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诸暨市牌头医院光子脱毛多少钱义乌市皮肤病医院切眼袋多少钱诸暨市第三人民医院吸脂手术多少钱 With the pressure of juggling work, children and the home, you might have thought a woman’s perfect day would mostly involve sitting in a spa doing, frankly, not a lot.背负着来自工作、孩子与家庭的繁重重担,你也许认为女性的完美一天的安排通常会包括闲适地泡温泉。But you’d be wrong. In fact, according to a study, the top priority in a woman’s ideal routine would be a little romance with their partner – 106 minutes of it, to be precise.但你也许错了。根据一份最新研究,其实女性理想的日常安排中,最重要的活动是与伴侣亲密相伴,精确地说,是一天为此花费106分钟。Researchers asked 900 women with an average age of 38 what they do each day and how they feel about it, analysing their answers to produce the perfect daily routine.研究人员调查了900名平均年龄在38岁左右的女性,问她们每天的日常安排及感觉,从而得出“女性完美一天”的安排表。After eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, next on the list was what the researchers termed ‘intimate relations’, followed by spending time on the computer, at 98 minutes, and socialising, on 82 minutes. The day was further broken down into 78 minutes relaxing, 56 minutes of shopping and 57 minutes talking on the phone.受调查女性希望首先保8小时连续睡眠,排在安排表第二位的就是研究人员所说的“亲密关系”,随后是98分钟的电脑时间,和82分钟的社交时间。此外每天至少用78分钟来放松,用56分钟来购物,还有57分钟打电话。The study concluded that variety was the most important thing – which perhaps explains why the list also includes 68 minutes exercising and 36 minutes working.研究结论称,生活的多样化是最重要的一点,这或许可以解释为什么在安排中,还包括68分钟的锻炼时间和36分钟的工作时间。The researchers also analysed data from a US Time Use Survey, which measures the amount of time men and women spend on different pastimes, to help produce their perfect routine.研究人员还分析了来自《美国时间使用调查》的数据,来帮助得出完美的日程安排。这一调查衡量了男性和女性在不同消遣活动上花费的时间。It would include 16 different activities, each taking between 33 and 106 minutes. But if women could be entirely self-indulgent and hedonistic, their day would be rather different. Then they would spend 619 minutes a day with their partner, 103 minutes socialising and 74 minutes relaxing.这一时间安排包括16种不同的活动,每种耗时33分钟到106分钟不等。但如果女性完全自我放纵,是个享乐主义者的话,一天的安排就大有不同了。她们每天会花费619分钟和伴侣呆在一起,用103分钟进行社交活动,并用74分钟来放松自己。They wouldn’t spend any time working or commuting, and only two minutes on housework, and another two minutes with the children. The researchers, from the University of Bremen in Germany and the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US, said: ‘Greater wellbeing includes spending a little more time with friends, a lot more time with relatives, and a lot less time with the boss and co-workers.她们不会花任何时间来工作或者上下班通勤,仅用两分钟做家务,再花两分钟陪孩子。来自德国不来梅大学和美国乔治亚理工学院的研究人员说:“如果想要生活更幸福,那就要分多一点时间和朋友在一起,并花更多时间和亲戚在一起。与老板和同事在一起的时间则要大大缩短。”‘A likely, but short-sighted, reaction would be to fully maximise the time spent with intimate relations and minimise the amount of time we spend commuting.“我们对此的反应很可能是尽量延长陪伴伴侣的时间,而且尽量缩短上下班通勤的时间,但这是目光短浅的一种做法。”‘But the joy we get out of the first hour of shopping is likely to be greater than during the fifth or sixth hour. Another problem is that certain activities are attractive because we do them so rarely.“我们在购物的第一个小时所感受到的快乐要远远大于第五或第六个小时。另一个问题是,有些活动对我们很有吸引力,那是因为我们很少去做。”‘Scarcity can therefore be expected to be a central feature of why we enjoy intimate relations more than work.’“因此,我们很喜欢与伴侣亲密相伴,而不是更喜欢工作,也主要是因为和伴侣呆在一起的时间比较短。” /201210/205382义乌佛堂赤岸镇做眼角除皱手术多少钱

义乌botox哪家医院好Good News: Hot Chocolate Is Good for Your Heart!巧克力热饮有益心脏 Drinking green tea all the time may get a little boring,but it's helping me stay healthy. Antioxidants fight cancer and heart disease. I heard that fruit juices like cranberry juice also contain a lot of antioxidants.But I don't like cranberry juice. Fruits and vegetables in general are a great source of antioxidants, but if you're not in the mood for fruits and vegetables, what about drinking some hot cocoa? Hot cocoa contains 2-3 times the amount of antioxidants that green tea does, and twice as much as red wine. You can, of course, get the antioxidant benefits of cocoa in other forms too, such as in candy bars and other desserts. But your average cup of cocoa contains a lot less saturated fat than a regular chocolate bar. And you can cut down fat and sugar more by using skim milk and an artificial sweetener. What's more, though you could drink your cocoa cold, researchers recommend hot cocoa because the heat tends to trigger more antioxidants than cold cocoa. 一直喝绿茶可能会让人觉得厌烦,但是它能帮助我保持健康。抗氧化剂能对抗癌症和心脏病。我听说果汁像红莓汁也含有丰富的抗氧化剂。可我不喜欢红莓汁。 水果和蔬菜通常都含有大量的抗氧化剂,但是,如果你不喜欢水果或蔬菜的话,来杯巧克力热饮怎么样? 热可可饮料所含抗氧化剂是绿茶的2-3倍,同时是红酒的2倍。当然没你也可以以其他方式获得可可中的抗氧化剂,比如可可糖和其他一些甜点。 一杯可可饮料所含的饱和脂肪要比巧克力少得多。并且可以使用脱脂奶和人工甜味剂减少脂肪和糖。 更重要的是,尽管你可以喝冷的可可饮料,但研究人员还是建议喝热饮。因为热度能够产生更多的抗氧化剂。 /201110/158409浦江县耳部整形多少钱 义乌整容医院哪家好

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