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义乌整修美容最好的医院义乌哪里割双眼皮最好Leaders-Britain社论Britains floods洪水泛滥大不列颠Canute Cameron卡梅伦祸从口出The prime ministers response to the floods has been patchy; but it is wrong to blame him for them首相治洪引发质疑,归咎于他有失公允BIBLICAL—that is how David Cameron described the floods sping misery through southern England.过去几周,英格兰南部洪灾泛滥,数千公顷农场一片汪洋,Thousands of hectares of farmland have been under water for weeks and over 5,000 houses abandoned.五千家庭流离失所,无奈之际首相卡梅伦称之为上帝的旨意。Local railways are damaged and their services in chaos. Soldiers have been deployed to leafy Thames-side suburbs, where looters were rumoured to be splashing through abandoned stckbrokers palaces.如今,洪灾区铁路中断,公共务陷入混乱。政府已经调遣军队维持泰晤士河沿岸洪水侵蚀地区的治安,据称大量歹徒已经将被富人遗弃的豪宅洗劫一空。The prime minister was scarcely exaggerating;对于此次洪水的破坏力,卡梅伦丝毫没有夸大其词。yet his recourse to scripture also invited the uncomfortable question of who, exactly, is to blame.然而,首相引经据典的说辞却引发了一个尴尬的问题,即谁该对此次洪水负责。The question matters to Mr Cameron.对于卡梅伦来说,这个问题至关重要。His reputation for competence underpins his partys electoral chances.是否具备应对危机的能力,关系着其党内选举成败。He may be able to brush off the councillor from the UK Independence Party who saw the floods as divine retribution for the prime ministers successful campaign to legalise gay marriage.卡梅伦此前顺利通过同性恋婚姻合法化提案,英国独立党议员认为这是上帝对他的惩罚,对此卡梅伦或许可以选择漠视。But British newspapers are full of semi-submerged people blaming his government for their plight:然而,英国报纸上充斥着灾区人民将自己现在的困境归咎于政府:73% of Britons support a Daily Mail campaign to divert money to flood victims from Mr Camerons unloved foreign-aid budget.据《每日镜报》发起一项调查表明,73%的英国国民希望将卡梅伦不受国人待见的国外援助预算用于此次洪水受灾群众。There is even an echo of the opprobrium thrown at George Bush for his useless response to Hurricane Katrina.甚至有人旧事重提,将席卷美国的飓风卡特里娜造成的严重灾害归责与小布什的应对不力,以此含沙射影指责卡梅伦。Some of these recriminations are justified.上述部分指责并非毫无根据。In the Environment Agency, which is charged with keeping water in its proper place,requested an annual increase in spending on flood defences.年,负责治理河道的英国环境局,曾提出增加年度防洪预算。This was not unreasonable: more people are living in flood-prone areas, and global warming is likely to lead to more extreme weather.这也是现实所需,很多人居住在易发洪涝区,全球气候变暖很有可能会导致更多极端天气。The agencys budget for capital expenditure has instead been cut by 28%.然而,防洪预算不但未增加,反而减少了28%。The extra cash now promised must be spent on repairing damaged defences, not investing in new ones.现今政府许诺增加的预算势必会用于修复损毁防御设施,而无法投资新建。It was a failure characteristic of a government that has too often sacrificed long-term spending on infrastructure to the exigencies of short-term belt-tightening.政府常常会牺牲掉用于基础设施的长期预算,弥补短期节省开造成的经济状况,这是政府失职的表现之一。The governments initial response to the disaster was also poor.对于英国国内的洪灾,政府最初的反应同样令人不敢恭维。Mr Cameron implied the flooding on the Somerset Levels, an area of land below sea-level, had been exacerbated by a decision to stop dredging the man-made rivers that drain it.卡梅伦暗示称由于此前政府终止了用于排涝的人工河疏浚工程,低于海平面的Somerset Levels地区的洪灾影响加重。That suggested the last, Labour, government was to blame.这表明上届政府,工党政府需要对此负责。Yet dredging would at best have mitigated the flooding only a bit.然而,即便是用于排涝的人工河得以疏浚,也只是稍微减小此次洪水的危害。The Environment Agency is right to give low priority to protecting farmland. Towns are more valuable.英国环境局不优先考虑保护农场的决定是正确的,城镇更为重要。Torn between conflicting desires to appear in control of the calamity and blameless for the suffering, other ministers blathered.在治理洪灾过程中,不同利益群体的矛盾开始显现,英国其他部长开始喋喋不休,互相推诿责任。Eric Pickles, the communities secretary, sniped at the Environment Agency—which is led, not coincidentally, by Lord Smith, a Labour Party grandee.社区大臣埃里克?皮克斯抨击由工党要员史密斯勋爵领导的环境局,绝非偶然。Other Tories unconvincingly blamed their usual bogeys:难以置信的是其他托利党成员谴责一贯被英国妖魔化的对象:the European Union, on the basis of one directive or other, and the Liberal Democrats, their main rival in the south-west.欧盟,理由是其指挥不力,他们还谴责国内西南地区的主要竞选对手自由民主党。For a government that takes pride in its efficiency, this was a shambles—and one seized on not just by Labour but by Mr Camerons many enemies in the press and his own party.对于一个向来以高效引以为豪的政府来说,这简直是倒退。这一点不仅会被工党,而且会被卡梅伦的敌对媒体及自身保守党内,都会借题发挥。It never rains but it pours不鸣则已,一鸣惊人How much this will hurt Mr Cameron electorally is unclear: most of the flooded areas are safe Tory seats.这会对卡梅伦的连任选举造成多达影响尚不得而知:大部分被淹地区都是可靠的保守党议员。But the scale of the opprobrium is wildly unfair.但是,对卡梅伦的广泛指责有失公允。That is partly because Mr Cameron has got his act together, promising the acceleration of insurance payouts, giving affected companies more time to meet tax obligations and stopping the ministerial blather.原因之一是卡梅伦已经开始有条不紊的采取相应措施,承诺加快各项保险赔付,允许受灾地区公司延后纳税,勒令停止部门之间的口水战。But the bigger reason is simple: in this instance virtually all the blame should fall not on the government but on that other British bugbear, the weather.但是,引发洪灾的主要原因不言而喻:事实上这次洪水灾害不应全部归责于政府,而是归咎于英国恶劣的天气,Recent weeks have been the wettest in a century.近几周的降雨量创英国过去一个世纪历史新高。A giant storm surge and some of the biggest waves on record have contributed to a triple whammy of flash floods, waterlogging and burst riverbanks.暴风雨激增,有史以来最大的波浪都助涨了此次迅猛的洪流、积水,这些都对河岸形成了强烈的冲击。Even if Mr Cameron had the wisdom of Solomon and the wealth of Croesus, he could not have prevented the flooding.即便卡梅伦有所罗门的智慧、克里萨斯王的财富,也无法阻止此次洪水。With climate science indicating that future inundations are more likely, Britons will therefore have to assume more responsibility for their own property.气候科学表明英国未来或许会遭遇更多洪水,Anyone tempted to build or buy a house on a flood-plain or low-lying sea front should think again.任何打算在冲积平原或者海平面以下地区建造或购买房屋的人都需要三思而后行。And on this subject, at least, they should stop blaming Mr Cameron.无论如何,至少对于此次洪灾,他们不应在谴责卡梅伦。 201402/277295义乌口腔医院胎记多少钱 It’s also a prime hunting ground for red-tailed hawks. And they have the perfect nesting site right next to it. They’d moved in on the top floor of this expensive Manhattan apartment block. It acts like a surrogate tree, supporting their large nest. Their high-rise residence also provides a perfect lookout and a launch pad for ambushing prey. 这里也同样是红尾鹰的主要猎场。右侧便是它们选择巢穴的最佳地点。红尾鹰移居到了曼哈顿一栋高档大楼的顶层。大楼就像是一棵撑树,撑着它们巨大的巢穴。较高的位置为红尾鹰提供了较好的视野,也为它们伏击猎物提供了一个起飞平台。A meaty New York diet means these birds continue to survive in North America’s most hectic city. Despite our increasingly urban lifestyles, we still have a deep-rooted desire to connect with nature. And in modern day North America, it’s possible to fulfill that desire in all manner of ways.因为纽约肉类食物很多,因此这些鸟儿能得以在北美这个最喧嚣的城市中继续生存。尽管我们的生活方式越来越城市化,但是我们仍然有一种想要接近自然的本性,这种本性根深蒂固。在北美的现代化生活中,实现这一愿望不是不可能,而且方式多样。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载。201401/273527Whats the difference between a hard-shelled blue crab anda soft-shelled blue crab?你知道软壳青蟹和硬壳青蟹有什么区别吗?Is this a trick question?这个问题很难吗?Ill give you a hent. It has to do with the crabs skeletal system.我来给你个提示。这与螃蟹的骨骼系统是紧密相关的。Skeletal system?骨骼系统?You got me there, I know that like other crustaceans, periodically molt.哦,我大概懂了。就像是其它的甲壳类动物一样,螃蟹会定期的褪壳。That is, the crab sheds its hard shell and forms a new one.也就是说,螃蟹褪掉原有的硬壳再重新长出新壳。But I dont have a clue as to what that means about the skeletal system?但问题是,我想不明白这怎么就和骨骼系统扯上了关系。Well, Ill tell you.那就由我来告诉你吧。When a blue crab sheds its hard shell, its exoskeleton, it has to wait about aweek for the new shell to harden.当一只青蟹褪掉了它的硬壳之后,新长出的壳要等上大概一个星期才能变硬。Before that happens, this outer layer of tissue is too soft and flexible to transmit muscle contractions as it did, and will do again when the crabs new shell hardens.在壳变硬之前,外面的那层“壳”太软太韧了,以致于无法进行正常的肌肉收缩。在新壳变硬之时还要再进行一次。And yet these creatures are somehow still able to move about, even immediately after molting.而且,不知为何,青蟹在这种情况下还是能到处爬来爬去的,即使是刚刚褪壳的时候也是如此。How is that possible?这怎么可能呢?Its possible using a hydrostatic skeleton.使用铃静力骨架就可以了!Many animals, such as worms, rely on hydrostaticskeletons all their lives.许多种动物,比如说蠕虫,它们一生都是靠铃静力骨架撑下来的。What this means is that muscle contractions are transmitted through anincompressible fluid.这也就是说,肌肉的收缩通过不可压缩铃被传送到了身体各部分。Immediately after molting, the hydrostatic pressure inside crabs jumpssignificantly higher, allowing the crabs to use this pressure to move their muscles.青蟹刚刚褪壳的时候,体内的铃静压力陡然飚到很高,这使得青蟹可以利用压力来使肌肉活动。While ahydrostatic skeleton isnt so remarkable in itself, what is remarkable is that the crab alternates between using the two kinds of skeletons.青蟹的铃静力骨架并不是特别出众,真正出众的是青蟹在外骨骼和铃静力骨架之间出众的交替使用能力。Scientists suspect that crabs probably arent alone inthis feat and plan to investigate the skeletal systems of other creatures that molt.科学家们猜测,蟹并不是唯一一种此类动物,接下来,科学家们将会研究更多褪壳生物的骨骼系统。 201408/319479义乌江东后宅街道韩式安全隆胸手术价格

浙江省义乌芙洛拉整形医院祛疤多少钱The research team have been out since dawn looking for Puck. 黎明时分,研究小队外出寻找帕克。Its now the height of the shark season, Semu, whos been born at the worst time.现在是鲨鱼的季节,莎木在最坏时节诞生了。Weve been waiting for Puck to have a calf, and now finally shes finally here,哦,看它游的,我们等帕克生孩子很久了,现在终于完成了,were all too so relieved that we can actually see the calf and then the calf is actually good and healthy.我们很欣慰,能够看到小海豚,看起来很健康。Though Puck has been calling to Semu since before he was born, Its thought it would take him a week to learn her call. 自打莎木出生后,帕克就一直呼唤它,莎木需要花一周时间学习妈妈的叫声。He swims very close to Pucks head, listening intently to her whistle.它游得离帕克头部很近,专心学习妈妈的叫声。The one thing he must avoid is getting separated from her, this would mean certain death.有件事它必须注意,不要和妈妈分开,因为那意味着死亡。Puck may not eat for a week, she cannot risk losing sight of him for a moment. 帕克可能一周都不会吃东西,它不会让孩子离开视线一刻的。Oh,shark, theres a shark, thats a shark, long one. approaching from behind, the family are unaware its closing.鲨鱼,那是鲨鱼吗?很大,从后面游过来了,家庭成员还没意识到。Semu is in grave danger. 莎木很危险了。Oh, the shark looks like a tiger, it looks huge.Yeah,It was big.像是虎鲨,看起来真大,是的,很大。Boy, its the shark, the shark. 鲨鱼,鲨鱼!One of Pucks daughters rushes in to help protect Semu.帕克的一个女儿,帮忙保护莎木。201405/300232浦江县妇幼保健院打溶脂针多少钱 Science and technology科学技术The rise of the dinosaurs恐龙的崛起Pardon!恕我直言!A geological burp may have led to the dinosaursdomination地质上的甲烷释放可能是恐龙称霸地球的原因THE dinosaurs, famously, went out with a bang.众所周知,恐龙在地球上是突然消失的。Some 65.5m years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period, the Earth collided with an asteroid and the biggest terrestrial beasts in history were no more.大约在6500万年前的白垩纪末期,地球与小行星相撞导致最大的陆地兽类全部灭绝。That left things clear for the rise of the mammals.此次灭绝事件为哺乳动物的崛起提供了契机。But how did the dinosaurs rise to power in the first place?但首要的是恐龙是如何崛起的呢?Some light on this question has just been shed by a paper published in Science by Micha Ruhl of Utrecht University, in the Netherlands, and his colleagues.荷兰乌得勒大学迈克尔·鲁尔及其同事在最近一期科学杂志上撰文对此问题进行了阐述。Dinosaurs first appear in the fossil record during the Triassic period, some 230m years ago.恐龙最早出现在三叠纪时期的化石记录中。They do not take over, though, until the end of the Triassic, 201m years ago.但直至三叠纪末期恐龙才取得地球霸主地位。That date marks one of five recognised mass extinctions in history.历史公认的5次物种大灭绝事件之一就是以三叠纪末期为标志的。In it, half the world’s known species disappeared.在此期间,世界上的半数已知物种都灭绝了。Until now, the end of the Triassic has been blamed on massive volcanic eruptions that went on for 600,000 years.直到现在,人们都一直将三叠纪的终结归因于持续了60万年的大规模火山喷发。Dr Ruhl, however, reckons that was not the cause—or, at least, not directly.然而鲁尔士却认为火山喷发不是导致三叠纪终结的原因或者至少不是直接原因。By analysing the isotopic composition of hydrocarbon molecules from plant waxes of the period,通过分析该时期植物腊的碳氢分子同位素组成,he found what looks like a spike in the amount of recently non-biological carbon, lasting between 10,000 and 20,000 years.他发现有种类似最近非生物碳的碳元素在数量上激增,这种现象持续了1万到2万年。He thinks the liberation of methane stored at the bottom of the ocean in structures called clathrates is the most likely culprit.他认为出现这种现象的最可能诱因是甲烷气体的释放,这些甲烷气体释放前存储在海底称作;笼形包合物;的结构中。The alternative, that the carbon came from the volcanoes, is unlikely because the spike is much shorter than the period of volcanic activity.另一种说法是这种碳元素来自于火山,但这不可能,因为碳数量激增期比火山活动期要短得多。Methane is a greenhouse gas far stronger than carbon dioxide, so the consequence would have been a rapid warming of the climate—a phenomenon that the rocks suggest did actually happen.甲烷是一种比二氧化碳浓烈得多的温室气体,它的释放会导致地球气候迅速升温—岩石层研究也表明这种现象确实发生过。This is not the first time a methane burp has been blamed for an extinction.人类已经不是第一次将物种灭绝归因于甲烷气体的脉冲式释放。Though the Cretaceous asteroid cleared the stage,尽管白垩纪时期的小行星灭绝了居统治地位的恐龙,mammals did not really get going until 10m years later, in the Eocene epoch.但哺乳动物却一直到1000万年后的始新世才真正兴起繁盛起来。The preceding Palaeocene epoch was also brought to an end, the rocks suggest, by a sudden release of methane.岩石层研究表明甲烷的突然释放导致了之前的古新世时期结束。The burp could, of course, have been provoked by the eruptions, so the volcanoes are not off the hook completely.当然甲烷的脉冲式释放可能是火山喷发所致,因此火山始终难辞其咎。But, for those of a nervous disposition, the tying of an ancient greenhouse warming to an ancient mass extinction might suggest lessons for the future.但是对于这些性情冲动的火山,古代的温室变暖和古代大量物种灭绝之间的联系或许对未来有诸多的借鉴意义。 /201305/238705永康永久性脱毛多少钱

义乌医学整形美容做去眼袋手术多少钱 The economics of behavior行为经济学Time and punishment时间与处罚Impatient children are more likely to become lawbreakers心急的孩子更容易成为不法分子IN HIS “Odyssey”, Homer immortalized the idea of resisting temptation by having the protagonist tied to the mast of his ship, to hear yet not succumb to the beautiful, dangerous songs of the Sirens. Researchers have long been intrigued as to whether this ability to avoid, or defer, gratification is related to outcomes in life. The best-known test is the “marshmallow” experiment, in which children who could refrain from eating the confection for 15 minutes were given a second one. Children who could not wait tended to have lower incomes and poorer health as adults. New research suggests that kids who are unable to delay rewards are also more likely to become criminals later.荷马笔下的《奥德赛》里,那抵制诱惑的故事经久不衰。主角将自己绑在船的桅杆上,听得到塞壬美妙却又危险的歌声,但不屈从于诱惑。长期以来,研究人员一直好奇人们是否有能力抵制或推迟与生活相关的满足感。在最知名的“棉花糖”实验里,15分钟内能忍住不吃糖的孩子就可以吃到两块棉花糖。无法等待的孩子成年后往往收入较低,健康状况较差。新的研究表明,不能耽搁而必须立即享受奖赏的孩子们之后也更可能成为罪犯。David Akerlund, Hans Gronqvist and Lena Lindahl of Stockholm University and Bart Golsteyn of Maastricht University used data from a Swedish survey in which more than 13,000 children aged 13 were asked whether they would prefer to receive 0 now or ,400 in five yearstime. About four-fifths of them said they were prepared to wait.斯德哥尔大学的大卫·阿克隆德,汉斯·格伦维斯特,莉娜·林达尔,以及马斯特里赫特大学的巴特·哥斯蒂恩使用了一项取自瑞典的调查数据,调查中,超过13,000名13岁的孩子被问及是希望现在获得140美元还是五年后获得1,400美元,约五分之四的孩子说他们愿意等待。Unlike previous researchers, the authors were able to track all the children and account for their parental background and cognitive ability. They found that the 13-year-olds who wanted the smaller sum of money at once were 32% more likely to be convicted of a crime during the next 18 years than those children who said they would rather wait for the bigger reward. Individuals who are impatient, they believe, prefer instant benefits and are therefore less likely to be deterred by potential punishments.不同于以往的研究者,此次调查中,研究人员追踪所有的孩子,并对其父母的背景和认知能力进行评估。他们发现,比起那些宁愿等待更大奖赏的13岁孩子,想要一次性取得较小金额的孩子有32%的可能在今后18年内犯下罪行。因此,研究人员相信,缺乏耐心的个体喜欢即时的好处,而且不太可能因潜在的惩罚而却步。But those who fret that a person’s criminal path is set aly as a teenager should not despair. The four researchers offer a remedy. When the respondentseducation was included in the analysis, they found that higher educational attainment was linked to a preference for delayed gratification. “We therefore suspect that schooling can deter people from crime by making them value the future more,” explains Mr Gronqvist.但是,那些为一个人的犯罪轨迹在十几岁时就已定型发愁的人也不用绝望。四位研究人员提供了一项补救措施。当受访者的教育程度被纳入分析时,研究人员发现,较高的教育程度与推迟满足感的偏好是有联系的。“因此,我们猜想,学校教育可以使他们更多的看重未来,从而压下犯罪的念头,”格伦维斯特先生解释道。Educational attainment and patience are related either because patience helps students to do better or because schooling makes people more likely to postpone rewards. Fortunately, there is evidence in support of the latter theory. Francisco Perez-Arce of the RAND Corporation, a think-tank, interviewed around 2,000 applicants for Mexican universities. The students had similar credentials but some obtained admission through a lottery to a university that did not charge tuition fees, whereas the rest had to apply elsewhere. As a result, a higher proportion of lottery-winners than losers went to college. After a year, Mr Perez-Arce found, the lottery-winners were more patient than the losers. Since the process was random, he concluded that higher education can make people place more weight on the future.教育程度和耐心的相关性可能是因为耐心能帮助学生们做的更好,或者是因为教育增加了人们推迟奖赏的可能性。幸运的是,后一种理论有着论据撑。咨询研究机构兰德的弗朗西斯科·佩雷斯-阿尔塞采访了大约2,000位墨西哥大学的申请者。学生们手中有相似的凭据,但一些人能凭借抽奖被大学录取且不收学费,其他人则需另谋他处。结果,抽奖赢家们上大学的比例高于未被抽中者。一年后,佩雷斯-阿尔塞发现,抽奖中的赢家比输家更有耐心。由于这个过程是随机的,他得出结论称高等教育可以使人们更多的关注于未来。Victor Hugo supposedly said, “He who opens a school door closes a prison.” Homer is not the only great writer with lessons for economic research.维克多·雨果曾说,“谁若是开办了一所学校,他便是关闭了一座监狱。”看起来,写下与经济研究相关的经验教训的伟大作家可不止荷马一人。 /201407/311503东阳市红十字会医院激光祛痘手术多少钱义乌妇幼保健院胎记多少钱



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