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伊夫斯 罗西是空中飞人。 身配一副喷气式飞行翼,以身体为方向舵,他在瑞士阿尔卑斯山脉和大峡谷自由飞翔。在介绍他如何飞翔的震撼人心的短片之后,我们邀请罗斯到TED舞台上分享他惊险刺激的飞行经历。 Article/201311/264394

Give it.传球。Pass.传啊。Give it.传球。Yes,come on,pass.好的,快点,传啊。Pass.传啊。It#39;s a goal.It#39;s 2-2.球进了!现在比分二比二平。You beauty.干得漂亮。重点词汇:pass 传球例句:The pass left Zidane with a simple tap-in.这个传球使齐达内将球轻松踢进门。 Article/201406/306174

视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》Whiskered catfish work as a team.长须鲶鱼正在进行团体作业They take a gulp of air at the surface他们浮出水面深吸一口气and then belch it out underwater to create a net of bubbles.再潜入水底将气吐出 织成一张气泡网And that traps little fish.小鱼们纷纷中计There are fish for everyone.鱼之盛宴 群雄共享And each species has its own technique for catching them.各路英雄都有自己的绝招It#39;s all very well having a big beak,拥有大而长的喙固然便利之极but you#39;ve still got to know how to use it.但也要能运用自如才好This young pelican has a lot to learn...这只年幼的鹈鹕仍需努力学习...and not long to do so.不要急于求成Maybe, like the catfish, teamwork is the answer.也许应该学学鲶鱼 进行团体合作It#39;s certainly working for the flock,那对鸟群来说显然是个妙计and this pelican seems to be getting the hang of it.而这只鹈鹕似乎有些开窍了But surely it can#39;t swallow that catfish.但他显然无法吞下这只鲶鱼 Article/201403/283137While Bill races to find a solution to当比尔正在快马加鞭地寻找telomere-shortening,解决端粒缩短的方法时there#39;s one extraordinary condition有种特别的现象that was believed to demonstrate the problem of short telomeres,被认为实了端粒变短所造成的后果a rare premature ageing disease.这是一种罕见的早衰疾病So, we got your britches...我拿到了你的短裤Here#39;s your pants.你的裤子Since we#39;re going to the park,因为我们要去公园let#39;s put something warm on you, OK?你要穿得暖和些 好吗 Oh, man! I know, man.噢 不要 我知道Josiah is five. He was born with progeria.乔舒亚今年5岁 他生来患有早衰症You#39;re all dressed. Go ahead, you can go to the family room.你都穿好了 走吧 去客厅He#39;s got a like a six-to-nine-month-old waist-wise,他的腰围相当于6-9个月大的婴儿but length-wise he#39;s that of about 18 months old.但身高相当于18个月大的孩子I was told initially that progeria is premature ageing disease我得知早衰症是一种衰老过早的疾病and the life expectancy of children with progeria早衰症儿童的预期寿命is around 8 to 13 years of age.一般是8-13年I mean, he#39;s sort of aly a middle-aged man.他已经算得上是个中年人了Scientists believed that children科学家相信with progeria were born with especially short telomeres.早衰症儿童的端粒生来就相当短This suggested telomeres were central to ageing.这提示了端粒对衰老起着关键性作用Their bodies do in fast-forward what awaits us all.他们的身体加速了整个过程 Article/201303/232668And finally, people in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, were treated to a rare sight on Friday morning, when three suns appeared in the sky.周五早晨,内蒙古赤峰天空现奇观,出现“三个太阳”。The real sun suddenly appeared to have two smaller twins, and was surrounded by rainbow-like halos. Some people even said they could see five suns. The meteorological bureau said the illusion is known as a phantom sun or ice halo.真正的太阳周边突然出现两个“双胞胎”小太阳,而且被虹样的光环包围着。有人说甚至可以看见五个太阳。气象部门说这种幻觉为“假太阳”或“冰晕”。It only appears when ice crystals create high clouds in the air around 6,000 meters above ground, reflecting sunlight.在离地面约6000公里的高空中,云里面会有冰晶体,当这些冰晶体反射太阳光时,这种现象才会出现。 Article/201311/263202

Stay warm and look chic this winter with a few simple scarf-tying tricks.学习一些简单的系围巾的方法,在这个冬季,你不仅可以保暖,还可以看上去时尚别致。You Will Need你需要A rectangular scarf or a pashmina长方形围巾或羊毛围巾Steps步骤Step 1 Make a bow1.打蝴蝶结Create a side bow: Start by wrapping the scarf around the back of your neck, leaving one side shorter. Now pull the longer side over the shorter side and begin to push it up through the hole. But instead of pulling it out all the way, just pull the scarf over the loop, about halfway. Now fan it out to create a side bow.结成稍微向侧面倾斜的蝴蝶结:把围巾从脖子后面绕过来,一端较短。现在把较长的一端压在较短的一端上方,然后从下面拉出来。但是不要全都拉出来,只拉到一半。现在翻一下,形成一个侧面的蝴蝶结。If you#39;re using a pashmina as a scarf, fold in it half widthwise first.如果用的是羊毛围巾,首先把宽度折叠成一半。Step 2 Fan it out2.展开Wrap your scarf around the front of your neck to your back, keeping the ends even. Cross the ends, pull them back to the front, loosely tie them around each other, and fan them out.把围巾从脖子前面绕到后面,两端长度相同。把两端交叉,从后面绕回前面。松散地结在一起,展开。Step 3 Tie a knot3.打结Wrap the scarf around the back of your neck, leaving one side a bit shorter. Tie a loose knot on the longer side and pull the shorter end through it.把围巾从脖子后面绕过来,一端稍微长一点。把较长的一端打一个比较松的结,较短的一端从里面穿过来。Experiment with the placement of the knot until you find a look you like.试验一下打结的位置,直到看上去比较满意。Step 4 Do the European4.欧式风格Fold the scarf in half lengthwise and drape around your neck. Push the loose ends through the looped end and pull to adjust.把围巾的长度对折成一半,从脖子后面绕过来。把松散的一端穿过打环的一端,轻轻拉动调整一下。Step 5 Cover your head5.包住头部Drape a wide, thick scarf or a pashmina over your head. Cross one end over the other in front, and flip the ends over your shoulders.把又宽又厚的围巾或羊毛围巾包在头上。在胸前将一端压在另一端上,将两端甩过肩后。Step 6 Double up6.两条围巾交叉Take two identical scarves in complementary colors, intertwine them, wrap them around to the front of your neck, cross them,and then flip just one side over and down your back.拿两条颜色互相搭配的围巾,交叉在一起,从脖子后面绕过来,交叉,把一端甩到背后。In 2005, a group from Wales broke the world record for the longest knitted scarf by completing one that measured 33.74 miles long.2005年,威尔士一个组织打破了世界最长围巾记录,他们编织的围巾长达33.74英里。视频听力由。 Article/201311/264565Ed Ulbrich,这位来自Digital Domain的数字特效牛人,解释一项获得奥斯卡奖的技术,使得他的团队能够为电影 本杰明·巴顿奇事 数字化的创造布拉德皮特年幼与老年时的面像。 Article/201311/263177

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