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The British Museum bull sculpture was cast using the lost-wax technique.大英物馆的这尊公牛雕像使用了失蜡法来铸造。The artist firstly models his vision in wax, then he moulds clay around it.艺术家首先用蜡制成雕像,And this is then put into the fire, which hardens the clay and melts the wax.其后在外裹上一层黏土,放入火中烘烤。The wax is then drained off and, in its place, a bronze alloy is poured into the mould, so that it takes on the exact form the wax had occupied.待黏土变硬、蜡融 化之后,将蜡液排出,往模具中注入青铜溶液。When it cools, the mould is broken to reveal the bronze which can then be finished-polished, inscribed or filed, to produce the final sculpture.冷却之后再敲开模子,取出青铜,进行最后加工—拋光、镌刻或挫平。雕像最终成形。The bull leaper is quite badly corroded.虽然 这座雕像如今已严重腐蚀,It#39;s now degraded to a greenish-brown colour.外表呈灰棕色,It would never of course have been as sparkling as gold but, originally, it would have had a powerful, seductive gleam.但刚制作完成时必定极为精美。 青铜当然不能像黄金一样闪闪发光,但其自有一种迷人的光泽。It#39;s the bronze that makes sculptures like this one gleam, and it#39;s the bronze that lets our bull move from myth into history.制作这尊雕像所用的青铜原料让我们的公牛从神话回到现实。At first sight, it#39;s surprising that it#39;s made of bronze at all, considering that neither copper nor tin-both of which are needed-are found on Crete.事实上,光是它用青铜制成这一点就足够让人惊讶,因为克里特并没有制造青铜所需的铜和锡,Both came from much further afield, with copper coming from Cyprus-the very name means the #39;copper island#39;-or from the eastern Mediterranean coast.二者都需要从远方运来。铜有可能来自塞浦路斯它的名 字本身便有“青铜岛”之意,也可能来自地中海东岸。But tin had an even longer journey to make, travelling along trade routes from eastern Turkey, and sometimes even from Afghanistan.锡则走过了更 漫长的旅途,沿当时的贸易路线从土耳其东部,甚至是从阿富汗来到这里。It was often in short supply, because those trade routes were frequently interrupted, on occasion by pirates.这些路线上海盗猖獗,导致锡的供应常常短缺。Here with the sculpture itself, you can actually see something of that struggle to secure the tin supplies.事实上,从这尊雕像上,你便能看到一些为了保供应所做的努力。There hasn#39;t been quite enough in the alloy, which explains why the surface is rather pock-marked, and also why the structure has been weak, so that the hind legs of the bull have broken off over time.合金中锡的比例显然太小,因此表面上才会坑坑洼洼,合金的质地也相对脆弱,牛的后腿因此折断了。 Article/201407/312325

Apple is much stronger than its competition,苹果比起竞争对手要强劲许多and so they need to make sure they don#39;t get complacent因此 他们更需要谨慎谦逊because the way they#39;ll lose some day is when someone quietly comes up behind them竞争对手都在默默地奋起直追and does something that is now better.他们一个不小心就会落于人后Over the course of more than three decades,苹果走到今天已经三十多年some might argue that Apple has travelled far from its origins,一些人可能认为苹果已远远偏离他们的出发点as a bunch of Californians railing against IBM to become, itself, an all-powerful Big Brother.从一群声讨IBM的加利福尼亚嬉皮士 成为了一个叱咤风云的老大哥But it is a more complicated and interesting story.但事实上 这件事并不这么简单If Steve Jobs had just been a rebel, he wouldn#39;t have got far,如果史蒂夫·乔布斯只是一个单纯的叛逆者 他绝不会有如此成就but it#39;s because he always had that inner-hippy但正是因为他一直保持着内心深处的嬉皮that Apple became so much more than just another computer company.苹果的意义才能超越电脑公司本身There was one aspect of Steve Jobs#39; battle with cancer he hadn#39;t revealed.史蒂夫·乔布斯没有透露他与癌症抗争过程中的一点He#39;d delayed having surgery for nine months after he was diagnosed.那就是 他将手术推迟到了他确诊后的九个月Instead he#39;d tried alternative remedies期间 他尝试了一些非传统疗法and a strict vegan diet, against the advice of those closest to him.并且不顾亲友的反对 成为了一个素食者And the cancer had sp.癌细胞没有因此停止扩散He was the kind of person that could convince himself of things他就是那种偏执到甚至没法认识自己错误的人that weren#39;t necessarily true, and that always worked with him for designing products,在设计产品的时候也是where he could go to people and ask them to do something that they thought was impossible.他总会去告诉人们去做一些他们认为不可能的事And I think he truly thought that,我感觉 他好像真的以为through some unconventional means, he could cure himself.自己能通过一些非常规的方法把癌症治好A Californian suburb.这是加州的一个住宅区This was Steve Jobs#39; house after his death at the age of 56.这是乔布斯56岁辞世后留下的房子Home to no ordinary CEO, billionaire or hippie.这里曾住着一位传奇的CEO 亿万富翁和嬉皮士Buckets of rain, buckets of tears大雨倾盆 泪水如注Got all them buckets coming out of my ears我可以听到这所有的一切Buckets of moonbeams in my hand...满满的月光在我的手心...He wasn#39;t an inventor, he wasn#39;t a code writer,他不是一个发明家 他不是一个程序员he wasn#39;t a designer, he wasn#39;t a businessman really.他不是一个设计师 他其实也不是一个真正的商人I mean the word people use is visionary.人们提到他时 经常会用到远见家这个词If you break it down in the sense of he saw things,你仔细想想 他的眼光是多么独到in that sense he was a visionary. He just saw things.他的确是一个远见家 他就是有这种天赋As near as I can tell, Steve Jobs never left his counter-cultural frame of reference,至少在我看来 乔布斯从未跳出他那种反主流文化的思想体系and so his way of staying forever young was to stay forever hippy.所以他保持永远年轻的方式就是永远嬉皮Stay hungry, stay foolish. Thank you all very much.求知若饥 虚心若愚 感谢大家 /201308/254134


  He has the responsibility of protecting them from the dangers它们觅食的森林地面危机四伏that abound on the forest floor where they feed.银背公猩猩要负起 保护它们的责任To sustain his huge size, he must consume up to thirty kilos a day.体型庞大的银背公猩猩 一天要吃三十公斤的食物才会饱It#39;s mostly plant food,它们主要是吃素but western gorillas also enjoy a sprinkling of termites.但大猩猩有时也会拿用一顿 美味的白蚁小点The youngsters need to eat far less than their father,小猩猩食量比爸爸小得多so they#39;ve got time on their hands.所以有很多空闲时间They like to play for the same reasons we do...它们和人类一样for fun.以游戏取乐And it helps build long-lasting relationships.同时借着游戏建立长久的友谊Their protector keeps a watchful eye on them.银背公猩猩 一刻也不松懈地盯着它们But then...但是..it#39;s time for his siesta.午睡时间到了 Article/201311/265522。


  广告介绍:片中,通过鲍勃迪伦这位典型的美式传奇人物之口,来讲述克莱斯勒汽车身上所具备的原汁原味的、不可复制的美国精神。“让德国人酿造啤酒,让瑞士人制造钟表,让亚洲人组装手机,我们来制造你的汽车”,这句自信满满的话语,将克莱斯勒所代表的美国骄傲推至顶峰。 广告内容: Is there anything more American than America?有什么比美国更美式吗? Cause you can’t import original.因为你无法进口原汁原味 You can’t fake true cool.你无法伪装真正的冷酷 You can’t duplicate legacy.无法复制遗产 Because what Detroit created was a first, and became an inspiration to the...rest of the world.因为底特律创造的是先驱,成为了鼓舞世界的动力 Yeah ... Detroit made cars. And cars made America.对…底特律制造汽车,汽车成就了美国。 Making the best, making the finest, takes conviction.要做到最好最佳,需要坚定的信仰 And you can’t import, the heart and soul, of every man and woman working on the line.你无法引进在流水线上工作的男人和女人的全心全意。 You can search the world over for the finer things,你可以搜遍世界,寻找更好的事物 but you won’t find a match for the American road但你找不到比美国更好的道路了。 and the creatures that live on it.以及在道路上行驶的汽车。 Because we believe in the zoom, and the roar, and the thrust.因为我们相信嗡嗡声,轰鸣声和推力 And when it’s made here, it’s made with the one thing you can’t import from anywhere else.在这里制造,就使用了一样无法从外地引进的东西 American...Pride.美国骄傲 So let Germany brew your beer,让德国人酿造啤酒, Let Switzerland make your watch,让瑞士人制造钟表, Let Asia assemble your phone.让亚洲人组装手机。 We...will build...your car.我们来制造你的车。 Article/201402/275298This week I#39;ve been in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Pakistan and India, seeing how five thousand years ago cities and states grew up along some of the great rivers of the world. We#39;ve explored their styles of leadership and their architecture, their writing and the international trading networks that let them acquire new skills and materials. But in the world beyond these great river valleys, the story was different.本周我一直徘徊于埃及、美索不达米亚、巴基斯坦和印度,亲身体会这些五千年前的城市和国家在一些世界伟大河流的陪伴下繁荣发展的历史。我们探索赋予他们新技能和材料的领导风格及体系结构,他们的文字,国际贸易网络。但世界上除了这些伟大的河谷外,也有着截然不同的故事。From China to Britain, people continued to live in relatively small farming communities, with none of the problems or opportunities of the new large urban centres. What they did share with them was a taste for the expensive and the exotic, and thanks to well-established trade-routes even in Britain, on the outside edge of the Asian/European landmass, they had long been able to get what they wanted.从中国到英国,人们一直在相对较小的农业社区生活,没有新的大型城市中心的问题也得不到任何机会。他们所分享的是奢华且独具异国情调的食物味道,甚至由于英国完善的贸易体系,在亚洲/欧洲大陆的边缘,人们长期以来一直能够得到想要的东西。;I think it#39;s an extraordinarily beautiful object; almost anybody presented with one of these things would just stop in their tracks, they#39;re stunning!;“我认为这是一件美极了的物品;几乎所有面对的它的人都会发出惊叹,真是太惊艳了!”We#39;re in Canterbury in this programme, around 4000 , where the supreme object of desire is a polished jade axe.在本期节目中我们将前往公元前4000年左右的坎特伯雷,这件最杰出的物品是一把经过抛光的玉斧。A history of the world.世界历史,In a hundred objects.百件藏品,Jade axe approximately 6,000 years old discovered near Canterbury.在坎特伯雷附近发现大约6000岁的玉斧。 Article/201406/303242对于外国人来说,学说汉语是一件困难的任务,但是学习阅读这些优美复杂的书面汉字可会容易些。薛晓岚通过简单的课堂,教导學生认识汉字背後理念和其意思,由简单的字根组成到复杂的概念。她管这方法叫“Chineasy”。 Article/201405/294900

  If you find yourself unprepared for class, take these steps to keep the attention away from you.如果你觉得没有做好课堂上发言的准备,采取下面的措施,让自己不被老师注意到。You Will Need你需要Confidence信心Focus集中精力Notes笔记Steps步骤STEP 1 Sit in the back1.坐在后排Sit in the back of the classroom, preferably behind someone who consistently engages in classroom discussions.坐在教室后排,最好坐在经常参加课堂讨论的某个同学后面。STEP 2 Look confident2.看上去自信Sit tall and look as if you are thinking about the question while wearing a confused look on your face.坐得笔直,看上去好像你在思考问题,同时显露出困惑的表情。Avoid looking down, which could attract the teacher#39;s attention and increase your chances of being called on.不要低下去,这会吸引老师的注意力,增加被点名发言的机会。STEP 3 Be alert3.保持警惕Be alert and pay attention. Do not stare out the window, pick at your nails, or doodle.保持警惕,保持注意力。不要望着窗外,修理指甲或胡乱涂鸦。STEP 4 Look through your notes4.查看笔记Look through your notes as if you#39;re trying to search for a forgotten answer.查看笔记,就好像你在试图寻找忘记的。STEP 5 Raise your hand5.举手Raise your hand, and when called on, ask the teacher if you can be excused to use the lavatory.举手。万一不幸被老师点名,问一下老师是否可以去一下厕所。The largest numbers of bachelor#39;s degrees earned in the 2006 and 2007 school year were in the business field.2006至2007学年获得学士学位人数最多的专业是商业领域。视频听力译文由。 Article/201408/324553几个世纪来,科学被排拒在善恶对错的问题以外。 Sam Harris 提出科学不但可以,更应当成为道德问题的准则,为人类设立新人道价值,带领我们走向真正的幸福生活。 Article/201308/252774

  Nissan back to Datsun, but only in India Nissan relaunches the Datsun brand, hoping to boost sales in India#39;s emerging market. CNN#39;s Sumnima Udas reports.日产重新发布了其Datsun廉价品牌,推出了一款主要针对新兴市场的微型车。这款Datsun Go是一款小型的五门五座掀背车,将于明年初率先在印度市场推出上市,售价将低于40万印度卢比(折合人民币约4万元)。这款Go车型的发布标志着Datsun品牌在退出市场30年后的重新回归,旨在填补低端市场的空白,定位将低于最便宜的日产和雷诺车型。This is no ordinary car launch, the Datsun resurrected after about 30 years this time in India, in typical Bollywood fashion complete with singing and dancing, the aim selling a car and a dream.This is a historic day for Nissan Motor company, it#39;s also an exciting moment for many women and men here in India who today are one step closer to realizing the dream of purchasing a new car.Not since the launch of the tata nano in 2009, has India seen so much excitement over a car, the Datsun Go, a five door hatchback large enough to fill in an everage Indian family, price for the low cost segment at 400,000 Indian Rupees, or roughly USD6,700. Nissan is betting big on India#39;s rising middle class particularly younger first time buyers.India has such a high potential that we really want to be a part of the landscape in India, if we can be successful in India, we can be successful everywhere.The hope is Datsun#39;s low price and sleek look will attract customers in India where Nissan has struggled, the debut comes at a challenging time though, industry data for June shows India#39;s car market contracted for 8 staight months and cheaper and smaller cars were hit hardest, but Carlos G says he isn#39;t worried.A lot of people keep looking at the last three months of sales in India, such a narrow vision of Indian market, Indian market is much bigger than this, the potential is much bigger, we still think even though the market is down now for the first six months, and we are going barely be above 3.2 million cars this year, we still think that this market will be above 4 million by 2016 and will continue to grow by 5 to 6% a year.The Datsun Go will be manufactured in India and hit the road in 2014.Sumnima Udas, CNN, New Delhi. /201307/248803


  Dense thick layers of fur help它们有浓密厚实的毛发to insulate these snow moneys in this testing environment.所以不畏风雪But they still feel the cold.但它们还是会 感受到刺骨的寒冷At this time of the year food is scarce.每年到了这个时节,食物都很少But macaques are adaptable and clever.但是聪明的猕猴能随遇而安The troop has learnt that this river stays ice-free the year round.这群猕猴发现这条河终年不结冰This female knows这只母猴子知道it#39;s a good place to gather insect larvae它可以用多用途的双手 和灵巧的手指from under the rocks, using her versatile hands and nimble fingers.在这里的石头下面 找到昆虫的幼虫In winter, this troop spends most of its time searching for food.这群猕猴大半个冬天 都花在觅食上面The same underground forces that prevent this river from freezing防止这条河结冰的自然力量bring great comfort to others.也给了别的动物慰藉 Article/201311/265250

  It did inspire him.这确实鼓舞着他It did motivate him to work more and faster and create more things.使他工作更加发奋 提高产品创新的速度And in fact, his creative output over the last five and six years is probably his greatest his most prolific period.事实上 他最后的五六年是他最多产的阶段 最巅峰的时期Running out of time but not drive,时日不多 但不能碌碌无为Jobs writes his next chapter and it#39;s a page-turner!乔布斯又写下新的篇章 一部引人入胜的华章Okay, so we called Steve Jobs a guru a few times aly.我们一直称史蒂夫·乔布斯为行业领袖Let#39;s think about that.让我们想想原因吧People can definitely go overboard about their enthusiasm for the man and his company.人们为了这个人和他的公司近乎疯癫And I admit, I#39;m partly guilty of that.我承认 我也有点这样But that was also part of steve Jobs#39; grand plan.但那是乔布斯伟大计划的一部分Over the years, he created this self-contained ecosystem where这些年来他创造了这个自给自足的生态系统your device was your portal into this universe,你的设备就是进入这个世界的钥匙like a badge of membership.就像一枚会员徽章一样And the king of that universe was Joebs himself,而整个世界的主宰者就是乔布斯equal parts CEO and rock star.首席执行官兼摇滚明星The devices, the company, the man himself,诱人的产品 公司形象加人格魅力the corporate world has never seen anything like it.在商界 这是前无古人And maybe never will again.估计也后无来者了You are holding it like it#39;s the Holy Grail.是不是感觉像拿到了圣杯Yes.是的To me, a brand is one simple thing.对我而言 品牌的涵义很简单And that is, trust.那就是 信任Steve Jobs was Apple.史蒂夫·乔布斯就是苹果公司And Apple was Steve Jobs.而苹果公司也是史蒂夫·乔布斯He trusted that he knew what we needed before we did.他坚信他比我们更懂得自己的需求They look so good you kind of want to lick them.他们如此诱人 你无法拒绝You know, on Wall Street they have focus groups where在华尔街上 有一些焦点小组they have people and they try to test out products and you have to fill out a questionnaire afterwards.他们让人们体验厂家的产品 然后人们要填写一张调查问卷Steve Jobs says, bah humbug.史蒂夫·乔布斯说 切 骗人的把戏All you have to do is to take a product and give it to a kid只需要把产品交给一个孩子and in two minutes,you know whether it#39;s a hit or a failure.在两分钟之后 成功与否即见分晓Steve#39;s passion and joy about all things Apple made him a consummate showman.史蒂夫对苹果产品的与喜爱使他成为了完美的表演家Look what happens.快看发生了什么And enabled him to sell, sell, sell.使他能不停地 大卖特卖This is where the world#39;s going.这就是世界发展的方向This is how tiny it is.它就是如此小巧The cult of Apple was vine all of us.苹果的狂热信徒不断增加 /201305/241783


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