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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a very awkward joke on Wednesday about her inability to turn down #39;charismatic, attractive#39; men。During an on-stage interview at the Economic Club of Chicago, Clinton revealed that she rejected President Barack Obama#39;s offer to join his cabinet twice before saying yes。Noting that she also refused former president Bill Clinton’s hand in marriage twice before she accepted his proposal, the presumed 2016 presidential candidate said: #39;I have a history with charismatic, attractive men. They just wear me out.#39;According to the Washington Post, Clinton confessed her weakness for handsome men while in conversation with venture capitalist J.B. Pritzker, who served as national co-chairman of Clinton#39;s 2008 presidential campaign。Clinton was Illinois on Wednesday to participate in the event and campaign for Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn。The former first lady reportedly made an appearance at a private fundraiser for Quinn at a law firm while she was in town. She also accompanied him to a campaign stop at DePaul University before speaking to the Economic Club。Quinn is seeking reelection this November and is in danger of losing to Republican challenger Bruce Rauner。Today Clinton is in Philadelphia where she is scheduled to headline a rally for Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf。Wolf is hoping to oust the state#39;s Republican governor, Tom Corbett, in next month#39;s statewide election。During her dialogue with Prtizker on Wednesday night in Chicago, Clinton shifted gears to federal politics and railed on Republicans for shutting the government down last fall. The move forced her then-boss, President Obama, to cancel a previously planned trip to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Bali, Indonesia, much to her chagrin。#39;I don#39;t care what party you are, Democrats never did that to George W. Bush despite our deep differences with President Bush on taxes, on Iraq, on so many other things, Clinton said, according to CNN。#39;We never did it,#39; the former New York Senator told the audience。Clinton went on to speculate whether members of Congress whom she believes are more interested in partisan politics than governing #39;really understand the world#39; and #39;understand what it means for the ed States to lead and to be perceived as a leader.#39;#39;Or do they just not care?#39; Clinton asked. #39;Do they just have a whole other agenda that enables them to say whatever they want to say and spout whatever rhetoric they want to spout?#39;The former Democratic lawmaker said members of Congress from both parties are guilty of putting politics before problem solving but placed more of the blame on politicians #39;on the other side of the aisle.#39;Clinton also said she finds it #39;deeply distressing#39; that the refusal to compromise is now worn by federal lawmakers as a badge of honor。#39;That is why it is imperative that you have people in business and other positions of responsibility basically say... ;Get out there and do your job. Stay off the talk shows. Get back to the Congress. Legislate and solve America#39;s problems,; #39; she asserted。据《每日邮报》网站10月9日报道,8日,美国前国务卿希拉里开了个不太合适的玩笑,称她难以拒绝“独具魅力的男士”。希拉里在芝加哥经济俱乐部活动的现场采访中透露,她在最终同意成为奥巴马内阁成员之前曾拒绝过两次。此外,她在答应美国前总统克林顿的求婚前也曾拒绝过两次。这位有可能参加2016年总统竞选的候选人说道,“我同有魅力的男士们交过手,他们让我筋疲力尽、难以招架。”据《华盛顿邮报》报道,希拉里在与风险资本家J.B。普里茨克(J.B. Pritzker)的交谈中坦承自己的弱点就是美男。J.B。普里茨克曾担任希拉里2008年总统竞选阵营的联合主席。8日,希拉里·克林顿在伊利诺斯州出席伊利诺斯州长昆恩的助选活动。据报道,希拉里出席了在一家律师事务所中为昆恩筹办的私人募捐见面会。她在出席经济俱乐部活动并讲话前,还陪同昆恩去了位于德保罗大学的活动点。昆恩正谋求于今年11月进行改选,但他有输给其竞争对手共和党人布鲁斯·劳耐尔的危险。9日,希拉里在费城停留,并有意助阵宾夕法尼亚州地方政府候选人汤姆·沃尔夫(Tom Wolf)的竞选集会。沃尔夫希望在11月的全州普选中击败共和党出身的州长汤姆·科波特(Tom Corbett)。8日晚间,希拉里在芝加哥与普里茨克的谈话间重点谈到联邦政治,她对去年秋天共和党人否决拨款提案致政府停摆很不满。那次事件迫使奥巴马总统取消了预定的参加在印度尼西亚巴厘岛召开的亚太经济合作组织峰会的行程。这也令希拉里相当懊恼。据美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)报道,希拉里表示,“我不管你是什么党派。尽管民主党在税收、伊拉克问题及其它事情上与布什总统存在重大分歧,但我们还从来没有那样为难过他。”希拉里还揣测那些她信任的国会议员是对党派政治更感兴趣,还是对真正做到“了解世界”以及“了解引领世界或被当做领导者对于美国的意义”更感兴趣。希拉里问道,“或者他们并不在意?或者他们有另外可以让他们畅所欲言的议程,这样就可以滔滔不绝地说任何他们想说的事情吗?”曾当选前民主党国会议员的希拉里表示,两党的国会议员在解决问题时都把政治因素摆在前面,而对另一方的政客们严加指责。希拉里还说她发现联邦国会议员现在总是拒绝妥协,并将其当做至高荣耀,这“让人相当郁闷”。她说,“这就是为什么在商界和担任其它职位的人们总会说,‘别管那么多,去做你该做的事吧。别参加谈话节目了,重回国会吧。去制定法律解决美国问题吧。’” /201410/334723Trendy grandfather Allan Bradbury is still a #39;dedic-aged#39; follower of fashion - at the age of 70.潮流范儿十足的老爷爷阿兰·布拉德伯里虽然已经70岁高龄了,但始终没有停下追逐时尚潮流的脚步。The former construction worker spends up to #163;160 a month on Gucci and Vivienne Westwood designs, including oversized shirts and funky pirate boots.布拉德伯里退休前是一名建筑工人,他每月花在Gucci和Vivienne Westwood品牌饰上的钱仍多达160英镑(约合人民币1688元)。他买的饰包括超大号衬衫和时髦的海盗靴。Mr Bradbury, from Bolton, who has two wardrobes at home to house his giant collection of flamboyant designer gear, is refusing to grow old gracefully. As a result, he says he regularly gets stopped in the street by onlookers admiring his quirky fashion sense.布拉德伯里生活在英国尔顿市,他家里有整整两衣橱的装、满载着他惊艳的时尚追求,就这样,他用一种优雅的方式对衰老说不。据布拉德伯里介绍,由于自己这一喜好,他走在大街上经常会被路人拦住、欣赏他与众不同的时尚感。He warned he would never give up his favourite ripped jeans for conventional ‘old man’ jumpers, no matter how old he is.他宣称自己将永远不会放弃最喜欢的破洞牛仔裤,无论年龄多老都不会换上传统的“老人衫”。#39;Fashion is an expression of people’s personalities and I don’t think that should stop just because you have reached a certain age.#39;“时尚代表着人的个性,我认为人不能仅仅因为年龄渐长就放弃对时尚的追求。”#39;Age is just a number, it is nothing to do with fashion. It was Vivienne Westwood who said buy less but buy well.“年龄只是一个数字,它与时尚无关。Vivienne Westwood 品牌曾有过一句名言:买的少但要买的好。”#39;Nelson Mandela said we should not be subservient, but to shine, therefore we give people the opportunity to do the same, and I believe in that philosophy.#39;“南非前总统纳尔逊·曼德拉曾说,我们不应该屈从,而应闪耀,这样我们才能让周围的人们同样闪耀。我坚信这一人生哲理。” /201405/297841Going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day can cost you more than you are y to part with, as the is sure to be overpriced. But now, staying home for a romantic dinner can cost you much more, especially if the cook is a Michelin-starred chef. VeryFirstTo.com, a British retail luxury site is offering the services of top chefs, who will cook a no expense-spared romantic dinner.The cost of the dinner is said to be ,300.又到情人节,这是许多餐馆一年中最忙碌的时段之一。餐馆肯定又照例推出“浪漫香煎小牛仔骨”这样的菜品。在家吃一顿浪漫晚餐和花10万美元雇一个米其林星级大厨来你家做饭,你会怎么选择?英国奢侈品零售网站VeryFirstTo对外发布了史上最昂贵的情人节晚餐,由英国米其林星级饭店颠勺儿的厨师Adam Simmonds亲自上门为情侣们烹饪,八道菜品的价格需要6.1万欧元,即99478.80美元。究竟是什么菜能要价这么高?来看一看这八道菜是什么:Almus白鱼子酱(4891.80美元)、春季白松露(1630.60美元)、食用金叶(3261.20美元)、食用银叶(1304.48美元)以及紫水晶竹盐(3261.20美元)。The site has teamed up with chef Adam Simmonds and GreatBritishChefs.com to prepare this feat.The dinner will include Almus white caviar, spring white truffle, and gold leaf and silver leaf to name a few. The dinner will be accompanied by an expensive selection of wine which included a ,720.20 bottle of La Romanee-Conti, Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, according to reports. The meal will end with vanilla and smoked chocolate with kopi luwak ice cream.有上面几道大菜,195.67美元的鹅肝酱和326.12美元的神户牛肉便宜得如同儿戏。还没有提到酒单,酒品包含一瓶27720.20美元的曼尼·康帝,由罗曼尼·康帝酒庄出品。对了,还有生蚝(9783.63美元),吞蚝前请记得将其中的南海珍珠取出。 /201402/275664China has a growing number of Christians, and that#39;s causing increasing tensions with the officially atheistic ruling Chinese Communist Party. China#39;s solution is if you can#39;t beat #39;em, co-opt them.中国的基督教徒越来越多,导致与无神论的GCD的关系越发的紧张。中国的解决方式是如果你无法打败它那就收编它。;Over the past decades, the Protestant churches in China have developed very quickly with the implementation of the country#39;s religious policy,; says Wang Zuoan, director of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, according to the state-run China Daily newspaper. ;The construction of Chinese Christian theology should adapt to China#39;s national condition and integrate with Chinese culture,; including its path of socialism.“过去几十年来,新教教会在中国宗教政策的实施下发展的非常快速,”国家宗教事务局长王作安说,《中国日报》报道。“中国基督教神学的构建应该适应中国的国情,并与中国文化融合,”包括其社会主义路线。Christians in China have to worship in state-approved and supervised churches, and official estimates number the country#39;s Protestant population at 23 million to 40 million, with 500,000 more baptized each year. Wang was speaking at an event in Shanghai to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China. He didn#39;t address the estimated 12 million Catholics in China, about half of whom illegally follow the lead of the Roman Catholic Church while the other half worship in the officially sanctioned, Vatican-rejecting Catholic church.中国的基督教徒只能在国家批准和监管的教堂里祷告,官方估计中国新教徒数量在2300万到4000万,每年新增50万。王是在上海参加新教三自爱国教会全国委员会成立60周年纪念日上讲这番话的。他并没有提及在中国的预计的1200万天主教徒,其中大约一半非法的听从罗马天主教会的领导,其余一半则听从中国官方持的、梵蒂冈反对的天主教会的领导。Wang didn#39;t elaborate on this new ;Chinese Christian theology,; but the Three-Self Patriotic Movement#39;s Gu Mengfei explained that the year-old Chinese push to promote correct Christian theology encourages pastors and laypeople alike to extract moral teachings in line with Biblical times and with other religious faiths. ;This will encourage more believers to make contributions to the country#39;s harmonious social progress, cultural prosperity, and economic development,; Gu added.王并没有对这种新的“中国基督教神学”做过多的阐述,但是三自爱国教会的顾梦菲解释说,一年来,中国积极推进正确的基督教神学观,鼓励牧师和俗人吸收圣经时代的道德教化以及其他的宗教信仰。“这将鼓励更多的信教者为国家和谐的社会进步、文化繁荣和经济发展做出贡献,”顾说。 /201408/319876

Despite being prevented from leaving China, Ai Weiwei manages to maintain a healthy international career. If one were to judge by news media attention alone, one might think him the only Chinese contemporary artist in existence. His most innovative work has been through various forms of social media, in what might be called a continuing digital version of performance art. (A book of his blog posts, published in 2011, remains his magnum opus.)尽管艾未未被禁止离开中国,但他还是保持了健康发展的国际事业。如果单从媒体关注的角度看,人们可能会觉得他是现存唯一的中国当代艺术家。他最有创意的作品是通过各种形式的社交媒体呈现,可以被称为一种不间断的数码形式的行为艺术(2011年出版的一本关于他的客帖子的书仍是他的代表作)。But he also makes objects and installations, and about 30 examples of these are included in ;Ai Weiwei: According to What?,; a traveling retrospective organized by the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo. It appeared at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington last year and arrives at the Brooklyn Museum on Friday.但是他也制作物品和装置作品,其中大约30件作品被收入东京的森美术馆(Mori Art Museum)组织的流动回顾展“艾未未:凭什么?”(Ai Weiwei: According to What?)。该展览去年在华盛顿的赫什霍恩物馆和雕塑园举行,周五来到布鲁克林物馆。The Brooklyn show is reported to be an expanded version of the original, which is appropriate for an artist who, as if in direct response to political suppression, is irrepressibly productive. (Through Aug. 10, 200 Eastern Parkway, at Prospect Park; 718-638-5000, brooklynmuseum.org.)据报道,布鲁克林的展览是最初展览的扩展版,这很适合这位创作力无法遏制的艺术家,仿佛是对政治迫害的直接回应(展览将持续到8月10日;展望公园东路200号;718-638-5000;brooklynmuseum.org)。 /201409/328960

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