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Victor Hugo Life is a flower of which love is the honey.维克多·雨果 生活是花,爱情如蜜. Oliver Wendell Holmes Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.奥利佛·文德尔·荷默斯 爱情是打开幸福之门的万能钥匙. Voltaire Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.伏尔泰 爱情是一副以天性为画布、用想象创作的油画. Fred Jacob True love is like a fine wine, the older the better.弗莱德·雅各布 真爱似美酒,愈老愈醇. Emerson Love is a perfume you cannot pour onto others without getting a few drops on yourself.爱默生 爱情像香水,你不可能洒在别人身上自己却得不到一丝一毫. Francois de la RochefoucauldTrue love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.拉罗什福科 真爱就像鬼魂,谈论的人多,见过的人少. Diane Ackerman Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, yet no one agrees on just what it is.戴安·艾克曼 人人都承认爱情是美好的必须的,然而到底什么是爱从没有定论. Anonymous What would it be like to swing on a star, or walk on a cloud? Would it be anything like what I feel whenever you are near?佚名 在星星上荡秋千、云中漫步都是什么感觉呢?会像我感觉你在身边的一样吗? Josh Billings Marrying for love may be a bit risky, but it is so honest that God can#39;t help but smile on it.乔西·比林斯 为了爱情结婚也许有点冒险,但却让上帝除了微笑也无能为力. Patch Adams I love you without knowing how, why, or even from where...帕奇·亚当斯 我爱你,不知怎么爱上的你,没原因的爱,没来由的爱…… Zelda Fitzgerald I don#39;t want to live; I want to love first, and live incidentally.泽尔达·菲茨杰拉德 我不渴求生命我首先要爱情,然后顺便活着. /201608/459365。

So that’s what makes tea taste how it does (not to mention energise its drinkers). But why do these melanges of molecules mean so much to British people? And what does your preference, in terms of tea type and how you drink it, mean about you?人类学家凯特#8226;福克斯(Kate Fox)在其专著《瞧这些英国人/英国人的言行潜规则》(Watching the English)一书中写道,不论何时,英国人泡茶的举动都在明确地传递出一些信息。她发现,一般来说,工人阶级喝的都是最浓烈的红茶,它所含的这些分子的剂量是最大的。而随着一个人所处社会阶层的提升,其所饮用的茶也逐渐变得清淡。Anthropologist Kate Fox writes in her book Watching the English that there are several clear messages sent whenever a Brit makes a cuppa. She observes that the strongest brews of black tea – with the largest doses of these molecules – are typically drunk by the working class. The brew gets progressively weaker as one goes up the social ladder.饮茶时牛奶和糖的使用,有它们自身的阶级惯例。她写道:“许多人把往茶里加糖视为一种明确无误的下层阶级的行为标志。即便只加了一匙糖,也足以令人对你的出身产生一丝怀疑(除非你生在约1955年之前);如果加了不止一匙糖,那你充其量只是个中产阶级中的下层人士;超过两匙,那你绝对属于工人阶级。”另外,如果有牛奶的话,还有一些关于何时加牛奶以及怎样加牛奶的行为准则。福克斯指出,品味热气缭绕的不加糖不加奶的正山小种红茶,俨然已成为中产人士对于自身阶级充满焦虑的一种象征。无论是这种喝法,还是加糖加奶、浓烈强劲、简单实用的“建筑工人茶(Builder’s tea)”,都穷尽了所有可能的选择。Milk and sweetener have their own codes. “Taking sugar in your tea is regarded by many as an infallible lower-class indicator: even one spoonful is a bit suspect (unless you were born before about 1955); more than one and you are lower-middle at best; more than two and you are definitely working class,” she writes. Other rules involve when and how milk is added, if any. Making a point of drinking smoky Lapsang Souchong with no sugar or milk can be a sign of class anxiety in the middle class, Fox suggests: it’s as far as possible as one can get from sweet, strong, milky mugs of the no-nonsense ‘builder’s tea’. 除了奇妙的化学特性,饮茶还是一种绝对可靠的社交手段。As for why the British drink an infusion of imported dried leaves at all, there are historical reasons aplenty for why tea came to wash up on Britain’s shores. And one could come up with any number of rationales for why the current state of affairs was inevitable (boiling water to make tea, for instance, made it less likely to give you a stomach bug).许多历史缘故足以解释为何大量茶叶登陆不列颠海岸,英国人得以享用浸泡进口干燥茶叶所得到的饮品。人们可以想出许多理由来解释,为什么英国人对茶的钟爱是不可避免的(例如,沸水烹茶可以降低你罹患胃病的可能性)。A food scientist I once corresponded with pointed out something that seems to apply here. “In my opinion, food choices are driven by one’s environment – the context,” he wrote. You like what you like not necessarily because of any intrinsic quality, though obviously one can develop a taste for almost anything. A food or drink’s real importance in your life may be because of everything the surrounds it – the culture of it.我曾拜访过的一位食品科学家所提出的某些观点适用于此。他写道:“在我看来,一个人选择什么食物是由他的环境,亦即生活背景所决定的。”你喜欢你所喜爱的事物,这并不一定取决于该事物的任何内在质量。显而易见,人对于几乎所有事物都能发展出喜爱之情。一种食物或者一种饮品在你生活中的真实的重要性很可能取决于其周边的事物,即其自身的文化。Fox observes that in truth, alongside its chemical properties, tea is an infallible social space-filler. After having detailed the cultural meanings behind different methods of tea preparation, Fox writes, “Tea-making is the perfect displacement activity: whenever the English feel awkward or uncomfortable in a social situation (that is, almost all the time), they make tea.”福克斯注意到,除了奇妙的化学特性,饮茶实际上还是一种绝对可靠的社交手段。在详细指出不同的茶叶制备方法所蕴含的文化意味后,福克斯写道:“泡茶时一种完美的转移注意力的活动。每当英国人在社交场合中觉得尴尬或者不自在(也就是,几乎所有时间),他们就会沏茶。”It’s also interesting to note that some of the molecules involved in the flavour of teas likely evolved as defenses against being eaten by birds, insects and other creatures. That is somewhat ironic, given how vigorously we humans seek it out – and how many social meanings we’ve attached to it.同样有趣的是,与茶香有关的某些分子很可能是因为为了茶叶免于被鸟类、昆虫和其他生物吃掉而进化而来的。再想想我们人类苦苦探索茶叶使人精力充沛的原因,以及我们给品茶所赋予的诸多社交意味,这多少带有几分讽刺意味。 /201606/450211。

Can you remember the first time you spoke in front of a group? My own ;first; happened in front of 30 people. My hands were shaking, my legs trembling. “G-g-g-g-good morning everyone. Today I will talk about…”你还记得第一次在人群面前讲话的情景吗?我的“第一次”是在30个人面前讲话。双手颤抖,两腿哆嗦。“大家早……早上好,今天我要讲的是……”After that failure, I did whatever it took to overcome my fear of public speaking. I books on presentations.I watched TED talks. I worked with public speaking coaches.那次丢脸的经历后,我用尽一切办法克演讲的恐惧。我阅读有关演讲的书籍,看TED演讲,向演讲老师学习。Fast-forward a few months, to when I spoke in front of 200 people. I was still nervous about public speaking but I knew the audience wanted me to succeed. So, instead of focusing on my own fears, I focused on serving my audience. And in that way I became a confident speaker.几个月很快过去了,又到了面对200人演讲的时刻。这次我仍然很紧张,但我明白观众希望我成功。所以,我并没有将焦点放在自身的恐惧上,而是将注意力集中在为观众务上。这种方法使我成为一名自信的演讲者。I#39;ve since discovered three simple steps to becoming a confident speaker, and created the Expressive Leader System. I teach these steps to thousands of business leaders, helping them to speak with confidence and make a bigger impact.从那以后,我发现只需简单三步就可以成为自信的演讲者,并自创了一套“表现型领导体系”。我把这些方法教给成千上万的企业领导,帮助他们自信演讲,获得更大的影响。Apply these three simple steps so you too will become a confident speaker:如果你也想成为自信演讲达人,不妨试试下面这三步。1. Prepare.1. 充分准备讲稿While preparing for my speech, I was at a loss about what I should say. Hall of Fame speaker Patricia Fripp later asked me, “If you could have one sentence instead of the entire talk, what would you say?”有一次在准备演讲稿时,我无从下手。名人堂演讲大师派翠西亚·傅立普之后问我:“如果你只能说一句话而不是完整的演讲,你会说什么?”My message was, “Go for your dreams and never give up.” Using that as a guide, I came up with personal stories that people could relate to. In just minutes, I wrote an entire memorable speech.我的是:“追求梦想,永不放弃”。把这句话作为演讲纲领,我想到了许多能与观众产生共鸣的个人轶事。仅仅几分钟,我就写出了一整篇令人难忘的演讲稿。The takeaway: Create a clear overall message so you know exactly what to say.秘诀:要有一条清晰的主线,这样才会知道自己要说什么。2. Practice, with a coach.2. 找专业教练帮你练习Practice doesn’t always make perfect. But practice augmented by coaching will help you greatly improve. I wanted to have a powerful voice, so I worked with celebrity voice coach Roger Love. He has a track record of having worked with successful entrepreneurs, including Tony Robbins and Suze Orman.熟练并不总能生巧。但辅以教练指导的练习就能帮我们大幅提升演讲技能。我想拥有强有力的嗓音,所以我找到了专门给名人提供发音指导的罗杰·洛夫。他口碑不错,与许多成功的企业家合作过,比如托尼·罗宾斯和苏斯·欧曼。So, with Love#39;s help, I learned to do voice exercises before speaking, to warm up my voice. The more I practiced, the more confident I became. I now have a powerful voice.就这样,在洛夫的帮助下,我学会了在演讲之前做发声练习,预热嗓子。练习得越多,我就变得越自信。现在,我的嗓音已经很有力量了。The takeaway: If you want to practice public speaking more effectively, get coaching.秘诀:如果你想更高效的练习演讲,请找一个教练帮你。3. Perform.3. 增强表现力Confident speakers are performers. They express ideas effectively and confidently.自信的演讲者都是表演家。他们能有效并自信地表达自己的观点。I once had to speak in front of a group of CEOs over age 50. I worried that they might say, “You#39;re too young. You#39;re not qualified to speak here.” And then I remembered what Richard Branson had taught me: “Picture you#39;re talking to friends in the living room.”有一次,我为一众50多岁的CEO做演讲。我曾担心他们可能会说,“你太年轻了,你没有资格在这演讲。”但我又想起了理查德·布兰森说过的话:“想象你和朋友在客厅聊天时的情景。”I arrived at the venue early. I talked to audience members: “Hi, I#39;m Jonathan, it#39;s good to meet you.” Once I was on stage, people no longer thought of me as a stranger. I was a friend.我早早来到了会议地点,在台下和观众闲聊:“嗨,我是乔纳森,很高兴见到你们。”这样一来,当我站上讲台时,观众就不再把我当成陌生人看待,我已经成为他们的朋友了。After the talk, people said, “Jonathan, I liked your talk. Can you be my public speaking coach?”演讲结束后,他们都说:“乔纳森,我很喜欢你的演讲。你愿意当我的演讲教练吗?”The takeaway: Picture yourself talking to friends in your living room, so you will be more relaxed and in control.秘诀:想象自己正和朋友在客厅闲聊,会让你放轻松、把握好节奏。How do any of us become confident speakers? Prepare, practice, perform.想成为自信的演讲达人?充分准备,反复练习,表现自己。 /201605/444165。

Monday marked the 100th year of the Pulitzer Prize, which is awarded annually for excellence injournalism and the arts.  4月18日,普利策奖迎来了100周年,这个奖每年颁发,表彰优秀的新闻报道和文化艺术作品。  The 2016 Pulitzer Prizes for Journalism  ▌Public Service公共务奖  The Associated Press 美联社  The Associated Press won the award for its investigation into abusive practices of the fishing industry in Southeast Asia. The reporting has led to the release of more than 2,000 slaves.  联社由于其对东南亚渔业奴工现象的深入报道而获得新闻类“公共务奖”。美联社的报道成功解救了2000名奴工。  ▌Breaking News Reporting 突发新闻报道奖  The Los Angeles Times 《洛杉矶时报》  The Los Angeles Times staff won the prize for its coverage of the San Bernardino shootings and investigation.  《洛杉矶时报》凭借其对加州圣伯纳迪诺击案以及随后的反恐调查的报道,获得“突发新闻报道奖”。  ▌National Reporting 全国新闻报道奖  The Washington Post《华盛顿邮报》  The Washington Post won the prize for its deep coverage of police shootings resulting in fatalities. The Post created a database containing the details of 990 fatal police shootings across the nation in 2015, and reported a series of of trends based on the data.  《华盛顿邮报》凭借其对美国警方击致死案件的深入报道,获得该奖项。《华盛顿邮报》还建立了一个2015年美国990起警方致命击案件细节的数据库,并基于该数据库,分析了一系列趋势。  ▌International Reporting 国际新闻报道奖  The New York Times 《纽约时报》  Alissa J. Rubin of the New York Times won the award for thoroughly reported and movingly written accounts giving voice to Afghan women who were forced to endure unspeakable cruelties.  《纽约时报》的记者Alissa J. Rubin对长期饱受折磨的阿富汗女性进行了详尽的报道,文笔优美感人,使阿富汗女性得以发声。 /201604/440213。

How many legal papers might the average Chinese need from cradle to grave? More than 400, says an official study, about a quarter of which are used frequently.普通中国人一生中需要多少个具有法律效力的件、明?一项官方调查显示,是400多个,其中常用件约占1/4。According to China#39;s E-Government Yearbook (2015), the average Chinese citizen will be issued 103 necessary papers - from birth to death certificates.根据《中国电子政务年鉴(2015)》,从出生明到死亡明,普通中国公民会被签发103个必需的件、明。The focus point of China#39;s document system is the hukou, or household residence permit.中国的资料系统的焦点就是户口,或称为家庭居住。The report said citizens will be requested to produce their hukous an average 37 times during their lifetimes to dozens of bureaus. They will receive around 100 officially sealed documents, yicai.com reported last Tuesday.调查报告称,办理这103个常用件、明,中国公民一生平均需要向几十个部门提交户口簿37次。根据《第一财经网》上周二的报道,公民们需要盖大约100多个章。Take the case of a man surnamed Yu who, while attempting to purchase a house in Guangzhou, was shuffled back and forth between agencies due to a lost document.以一位余姓男子为例,他打算在广州购买房子,但却因为丢失文件而在众多机构之间来回奔波。Yu said he was first required by authorities to prove he was not married in order to buy his home. Yu was baffled. ;What is the point of the certificate?; asked Yu.余先生表示,一开始他被相关部门要求提供他没有结婚的明,以此来购买他房子。他对此很困惑并发问道:“这个明的意义在哪里?”An elderly couple from Northwest China#39;s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region ran into a similar situation in Guangzhou when they were co-signing on a home loan for their daughter. Like Yu, the couple was also asked to provide a marriage certificate, which they had lost years earlier.而来自中国新疆维吾尔族自治区的一对老夫妻在广州也遇到了类似的问题。当时他们正在为女儿购房而签署一份房屋贷款。和余先生一样,这对夫妇也被要求提供结婚明,但是该明已遗失多年。Instead of traveling the 4,000 kilometers back to Xinjiang to have one reissued, the couple of 40 years took advantage of a loophole. Authorities advised them to simply get married again - for a new certificate.之后,这对结婚40年的老夫妻并没有跋涉4000公里返回新疆重新再件,而是利用了一个漏洞。有关部门建议他们二人再简单的结一次婚、再办一次结婚。 /201607/456076。

Mummy-westerns never really made it out to a wider audience西部木乃伊从未真正使它有更广泛的受众 /201607/452594。

Yellow wine黄酒Yellow wine(made of rice or millet) is a good representative example of Chinese wine culture.黄酒(由大米或黍米制成)是体现中国酒文化的一个代表。Yellow wine experts have suggested making yellow wine China’s“national wine”.This is because yellow wine has over 5 000 years of history,and its alcoholic content is not high,conforming to the modem trend toward drinking low-alcohol beverages.黄酒专家曾建议把黄酒作为中国的国酒。这是因为黄酒有五千多年的历史,并且酒精含量不高,符合现代饮用低酒精含量饮料的趋势。Less grain is used in produding yellow wine than white liquor, and yet the former has a higher nutritive value.制作黄酒时谷物的用量少于白酒,然而黄酒有着更高的营养价值。If beer is called “liquid b”,then yellow wine can be called“liquid cake”.如果啤酒被称作“液体面包”,那么黄酒则可称为“液体蛋糕”。 /201606/445312。