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Predictions for Apple#39;s smart TV A technology analyst offers his predictions for the features of the rumored Apple smart TV.风传已久,众所期待!苹果智能电视即将来袭,能否再次颠覆传统产业。市场预测,苹果电视的售价将在1500到2000美元之间,换算成人民币已超过万元。So, Brian, in stores like this, there are aly all of these choice with TVs, lots of smart TVs, why does everyone think that Apple is gonna come out with something that’s gonna be a game changer?Well, one of the problems with some of these TVs they call smart TV is they are not very smart. And we see what Apple did to the mobile phone industry, we’ve seen what they did to the tablet industry, they’re gonna do the same thing to the TV industry and totally revolutionize the market. Well, that’s at least the bold hope that they are gonna do that. What does this thing have to look like in order for it to really succeed, what does it have to do, how does it have to be different?You know, I think one thing it’s gonna be much simpler to use, to get on the web, to access content, so I’m thinking, you know, Siri will be on there, voice recognition, Facetime for conferencing. We’re gonna have the app store, obviously all the music, and all the contents they have today. Don’t you get some of that on some of these things aly? Is it really that revolutionary? It is gonna be revolutionary, cause most people have smart TVs, but have no idea how to use them, and I think this will take the market to the next level, it’s gonna be enormous. So it’s gonna be that interface, what are you hearing, because I know you go to Asia all the time, you come out with some notes, what are some of the things that you are getting a jump on in terms of how it might be easier to use for consumers?Well, no.1 I think it’s gonna come out by the end of the year. It’s my estimate right now. I think there’s gonna be a 60 inch television. And it’s going to have smaller, iTVs is what I call them that can next to this 60’ big television, similar to an iPad. I’ve also been told this is gonna be a security device. So if you wana watch young children, babies, you wanna watch older parents, this will be a security device for the home as well. So I think there’s a lot of implications beyond watching television, this is the last kind of area that they can tie everything together in the family room is apple TV, I think it’s gonna be a big hit, and I think it’s gonna make the model much stickier than any other company out there.So you’re convinced that the stock is gonna see a rebound?I think the stock will see a sharp rebound, we’re in a near term soft patch. But what do we have in the horizon, more priced iPhone, iPhone 5S, China Mobile, iTV, iWatch, so we’re still at very early stages of a long term growth trajectory for Apple. /201304/237549

Now, it#39;s 41 degrees Celsius.气温已经升到了41摄氏度Soon, she#39;ll be baked alive.她很快就会被烤死Her survival instinct, in the end, over-rides her love for dung.最终 求生本能超越了她对粪球的热爱Much of the Sahara is uninhabitable,撒哈拉大部分区域都不适合居住but there are rare places where there is some possibility of survival.但也有极少数的地方可以生存Places where, by strange chance, there is water.比如那些在偶然情况下囤积了水源的地方Waw An Namus is an extinct volcano.瓦安纳姆斯是一座死火山From space,从太空中看it#39;s a remote, black scar on the Libyan Sahara.它就像利比亚撒哈拉上的一块黑色疤痕Yet there are other colours here,但也有其他颜色colours rarely seen on the desert floor.一些极少在沙漠中看到的颜色Blue and green.蓝和绿 Article/201404/293926

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s first ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Hansey#39;s (ph) history and government classes at Layton (ph) High school in Layton, Utah. 今天的第一个“大声喊出来”来到了韩丝女士的课堂。Where will you find the city of Timbuktu? 在哪里可以找到廷巴克图城?Here we go. Is it in Asia, Africa, South America or nowhere? It#39;s fictional? 开始!它在亚洲、非洲、南美洲还是哪儿都找不到(虚构的)?You#39;ve got 3 seconds, go.你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Timbuktu is a real place, and it#39;s located in the West African nation of Mali. That is your answer and that#39;s your Shoutout.廷巴克图真的是一个地方,它位于西非国家马里。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Timbuktu was the center of Islamic culture, and its famous library was home to hundreds of thousands of important documents and manuscripts. 廷巴克图是伊斯兰文化的中心,它有名的图书馆里有成千上万的重要的文件和手稿。When violence broke out there earlier this year, there was concern that those documents might be destroyed. 今年年初这里发生暴乱的时候,有人担心这些文件会被损坏。But most of them had aly been smuggled out.但绝大多数的文件已经被私运走了。 /201306/242628It#39;s difficult keeping your priorities straight, but exercise is key to reducing stress and maintaining health. Carve out 30 minutes a day, and make it count.你或许分身乏术,但是锻炼确实是减少压力,保持健康的关键。每天抽出30分钟,你一定会有收获。You Will Need你需要Warm-ups准备动作Cardio machine有氧运动器材Concentration专注Jump rope跳绳Patience耐心Steps步骤Step 1 Warm up1.准备Warm up your muscles quickly by walking or performing slow stretches for about two minutes before starting your workout.Cover your limbs to keep the heat in.开始锻炼之前,步行或缓慢地做伸展运动大约两分钟,迅速让肌肉做好准备。;No pain, no gain,; is not necessarily true. Don#39;t force your muscles to do too much -- if you feel pain, stop.“没有疼痛就没有收获”这句话不一定是正确的。不要强迫肌肉过量运动——如果你感到疼痛,立刻停下来。Step 2 Choose the right machine2.选择正确的器材Choose a machine that challenges you and keeps your attention. Confronting something you don#39;t like and overcoming it gets your adrenaline pumping.选择可以带来挑战,让你集中精力的训练器材。面对你不喜欢的东西并加以克会促进身体产生肾上腺素。Step 3 Rotate quickly3.轮流转换Rotate from one cardio machine to another in random order -- bike, elliptical machine, tmill, and Stairmaster -- spending 5 minutes on each.按照随机的顺序从一种有氧运动器材转为另外一种器材,例如自行车,椭圆健身机,脚踏车和班霸——每一种器材锻炼五分钟的时间。Burn fat around the house if you can#39;t get to a gym by vacuuming, standing while you , walking up and down stairs, or using basic resistance techniques while you#39;re on the phone, cooking, washing, or dusting.如果你不能去健身馆,在房间周围活动也可以燃烧脂肪,例如可以吸尘,读书的时候站立,爬楼梯,或者打电话,煮饭,洗衣,打扫房间的时候使用一些基本的阻力技巧训练。Step 4 Substitute activities4.替代活动Substitute running or jumping rope to keep your rhythm and heart rate up if someone is using a machine you wanted to use.如果其他人正在使用你想用的器材,可以跑步或跳绳来替换,保持节奏和心率。Step 5 Limit warm up progressively5.限制准备活动Limit your warm ups as you go from one exercise to the next until, on the last one, you give it all you#39;ve got.限制从一项运动转为另一项运动的时间,最后一项运动的时候,全力以赴。Step 6 Reserve time for cool down6.预留平静时间Reserve time for a 2- to 3-minute cool down. Don#39;t waste the workout and pull a muscle because you rushed the critical minutes after.预留两三分钟平静的时间。不要由于匆忙地结束而使锻炼功亏一篑,拉伤肌肉。A 1999 study of older adults found that those who walked about 45 minutes 3 times per week for 6 months performed better on cognitive tasks than those who did stretching or strengthening exercises.1999年对老年人的一项调查发现每周步行三次,每次45分钟,坚持六个月的人在认知能力方面超过那些做伸展运动或增强锻炼的人。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/229000

我们每天都要进行重要的决策--而我们常常依赖专家帮我们选择。但是经济学家诺丽娜赫兹认为,过分依赖专家有局限性,甚至对我们有害。她呼吁我们要让专业知识走向平民化—“不要只听信外科医生和首席执行官的话,也要听听商店店员的建议”。 Article/201309/255984Hollywood Stars In Anti-Nuclear Campaign Film Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin and Morgan Freeman are among American film actors who have teamed to record an anti-nuclear message. 好莱坞明星,迈克尔·道格拉斯,罗伯特·德尼罗,根·弗里曼和马特·达蒙等呼吁世界各国停止核军备竞赛,倡导世界无核化!Today, I state clearly and with conviction, America#39;s commitment to seek the peace and security -Of a world without nuclear weapons. Of a world without neclear weapons.This matters to people everywhere. Some argue that the sp of these weapons can not be stopped, can not be checked. Such fatalism is a deadly adversary. For if we believe that the sp of neclear weapons is inevitable - Then in some way we are admitting to ourselves that the use of nuclear weapons is inevitable. To denounce a call for cooperation - Is an easy but also a cowardly thing to do. That#39;s how wars begin. That#39;s where human progress ends -But make no mistake - When we fail to persue peace. Let mistakes forever beyond our grasp. Forever beyond our grasp. Forever beyond our grasp. It will take patience - And persistence - But we must ignore the voices that will tell us - The world can not change. Human destiny - Will be what we make of it. That is bridge our divisions - Build upon our hopes - And accept our responsibility - To leave this world - To leave this world -More properous - More properous - And more peaceful than we found it - And more peaceful than we found it - And more peaceful than we found it - My name is Christopher Wallets. My name is Alex Bouldwin. My name is Naomi Walts. My name is… And I demand zero. … The world must stand together to prevent the sp of these weapons. /201306/244520

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