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It’s no secret that vitamin D is a crucial ingredient for overall health, glowing skin, and strong bones, but most people don’t get enough of this fat-soluble vitamin that helps muscles, heart, lungs, and brain function properly. Research has shown that 3/4 of U.S. teens and adults are “D-ficient.”维他命D是全身健康、皮肤光泽和骨骼强健的重要因素,这一点众所周知。这种脂溶性维生素能有助于肌肉、心脏、肺部和大脑的正常运作,但大多数人却没有摄入足够的维他命D量。研究表明美国3/4的青少年及成人都“缺乏维生素D”。Sources of Vitamin D that don’t require you to absorb sun include supplements and, surprisingly, a lot of foods.并不需要晒太阳就可获得维他命D, 补充物、尤其是多种食物就是维他命D的极佳来源。SARDINES沙丁鱼Just 3 oz. of sardines are enough for your daily dose of vitamin D. They are the best substitute for the much more expensive superfood – salmon, Maria Bohland, a registered dietician and founder of DietAustin.com, says. Add tomato sauce for some fiber and vitamins. Sardines are rich on omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce the risk of stroke. If you’re worried about mercury in your fish, sardines are known to have low levels of it.只要摄入3盎司的沙丁鱼,每日就可摄入必备的维他命D量。沙丁鱼是昂贵得多的超级食物(三文鱼)的绝佳替代物,Maria Bohland说道,她是一名注册营养师,同时也是DietAustin.com网站的创始人。在沙丁鱼里加些番茄酱,就可获得一些纤维素和其它维他命了。沙丁鱼富含欧米茄3脂肪酸,能降低中风的风险。如果你担心鱼里的汞元素,那么大可放心,沙丁鱼是以低汞含量而闻名的。MUSHROOMS蘑菇“Many people don’t know that mushrooms are a surprisingly good source of Vitamin D,” Bohland says. Some have been exposed to ultraviolet light to increase vitamin D. Add a few slices to your salad or sauté them as a delicious side. A cup of chanterelle, morel, shiitake or Portobello provides about 400 IUs, or 65 percent of DV.“很多人都不知道蘑菇是维他命D的绝佳来源”,Bohland说道。已经有些蘑菇被放置在紫外光下以增加维他命D含量。一杯鸡油菌、羊肚菌、香菇或大型顶蘑菇能提供400IU(维生素类生物制品的国际单位),即65%的每日必需量。DAIRY PRODUCTS奶制品Vitamin D absorbs calcium which makes your bones stronger. The best source of calcium is milk, so it’s not a surprise that it has been fortified (processed) with vitamin D. An 8-ounce cup of milk has about 200 IUs, which is 20 percent of your daily value. Whole milk has more of the vitamin but the reduced fat options will do. Other dairy products like butter and yogurt also contain vitamin D – about 20 per 100 grams (3.5 ounces).维他命D能吸收钙,可使骨骼更强健。牛奶是钙元素的最好来源,所以牛奶中含有(被加工)维他命D也就不足为奇了。一杯8盎司的牛奶含有200IU(约20%)的每日必需量。全脂牛奶含有更多维他命,但喝低脂牛奶就够了。黄油和酸奶等奶制品也含有维他命D——每100g(3.5盎司)约20IU。EGG YOLKS蛋黄If you’re dieting and have been advised to eat egg-white omelets, reconsider. The yolk is actually the better and healthier part of the egg. Among other important nutrients, it’s also where vitamin D is found, Bohland says. Just one raw, fresh yolk has about 30 IUs, which is 7 percent of DV. Make an omelet and you can easily ingest more than a tenth of the D you need in a day.如果你正在节食,并且有人建议你吃蛋白鸡蛋卷,那就重新考虑下吧。蛋黄实则是鸡蛋中更好更健康的部分。Bohland说,除了其它重要的营养成分之外,蛋黄也含有维他命D。一个生的、新鲜的蛋黄就含有30IU,即7%的每日必需量。做个煎蛋卷吧,很容易就能得到10%以上的每日必需维他命D摄入量。译文属 /201608/459745Shoppers in England will take home six billion fewer plastic bags this year thanks to the introduction of the 5p charge.在推出征收5便士的政策之后,英国消费者今年使用的塑料袋大约减少了60亿只。The first official Government figures show the charge has cut use of the environmentally-damaging bags by around 85 per cent.据英国政府第一次的统计数据显示,收费使得危害环境的塑料袋用量减少了大约85%。More than seven billion single-use plastic bags were handed out by the main retailers in 2014.在2014年,英国的零售商们发行了70多亿只一次性塑料袋。But in the six months that followed the introduction of the charge in England in October, that figure dropped to just half a billion.不过,在推出一次性塑料袋征收5便士政策后的前六个月,这一数字一下子减少了大约5亿只。That means six billion fewer bags will be taken home by shoppers over the course of the first year.如果保持第一年的这一趋势,那就意味着今年塑料袋的使用量将减少60亿只。Environment Ministers said this was the equivalent to the weight of roughly 300 blue whales, 300,000 sea turtles or three million pelicans.环境部长表示,这相当于大约300头蓝鲸的重量,也相当于30万只海龟或者300万只鹈鹕的重量。The 5p charge has also resulted in donations of more than 29 million pound from retailers towards good causes, including charities and community groups.收取5便士这一政策也导致零售商将收取的超过2900万英镑用于包括慈善机构和社会团体的公益事业。It shows small actions can make the biggest difference, but we must not be complacent as there is always more we can all do to reduce waste and recycle what we use.这显示出了小举措却能带来巨大的改变,不过我们也不可骄傲自满,因为在减少浪费和回收利用方面,我们能做的还远远不止这些。 /201609/464325not Pikachu?!?……不是皮卡丘?!?Like many people, when the Pokémon General Election was first announced, I just sort of assumed Pikachu was going to walk away with it. Even though there were 720 Pokémon candidates in the running, how could any of them hope to stand a chance against the franchise mascot?最早宣布要进行神奇宝贝大选的时候,我就像许多人一样,有那么点儿想当然,认为皮卡丘会轻易获胜。虽然参加大选的候选者有720只神奇宝贝,他们中的任何一个怎么可能会有希望胜过这只有特权的吉祥物呢?Fans who go to the theater to watch this summer’s Pokémon movie will be able to download the winning character for use in the Pokémon X, Y, Omega Red, and Alpha Sapphire Nintendo 3DS games, and while Pikachu may be the most recognized and widely loved Pokémon, he’s not necessarily everyone’s preferred battle partner.(因为)粉丝们只有去影院观看今年夏天的神奇宝贝电影,他们才能下载使用任天堂3DS游戏神奇宝贝X系列、Y系列、红色结局系列以及蓝宝石初始系列的获胜角色,虽然皮卡丘可能是公认的、备受欢迎的神奇宝贝,但他未必是每个人首选的作战伙伴。The polls have now closed, so let’s take a look at the top 12.现在投票结束了,那么让我们一起看看12强都有谁。12th place: Eevee第12名:伊布11th place: Mewtwo第11名:超梦10th place: Meloetta第10名:美洛耶塔9th place: Charizard第9名:喷火龙8th place: Zygarde第8名:基格尔德7th place: Rayquaza第7名:烈空坐6th place: Genesect第6名:盖诺赛克特5th place: Sylveon第5名:仙精灵4th place: Pikachu第4名:皮卡丘3rd place: Mew第3名:梦幻2nd place: Arceus第2名:阿尔宙斯So in the end, who was chosen as the top Pokémon?那么最后,谁被选为最佳神奇宝贝呢?Water/dark-type Pokémon Greninja. While his extremely long, constantly exposed tongue (which he wraps around himself like a scarf) is pretty gross, it’s hard to argue against the coolness on a ninja, especially one that can make shurikens out of water to toss at your foes.那就是水系/暗黑系神奇宝贝甲贺忍蛙。虽然他的舌头非常长,而且经常会露出来(他会把舌头像围巾一样围在身上),十分恶心,但是要驳斥一位忍者的出色,尤其是一位能从水里向你的敌人投掷手里剑的忍者,这真的很难做到。There’s no word as to whether Pikachu has called his rival to congratulate him, or is instead meeting with fellow electric-types Dedenne and Raichu to plot a coup.至于皮卡丘是否致电过他的对手来表示祝贺,或是与同类的电系咚咚鼠及雷丘密谋造反,就不得而知了。 /201606/449083

It#39;s been done ...完成了......It is essential that no critics are included in the first trip back in time至关重要的是,在第一次即使回程没有受到任何批判 /201608/459267

Batman vs. Superman. Captain America vs. Iron Man. This year, this year#39;s cinema is packed with several superhero showdowns.蝙蝠侠和超人,美国队长和钢铁侠。今年的影院充斥着好几位超级英雄的雌雄对决。Which superhero is the strongest? Study tries to answer heated debate.哪位超级英雄是最强的?研究试图回答这一大热辩题。Now, students at the University of Leicester have taken a more analytical approach to the whole discussion, performing a series of simple calculations to determine just how feasible the powers of our favorite heroes are. As they reported in a series of paper appearing in the Journal of Physics Special Topics and the Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Topics, the researchers have found that DC’s iconic Man of Steel, Superman, is the best-equipped superhero of all, followed closely by Marvel’s Wolverine, Mystique, and Thor, based on an evaluation of each individual’s set of special powers.现在,对于这场全球性的大讨论,莱斯特大学的学生用了比较分析法——他们执行了一系列的简单计算,来确定我们最喜欢的英雄所拥有的能力有多大的可行性。他们在《物理学特殊话题》期刊和《跨学科科学话题》期刊上发表了一系列的论文,研究者发现惊奇标志性的“钢铁超人”、超人是所有超级英雄中装备最好的;紧随其后的是漫威的金刚狼、魔形女、雷神托尔,评估是基于每个人的特殊能力而进行的。Fans of Batman may be distressed to learn that the Gotham Knight scored last, earning the title of the least well-equipped superhero. 蝙蝠侠的粉丝可能陷入绝望,他的得分是最低的,只得到了装备精良的超级英雄称号。As the authors explained, while his cape has proven to be a tremendous asset when gliding in the movies and in comic books, in reality, Batman would reach velocities of nearly 80km/h while doing so, which would likely prove fatal when he attempted to land – meaning that his efforts to save the day would probably end quite tragically.作者解释说,当在电影和漫画书中滑翔的时候,他的披风被明是一个巨大的优势,但在现实中,蝙蝠侠的速度将达到近80千米/小时,而这样做的后果很可能是致命的,当他试图着陆的时候—这意味着他努力拯救的一天很可能以悲剧收场。 /201606/450752

Google engineers have designed a set of 13 emojis that they say better represent women in the world of work. The designs have been presented to the Unicode consortium, the body that approves and standardises emojis.日前,谷歌公司的工程师们设计了一套数量为13种的表情符号,他们称这能更好地代表职场世界的女性形象。该设计已经提交给Unicode联盟,该联盟是认和标准化表情符号的机构。The team said that they hoped the samples would ;empower young women (the heaviest emoji users) and better reflect the pivotal roles women play in the world;.该研究小组表示,他们希望这些样本可以授权给年轻女性(重度表情符用户),更好地体现女性在职场世界发挥的关键作用”。It includes healthcare workers, scientists and businesswomen.这套表情符号包括医务工作者、科学家和企业家等。The term - which means picture (e) and character (moji) in Japanese - was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013.Emoji这个单词--在日语里意味着图像(e)和字符(moji)--于2013年被列入牛津英语词典。The team of four Google employees cited a New York Times op-ed called ;Emoji Feminism; as the motivation for its new designs.由四位谷歌员工组成的团队表示,他们把《纽约时报》的专栏“表情符女权主义”作为该新设计的动机。Research by Procter And Gamble suggested that 82% of girls aged 16-24 use emojis every day. More than half of those surveyed thought that female emojis were stereotypical.宝洁公司的一项研究指出,82%的年龄在16岁至24岁的女性每天都使用表情符号。超过一半的受访者认为女性的表情符号太过刻板了。All emojis need to be approved by Unicode to make sure that they display properly across the different platforms.所有的表情符号,都需要获得Unicode的批准,以确保它们在不同的平台上正确显示。However, emojis can look very different on competing platforms - a dancer emoji for instance shows up as a ballerina on LG phones, a man disco-dancing on Samsung devices, a yellow blob with its arm raised on Android and a flamenco dancer on iOS.然而,表情符号在竞争平台上可以看上去非常不同--例如一个舞者的表情符号在LG手机上是一个芭蕾舞演员,在三星设备上却是男人跳迪斯科舞,在安卓上则是一个手臂举起的黄色一团,而在iOS上是弗拉门戈舞蹈家。The next batch of emoji candidates is due to be released mid-year but it is unclear whether Google#39;s designs will be approved in time to be included in this.下一批表情符号的候选计划将于今年年中发布,但目前还不清楚谷歌的本次设计是否能及时被批准并包含其中。 /201605/444626

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