seem confused by the modern ‘women want to be treated as equal to men’ message”, UK-based psychologist and relationship expert Donna Dawson told the Daily Mail.在英国工作的心理学家、人际关系专家唐娜#8226;沃森在接受《每日邮报》采访时表示:“男性似乎对现代‘女性渴望被平等对待’这种说法感到很困惑。”“This message was primarily meant for the workplace and was never meant to replace good manners. Men will always be the stronger sex, physically, and so it is only natural for them to want to show consideration for women.”“这主要是指在工作中(女性希望被平等对待),但从来不是指拒绝男性的绅士行为。生理上,男性更加强壮,所以关爱一下女性也是天经地义。”So, should the ideals of chivalry be brought back? US writer and blogger Emily Esfahani Smith says chivalry is a virtue we should all aspire to. Writing on The New York Times website, Smith says as rape culture seems to be sping across US campuses, many people are lamenting the death of chivalry. But chivalry is not dead yet. Slowly but surely, says Smith, chivalry is making a comeback.那么,我们是不是应该呼唤骑士精神的回归呢?美籍作者、主艾米丽#8226;伊斯法哈尼#8226;史密斯认为,骑士精神是一种人人都要追求的美德。她在《纽约时报》的网站上写道,在“强奸文化”似乎在美国校园大行其道之时,很多人都在哀叹:骑士精神已死。但是,骑士精神并未完全消失。史密斯认为,骑士精神正慢慢回归,而且必将回归。An initiative called the Gentlemen’s Showcase, led by college women on campuses across the US for the past years, rewards young men for helping out others in need. Ordinary people are beginning to see that chivalry contributes to healthy relationships, says Smith. A study of more than 10,000 young people carried out by the University of Michigan found that the No 1 attribute that both young men and women seek in a mate is not money or beauty or intelligence, but kindness, which lies at the heart of the chivalrous act.过去几年里,美国大学女生们发起了一项名为“绅士秀”的活动,该活动旨在奖励那些主动帮助他人的年轻男性。史密斯说,普通人也开始认识到骑士精神对于健康和谐人际关系的意义。密歇根大学一项1000多名年轻人参与的调查显示,年轻男女在寻找另一半时考虑的首要因素,不是金钱、外貌,也不是智商,而是善良的品质,而这,恰恰是骑士精神行为的核心。 /201503/365356福州/有哪些整形医院福州/引产价格表



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