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义乌市第三人民医院治疗疤痕多少钱我刚开编辑会回来。老板通知我们,这个星期的节目要另嘉宾,因为别的制片人把我们原来请的嘉宾挖走了。我同事听到这个消息,气急败坏。这也让我想到了一句习惯用语,那就是: cook someones goose.Cook意思是煮,goose是鹅。连起来,to cook someones goose, 可并不是煮鹅的意思,而是指打碎某人的计划,或者毁了一个人的名誉。在上面的例子中,别人挖走了我们的嘉宾,我同事气急败坏,she is probably going to cook the guys goose who stole our guest. 她八成要狠狠地整一下那个挖走我们嘉宾的家伙。在下面的例子中,我们要听听一个叫Brad的人在得知他女友的所作所为之后做了什么:例句-1:Brads girlfriend should have told him that she was out with another guy last weekend. When he found out, he was more than jealous. He was furious. Not only did he break up with her, but he also sent an e-mail to all of their friends about what shes done. That cooked her goose. Her reputation was ruined.这段话的意思是说:布拉德的女朋友本应告诉他,她上周末跟另一个男人出去约会了。布拉德自己发现后,不光是嫉妒,简直就是气得发疯。他不仅跟这个女孩分手,而且还给他们俩的所有朋友发电子邮件,告诉大家她的所作所为,彻底坏了这个女孩的声誉。这女孩确实做得不对。可是Brad也够狠的。大家还记得前一阵子国际货币基金组织前总裁卡恩的性丑闻么? The sex scandal cooked his goose. 那次性丑闻彻底毁了他的名誉。******我上大学的时候有个好朋友,她因为室友总是偷吃她的食物,所以决定要报复。她在烤饼干了放了泻药,she really cooked her roommates goose that time. 她那次真是把自己的室友好好修理了一顿。大家恐怕都有过这样的经历,就是有的时候,整整一天都倒霉,干什么事情都不顺。下面的例子就谈到了这样的一天。让我们来听听看:例句-2:Our plane is leaving in an hour. And here we are stuck in some of the worst traffic weve ever seen. If we dont make that flight, well miss our connection. Then our goose will be cooked! We wont get to the port in time to board our cruise. Our vacation plans will be ruined.这段话是说:我们的飞机一小时之后就要起飞了。可现在我们却被塞在路上。如果我们赶不上这班飞机,就会错过转机。那我们的计划就完全被打乱了! 我们也没办法按时登上游轮。那我们的渡假计划就彻底泡汤了。渡假计划被打乱是最让人沮丧的事情。这里用了被动语态,our goose will be cooked. 意思跟cook our goose是一样的,就是破坏了我们的计划。 /201702/490225义乌双眼皮手术价格Ade: So according to you what is the most popular thing in Belgium regarding to food?阿德琳娜:你认为比利时最受欢迎的食物是什么?Chris: Well it maybe doesnt give us a good name but I have to say chocolate. I mean Belgian chocolate is the most famous thing we have. You see chocolate everywhere, whatever occasion we have for celebration, theres chocolate. With Christmas we make these figures out of chocolate, Easter in the same, all these Eastern figures out of chocolate, waffles with chocolate. Everything with chocolate. You should just visit one of our cities and I think every 10 shops is a chocolate shop.克里斯:也许那并没有什么带来好声誉,不过我还是要说巧克力。巧克力是比利时最出名的东西。你在任何地方、任何场合都可以看到巧克力,我们举行庆典的时候一定会有巧克力。圣诞节时我们会用巧克力来装饰,复活节也是一样,复活节的装饰都是用巧克力做的,我们还用巧克力做华夫饼。一切都和巧克力有关。你应该去比利时的城市走走,我想大概每10家店中就有一家是巧克力店。Ade: Wow! So that means you are very sweet people.阿德琳娜:哇哦!这表明你们是非常甜美的人。Chris: I hope so.克里斯:希望如此。Ade: So chocolate, thats it, something else?阿德琳娜:巧克力,还有其他的吗?Chris: Well, chocolate is the most famous one, but of course we have more. Not all that tasty because whats also really famous are these Brussel Sprouts, but theyre not really my favourite. But something else thats really famous in Belgium is these places where you have all kinds of fried things Its actually like a McDonalds or a Burger King, but we have these little places where... I mean a lot of people go there, they have their hamburger, they have their fries, some really... its difficult to explain because its actually something only Belgium, where you get your meat, but its actually competition with McDonalds. A lot of Belgians have tried because its had so big success in Belgium that they tried and opened one of these things in Spain for example, but they always failed. I dont know why. It must be really something Belgian, these fried places.克里斯:巧克力是最著名的,当然我们还有其他美食。虽然不是都很美味,甘蓝小包菜也非常有名,不过这并不是我的最爱。比利时还有一些很有名的餐厅,这些餐厅有各式各样的油炸食品,就像麦当劳或汉堡王一样,不过这些餐厅……很多人去这类餐厅吃东西,他们在那里吃汉堡、吃油炸食品,这很难解释,不过这是比利时特有的餐厅,你可以在这些餐厅享用肉类,当然这些餐厅在同麦当劳竞争。有很多比利时人尝试过,因为这类餐厅在比利时非常受欢迎,所以很多人曾尝试在西班牙等国家开店,但是这些尝试都失败了。我也不知道原因。这些有油炸食品的餐厅一定充满了比利时特色。Ade: Wow! It seems that you really dont have a healthy diet, eat there in Belgium.阿德琳娜:哇哦!看起来比利时的饮食不太健康。Chris: Yeah. Well it really much looks like it but of course thats not our everyday dish.克里斯:对。看起来的确是这样,当然我们并不是每天都吃这些东西。Ade: Gracias Chris.阿德琳娜:谢谢你,克里斯。 译文属 /201703/496426义乌整形三甲医院有哪些

诸暨妇保医院瘦腿针多少钱东阳广福医院美容整形科Feifei thinks Robs been to the dentist to find todays authentic English phrase — but hes been for a more painful reason! However he does have a phrase that involves teeth but doesnt involve a trip to the dentist. Listen to the programme to find out more.菲菲认为罗布在看牙医时想到了本期节目中要讲的地道英语短语,但是其实罗布去看牙医是因为更痛苦的原因!而他提到的这个短语包括牙齿这个词,但却与看牙医无关。请收听本期节目了解详细情况。Feifei: Hello Im Feifei and this is The English We Speak. With me today is Rob...菲菲:大家好,我是菲菲,欢迎收听地道英语节目。今天和我一起主持节目的是罗布。Rob: Hello everyone.罗布:大家好。Feifei: Rob, are you OK — you look in pain?菲菲:罗布,你还好吗?你看上去很痛苦。Rob: I am — Ive just been to the dentist. Ouch.罗布:我是很痛苦,我刚刚去看了牙医。哎呦好疼。Feifei: Hmm, not my favourite place — but I guess you had to go to research todays piece of authentic English?菲菲:嗯,我可不喜欢看牙医,我想你是去研究今天地道英语要讲的短语了吧?Rob: Excuse me?罗布:你说什么?Feifei: Well todays expression is to cut your teeth — and dentists look at teeth?菲菲:今天节目要讲的表达是“cut your teeth”,牙医就是帮人看牙的。Rob: Sorry Feifei, thats one tooth-related expression that doesnt need a dentist. When you cut your teeth you get your first experience doing something in a particular job.罗布:很抱歉,菲菲,这个表达方式虽然涉及牙齿,但是却与牙医无关。这个短语的意思是你在工作中有了第一次做某事的经验。Feifei: Oh really. So its like work experience?菲菲:哦,真的吗?比如工作经验?Rob: Yes, thats one way of learning a new skill which you might use later in your job. I cut my teeth in radio production by working in local radio...罗布:对,这是学习新技能的其中一种方法,你可能会在日后的工作中用到这种新技能。我在地方广播电台工作时第一次制作广播节目……Feifei: ...and youre still cutting your teeth now Rob?!菲菲:那罗布,你现在仍然在初次尝试中吗?!Rob: Ha ha, lets hear some examples of this phrase shall we?罗布:哈哈,现在我们来听些例句,好吗?Examples例句Dan cut his teeth on a local newspaper before landing a job on a national daily.在一份全国性日报工作前,丹在一家地方报社初次接触报纸业。He cut his teeth running the junior football club before becoming a professional referee.他在成为职业裁判以前,曾做过运营少年足球俱乐部的工作。Feifei: So to cut your teeth means to acquire initial practice or experience in a particular job or activity. We could say its where you get your basic skills.菲菲:所以,这个词组的意思初次获得某个工作或活动的实践和经验。我们可以说那里是你得到基本技能的地方。Rob: Correct — so where do you think you cut your teeth for this job Fefei?罗布:完全正确,菲菲,你在哪里获得了与这份工作有关的经验?Feifei: I cut my media teeth at university.菲菲:我在大学获得了初次经验。Rob: Ouch!罗布:好疼!Feifei: Sorry, what did I say?菲菲:抱歉,我说了什么?Rob: No its not you — its this filling I had done — thats why I went to the dentist. He really was rough.罗布:不是,和你无关,是我补的牙很疼,我去牙医诊所是为了补牙。他下手太重了。Feifei: Thats not nice. I think you should go home and rest.菲菲:那可不太好。我想你应该回家去休息。Rob: Maybe!罗布:也许吧!Feifei: Bye!菲菲:再见!Rob: Bye bye! Ouch!罗布:再见!哎呦好疼! 译文属 /201704/504476For:正方辩词:Big city is beneficial to peoples career development.大城市有利于个人事业的发展。I think big cities usually have more job opportunities than small cities, therefore they are beneficial to our career development.我认为在通常情况下大城市比小城市有更多的工作机会,因此大城市更适合我们的职业的发展。In my opinion, big cities such as Beijing,and Shanghai can provide us with a better stage to develop and improve our abilities in working, and most headquarters of multinational corporations are located in big cities.依我看来,像北京、上海这样的大城市可以给我们提供一个更高的平台去发展和提高个人的工作能力。而且大部分跨国公司的总部都坐落大城市。As we all know, the pressures can be changed into drives for us to learn and to improve ourselves. Thus, when we are working in big cities, the pressures are good for our further career development.众所周知,压力可以转化为驱使我们学习和提高的动力。因此,当我们在大城市工作的时候,压力对我们以后的事业发展是很有好处的。Against:反方辩词:Small city is better than big city to live and work.小城市比大城市更适合生活工作。I think, small cities can provide us with more promotion opportunities than big cities. First of all, the bigger the city is, the fiercer the competition is, which can make getting a promotion difficult. Secondly, with many people flowing to big cities, there are fewer and fewer competitors left around us in small cities. Therefore, we can become the key employees in our companies and take more opportunities to be promoted.我认为,小城市相对大城市来说,能够提供给我们更多的升职机会。首先,城市越大,竞争越激烈,导致升职也更加的困难。第二,随着越来越多的人涌向大城市,我们周边小城市的竞争越来越小了。因此,我们就可以成为公司的核心员工,就有更大的升职机会。As for me, I think I will choose a small city to work rather than a big city. Undoubtedly, big cities offer more opportunities. However, people have to bear more pressures. In my view, as a human being, the main objective is to enjoy life, instead of undertaking pressures.对我来说,我会选择在小城市工作,而不是大城市。毋庸置疑,大城市能够提供更多的工作机会,然而,人们不得不承受更大的压力。依我看来,我们的主要目标是享受生活,而不是承受压力。 /201501/351739义乌医疗美容会所激光祛斑手术多少钱8 applying for a visa8 办理留学签Steven is going to study abroad, now he is consulting Lisa about applying for a visa.史蒂文打算出国留学,现在他正在向丽萨咨询如何申请签。Steven: Excuse me, can you tell me how to apply for a visa to America?史蒂文:打扰了,请问怎么申请赴美签?Lisa: Log on to the website of the American Embassy in Beijing and fill in the application forms.丽萨:登录美国驻华大使馆的网站,填一下申请表。Steven: And what should I do next?史蒂文:接下来做什么?Lisa: Then make an appointment by telephone and wait for the interview.丽萨:然后电话预约,等着到大使馆面谈吧。Steven: How long will I wait for?史蒂文:等待面谈要多长时间?Lisa: It all depends.丽萨:这要卷情况而定。Steven: Whats the fee for application?史蒂文:一般签申请费是多少?Lisa: About 800yuan.丽萨:800左右。Steven: Thank you very much.史蒂文:谢谢。Lisa: You are welcome.丽萨:不客气。 /201506/377700义乌治疗疤痕的医院

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