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大家好,这里是新世界商务口语每日一句节目,每天我都会为大家带来最地道的商务口语句子,而且是由英籍老师真人发音!句子稍微有点难度,但我们相信大家只要坚持,就一定可以学到最地道的英语发音和日常商务用句哦! 今天我们要学习的句子是: The two matchmakers,behind the troubled trans-Atlantic marriage that created Alcatel-Lucent, are stepping down to pave the way for a management overhaul at one of the world’s biggest telecommunications-equipment providers. Alcatel 和Lucent两家通讯巨头,跨大西洋联合成为Alcatel-Lucent, 现在出了问题。而促成两年联合的幕后操作者已离职,从而为这家全球顶尖的通讯设备供应商管理层重大调整拉开序幕. /06/74222。

2 Buying Office Supplies第2单元 购买办公用品Conversation 1会话 1A:Can I help you,Miss?A:,需要点什么?B:I would like to order 2 offlce-style cabinets and desk calendars.B:我要订购两个办公柜和两份台历。We want offlce-style cabinets in white. The catalogue number is 90-f-2356.办公柜要白色的产品编号是90-f-2356。A:How soon do you want it?A:你要多快送到?B:Could you deliver it tomorrow?B:你能不能明天送到?A:No problem.A:没问题。B:Please handle the items carefully.B:请小心运送货品。A:Certainly.A:当然。B:We will pay by collect on delivery.B:货到时我们付款。Conversation 2会话 2A:May I help you, Miss?A:,需要帮忙吗?B:Yes. Im excited to hear about your new product.B:是的,我很想了解你们这套新产品的情况。A:OK. Im sure you will love what this new automatic answering system can do for your business.A:好的,我相信这一套最新自动签录系统会给贵公司的 业务带来很多好处。B:Yes. Ive heard a lot about it.B:是这样,我已听说过很多有关它的介绍。A:Watch our computer demonstration, please. Youll be convinced that our product is superior.(After the demonstration )A:请看看电脑演示。你一定会相信我们的比别家的好。 (演示过后)B:Yes. I would have to agree with you. It seems to offer more options than the others.B:是的,我很同意你的说法。看起来你们产品的功能比别家的功能多。But new product sometimes has a few troubles. How about yours?但是新产品有时会有一些问题,你们的怎么样?A:Our systems are 100% trouble-free.A:我们的系统是百分之百的无故障。B:How do you ensure quality?B:你们怎样来保产品的质量呢?A:Any of our new products shall go through a 1 - 3 month testing period.A:我们的任何一件新产品都有一至三个月的试用期。B:Are your prices negotiable?B:价格是否有商量的余地呢?A:Yes, our prices are negotiable, but our quality is not.A:有,我们的价格可以谈,但我们产品的质量是独一无二的。B:What happens if I am not satisfied with my purchases?B:假如买了后不满意怎么办?A:Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we refund your money.A:我们保用户满意,否则我们就退款。B:l see. But I have to discuss it over with my boss before I make a decision.B:我知道了,但是我必须与我的老板商量之后才能做决定。A:OK. I hope you will be in touch with me shortly.A:好吧,我希望你们不久后就和我联系。 /201601/421812。

Talking about work loadA: Thank God! I am finished writing that service guide! It took me forever!B: When did you finish?A: This morning! No more overtime, and no more headaches!B: Well, I’m glad to hear it. Have a cup of coffee!议论工作量A:谢天谢地!我写完务指南啦!我以为写不完了呢!B:你什么时候完成的?A:今天早上!再也不用加班再也没有头疼了!B:啊!真叫人高兴。喝杯咖啡吧! /200706/13934。

If I were in your shoes, Id apologize to him.我要是你,就会去跟他道歉。in ones shoes 字面意思是:“穿某人的鞋子”,由此可以很容易地联想到这个习语要表达的是换位思考,体会对方的难处和苦衷,不要用皮鞋的心态来说人字拖的事。所以这个习语的正确意思是:“站在某人的立场上考虑”。因此,当美国人说;If I were in your shoes, Id apologize to him.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;If I were you, I would say sorry to him.;、;If I were in the same situation, I would apologize to him.;。情景对白:Terry: I criticized my assistant this morning. But maybe I was barking up the wrong tree.泰瑞:我今天早上批评了助理,但是或许我错怪她了。Benjamin: Well, If I were in your shoes, Id apologize to her.本杰明:嗯,我要是你,就会去跟她道歉。搭配句积累:①I was at odds with the manager and offended him.我和经理意见有分歧,而且我还惹怒了他。②A client refused to sign a contract with us only because of my joke.由于我开了个玩笑,客户拒绝跟我们签署合同了。③The client threatened to terminate our cooperation unless I apologize.那个客户威胁说除非我道歉,要不然就要终止合作。④I broke our bosss vase, but I dare not tell him.我打碎了老板的花瓶,但是我不敢告诉他。单词:1. at odds 意见不致His current perspective is profoundly at odds with that of almost everyone else.他目前的观点同其他人完全不同。The figures are at odds with our findings.这些数字与我们的发现不一致。2. terminate vt. 使终止Her next remark abruptly terminated the conversation.她接下来说的话使谈话戛然而止。His contract terminates at the end of the season.他的合同在本赛季末终止。3. vase n. 花瓶The flaw in this vase makes it less valuable.这个花瓶因为有点缺陷,不那么值钱了。The vase made by the artisan is wonderful.那个手艺人做的花瓶棒极了。 /201306/243763。

First day of schoolA: Has your son started school yet, Tom?B: Next week, it’s going to be quite a shock for him!A: He’ll get used to it. They always do. I still remember when my daughter started. Are you going with him on his first day?B: You bet. I wouldn’t miss it!上学第一天A:你儿子上学了吗?汤姆?B:下星期。这会让他吃惊不小。A:他会适应的。孩子们都这样,我还记得我女儿当时的样子。第一天你和他一起去吗?B:当然了。我绝不会错过。 /200706/13944。

A: We agree to give you a break on the price, all together a discount of 6%. Good news is, I talked to my boss, he confirmed that if you take care of the shipping costs, we'll throw in insurance.B: Great! I'd love to get a little better discount than 6%, but if your company provides the insurance, that will save us a few bucks...A: Now, all this is available to you, as far as you make payment within a 30 day grace period. That shouldn't be a problem, right?B: No... We shouldn't have any problem with that. I know we talked about a possiblity for 90 days, but we won't be needing that after your discounted price.A: So, if all this is agreeable to you, I'll put it all down on paper and fax a contract to you this afternoon. If you can get a signed version of the contract we've agreed upon back to me by tomorrrow morning, we can go ahead and make arrangements to ship the product on Tuesday.B: Great! /11/88612。

老板Tom的班机因为台风来袭而停飞,从机场打电话给秘书Susan布置工作。Tom: And if you dont mind, call our factory in China and see if things are OK there. Im worried about flooding.如果你不介意的话,给我们在中国的工厂打个电话吧,问问那里是不是一起都好。我很担心洪水。S: Sure thing, boss.当然可以,老板。T: Ill tell you what, Ill call back in an hour or so and well touch base again, good?我大概会在一小时以后给你大电话的,我们交流一下最新情况,好吗?S: Absolutely. Good luck and stay safe!当然。祝你好运,一切安全。T: Thanks, Susan.苏珊,谢谢。(Hang up phone sound)Tom让Susan打电话给公司设在中国的工厂,看看那里有没有发水,还说自己一小时后再打电话给Susan, ;Well touch base again,; 相互通报一下情况。To touch base意思是碰头,联络,交换一下最新情况。Susan说sure thing,意思是没问题。(Phone ringing)T: Oh, hello Susan. I thought we said wed wait an hour.哦,嗨,苏珊,我记得我说过我们一小时以后联系。S: I just got off the line with the factory and its flooding pretty bad down there. They said the water has almost reached half a meter!我和工厂联系刚挂上电话。工厂果然发洪水了,情况很糟糕。他们说水已经快半米高了。T: Darn it! I thought wed solved the flooding problem. Tell them to get the precision machinery off the ground floor and see if they cant use sandbags to stop any more water coming in.真讨厌!我以为我们已经解决这个问题了。告诉他们把精密仪器搬到楼上去,然后再想办法用沙袋把水堵在外面。结果没到一小时,Susan就心急火燎地打电话给Tom. 原来是Susan刚刚got off the line with the factory,跟工厂联系刚挂上电话,get off the line,是挂电话的意思。Tom担心得一点没错,工厂果然在发水,已经快半米高了。Tom让他们赶紧把precision machinery,精密仪器搬到楼上去,然后用sandbags,沙袋,想办法把水堵在外面。S: Ok. There are a couple of people from the head office there. Ill ask them to take charge and try to limit the damage as much as possible.总部办公室有几个人在工厂那边。我会让他们负责并且尽可能地减少损失。T: The last time it flooded we lost one of our production lines for almost three weeks! We cant afford that again. Tell them to spare no effort to keep the water out of the production area!上一次发洪水就导致公司有一条生产先停工将近一个星期。告诉他们想尽一切办法,坚决不能让水进到车间里去。S: Will do. What about your flight? Any word?我会告诉他们的。你的航班怎么样了?有消息了吗?T: Not yet...oh, wait a second...they are announcing something about my flight...Ill call you right back.还没有;;哦,等一下;;广播好像在说我的航班的事;;我待会给你打电话。S: Ok.好的。(Sound of phone hang up)Susan说,总部head office有几个人正在工厂那边,可以让他们负责to take charge,尽量减少损失。Tom说,上次发水公司就有一条生产线停工将近三个星期,We cant afford that again,我们再也承受不起这样的损失了。所以tell them to spare no effort...,告诉他们想尽一切办法,坚决不能让水进到车间里去。Susan最后问Tom的班机有没有消息。Any word? 相当于is there any word on your flight? Word,在这里是消息的意思。Tom说,他们好象正在宣布什么,所以就先挂了电话,Tom的工厂会受到严重损失吗?我们下次继续听。 /164920。