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Catch a bus乘公交车Is this where I can catch a bus to the theater?我在这里可以等到去剧院的车吗?Yes, but you cant get there without a change.是的,但您不能直达剧院Which bus do I have to change?那我该换乘哪班车呢?You have to get off at the hospital and change bus .到医院下车换乘路公交I see. Thank you.知道了,谢谢 9185While fully recognizing the remarkable achievements Hong Kong has made since its return to the motherland 15 years ago, we should also be sober-minded of the deep-seated problems and challenges in the Hong Kong society. The next five years are of great significance to Hong Kongs long-term development and will be a period of important opportunities which Hong Kong must seize and take advantage of. I hope the new SAR government and the people of Hong Kong will work harder in the following four areas.我们在充分肯定香港回归祖5年来取得巨大成就的同时,也要清醒地看到香港社会仍然存在一些深层次矛盾和问题。未年对香港长远发展具有重要影响,是必须紧紧抓住而且可以有所作为的重要机遇期。在这里,我向香港特别行政区新一届政府和社会各界提出4点希望。First, promote social harmony and stability. Harmony and stability underpin development, while improving peoples livelihood is essential for building a harmonious and stable society. It is imperative for the new SAR government to follow the principle of putting people first in its administration, accurately gauge public opinion and take concrete and effective measures to properly address issues concerning peoples livelihood and social tensions. The SAR government should pay greater attention to ensuring equal opportunities, heed the concerns of disadvantaged groups and care about the younger generation so that the people of all sectors in Hong Kong will share the benefits of the citys development and lead a better life. People from different social groups and sectors in Hong Kong should bear in mind the overall interests, follow the call of loving the motherland and loving Hong Kong, work for the broadest unity, wholeheartedly support the new SAR government in effectively administering Hong Kong pursuant to law, and increase the cohesion of the Hong Kong society.第一,努力促进社会和谐稳定。和谐稳定是发展之基,改善民生是和谐稳定之本。香港特别行政区新一届政府要坚持以人为本的施政理念,准确把握社情民意,采取切实有效措施,积极稳妥解决民生问题和其他社会矛盾,更加注重机会公平,更加关注弱势群体,更加关心年轻一代,使全体市民共享发展成果、提高生活水平。香港社会各阶层各界别人士要以大局为重,在爱国爱港旗帜下实现最广泛的团结,齐心持新一届政府依法有效施政,共同增强香港社会凝聚力。Second, uphold the authority of the Basic Law. Rule of law is a core value of Hong Kong. The Basic Law has the supreme status in the legal system of the Hong Kong SAR and is the legal basis for administering Hong Kong pursuant to law. It is essential to put into practice each and every provision of the Basic Law and improve the institutions and mechanisms related to the implementation of the Basic Law. The executive, legislative and judicial branches of the Hong Kong SAR should take the lead in strictly observing the Basic Law, firmly upholding the Basic Law and performing their duties in accordance with the Basic Law. Since Hong Kongs return to the motherland, the political system and democracy have developed in an incremental and orderly manner, and achieved much progress. We should continue to advance the democratic process in Hong Kong as provided for in the Basic Law and the relevant decisions of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress.第二,努力维护基本法的权威。法治是香港的核心价值。基本法在香港特别行政区具有最高法律地位,是依法治港的基石。要全面落实基本法各项规定,完善与基本法实施相关的制度和机制。香港特别行政区行政、立法、司法机关都要带头严格遵守基本法,坚决维护基本法,依照基本法规定行使职权。香港回归祖国以来,政制民主循序渐进,并取得长足进展。要按照基本法和全国人大常委会有关决定的规定,继续推进香港民主进程。来 /201207/189156A public demonstration over the unexplained death of a young woman brought parts of southern Beijing to a standstill yesterday in a rare large protest that highlights the social pressures facing China’s leaders, writes Leslie Hook in Beijing.昨天,一位年轻女子不明原因的死亡引发公众示威,令北京城南部分地区陷入瘫痪状态。这场罕见的大规模抗议凸显中国领导人所面临的社会压力。The protest was sparked by the death of a 22-year-old woman named as Ms Yuan, from Anhui province, who worked in the Jingwen Clothing Mall and was found dead on May 3 after falling from the top of the building.抗议的导火索是一2岁的袁姓女子之死。这名安徽籍女子在京温装商城工作,5日被发现从楼顶坠落身亡。Beijing’s Public Security Bureau said in a statement it had found nothing suspicious at the scene of her death or in the autopsy, adding that it was still “conducting further work北京市公安局在一份声明中表示,在事发现场和尸检中均未发现疑点,并称警方“正开展进一步工作”。However, her relatives believe she may have been raped and killed. They suspect a cover-up by police, according to accounts of the protest on the microblogging website Weibo.但死者亲属认为她可能被奸杀。新浪微上对抗议事件的描述表示,死者亲属怀疑警方隐瞒事实。来 /201305/238802

Sharing请求与别人共用一张餐桌Excuse me Madam, is this seat taken?打扰一下,夫人,这个位置有人吗?No.没有Do you mind my sharing the same table with you?你介意我和你共用一张桌子吗?Of course not. There are so many people here today.当然不了,今天这里的人真多Yes. I cant even find a seat.是的,我甚至都找不到座位了 5558话题 出示护照护照是一个国家的公民出入本国国境和到国外旅行或居留时,本国发给的一种明该公民国籍和身份的合法件目前,大部分的航班只要求旅客在办理登机手续、安检及出境审查时出示护照英语情景会话A: Passport, please!A:请出示护照!B:Here you are!B:给A: Italian?A:意大利人吗?B:Yes.B:是的A: Where in Italy are you from?A:意大利的什么地方?B: Florence.B:佛罗伦萨A: There sure are a lot of people from Italy visiting right now.A:现在从意大利来的游客真不少B: I’m not surprised. Our school year just ended, and a lot of Italians are on vacation.B:这不奇怪我们的学期才结束,还有许多意大利人正在休假A: How long do you plan to stay?A:你打算呆多久?B: About ten days.B:大约天A: All right. Here’s your passport. Welcome to the China.A:行了这是您的护照欢迎您到中国来其他常用英语口语表达Do we need to show our passports?我们需要出示护照吗?They produced their passports at the entrance.他们在入口处出示护照Passport. please. (pause) Thank you. lill need to see your boarding pass as we.请出示护照谢谢我还需要看看您的登机卡常用英语词汇表达passport 护照boarding pass 登机卡entrance 入口flight number 航班号show 出示custom officer 海关官员airport 机场jetway 登机道 86

Pope Benedict prayed for peace, especially in the Middle East, in his Christmas Eve mass, as Christians around the world prepared to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ more than 2,000 years ago.教皇本笃16世在举行圣诞夜弥撒时为和平、特别是中东地区的和平祈祷,与此同时,全世界的基督徒准备庆祝耶稣000多年前诞生。Addressing the faithful in a packed St. Peters Basilica late Monday, the pontiff called for an end to the bloodshed in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and their neighbors. He also prayed that the Israelis and Palestinians may be able to live together in peace.星期一晚间,教皇在挤满信众的圣彼得大教堂呼吁结束叙利亚、黎巴嫩、伊拉克以及中东其他地区的流血冲突。他还祈祷以色列和巴勒斯坦能够和平相处。Thousands of tourists from all over the world gathered in the West Bank town of Bethlehem to celebrate the holiday at the place where Christians believe Jesus was born.来自世界各地的成千上万游客聚集在约旦河西岸的伯利恒,欢度圣诞。基督徒相信他们的救世主耶稣基督诞生在这里。This years holiday was particularly joyous for their Palestinian hosts, who just last month received ed Nations recognition for an independent state of Palestine.今年的圣诞节对东道主巴勒斯坦来说格外喜庆,因为联合国上个月承认巴勒斯坦为一个独立国家。In his annual pre-Christmas homily, the top Roman Catholic bishop in the area, Fouad Twal, celebrated that achievement for the Palestinians and urged them to work with the Israelis to end the regions seemingly endless conflict.在每年一度的圣诞前布道中,耶路撒冷教区 最高的罗马天主教大主教祝贺巴勒斯坦人取得的成就,并敦促他们同以色列一道结束该地区似乎永无休止的冲突。Despite cold weather, the festivities continued late into the evening, with some tourists calling it a moving experience.虽然天气很冷,庆祝活动一直持续到深夜。一些游客说,此情此景令人感动。来 /201212/217133

菲律宾总统阿基诺星期二说,菲律宾的最新军舰将会被部署在菲律宾石油勘探船报告与中国发生冲突的几个区域,以保护菲律宾。阿基诺星期二在与其他高级官员检阅格雷戈里奥.德尔.皮拉尔号巡逻舰时发表了上述讲话。雷戈里德尔.皮拉尔号巡逻舰是一艘退役的美国海岸警卫队舰艇,五月份被菲律宾购买。这艘6年的巡逻舰将是菲律宾海军战力最强的舰艇,菲律宾海军大部分舰艇还是二战时期的舰艇阿基诺说,这艘巡逻舰的一个目的就是将被用来保卫菲律宾在南中国海菲律宾经济专属区内勘探工作。他说,这艘船代表了菲律宾已经准备好随时捍卫自己的利益。他还说,菲律宾政府的国防建设还在继续。其他在南中国海有主权争议的几个国家也都加强了各自的海军建设。中国在8月进行了改装航母的海上试航,而越南本星期得到俄制导弹舰艇。越南在今年3月购买了另一艘类似的俄制军舰 Philippine President Benigno Aquino says the country's newest warship will be deployed to protect the nation in areas where oil exploration vessels have reported run-ins with China.Mr. Aquino spoke Tuesday as he and other top officials inspected the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, a decommissioned U.S. Coast Guard cutter acquired by the Philippines navy in May. The 46-year-old ship will be the most capable vessel in a fleet made up of mostly World War II-era ships. Mr. Aquino said the ship will be used, among other purposes, to guard exploration efforts in the Philippines' exclusive economic zone in the South China Sea. He said the ship represents the nation's iness to defend its interests, and that his government's defense build-up will continue.Other countries with competing claims in the South China Sea are also strengthening their navies. China this month conducted sea trials of a refitted aircraft carrier, while Vietnam this week took ownership of a Russian-made guided missile warship. Vietnam acquired a similar Russian-made ship in March. /201108/150722有人来找您Someone is here to see you.A: Mr.Brown,someone is here to see you.B: Please let him in.再稍等片刻wait a few minutes longerA: Would you mind waiting a few minutes longer?B: Ill give you five more minutes.他马上来Hell be with you shortly. Hell be right out.A: Im here to see Mr.White of the commercial department.B: Moment please,hell be with you shortly.请问他在哪个办公室?Which room is he in?A: Id like to see Mr.Brown,which room is he in?B: He on the th floor.When you get off the elevator,turn left please,the second door is his.不在办公室not in the officeout of the officeA: Id like to see the person in charge.B: Sorry,he isnt in the office.他现在没空He busyoccupied.He is not available now.A: Could I meet your manager now?B: Sorry,he busy now.见其他人可以吗?Can someone else helpmeet you?A: The manager wont be available today.Can someone else help you?B: I can speak to the director.您改天再来好吗?Could you come back anothersome other time?A: Could you come back another time?B: Sure,Id be happy to.让您久等了Thank you waiting. Sorry the wait.A: Thank you waiting.B: No matter,thank you seeing me.让您等了很久吧?Have you been waiting long?A: Have you been waiting long?B: No,I just got here.谢谢您这么老远来这里Thank you coming all this way over here.A: Thank you coming all this way over here.B: It was no trouble.路上走好I wish you a safe trip.A: I have to go now.B: I wish you a safe trip,bye. 59

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