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You both have a lot in common because you both have quite extreme phobias. Right? Yes.你们身上有一些共同点,因为你们都有很严重的恐惧症是吧?是的。Pauley, whats your biggest phobia? I have a lot of them.玻利,你害怕什么?我害怕很多东西。And the rule is that if you have a phobia...Im sorry. Im not gonna tell anybody it does cause its serious.如果你特别害怕某种东西。抱歉,我不会说出来,后果会很严重。You never tell anybody what the big ones are.通常我们不会告诉别人我们特别害怕的东西Theres other like fringe phobia you can talk about like—like say Im terrified of ovens.可以告诉别人的有比如条纹恐惧症,或者你可以告诉别人你有烤箱恐惧症Ovens? Yes. I dont own a oven. I cant stand ovens. Microwaves are fine. But ovens no. Yes. And then movie theaters. I only bakery.烤箱?是的,我没有烤箱,受不了那个。但微波炉还好。烤箱就不行,是。还有电影院。我只去面包房So would you not go near ovens? Its like 3,000 miles away.所以你总是远离烤箱?恨不得离它几千米远No, I do pretty well over there.不会,在厨房还好Im terrified of movie theaters. So Ive not been in the movie theater and probably like 20 years. And magicians, big one, big time.我还害怕电影院。我已经20年没去电影院了。还有魔术师Sorry. Scared of magicians? Scared is an understatement.抱歉,你害怕魔术师?说害怕都算轻的What is it about them thats terrifying? Everything.你害怕他们身上的哪一点?每一点I mean its all about deception, its all about foolery and its all about something and I can feel them coming from like a mile away.魔术师全身都散发着一股欺骗和愚弄人的气质,我在一英里外都能感受到他们的存在Well, youre feeling it now. Please welcome—Im kidding. Im kidding. Im absolutely kidding.那你现在应该已经感受到了。让我们欢迎——我开玩笑的,真的是开玩笑的Thats an amazing thing to be scared of. You think its amazing?害怕魔术师这事儿挺让人惊讶的。你觉得这很让人感到惊讶?Well, kind of. Its just not one of those things that you hear. Well, ask him what his is. Go on.是啊,有点。平常没怎么听别人说起过这种事。那你问他害怕什么。说说看I hate balloon animals. You know the guys make balloon animals.我讨厌气球做的动物,和做气球动物的那些人My wife and I walk like a mile around that guy. Because that guy is like hey—我和我妻子走路都离商场那个捏气球的人远远地。因为那个人老是——Oh, so its...hang on. I dont know if people know what youre talking about. Hey, hey, hey, hey.哦,等一下,我不确定观众听不听得懂你说的是什么。别,哎No, Im saying, no, Im saying... You mean, you mean like... No, Im not making fun—Im saying its that noise. Dont make fun of phobias. If someone says—不不,我是说,你是不是说,哎呀,不要取笑,我是说这种声音。不要取笑别人的恐惧症。如果有人说Yeah, that would be it. And twist it there. Make a poodle or something.对,就是那个。然后这里扭一下。就做成了一只What are you talking about, Perrette? Its not your phobia. Because you can turn it into a magic trick at any moment.你插什么嘴,玻利?你又不害怕这个。你随时会拿它变个魔术Im not gonna do a magic trick. That can turn into a rabbit or something. No, its not. Ive made a hat for a very small child.我不会的。它可以变成兔子或别的什么东西。不,不会的。我只是给小孩子做了一顶帽子。Thats what Ive done. But what is it about it thats really scary?这就是我做的。关于这个你是害怕什么呢?Its the sound of it. Oh, stop it. Oh, stop it. Oh, stop it.它的声音。好好好,我不弄了By definition theyre irrational fear. So therefore we dont have to rationale lies them to you.从定义上来看恐惧症是无法用道理解释清楚的。所以我们也没必要跟你解释我们为什么会觉得恐惧Im not saying it. You do. Its gone. Its gone.我不说了,你讲讲吧。我把它拿走了。Needles. I hate needles. Needles. Yeah. Oh, Im the worst.还有针,我还怕针。针,没错。哦,我最害怕这个了。But youre so hard. Youre such a rocker. But a needle around a balloon is fine with me.但是你看起来很胆大的,你可是个摇滚歌手啊。但是把针和气球放在一起就就没事。But you mean youre going for a blood test or something.你说过测血什么的。They can put my head in a guillotine or they can put a snake around me, hang me or stick anything.我宁愿他们把我送上断头台或者在我周围放一条蛇,在我面前放些东西,我都不想挨针。A blood test is like two weeks of me ooh, I dont know about that. I havent had a shot probably in you know 30 years, 40 years.但是如果两周前告诉我要测血的话……我不知道,我差不多有三四十年没打过针了Please dont pull out a shot. No, dont worry. Im not going to. I didnt even think about that.你可别拿出一根针来。别担心,不会的。这点我还没想到I dont mind a shot like you know when they do the one in the ass.如果针扎到屁股上我倒是不介意I actually, we were shooting here before we had to—before we launched. And we were doing a piece in a sneaker shop.事实上——我们刚就打了一针——就在拍这段之前。我们当时在一家运动鞋商店取景。And I had a really, really sore throat. So a doctor come this sneaker shop.我喉咙突然很痛。医生来到鞋店In the changing room of this sneaker shop she said Im going to give you a shot. Im really not good with needles. She said Ill do it in your ass.在鞋店的更衣室里,她说我要给你打一针。我很不喜欢打针。她说要打在屁股上。Do it quickly. Do it quickly. Im in. Pants pulled down and she just went like this. She went bang. Spanked me.快点打完,我说行。我把裤子脱下来,然后她就在我屁股上拍了一巴掌。Was it cortisone? I dont know. It was hard to remember, I had such an erection.是因为打的是可的松吗?不知道,我不记得了,我当时都勃起了。201706/513764栏目简介:Johnson amp; Johnson was ordered to pay 55 million US dollars to a woman who claims its talcum powder caused her ovarian cancer. The case has triggered safety concerns for products containing talc. Yuan Chenyue spoke with some local consumers and retailers to see if the lawsuit has affected sales in Shanghai.201701/487356TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452225I live in L.A. now and I was born in Brooklyn of New York.大家都知道 我现在住在洛杉矶 但我出生在纽约的布鲁克区And of course theres a natural rivalry between the two big cities in the country. N.Y. and L.A.想都不用想,纽约和洛杉矶这两个大城市之间肯定存在着对比和竞争So I think it would be fun to start a little bit of trouble.所以我觉得有必要在这上面搞点事情We sent a camera crew to N.Y. and we have one here in L.A.于是我们派了一组摄制组到纽约 另一组在洛杉矶We asked locals from each place the same question…we asked who is smarter?我们问了当地人同一个问题 你觉得谁更聪明?People in N.Y. or people in L.A.? Who is smarter? People from N.Y. or people from L.A.?是纽约人还是洛杉矶人?你觉得谁更聪明?纽约人还是洛杉矶人?Id say… N.Y. for sure. Definitely? Oh yeah. Alright. And why?我想说 当然是纽约人啊 你确定?对啊 好吧 为啥呢Um…I dont know. We sound smarter. How do people from L.A. talk? You give me an example?呃呃……我也不知道 感觉我们要聪明些啊 你知道洛杉矶人的说话强调吗 能模仿一下不You know like um…… Gag me with a spoon…um… Down in the valley…you know, like that.就像酱紫……用勺子塞住我的嘴……呃……沿着山谷走……你懂 就像这样Who do you think is smarter? People from N.Y. or people from L.A.?你觉得谁更聪明?纽约人还是洛杉矶人?Um…L.A. Why do you say that? Um……just cause Im from California. Hehehe…嗯……洛杉矶 怎么说?呃呃……因为我就是从加利福尼亚来的 哈哈哈哈What does IQ stand for? IQ? Yea. Um…… Intelligence Quizz.请问IQ是什么意思?IQ?对 呃……智力测试Whos smarter? People from N.Y. or people from L.A.?你觉得谁更聪明?纽约人还是洛杉矶人?Definitely people from N.Y. Definitely? By far. Yes. Definitely?绝对是纽约人啊 确定?至少目前为止是这样 真的?Yes. Definitely.100% sure. What does IQ stand for? Oh……Um…… Intellectual Questions?对 百分百确定 那IQ指什么?噢……呃呃……智力问题?Um…Intelligent Questions or something like that?嗯……就是智力问题一类的吧?Im not for sure. Whats your Intelligent Question?我不太确定 那你能提一个智力问题吗?Why do people have…a…un…like personality defunctional and stuff like that?呃……为什么人们会出现性格障碍等这些问题呢?就像这种So thats your IQ? Pretty much YES. What does SAT stand for?这就是你的智力问题了吗?对 差不多 SAT代表什么?Satillize Accessment Test? What does SAT stand for? I…have no idea.卫星通道测试?SAT指的什么?呃呃……不造诶Have you ever taken them? No. Oh……shoot. And I gotta go to school.你参加过吗?没有啊 噢……去……看来我得回学校补习下了I have no idea. Where did you get it? I dont know. Hahaha…我不知道 你的书谁发的的? 不造哇 哈哈哈哈A farmer has seventeen sheep. All about nine of them are eaten by wolves.一个农夫养了17只羊 除了9只其他全都被狼吃掉了How many sheeps does he have left? Eight?请问还剩多少只? 8只?Um…You are in the pizzeria. Therere seventeen slices. Ok.嗯……你在一家披萨店里 一个披萨被分成了17块 嗯All but nine get eaten. How many slices are left? Um………… E--leven? Eight?除了其中9个其他全被吃掉了 请问还剩几块? 呃…… 1……11? 8个?Nine and seven is sixteen. Um…Oh man…Im panicking.9加7等于16 我天……搞不清楚了Snoop Gogg rolls senenteen joints. And all but nine of them get smoked by him.史努比. 卷了17了烟卷 除了9剩下的都被他抽完了How many joints does he have left? Eight?他还剩多少? 8?A farmer has seventeen sheep. All but nine of them get eaten by wolves.农夫养了17只羊 除了9只其余都被狼吃掉了How many sheeps does he have left? Um……That is definitely a chirk question.请问还剩几只?呃……这真是个脑筋急转弯吧Yes it is. Hehe…Um… Wolves dont eat sheep? Oh its not that kind of trick.嗯,对啊 哈哈哈哈…… 真是被狼吃的? 不不……不是这种急转弯Oh…ok… Oh Im not a calculator. Eight…Seven…Six…Eight……I think Eight.哦哦……好吧 噢……我咋知道 我又不是计算器 8只 ……7只……6只……8……好 就8只了They ate them all… except nine… Yeah?! Now we have......全吃光了 除了那9只……对对对……所以剩多少只?那现在就还剩……嗯……Hehehe… What is this? Isnt it still eight?哈哈哈…… 呃……你笑啥……呃……真的不是剩8只么……?Let me give you the question again the way you might understand it better? Ok.好吧 那我用你更容易理解的方式再说一遍 好的A farmer has seventeen Kardashians. All but nine of them get eaten by wolves.一个农夫家里养了17个卡戴珊 但除了9个其他都被狼吃了Ok. How many Kardashians does he have left? Nine. Its the Kardashians thing right?恩 好吧 请问还剩多少个卡戴珊?9个 因为卡戴珊才答对了的吧?Yes.Its exactly what it is.You are right. The LA thing.恩对 就像你说的 她是聪明的洛杉矶人嘛Is there anyway at all that L.A. is better than N.Y.? Its closer to the ocean?为什么洛杉矶比纽约好呢?因为离海更近?Its nice to be in N.Y. but its sad not to be by ocean right?嗯 所以纽约也行 但没在海边就不行是吧?Thats true especially this time of the year. Hi Internet watchers.Jimmy Kimmel is here.对 特别是今年 嗨 各位网迷们 我是吉米Subcribe to my Youtube Channel for all our latest viralry s.请点击关注我的优酷频道 观看更多最新视频And while youre here, dont forget to get in the very stupid to find the comment site ok?别忘了在区留言哦201706/513950

What I can use for fire is just a bit of this hemp, natural-fiber rope.一小段这种棕榈绳 是很好的生火材料And what they do when they make this stuff they actually impregnate it with kerosene.通常来说这种绳子的制作方法就是 把绳子浸泡在煤油里It keeps all the bugs away from biting through it.浸泡之后能防虫蛀So it should take a spark.Here we go.这样就能点着了 搞定Got to be a little bit careful melting snow directly into a metal cup.在金属杯里面化雪的时候 要十分小心What will happen Itll tend to just burn the bottom of the cup有时候 由于雪和杯底之间有空隙and not actually melt the actual snow,create a little gap.火只会加热杯底 而不会把雪化掉So its a good idea to put a little drop of water in there.因此最好 在杯里面加点水And that will just help getting the snow started.这样有助于雪的熔化You might not feel it,but your body is getting dehydrated Just as you would in hot and humid conditions.你也许没感觉到 但是你的身体正在脱水 就如同你在湿热的环境里面感觉不到脱水一样Any fluid you can get into your body is a good thing.摄入的任何水分对你身体来说都是有好处的Here you go. This is melted now.好了 雪开始化了Actually, its surprising how little water you get from a whole mug full of snow.事实上一大杯雪 化了以后只有很少的水The reason is, snow has got so much air around it.Thats why its a good insulator.因为雪周围有很多空气 这也是雪能保温的原因Bad thing to melt if you want to get a lot of water,but this is better than nothing.如果你想多喝点水 选择化雪取水绝不明智 不过有总比没有好Its just another example of how hard it is to survive in the mountains If you dont have a lot of kit with you,这也从另一方面明了 在山上生存是多么困难 如果你手边没有足够的工具you just got to keep being resourceful and thinking of a way to be able to keep hydrated.那最好保你周围有足够的资源 并且想方设法保持体内的水分Well, thats nice.Finding water up here is a challenge Finding food,even harder.真好喝 如果说找水喝是个不小的挑战 那找食物吃就难上加难But as you descend,your chances of finding both improve dramatically.That actually makes me gag, that.但是随着海拔的下降 找到食物和水的几率会显著增长 这简直让我想吐201704/504175

More than 36 million U.S. adults smoke cigarettes, and a majority of those adults are of a low socioeconomic status. 超过3,600万美国成年人吸烟,其中大多数成年人的社会经济地位低。A new study from the Colorado School of Public Health found nearly three-fourths of smokers have ;one or more low-socioeconomic disadvantages.;科罗拉多公共卫生学院的一项新研究发现,近四分之三的吸烟者有“一个或多个低社会经济劣势”。The study found that about one in four adults without a high-school diploma is a smoker. And about 28 percent of people who smoke live in poverty. 研究发现,大约四分之一没有高中文聘的成年人是吸烟者。大约百分之28的吸烟者生活在贫困之中。Additionally, around 40 percent of Medicaid recipients and adults with disabilities are smokers. 此外,约百分之40的医疗补助受助者和残疾人士是吸烟者。Researchers say this can raise ethical concerns when it comes to U.S. tobacco control.研究人员还称,这可能会引发道德问题,当涉及到美国烟草控制。A separate study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found theres a higher density of tobacco retailers in low-income neighborhoods. 来自疾病控制和预防中心的另一项研究发现,低收入地区烟草零售商的密度更高。译文属。201703/500108

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